Sunday, December 10, 2006

One Cosmos Over Many

Many adults never metamorphose into moral manhood; if they cannot take the step from moral dependency onto the dry land of political maturity, then they are in an infantile predicament indeed. For dependency will always find a political father to exploit it, as the history of absolutism sufficiently shows. And if a man does not become his own small part in the state, then the state must always seem to him an omnipotent external power. --Weston Labarre

I'll just speak for myself and say that where I live in the vertical, none of us are really “left” or “right,” but overwing, so to speak. Our problem with the left is that it isn't really left, but "underwing," at least from our vantage point. From here, the left doesn't look progressive at all; it's like looking through a reversed telescope. They're very far away from here. Not as far as the Muslim world, but sometimes it's hard to tell, because they're both moving backward at such a high rate of speed. Either that, or time is whooshing past them so quickly that it makes them look as if they're falling backward. As for the right, they’re just sort of static at the moment, essentially “keeping up” with time. --Petey

As I mentioned yesterday, I get so many urgent requests to “give it a rest,” that I think I’ll refrain from posting new material on the weekend. So here’s some additional review of our understanding of the relationship between politics and spirit.

As a preramble, let me suggest that in this Middle Earth plane we inhabit, God’s very purpose -- or so we have heard from the wise -- is to create a Unity starting from scratch, or from “bang,” if you will. Human beings are central to this divine mission, as we embody the full spectrum of cosmic existence and serve as the very link between above and below, the celestial and the terrestrial, the One and the many. There are regressive forces opposed to this evolutionary co-creation, and it is our self-appointed task to correct them, occasionally with divine severity. So yes, ultimately we are “one” with the moonbats, only on a level of reality that is inaccessible to them by virtue of their own benighted philosophies. I don’t mean to be hard on them, but sometimes you have to crack on a bad egg to make an Om alight.

Clearly, political maturity has been a long time coming for human beings. Because of the very conditions that allow us to become human to begin with -- infantile helplessness, neurological incompleteness and plasticity, and extended neotany -- various personal and cultural mind parasites get more or less hardweird in, so that the field of politics becomes a displaced struggle with the projected ghosts of the nursery. Forget about the grave. Leftists demand cradle to cradle welfare. Only the size of the cradle changes.

The plasticity of language is a vehicle of creativity, but it can also easily accommodate itself to infantile omnipotence. But the left takes this omnipotence to a new level, challenging the entire truth-bearing capacity of language. Language is very much tied in with reality -- in many ways, it “is” reality, in that nothing that was made was made without it. But there is a psychotic part of the mind -- an infantile remnant -- that believes that if it attacks language (i.e., meanings and links between words), then it can alter reality.

Nietzsche's famous "death of God" was a turning point in the descent into postmodernism, and was soon followed by an all out assault on the living Word, or logos. "Deconstruction" is the official name of this logocide, as it is really more of a murder, with murderous consequences. For if truth is relative and perception is reality, then no one’s idea about the world is any better than anyone else’s. Fact is reduced to opinion and conformity to opinion is ultimately maintained by the group or institution that has the power to enforce its version of reality.

Ironically, this achieves the opposite effect intended by its "progressive" proponents. That is, if we cannot judge the merit of competing ideas by assessing their relative truth value, then either everyone will have their own private truth or truth will be enforced by the state or some other powerful collective. On college campuses, no one is unsophisticated enough to believe that absolute Truth exists; however, you had better not utter the wrong truth, or you will come face to face with the Dark Cosmocratic Power that has replaced the Luminous Word.

In one version of history, the "secular revolt" may be traced to the alienation and disenchantment caused by the scientific and industrial revolutions of the 17th and 18th centuries. There was a deep sense that the organic unity of the world had been fractured -- a widespread perception of a sort of breach with the natural order of things, and with it, a collective mourning over the loss of timeless and familiar ways and customs. Similar to today’s radical “greens,” the romantic movement of the early 19th century was actually a reactionary and nostalgic yearning for an idyllic past, answering to the sense of loss of community and oneness with the rhythms of nature. This backward looking movement idealized the primitive and sought to unleash the subjective and irrational passions (countering the rational and objective detachment of science).

Up to this time, one's personal identity had been based on such objective standards as a clearly defined role within an organic hierarchy, or merger with a large extended family. With modernity, this gave way to an uncertain identity that had to be forged for oneself in the world. The philosopher Charles Taylor calls this "an epistemological revolution with anthropological consequences," as it led to a new kind of human being that had never before existed on a mass scale: the modern, self-defining subject in a world devoid of intrinsic meaning -- the “skin-encapsulated ego,” as Alan Watts called it.

Virtually all modern ideologies, movements and philosophies are somehow aimed at addressing this problem of alienation, of recapturing the broken unity of the world. Communism, nazism, European fascism, the beat movement, the hippie movement, the free love movement, the environmental movement, the new age movement -- all are futile attempts to turn back the clock and return to a mystical union with the "volk," with nature, with the proletariat, with the instincts. You can see this phenomenon in today's leftists, who clearly long for the "magical" 1960's, which represented a low water mark for a resurgence of romantic merger with the group, free expression of the primitive, and idealized notions of recreating heaven on earth: "All you Need is Love," "Give Peace a Chance," "Imagine no possessions, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, imagine all the people sharing all the world," etc. As the scientist E.O. Wilson put it in another context: Beautiful theory. Wrong species.

We can see how contemporary liberalism fits the bill as a bogus cure for modern alienation. For example, multiculturalism devalues the concept of the individual in favor of the ethnic group, while socialism in all its forms favors the large and powerful mommy state that unites us all (and suppresses -- for [to paraphrase someone] any time government does something for you, it does something to you). Leftists are uncomfortable with the painful idea of competition, but replace it with the notion of individual expressiveness. Everyone's natural impulses are beautiful, and we must not judge them, much less try to elevate them. Deconstruction throws all objective meaning into question, so no one has to have the disappointing experience of being wrong or denied tenure, no matter how stupid one's ideas. The burden of personal responsibility is mitigated, because one's being is determined by accidental factors such as race, class, and gender, not one's owns values, decisions and actions. Skillful knowledge acquired by intense effort (or just being born smarter) is replaced by an obnoxious, hypertrophied adolescent skepticism that knows only how to question but not to learn. It is grounded in a sort of bovine materialism that is not the realm of answers, but the graveyard of meaningful questions. The primitive is idealized, because it is within everyone's reach.


As my favorite Christian hermeticist Valentin Tomberg summarizes it, the human being is always faced with the choice between two basic attitudes or outlooks: that of existential being or that of essential Being. According to the choice he makes, he is either "orphaned" in the purely material, deterministic and horizontal realm with no reality higher than the ego, or his individual being is grounded in the more essential, trans-subjective Being which is his true home. The secular leftist lives shackled in a "house of bondage," where the past determines the present and the present determines the future. No vertical causes can intervene in this closed chain of cause and effect, so that one is truly imprisoned as it pertains to the moral/metaphysical/spiritual realm.

From this leftist/materialist outlook follows a host of disastrous ideas, such as class determines consciousness, poverty causes crime, free will is an illusion, private property is theft, hierarchy is evil, the vertical dimension is a hoax, and a coercive state is needed to enforce equality (vs. the American belief in a Creator who endows us with spiritual liberty which it is government's primary job to protect and nurture).

The difference between spiritual progressives and secular leftist reactionaries is that they worship different gods -- or more accurately, they have entirely incompatible understandings of the meaning of One. There is an antinomy between these two Ones: there is a left one and a right One -- or more precisely, a higher One and a lower one, a Luminous One and a dark and sinister oneness that results from the blending and loss of distinction of the night.

Tomberg uses a visual image to conceptualize the problem. Imagine two cones placed base to base. At the top there is a point, in the middle an “equator” where the bases meet, and at the bottom another point. Now imagine this as a sort of crystal. At the top is the “white point” where pure light, which is the synthesis of all colors, enters. As the light moves down toward the equator it becomes more and more differentiated into the various colors of the spectrum, until they reach their maximum degree of separation and intensity at the equator. Moving further down, the colors begin to merge until, at the bottom point, they once again lose all of their distinction and become black, which represents the blending and confusion of all colors. There is one sort of synthesis or Oneness above (the white point) and an entirely different kind of oneness below (the black point).

The white point is analogous to wisdom, for it represents the underlying unity of all the different types of knowledge available at the equator, where all of the individual colors represent various disciplines and sciences. The black point below would represent the suppression of diversity, as in the Soviet Union, the Islamic world, or the politically correct totalerantarians of academia.

This touches on the central point of both my book and blog. The synthesis of all our seemingly contradictory truths lies “above,” toward the white light of wisdom. If two seemingly contradictory things are true, say, the Book of Genesis and the theory of evolution, then their common source of truth must be found above, not below. There is a way to resolve the contradiction, but not by finding a compromise between the two at the "equator" or by simply confusing and blending them together below.

For example, teaching intelligent design as an adjunct or alternative to natural selection is simply adding another color to the equator. Even worse, teaching it as the only truth would take both the Creator and science down to the black point, merging and blending science and theology in an unhealthy way. In fact, this is what is done in the Islamic world. Yes, they have intellectual and spiritual unity there, but it is the bad unity of the black point: One Nation Under Allah’s Big Sandal Heel. A similar thing happens in academia, where intellectual diversity is not permitted, only a materialistic substitute enforced by the noxious oneness of political correctness. What we want is to allow maximum diversity but to synthesize it on higher level, not eliminate it on a lower one: this is the meaning of One Cosmos Under God. If you don't like the word "God," then just call it "One Cosmos Over the Many." Or "One Cosmos." Or "One." Or "O."

Ironically, the secular left in America regard their fellow religious citizens as an incipient Taliban that wishes to enforce a black-point unity, when the opposite is true. That is, to the secular left, there is no white point above or black point below. Rather, there is only the equator, where we all live in our beautiful, diverse cultures and subcultures, none better than any other: multiculturalism, moral relativism, no objective or "privileged" truth. And yet, multiculturalism and diversity are enforced from on high despite the fact that the left supposedly does not recognize the existence of morally superior cultural perspectives. What’s going on?

In reality, the left is enforcing their absolute black point god, but simply denying it. They don't really care what culture you're from, so long as you are committed to diversity itself and intolerant of any other view. This is nothing less than the unholy god of the black point flexing its muscle while pretending to be just another beautiful color in the rainbow.

In reality, there is no absolute system at the equator that can synthesize knowledge and explain our existence. There is only diversity and contradiction there, which is as it should be. Otherwise there would be no creation, nothing separate from the Creator. However, it is only the white light above that illuminates and unites everything below. We must maintain a commitment to that absolute white light that is reflected in all the relative truths at the equator, not to this or that relative truth enforced absolutely from below.

Or we may simply affirm the root of all political goodness, the trinitarian curse on the left that is found on any coin: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum. For if the ACLU had their way, you can bet that our coins would say Equality, In Matter and Collectivism We Trust, and E Unum Pluribus.


NoMo said...

"As the scientist E.O. Wilson put it in another context: Beautiful theory. Wrong species." I love that.
Its all been said before, but...

Any system of behavior, however brilliant in concept and design, that depends on something other than true human nature to function, will fail -- and take down a lot of humans with it. Accepting and understanding human nature as "fallen" -- separated from God -- is the only viable starting point. Reality begets reality -- all else begets disaster.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're here, Bob :) Working today - very material heavy & tedious. And here you are reminding poor old me of wonderous verticality.
Thanks -

Joan of Argghh! said...

I am compelled to read nomo's remarks.

NoMo said...

joan - be ye not compelled, for that is the way of obsession.

Unremarkable NoMo

Alan said...

How about a nomination for Bob for the Watcher of Weasels...

GeorgeD said...

See John 14:6

dilys said...

cradle to cradle welfare


Developmental failure is not the whole story of our fallenness, but it explains a lot.

ximeze said...

This is something I've been meaning to say for some time now.

You said today:
"various personal and cultural mind parasites get more or less hardwierd in, so that the field of politics becomes a displaced struggle with the projected ghosts of the nursery...

For if truth is relative and perception is reality, then no one's idea about the world is any better than anyone else's...

a deep sense that the organic unity of the world had been fractured...

It is grounded in a sort of bovine materialism that is not the realm of answers, but the graveyard of meaningful questions...

he is either "orphaned" in the purely material, deterministic and horizontal realm with no reality higher than the ego...

This is nothing less than the unholy god of the black point flexing its muscle while pretending to be just another beautiful color in the rainbow...

So well put GB!!!

I have to ditto what geckofeeder said a couple of days ago:"thank you so much for constant allignment adjustments."

I too owe you unrepayable moola.

Turning on the tube or radio is to be plunged into Planet Jody.

Before Bob (BB), this meant being constantly assaulted by a swirling circular idiocy, to be pursued by a massive horizontal vortex, intent on swallowing everything in its vacinity. The sort where: you can't clearly see it, but you can feel its pull & can hear the giant sucking sound.

I've had to strictly limit my exposure to such toxic fare. Not afraid of being persuaded into their camp, or any thing like that. Rather, found myself mirroring that circular with things like: how can they not see... don't they realize... but that would mean... isn't it obvious that...

Truely Crazymaking.

Turn on CSPAN2 for booktv (hoping for intelligent discussion of SOMETHING)
& get Jimma C, with those creepy dead eyes, spouting failed nonsense & trying to get us to eat it.

Try AnPl for agenda-relief & get enviro-madness (tho do still watch those Animal Cop shows for their battles against Evil).

Forget sitcoms & even most Forensic Cop shows, except House MD. At least don't have to park-my-brain-at-the-church-door, & can actually bring it inside.

Better to stick to HGTV & Foodnetwork, where at least SOMETHING can be learned.

Talk radio isn't much better, with the disconnect between the host's words & the commercials, or the propaganda-moments commonly called "news".

Too much of time spent exposed to this stuff left me exhausted, out of whack & desperately in need of an adjustment.

Oop, that means I'll have to add Chiropractic fees into that kitty?

BB & BC(Before Cosmonauts), & via links, to Dr Sanity & Shrinkwrapped, I had to rely on the likes of VDH & J.Peter Mulhern to inject a semblance of intelligence, reason & historical context into the evershifting
external morass.

I figured I was pretty much alone there, unrepentant, but likely to decend slowly into solitary madness.

I am more grateful to you, & the others here, than any of you can ever know.

Viva OneCosmos!!!

cousin dupree said...

Bob informs me that he made a typo:

It should be "hardweird."

Smoov said...
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Smoov said...

How typocal.

River Cocytus said...


I like what Petey said. In fact, the forwardness of 'time' I think is just the motion of existence; threatening to leave us behind if we don't move forward.

You constantly die (cells dying) so 'living' is a state wherein you are growing at least as fast as you are decaying.

So in time, the only way to stand athwart time and yell 'stop' is to actually move forward just as fast as time is moving.

Or rather, time is like a strong headwind, I.E, its like the floor is moving swiftly under you-- new floor is coming every moment, and you must move at at least its rate in order to not be thrown into the past.

But since, as above, also below, each must be moving up towards that point of light-- while we move towards it, history is also moving towards it. Trying to ignore it is like calling 'life' simply what is 'alive' instead of what is growing faster than it is decaying;

To deny the vertical realm disables us from walking forward towards the light-- and no matter, if we at least walked steadfastly and somewhat blindly, trusting that the light was there though we could not see it, we would at least make it there someday.

But to deny its existence means we stand still.

Or, a more apt metaphor, without it, you can only go left or right-- towards 'order' or towards 'chaos' or other earthly extremes...

All the while, the floor is moving you towards that point of darkness on the horizon you can't see.

But if you can't see the light you also cannot see the dark-- you are blind-- and thus if you are also deaf and do not hear the Word, you cannot move toward it (which I implied, you could, even if you were blind, through faith.)

So some might not just be running to extremes, but sprinting straight for the abyss.

Kind of like how the drug addict forgoes the whole growing and decaying of life thing and heads straight for destroying themselves.

Islam is like this; feeling the swiftness of the motion, as the floor is sliding towards the abyss, they mistake the whooshing for spirit (you know, spirit/breath/wind) and consider their spiritual skydiving the highest of virtue.

Perhaps the 'floor' doesn't move as fast as I implied, but it does move, just as the extrons tick away with each cell division.

Having failed at progress since the FDA, 'progressives' have substituted it for idols and illusions. But it was always an idol-- the idol of self-- that motivated many 'progressives' -- like Dewey, for instance and his scholastic madness.

Law itself can only move horizontally-- it merely is a check to insure that the societal floor is not spinning off towards the deathly crystallization of pure order or the swirling flames of pure chaos. Law is like the steering wheel of society.

At one point the left turned off the engine and declared steering the chief aim of drivers everywhere. Then they were confused to find that they hadn't reached Jersey yet.

But a little kid with a steering wheel goes lots of places in his imagination...

Only allowing the growth of spirit through the actual liberty can the law let society progress. Law CANNOT create progress, it can only allow or inhibit it. Sure, sometimes the road curves pretty sharp-- and the law is importantly involved. But the wheel is not connected to the transmission.

The heads of state used to be analogized to 'being at the wheel' like the wheelman of a ship.

Let not our rudder (tongue) be cause of great destruction by abusing the logos with our mouths and minds.

It was well put in James.

Ok, gotta get some horizontal sundries-- for the feeding of the earthly body. Gotta keep up the temple, you know.

will said...

>> . . a Luminous One and a dark and sinister oneness that results from the blending and loss of distinction of the night<<

Certainly applicable to the individual. Sometimes even the mystically-inclined succumb to the night oneness, E.A. Poe, for example. The Luminous Oneness equates with the obliteration of ego. The night oneness is the obliteration of consciousness, period.

For those not willing to assume the responsibility, the hard work, the sacrifices involved in the long march toward the Luminous Oneness, the night oneness, the poor man's transcendence, can become ever more alluring. This is true, I think, not only by way of true-believer quick-fix political philosophies, but by all manner of addictions, drugs, booze, sex, mass media entertainments - all leading to consciousness-obliteration, the false transcendence.

There's a theory that "suicide by waterfall" (which occurs all too frequently)often comes about by an individual becoming overwhelmed, seduced by the white noise and the sensation of the "oneness of nature" - the desire them arises to cut loose from the past, from all the personal travail, etc., and "become one with nature".

Friend of Bob said...

Bob, if I am any competetent judge, you have arrived at a solid spiritual/psychological foundation/synthesis, a general operating system for the human being interested in "best practices" living.

Your book, combined with today's post and others in the past, suffice to form a general basis for action in the world, a sort of dharma if you would.

The logical next step is to move from a general to a more detailed and specific description of how this attitude/worldiew/practice meets life here in America; ramifications,commonly encountered problems, etc.

For example, Aurobindo laid his foundation in "The Life Divine" and went on to delineate practice in "The Synthesis of Yoga." A similar progression from yourself would be a good move, I think.

We need a Yoga for Americans, and yours will serve, I think. Aurobindo's, masterful as it is, is not suited precisely for life here and now.

You might begin by fielding specific life-dilemma questions from readers and answering them to the best of your ability.

You may put on the mantle of authority; I am convinced you are no charlatan or egoist.

Complete the mission; deliver the finished product.

Now, here is my life-dilemma question: I wish to write a book called "Purna Yoga in the Trenches" that will parallel your mission. Should I proceed? What do you think of the title?

cousin dupree said...

You must be joking, son. There is already a yoga for Americans, Christianity and Judaism. As for your book, my understanding is that Bob is entirely spontaneous and has no mission, so if you are going to parallel Bob's mission, I guess that means you must spontaneously refrain from writing it.

USS ben said...

Bob said-"...sometimes you have to crack on a bad egg, to make an Om Alight."

With ham and cheese, I might add.

Contradictor of Dupree said...

CD, in response to my suggestion for "an American Yoga" writes

>>There is already a yoga for Americans, Christianity and Judaism.<<

However good these systems are, they are somewhat dated and do not have good methods for transcendence "in-situ" developed; the emphasis is on after-life transcendence only. This no longer cuts the mustard; humanity has moved down the road a little ways.

So, while these religions make excellent platforms, there is something more needed, as I think you will intuit, Bob.

Spiritiual endeavors must not be content to rest at any waystations-it must push further.

The new American Yoga is not Judeo-Christianity, although it will be built largely upon it.

LukeBlogWalker said...


So long as it is not "Gubmit Cheese" I'm in. ;)

And now, wrap your brains around this -its too cool.

River Cocytus said...

luke: wow, that's pretty cool. Good sleight of hand and awesome execution.

Not sure why people come in to places like this and give themselves a false identity (as opposed to a 'handle') to try to bait Bob.

It's an odd mindset, to be certain.

ximeze said...

C dik ta torial
the aptly named said:

"However good these systems are, they are somewhat dated and do not have good methods for transcendence "in-situ" developed; the emphasis is on after-life transcendence only. This no longer cuts the mustard; humanity has moved down the road a little ways."

Will rely on the words of the sometimes prophetic Dan A.:

"Contra, you ignorant slu*t"

LukeBlogWalker said...

The Contra spoke:

[However good these systems are, they are somewhat dated and do not have good methods for transcendence "in-situ" developed; the emphasis is on after-life transcendence only. This no longer cuts the mustard; humanity has moved down the road a little ways.]

I was really hoping to avoid sounding a bit preachy, but sheesh!

Know before you blow(viate).

The "method" is precisely in-situ and only in-situ will it function correctly.

It is apparent to me that at least the Contra, and perhaps others have no idea (either through lack of teaching or lack of looking) what is really said in the Bible.

To oversummarize the Aposlte Paul, and mostly from Romans (please look at the Greek to really get it -the English is woefully lame much of the time)

The transformation, the metanoia that occurs in the believer is not gnostic, is not an act of the will or will worship (he warns the Collosians of this) it occurs when we use faith (a verb most often -and we don't have one in English).

The faith in God is what God uses to impart his righteousness and implant his righteousness within by his Spirit in the believer -this is dynamic and not gnostic, as God is living, and not just an idea or philosophy.

If you treat God like a philosophy, thats what you will get -your own idea about what God is -with "Christian" or Churchianity words slathered on to make you fit socially.

You will then decide your own straw man version of God or Jesus is inadequate, and probably walk from the idea.

The hugest problem is the fact that we have no verb for faith in English. So we transliterate it to words like "belief" or "trust" -which are weak by comparison.

This opens the door for fast and loose interpretations these days, with all the blending of "good" ideas into one "unified" line of BS (my opinion).

The 2 primary words in Hebrew for faith were both action words as well.

To lean on a staff or to take shelter (in the cleft of a rock or under a mother bird's wings are frequent comparisons).

When the ancient texts were translated into Greek (The Septuagint -noted as LXX) they chose the Greek word Pisteo or Pistis (not sure if Greek fonting would be useful here) -which is used most often in the verb form.

It was not a religious word, but more commonly found in military writings. A present day example would be..

You are in a foxhole. The battle is raging, and you see something, that if you take action will save the day, rather than have your position overrun.

You take action, in context, with knowledge of risks and consequences -and benefits.

Thats the faith word they chose to use in the Septuagint, and was used commonly for the same thing in the New Testament.

This word applies when you get up in the morning.

When you set foot upon the floor -you use this same word. Your faith was not wavered in thinking gravity would fail and your feet would fly upward. You took action, based upon belief, supported by the confidence of experience.

The only difference in the New Testament application, is that God came along and said (Luke paraphrase of concept) -you put your faith in me, and my ability to keep my word, and this I will use to "righteousify" you (Romans again -translated "justify" mostly).

The process is participatory with a living God, and is interactive with his life changing you.

This gives you the experience, which builds the confidence.

The operation becomes the same (for the faith word) yet too many times, people want to idealize God or go with their idea of how he should be or behave, rather than communicate with him interactively.

You can see then, liberalism is rampant in the Church as well. The idea of an outside force or God, with which we have to try to cope or understand, is not something most people want.

They want to define God and then tell him what he should do based upon their idea of "good".

Sound like some of the things we've discussed here?

The other common mistake is to slip into knowing about God, rather than knowing God.

This distances you from your connection to him, and you end up becoming gnostic if you don't recover.

At worst, you become a Pharisee or just walk away from it as ineffective.

Granted, it does not help that most Christians or Pastors really have no clue -and preach like liberals -from the emotions, rather than from the scriptures.

It is rock on clear in the Greek, and stated over and over by Paul (at the very least).

See John Eadie's Greek Commentaries for starters, if you really want to dig into what is being said. (You don't need to read Greek to read the commentary which is in English).

So to conclude, the reason these things seem outdated or outmoded to some -is the lack of awareness of what is being said, the lack of clarity from those saying it, or the lack of connection to God. (Combinations ad infinitum)

This reduces God and the Bible to an idea, another philosopy, etc.

In other words, similar to the other concepts of liberalism, it tries to make Jesus and the Bible equal on the smorgasbord of ways to go, paths to take.

As I've said before, Jesus was unique in what he said, making himself the center of things. This was not done by Moses, Confucious, Mohammed, Bhudda, etc.

A brief series of notes on the historical basis for the resurrection have recently been stuck on my blog -rather than continue to drag sermonettes into this forum.

End of sermon...



LukeBlogWalker said...


Yes, to be certain it is odd that Bob tweakers do such things.

That was a cool performance. I am glad someone else liked it. I was not sure if it was just me -due to my performing arts past life.

Of course, I am still rather fond of Chad Vader! :D


GLASR said...

Anybody checked out the antithesis? Just curious, afterall we DO live in THAT world. The wiki was enough for me. The upside, no pic of uh, um, ah, well, whatsis name? 5GW? Probably "works" at the Sanger Institute, ya know, that portal to Hell where they are combining human and animal embryos to further embryonic stem cell research, YIKES!

Try this again. Joan of Arrggh, reside in the Castle of Arrggh? If so, excellent linking Tom.

uss ben said...

A commenter at AoSHQ called that unintelligent design. Heh!

But this is seriously evil stuff those morons are wanting to play with.

Sorry, can't see video with this thing.
Maybe an exhaustive, play-by-play description is in order. :^)

Joan of Argghh! said...


See my reply on the thread with your original question.


NoMo said...

Luke -- Very nice with the greek, etc. One of your better expositions imho. How can it be any other way? Again, speaking the truth in love (correct meanings to these words intended) is the key to understanding.

"friend of bob" -- We don't need another cult.

River Cocytus said...

Yes, the 'real' faith is transformative, not informative.

Christianity is the inverse totality of Islam.

Note: the 'justify' refers to Knowing Christ, by which you are made 'justified' -- I.E. capable of being counted righteous despite the fact you are not.

Justification has been the purview, basically, of the Church of Institution. It saves people, but does little else.

Transformation or Sanctification, same thing really -- is working through your faith with fear and trembling. It requires Christianity being more, far far more than just a philosophy, but requires a particular meekness that makes anyone, no matter how weak, mighty in God.

Many scriptures click in new ways when you begin the upward path. It doesn't invalidate the old, but fulfills it, or fillfulls it, more like, filling it deeper and fuller with overflowing meaning.

Truly 'my cup overflows'!

PsychoPrincess said...

LUKE-BW: The Hebrew Word for Faith+Action together (a Complementary pairing which is never divorced under God) is "Emunah."

DEFINTN: "Supportive of God/Truth." As in Steady, Stable, Consistent, Supports, Rock/Petra, Solid (as CS Lewis indicated by & contrasted the Solids vs. Ghosts in The Great Divorce.) The Ghosts Hurt to walk in Heaven & become more Solid (having more Emunah-Faith-Support). Many wimped out & insanely got back on the Bus Bound for Hell! (LOL! Frankly, at times, I WISH it were just this easy to ship emout!)

Avoiders..well...avoid ACTIVE relationship experiences with God where one learns to Apply the Boundaries of Scriptural Principles & Truths so they dont just remain head knowledge. Many like to proselytize & preach of God (Gnostics) but ask about their relationship w/God and they answer too glibly, not w/reality. Or they blame God for being distant LOL!

REALITY IS: It HURTS to become a Solid & Sanctified Christian Servant-Leader, a Spiritually Matured Christian, Humble yet Bold in Him, even after we are Justified (Saved). Justification is just the beginning point.

We're to be "born again" spiritually alive & functional in Christ/HS. After being "born again" we are to continue to GROW - not stagnate in self-inflicted narrow-minded hardhearted Dwarfism. ("The Dwarves are for the Dwarves..")

It HURTS to Support Godly Truths & Choose to Not Compromise Godly Truth by choosing Cheap imitations & sins when ISMS-ad-nauseum abound & nearly engulf the Knowne World & seem accepted by every Christian around you - most of all by ones who sit right beside you in the Pew & preach to you from the Pulpit!

Those who willfully embrace Sin after being Set Free from it Choose & Prefer Pleasure to the Pain of Transformation & Faith; Spiritual Addicts need their sin-vices when they refuse to break on the Altar, die to ego, refuse to "get clean" Shower In Faith ("FIRST clean the INside of the CUP..." means to clean the self & ego & spirit w/HS) to support God & the Body.

"Replacement Intimacy" w/their self/sin/drug o choice becomes their pseudo-intimacy (addiction) instead of Right Relationship w/God, self & Holy others. The I-Thou/Thou-I relationship becomes twisted into I-It & It-I until theres less of I & more of **IT. No real relationship happening, hence they sadly decline & bemoan their fate crying Victim, when its they who Victimize their own self.

Victimizers & Abusers have No Real Faith, Intimacy, Love or Spiritual Maturity to give to others. Gnosticism or Transformation? Pride or Humility? Arrogance or Brokenness? All have Choice.

Hence, having no Faith, no Emunah, refusing to hear the Truth of the Word (Logos & Spirit) but believing themselves to hypocritically be Doers of the Word (Pharisees love preachin, praisin in public & doing works) they become enslaved to self-as-god, as surely as Gollum became enslaved to the Ring as god.

SIMPLY PUT: Ones Chosen sins STUNTS ones Spiritual Maturity & results in Spiritual Immaturity among other unsavory things. Sanctificatonal Growth becomes backed up like a Sewer of Sin in self & needs a right good flushing & new drainage system structure. (Is there a Plumber in da House? God Bless Em!) :D

Damage & Wrecked Relationships litter the ground they've trod in life. Jesus told us to seek to restore relationships not break them & leave them broken; but also He came to be/bring a Sword to rightly divide Parents & Children, to sever relationships of certain kinds.

Get it? Parents = Spiritually Mature VS Children = Chronically Spiritually Immature (its willfully chosen not just wounded believers struggling to grow.) This Adversarial pairing is Light/Dark, it represents Spiritual Civil War in the Bride-Body & its NOT a Popular Topic in Churchianity Today, to say the least. Dysfunction being covered up & denied & deconstructed in plain sight...

Brotherhood is Brothers serving one another out of & in submission to Christ. Spiritual Civil War is Brother against Brother - submission against rebellion...Abel & Cain both KNEW God, related w/Him, Heard Him - yet one rebelled & refused to repent & restore, hence just as Heb6 promises & warns, Cain was exiled from intimate Fruitful relationship w/God (perhaps Cain became the first Leftie-Liberal!)

Counterfeit Christians simply don't have Godly Intimacy (Solidity of Faith, integrity, consistency, character) to give others as they starve themselves of Faith due to their chosen steady diet of preferred sins which are about as "fillfulling" as empty calories - SweetTreats to eat but not nutritious nor spiritually edifying, which leaves them with the gnawing ache of loneliness, much the way sugar is sweet but leaves one hungry if one eats only meringues.

Faith conquers Fear.
Feel the Fear; but Choose Faith in it.

The Unexamined Life is...Narcissism masquerading as Love/Life where only pride & selfishness/abuse is found.

The Unexamined Self is...Disease masquerading as Health.

The Unexamined Faith is...Gnosticism - a Religion of Self pretending to serve God but lacking in application of experiential reality - lacks Faith in active application that produces Godly Fruit.

The Unexamined Heart is...Rebellion masquerading as Submission/service.

The Unrepentant / Unbroken Self is a Living Walking Death, for Hypocrisy leads to Apostasy, which brings Death.

Whether an Unsaved or an Apostate, the lack of intimate relationship w/God & others IS the Painful Consequence of Sin & serving self - aka the Alienation & Loneliness of the Grave, from which Counterfeits seek escape thru sin in 1st place.

If Justification does NOT break this Bondage - what then does? Many a "saved" Christian "falls" away from God & into strongholds & bondages shortly after becoming saved - is HolySpirit & Christ in us not enuf?

Sin is easier to choose than Spirit.
In this day & age the Egalitarian dictum rules all: Equality, love love love, do not confront, do not judge (not even Right Judgement is allowed in their paradigm), do not cause pain to others..." Ack I need not go on.

Sin is circularly progressive, but in a downward spiral to Death, if Heb6 is to be interpreted rightly, to LOSS of Salvation & Sanctificational Growth.

To Not Repent or to Refuse to Die to Self, therefore, is to Willingly Choose Insanity - call it whatever name you like & dress it in any icing you prefer.

To Embrace Justification but to reject relationship w/the HolySpirit thru willful refusal to experience Brokenness is also Insanity, selfishness, Narcissism, Subjectivism, Relativism, Liberalism & Gnosticism. All Evil Theologies, indeed.

Millions are still enslaved to the very Fears that Christ, being in them via HS Justificational Faith, sets them Free from being enslaved to.

To Accuse God of not setting us free when we've been freed indeed is Blasphemy & prefers an unGodly reality over Godly Reality & Truth. It is AntiFaith/AntiChrist Spirit at work for it does Not Support God (Anti-Emunah.)

Such "Believers" are a hairs breath away from Apostasy - yes, EVEN as a SAVED Christian (..."even the Elect, KNOWING God..." Hebrews 6:4-10 firmly warns & testifies clearly to this particular anathema-sin.

MIllionz of Counterfeit Christians infect the Church Body today who MIGHT be Believers (Saved & Justified) but who CHOOSE to remain Babies in PoopyDiapers. PeterPansies refuse to grow up/demand to stay puerile forever.

One need only remember the heinousity of the Grotesque Adult-as-Infant Lucifer held as Jesus was being scourged in the bloody scene from The Passion of the Christ to understand Evil-as-Adult-Remaining-as-Baby.

The successful negotiation of LIVING IN The Spirit, From/With The Spirit & By The Spirit meets Smack-Center at The CruxPoint of the Vertical & Horizontal intersections of the Cross. X marks the Spot of Sanctification.

Yes, Jesus Died & Rose for us; but we are also to become LIKE Him, growing in not only the Mind of Christ, but growing transformatively & sanctificationally (which requires brokenness / humility / pain / repentance / healing / intimacy) to acquire His Feelings, Heart & most importantly His WIll, Choices, Decisions, Actions etc.

Faith without its partner of "applied works" (deeds, actions, Love) is Dead & cannot conquer neither Fear nor Evil. Gnostics (and all other counterfeits) are Spiritually Impotent.

Why do Counterfeit Christians insist to hide their Spiritual Putrefication we can Spiritually Smell (as we've often smelled our own)?

Posing as Sheep yet denying The Authority of Cross & Christ as if THEY do not have to Submit their selfish Wills (Egos), Thoughts (Minds) & Feelings (Hearts) as all must? Get real - only one Gospel, not two.

Gospel Vs. Gnospel:
Counterfeit Believers follow their self-centered self-serving relativistic liberalistic Counterfeit "Gnospel" of course. They'd have us happily snookered into buying their Counterfeit Gospel hook line & stinker.

Put THAT on the Altar too - lets see whose comes out of the Refiners Fire Resurrected & whose comes out as a charcoal briquette!

Jesus boldly told Hypocrit-Pharisees "Ur Hearts must be circumcized; a Cup must be cleaned First; bear your Cross." 1,286+ verses on Repentance, Brokenness & Dying to self in Scripture speaks loudly to those who have ears to hear & eyes to see. OT & NT BOTH - so its danged hard to ignore - but MILLIONZ do so.

No I do not advocate Pietism here. But I do advocate the One Vital Missing Ingredient people seem to constantly skip over when discussing spiritual matters - HOW to Grow & Mature Solidly in God.

The surest way I know: Put your Ego on the Cross. Every last stinking filthy part of it until you cant do any more & you're exhausted out of excuses & lies.

Then meet Jesus at the Cruxpoint, not only as Savior, but as Shepherd, as King, as Teacher, as Parent, as Healer, as Father.

Jesus most stinging convictions were for Pharisees (would be Believers - Counterfeit Believers of His day), calling them "Snakes! Brood of Vipers!" Likening them to "..Rot inside The Grave (magotty flesh - orc meat!), Whitewashed to look Beautiful & Holy outside, but full of decay, disease (evil). Death & dead mens bones on the inside." Whew the Stench!

Why these strident words delivered to Pharisee-Believers instead of the usual Grace-message "You're sins are forgiven" as was given to the poor?

Becuz Pharisees were/are the peddlars of The Counterfeit Gospels & were more accountable as Shepherds leading the Sheep - more likened to the position of Christ as MasterShepherd responsible for His Sheep.

Why is it easier for a Camel to pass thru the Eye of a Needle (which takes accurate sight to thread well) than for a Rich Man to enter the Kingdom? A rich man doesnt lack & is not in touch with his fears/needs as the middle or poorer classes had to face daily in reality. He is content w/his wealth & its provisions; he does not need to face many fears & concerns & anxieties & can afford pleasures. He is not in pain & therefore is NOT usually worried about finding the Narrow Gate or bothered with threading the Eye.

A rich man takes less thought of Transformation becuz the pain of poverty weighs not upon his heart & head. Saul b4 Paul is example. When he became Paul, he suffered blindness, possible hearing loss & other emotional & mental anguishes, for the Lord had spoken to him & accused him justly & had disciplined him for his sins; Paul was in fear for once, not arrogance, not his own authority.

Herein lies the Key to Transformation: To have Faith to realize its not our authority/ego/self that counts; but Gods Will & Authority. This Truth generates a reverent respect & honor (fear) in us. We answer it by Having Faith (Emunah) Living Relationship w/God. Faith that triumphs thru sin & fears to gain Liberty; Faith & its requisite actions (Brokenness & Dying2Self) that Transforms ego/Pride into Humility at the CrossPoint; Faith that bring Life, Love, & Restoration of Right Relationships.

IMHO, Faith-in-action is this: Submission of Your Will To God. And THAT active action is the activator or catalyst for Transformational Growth, allowing Sanctificational Spiritual Mature followers to Grow as Tall Cedars.

RIVER C: Kudos Again, Bro, You hit it on the head - the "working thru of our Faith in active fear & trembling" - also having Boldness, Solidity, Assertiveness & Fruit in Christ - all of it MEETS at the CruxPoint of the Cross.

The Only Question Remaining is: Christian, now that you are Justified in Him, Will You Willingly also Choose to Submit Your Will/Mind/Heart/Body, to Die to Self & Ego each time God leads you to do so, without defying Him? Do you want to Grow & Transform or Serve Satan?

If You Choose Submission, then Happy Christian are you, for you have discovered not merely how to give intellectual assent to Christianity but how to APPLY, EXPERIENCE, LIVE, GIVE & LOVE Transformatively with Him as Your Center.

Isnt this what we Earthlings Came here to do? Isnt this WHY we are Christians active with a Living HolySpirit in us? Are we not to become not only hearers but doers & manifestors of the Logos in Us?

Liberty to Fully Manifest & Be The You God Created You to Be - THAT is Spiritual Maturity, PsychoSpiritual Health & Transformational Holiness. Truly as RiverC says, our (Cleaned!) Cups (Souls) do RUNNETH OVER.

RIVER C: Especially for You: The Time thingie you speak of (ther posts) - Maybe think of one Focus in Time instead of along linear lines - think of Eternity in Christ/God, and look out from His Eyes to see Time, instead of seeing it from mans limited angle.

Eternality IS with God; only we are outside of it physically; but we are In Him and therefore It (Eternality) Spiritually - Seeing "Finished Work Perspective" is the only higher proper way to view Past, Present & Future. This is what the Prophets learn/do & why they see so accurately & do not make mistakes. Keep the Faith active Brother! Im greatly encouraged by your Humility & Your Boldness - aha, another Complementary pair - looks great on You! :D

~ PsychoPrincess ~

"See Thru His Eyes - and You Will Know"

River Cocytus said...

Whoa! Preach it, sista!

(And I mean that in a good way!)

Thanks for the encouragement; your message comes to me when I was finding myself lost to my own inaction and self-examination; self-examination is good, but to try to count the angels on top of one's own pinheaded nature becomes an act of narcissism when it proceeds beyond the call of the Spirit.

And- I appreciate the sincerity & steadfastness; they are true sisterly virtues that I so rarely see. You're brilliant in that Markan kind of active-grab you by the collar style.

Keep writing like that and no hellish gates or kossian gate-crashers will be prevailing!

Consider it a blessing from one believer to another.

Even if it was delivered in a form of wordplay. Word. Play on!

PsychoPrincess said...

RIVER C - Why, Thank You for your kind words & compliments, Brother. Looks like my Warrior Princess came out a bit, eh? (*Sheepish Grin*)

I didnt expect to encounter soooo many Muggle-Christians in Mega-Churchdumb who are contemptuous & outkast me for such a Basic Foundational Principle as Submission of the Will. Gauging by their vehemence I realize this theme strikes a serious nerve 4them. Snakes open hooded eyes when disturbed from lethargic sleep & about to strike.

A Flash of Insight: Christians in Churchdumb are like laissez-faire ladies/snakes in the sun lounging w/vacant-eyes depicted in many Pre-Raphaelite paintings of Sirs Edward Burne-Jones & Coley. Only now we'd call them lollygaggers. While I love PR Art, I sense Nihilistic acceptance in many of the womens faces, an acceptance of their Fate thats already been decided (Maybe they are Calvinists?), Passion a distant flicker they struggle to even recall.

Their Eyes look Elsewhere, Disinterested in Reality. Accepting their Fate as a trap from which they've given up Hope of Escape & no longer wish to even escape.

Domestication to evil in ones self is Hell. Disinterest in Reality is what I see alot @ ChurchClub.

Here in BobinatorLand, it seems I've found a place where I can remember what its like to feel Welcome among Awake People (so far unless I peeve Bob & the Bobbleheads off royally - Nevah!!) instead of a door slammed in my face.

Its totally kewl how Submission of our Wills to God brings the Cross Vertically to us & also us to Vertical status. I think of it as a Stargate sans wormhole. Going thru the Gate takes you to another world, yet not so alien you cant recognize it.

Concretins around me simply do not understand concepts like Kataphatic & Apophatic growth. They stare at me like I'm the one who is from Planet Jupiter when I explain/teach as if to toddlers still on pacifiers.

Elsewhere, Bob gave the image of babies sucking the great teat (to depict codependency on Welfare State) - Similarly I see many Counterfeit Christians at Church sucking teat with - dare I say it? - The Great Mother-Whore-Cow-goddess of Self-love & Mother-love (Immature Christians demand to return to safety of Womb or never left in 1st place). Maybe some one will think to pass out pacifiers (self explanatory) or lighters (for Refiners Fire) @ Church Doors as Cows come Home for their weekly milking.

I suspect many find their way here due to being hard-pressed to find like-minded others to hang out & "Sword" practice with, as Iron sharpens Iron. I'll continue refining my Swords-womanship via hunting Trolls, Kossians, others. I remember Sumfink about you cant take the Country outta the Girl even when she leaves the country.

Thank You for reminding me to also be a Girl & enjoy more Refined pursuits. I'll be lounging in the Ships Library w/Anonymous4 (music group) & ketchup on Bobs & all your thoughts like getting reacquainted w/an old Photo Album of Family & Frienz.

I've spent long hours in Ye Old Christian Library w/Ye Old Masters, studying Theologies, Heresies, History, Heroes of the Faith & reading tons of materials from Nee, Edwards, Eadie, Pink, Penn-Lewis, Luther, Wesleys, etc. so my delivery may be a bit roughish. I've not sat at feet of many women teachers.

Please forgive if my delivery in my zeal was a bit coarse or scruffy. I never want to sacrifice my femininity to feminazism; I support my brothers & sis in the Body (Emunah!!) but I'm a bit tired of their chronic stoopid choices to avoid Application of Truth to self, their intractable recalcitrance, etc.

To have Blessing to finally find this Oasis/Ocean in the Desert-Matrix, to do as God commanded Elijah to "go and find the true Brotherhood" has been an arduous journey, prolly true for most of us. Perhaps I've lost a bit of polish along the way.

Spiritual Food & Spiritual Friends worthy of savoring reminds me to slow down a bit, to remember I can savor a meal & company of kewl-brothers & sisters, instead of gulping, rushin & collar-grabbin.

Guess I can put my Sword down for a bit now, be more Princess and less Warrior for a change. Its certainly refreshing to even think about it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in your various Posts. I'm always smiling as I read yours and find I look forward to them like looking forward to a great meal. Bobs are the Grande Buffet, LOL!

My New Frienz, please kindly give me a few days to settle-in & learn my way around Bob-doms Ship/Camp. I'll grow more polished as I visit here.

Am still a bit shellshocked & have that "haunted look" so I might talk a bit too loudly as I'm coming in to Shelter right off Frontlines & Orc-infested Battlefields. Here it seems surreal, a bit too quiet as my ears are tuned to "out there." I've gone it alone (w/o others such as yourselves) too long, like a POW who escaped & couldnt find civilized life in what sure looked like friendly territory. Now I know it to be Enemy territory.

I resist the urge to sleep out there on hard ground instead of in here in my neat-as-a-pin cabin on Commander Bobs Ship.

Males & Females serving on the Frontlines - another interesting subject for another time/post, perhaps -- Complementarian roles Further Along the Vertical.

Think I'll go sharpen my Sword b4 retiring as I miss the Zing. See how thoughtful I am to sharply welcome our DailyKossian Gate-crashers? (Wink).

The Enemy groans when they see Princess coming as they know from experience I like to whoop-a** on the enemy, both within self & without. For tonight, I shall Sleep Deep and Rest Well amongst the Brethren...

- PsychoPrincess -