Thursday, August 15, 2019

Political Warfare and Spiritual Warfare

As I recall, MOTT has some helpful things to say about the waging of pneumo-political warfare against the dominions of the left. For the left must ultimately be an instantiation of powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness transcending -- or rather, subtending -- it. According to no less an authority than yesterday's post, there is apparently a ruler of the darkness, a Cosmocrat of the Dark Aion, a Big Kahuna of the Friggin' Loonies.

If this is so, how can we discern his movements and activities? How do we know when it's him and not just the usual ignorance, stupidity, bad luck, mental illness, genes, higher education, human nature, etc?

This is indeed a complex plane of phenomena, with no purely monocausal explanations. Being that this is a hierarchical cosmos, there is no pure determinism, whether via God or matter.

Indeed, you may have noticed that one mark of the devil is the crude simplification of this plane to a single cause or two. "Climate change" comes to mind, with the reduction of inconceivable complexity to the presence of carbon dioxide. Or Marxism, which reduces history to "class warfare." Any such abstract generalization is false, and leads straight to intellectual perdition if not the real thing. Hell on earth, while you wait!

In reality,

The natural and the supernatural are not overlapping planes, but intertwined threads (NGD).

At the very least, one must hold in mind two opposing theses. There's a reason why we have two eyes: their slightly different vector results in the emergence of a third dimension. Just so, complementarity is a vital principle to bear in mind in thinking about the world.

As always, Señor Dávila says it best. Here are seven aphorisms that I've taken the liberty to arrange stepwise in order to help you float upward on the wings of imagination:

In philosophy nothing is easier than to be consistent.

In reality, Every truth is a tension between contradictory evidences that claim our simultaneous allegiance.

As such, The simplistic ideas in which the unbeliever ends up believing are his punishment.

But Reason is no substitute for faith, just as color is no substitute for sound.

Which is why Philosophy ultimately fails because one has to speak of the whole in the terms of its parts.

And let's face it, The doctrines that explain the higher by means of the lower are appendices of a magician’s rule book.

Pay attention here, for The life of the intelligence is a dialogue between the personalism of spirit and the impersonalism of reason.

I could even toss in some Gödel here, because the reason his theorems are true is because the person always transcends and escapes any attempt to confine him to logic or computation. Or, if our synaptic activity is computational, the computation is in the soul, not vice versa.

Back to MOTT. There may be other chapters that touch on our subject, but I mainly remember Letter XI, The Force. Even the title gives it away, for what is the left but the will displacing freedom and truth?

The wife just now emailed me a typical example from here in the People's Republic of California, where public schools force children to drink leftist koolaid without a straw. In my own school district they force kindergarteners to learn about "gender fluidity" under the banner of preventing bullying of children who don't even know if they're a boy or a girl.

In other words, children are bullied by the state to be as confused about gender as are the parents who bully their children into being as confused about gender as they themselves (the parents) are. The whole point of the diabolical exercise is to confuse the natural law and therefore our natural rights, and to thereby sow chaos into the very ground of being.

Here's a paragraph from MOTT that echoes what was said above about the intertwined threads of vertical complementarity:

The saying "Nature is fundamentally supernatural" is therefore profoundly true. For natural and supernatural life always originate from the same source. The source of all life is religion, conscious or unconscious...

The following goes to the spontaneous order and unity of spirit vs. the chaotic scattering of the diabolos; the latter is what he is and does:

In the world there are therefore two different kinds of arriving at a conviction: one can be illuminated by the serene clarity of contemplation, or one can be swept away by an electrifying flood of passionate arguments aiming at a desired end.

Now pay attention, for this makes sense of the obvious, or explains why things are the way they are:

The faith of the illuminated is full of tolerance, patience and calm steadfastness -- "like crystal"; the faith of those who are swept away is, in contrast, fanatical, agitated and aggressive -- in order to live it needs conquests without end, because it is conquest alone which keeps it alive.

Ah, you might call this "conquest without end" the Satanic Eucharist. It is indeed why the left must reach deeper and deeper into our personal lives and even our souls, in order to conquer and claim them for its disordered appetites (for you can never get enough of what you don't really need, so the hunger is never satisfied). It's why in California it is against the law for me -- a clinical psychologist, AKA "healer of souls" -- to help someone who is fundamentally confused about his sexual identity or the object of his disordered sexual urges.

This is liberal fascism, AKA repressive tolerance, or what Petey calls totolerantarianism. For what is the left but violent intolerance masquerading as a magnanimous (i.e., large souled) and peaceful coexistence?

More on these irreconcilable pneumo-poltical attitudes:

In the world there are therefore two kinds of faith, two kinds of instinctivity, two different ways of seeing the world, two different ways of looking at it. There is the open and innocent look which desires only to reflect the light -- i.e. which wants only to see -- and there is the scrutinizing look, which seeks to find and lay hold of its desired prey.

Which is precisely why they insanely accuse us of racism, white supremacism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, etc. The leftist is intimately familiar with the reality of these subterranean impulses, and they have to be located somewhere. They can't be in the left, because the left is "tolerant." Therefore, they are absurdly projected into us.

Now, how exactly does one do battle against a hallucination?

First of all, you don't, not directly anyway. Speaking as a psychologist, fighting against it actually transfers a kind of power to it. It reminds me of Great Danes. We have two of them, and if you try to push them, they instinctively push back. Lean into them and the lean right back.

Which leads back to the supposed subject of this post, spiritual warfare. But now I'm out of time, so, to be continued....

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fredogate and Spiritual Warfare

This is an all-new post. I apologize in advance for its wooliness and circuitousness, but it is spontaneously unfolding in real time, and maybe I'm out of practice.

It has come to our attention that there are two types of conservative, one that thinks the left is in error, the other viewing it is satanic. No doubt never-Trumpers fall into the first category, and many of them wonder how a conservative Christian could support this president. But if the left is satanic, the question answers itself.

A trivial but illustrative example occurred yesterday, with the Fredogate kerfuffle. A fair number of prominent conservatives defended Fredo and denounced his heckler, on the grounds that conservatives should never behave this way. If we do, then we are no better than the left.

First of all, if only. If Antifa restricted itself to giving clever nicknames to conservatives and requesting selfies with them, we could hardly condemn that. All in good political fun.

I was listening to the radio yesterday morning on the way to work, and while Rush Limbaugh reacted to the incident with merriment, Dennis Prager dismissed the Fredo-baiter as a jackass and a fool, and adopted the view that we should never do this to a public figure. This is one of the rare times I disagree with him, because this was nothing like chasing public figures out of restaurants, or harassing them outside their homes, or in any way encouraging violence. The Fredo-baiter should not be compared to, say, people who camp outside Senator McConnell's home and threaten to stab him in the heart, or who spit on the president's son.

In short, this is spiritual warfare. There are rules.

What's the difference between calling someone a Nazi and suggesting they are diabolical? For if someone is literally a Nazi, then we are wholly justified in stopping them by any means necessary. Not only is it morally acceptable to punch a Nazi, you could even argue that failing to do so is a sin of omission.

But we are not Nazis, to put to put it mildly. I won't go so far as to say I am a good person, but I'm certainly not evil. I don't deserve to be punched or worse, just because I am a Trump supporter. Nevertheless, that's what they say.

Which is a hint into the diabolical nature of the dynamic. But first we need to define our terms, beginning with diabolical, which is to say, relating to the devil, AKA Satan. Let's say the leftist grudgingly concedes I'm not a Nazi. But I'm calling him satanic! Isn't that worse? Besides, isn't that a priori crazy, since Satan doesn't exist, whereas Nazis do?

I would turn it around and say that the very existence of Nazis is a proof of the diabolical. I remember coming to this conclusion at least a couple decades ago, when I was trying to wrap my mind around the Holocaust with the meager tools available to a psychologist, and came up far short. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but evil of this depth and on this scale requires a proportionate explanation. True, Hitler had an abusive father and deeply painful childhood. But so did Churchill. File under "so what."

I was discussing the question of Satan the other day with my 14 year old. I made the point that the story of, say, Adam & Eve is clearly allegorical, symbolic, archetypal, etc., but the Church does not view Satan in this manner. Rather, he is a person and he is real. It's up to us to figure out how this could be so, but it does explain a great deal, like an unknown variable in physics that ties the cosmos together.

Quick timeout for some aphorisms while I gather my thoughts. Note that each of them would apply to conservative Never-Trumpers, if any still exist:

No one is more respectful of “others’ beliefs” than the devil.

The devil can achieve nothing great without the thoughtless collaboration of the virtues.

He who does not smell sulfur in the modern world has no sense of smell.

Many think that the devil died, but he merely walks around today disguised as a man.

I also find some of Schuon's thoughts on the subject helpful. Somewhere he draws a distinction between the satanic and the luciferic: the latter merely opposes and subverts the good, while the former inverts and thereby renders it evil. And woe unto them who call evil good and good evil, and who turn darkness to light and light to darkness!

What I want to say is that political warfare must have different rules from spiritual warfare.

But first, back to our definitions. I was reading a book the other day that asks Who is the Devil?, and it says he is, among other things, "the Commander-in-chief of the fallen angels."

Angels? Aren't we just digging a deeper epistemological hole? No, because I also snatched up another volume at the church rummage sale called What is an Angel?, and angels -- I'll bottom line it for you -- are simply the spiritual intelligences that fill and complete the hierarchy between man and God. Human beings are ensouled matter, while angels are purely spiritual beings unencumbered by matter (there are other differences, but this will do for now). These beings populate the vertical world both above and below, the latter being the whereabouts of the fallen angels.

There are, by the way "angelic intelligences" (so to speak) among humans, by which I mean an intelligence that is simple, intuitive, and cuts straight through to principles, essences, and primordial causes. I certainly experience Schuon in this way. It is quite distinct from garden-variety human thought, no matter how intelligent or penetrating. Not to imply that Schuon is omniscient or infallible, only to highlight this different form or modality of thought. (And of course, there are also counterfeit versions of this, e.g., Marianne Williamson, Deepak, and all the rest.)

Speaking of the Devil, let's get back to him. A big difference between standard and fallen angels is that the former love, while the latter hate and are motivated by hatred. Which reminds me -- and you will have noticed this -- of how we conservatives hate because we love, whereas leftists love because they hate. For example, they hate the world as it is, they hate human nature, and they hate the constraints of reality in general. Which is why they always offer political solutions to existential problems, as if we can ever be free of the latter. Yes, we can transcend them, but through religion, not politics.

Now, you might say that in positing this vast realm of vertical intelligences, I am confining myself to a world of superstition. However, "confine" isn't quite the right word. Above our world, writes Corte, is "another domain even even richer, more wonderful and diverse," with an "infinite variety of invisible essences":

Let unbelievers enclose themselves within their narrow thoughts and limit their vision to this small world that we can see, to this brief life which is but a preamble to our immortality. They sometimes say religion narrows the mind! We answer them with the grandiose vision that faith unfolds before us....

The earth is so small and the heavens so vast! What could be more natural than to admit that between the human race and God's throne there is a great multitude of pure spirits, of ardent thoughts, with intuition as vivid as lightning and as big as the stars, spirits endowed as we are..., with intelligence, will and liberty...

At the very least, even if you don't want to call them angels, you need to deploy some sort of cognitive placeholder for this mysterious realm, just as, say, physics has a category of "dark matter" without having any idea what it is. But it's there just the same, whatever it is.

Another important principle to bear in mind as we proceed is that the cosmos is one, or it wouldn't be a cosmos. The cosmos isn't just an exterior totality, but an interior unity as well, and this unity obviously encompasses the vertical as well as horizontal. So, there is indeed a lower vertical, the question being how it fits into the unity. (Note that various forms of Gnosticism solve the problem by positing a separate and coequal power of evil, whereas materialists affirm the unity by simply banishing both good and evil to the contingent world of illusion and opinion.)

Returning to the reality of pure spirits. Yes, you could say that's pretty weird, but not as weird as spirits bound up with matter. In other words, human beings are actually weirder and less obviously explicable than angelic beings. And in the words of the Aphorist, The world is explicable from man; but man is not explicable from the world.

To be continued, I guess....

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