Monday, December 04, 2023

Of Brutalitarians and Bunkum Busters

We've suggested that the Incarnation is God's own reality tunnel -- a vertical tunnel from divine to human nature, and back -- but really, it's more like his bunker buster, able to penetrate the complex network of ideological tunnels in which man dwells. 

Better yet, it's a bunkum buster that helpfully incinerates the ideological bunkum that imprisons man in darkness. Or at least puts it in perspective. In this regard, perhaps it's more like a neutron bomb, allowing lesser truths to stand, so long as they don't overshadow the source and ground of Truth itself.

Imagine a weapon that could, say, destroy the (formerly) liberal arts departments but leave the STEM departments standing.  

I know, we already have such a weapon: it's called sanity. However, supplies of the latter are running dangerously low.

These preliminary sentiments were provoked by the book Brutal Minds: The Dark World of Left-Wing Brainwashing in Our Universities. First of all, it's filled with fine insultainment, for example, "the American university"
is undergoing an infiltration by an army of mediocrities whose goal is to destroy it as an institution of knowledge creation and replace it with an authoritarian organ of ideology and propaganda.

So, if there's a war, they started it. For theirs is an authoritarian army using our young adults as human shields. If not a well-placed bunker buster, what do these barbarians deserve? Like Hamas, these are "brutal people"

who eagerly "live within the lie" and who even more eagerly coerce others to yield to that lie, particularly the most intellectually vulnerable persons on college campuses -- our undergraduates.

Living "within the lie" is precisely what we mean by the reality tunnel metaphor (which are again unreality tunnels). Such persons are in desperate need of precisely what they repel, which is to say, reality

Analogously, what are the Gazans most in need of? What is the one simple trick that would solve all the problems falsely imputed to Israel?

Correct: reality. Drop your weapons, let go of the genocidal fantasies, acknowledge the right of Israel to exist, and see what boons and blessings follow.

But like our own tenured barbarians, "They are frozen into a totalist belief system" constructed and maintained by "a ruling clerisy of the worst and the dullest": 

Wherever brutal minds get the upper hand, they destroy, they dumb down, they homogenize.... They eliminate opposition, they remove it, and they censor, block, and obliterate the record of knowledge -- anything that gives the lie to the stunted intellectual parochialism that animates them.

No wonder our own proglodytes support Hamas. Professional courtesy. 

they are bent on the destruction of what they only dimly understand and certainly that which they played no role in creating.

This "throng of half-educated ideologues" is 

motivated by social fantasy and pseudoscience and aiming to transform the university in accord with their primitive ideology. 

Granted, we can't drop a literal bunker buster on them, but is there a bunkum buster that could at least inconvenience these hate-filled brutalitarians and racists? Or is it too late? 

Getting back to the Incarnation as God's own bunkum buster, you can take this quite literally, as it was indeed a bomb dropped into time, and which utterly transformed western civilization. We even divide history into BC and AD, but of what good is it to us if this love bomb isn't available at all times? 

Yes, in entering history 2000 years ago God broke the fourth wall of the cosmos, but Christian doctrine insists that he has never stopped breaking it: it is both once and forever

The deeper point is again that God's bunkum buster has permanently shattered that wall -- or veil -- that divides us from him. And, like it or not, this is the smoking crater at the origins of western civilization. 

Which, in so many words, is the point of another book I read over the weekend, No Liberty for License: The Forgotten Logic of the First Amendment. It's not a religious book per se, but it's all about our first amendment, which is of course all about religion. Hmm. Perhaps the bunkum buster we need is right there in the first amendment. 

As an asnide and affront and an end, is it any coincidence that the same people who hate free speech are so hostile to God and religion -- in particular, the religion of the founders? I think not.

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julie said...

Yes, in entering history 2000 years ago God broke the fourth wall of the cosmos

Not only did he break the fourth wall, it is as though we can literally just step through the screen and be where he is.

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