Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Dumptruck to Unload My Head

Another shitegeyser of random barrel scrapings. I don't know if it helps anyone else, but it certainly helps me to reduce the clutter on my desk. In any event, just consider this another open thread to unload your own head.

The Incarnation: God and Man at Yule

Logorrhea, or the loquation of the word

Just as we can grasp physical things due to our opposable thumbs, we can only grasp mental and spiritual things because of our opposable brains, i.e., conscious <--> unconscious, right <--> left hemisphere, spirit <--> letter, fact <--> allegory, etc.

Ideology is not just the study of idiots, but then again perhaps it is. Atheistic ideologues, seemingly devoid of irony, try to rely solely on reason without the barest appreciation of its intrinsic limits. Always ask: what is your first principle, and how did you arrive at it? The rest is entailment and commentary.

What is The First Principle of the Unprincipled? If it is any variety of horizontality, then it is death. For them, In the beginning is the surd.

Quantitative man can never illuminate but only eliminate the individual, the unique, the non-standard, the immeasurable, the one-of-a-kind.

The free market transforms supposedly selfish impulses into social goods, while the left transforms supposedly good impulses into social chaos, self-centeredness, and evil: it is a farce multiplier. One must always read between the lyin's.

Conservatism is a method of self-rule; leftism is a method of self-indulgence or self-release which must then outsource control to the state.

Childishly angry leftists = hater tots.

Celibates follow the path of lust resistance.

Metaphysical Darwinism: as below, so above.

Religion is a further extension of mind into the mental, a scaffolding, template, or frame of reference with which to "see" religious facts that are ontologically prior to it. Without this frame, most people will miss the inexhaustible bounty of the Unseen. Just as the eye requires a mirror to see itself, so too does the soul. Revelation is this mirror.

It is important not to conflate religion with the facts it is supposed to illuminate. It is not the facts, but points to them. Our inborn gnosophilia can become saturated if we are not mindful of this. Language is to reality as moon is to sun, which is why it is so prone to lunacy.

A spiritual practice is arranging your own birth.

Come for the truth and beauty, stay for the eternity.

Anus miribalis, Latin for what an extraordinary asshole!

Speech by Obama: sound of the One's bland yapping.


Jesus dived on the live granade.

Lao Tsunami: a celestial wave breaking on the shore of time, or (?!).

Rejected name for Log Cabin Republicans: Pink Elephants.

After November, being a statist hooligan will be uncool again.

My Unfair Lefty: Why can't a Democrat be more like a man?

Turns out that the financial backer of the NYC Islamic center is a mosqued bandit.

Do you remember the first time you kissed a book?


Party's over: first day of kindergarten.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Are You Threadening Me?!

Someone suggested that when we approach 100 comments I should issue another threat. Here it is: If you read any further, prepare yourself for self-indulgence.

Yes, I wanted to take the opportunity to clean off my desk during this summa vacation. There are notes all over the place, little seedlings, saplings, craplings, titles without posts, incomplete sentences, neologisms, insults, and other ideas for ideas. In no particular order, here are a few:

Retardentsia. Toxic asshats. Trignoculars. Deusluxia. Truth fairy. Cretinatious period / hiding the decline of civilization.

About That Whole in Your Head

I remember when nihilism used to mean something....

Reductionism is the intellectual blandmaiden of materialism.

Multiculturalism makes fairness impossible, because bad and dysfunctional cultures can't get what they so richly deserve.

Is it a birthquake or simply a crock?

Deploying Gnosis to Explore the Mysteries of Reason

The left and the MSM are expert at transmitting memes that comport with the prejudices of one of their constituent victim groups.

The left converts the adjective "poor" into a reified noun, a permanent state of being, in order to rob the person of hope and initiative, thereby legitimizing aggressive and destructive instead of constructive action.

Why does the left want to do so many "good things" for people they hate, i.e., Americans? If we're just a bunch of bigots, why obsess over the ones who don't purchase health insurance?

Leftist logic: if we defeat the terrorists, the terrorists will have won.

If this were a racist country, calling it so wouldn't be such an effective strategy for accumulating wealth and gaining political power.

If any species but humans were releasing so much CO2 into the atmosphere, they'd make it against the law to stop them.

Identity and Eternity

Atheism is just a subjective feeling that finds its intellectual justification a posteriori (i.e., no one actually "reasons" their way to atheism, since it is strictly impossible to do so).

Conversely, metaphysics is an objective and complete pneumacognitive system to which we attach feeling through faith, ritual, worship, etc., thereby conforming the whole being (body, soul and spirit) to truth and reality.

The left is always upping the ante-Christ.

Be a practitioner not just a theorist of evolution.

I is to Am as Life is to Matter.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Open Threat

A reader has requested an open threat. Here it is: buy the book or you'll never see this blog again.

Oh, thread. Sorry.

Others have requested an explanation for my absence. Or at least an alibi. I do have the latter: I was on vacation when it all went down, so I don't know anything about it. After that, the death of the blog just took on a life of its own.

Which brings us to the future. I am sorely tempted to apply the kibosh to this blogging business of daily isness. The excuses are as multiple as the pretexts are laughty.

First, five years is long enough to determine whether the lack of interest in my ideas is genuine, which I believe it to be. It is not a fluke. Why, after thousands of years of apathy, would people crave the flabby paunchlines of an old-fashioned metaphysical humorist, or subscribe to a seer's catalogue of improvisational orthoparadoxical bohemian classical liberal neo-traditionalism?

Besides, if man were in need of an Ocult of freevangelical pundamentalism, it would have appeared long before me. And if few are interested, isn't pretending otherwise other than wise and even a bit soph-indulgent? Obviously I have no objection to mental masturbation. But I draw a line at spiritual masturbation, or ʘnanism. Perhaps I need to discover a better use for my timelessness, to say nothing of my spaciness.

Second, I've always wanted to take the time to assess and rewordgitate what I've already wordgitated, in order to organize it under a new and improved meta-narrative. Either way, the longer I go on with the blogging the more difficult that gets, because there is that much more Logorrhea to mop up.

Third, Future Leader starts kindergarten next week. He has to be there by 8:00, and the school is about 12 miles away, but through the Winding Canyon, which means we probably have to leave by no later than 7:40, which is right in the middle of blogging time. So there's that.

Anyway, the blog continues to be on the disabled list, its condition day-to-deity, meaning that only God knows. I could very well fall back into the rutine tomorrow. I genuinely have no idea. I've never really planned for anything except my retirement.

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