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This is Your Cosmos Speaking: Are You Listening? (12.06.08)

Eternity drew close disguised as Love
And laid its hand upon the body of Time
-- Sri Aurobindo

Balthasar observes that “the method of each science is the correct one when that science allows itself to be determined and molded by its object.” Our “point of departure” in knowing anything about anything must be “to accept the given as it gives itself, and to allow it its existence as such, in its own truth, goodness and beauty...”

Different aspects of reality “give themselves” in different ways. This is why materialistic science is so easy compared with psychology and theology. In fact, because promiscuous objects give it up so easily, many modern thinkers seize this low-hanging fruit and simply ignore the more problematic domains of psyche and spirit -- even though one of the ways spirit gives of itself is in our inclination and capacity to know the truth and beauty that inheres in objects.

Now, I’m not saying I succeeded, but my book was an attempt to allow the entire cosmos to “speak its truth” to one of its members. That would be me. How does the cosmos speak? What is its language?

As far as I can tell, the cosmos speaks -- or reveals itself -- in four principle languages: matter, life, mind, and spirit. These different aspects are not so much “messages” from the cosmos as the direct imparting of reality itself. Each of them impresses itself upon us in a different manner, and it is important not to confuse the epistemological methods appropriate to each mode of cosmic expression.

Each of these domains has an objective and a subjective mode. For example, matter expresses itself objectively through the abstract equations of subatomic physics. But it also radiates subjective messages through its metaphysically transparent beauty. For example, take a look at some of these outstanding works by the Old Master Painter (HT Assistant Village Idiot), and you will understand the phrase “metaphysical transparency.” Are you able to receive and assimilate the gratuitously truthful beauty of these images as it is given to you?

“Fully to understand beauty... is to pass beyond the appearance and to follow the internal vibration back to its roots; the aesthetic experience, when it is directed aright, has its source in symbolism and not in idolatry.... Perceived beauty is not only the messenger of a celestial and divine archetype, it is also, for that very reason, the outward projection of a universal quality immanent in us, and quite obviously more real than our empirical and imperfect ego gropingly seeking its identity.... Beauty stems from the Divine Love, this Love being the will to deploy itself and to give itself, to realize itself in ‘another’; thus it is that ‘God created the world by love’” (Schuon).

He traversed scenes of an immortal joy
And gazed into abysms of beauty and bliss
Below him lay like gleaming jeweled thoughts
Across the vibrant secrecies of Space
--Sri Aurobindo

The cosmos also speaks in a language called “life.” Here again, life reveals itself both objectively and subjectively. Objectively it reveals itself through the intricate language of DNA. But it also reveals itself more forcefully and directly in a way that vastly exceeds our ability to grasp it. In fact, this is one of the problems that arises as we move up the chain of being, for these realities are like “an inexhaustible light that can never be drunk up” (Balthasar). “This ‘more’... cannot be grasped, although at the same time I must say that it truly does give itself to me and does not withdraw from me.”

If life could speak, what would it say? Forget science. For all language -- let alone the language of DNA -- is ultimately none other than the Voice of Life, no matter how you high or lo go. What poet has ever been able to exhaust the dynamic radiance of life as it reveals its miraculous splendor to us? Could we ever “possess” or contain life, or can we only be witnesses to its fulsome and flowing mystery? Can life ever be shorn of this mystery and captured in any manmade system? Can it ever be reduced to a static genome subjugated by reason?

Er, no. Life is nothing if it is not a continuous rebellion against the heavy and burdensome weight of material existence, a "venturesome leap of spirit into space" (Sri Aurobindo) joyfully met by lonely matter "calling out for love at crying time" (Sri Crenshaw).

There is something about man that draws away from life and tries to contain it -- to drain it of its “holy and manifest mystery”: “We have reached a situation in which nothing ‘gives’ itself any longer or ‘opens up’ to us from within, a situation in which nothing ‘hands itself over’ on its own initiative, and in which, therefore, thought is no longer devoted to the deepening interior source of a thing; in such a situation no opening of horizons... remains possible” (Balthasar).

Knowledge of any kind is only possible because Being, in its generosity, manifests its truth in advance of our even being here. No self-enclosed, post hoc mental system of man can ever be true philosophy, much less theology. To “think” in the Gagdad way is to be be a lover of Sophia -- which is to live at the eternal horizon of our being, where life pours forth from its hidden vertical source. This is true philosophy, a “love-filled longing that propels man man down his questing path...” Oooh-Eeee baby what you do to me!, as one rockabilly cat put it to me over a cold one last evening.

Desire her greatly and she will preserve you; encompass her, and she will exalt you; honor her, that she may embrace you. -- Prov 4:6-8

Speaking of which, how do we conform ourselves to -- or comprehend -- the object called “man,” when man is the subject who conforms himself to the truth that precedes him?

Man is the ultimate symbol of the cosmos. The literal meaning of symbol is to "throw together" or across, as if to join together two disparate things. What does the symbol man symbolize? He is, as Josef Pieper writes, “at the core, someone becoming... not simply made as this or that, not a purely static entity but an unfolding being, a dynamic reality -- just as the cosmos is in its totality."

Only man -- and the cosmos coursing through him -- is a becoming of what he is through time, a journey from what “we are not yet to what we already are,” from the potential of the mirror to the fulfillment of the image. We have a word for man, but we must never forget that man is not man in the way that matter is matter, for only man has the task and vocation of becoming what he is.

Perhaps this is the greatest divide between secular materialists and religious idealists, for the latter regard man’s life as an irreducible ought grounded in transcendence, instead of a mere is rooted in dead matter. Man is the only thing that ought, which immediately takes him out of the realm of both is and of mere things. For to do as you ought is to both transcend and to find yourself.

But what ought we do or be or know or become?

Spirituality is the science of what we already are. And what we are is an arrow shot from the stream of time into the heart of eternity. Or is it the reverse?

It is both. For “man is true to himself only when he is stretching forth -- in hope -- toward a fulfillment that cannot be reached in his bodily existence” (Pieper).

The universe is an order that is so to speak architectural, deployed from the Supreme Principle by way of intermediaries, or of hierarchies of intermediaries, down to earthly creatures....

The Universal Spirit is the divine Intelligence incarnate in Existence; it is like the reflection of the divine Sun in the cosmic Substance: God projects Himself, so to speak, into that “void” or “nothingness” which is the plane of the creature.... This Spirit is thus the divine Intellect immanent in the Cosmos, of which It constitutes the center and the heart; It penetrates as by innumerable arteries of light into all realms -- or into all microcosms -- of the manifested Universe; it is thus that God is present at the center of everything.
--F. Schuon


jwm said...

More beauty.
(hope the link works)


hoarhey said...

Thanks Bob,

More transitional space awareness advancement for me today. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing in this post; almost like a sermon yet less didactic. I felt uplifted.

I especially liked the following section:

>>To “think” in the Gagdad way is to live at the eternal horizon of our being, where life pours forth from its hidden vertical source.<<

This sounds like a good milieu to live in. How do I get closer to the hidden vertical source?

>>Speaking of which, how do we conform ourselves to the object called “man,” when man is that which conforms himself to the truth that precedes him?<<

This question I didn't fully understand. What I take it to mean is that people should conform to God, and not vice-versa (to simplify). Anywhere near the mark?

Joan of Argghh! said...

A beautiful meditation. I'm glad you don't go into examples or scenarios when discussing Truth and Becoming. Nothing I'd love more than someone to just do all the thinking for me, put a nice bow on it, and say, Here!

However, the job of becoming is wholly mine own. I come back and read every day, hoping a few more truths will stick around in my spirit until I can understand fully.

It's like learning a new language-- where you hear and hear and at one point it moves into listening and understanding.

Every day, a new Word to learn in the language of the Cosmos.

River Cocytus said...

anonymous - only Gagdad can think in the Gagdad way.

If he told us how he thought, and told us to think that way, then we would merely be imitating him and not living on the eternal horizon of our being.

There are keys scattered everywhere. Like the Words that Joan spoke of. We must search to find them; they are not easily found. But no-one can tell you where they are, for they are ultimately subjective in substance but ultimately objective in meaning.

Is the door the door, or is the key that is really the door?

Cousin Dupree said...

Yes, if you meet the Gagdad on the road, kill him!

"No Guru, No Method, No Teacher," as Brother Van put it. "Just you and I and nature and the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost."

Joseph said...

Damn it! I thought I was running over you this morning. Turned out to be a close look-a-like--handsome chap, though, or rather, was. That really put a wrench in my morning.

cousin dupree said...

Aim lower next time, grasshopper!

GLASR said...

ah, economy of comment.

NoMo said...

The greater the profundity, the fewer the comments.

NoMo looking up, in wonder.

Sal said...

Thank you, Bob.
Just what I needed to hear.

LukeBlogWalker said...

Even NASA recognises Bob...



The Tooth Fairy said...

I quite lke these references which are very relevant to the themes of this posting by Bob.


# 6 being for Cousin Dupree

uss ben said...

Great taste, and more filling!!!

We lost power here in my neck of the woods yesterday, due to a nasty pineapple express storm.

Eight trees, big 'uns, fell across the road to one neighbors place.

one tree fell on our other neighbors property and the roof of their house is missing several shingles.

Two fell on the property of another neighbor.

We had a few barn shingles in our driveway.

Good news! Nobody was hurt and there was no major damage to our houses!
We all thank God for that! :^)

This storm, much like the '93 storm,
had wind gusts to 100 mph.

There was hail to pay.

Power was restored at 0200 today, but our phone lines were out until now.

Our Public Utility District guys and gals did a remarkable job restoring power in our county!

Road crews and volunteers cleared the roads of trees and branches.

I still can't access my email, seaOk's until then. :^(

The rest of Washington had it far worse than we did.

There was alot of flooding, wind damage and fallen trees.

There were many folks without power,
and still are.

There is 3 storm-related deaths thus far, hopefully no more.

The EMT's, Fire dept., and Police as well as th National Guard, and several volunteers performed superbly, as they always do!

I was starting to go into withdrawals, being denied access to One Cosmos.

I got my fix in the nick of Eternity!

Life is beautiful!

Lisa said...

Ain't Love Grand! This post warmed my heart.

GeorgeD said...

anonymous asks How? See John 14:6


G-BOB: Very Beautiful, Touching. The Feminine Side of you, lovely to see.

Especially Liked:
"Desire her greatly, and she will preserve you."
"Encompass her, and she will exalt you."
"Honor her, that she may embrace you." Prov. 4:6-8.

Layers & Layers of Virtuous meanings in these Verses...Perhaps they reveal an Answer to the Question, "What DO Women Really Want?" :D

Read another way, the verses speak to me on "How to Love The Body as Christ Loves The Body." And "How to Relate with Wisdom Herself."

While I understand the Verses speak on the outer layer of Wisdom, yet they also speak to me as a Divine LoveLetter (the Whole Bible is) personally intimately reminding me of Gods Love for me, for us all, for You.

It is He who Preserves me/you, He who Exalts me/you, and He who Embraces me/you. He Initiates & Gives me/you Our First Love, given when we knew nothing of Love or Him.

If You wish to know God, (ANON asks: "How Do I get closer to the hidden Vertical Source?" - What can You do to know Him?) These Verses say You Must Do & Can do, What God wants You to Do, How to Respond:

> GIVE to Him. Respond to Him. Pursue & Desire Greatly to find / know / relate / experience Love w/Him. Persevere in Faith. Seek. Knock. Find.

> Encompass Him, relationally, all aspects, the Whole & the Parts, all. Surround Him w/You, as He Surrounds You w/Him...Already. Finished Work Perspective means to Be In & Receive Him, even as He Is In & Receives You.

> Honor Him...So You may KNOW Him Fully in all Richness, Radiance & Abundance, Continue to develop Convenantal Relationship w/Him, which Grows, Renews, Restores, Resurrects, Endures.

Honor means to Put First, to Forgive, Restore, Set on High, Respect, Cherish & Revere; Given to A King, A Husband, A Wife, A Parent, an Elder, A Prophet, A Teacher, An enemy, A Leper, A Saint... The Church, The Bible & Word, The HolySpirit...Jesus...God.

Whom Do YOU:
> Desire Greatly? Pursue w/Your Being?
> Encompass Wholly? Wed Your Self To?
> Honor Richly, Cherish, Set on High?

And When You Do What You Are to Do, as Scripture shows & tells You to Do (Love), What You Receive Is:

> Preservation: Long relationship, KNOWing Him; Safety, Security. Love.

> Exaltation: As You are Resurrected & Transcending from downbelow, from the pigpen of sin/evil, Transformed & Glorified in Him. Sharpened, Loved, Made Holy, His Love Lifts You Up Higher into the Vertical Experience of Himself.

> Embracing: Wrapped In Him. He in You and You in Him. Secure in His Love, Warm, Belonging. No Fear, No Anxiety. Intense Joy, Gladness. Relief, Favored, Sheltered, HOME. God is Love.

"We have reached a situation (state of being)...nothing 'GIVES' ITSELF any longer or 'OPENS UP' (VULNERABILITY) to us from within, a situation in which nothing 'HANDS ITSELF OVER' (SURRENDERS, SUBMITS) on its own initiative (WILLING SUBMISSION BY CHOICE)...therefore, thought is no longer devoted to the deepening interior source...In such a situation, no opening of possible." (Balthasar)

Such a situation is Nihilism and Hell - separation from relationship with the Divine.

Q: "What ought a man do?"
A: "For to Do as You Ought is to both Transcend and Find Your Him.

Then Give. OPEN UP Your Horizons, Your Ground, Your Skies, Your Self, Your Eyes, Your Heart, Your Will to Him. Be Vulnerable, Depend on Him. Submit to Him each piece of You, all of You. Give Trust to Him instead of Fear. Surrender to Him. Give all your negatives & positives to Him. He'll not refuse you, lol! Submit to Him by Choice. Yearly? Daily. Moment by Moment. LIVE your Faith. Love Him.

Q: What ought a man to do to fin the hidden Vertical in God?

A: Give the Gift of Your self to Him this Christmas. After all, its His Birthday we are observing/celebrating, Oui?

Each man / woman can give in unlimited ways to God & one another, espec. at Christmas, All days of the year.

Why Did God Create Man? Why did Christ die for You? What is a mans day & night for?

To GIVE HimSelf Relationally to You.
To Relate Sacredly. With You.

The Big 3-in-1 Desire You, Greatly; They Preserve Your Life, Body, Soul, Mind, Heart, Will. They Encompass You, Touch You, Comfort You; They Protect You, Keep You Near Their Heart, Voice, Eyes, and Mind, so that You May Know.

They Honor You, Lift You in Love into Their Embrace & Being. For God is Love, and First Loves You before You Even Take Breath or Awaken. His Embrace, Knowing Him is like the Womb, The Heart, The Center, The All in All.

How Do You Respond, then?
What do You Give to Him in Response?

Do you Love to Hear His Voice? Do you Speak with Him Often, day & night?

Do You Touch His Face in Tenderest Love and Fondness?

Do You Honor Him above all people, places, things? Above Your feelings & fears, in & above all situations & anxieties?

Do You Receive the Gifts He offers in Love to You? Salvation. Sanctification. Transcendance. Love. Life. Sanity. Mystery. Relationship. Breath. All.

ANON, Seek. Knock. For Jesus is "the Door". The Key. The Way. The Life. The Love. He is a intimate Relationship.

If You need a Map to find your Way, See G-Bobs Post from Dec 13, "Americas Founding Avatars..." Find my Post (last, near the end) and begin reading where I talk about Submission of Will and the Book I recommend therein, the Three Phases of Submission I outline briefly that was in reply to MikeZ.

The BIBLE is the Key. Relationship w/Christ is the Key -> "NONE may come to (find, know, meet, touch) The Father, except through/by Me..." I Pray You find The Answer You Seek, as I Have Found, and Keep Finding...

~ PsychoPrincess ~


"See Thru the HolySpirits Eyes, and then, You Will Know."

FOR LUKE B-W & ANON: A Suggestion: Sometimes, its easiest for Us to relate w/HolySpirit first, easiest to learn of Him and grasp/touch/know. And if you are already A Believer, He is in You, and quite "near" to You. Then Relate w/Him, Submit ON Him, and You will find The Way to Jesus, and then God. It matters not the "order"; this is simply how I suggest people learn to relate w/God - the Pieces all lead to knowing the Wholeness of God.

Establish on-going relationship with each of the 3 to get to The One.

Glad You are here & journeying with Us as We too Ask, Seek, Find, and Celebrate...Life & Love In we learn to Give our Wills, Thoughts, Hearts all our pieces relationally to Him as He makes us Whole & Holy, in Bonded Brotherhood.

~ P2 ~


...And, Knowing the Wholeness of God from an ever developing eternal "Finished Work Perspective" leads us to know The Pieces...of everything He wishes to share w/us.

The View from His Eyes - Into Them, Inside of Them, and Out Through Them WITH Him, Is Stunning. Amazing, BreathTakingly Powerful. Transcendent, and yet, HyperREAL. And Balanced, Centered.

It truly is beyond words. Beautiful & more Searing than the most Ardent Prosaic Idealist amongst us could imagine or voice on, that would be CS Lewis, I trust! :D

- P2 -

will said...

>> . . . the cosmos speaks -- or reveals itself -- in four principle languages: matter, life, mind, and spirit<<

I guess I think of these as dialects of the two languages of Space and Time.

Hey, Lisa, thanks for the quote!

I think the great solar flare of 12/06 is messing mightly with my 'puter . . glitches galore and great stickiness. The radar system at O'Hare went down for a time this morning. So far, my toy helicopter is unaffected.

ximeze said...

Another Will said:

"Brevity is the soul of wit"

geckofeeder said...

" “think” in the Gagdad way is to be be a lover of Sophia -- which is to live at the eternal horizon of our being, where life pours forth from its hidden vertical source"
Me too, anon, I thought about this all day. Thanks, Bob.
My parrot wants to post but he says there are more important things to do like practice jingle bells.

Van said...

Breathe in, breathe out...
ahhh, yes.

That was a soul swirler...

yes indeedy.

Van said...

PSYCHOPRINCESS, you must drink alotttt of coffee....

ximeze said...

Gecko -

Hey, if you are servant to a boy-parrot, who digs the Christmas spirit thing, Beaky says she might be willing to cyber-date.

Of course, she would have to see him on the webcam first, being as a Girl Has To Have Her Standards.

She's not really into performing carols herself, but she does a mean "Santa's brown sleigh" (UPS delivery truck), including brake squeals, rumbling engine idles, rolling metallic doors opening & closing, with the appropriate bangs at either end.

Her back-up beeps aren't shabby either.

That's alot to recommend a Girl.
So, whaddaya say?

jwm said...

Didn't anyone look at the mamatus pictures? (see 1st post) The link works. They are breathtaking.

Great post and responses today. Go Psychoprincess!


Van said...

I saw them - at first I thought they were photoshopped - waking up and walking out to see that sky and one could be reasonably assured they'd gone insane.

Anonymous said...

Psychoprincess: I enjoy your ecstatic, somewhat hyperverbal comments. Have you a blogsite of your own? I would like to visit.

--a fan

geckofeeder said...

Ximeze, what a lovely offer. As the holy human chosen by O to serve this particular being I will submit your gracious proposal to him after his organic breakie in the morning. He has a grey girl friend who visits this bit of paradise occasionally that he is quite taken with, especially when she barks, meows, and tells the dog to go home. . .
He is totally into the Christmas thing and when we really get the meal thing happening the Christmas spirit overcomes him he joins the party at the table with his own plate. His indoor abode is placed near the piano and the tree. He says I love you, hi Mom,hello, goodby, come here , come in, surfs up, OMG, I love it And he laughs. He challenges hawks, talks to crows and UPS from his ourdoor palace up there in the divine right of monarchs territory.

Garuda said...

Hello, I am a guru of sorts and I don't mind taking on individual seekers in cyberspace; I've done it before about three times.

If you would like to begin a conversation shoot me an email at

Bob would make an outstanding guru but I don't think he wants to do that; he gets paid for talking to clients, and his are seeking relief from illness rather than a higher path. He just plain doesn't have enough time/energy.

I'm an acceptable stand-in for Bob and I'm available.

Van said...

garuda... right, tempting offer.
Don't call us... please.

NoMo said...

There are definitely some beautiful people here.
Ben, you are something else.
Princess, you are really something else.
Love you both. Thanks for all you bring.

Sal said...

Today's the start of Distribution: families shopping for gifts and getting their foodstuffs.
Prayers appreciated.

JWM - they were breath-taking!

Ben - you and yours stay safe. Prayers for your area.

River Cocytus said...


uss ben said...

What's a guroo?

Australian, right?

Can you fix telephone lines?

Mine keeps going down.

Maybe it's that magnetic whatchamadoodle that's causing it, like Will mentioned.

Does it stop refrigerators?

That's not cool!

What if someone got an MRI during a mag. storm?

Can a gooroo, even an impolite one, answer such questions?

I think naught!

PsychoPrincess said...

ANON, LOL! Well yunno, I'm a Girl, and I type 120wpm yes while thinkin AND chewin so am a bit more verbal than Doodes, but I'm definitely learning from Y'All (my betters) to "Concentrate & Chunkate"!

I'm working on my Blog as we speak, should be up sometime next week. Its nice to know I'll have at least 1 reader or 2 amongst the braindead Orcses throwing maggotty-breadballs at me.

I'm watching LOTR/ROTK as I write this, LOL! Ah yes, Orcseees and Uruks and Gollumssses, oh my! "Yes Presssshuus yes!! We gotssss to have IT - We neeeeds IT! MUST have the Presh---"

Oh SNAP! Thats right - Dont feel compelled to comment is the new mantra Im learning. Am humbled to wear the Crown of Christ (HolySpirit) and thrilled to be able to Fling the Ring, satans cheapo imitation knockoff, repeatedly into the Crack of Doom,

Isildur and Gollum, a King and a Riverrat both chose the cheapo & served self-unto-death.

Guess thats why Deut. says Choose Life!

- PsychoPrincess -

PS: Do you have a Blog Anon? Heh heh then it can be called Blog-Anonymous or Blog-O-Nonymous!

PsychoPrincess said...

VAN: Nah, not so much the Java, but COCA-COLA is my Vice-O-Choice!

I'm still laffin picturin your "nasal mishap" w/your computer screen! LOL LOL LOL!

Typing 120wpm seems as likely a thing to blame it on as any. Tryin to type as fast as my brain goes I guess, but my fastfingers just wont go Warp-speed.
(Yah Yah, I hear y'all breathing that collective *sigh* of relief!)

Croikee, this little ittybitty box we type in is soooo shows all of 11 half-lines, so I end up not realizin how long it becomes. When I learned in typing 101 we hadda 8x11 page at least not a whole whoppin 2.5"!

USSBen, thank you so much for what you wrote today (alotta days!) Gudoo, Guru, Gollum...egads...He got on the wrong blog - its the braindeaders who need the Gooroo - generally we try to think for ourselves with Daily MooMooJooce mootivations our Milkman G-BOB delivers lovingly to us, of wannabe Swamee-Poodoos or Gardua-Googoos not needed. You can TELL itsa Leftie...the 60s ref gives it dead away, not to mention the obvious...

GARUDA: You are prolly welcome to join if you wanna Fire Your Guru. Hes givin you sum baaad Ju-Ju either way!

JWM: Thanks for Link - it was Bootiful!

NoMo: Thank you for warming my heart today. Ditto to You!

- PsychoPrincess -