Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Let's Call it a Year

No way. The spirit is willing but the brain is weak -- weakened by excessive merriment and insufficient sleep, the latter aggravated by a new Great Dane puppy as of last Friday. So, consider it an open thread for advice, criticism, complaints, loose ends, aphorisms, future directions, musical recommendations, and hangover remedies.

My musical recommendations are Morricone Bossa, Morricone High, Morricone Kill, or maybe just the career-spanning Collected in order to get a sense of the incredible range of the Maestro.

I do prefer his earlier and more unconventional works, between around 1965 and 1975. He has composed the music for over 500 films, and I read somewhere that it was because the budgets were often so low that he was forced to rely on such unusual instrumentation as whistling, Jew's harp, surf guitar, and the unique wordless vocal stylings of Edda Dell'Orso, whose collections are out of print and too damn expensive, although I was lucky enough to pick up a used copy of the first for under ten bucks. Woo hoo!

I also recommend the cult film Seconds, which is all about diabolical freedom. Imagine if you could incarnate yourself. What could go wrong?

As for magical cures, brain elixirs, and life extension tweaks, I recommend the company Bulk Supplements. I'm experimenting with several, and before today, they seemed to be helping.

Theme Song

Theme Song