Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Rubber and You're Sniffing Glue!

As far as I can see, Bob has the compassion of a rabid pit bull. If he were really in touch with Truth (capital T kind of truth), he'd be a lot less angry, condescending, and bitter. His philosophy, as near as I can tell, is conservative dogma. He claims classical liberalism, but what I see is exclusionary thinking, hatred, and jingoism. Not what I'm looking for in a thinker, and certainly not integral in any way.


Fascinating, isn’t it, how “I disagree with you and it makes me angry” is unconsciously converted to “you are an angry, bitter, hateful, dogmatic, jingoistic, exclusionary, and rabid PIT BULL!” But at least it was said in peace.

Talk about peacive aggressive.

I don’t want to focus on the content but the process involved in this kind of pseudo-thinking, because it obviously fills our political space. Yesterday Mikez noted that “I have to wonder why so many on the Left confuse disdain with hatred,” and asked, “Is it because there's no middle ground? Can't I dislike you, just a little, without hating you?” Exactly. Isn't there something in between "I think you might be wrong about this or that" and "you've got a rabid dogma!"

I responded that “since leftism is felt and not thought, leftists attach ‘motives’ to issues. In other words, they convert thoughts of mine that make them feel bad into malevolent feelings that they imagine I am having. That way, they can dismiss my positions due to my fantasized malevolence. They do it with all conservatives. Assigning a color to ideas that frighten you is much easier than thinking.”

In Bion’s formulation, he regarded affect, or emotion, as a connecting “link” between two objects. “Object” is a psychoanalytic term of art; an object is actually a subject. The three primary links were Love, Hate, and Knowledge, or L, F, and K (each of these also has a "minus" version as well, which we won't go into here).

When two subjects come together, an ambiguous space arises between them. Humans don’t like ambiguity, so they fill the space with what they already know. Everyone does this to a certain extent. In more extreme cases, the individual will forcefully evacuate the content of their mind into this space, which is known as projection. You can always tell when someone is projecting into you, because it is as if you are being asked to play a role in someone else’s private drama. Another name for this is PMS.

Now, the above individual believes that there is a K-link between him and me. In other words, he innocently believes that he “knows” me and is simply publicizing that knowledge. He does not know that there is an ambiguous space between us and that, in his anxiety, he has filled the void with primitive affect: bitterness, anger, hatred, cruelty, rabid dogs. Where did these affects and animals come from? They’re all real, in the sense that they represent a psychic reality. But what is their source? Are they really emanating from me? Or from him?

Obviously, in reality, not only does this person not know me, he doesn't even want to. That is, as Bion used to say, the answer is the disease that kills curiosity. In order to gain genuine knowledge of anyone or anything, one must first be curious. But for a variety of reasons, people do not want to be curious about certain things, because opening up in this manner can be confused with being passive and being forcefully attacked. So they head off the attack by shutting down their curiosity and attacking the threatening object. (I well remember this process in myself prior to my political conversion. It delayed my political maturity for a number of years.)

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is in large part the study of the space or field between two subjects, namely, patient and therapist. Bion called this space O. All sorts of things will enter this space, and both therapist and patient will be tempted to foreclose it with what they already know. Both may want to reduce O to a more conventional social relationship in order to make the ambiguity go away. Instead, it must be tolerated and studied. But most of all you must remain curious and open about what is provoked and arises in this space.

For example, if, say, a patient reports to me that he is experiencing me in that moment as bitter, angry, withholding, whatever -- I wouldn’t just deny his experience, because the experience is real. We would take note of it, but then we would want to investigate it a little more deeply. In other words, we would take the H-link and subject it to K. I wonder why you feel that way? When did it start? What exactly was it that I said? Does this remind you of anyone? How does if make you feel to feel this way? What do you imagine I am thinking? Might I retaliate? Etc. Again, it all comes down to a study of the space that arises between two individuals.

In a series of recent posts, I have been affirming what I believe about politics and its relationship to spirituality. While I don't intend to give offense, there is apparently no way to say what I want to say without being offensive to people who have a need to be offended. Here again, all we can really say is that there is a space between me and certain readers. Within that space is “offense,” but we need to understand where it’s coming from. Because just as being offensive can cause one to be offended, being offended can cause the other to be offensive (in the mind of the offended person, not in reality).

I personally am not easily offended by hearing viewpoints with which I disagree, not because I don’t think the viewpoints are offensive, but because the emotional state of being offended gives one no “added value,” and in fact, is almost always detrimental to one’s spiritual well-being. You see, being offended is one of the tricks the ego uses to justify itself. The ego secretly enjoys and gets a thrill or a “rush” out of being offended. When you are in this state, the ego achieves a false sense of nobility by elevating itself above whatever it happens to be offended about. Most "activists" are people who perversely enjoy being offended -- it's like an addiction to the ego. (This relates to the esoteric understanding of "turning the other cheek.")

Thus, the most low, common, and coarse individual can feel better than others by being in a semi-permanent state of offense, as you will have no doubt noticed that the left tends to be in. If you take away “being offended,” what’s left of the left? Just listen, if you can tolerate it, to Air America, or read Dailykos or the New York Times editorial page. They are “all offended, all the time.” Indeed, we are now in the midst of World War III because a bunch of religious fanatics are chronically offended, whether it's angry jihadis in Khartoum or jihadis angry about a cartoon.

Think of people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Randi Rhodes, Keith Olbermann -- again, all anger all the time. But does this anger in any way correlate with exemplary character? Hardly. Look at Ronald Reagan. Did you ever see him gratuitously angry and offended? Or George Bush, who has been the subject of constant bile, vilification and hatred for six years. Does he ever respond in kind? Of course not. He is a gallant man. Most of all, he’s a man. A man does not behave like a hysterical woman. If you have to shoot someone, you just shoot them. You don’t first wallow and indulge in the state of being offended. As Churchill said, if you have to kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite. I mention this to Dupree all the time, but he tends to forget it when he's been drinking.

I am very careful not to be seduced into this egoic game of perpetual outrage. I think most people who call themselves “political junkies” are of this type. For the same reason one enjoys rooting for one’s favorite team and vilifying the other team, one can enjoy political combat. But there's very little K involved. Let alone



rhamning said...

"Most "activists" are people who perversely enjoy being offended -- it's like an addiction to the ego."

I would agree. I would suggest also, as Hoffer's "The True Believer" hypothesizes, the fact of having been offended in this particular way strengthens the "activist's" (the modern day mass movement aficionado) belief that he is correct in his view and that, conversely, you are to be held in utter contempt for your vileness. I would even go so far as to say that this person would hopefully anticipate being offended, as it gives him another opportunity to convince himself of his rightness, something he desparately needs.

dilys said...

(On-the-run, no links, sorry)

The poet W.H. Auden said he preferred a conservative and stable society, because with orderly living in place it freed his imagination to rove in wide and outrageous places (not his words).

G.K. Chesterton uses the image somewhere of the clearly bounded circle, within which is joy, investigation, hilarity. On the other hand, if there are no don't-go-here markers, then every step is dangerous, suspicious, taboo. My former favorite liberal has all kinds of "things you can't talk about," including the weather, because only dull people do that, and if we talk about that, we might wander into the dull-people territory, blaaahblaaahblaaah.....

A very dull meta-conversation, demonstrating profound perceptual truths.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the Pharisees considered Jesus,
aka the Prince of Peace, to be a rabid pit bull that
needed to be killed.
-Bob B.

cousin dupree said...

John Lennon too.

"The way things are goin', they're gonna crucify me."

Although in his case, I think he might have been projecting a tad.... or maybe it was the heroin and LSD cocktail...

Then again, he was eventually murdered by someone who imagined all kinds of nasty things about him....

Iggy Bliss said...

A quick note of thanks for an especially good blog today. I am especially grateful for the psychoanalytical tools you demonstrate that will surely help me in understanding my conversational partners be they friend or foe. These are perhaps but more toe-holds in the Vertical ascent, but they’re going into my ammo belt at any rate. Cheers!

NoMo said...

Today's post was as "everyday herebelow" as it gets. Transparency, vulnerability, not easily offended, slow to anger, etc. are the hallmarks of emotional intelligence and maturity. But, it takes a great deal of inclination and time to get there (more time for some of us than others).

In my reading of last evening, I was struck by the following as it relates to the left -

(John 12:1-6) Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. Here a dinner was given in Jesus' honor. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him. Then Mary took about a pint of an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected, "Why wasn't this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year's wages." He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it.

Leftist thought is nothing new.

Lisa said...

It really is amazing how reading comprehension can be absent for many people(poor victims of US schools?! ha ha). I think you have been very clear about your ideas without being mean. Your explanation of Truth has been one of the most detailed and easily understood explanations of the cosmos I have ever run across. You have said before that this type of discussion is not for everyone. It's funny how many of the Leftists/New Age Hippies who innocently wander over here get so outraged by mere words and fail to see the big picture. They instead turn around and call you/us stupid. They don't even realize that many times they are actually the ones incapable and too stupid to get what you are actually not just saying, but repeating from many of the great thinkers throughout time.

I too used to get a huge thrill from being outraged by some stupid commenter's opinion here. The thrill fades fast and as Joan put so nicely is now merely tedious. It's not that I don't want anyone to disagree with the great BOB. I just wish they were capable of making a good argument before they make an ass out of themselves. I like when Bobbleheads/Bob have a short fuse for such nonsense and nip it in the bud! We will never get back that part of our lives spent reading their nonsense!!!

Unfortunately in their minds it's only a huge smack down for the other guy. You'd think they'd be so offended they would leave this site and never come back, but unfortunately it is literally like a moth to the flame. The other(one of many) problem with Leftists is that they can not accept reality. Strange nuts that lot, I tell ya...

NoMo said...

Further re emotional maturity -- and a playful sense of humor as well (perhaps even childlike).

Alan said...

Perhaps if your worldview is darwinian/cartesian/newtonian/horizontilian, where billiard ball type cause and effect physics is everything, you believe that because something is moving inside of you emotionally, there must be something that hit you to cause that movement. Hence, the proximate cause appears to be what the other has said - it/the other caused your emotional state to change.

Kind of makes freakish sense if we're nothing but epiphenomenal cause and effect animals.

hoarhey said...

I thought holier than thou Batman had washed his hands of us troglodytes months ago. Obviously he is still around projecting his absolutist anger on the rest of us.
Peace my ass.

TalkinKamel said...

hoarhey, "Peace my ass" indeed!

I'm interested in the way trolls always have of finishing off their hate-filled screeds with sweet little tags, such as "Peace", "Peace out," "Love", "Love & peace", etc.

It's as if they think the cute tag will hide the fact that they're angry, embittered human beings.

Igraine said...

Couldn't resist replying, but for what it's worth, I own a "pit bull." She's sweet, playful and great with kids and adults alike - just like "Petey" from the "Little Rascals." These dogs haven't always had the media-imposed hysteria-inducing label they have now. In this same vein, classical liberal/modern "conservative" ideology has been systematically redefined by emotionally overwrought leftists into a great, malevolent evil today.

will said...

I'm just a neophyte Taeqwondo student (note to Lisa: I AM maintaining my Pilates) -

First thing the Qwondo instructor tattoos you with is - be of courteous mind, during the lesson and in the world, ie., don't get offended, like, ever. It's OK to get righteous on somebody now and then, but personally ego-offended, nah.

Good instruction, in the lesson, in life - when one gets offended, the passions are stirred to life, energy is dissipated, clarity goes out the window.

On the slightly esoteric level, the anger involved in being personally offended is abetted, fed by what could termed an "outside agency" - it builds on itself, mounts to the point where it becomes an addiction. Then one can't feel really alive unless one is perpetually angry about something or other.

Speaking of energy levels, there seems to be some energy-sapping dybbuk in the air lately. No, it doesn't offend me, I just want to float all the time. Wonder if anybody else . . . my hobby is monitoring the pitch changes of the Universal Energy Depot.

Bro. Bartleby said...

Just ran across this blog with video of street life in Philadelphia and found it ironic that those down and out seem to have less anger than the well off. Listen to Jesse, recorded the other night on the cold streets of Philly.

hoarhey said...


Your former favorite liberal hasn't taken up the global warming crusade?
Surely he/she could find lots of phenomena there to be offended about and weather would top the list of discussion topics.

hoarhey said...


You forgot Namaste. ;)

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you are continuing with your Pilates work, Will. It will definitely make Tae Qwando easier to learn. Once you are able to unconciously harness strength and initiation of movement from your center and breath, it makes life, work, play easier... A lot of people are under the assumption that Pilates is just a bunch of ab exercises in a certain order and pace. It really is a lot more than that,a philosophy of movement is the way I like to see it.

I agree with you when you've said in the past that Pilates is to exercise as Jazz is to music - truly an American creation. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany but he chose America to escape totalitarianism and enjoy our freedoms. He was actually in an English internment camp during WW 1 and started attaching springs to his patients hospitable beds. All of his patients survived the 1918 flu bug that spread throughout the camp. His practice really developed and flourished in NY where he created his first reformer. His dream was to have every American kid practicing Pilates in school. He died a depressed man because the medical establishment was not immediately accepting of his ideas. It seems quite common that most great thinkers/inventers/creators throughout history have been ostracized and criticized by their peers. Need a thick skin.

Aquila said...


And of course there's "Have a nice day!"

The Inevitable Troll attack said...

Bob, I am curious as to your own relationship to the left. If you are not offended by them and their views, then what would you call it?

I seem to hear a pot calling a kettle black and really, no offense to you--you just seem kind of oblivious to your own message at times.

MikeZ said...

Has anyone else noticed that this site connects very slowly recently? It takes 2 or 3 minutes here. Perhaps the site is becoming immensely popular.

hoarhey said...


Thanks for todays discussion of the "space" between people. I realize I'm a bit slow but I had a little epiphany concerning what you have been calling transitional space. I was able to link and understand that space/conscious interaction between myself and others to the transitional space between me and everything else.

hoarhey said...


You've not understood the message.

NoMo said...

inevit troll att -- "pot calling the kettle black". There you go thinking everything is equal and deserving of equal consideration. I know this perspective has been drummed into you relentlessly, but if its not true -- you have a real problem.

GLASR said...

Seeing you, Dr. Godwin, posted in the comments there was odd in a funny kind of odd way. Gotta give the one person some credit, said some flattering things before slamming you.

There is no dog but the Bird Dog.

She is my prophet.

The instinct of a dog is endearing. The dog, a true philosopher.

How, you ask?

The dog distinguishes the face of a friend, an enemy, by the criterion of knowing and not knowing.

The dog, lover of learning, who determines their likes and dislikes by the test of knowledge and ignorance.

My prophet is dead.

Tears and curses will never be enough.*

*Thanks to Rufus, Abu Nopal.

blogsite referee said...

I rate blogsites professionally on such qualities as politeness, derogatory language, tolerance for dissent, and objectivity.

Taken together, these qualities form a rating called an Aggression Quotient.

This quotient (and others) is used by government entities and by people looking for suitable blogsites.

"One Cosmos" has recieved (Oct. 2006) a rating of 6, with 0 being the least aggressive and 10 the most.

Aggression on this blog mostly takes the form of jargon and group "lynching" of dissenters.

It is known that "Cousin Dupree" is the blog author himself and that this character is the worst "actor" in the group, setting the tone for group interactions.

In summary: Charges that this blogsite is "offensive" (aggressive) are not unfounded.

ximeze said...

I Troll -

Did you actually read today's post? Not just skim, looking for tidbits, no offense to you--you just seem kind of oblivious to your own message at times.

Sure it's just not YOUR "take"?

Perhaps.... Yes! I know! : a more thorough reading for content & context will be helpful, a self-reflective analysis for meaning should take care of it!

Really, really gotta start doing my homework before showing up for class! I really, really Will Start Tomorrow!

ximeze said...

blogsite referee said...

"I rate blogsites professionally on such qualities as politeness, derogatory language, tolerance for dissent, and objectivity."

Sounds a dead-bore.

"This quotient (and others) is used by government entities and by people looking for suitable blogsites."

What can I say.... I realize you do this for a living, so you MUST think it is important & meaningful, but what kind of idiot refers to a "list" such as this?

Hey buddy, the US is STILL a free country, don'tya no. I can read & I can use the close X, if I want to.

"In summary: Charges that this blogsite is "offensive" (aggressive) are not unfounded."

Guess we're ON NOTICE from the social-grooming police now.

Joan of Argghh! said...

"It is known that "Cousin Dupree" is the blog author himself and that this character is the worst "actor" in the group, setting the tone for group interactions."

Gentle Referee,
Are you still stinging from the spanking you got from Cuz Dupree? Or did someone tattle on him? Oh dear! That is too bad, but you'll excuse me for my rude inability to stifle a small titter of amusement. I really am sorry.

"I rate blogsites professionally on such qualities as politeness, derogatory language, tolerance for dissent, and objectivity."

Gentle Ref: (Do you mind very much if I call you ref? I mean no offense at assuming such familiarity),

No rating for intelligence or humor? Ah, then. There's the sticky-wicket that is causing all the fuss! Please let us know when that little matter is fixed. We are anxious to hear further reports of our progress here. As Bobbleheads, we strive to maintain an atmospere of sobriety and Deep Thinking and wish to be recognized by such august institutions as the one you describe.

Yours truly,


J. Peden said...

The Inevitable Troll attack said...
"Bob, I am curious as to your own relationship to the left. If you are not offended by them and their views, then what would you call it?"

Speaking only for myself, I would point out that one does not need to be offended or even angered by a threat in order to see it, analyze what it is, then respond to it.

Being "offended" in fact has nothing to do with the whole consideration. Who cares?

And likewise, to recognize and know my
"enemy", I don't even have to get mad at my enemy. What's the point?

My being offended or mad does not add to the rationale or justification of my threat analysis and its entailed response, though such emotive acts might be useful as tactics, since my enemy puts so much value upon them.

Thus being angery and offended seems to be the bedrock of the "validity" of thought for my Faux Liberal and pure Leftist enemies, to say nothing of the situation concerning the Religion of Islamofascism, which is offended by everything involving human life and thus must destroy it.

Iow, my inoffensive Troll, you are projecting.

ximeze said...

Gettum Joan!

Anonymous said...

The Fairness Police are here!

Guess they have an A-Priori definition of a "nice" blog site.


Leftist softies? Great site!

Anything not leftist and softie?


Zieg Heil Muttface!

Come and get me boy!

NoMo said...

October is about when I started to weigh in here -- and look at the rating. Can I take the blame, huh, can I? Oops, acting like a 2-year old again. Sorry.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Dear E-Troll,

I think Bob has maintained an extraordinary amount of civility and aplomb in addressing a philosophy that has murdered over 100 million people in the last 100 years.

If clinging to that philosophy doesn't bother the Left, it doesn't make me hate them, either, it just makes me buy another gun.

Please forgive me if I arm myself and politely kill anyone who would tyrannize my country or kin in a like fashion. But, I promise to be polite and non-hateful while I defend myself. It may sting a bit, however. Can't be helped, you know.

Lisa said...

Will, is that you again with your silly personas and goofy ratings? You always know how to make me laugh...I am actually offended lesser people are offended, but then I got over it and moved on. How does that figure into the ratings?

J. Peden said...

"In summary: Charges that this blogsite is "offensive" (aggressive) are not unfounded." blogsite ref.

No, not "unfounded" if you call the fallacy of projectionally "begging the question" a foundation: to wit, "I am offended, therefore the blogsite is offensive."

ximeze said...

Anon said:


Just about wet myself on that one!

Oops, are we still allowed to say that?

NoMo said...

I concede. Its clearly Joan's fault.

J. Peden said...

NoMo said...
"October is about when I started to weigh in here -- and look at the rating. Can I take the blame, huh, can I? Oops, acting like a 2-year old again. Sorry."

Stop trying to horn in on my territory, you climber.

Otoh, this "Bob" guy has apparently opened up such a big lead on the rest of us that we have no hope of ever catching him.

Now that's offensive.

dicentra63 said...

Being easily offended is a great way to publicly establish that you're more righteous than your unoffended neighbor.

I have seen this behavior within my own religious community as well as in academia. It's a type of one-upmanship in which you demonstrate that you can properly identify wrongness and evil where other people can't.

For example, it was one thing to identify slavery and Jim Crow laws as wrong; now that they are gone, it's time to go after covert racism, which the truly righteous (e.g., those who have purged all trace of racism from their souls) can detect in other people's use of seemingly innocent words and phrases, in innocuous policies, and anything else that appears to be OK but secretly is not.

Being more-offended-than-thou is heady business, and it's always a rush to find the latest example of hidden evil that everyone else missed. It's such an easy mistake to make that almost everyone has been guilty of it at one time or another, including myself.

If he were really in touch with Truth (capital T kind of truth), he'd be a lot less angry, condescending, and bitter.

This reminds me of something the Sanity Squad observed in their latest podcast -- the tranquil, hypnotic, peaceful, unflappable demeanor of Kofi Annan, a man who is the poster child for enabling evil. When he speaks, he sounds so reasonable, so centered and wise, that it's tempting to forget the content of his message and be soothed to sleep by his delivery.

cosanostradamus said...

[blogsite referee said...I rate blogsites professionally on such qualities as politeness, derogatory language, tolerance for dissent, and objectivity.]

What, another zebra? What's the score now anyway? Are we in OT yet?

What joan said, which allowed me to erase a paragraph of 7-rated drivel. OMG, I scare myself. Thanks dear.

Anyway, a family of sixes sounds perfectly healthy to me. Letting the kids and dogs track mud through the house ain't so bad as long as they're having fun and not breaking all the furniture. Even better though when ya join 'em.

So ref, no link for us to rate?

J. Peden said...

Great analysis, dicentra63.

To try to take off from your potent boost:

"If he were really in touch with Truth (capital T kind of truth), he'd be a lot less angry, condescending, and bitter."

This is nothing but, 1] another narcissistic projection attributing to the target the negative vacuum which the narcissist thinks will be filled or remedied by giving it to someone else.

It's also, 2] a very aggressive, malevolent move made upon the target which ironically shows the opposite of what the statement says on its surface.

So that, 3] the narcissist wants to have Gagdad Bob's soul.

Can't you just feel the love, the truth, the good intentions, the Harpy at work?

Sal said...

So true, Dicentra, rhamning -

Had to quit attending the local indult Mass of Pius V. Couldn't keep up the white-hot indignation level apparently required by the attendees.

A legit cause sadly hampered by wacky supporters. Kind of like the Democrats.

What's the difference between 'activists' and people who just do useful stuff?

I'd love to hear what D-Kos's rating is, please, Mr. Blog Referee.

But not for moral equivalency reasons - we're not into that around here.

Friend of Bob said...

I defy Bob to refrain from attacking the Left for just one day.

I don't think he can do it--it has become his obsession and his addiction.

And, he loves nothing more than to field criticism from his opponents. This serves to pump him up and justifies further "fixes" of writing about the Left and fielding more criticism. It's a vicous circle.

If he can't get a reaction here, Bob goes surfing and looking for trouble elsewhere.

This is no way to live. He's literally hooked on this one subject like a gambler or a video-game junky. It's no longer a healthy or even useful debate; now it's just a fix, and we're all getting our jollies watching him do it.

We are not helping this man by egging him on. Someone needs to step up and say in a nice way--

"Dude, can you please pick some different subject matter?"

He's a wonderful spiritual writer and I think it's time we stop being his co-dependents for this whole Lefty-bashing thing. It's gotten out of control.

Who's with me? C'mon, step forward!

GeorgeD said...

friend of Bob

Sometimes Truth has to take some time out to point out Error. I really appreciate Bob's even tone and matter of fact way he goes about exposing error. No vitriol, no hate, no animus. It is in marked contrast to the Left?Liberals who can only respond in high dudgeon yada yada yada....

robinstarfish said...

what's the sound of one dead cat
ra sets in the west

Gagdad Bob said...

Thank you friend!


ximeze said...

I defy FoB to refrain from telling Bob what to do for just one post.

I don't think you can do it--it has become your obsession and your addiction.

Bonus Word for the day: drivel

noun: a worthless message
noun: saliva spilling from the mouth
verb: let saliva drivel from the mouth

(Courtesy of OneLook)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone forgot that this is Bob's blog.

J. Peden said...

My friend, friend of bob:

If you think you are somehow being convincing, let me gently awaken you.

There, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Lisa said...

Geez, Bob, if that's a friend, I'd hate to see your enemy! ;0)

Alan said...

Imagine that this is the quality of thinking necessary to get a front page link on under the news section...

hoarhey said...

Namaste freind of bob,
Troll who names itself according to the subject of it's response. Peace be with you. May love cummeth amongst you.


hoarhey said...

That oughta' get the P. C. site ratings back up where they belong. :)

dicentra63 said...

I forgot this little tidbit from Matthew 10, on the inevitable result of Truth being spoken to the world:

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

The Truth does not unite; it divides. It does not create harmony; it creates schisms and rifts. Those who recognize the voice of the True Shepherd will follow Him, and those who either cannot hear it or do not wish to will never be reconciled to those who can. There is an everlasting gulf placed between them.

So if one thinks that the words of Truth are going to result in peace to everyone's soul, think again.

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

The price of discipleship is everything, including your family or nation or any other loyalty, if it tries to detour you from the Path.

jwm said...

I was just wondering how you get a job as a professional blog-o-rater for the government.
Most folks do their blog-o-rating for free. (and in private, I might add.)


Anonymous said...

Quick! Someone go surf off to the GPO and see if you can find the documentation for the Government specifications on "Rating A Blogsite"

THAT ought to be interesting!


TalkinKamel said...

Yes, I apologize for leaving out, "Have a nice day," and other trollishness.

Sometimes they like to give themselves cute names, such as "Fuzzy Bear" or "GroovyDude"; they also frequently enjoy calling others "retard" or "gay", despite their vaunted compassion for minorities, and the differently-abled.

Also, they tend to hang around sites which they know from the get-go they're going to disagree with. Then they whine that the blogger who creates said website isn't fair, and is filled with hate. But, peace, and have a nice day. Save the Meerkats!

walt said...

"Love of consciousness evokes the same in response."

I compare this to the "clever" comments of Bob's friend.

Anonymous said...


What a moniker -- Bleeding Heart, indeed!

<Insert inoffensive closing here />


blogsite referee said...

I'd like to temper the comments I made earlier about this bogsite with an addendum:

As I recall, One Cosmos did pretty well in two categories--"informs" and "entertains" --during its October evaluation. That's nothing to sniff at--the majority of blogsites are deadly boring/banal. So what if Bob's a little on the prickly side?

That being said, commentators should be aware that what they write stays in the public domain for a long time and so should present only their best possible work.

Here's a link to a civilian organization concerned with blogsite rating, if you're interested.

The military units which evaluate blogs are inaccessible at this time, as you might expect.

-- "the ref"

LukeBlogWalker said...

One would hope the military / government would be smart enough to use a spider to grab the site content to a database and perform data mining, word association, word frequency counts and other such things.

At least this could be tuned to be a bit more scientific, and would not require paying someone to give their opinions.

For further info on word frequency analysis etc. see:

For a cool analysis method see:


hoarhey said...


How about a link to your supervisor where we can voice our opinions on your veiled threats.

Didn't think so.

geckofeeder said...

Blogjudge said:
"That being said, commentators should be aware that what they write stays in the public domain for a long time and so should present only their best possible work."

TalkinKamel said...

And I think everybody here can make up their own minds as to what blogs they do, or don't want to read without lectures from blog rater pundits, the fairness cops or the good-grooming police.

Anonymous said...


Continuing on our discussion from yesterday, you might find these interesting:

jwm said... does this mean we gotta' use spellcheck and stuff? No fragments and run-ons are to be avoided like cliche's with the plague.


J. Peden said...

"That being said, commentators should be aware that what they write stays in the public domain for a *long time* and so should present only their best possible work."
'the ref.'

Hey, I've never heard that one before, ref.. Did it work on the Group?

vogz said...

You don't frighten us, Mister Aggression Quotient Rater!!!! Go and boil your bottoms, you son of a silly person!!! I blow my nose at you, so-called "Blogsite Referee", you and all your silly kn-ICRAts.

Anonymous said...

More food for thought on Wilber, Bob.

"One is that, for practical purposes, it is quite clear that, contrary to his supposed premise, everyone is not right. He has said, "I have one major rule: everybody is right. More specifically, everybody — including me — has some important pieces of the truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace." This is pure Romantic sophistry. Wilber's is a political statement, not one based in the search for truth through real discourse and real distinctions. This "rule" is simplistic thinking, and doesn't hold up even within his own work. He essentially grants truth, a priori rather than arriving at truths through slow, soul-work practice of reasoning. There is no demonstration of how this "rule" is actually helpful to distinctions we must make in order to better understand the world and ourselves. How does it function better than traditional, informed, dignified debate and investigation through reasoning in successive articles, papers, and books, where arguments are presented (arguments based upon knowledge and research) and the results of the exchange considered by all present to hear it? That there are shades of grey in our understanding of truth was settled in antiquity. If he is making a back-handed claim that truth can come from anywhere, in principle, that is something I might accept, depending upon the argument.

That is the difference between deducing truth, and merely presupposing truth. Wilber is guilty of the latter; whereas we must strive for the former. His "rule" further confuses a potentiality with useful pragmatics. Truth could come from everywhere and everyone, which is why an open-mind is always important. But that is a far cry from assuming beforehand that it does; that is rather a flimsy mind. Wilber's rule sounds nice, and it doesn't offend, empowers those who feel ignored, but it also clouds useful debate. It is gooey with "let's all feel good" New Age residue. To say that everyone is right brings fog when it is clarity of distinction that we need, which includes, even in simple terms, right and wrong. Truths are always provisional. We arrive at them knowing ambiguity is a permanent condition of truth to some extent. Truths are a work in progress in whatever field, beit the Humanities, the Sciences, Politics, or whatever. Everyone is not right. Some people are quite wrong sometimes, or follow misguided thought processes. Some people carry deluded falsehoods with them through their lives. And that goes for everyone, myself and Wilber included. It is called being human. Pluralism (the result of global media-based intimacy with cultures that used to be far away) means we are open to truths from new sources, outside of our strict cultural traditions; it doesn't mean we simply grant others as having a claim to truth without debate and dignified back and forth. Truths requires common playing fields, common premises, common contexts. And as that ground is agreed upon, it is quite proper to (compassionately, but directly) show and tell someone that they are wrong on whatever we are talking about, if they indeed are wrong. This also saves from needless hair-splitting. Wilber says this is his "one major rule". It is useless in practice. What is his work without it, I ask."

will said...

Lisa, today I'm appearing only under my own name, and of course under my usual alias of Dr. Morris Fishbien.

And yes, agreed that Pilates is a "Western yoga". It's relatively new, so I expect that in ages to come, much philosophy, different schools of approach, etc., will attach to it. 300 years from now,the texts will cover the "Lisa/West Coast School of Pilates" . . . so start thinking about writing your timeless manifesto . . .

LukeBlogWalker said...

Sorta reminds me of the Reagan years when people were posting buzz words as signatures in their email to catch up the ostensible government monitoring.

Someone posted a list of what the hot list supposedly contained, and many people included it.

"Reagan, Cocaine, Contra..."


So what are the legal penalties for this offense, hmmm?


[How about a link to your supervisor where we can voice our opinions on your veiled threats]

Good call, and this is amusing too..

Dig this address (from the site)

666 11th Street, NW
Suite 1100
Washington DC 20001

Of course, for threats made by blog Nazis, you have to use this one:

ICRA Deutschland
eco Electronic Commerce Forum -
Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V.
Arenzhofstraße 10
50769 Köln

ICRA Uber Alles!


gumshoe1 said...

mr. blog referee
has no taste for spirited debate,
but has no trouble elevating himself above "the fray"
and arrogating moral airs to himself.

i think the post that asked mr. referee for a link to his own
blog for a counter-rating(and/or D-Kos for that matter),was
directly on target.

"I rate blogsites professionally on such qualities as politeness, derogatory language, tolerance for dissent, and objectivity.

Taken together, these qualities form a rating called an Aggression Quotient."

[go on,take a SWAG at where mr. referee would place D-Kos in his own sliding-scale "Cosmos"].

...being a gaseous troll,
mr. referee won't be heard from
in an adequate reply.

J. Peden said...

What? You mean blogsite ref. don't even got no website!

Boy, am I humiliated for falling for ref.'s ploy. I feel a bomb coming on.

[Actually, ref. is quite behind the curve on this pathetic tactic. But it no doubt works well in Flib. Group.]

Joan of Argghh! said...

"Friend of Bob said...

I defy Bob to refrain from attacking the Left for just one day. "

Would you ask a doctor to "take five" during open heart surgery?

The Leftist ideology is killing people around the world at an alarming rate, and many of the Left in this country are daily feeding that horrific statistic, with the willing help of the media. Talk about relentless! CNN is 24/7/365 in its quest to bleed the patient further into unconciousness.

Bob's 1-hour a day effort to staunch the flow is commendable, and very healthy for the rest of the world.

Too many folks confuse "exposing" the Left with "attacking" the Left. The one who is nimble enough to pull the woolly disguise off of the wolf is merely exposing, not attacking. The wolf will yelp, all the same.

f-reed said...

I lost my time for about 8 months in the letter section of Salon - the day I quit forever, I began looking at conservative websites, that's two months ago, in october O6! Anyway, I'd like to hear what Salon Aggressivity Quotient would be. How about 10 and a half? Between the so-called intellectual elite and the true blue-collar angry mob they try to serve, there is not much space left for peace and love. Not mentionning the way they treat their 15% fascist conservative visitors who disagree with Marx.

If some of you want a good laugh, I can connect you with some of my exchanges of few months ago. Not that I am proud of them. But anyway I consider those posts as part of my Testimony and Correspondences with America and so they will be part of the same book, if Book there will be - I am not a writer, just a spy who likes to share.

Please tell me you are not interested.

He's not MY uncle said...

Hey bobbers. Come up for air. It's Christmas time fer chrissake! Get yer behinds out of the chair and go buy someone a present. Jeez, enough already.

Anonymous said...

I wish all the people that are wilberbent would bow out. They have brought nothing but moronic vitriol to the discussion.

J. Peden said...

"Come up for air. It's Christmas time fer chrissake."
he's bobber's friend said - pbuh

PsychoPrincess / JediPrincess said...

G-BOB: Excellent material, as usual.

The FACT that You DONT project your emotional crap onto others is WHY You are the Shrink, NOT the Client.

* OMG * -- Here we go:

Developmental Stages of Narcissism, aka: Extended Psychobrat Stage:

"Reflections on Self-Sewageicide, PsychoBrats, NarcoTerrorists & PsychoPigs" Gleaned from being a Specialist in Sewageicide Prevention & from Toilet-Training Toddlers:

Overly emotional, covetous, projecting suspicious Clients-nee-psychobabies with self-defensive mechs in full gear (called being in Rear-Gear, instead of appropriate Adult Healthiness-in-gear) Whine & Cry ad-nauseum from their ever-present unhealed stagnant Chosen Victim(Dictator) status becuz they refuse the internal pressure to let E-go & take a "healthy" dump.

They are angry about being abandoned by mommy & daddy & church & whatever, throw a tantrum-ragestorm & decide to hold in their PoopyEgo becuz "You cant make me!" control issues come into play when confronted with Toilet Training.

Now, as most know, every animal & critter on the planet has to take a dump sooner or later. Its the way of all ecosystems & nature. Clouds dump their rain. Volcanoes eventually spew. Bears & Ants poop in the woods. Even Jesus took regular dumps. But psychobrats insist on thinking they are "Special." They're "Special" alright.

They overidentify their poop with their ego. Many stay stuck for years due to Overidentification with their sexual organs too, but thats another Book. So they refuse to Dump their refuse. They become walking wastecases.

Babies Smile quite happily when they first learn the body can fart & make exciting noises. But many Babies grow Codependent w/their diapered-dysfunctional self & cling to it since it protects & hides their waste & reminds them of their Womb-mother experience. Chapped-ass becomes a frequent if not pungent problem plaguing them all of their lives.

Psychobabies think ego-poop is their Friend-self-as-mommy, that diapers indicate warmth, intimacy & love, like being cocooned in a warm snuggly blanket (which eventually becomes quite soggy). They care less about Truth-objects (reality) & more about tangible objects they can feel & manipulate & control. Some are orally fixated, others anally fixated, but most are a mixed mess of both & continue growing this warped way into the adult years.

Diapers give a new meaning to Security Blanket. Psychobabies decide they CANT part with their "blankies" and make a pact to keep them on the rest of their lives. Rooting instincts take over and thus they fall in love with their diapers which really indicate self-enamoration w/their own caca.

Their First Encounter with the Porcelain God brings out all their insecurities, fears & distrust issues. They decide to Hate IT and Fear IT as they realize IT exists only to Swallow up their precious ego-poo-poo. They are overly-threatened by Toilet Training prospects. They Fear horrible psychic pain will result from parting with their beloved poopy. They fail to successfully negotiate self-regulatory skills.

The Fatal Decision (Dicktum):
They decide to rebell against Toilet Training as their ego-poop is simply much too much too precious to part company with. In defiance they scream to the Toilet-God: "YOU cant make me. I dont wanna! NO! I'm keeping my Caca w/me. YOU can't have It!! MINE MINE MINE!"

Hence, they develop lifelong serious "internal" issues - Psychoemotional Diseases. Systemic infections. Bowel problems. Emotoflow problems. Milk+Meat Digestion disorders. EmotionalGas. Splenic Rage-Ruptures. Bile-Barfing. Blindness. Deafness. BrainDeath. Narcissism. Spiritual Coma. Spiritual Gangrene. Spiritual Necropsy. Spiritual Stroke. Antisocial PD. Projection issues. Projectile Vomiting on others. Aholeomegaly. Bungholeomegaly. Scoliosis of the Spirit (Gollums-syndrome). SpiritualTourettes Syndrome. "Twisted Sister" Syndrome. Hardening of the Choices which leads to development of a stiff neck. Severe Electrolytic Empathy Deficiencies lead to Heart Blockages + StoneyHeart Syndrome. Pebblehead Syndrome. DickHead Syndrome. Spiritual Anemia. Spiritual Dwarfism. Superman Syndrome. Egomegaly. Spirituomegaly. Extremism. Leftie Kookitis. CFS - Chronic Fathead Syndrome. Spiritual Maladjustment. Spiritual Cancer Metastasis. Delusions of Grandeur. Dicktator Syndrome (aka Nero-Syndrome.) Acrimonious Adversarial Complex. ASSkisser Syndrome. ASSumptive Syndrome. "CAS: Chronic Assholia Syndrome." etc.

[For Selected Reading List & an Extended Treatise on Psychospiritual problems, consult the Bible, the DSM-IV-TR & Dr. Princess' hallmark Book: "PsychoSpirituoEpidemiology" from which this excerpt was cobbled together.]

Disclaimer: PsychoSpirituoEpidemiology's Concepts & "CAS" (tm) Chronic Assholia Syndrome paradigm are the exclusive Psychospiritually Intelligent Property of PrincessSpirit Enterprises. Not Liable for any/all fits of laughter, inadvertent shock, amusement, real enlightenment, etc. Read at Your own Risk.

Back to your regularly scheduled Blog:

The Fatal Result of The Fatal Decision:

An Inner Dicktum is formed and a Dicktator is Born. Being fearful, angry & offended at the idea of Toilet Training by the Porcelain God, which represents psychic death to them, some few still desire to be seen as a "lil man or lil lady" wanting to belong to the powerful Grown up Adult world (not to mention what they'd really like to do with their Oedipal & Electra urges.)

Few precocious psychobabies twistedly grow into psychobrats who learn to replace their own diapers (but they dont wash self nor "change" into clean diapers) in order to present an outer falsely clean-looking tidy whitey bottom to others. This is called the Anal-Hypocrit Formation Stage.

Like Stewie in Family Guy, they proudly coo often, alwayys pointing at their white behinds which they mistake for brains, to Adults: "Notice Me! See? I'm not a "baby" anymore. I take care of MY Self. I'm Smart. I'm a Grown-up Big Kid, just like You now."

But Yunno, Reality is: Every Diaper Hides Another Asshole.

The Adults say: "Oh isnt that cute" - but THEY arent fooled & know a psychobrat when they see/smell one - Gee, the dirty diaper must give it away (yah think?)

Criminals think to fool people all the time until PsychCops & CSI gets on their case & busts them. You thought wrong, PsychoCrooks.

PsychoCrooks: PsychoPeeps thinking they can outsmart PsychCops/others. They Do it Their Way even when not at Burger King even tho Psychoprisons grow & expand w/more of them. They are in serious Denial. Denial is a mental aberration & emotional affect leading to SSR - Serious Spiritual Retardation.

They think typical Narcissist chant-rants: "NOT ME. I wont get caught! I'm Smart. I'm Better than You." Thus their hatred & chronic rejection of Humility takes root. They refuse to be convicted of healthy shame. They arent the problem, others are.

Just like Psychobrats say to The Toilet-God: "NOT ME. You can't make me! You cant have my poop! I'll show You: I'll put my Pull-ups on and No one will ever know." Denial, indeed. A Dicktator is born.

In normal Psychospiritual Developmental process, most toddlers turn into Adults of one sort or another & graduate from diapers to toilet to tidy whities to underwear, fully toilet-trained with all elimination systems fully operational. Not so with psychobrats.

Adult-Children - what an Oxymoron!

Psychobrats grow to become Spiritually Retarded Adult-Children (Professional Victims). They alternately feel free to fart/pee/poop/vomit on people (like G-Bob, GW, each other, etc.) and also retaliatorily frequently withdraw & withhold relationally from others.

Their now-advanced complex social problems plague them like stink on poop into "adulthood".

People become Poople to a Psychobrat. Anyone to poop on, even Grey Poupon, will suffice, becuz remember: Diaper is the object-as-Self (Asswraps) they are compelled to protect at all costs & is more important than mere people. Its their security blanket and they worship it like its their own skin.

After some time, they delusionally believe their whitewashed Spiritual Buttcovers ARE their skin. They are genuinely surprised and mystified when you say to them, "Ur Diapie is showing" or "Your Whitewash is peeling" as they've become one with it and believe It has fully integrated w/them. They feel you are attacking unjustifiably and call you an Egotist. Everything becomes oddly backasswards in their world but they think all is normal and that YOU are the Dicktator.

Hence blogs are born. But I digress.

Now, Farting is fine & dandy, but these kooks never take responsibility to learn civilized socially acceptable behaviors. Ring a bell for anyone? Resemble Anyone You Know?

Civilized Socially Accepted Behaviors:

> Adults No Longer Need Diapers/Cribs.
> Fools Keep Their Egos, but Saints Die to Self & Gain Spir. Mature self.
> A Fool & Their Ego CAN soon part! They are not Conjoined nor Siamese Twins linked at the Butt contrary to popular opinion.
> Put Down the Diaper. Its Safe Now.
> Adopt the Toilet. It Wont Eat Ur Ego.
> One does Its business IN the Toilet.
> One Does Not Go Toilet ON People.
> People Are Not Diapers nor Toilets.
> You must self-regulate and go potty in toilet, not threaten holding it in insanely forever.
> No Farting on People.
> Let Go Safely of Your Inner Waste - you dont need to keep it outta fear of losing it. More waste will surely come to you sooner than you think.
> No Pooping Allowed on People.
> No Pottying Allowed on People.
> Dont Forget to Wipe Self.
> Lower Toilet Seat When Finished Crap.
> Wash Hands. In the Middle East, Wash Butt-first then LEFT hand only.
> Dont Forget to Flush.

Again, above socially accepted normative Principles & Guidelines are simply NOT in their "Rebellious AHole Rulebook."

Psychobrats are immediately threatened by anyone possessing an applied active knowledge of The Bible or The Other Rulebook: "How to Uncover Your Own Ahole & Aholes All Around You so You Can Grow Up."

Hence, Psychotherapists are the likely targets of Psychobrat Protests.

"Has severe trouble following directions" often appears on their report cards thruout their education. Also: "Spends inordinate amounts of time in Bathroom. Leaves bad smells behind them. Chronic denial of problems. Dismisses problems. Doesnt CleanUp after Self."

Sad but True: Some 50yr old Professional Psychobrats still arent outta diapies yet! They still potty-on-people. See that it isnt You.

They have chronic unresolved Elimination & Abandonment issues. They decide somewhere along the Way the Porcelain God will not win, wont control them, and steal their poop. Ever. The resulting Schizoaffective Persecutory Delusions plague them every stinking moment & Hypervigilance of others develops -- But The All Seeing Eye its NEVER turned against self. Thats a horrifying betrayal of self, akin to Suicide, called Egocide & to them its First Degree Murder of Me Me Me.

Unthinkable to betray the self, the god they love & serve faithfully & lovingly.

Speaking of their horror for betrayal, Heres A Narcissists Pledge of Allegiance:

"Me/Myself & I Pledge Allegiance, to My Ahole Supreme Commander Narcissist Self, and to the PsychoSpiritually Sick States in America. And to My Theodicy, for which I Despotically Rule, One Sociopathic PsychoNation, Under ME, Myself & I, with Freedom-til-you-puke, and Double-Standard Injustice, for All Yooz."

Sorry to again digress. Ahem...

Sewage backed-up in the self - whether it be Spiritual, Psychological, Rational or Emotional Excrement - leads to self-pollution & self-poisoning & resultant diseases.

If Psychopoop Cessfoolery isnt Disease & Dysfunctional, what is?

Toilet-training of their ego isnt in The Rebellion Rulebook. Busy being offended at Reality & Realists (they're so annoying to a Narcissist) and enamored with their own Poopydumb, they insanely eschew Reality, preferring their delusions & lies.

They never managed to stop playing in the toilet making float-boats.

In short, they love their poop so much they refuse to let er-go. Poop is god.

Their E-go elimination problems are obvious. Of course, excretion is done NOT to kill ones ego but in simply allowing & releasing it to Flow n GO). Grunting to hold it all in, they staunchly cling to the "I WILL NOT... Flush" Dicktum.

Now, as anyone normal knows, following Directions to Flush is pretty simple, just need to exercise your pointer finger and down the pipe it goes byebye.

Speaking of Wilber's Spiral Dynamics, I KNOW where he got it from.

Kids who are toilet-trained or learning are usually pretty fascinated with flushing over and over.

Not true for Narcissist Nitwits.

Flow Issues indicate either a Backed up Sewer System in Self; or an Overflowing System spewing sewage onto others.

They deny this of course, stench & all. "Unt-uh, thats not whats happening. YOU dunno nuffin." Haughty disdain and contempt flung at you then ensues becuz you've made that Other Great Faux-Pas Cosmic Error: YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND THEM.

Methinks Shrinks & Plumbers have alot in common dealing w/public sewage. :)

Victim-whiners who refuse to grow throw up (project) their HATE that You ARENT like Them onto You as punishment & retaliation.

They HATE that You arent like Them, and They also HATE that They ARENT more like You.

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh is the typical Psychobrats trademark crescendo-crocodile-cry.

Its abundantly clear YOU are not Them, altho Lefties & Psychopeeps chronically cant (wont) think clearly enuf to distinguish such Truth / Logic / Insightful details due to the major constellations of diseases they contain in their dirty self. They are like dirty bombs, waiting to detonate on unsuspecting others.

Lets call this pandemic syndrome what it really is: NarcoTerrorism. PsychoEmotional Terrorism. (Narco being short for Narcissist.)

Their chronic refusal to face & deal with the Reality of their Fears & Anger is what is unique yet sickly dysfunctional & spiritually evil about Them.

Instead of addressing psychospiritual sickness in themselves they project their attributes onto You; whether it fits or not never enters their "fuzzy logic." Reality-testing is NOT their strong suit.

In contrast, G-BOBs own OBVIOUS Willingness to face & deal with the Reality of his own infallibiities & spiritual disease results precisely in his unique healthiness & skills he clearly evidences (Spiritual Fruits).

Narcoterrorists are angry cuz you've got the power they crave & they're entitled to not do what you've done to get it.

They are Professional Victims perpetually offended & whining how You're the Professional Victor and its unfair. Becuz you really do KNOW what you are talking about and you talk about what you know/experience.

Yet healthy peeps also understand & admit they havent "arrived" & keep growing. They dont stagnate. They look for ways to Grow Deeper, Wiser, Virtuous, Humbled, Broken, Healed, Mystic, Saintly.

Despite deceived people, many of us are grateful for the Sanity only people such as G-BOB and many of you Bobbleheads here offer to others. Blog on, dear G-Bob. We Emunah You.

Heh-heh, Another Definition for PMS:
"Projecting My S**t"

PsychoPigs need a Spiritual Enema among other things, then no more poop to projectile fling onto others. For awhile anyway.

The Bible & RIGHT Relationship w/God IS the only prescription strong enuf to transform Chronic Assholia Syndrome via Sanctification of the self/spirit.

Gee, real submitted relationship w/God is like putting ones self thru the wringer washer, heh? Most animals & critters on the planet wash themselves - but Psychopigs refuse to bathe spiritually.

PsychoPiggies pollute their own personhood & nest(s). Unfortunately they always demand an audience so they will try to pollute & foul up yours as well. Thats why Good Boundaries are a necessity not an option. They dont bathe as theres no place to lick their self thats clean anymore.

PsychoPharisees trust their PseudoSuits (PsychoBaby Blanket aka Diaperskinz) will stay White on the outside & fool all others ad infinitum. They imperially demand Never-You-Mind if the inside of Their Cup is a Container O' Crap. If You point this out to them, in their alien way you've elected the right to immediately be crapped upon royally, as you've insulted & dishonored their self-god.

And you thought PsychoFascism was dead or only limited to China, now?

WHY do you think Jesus said to the First PsychoFascists - The Pharisees: "First Clean The Inside of the Cup..." Cuz He knew they hid & held alotta dirty foul filthy crap inside the self. Pharisees were older dudes too, not younguns.

Submission of Will/Choices/Ego-Self is a guaranteed cure for Butthead Behavioral Disorder & Syndrome. But Narcissists usually avoid the Bible like the Plague...unless they belong to the elect psychoelitist sicko group of PsychoPharisees.

G-Bob, I'll give em the link to your OneCosmos Blog as a Prescriptive PsychoSpiritual Suppository from now on! Maybe it will get things moooving.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had typing it today!

~ PsychoPrincess P2 ~
Promoted to JediPrincess

J. Peden said...

The Outhouse is The House.

Power to the Princess!

Renaissance Nerd said...

Wish I had more to add, but I have only this: if violence is NOT imminent, then offense is false. Nobody is offended unless blows or bullets follow. What we get nowadays is a pretense to offense, not the real thing, which is why so many people are so quick to pretend. With no fear of pistols at dawn so they can pretend to heart's content. The offer of a foot of steel to the belly tends to make for polite conversations, even when one party OUGHT to be offended.

Henny said...

Another name for this is PMS.
A man does not behave like a hysterical woman.

Bob, I wonder why you feel that way? When did it start? Does this remind you of anyone? How does if make you feel to feel this way? Who are these irrational women whose behaviour you are projecting onto your critics? Are all the women around you crazy? Do you think they can never behave as rationally as a man?

Seriously Bob, it's kind of weird to read something so misogynistic on your blog.

cousin dupree said...

Right. PMS doesn't exist. Nor does hysteria. Nor does humor.

You sound like a hysterical and humorless woman with PMS.

Van said...

Oh my, what a day I missed!

Gagdad said "When two subjects come together, an ambiguous space arises between them. Humans don’t like ambiguity, so they fill the space with what they already know. Everyone does this to a certain extent. In more extreme cases, the individual will forcefully evacuate the content of their mind into this space, which is known as projection..." "...He does not know that there is an ambiguous space between us and that, in his anxiety, he has filled the void with primitive affect: bitterness, anger, hatred, cruelty, rabid dogs... "

Now that is an interesting idea... very interesting. I think that's going to cause the next posting on my site to be pushed back a day... interesting. My immediate reaction, in line with the updated clockmakers theory I'm working out ('Theory'? my, them boots are getting’ big) of the mind, is that the mind runs a query on the key views involved, if no information has been gathered or evaluated prior to this point, the person has only emotional reactions to go on, or even less, emotional reactions to related emotional evaluations - the person has the option to think further, and risk looking clueless, or just go with the response, which as you point out, comes with an emotional, and maybe chemical surge.

Van said...

Lisa said... ". I think you have been very clear about your ideas without being mean. Your explanation of Truth has been one of the most detailed and easily understood explanations of the cosmos I have ever run across. You have said before that this type of discussion is not for everyone. It's funny how many of the Leftists/New Age Hippies who innocently wander over here get so outraged by mere words and fail to see the big picture. They instead turn around and call you/us stupid. "

I'm guessing that they are offended, because their internal understandings are layered only one or two layers deep, and easily pierced.

Probably this is too much separated from the rest of what I've been thinking to be real clear, but the image we have of a person of Depth, and a shallow person, fits in rather nicely. If we think of a person of Depth as someone who has constructed many layers of understanding of life, one atop the other, integrating each level into the next; the shallow on the other hand having only one or two layers, the rest disintegrated, and spread out on the empty table of their mind, then the shallow person is going to have no deeper reflections or perspectives to draw from, and is more likely to take the first available reaction - probably a physical one, sharply emotional, and let it fly.

The deeper thinker will have much more structure to fall back on, build upon and build an evaluation and response together, rather than merely a reaction. It's not that the person of Depth doesn't feel a jab, but it only goes down so deep and no further, perspective can still be had upon them, and they are able to support the intrusion, examine it, perhaps even absorb some value from it, whereas with the shallow person, any strike is going to pierce entirely through them, strike and perhaps scratch their mental surface and clanging loudly.

Van said...

Will said... "First thing the Qwondo instructor tattoos you with is - be of courteous mind, during the lesson and in the world, ie., don't get offended, like, ever."

Here's what ours drilled in, as much or more than stance and form,

"COURTESY-to promote the spirit of mutual concessions, to be polite to one another, to encourage the sense of justice, to distinguish Instructor from student.

INTEGRITY-ability to define right from wrong, and have the conscience, if wrong, to feel guilt.

PERSEVERANCE-a serious student must learn not to be impatient: to continue steadfastly, to persevere.

SELF-CONTROL-this tenet is extremely important inside and outside of the Do Jang whether conducting ones’ self in free-sparring or in ones personal affairs. A loss of ones’ self control can prove disastrous to both student and opponent.

INDOMITABLE SPIRIT-a serious student will at all times be modest and honest. If confronted with injustice, he will deal with the belligerence without any fear or hesitation at all, with indomitable spirit, regardless of whosoever and however many the number may be."

(I Still get a kick at the memory of my now 18 yr old, then 5 or 6, trying to wrap his mouth around 'Indom-bit- rable Spear-it')

Van said...

hoarhey said...

You forgot Namaste. ;)

SSHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WHSNBN'd shouldn't be named or quoted either!!! ;-)

Van said...

blogsite referee said...
"I rate blogsites professionally on such qualities as politeness, derogatory language, tolerance for dissent, and objectivity....It is known that "Cousin Dupree" is the blog author himself and that this character is the worst "actor" in the group, setting the tone for group interactions... Charges that this blogsite is "offensive" (aggressive) are not unfounded"

".. This quotient (and others) is used by government entities ..." evaluating thoughtfulness based upon numerical quotients.

How very Phd. of you. How can I put this appropriately... hmm... ah! Yes, of course - Dumb Ass!

Van said...

Joan of Argghh! said... "Please forgive me if I arm myself and politely kill anyone who would tyrannize my country or kin in a like fashion. But, I promise to be polite and non-hateful while I defend myself. "

Ahhh... be still my blogging heart!


Van, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated a post you wrote in November that has guided me ALL this week & inspired me to keep my spirit on track (dunno bout the indominitable part tho). It greatly encouraged me to not compromise on boundaries I find distasteful yet unfortunately necessary to apply to a Brother in sin. The situation is an application of discipline per Matthew 18:15.

Your words gave me much needed support & validation, guiding me to NOT turn back from the Path. Sometimes, doing the Right thing decidedly does not feel good, which tempts me to drag my feet as doubt tries to creep in to change my direction or decisions.

The post you wrote can be found on "A Fool & His Ego Are Soon Parted" blog by GagdadBob on 11/21/06. You wrote insightfully & with finely-honed discernment on the subject of False Pride. Your points were right on target & were quite well writtien.

You covered all the angles I could have wished for. In particular, the part you wrote about people having False Pride desiring to Fake Reality, done to Cloud the Eyes of Others, to Con people, Fooling them into liking the Faker, desiring to Fake Truth with clever deliberate lies so others will believe it - You said you thought THAT this was the very core of evil, its origin and sustenance.

It was timely sage advice at the Right time right when I needed it. That doesnt happen much in my world, ah but here in CyberCosmos on Bob's Blog, All
things are possible, LOL!

Just one more thing. (Please, forgive me if this is wrong to ask as I'm new to Blog Etiquette): If you dont mind my asking, if its not impolite to ask and if you wouldnt mind terribly, perhaps you can let me know how it was that you came to learn these particular insights & truths sometime? I'm interested to learn how it became so clear to you?

I certainly thank you for sharing such thoughts with clarity that I'm sure has benefitted others...and now two more.

~ PsychoPrincess ~

Henny said...

Of course they exist. I was just noting that you used female-related terms to communicate disdain.

It just kind of surprised me because it doesn't seem like the kind of thing you usually say. And then you replied by insulting me. Maybe it's been here all along and I just didn't notice. Oh well.

f-reed said...

Since you asked, I have no other choice than give you the link:
I am "freedom of Speech"/"Conservative Feminist"/and two other names that make sense.

By the way the name of that book I mentionned could become: "Fuck LeCastor". At least on paper.

Henny, would 'neurotic possessive mother' better satisfy your needs?

I saw Deepak Chopra on Cavuto yesterday: Sleazy/Scary. He needs to Purify. Now that's ironic! Like Kofi. It's the closeted nationalist jealous muslim in them that is unattractive.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Henny, honey, hysteria and all its root meanings can perfectly describe a situation, just as someone can perfectly describe a man's stupidity as, "thinking with the small brain". Every clash of ego is born "there" and everyone knows it.

Sometimes, clarity is worth a bit of a sting. Any women offended by it are themselves a bit misogynistic, in denying and hating the realities of their sex and physical/emotional makeup.

Yeah, I'm PMS'ing. What of it?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Sometimes, endless threads just spring up like a trailing vine. There's blossoms and tangles all along the way!

Van said...


With a warmed heart, Thank you.