Friday, October 08, 2021

The Ivory Tower of Babbling Idiots

Another quick one while waiting for the school bell to ring.

Over at American Digest is an essay by Mr. Yarvin Moldbug on his concept of the "Cathedral." Although an intellectual brother shamus, he's a smarter feller than myself and draws a lot of water in dissident conservative circles. In short, he's not exactly a lightweight -- unlike me, whose career has slowed down a little. 

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In our nomenclature we call it the Matrix, but we're describing the same private residence. The deeper question is, what is the actual cause of the Cathedral-Matrix? What is its deeper structure -- that which unifies its diverse strands and what-have-yous? 

First of all, the Matrix clearly exists, although it can only be clearly seen from outside and above; from the inside it just looks like "the world," nor do its unhappitants even notice the sentient Agents that prevent them from leaving the Matrix.

The mystery of the cathedral is that all the modern world’s legitimate and prestigious intellectual institutions, even though they have no central organizational connection, behave in many ways as if they were a single organizational structure (emphasis mine).

This, I think, begs the question, because a central organizational connection is precisely what must exist in order to explain the diverse phenomena. 

Consider science as such, which always involves the reduction of multiplicity to unity. Prior to Einstein, for example, physicists looked at the world and saw no connection between, say, gravity and time. Rather, these were totally unrelated concepts. But with deeper conceptual insight we are able appreciate the connection between them.

Analogously, what is the connection between such diverse phenomena as totalitarian wokeness, economically absurd socialism, wicked tribalism, vicious race war, biology-hating genital mutilation, special rights for cross-dressers, climate magic, feminist witchcraft, and anti-Western barbarism in general? 

How could someone embrace such a range of florid lunacies unless they are but surface features of some deeper structure? And why these features in particular?  It's such a grab bag of insanity that perhaps we need to look at the bag instead of the content. 

While we can detect no obvious organizational connection between them, they are highly correlated. And they retain these correlations even as they move across long periods of time. 

Consider the fact that "In 1951, Harvard, Yale, the Times, and the Post were on the same page," just as they are today. However, the Yale of today is is so different from the Yale of '51 that they might as well be different planets: "If you could teleport either Yale into the other’s time zone, they would see each other as a den of intellectual criminals." 

Literally, at least with respect to how they regard us. AG Garlic Merman, for example, wants the FBI to hunt down those of us who are not on board with teaching our children the ins and outs of race-based nihilism.  

Likewise, I regard them as criminal, but not merely in a legalistic sense, rather, in ethical and metaphysical terms. For the first duty of the intellect is to discern between the Real and the unreal or the less real. One who fails to do so is unqualified to teach, for what is he teaching if not truth? Like, just his opinions? 

I'm starting to run out of time because school is about to begin. But let me jump waaay ahead to the distant past, and suggest that the Matrix-Cathedral has a nonlocal typological structure, and that the blueprint of this structure describes a certain tower.

Put it this way: once upin a timeless some status seeking narcissists decided to make a name for themselves by building a private residence so high that it reached the heavens -- up there where the Ultimate Principle dwells, above the clouds discussed in the previous post. A Swiss fuckin' watch, if I understand correctly.

But doing so went against the very Principle the people presumed to reach. As a result, these babbling idiots were scattered and the tower left unfinished. Ever thus to deadbeats.

Let's check out Dennis Prager's exegesis of the scandal: "The sin of the builders of Babel" was "wanting to do so solely to make a name for themselves, to bring glory to themselves. As God is completely absent, they recognize nothing higher than themselves." But ironically, the tower "is so far from the heavens that God must come down to see it."

Of course.  

Not all towers are bad, but there are rules for building one. For example, later in Psalms there is reference to how God has been a shelter for me / And a strong tower from the enemy. Later again we read of my fortress / My high tower and my deliverer / My shield and the One in whom I take my refuge

It seems that the problem lies in attempting to build a tower without the proper cornerstone, in which case you are entering a world of pain. Am I wrong? 

We'll have to resume this discussion in the next post, in which we will endeavor to prove that the progressive tower contravenes any number of metacosmic bylaws.


julie said...

Likewise, I regard them as criminal, but not merely in a legalistic sense, rather, in ethical and metaphysical terms. For the first duty of the intellect is to discern between the Real and the unreal or the less real. One who fails to do so is unqualified to teach, for what is he teaching if not truth? Like, just his opinions?

Just had a conversation with younger child about what "woke" means. Oof. I tried to condense it down into terms she can understand, but basically ended up with something along the lines of "people who believe things that aren't true, and think that people like us are bad for not believing those things."

Anonymous said...

You mean like believing that Trump won the election despite no remote evidence of it?

The Dude said...

Obviously you're not a golfer.

Progressive Tool said...

Distinguishing reality from delusion only divides us!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:00 AM, obviously you got in a zinger. The Dude's rebuttal regarding golf was nonsensical at best. Good work!

It does point out the blog authors blind spot towards his own fallacies. The beam in the eye and all that.

Donny said...

Beam me up Scotty?

Anonymous said...

Julie's comment regarding wokeness illustrates how little she knows about it. Wokeness is a an extension of Political Correctness (PC) doctrine, the most effective propaganda package ever devised by man. It was the premier piece of social engineering of the 20th century, and still very active.

Do not mistake the woke for buffoons or ignorant charlatans. The progressive front is not to be sneered at; it is highly engineered, well thought out, and yes, criminal to the core. It is a blatant power grab and it has worked. We have taken the high ground and most of the money. So think about that.

If you must know the world is under the control of the Freemasons. If you have a problem with what you see happening, I suggest you supplicate towards them. And good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

I do think this post shows that Gagdad has recognized the progressives and gone to great lengths to explain their pathology.

Readers get a sense Gagdad believes progressives are people, albeit deluded, brain-washed and sub-par with respect to intelligence. He has said progressives may be under the influence or colluding with the one we shall not name.

I am here to remind you progressives are a different species; how soon one forgets there is more than one hominin on this world.

The progressive body and mind is not like ours; they hail back to the time of the Denisovans. They are infinitely older than we are, more saurian. This is why they have patches of scales and/or feathers on them. This is why they like sushi so much. They savor the raw foods which comforts their primitive, predatory souls.

So here is what I advise- do not coddle this ancient and rapacious species, do not make pacts with them, do not share your water and land. They did invent the computer, I suppose they just got lucky with that.

It is time to unmask the progressive for what she is, a daughter of a different God, not one of us.

Anonymous said...

So who let all these anons in here?

I have a story about a progressive I know.

He was my little sisters best neighborhood friend, mostly because there were no other kids her age. He was nice and friendly but a bit odd. I remember his older brother wanting to play basketball with me so we went looking for the basketball and I followed him around his house helping him look. He busted into the progressive’s bedroom and holy cow! The progressive was wearing his mothers clothing! My friend pushed the progressive out of the way like it was nothing unusual but I just stood there with mouth agape, pointing... “but, but…” “Oh he always does that. WHERE’S THAT DAMN BALL!” We eventually found that damn ball but that mental image left a mark.

Needless to say I avoided the progressive until well into adulthood, when we all lost touch. But my sister kept in contact. Recently, she told me that the progressive had become a Christian minister. He also married his boyfriend who co-preaches with him in South Carolina. Obviously, I have many questions.

First off, is it possible for a progressive to be a Christian, let alone a minister? Is it possible for two married men to be co-ministers at an actual denominational church? I mean, while I don’t think Jesus would say much, you know damn well God would lightening bolt the two if he ever found out. And finally, what the hell happened to South Carolina? I thought that place was all confederate flag anti-woke anti-mask anti-election folks ya’ll.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46, 90% of progressives are homosexual and of that percentage a whopping 70% are cross-dressers too.

They are mostly all gay, very very gay.

This does not stop them from reproducing however. They will copulate hetersexually when necessary for procreation.

The neighbor's son came over to swim in our pool the other day. The little guy jumped into the pool and stayed on the bottom for well over an hour. We thought he had drowned, but when I peered down into the water, I saw the child had two feathery red gills coming out of slits on sides of his neck. His brother who also came over informed me they could both breathe underwater for as long as they wanted, no problem.

When the boy came out of the pool to eat lunch, there were no signs of the gills. They had apparently retracted into the slots on his neck. He looked totally normal.

Sure enough, when I checked it out the parents were registered Democrats.

I've made a study of them and they are just fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote:

"First off, is it possible for a progressive to be a Christian, let alone a minister?"

Well, what would Jesus say? Jesus controls who gets to be a Christian, right? He is the Christ and no other can gainsay Him.

So what does Jesus say about progressive inclusion into his fold?

Jesus is available to dish in real time, just go into contemplation using your customary technique and pose the question.

I posed this question to Jesus but he immediately changed the subject so I don't know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

So progressives are mutants? I was considering a science fiction movie about them, perhaps made for TV, perhaps with a "special episode" where we learn that progressive mutants are people who need love just like the rest of us, though the rest of us might think it odd, but that'd be so 1980's. And come to think of it kinda prog. I'll stop right there.

More modern and trendy would be to use Facebook to spread information about these mutants, their strange appearances, their strange ways, and most importantly, their strange voting habits, so well-reasoned intelligent people can do their own well-reasoned intelligent research and find out everything they need to know about them.

Anonymous said...

I just asked Jesus about the Hindu. Even the men (of higher caste) wear colorful and floofy silk pants to special parties. They dance around with bangles and wear jewelry. Pretty gay if you ask me. If I was a social scientist I'd say they've been beholden by tribalistic cognitive bias and virtue signaling. Birth cultures are strange things.

I thought that Western Christian Conservatives (WCCs) were making inroads into that perverse culture, albeit slowly, when I saw photos of Hindus wearing Nike tee shirts and flip flops which didn't appear to make annoying jingling noises when they walked. But then I saw other pictures of many Hindus riding atop trains, instead of inside them, leading me to believe this is still a backwards culture with much work for our WCCs to do.

Jesus then started quoting me a bunch of his favorite quotes from his New Testament but then suddenly wept. I didn't know what to make of that.

EbonyRaptor said...

Mind parasites on full display. Disturbing. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 8:10

Progressives are not mutants, however they manifest a plethora of varied morphologies which are still being studied and described.

Progressives (homo wokensis) are not actually hominins at all. Their closest animal cousin was recently determined to be the now-extinct Megatherium. Wokensis have 46 chomosomes, twice the number as homo sapiens (23). Progressives can express an astonishing number of disparate traits including gills, feathers, scales, webbed feet, and even poison glands. Please take note, a bite from a progressive comes with a chance of envenomation. While no fatalities are recorded, some patients required lengthy hospital stays. An encounter with a progressive resulting in any contact with their saliva on broken skin constitutes a medical emergency. No antivenin as been developed and treatment is supportive only.

There are six additional hominin species which have been identified only within the five years and some of these are controversial. As soon as definite taxonomic identifications are made, then we start educating the public.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many people today fail to see what an exceptionally miraculous creation they are and give credit to their creator for it rather than accepting albeit unknowingly having been diverted down the There is no God path of you are your own creation and abandon their intellect.

Anonymous said...

in Western society where it's evolved that females parade in sexually exciting attire and a male response to it is a criminal offence, what's to be more jails?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote " Western society where it's evolved that females parade in sexually exciting attire and a male response to it is a criminal offence, what's to be more jails?"

Now that is a darn good question, Anonymous.

I was at an outdoor festival at my church this and the amount of girl-flesh on display took me aback. How do the parents let them out in those shorts?

It is well known that mature men are troubled by very strong and insistent sex urges. These urges prod and rankle the man day and night with respite.

The urges may be temporarily sated if/when the spouse offers sex, but then the urges return and the spouse may not be up to handling daily intercourse. An exaggerated sex drive is one of the actions of the circulating testosterone secreted by his testicles.

Blue balls soon set in.

And then, a walk in the neighborhood reveals Miss Johnson watering her lawn. In a bathing suit. In the front yard.

He looks away.

Down the block he runs into Juanita, a divorcee who lives alone. Her voluptuous figure is on full display in her tight black leggings and leotard top. It does not take much imagination to undress her fully in the mind. Very hot. Smoking hot.

He can't resist, he makes a remark in her direction. Secretly he is hoping she lets him in. To her house.

Maybe it does not happen that evening. Or the next. But then, over time, the calculus of chance takes over, and she invites him in. To her house.

So. Is this behavior criminal? Was he incited by the brazen disregard of modesty among today's females?

Weigh in. Please let us know what you think.

Anonymous said...

They hate us for our freedoms.
-GW Bush

Now, the progressives I know suspected that Moslems had become crazed with hatred about Americans continuously interfering with their personal lives via various political and military actions. But they have smaller lesser evolved brains.

Conservatives believed the Bush. The Moslems had become crazed with hatred because our women get to walk around exposing their girl-flesh and we get to ogle and even heckle them, IOW our freedoms, while their women dress in full body sacks. As we all know, the most repressed of Muslims are the Saudis. Not the wealthy sheikhs mind you, who frequent many flesh exposing women of their choosing, but the average young testosterone secreting males who don't have that kind of money.

Still, Bush was only half right. Yes those men hated us for our freedoms, but they were also promised, as EbonyRapter implied, 72 sad, disturbing and parasitic virgins. Hell, I wish I could have just one sad, disturbing, parasitic virgin.

Anonymous said...

Grooming the vulnerable lady down the road would not be advisable for anyone who values their liberty.

Anonymous said...

In Islamic countries steps are taken to minimize sexual stimulation. Along with a ban of alcohol, these measures probably reduce sexual assaults.

We may see these restrictions as oppressive, but as recently as 1930 America was both dry and censored. Bathing suits for women, for instance, were not very revealing.

How did this all change? Is there any way to claw back some of our lost decency?

We could use a few more prudes around town.

That being said, I do often wear leggings because they are comfortable. I'm too big on top to go bra-less but I could see why someone might want to.

I do notice people looking me over in a speculative way and I notice some people get annoyed with their partners for resting their eyes on me too long. I'm just used to it. I would be open to covering up more if that was the norm