Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Journey to the Center of the Cosmos

In keeping with our themes of Christian nihilism and Dudist abiding, I reread an essay by Peiper -- the limber lama of leisure -- on the ins & outs of these complicated subjects.

The Resistance. Just how does one resist a totalitarian worker state that seeks to enclose man in the Matrix, in service to the Conspiracy?  "In the long run, the only adequate resistance" involves rediscovery and realization of the idea that "we work in order to have leisure."

Yes, but what is leisure for? That's the point: it is for nothing, bearing in mind that nothing isn't just anything. It must be distinguished from the mere nothing of nihilists, pacifists, and other perverts lacking any real ethos. In this context, "doing nothing" would be the opposite of the One True Leisure:

we work in order to do something, in order to be able to do something that is not work. What sort of activity is being referred to here? Recreation, entertainment, amusement, play -- none of these is meant here. 

Bowling excepted.

No, what we're talking about here is "activity which is meaningful in itself." Work, for example, is indeed meaningful, but not for itself, rather, for the sake of other things. 

This touches on the original meaning of "liberal arts," which were in contradistinction to the servile arts. One might say that the purpose of the latter is to provide us the slack to indulge in the former -- as in how John Adams studied the arts of politics and war in the hope that his sons might have the slack to pursue mathematics and philosophy, and their children to fool around with painting, poetry, and music.

Of course, nowadays the liberal arts have been subsumed by the servile and worse; indeed, a man who does an honest day's labor with his hands is infinitely preferable to those tenured vulgarians who have transformed the liberal arts into a club with which to beat the restavus into ideological submission. The humanities now serve only to further our dehumanization. 

Yes, literally, bearing in mind the related questions of 1) what is a person?, and 2) what are persons for 

Clearly, it is only possible to give an answer to this if one has a particular conception of the human person. What concerns us here is nothing less than the fulfillment of human existence. In what does this fulfillment consist?

The lapidary leisurist speaks for me and perhaps a few other cosmic misfits: "The answer offered by Western tradition would be this: whenever, when seeing, watching, contemplating"

we make make contact with the center of the world, with the hidden, ultimate meanings of life as a whole, with the divine root of things, with the quintessence of all archetypes... wherever and whenever we turn in this way to reality as a whole, we are involved in activity which is meaningful in itself.  

I'm gonna guess that contemplating reality as a whole requires the whole of man. 

To know God with all that we are: the very infinity of the object of knowledge requires the totality of the act of knowing.... he who wants the center must realize the whole (Schuon).

This contemplative contact with the Center of the world requires "an attitude of receptive openness and listening silence -- an attitude, therefore, which is completely contrary to the attitude of labor, i.e., of strained activity." Rather, "the fulfilling things in life... come to us only when we are able to receive them as gift" (Pieper).

This checks out. For example,

The routine is the preferred scene of epiphanies.

In reality the only worthwhile thing is the spontaneous fruit of forgotten meditations.

Religion is not a set of solutions to known problems, but a new dimension of the universe. The religious man lives among realities that the secular man ignores, but he does not hold the key to a riddle. Religious peace is not the peace of the problem solved, but of the love accepted. --Dávila x 3


julie said...

It must be distinguished from the mere nothing of nihilists, pacifists, and other perverts lacking any real ethos.

Even Peter Gibbons didn't continue to do that sort of nothing for long. He went from being one of the servile to one who spent his days doing honest labor.

The routine is the preferred scene of epiphanies.

That's an AH HA insight right there. It provides a nice contrast with, "before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water." The important point becomes the simple act of "chop wood, carry water."

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Godwin. This was an enjoyable and very germane post for the working person who also is contemplative.

As Julie's comment illustrates and expands on the "routine" as the preferred scene of epiphanies, work can be an aide to contemplation rather than a hindrance at times.

How many of us experience flow states while doing chores? Chores are an entryway into contemplation and beneficial internal states, as so can be walking, running, hiking, swimming, etc. Almost any rhythmic activity can do this.

Those of us who write are well aware of the "zone," the flow state which can come upon us as we write. Some writers enter a trance and put forth their best work seemingly while in an altered state.

I seek entry to the zone (although it does not come on command, apparently), even for writing concise legal reports and documents using very strict "principles of documentation." Flawless reports serve the civilian stake-holders the best and so this is a win-win situation.

The South Asian ancients wrote about the value of work as an aide for union with God (work done for the sake of God and not the self) and they called this "Karmayoga," which means "Union with God accomplished through deeds."

These same writers also noted that "work done to procure money, goods, and services was acceptable" but also noted an overabundance of such work "stifled the internal spiritual flame (Agni), as too much wet wood placed on the cook-fire choked the fire and produced smoke."

So there is the two cents worth this morning. Carry on my brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

From the post: "The humanities now serve only to further our dehumanization."

I'm calling bs on this assertion. The humanities only reflect how advanced and merciful our culture has become.

Folks nostalgic for a past where brown people and homosexuals were kept in their place probably don't like the drift towards general justice and improved common weal (for all persons including brown people). Oh well, tough TT.

C'mon Dr. Godwin. Have you not been fortunate in your life? How about starting to have a heart? You can afford to be magnanimous.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I consider mass mob movements such as our modern Christian nihilism and its war on the poor to be as historically disastrous as the murder of the Gracchi brothers.

Or possibly even the middle-ager lounge-jazz / heavy-metal movement of the late 90’s as typified by Pat Boone’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” album. Although I sometimes think the Richard Chamberlain - Wesley Eure affair rivals any of that. Does one blame the TV mini-series moguls of the 1980’s, or Sid and Marty Krofft? I mean, who the hell popularizes gay dragons with giant heads and lesbian witches with giant noses to innocent children?

But truth be told, Roman patricians did invent those SPQR eagle standards for carrying by standard bearers wearing wolf hats, successfully making the illusion of still having a functional republic all the more illusionary. At least to the mob which actually ruled Rome, without their even knowing it. And Pat Boone settled down to find a home on Fox News. And Johnny Mathis and Mr. Brady and Bruce Jenner and even Jim Hoft also came out as gay, making gayness almost seem pervasive.


To escape this avalanche of everything always turning to crap, I decide to learn about Göbekli Tepe. And Karahan Tepe. And all the other Tepes the poor farmers keep finding in southern Turkey. In all cases, it appears that the older a Tepe gets, the more advanced the stonecarving techniques be. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that religion is what caused civilization, and not any agricultural “science”. Yet even ten thousand years ago, religious technologies appears to have become increasingly less advanced as time wore on. I wonder what to think of this.

Anonymous said...

We (the people) are engulfed now in the removal of the patriarchy. The patriarchy resists and struggles, but it is too late now, we have it by the balls and we are squeezing down.

This titanic struggle could easily take another 600 years to reach the half-way point where the patriarchy has been totally extirpated. There is plenty of fight left in the old man yet.

Count on 3,000 years until all is done and human society moves past this incredibly fertile and magnificent epoch (the early to mid Anthropocene, part of the Holocene), and bursts out of Earth confinement to claim the solar system and Oort cloud as its own.

We won't live to see all that, but that's OK; we can enjoy where we are now, this is history with a capital H and future historians envy all alive today who can bring eyes on these times and bear witness. So write, write, write. The future is hungry for our stories.

The rise of the matriarchy begins, although I notice the leading luminaries are still white guys like Trump, Elon, and Mark.

We are all going to get there together, no worries. Trust that the universe is unfolding as it should.

ted said...

I haven't heard this song for years. Could be one the best underrated songs and videos.

Anonymous said...

From the Post:

"Recreation, entertainment, amusement, play -- none of these is meant here. Bowling excepted."

What exactly is the role of entertainment, amusement, and play in human life? How does it fit in? Is it a good use of our time?

While accusations of frivolity can be leveled, I think that these activities are somehow needed to regulate and stabilize the human being. We cannot be all work and no play, or I suspect efficiency would begin to slip and in the end, there is a net increase in profitability associated with play. Think of it as rebooting the human organism.

Additionally, hobbies and recreation are very often a doorway into a profession for young people. A young man interested in cars will tinker on these for fun, but may later work at a repair shop and ultimately open his own shop. It will be his life's work. And this works many kinds of play, such as building model rockets may lead to a career as a rocket scientist. A boy grubbing about for reptiles and amphibians for fun, is a budding biologist.

As play is the work of children, so work may become the play of man. Fortunate is he whose work lines up with his recreation in this manner.

I studied, read and wrote for fun as a child and this has become my profession. And I do enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

What are everyone's plans for Juneteenth? There are some community events in the city but maybe a private family gathering would be fun. Chocolate cake and ice-cream come to mind.

This will be my first year celebrating Juneteenth so I'm kind of a newbie.

Anonymous said...

I'm very concerned about this "Juneteenth". Will Juneteenth cause blacks to demand reparations? Or cause an insufferable onslaught of advertisements aimed at celebrating blackness consumables, like Afro Sheen, Puff Diddy’s Greatest Hits, and Black Flags bug zapper? Or worse, cause the terrifying BLM to run amok yet again laying waste to even more cities, perhaps this time in flyover country?

And why do corporations fear the obvious practicality of combining a buncha holidays, like Juneteenth, MLK day, Hannukah, Earth Day, Pride Day, Veterans Day, Womans Day and Cinco de Mayo into one single big blow off day for the oppressed masses? Do they fear a united mob?

And why isn’t there a megalomaniacal patriarch day? I think it’d be a day where we meditate on the obvious need some of us have to worship as a god, some power hungry murderous sociopath de jour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 10:14 AM:

I hear your misgivings about adding another Federal Holiday to the list. That's another 600 million in paid leave annually for Federal employees. State and County employees may get that much or more.

Recall, we are moving glacially towards the give-away economy. This is part of the trend. Within 100 years, there may be up to an additional 20 Federal Holidays added. The upshot of this - perhaps 30 annual paid leave days for government workers. That would add up to a significant piece of the economy.

Then the minimum wage will continue to be hiked up to where folks can get by working one job. Then it will go up to the extent that a person could work a 30 hour week and get by.

And so on and so forth. Incrementally we will all reach a point where the living is relatively easy for all.

I propose a new Federal Holiday, Trump Day, to recognize Donald's significant contribution to our political landscape.

Happy Juneteenth everyone; I've seen a white woman smiling, a real Karen looking gal, and even she apparently feels happy on this jubilant day.

Carry on my brothers and sisters, chocolate and vanilla, love one another.

ted said...

Bob: I know you're a bit of Sparks fan. Did you know they had a new documentary? The director here goes over his favorite songs.

Gagdad Bob said...

I was indeed a big Sparks fan, starting with Kimono My House in 1974, followed by Propaganda that same year and Indiscreet in 1975, which is when I saw them live at the Santa Monica Civic on May 3, 1975, to be exact. After that we pretty much parted ways.

Although I did later have a Mael sighting in 1976 or 1977, when Ron ambled into the Supermarket where I was working in Malibu (they grew up in nearby Pacific Palisades). He was loitering at the magazine rack, but I was too shy to approach him, although I'm sure he would have been pleased to be recognized.

Context is important, because this was in a period -- 1974 to 1976 -- when rock was moribund, only to be revived by the punk & new wave movements in '77. Compared to dinosaurs & arena rockers like Led Zeppelin, ELP, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Eagles & the Stones, Sparks were quite refreshing. But I don't listen to them now.

Gagdad Bob said...

Album-oriented rock reached its pinnacle between '70 and '72, with a great many enduring classics released during those years. A steep decline set in beginning in '73, due to cocaine + corporatism. Too much money and too many drugs. I'm looking forward to this release, a de-Spectorized remix of All Things Must Pass, which isn't just the best Beatles solo album, but the only one worth hearing more than once.

This release looks even better: previously unreleased Beach Boys material recorded between 1969 and 1971.

Gagdad Bob said...

Speaking of too much money, only $999.98 for the Uber Box Set of All Things Must Pass. Then again, I'll bet they'll fetch twice that on Ebay once they're out of print.

ted said...

Sparks is definitely one of the most eclectic bands out there. I am not aware of too many bands that have changed direction as much as them. Most fans are going to prefer one period over another. $6.50 for a ticket...righteous dollars!

Good point, All Things Must Pass is the only classic solo record from an ex-Beatle. Almost every song is a gem. I am taken back by what a short period the golden years were for for album orientated rock. Music is really depressing these days. The only saving grace is we can live in our own heavenly silo of a soundscape!

Anonymous said...

So I chose to consider the philosophies of these “Sparks” of which we speak. Within their philosophical treatise entitled “Angst in my Pants” I find this verse:

And my name is Mickey Mouse, to my right is Minnie Mouse, and we own a little place in Disneyland, California. Well, you should try to smile, dear. Get yourself a pet, deer, dog, cat, bird, pig, lamb, horse, cow, fox, wolf, snake, ox, fish, goldfish, mouse…

Indeed. The rest of it however, far over my head. I’ll set this aside for another time perhaps to be played backwards for the hidden meaning.

In the meantime, and in regards to our proposed National Megalomaniacal Day, I’ve been comparing the megalomaniacal styles of Julius Caesar with those of Donald Trump. Did you know that Caesar managed to get an entire month renamed in his honor without mandating a single day off? Now that’s power. Even more interesting, I found that even after the senators finally got past the praetorians and killed the bastard, Augustus (another month-rename guy) got the support of the people and took over as the next megalomaniacal dictator.

So my question is this. Is this normal for the human race, this seeming need to have their government be owned by a concentration of immense power? Or was this an overreaction to the failure of liberal republicanism to reign in the increasingly hopeless powerlessness of the plebes who decided to gamble with becoming a banana republic (or maybe in this case a chickpea republic)? Thinking about it either way, this would make most humans innate leftists. And I haven’t even gotten to the Jesus part yet.

Gagdad Bob said...

Humans are default leftists, which is why they have to be taught not to be. Envy is innate and must be transcended, and the majority of people prefer security over liberty. In just my lifetime, Mexicans have remade California into the image of the land they fled.

Gagdad Bob said...

Humans are also tribal, of course, which meshes perfectly with the identity politics of the left. Daddy Issues explain the rest.

Gagdad Bob said...

And mental illness more generally. Speaking as a psychologist, leftism is a brilliant way to structure and externalize mental illness, especially for women but also weak men. In fact, it's so effective, one suspects the Evil One has a hand in it -- it's like an inverse analogy of how revelation speaks to the higher self.

Gagdad Bob said...

Leftism beautifully incorporates nearly all the major defense mechanisms, especially projection and acting out, but also denial, splitting, intellectualization, and identification with the aggressor.

Van Harvey said...

"Religion is not a set of solutions to known problems, but a new dimension of the universe. The religious man lives among realities that the secular man ignores, but he does not hold the key to a riddle. Religious peace is not the peace of the problem solved, but of the love accepted. --Dávila x 3"

I wonder how he managed to condense several verbose volumes into three simple sentences... spiritual zip drive? Nah, probably just magic.

Anonymous said...

From the post: "Religion is not a set of solutions to known problems, but a new dimension of the universe. The religious man lives among realities that the secular man ignores, but he does not hold the key to a riddle. Religious peace is not the peace of the problem solved, but of the love accepted. --Dávila x 3"

I know it is a convention that both sexes are referred to as "mankind." But to refer to the religious or secular "man" rankles us women. Uh, did we disappear into thin air? Why not say "person" instead.

Yeah, you may trot out the all of the usual cover stories, such as in Davila's time that's how it was done, of course he meant everyone, or if he didn't in those days that was the prevailing attitude.

Well f*ck all that.

Can you now understand why a ton of pussy-whipping has descended upon the land? We of the fair sex are fed up with this crap.

Except for Julie. She's not fed up. She understands her subordinate and lesser status and so will stay quiet as the guys assert nothing she is or does can matter as much as what Billy or Seth does.

Unless you want to step up and take a swing. You have a pussy, make it roar. How about you, Daisy?

Anonymous said...

Humans are default leftists, which is why they have to be taught not to be. Envy is innate and must be transcended, and the majority of people prefer security over liberty.

Contrary to conservative popular belief, envy isn’t a simple subject. Should I be envious of Candice Owens, who once successfully sued for racial discrimination, because she earns serious donation cash from whites for proclaiming that “racial discrimination” is overblown?

Most normal people tend to admire success when it benefits them in some personal way, and despise success when it does the opposite. Shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

In just my lifetime, Mexicans have remade California into the image of the land they fled.

California’s GDP tops all but the wealthiest 4 nations in this world which makes it just like Mexico? Yeah, that’ll sell.

But maybe you’re talking about life down in the common white man trenches. You speak of those notorious Mexican cultural loyalties. I know a lot of born Mexicans. I can get them to trust me and open up about their experiences. They tell me why they move north. They tell me they were happy down there, until American corporate-government policies wrecked their livelihoods, towns and families. You may want to look into that if illegal immigration is of such concern to you.

Anonymous said...

Humans are also tribal, of course, which meshes perfectly with the identity politics of the left. Daddy Issues explain the rest.

And mental illness more generally. Speaking as a psychologist, leftism is a brilliant way to structure and externalize mental illness, especially for women but also weak men. In fact, it's so effective, one suspects the Evil One has a hand in it -- it's like an inverse analogy of how revelation speaks to the higher self.

Leftism beautifully incorporates nearly all the major defense mechanisms, especially projection and acting out, but also denial, splitting, intellectualization, and identification with the aggressor.

I’ve known successful sociopaths, and I’ve studied them. They're the most “personally responsible” people in the world. They blame everything not “successful sociopath” on mental illness, stupidity, or some other inferiority or deformity. Seriously, is this where you’re going with this?

Anonymous said...

From the post: "And mental illness more generally. Speaking as a psychologist, leftism is a brilliant way to structure and externalize mental illness, especially for women but also weak men."

Oh damn no you dinnet.

Women and weak men clumped together? Yeah, all of them weak, right? Have you informed lady Godwin of this matter? So she replied, hush up and do the dishes? Awww.

So Gagdad, you a weak man? You a strong man? Or are you an arrogant strutting conservative, man?

Now where exactly did you serve your country? Camarillo? Yeah it was a badass place. But nothing like Iraq.

Nicolás said...

To scandalize the leftist, just speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to All.

Whether weak men get hysterical or not, is not really in question. They do.

Does a weak man with a good heart father better than a strong man with a bad heart?

You bet.

The strong man, who insists his son be a football star, now there is a little slice of hell on earth.

Of course the son is gay and wants to pursue theater arts. You know the drill.

But in the end, its all about heart. It is about love. It is about acceptance.

Strong men can be the best of father's too, I am not saying they are not.

But the cult of manhood, of machismo, that usually is not loving. It is generally a selfish and greedy attempt at personal power vicariously through the offspring. Fie on that noise.

Wave the rainbow flag. Company, fix bayonets, we are going over the top. Look sharp now.

Anonymous said...

Mexico is pretty nice. Baja is my favorite state although Puerto Vallara and Mazatlan are wonderful cities.

The people were good to me when I was down on my luck and needed food. Restaurants gave me fish plates and everyone was friendly.

So, I don't see where throwing shade on Mexico is appropriate. They are doing OK.

Quite few Mexicans come up North, but do you have the numbers of Americans going South? It is not small.

That being said, Mexico is poorer than the US, the government prone to corruption, and they have cartels.

On the plus side Mexican women are very attractive.

Did you notice the hordes of Mexicans taking that unauthorized tour of their Capitol Building? No, I didn't notice that either.

Hmmmmm. Yeeeeahh, about that...

Anonymous said...

Quite few Mexicans come up North, but do you have the numbers of Americans going South? It is not small.

Indeed. I have an anglo friend who worked at an American truck manufacturer, who got sent South. Lest he get fired. He expected to find wall-to-wall Mexican children toiling in the hot sun assembling these trucks. Instead, he found a handful of highly-educated Mexican techs and hordes of robots toiling inside an air conditioned factory.

I sometimes worry that these robots will yearn for American freedom and liberty and opportunity and travel north to remake California into their image.

So I Googled "El Salvador MS-13". I and discovered that Americans remade El Salvador into the image of the land they were deported from. MS-13 was after all, created by Californians. But fortunately and so far, the El Salvadorian refugees escaping their tiny nation which MS-13 wrecked aren't bringing any robots with them.

So I Googled "Mexican farmers NAFTA" and found a buncha Mexican farmers forced to either grow drugs so they could keep their farms, or move north after they'd lost their farms. Now obviously, NAFTA was sold to naïve politicians getting stuff like promises of a brighter libertarian future, and large cash sum donations dangled in front of them. But I chalk all that up to sin. And Bill Clinton, the epitome of sin.

So I Googled "Guatemala 1954" and found that Americans backed a dictator instead of the democratically elected government. It was all for the best, said the American fruit corporations. Still, I wondered if I wouldn't pay a few cents more for bananas so the Guatemalans could've had their little elected leader.

So I Googled "History of US interventions in Latin America", and found a bunch. Some sources say there were over fifty over the years, with most of these operations aimed to overthrow democratically elected governments which were trying to commit the sin of favoring their own people, instead of the American people, greatest in the world. But I realized that I was risking being declared a scandalous leftist.

As an American nationalist who believes in a competently maintained competitive capitalism and even in a competently maintained liberal democracy (I know, it's Marxism), it should be obvious that I've come to be a bit torn by all this new information.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous 9:23 AM:

I hear you, comrade. Any American who has traveled abroad recently has been struck by how seedy, how sleazy, and how smelly America has become compared to other countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, Morocco, Portugal, Ecuador and Greece, just to name a few

Seedy. We are talking about the Bronx. Sleazy. We are talking about Chicago. Smelly. We refer to Bakersfield.

Brothels, trap houses, human trafficking. America the Beautiful.

We go to Singapore and the man canes you for chewing gum. We got to step up.

Anonymous said...

We need to talk about something. This is way overdue.

Now, I am not saying you are a bad person; maybe you just made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. You mean well, and things just....happen. Things happen.

Let's start from the beginning. Tell me when you first realized you had a problem. You know what I mean. You know what I'm talking about. I want you to say it.

You can't fix what you don't acknowledge. So, what would you like to tell me?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I need to quit obsessing over the fact that America is fucked and I know exactly how and why because it’s so blatantly obvious.

I have a friend who’s a life coach and therapist. She belongs to a psychology cult which believes (well, for them, “knows with total certainty”) that every single person alive is personally responsible for their own damned selves. You see bad shit going on? It’s your fault. You got bad shit being done to you? It’s your fault.

Yes, every single person alive is personally responsible for their own damned selves. But shouldn’t it also be blatantly obvious that this will vary wildly within a given context of opportunity? If you live in a land of milk and honey, you’re gonna have fewer excuses than if you live in a fucking desert, as Sam Kinison used to scream. As a former Pentecostal preacher, Sam used to preach that we can solve world starvation by giving the starving people suitcases and moving vans. He said the reason they’re starving is because THEY LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT! THEY NEED TO MOVE!

Indeed. I’m a bit peeved because for most of this coming week the temperature around here is projected to be ten degrees higher than it’s ever been. TEN DEGREES HIGHER THAN IT’S EVER BEEN!

But enough about my centuries old ferns and hemlocks which have died because they’ve never encountered global warming before. It was their own damned fault they planted themselves there. I also have no problem with Bedouins and Arabs. Nobody gave them suitcases and moving vans and moved them out to the desert against their will. They started out there and seem pretty good at making the best of their situation.

My concerns are different. My concerns come in two parts. The first part, is with people who’ve been given suitcases and moving vans and moved out to the desert, AND THEY DON’T EVEN FUCKING KNOW IT!

The second part, and this is the important part, is that I got scooped up against my free will and NOW I HAVE TO RIDE IN A MOVING VAN WITH A BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS!

Is this clear enough for you yet?

Anonymous said...

Anon, you've made things perfectly clear.

Global warming is my fault. And now it is affecting you, and you are having to move your set-up to an area that is cooler.

Where I dwell, the temperatures rose to just 30 degrees less than the ambient temperature of Hell.

How hot was it? So hot that people were using their ovens to cool down. That's how hot it was.

We had over one million heat casualties. The graves people are working around the clock. The cadavers are not rotting, thankfully. Most of them have made it to "well-done," no pink centers, and all microbes destroyed.

That's how hot it was here. But hey, it could have been worse, eh?

Anonymous said...

I would like to get something off of my chest.

I was at the store and bought some things at the checkout stand. When I got to the car, I realized I had not scanned an expensive bottle of organic honey.

I did not take it back into the store to pay for it. I just put it in my car and drove away. The guilt has been eating away at me ever since.

I also took something from Ikea without paying for it an drove away with it. It was a wicker trash basket.

So now you know. I am humiliated and ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think you’re feeling me. I do tent do speak in the abstract. My life is more than just how hot I am, or how hot everybody knows that I am (*rimshot*).

I am a nationalist. Think Nazi but without all the dead Jews. And without all the snappy uniforms. And without all that saluting of megalomaniacal nutjobs going on. This can be hard to understand for one who thinks that between Fox News and MSNBC, only one can ever be telling the truth, but I’ll try.

My mother came to America with her mother and nothing but their shirts, and grandpas ashes, on their backs. Everything they’d known and loved had been conquered, by people whose own ancestors had been conquered, after their own ancestors had themselves conquered other ancestors, to a land which had conquered somebody elses ancestors.
With all this constant conquering going on, we have the nationalists. Sometimes nationalists may conquer others, but a good nationalist doesn’t ever let themselves be conquered, even by their own.

People around here talk about strong men and not-nice Jesus. But do these strong and not-nice men even know when they’ve been conquered? And no global warming isn’t your fault. At least not entirely. Even I have been known to drive cars from time to time, so I have to take some personal responsibility. Mostly, I blame the conquerors, secret conquerors.

Hold on a sec. I just got emailed a spam offer for a free pocket stun gun. Let me just answer their few questions.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the stun gun was a rip. They tried scaring me with the idea that BLM and antifa and trans-whatevers are planning a rampage against conservatives, and we'll need stun guns to defend our families. After the "Sharia Law is coming!" craze, that free stun gun I got broke the very first time I tried using it on my neighbors yappy dog. I say don't fall for it.

anon @6/24/2021 01:20:00 PM,

I say it depends on the store. For example, Home Depot wanted to sell me a tile saw for 25% more than this little ma-and-pop tile store actually did. Where's the "More saving more doing"? Amazon wanted even more. Did you know that Amazon has received billions in government subsidies? How much in subsidies do you think lil-ole ma-and-pop store got?

So now Home Depot wants me to use their self-checkout scanner. Do they actually expect me to do their checker work for them too? Less payin more doin. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous:

If the stun gun didn't purchase didn't work out, consider a trial of the pepper-spray/truncheon combination for self defense.

Most Americans opt for a household firearm but these can bite the hand that feeds. A firearm instinctively wants be fired and if they are not taken to the range at certain intervals, they can get surly.

So I understand you are a nationalist, however you don't believe in the evil-style nationalism, but rather would prefer a strong, central figure who is not evil and is more equitable, to provide leadership along the lines of Hitler but without the genocide. That could be a good system, and could work. Someone said something about power corrupting people but perhaps not.

What topic(s) does the panel want to discuss today? Sex? Drugs? Rock-n-roll? Something else?
Let me know, I have experience in moderating discussions on over 200 topic types.

-Interlocutor X

Anonymous said...

Like Steven Crowder, the panel has fled. But as a 'strong not-nice man' wannabe, I shall fill in nicely. Or not nicely if the situation warrants.

Lately I'm a torn nationalist. Trump had a few of the right speeches, but was a bust. A PT Barnum bloviating idiot demagogue but without the greatest show in town, kind of bust. A carnival barker with just another tattoed fat lady inside the tent. Not very inspiring.

I want a strong not-nice man with brains and integrity. An Eisenhower without too much military-industrial complex. A Nixon without the taping. A Ford without the trend setting pardons and pratfalls. A Reagan without the Democratic Party that left him to become neo-Republican/Clintonian. A Dubya without the Dick.

America was made great by corporate sponsorship of government which was strong, not-nice, but competent at creating fertile soil for as many people as can dig their grubby little hands into it, and not just for a handful of billionaire donors trying to move us to China or to robot filled factories in Mexico, while making it so hot our never-built walls will be overtopped by mobs of them fleeing the scorching heat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thank you for the clarifying comment about the strong not-nice leader you dream of. You allude to America having been made great by corporate sponsorship of government. This was probably in the Valhalla that was the 1950's. We had it and it slipped away.

Have you noticed how much browner the nation has become? I have. This is a major trend.

From my childhood to now, the big trends: Warmer weather, fewer reptiles, way fewer amphibians, more people, people more brown in color, more traffic, more buildings, internet, computers, and the moon landing followed by less thrilling space adventures.

But boy howdy this country is as smart as a whip and getting smarter. The tech baby, the tech. That is really what history celebrates from this era.

I was glad to be along for the ride. I spend much of the journey trying to get sex. Everything else just kind of whizzed by until now. Now I'm paying attention, at last.

And the panel here has left. They have better things to do. But I am glad you are here, Anon. Thank you for being here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember my idyllic midwestern middle American middle class upbringing. Pretty middling. Except in my hood we were all white. Even my high school was under 10% brown or darker. Decades later, I decided to stop by for a peek utilizing the magic of Youtube. I wanted to find out what had become of the place. Turns out it’s 80% brown or darker now. Yet… while most everybody attending the high school’s football games are brown or black these days, their blonde and behorned Viking mascot is still blonde and behorned. It took a while for me to get used to the idea of a blonde and behorned Viking mascot gyrating to something called “What Up Gangsta” by 50 Cent. Back in my day it was “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

Maybe when the others return we can debate over why they retained the Norse mascot.
I also remember when the black and browns of old told me that America would become browner just like Brazil. I thought it meant a culture of interracial cross-breeding, because once you go black you don’t go back. But I was mistaken. I hadn’t realized that so many Mexicans had moved to Brazil. Yet according to Wikipedia, all but two of their Presidents over the years have been pasty white, with only two having gone tanning at the beach before their Presidential photo shoot. Go figure. The last one named Bolsonairo, came from the “Social Liberal Party” which is obviously from the name an economically libertarian, nationalist, radically anti-leftist socially conservative party. Seems a bit like somebody putting on Viking horns and gyrating for a crowd of mostly browns and blacks. There must be a hidden meaning behind this dynamic.

Anonymous said...

I never saw a brown person until I was about 6 years old. That's how white my world was. I took a long stare at the two brown girls, about 7 or 8 years old, jumping rope in the front of the drug store.

They noticed me, stopped, and asked "haven't you ever seen a black person before?"

I said "no." And they went back to skipping rope.

Later I noticed Latina girls and I liked them. I felt my first stirrings toward a Latina about 10 years old, when I was about 8 years old. I still remember the green dress she wore while standing in the lunch line.

I was equally impressed with Asian girls. I really thought them adorable.

I never liked guys of any color except my wingmen and syncophants within my peer group. My chums and I were tight. All other guys....enemigos.

Male teachers were seen as authority figures to be feared and avoided.

So years later, here I am. Watching the world go by.

Gagdad retired and doesn't tend to his blog anymore. Looks like I'm the new moderator.

Hello everyone. I am your new moderator.

Anonymous said...

I hope you stick to that. If you’re not moderating then I’ll have to moderate myself. I was gonna go back to climate change, especially after reading up on all the forest fires and record 118 degree temperatures and released permafrost methane and carbon happening in Siberia, making the most pessimistic of scientists predict a catastrophic extinction level collapse of such biblical proportions, that it’d make the regular Fox News viewer want to blame it all on Critical Race Theory. Without Bob or Petey or Nicholas or somebody making it all better with a snappy aphorism which simultaneously discredits me and disproves any science, I may have to be more careful. Thanks for the heads up.

Gagdad Bob said...

This book on Paul Revere is great, a real page-turner. Fischer is such a good writer, I've been making my through every one of his books.

Meanwhile, I've been working on some ideas that combine Hayek, Voegelin, Eckhart, Polanyi, Gödel, Thomas, and a few others. I found the perfect rug to tie them together.

julie said...

Now that sounds intriguing. Both the Revere book, and the new ins and outs.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning:

Paul Revere is a fascinating and historic figure. A contemporary of Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, was a prolific writer and I particularly recommend his Autobiography.

OK, to pick up the topic where Anonymous 4:04 left off. We have to talk about methane locked up in Siberian permafrost. We cannot allow Siberia to melt. It is loaded with millions of years worth of stored methane. Lethal quantities of methane in the permafrost are poised to out-gas.

When that stored gas escapes into our atmosphere, forget about lighting a match anywhere on the planet Or kaboom.

Also it is recommended to cut down on consumption of beans and cabbage. You don't want to be adding to the problem.

Other than that, there is trout fishing. Anyone like to go trout fishing? I do.

Anonymous said...

Methane is dozens of times more dangerous than CO2. Temps in the 90's are becoming much more common up in permafrost land.

When I contacted various dinosaur fuel companies like Exxon and the Koch Brother, they told me that the plan was to cause global warming, then save the day with their new carbon capture technologies. I said it sounded a bit like double dipping. “A brilliant economic strategy invented by economic libertarians!” they chuckled, quite richly and somewhat haughtily. When I asked about the methane, there was a brief pause, followed with more chuckling. “We’re working on that” they more-chuckled. But it seemed to me that the chuckling had become a bit forced. When one of them suddenly nodded to the large men in sunglasses (very strong and very not-nice looking), I made a hasty retreat.

Anonymous said...

I too have have attended meetings with the Koch Brothers where they made statements that they were going to develop carbon capture technology. And, the Siberian methane has them feeling the money as well.

Said one, "We are pretty hot to tap that ass."
I replied, "Er, don't you mean "gas?"
Said the other, "Oh, we were talking about Brandy our new assistant. Ooh la la."
Said the first one, "But yeah, we'll also take the Siberian methane off of the Russians. We could find uses for that gas."

I did note the Koch brothers drank Pepsi. Seems odd considering.

The Koch's posse of suits were complete Wolf of Wall Street tools. They railed coke off of women's bare bottoms and were flashing me big grins, as in, go ahead and print Missy see if we care.

Anonymous said...

The central European authorities have already pronounced the Siberian gas a dire threat. I have no information on a mitigation plan, if there is one.

Anonymous said...

Let's spice things up a bit...

Bill Barr in recent interview in the Altantic: "“My attitude was: It was put-up or shut-up time,” Barr recalled at one point. “If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bulls***.”


Still not one shred of evidence that there was any widespread fraud, but a ridiculous percentage of Republicans believe that Trump won, 30% believe that Trump will be reinstated:https://thehill.com/homenews/news/557486-one-third-of-republicans-believe-trump-will-be-reinstated-as-president-poll), and a majority believe that the left wing was responsible for Jan 6 (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/capitol-riots-republicans-poll-b1856119.html). Absolutely astounding! Reality and evidence seems to play no part in the beliefs in a large percentage of the population. How can so many people not be able to apply common sense reason to their beliefs?

If you are in the camp who believes that Trump actually won, etc... instead attacking, I challenge to defend their beliefs with evidence if they disagree with any of the presented facts). This topic has come up many times here and not once has anyone defended their beliefs with any evidence. What is your thought process?

Anonymous said...

Well, anonymous 12:00, you bring up good questions. Now, Trump won the election, and I will explain why.

The majority were ready to vote Trump back in office, but the opposition staged a huge voter drive and got a whole bunch of people to vote, who ordinarily would not have voted.

Now that is not illegal, I suppose. You could call it "getting out the vote." All well and good.

But the opposition, that is, the Democrats, really scraped the bottom of the gene pool when they set out to get votes. They reached out to people who have no business voting because these people are ignorant, and they are morally deficient. They reached out for anyone with a pulse. Now we know which people I'm talking about, don't make me come right out and say it.

So if it wasn't for the meddling Democrats, Trump would have won his second term handily, and that should have been that.

Instead now we have all of these new voter regulations, by state, that will make forever easier for questionable, dirty people to vote. We will never have a proper election again.

As for alleged missing ballots and Dominion corruptions, etc, well, OK. There was probably not much to all that. Can blame us for trying, right? This is the our nation we are talking about here.

But the point remains- not everyone who can vote should vote. And that's why Trump won. The Democrats played dirty ball.

Anonymous said...

Now as for Trump's reinstatement:

As it turns out Biden and Harris both made some errors when filling out their candidacy papers. These errors were typographical in nature. However, since the applications were never properly completed, Biden and Harris are disqualified retro-actively.

The former President will be called back to Washington to be reinstated for a full second-term.

We have to follow procedure. Now the democrats aren't going to like it, but we will deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Now as for Pence. Technically he should resume as VP. But Sharif don't like it. Rock the Casbaah.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Socrates, he was famously force-fed the hemlock because he couldn't quit preaching about unwashed Greek masses deserving no right to vote because they'd eventually just vote in some rich pompous lying demagogue who'd be wearing a "Make Greece Great Again" pileus.

Have you ever seen a pileus? Looks like a dunce cap. Nuf said.

Cousin Dupree said...

They say Biden got 81 million votes, but I know for a FACT that the US doesn't have near that many adolescent girls and gay men.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "faith-based reasoning", I puzzled over the famous mammon quote found in the Bible. You remember the one. Matthew 6:24:

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

I've come to realize the genius behind this reasoning. Historically, big money always hides behind religion to hide their con. And the common people who believe that both can coexist together usually wear a pileus.

Anonymous said...

but I know for a FACT that the US doesn't have near that many adolescent girls and gay men.

Yes it does. Many times have I heard strong not-nice men calling weaker nicer men "girls and gay men." And they're the ones who write the rules, usually.

But the money question is: Is it in the Bible?

The lesser money question is: If it's in the Bible, will half of all men always be "girls and gay men", regardless of how strong and buff they've tried to become, because of the way the law of averages works?

Anonymous said...

Somebody once told me that you can always spot the sociopath in the crowd because their humor is always mean spirited, and not in a Don Rickles sorta way. Don was said to actually be a nice guy big into playing the ugly grump.

Sometimes I wonder about Jesus’ sense of humor. Was he sarcastic, self-deprecating, or just the kind of guy who never kidded around much? Not the spirit form mind you but the Jewish guy.

But God’s, not so much. In much of the Old Testament, Gods sense of humor usually had a genocidal twist. You didn't kid around with that guy.

Back in the days when America was Great, I remember Christians would try to get converts by using kindly measures such as soup kitchens, door knocking and Chick tracts. Did some of that myself, back in the day. But in a crueler age, like during the reign of Charlemagne, if one didn’t convert to Christianity then one would get beheaded. I sometimes wonder if we couldn’t use another strong not-nice man age where non-converts get beheaded.

Anonymous said...

People like Cousin Dupree are the reason Trump lost the election.

Dupree is like a goy Alfred E. Neuman. That gap-toothed grin does not inspire confidence.

If you can't help a cause, at least stay out of sight.

Anonymous said...

And there are in fact over 50 million adolescent girls and a further 120 million gay men in America.

And that's probably an undercount.

Our nation is thought to have over 1.8 billion persons living inside the borders.

Anonymous said...

I remember when "Sharia Law Is Coming!" was a major scare.

I tried to calm our frightened strong not-nice men using reason. I told them the USA is 0.6% Muslim. I told them the USA was founded on separation of church and state. I told them these Muslims would have a couple hundred million Christians to get past.

To no avail. The fears persisted.

So I tried using another nation as an example. A nation which was also founded on separation of church and state. But this nation was over 90% Muslim. And this nation had a half millennia long foundation of militant Islam in its past. Their ancestors would come, they'd see, and they'd conquer shit. Yet today this nation still has a secular government.

(I've been to Istanbul BTW. A modern capitalistic city, even if the leader is a bit of a not-nice strongman.)

To no avail. Obama was elected anyways. (*rimshot*)

Anonymous said...

What should we be most afraid of? That is the question du jour.

I don't think the possibility of a nuclear war had ever been taken off the table. That one still seems pretty raw.

Climate change. It does seem to be a thing, and not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

We may have to come to grips with the possibility the blog author is not going to write a new book after all.

Do we have a back-up plan?

Anonymous said...

What should we be most afraid of?

Ignorance. Not the common mob ignorance of common history, but an ignorance so extreme and ridiculous that the common mob of old would be amazed at the moderns utter incapacity to calculate simple odds anymore.

Consider reviewing my comment @ 6/27/2021 07:49:00 PM again. Consider how incompetent one must have been to take "Sharia Law Is Coming To America" seriously, to then observe that it never even came remotely close to happening, to then not feel the slightest bit of shame or self-reflection at how addled that thinking was.

It seems that such a person could effortlessly move on the "Horrors of Cancel Culture" (typically known as shunning, boycotting, of freedom of choice - as natural a free republic behavior if there ever was one) to "Critical Race Theory" (an esoteric academia theory few people ever cared about) as the next Great Things Which Will Shall Destroy America (*thunderclap*).

Maybe Socrates and Bernays were right. The masses are no smarter than a herd of mooing cattle. They must be managed by vastly more intelligent, vastly superior, others.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous:

I enjoyed your intelligent comment. I have noticed that there are a lot of "the sky is falling" kind of paranoia around issues that don't strike me as hot button, and "Critical Race Theory" is certainly one of them.

On the other hand, people of different races have children together more often these days, but I don't parse this as harmful.

Sharia law is a non-starter here, but in the areas covered by the late ISIS that was something dire.

Conservatives cannot see firearms as harmful; which is odd. A stranger with a gun is a problem. You are pretty much at their mercy, unless you are strapped too. In America it is best to have a gun, and have it handy at that.

In the heat of a domestic argument, a wife will sometimes shoot her husband.

The American diet will also hasten your demise, but this is so slow-motion it doesn't register.

So we are reduced to feeling Cancel Culture is coming to get us. This spares us from fearing the real threats.

You wrote "Maybe Socrates and Bernays were right. The masses are no smarter than a herd of mooing cattle. They must be managed by vastly more intelligent, vastly superior, others."

The South Asian ancients believed there was a caste or category of people, the Kshatriya, who had a knack for governance. These are your governors, police chiefs, generals, and all of the stern non-nice males who keep the shit together.

I think it still kind of works that way. I don't find the American masses particularly stupid. If you get to know any American, you will see amazing psychological resilience. Our culture is not easy to get by in. It is a competitive, hostile, and demanding culture, and this tends to bring out the best.

I respect Americans. They are world-beaters.

Anonymous said...

“Guns”: If these Brave New Americans weren’t such blithering idiots, I’d certainly be better able to imagine them to be the heroes they imagine themselves to be. Able to heroically, wisely and compentently step in to save the day from the next daily mass shooting. Sadly, they’d rather shoot each other instead.

“Diet”: Agreed. “Geography King“ is a non-partisan type who’s big into maps. He also calls stuff like he sees it. He sees a direct correlation between obesity and the American decline in life expectancy, in his statistical maps. Easy. Often, the reasons for things aren’t so complicated. But being able to see painful realities often is, for the undisciplined.

“I respect Americans, world beaters”. Most international polls show international people having strongly mixed feelings about this one. The most hated nation is the world in most international polls is usually North Korea. Second is usually the USA. The polls state that international people actually love our regular-joe freedoms. What they hate are our powerful assholes, stinking up the joint with their guns, terrible diets, and insane levels of self-entitled hypocrisy.

“amazing psychological resilience” Yes, defense mechanisms do serve a useful purpose. But I think too many people take them far beyond what they were intended for. I think of the lady who caused the pileup crash at the Tour de France. In the resulting chaos, she disappeared. Last I heard she’s fled the country. I imagine what MAGAs would have done in her shoes. I Imagine a group of them intentionally causing the crash in the name of “patriotism”, proudly publicly posting a great many selfies and videos afterwards, and when the authorities caught up to them by following the ridiculously obvious trail of social media bread crumbs, they’d try to blame antifa and the FBI.

This is so far beyond comedy sketch material I think it’ll take an amazing amount of psychological resilience for me to gracefully deal with “conservative Christian patriots” henceforth.

Gagdad Bob said...

Does anyone else out there enjoy reading translations of Japanese language music reviews on amazon? They're like koans. This is for the Cecil Taylor CD in the sidebar:

"I'm sure that vib runs around between Cecil's yabayaba pianos and makes the listener very pleasant. Listening to sleepless nights seems to enlightenment. Anyway I'm pun, it has a kiken scent. But I can't deny the feeling a bit verbose either. It may be easy to get bored to listen to everyday life (although of course it depends on people). Om, on sleepless nights. Kore may have listened right."

julie said...

Huh - I don't think I've ever seen Japanese reviews on Amazon before. Usually if there's a foreign review, it's Spanish or European.

Reading that is like a bit of mental yoga. I think I understand, but then, do I really? it's a conundrum.

Anonymous said...

When you read the instructions included in products manufactured in the orient, the instructions often contain hilarious phrases and outre bending of English. No matter how obtuse, and how mangled, you always get the gist of what they mean clearly. It is magical.

And just imagine how your Japanese language instructions would read after you hastily cobbled them together from Google translator.

Anonymous said...

What are your plans for Independence Day?

Gagdad Bob said...

Japanese review of the sunshine pop group Spanky & Our Gang:

An outlaw pop group in the 60s, whose main composition was spanky McFarlane, had a great influence on the Japanese pop world. I think that there are still a lot of fans that are quite core. Spanky was also invited in the reorganization of Mamas & Papas. It's a stalwart of American Pop. Light pop that you want to listen under the blue sky is attractive. I really like the 60s chorus too. As you stack the albums, you'll see the evolving chorus as you take it in your hands.

Gagdad Bob said...

They love sunshine pop in Japan, this one by Roger Nichols:

"The intellect, supported by a sophisticated sense of musicality and sophisticated urban sensation, constitutes an exquisite balance of tension, making it an extremely good pop song album. It's a spy. Although Lennon & McCartney works have been featured three songs, they are completely sublimated to their own sound, confidence was asked only when the heat of the original hit did not wake up you.

Includes Carol King's famous song “Snow Queen” and songs such as Baccarak and John Sebastian. Cover songs account for about half of the album, but every song has been reconstructed and developed after completely dismantling the original, and its perfection can only be called stunning.

It is undoubtedly one of the excellent pop albums that you can meet in a lifetime, and the more you listen to, the better you hear it, the more you hear it is studded everywhere. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to listen to real pop songs.

Gagdad Bob said...

Nancy Sinatra:

For me, the best hit of Nancy Sinatra is the “Golden Nancy Sinatra” record made in Japan about 40 years ago. At this time, everyone liked the word golden. The best board of people with few hits has a lot of variation. Although it is not in the best CD, one of those who want to listen to familiar songs in the LP with clear sound is “Love Eyes” Japanese title, your eyes. This song was used as the beginning theme song of the second late night movie frame of NHK satellite since the BS analog age, so many people will be familiar. I heard “La-Bai” in my ear. Besides “Sugar Town” Sugar Town is a town of love, Frank Sinatra and father and daughter co-starring “Somethin' Stupid” because it contains the man of love, even if not like a mania You'll enjoy it. Even so, it's a Japanese title that makes you feel the times. This CD is not on “Like I Do” but the lemon kiss “Tonight You Belong To Me” is a strawberry unrequited. But this is also a song I want to listen to on a CD. Even if the title and sound fade anyway, the LP jacket wins, the impact is different.

julie said...

Speaking of Jazz & Japan, you might enjoy the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop. It's a great show, too, but probably not your kind of thing.

Gagdad Bob said...

I like it -- play it while driving and it's like you're in your own movie. Which you are.

julie said...


Yes, it's excellent road-trip music.

Gagdad Bob said...

Speaking of movies, the title of my current one is "I don't know anything, but at least it's more than anyone else knows." Maybe it's a phase, or maybe its the telos, but I'm content to abide in this apophatic socratic dynamic space. Not really compatible with blogging, however.

Gagdad Bob said...

A quote at the beginning of Hayek's Law, Legislation and Liberty:

"There seems to be only one solution to the problem: that the elite of mankind acquire a consciousness of the limitation of the human mind.."

In the best of circumstances the State is ignorance of ignorance writ large. Joe Biden is ignorance of ignorance of ignorance written in crayon.

julie said...

Funny how that works. No worries - there's a time for everything, I hear. On my end, I've been busier this year than I've been in quite a while. Which isn't a bad thing, but after years of relative slack it takes some adjusting.

julie said...

Re. Creepy Joe, he's ignorance of ignorance of malignance, overwritten in melting crayon.

On the one hand, seeing how serious his dementia is, you almost feel sorry for him. On the other, knowing what he is, the sorts of things he has done, the sorts of things his kid has done, the actual corruption... in his case the dementia is as much an unveiling as anything.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is ignorance of ignorance of ignorance written in crayon.

That must mean that Donald Trump is a graffiti artist.

Anonymous said...

Besides, President Biden is only permitted to play with his crayons if he takes no questions from the press.

Gagdad Bob said...

More alarming than Biden's dementia are the people who can't see it, whether due to stupidity or denial.

Anonymous said...

Strange. When I google “Biden takes no questions”, I get results from right wing opinion sources. When I google “Biden taking questions”, I get videos of him taking questions.

And I'm not even a fan of Biden.

Gagdad Bob said...


Cousin Dupree said...

When you google "white couple," they show racially mixed couples. Strange!

Anonymous said...

Google: The strange search engine in league with racially mixed couples. And learning everything they can about you and selling it all to marxist capitalists.

But the real question is, do they doctor videos of Biden as well? We all know he's not that smart. Me, I might be for Sinatra being exhumed and force-crooned, but I'd rather the job be done with CGI. I'm ready for the whole singing zombie craze to be over already.


Anonymous said...

Cosby out on a technicality. He had 60 accusers. Did any of them get rich off this, as they themselves have been accused of wanting? As always, in America if you can afford the legal help, anything is possible since everybody makes human mistakes, sooner or later.

Geraldo Rivera has already expressed support for Cosby, as has Harvey Weinstein. Yeah, a mistrial is always concrete evidence of innocence. Can’t wait to see Cosby on some national political channel being fawned over as a pundit.

I think the lesson is that if you find yourself being sexually abused and you don’t have the ability to disappear your abuser, and you’re poor, you’re going to have to figure out how to document it all with clear evidence. Or make sure it was a priest.

Van Harvey said...

Speaking of vu jaDe all over again, I'm getting drawn back into the education wars. Same as it ever was.

Anonymous said...

When you google "white couple," they show racially mixed couples. Strange!

And when you google “couple” or “happy couple” they show mostly white people. That could only mean that google's leftist white hating conspiracists aren’t very intelligent, incapable of thinking that far out.

Anonymous said...

And so (thanks to Cousin Dupree mostly), I think of Venezuela, Norway, China and the USA.

Maybe I’ll throw in Russia too. No, this isn’t a bar joke, where Venezuela, Norway, China and the USA walk into a bar with Russia straggling in (though some folks might wish it would be).

What I try to do is to compare competencies. Venezuela and Norway have many similarities. Yet why does Norway do so well while Venezuela sucks so bad? China and the USA are at opposite good and evil political poles, yet why does “Communist” China do so well while “freedom fries” USA is in need of being made great again? And then, Russia, big old bad Russia, why the hell are they even on this list?

For me, comparing Norway and Venezuela is easy. While the Norwegian government was investing their oil profits into growing future economies, Venezuelans were giving theirs away to the idiot masses to spend as freely as they please. Sadly, idiots with free money do what idiots with free money always do, spend it all on booze and whores.

So how does China grow its middle class economy so well when you add some added liberty, while the USA is clearly sucking when you add the very same liberty? Some say because the Chinese are smarter. They remember the old adage that if you walk into a college math class and see mostly Chinese, then you’d better transfer the hell out. Yet in my own rather extensive personal experience I’ve found most Chinese people to be so clumsy and superstitious that they make really bad drivers. So what’s the answer to that little puzzle? I see that China seems to prefer the Norwegian model of economic enhancement, while the USA is far more like Venezuela, except instead of giving money and power to the incompetent poor, we give it to the incompetent rich. I throw Russia into the mix because they’ve preferred the Venezuelan-USA model as well (creating oligarchs), to achieve a GDP which is now even smaller than Canadas.

I’m coming to believe that it's who you throw money and power at which is important, and that a person’s wealth status doesn’t seem to matter. After all, didn’t all the best rock bands start in blue collar garages, instead of in wealthy corporate boardrooms? The mystery ingredient seems to be the degree of competent integrity at both the personal and social responsibility arts (I’d add “sciences” but I know that can be a bad word around here).

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous:

Your comparison of countries is fun to read and good food for thought. Norway in particular is an interesting country. There is said to dwell in Trondheim a troll who patrols the fjords up and down between that town and the city of Narvik on foot. It is thought to be good luck to encounter this troll. For a small amount of coin the troll tells you a fortune. Some say it is accurate.

The Norwegians keep a healthy sense of the sublime and the occult. They are a mystic people.

The Venezuelans are hot-blooded Latin people, much given to music and gaiety.

The Americans are hard-muscled, craggy-jawed men and slim-waisted, hyper-feminine ladies; they are impetuous, intrepid, and very competitive.

The Chinese are inscrutable and industrious, and are said to value the wisdom of their elders.

Well, as American Independence Day grows nigh, let us put aside our differences. The culture wars can sleep for one weekend, or indeed the whole month of July.

All Hail America the Beautiful, land of the free, home of the brave.

In August we may all resume internecine strife as mighty Trump reclaims the Presidency, launching a new era of cultural clashes and entertaining faux-pas.

Around August 16th the cry is to come forth: "Company! Fix bayonets. We are going over the top."

The whistle screeches as you ascend the trench ladder to meet your fate in no-man's-land.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am the fun troll. But just because a troll is fun, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

Now I know that the Lucky Charms Guy isn’t a troll. More of a leprechaun actually. But I think of that woke cereal which recently came out. Talk about a cereal company trolling moral conservatives. If I was a moral conservative, the mere sight of that “Together” cereal would be enough to make me want to kick in a milk case window. And then the comic hilarity which would result from getting ones foot stuck in the window because it’s safety glass. But only when the startled shoppers note that your cart is full of the cereal, would they understand.

I may have to go ahead and disagree with your assessment of American women though. As a youth I remember being told repeatedly how fat and ugly all the Russian women were. That Beatles song had to be satire, they said. But then a friend of mine traveled behind the iron curtain and couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful they were. Did this make me want to go Commie? A little. I even thought that a commando commie would do quite well there, given that their men were all fat, drunk and stupid.

Recently I’ve been noting just how ugly our Americans have become. I think yet again of the capitol riots. A bunch of fat, drunk and stupid white men doing cosplay larping for all the world to see. It was the international news equivalent of getting ones foot stuck in a milk case window, methinks.

Would having Trump reinstated / deified solve the ugly American problem, or would it just mask it while it gets worse? I don’t know. But if there’s one thing I do know, when it doesn't happen our grifting prosperity gospel prophets will simply come up with yet another Trump-extension date which we can all look forward to. Why can’t God just lightning bolt Biden away already, to have Trump triumphantly appear from behind the curtains while triumphant trumpets trumpet?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous:

The Lucky Charms mascot is indeed a leprechaun. Little known facts about leprechaun include:

-Pound for pound, leprechaun packs more protein and less fat than ground beef.

-Leprechauns originated in Ireland and were first introduced to the new world on a ship arriving in Boston Harbor. It is said the first leprechauns were a wealthy family possessing literal pots of gold.

-If you follow any rainbow to where it meets the earth, you are no more likely to find the leprechaun's pot of gold than if you checked the crawl space under your house.

-In Ireland leprechauns are protected by law, with treasure hunting limited to special reserves and hunting during season only, by permit, with a bag limit of less than five per day.

-Leprechauns cannot be sold in pet stores. If you would like to have one, you must collect one yourself from their natural habitat.

-Leprechauns are mostly male but there are female leprechauns and they are usually crabby.

-Leprechauns will eat people if they get hungry enough.

May the Luck O' the Irish be with ye!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, One Cosmos community.

A neurological study of the President revealed findings of mild cerebral changes consistent with advanced age but no dementia.

However the same study found sexual mania and recommended psychotherapeutic treatment for that.

We have heard:

Alanis Morrisette claimed to have dated Robert Godwin, aka "Gagdad Bob" while she was recording the album "Jagged Little Pill" in Los Angeles. Alanis alleged she based her song "You Oughta Know" on Gagdad.

This report has not been fact checked, however, so caution is advised.

Anonymous said...

So I looked up the lyrics for “You Outta know” and interestingly, they also returned the lyrics for “Straight Outta Compton”. Maybe they did so as a courtesy just in case my spelling was off, in case I could only type the word “outta” correctly.

I found studio versions of both songs and listened hoping to divine the mystery of GBs affair but a troubling thing happened. The algorithm seems to have gotten stuck or something, and now all I’m getting fed is gangster rap.

My mother comes over every other day to do my wash, dishes, dusting and all the other menial chores which she was Christian-raised to believe are beneath men, even the weaker/nicer ones like myself. She also jabbers a lot. Long ago I grew tired of her constant jabbering, especially the stuff about TV drama shows, Steve Wilkos, and Trumps stolen election. So I taught her how to use Youtube music. She usually puts on Hank Williams and occasionally, Elvis, while I’m upstairs doing office work.

Now imagine my surprise when I caught her bumpy-gyrating to Cop Killa. She even got the pistol-to-the-head hand gesture right. Pop pop pop! My two leprechauns (both gay) were also bumpy-gyrating along and getting the hand gestures right. Luckily I got there just in time, before she’d let them out of their respective kennels.

I'm becoming troubled about this brave new woke culture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous:

Here is the refrain of Alanis' lyrics for "You Oughta Know."

*And I'm here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It's not fair, to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You, you, you oughta know*

Alanis here sings of abandonment issues. Someone went away and left a mess. The person who was left thinks the burden of of the mess is like a cross on the back; this fact will not be denied and therefore the reminder, "you oughta know."

If the connection Alanis and Dr. Godwin is to be believed, that would be the first time Robert had walked out on a blog and left abandoned readers to bear the cross.

Let's hope that does not happen again. Ahem. (throat-clearing noises).

In the meantime, there may also exist a connection between Gagdad and seminal rap artist sensation MC Hammer. Very gangster. Very thug. Very street.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous can you please send your mother and gay leprechauns to my home, I need comic relief and some dusting of the blinds done.

Anonymous said...

While mom does good work as long as she forgets about her Fox News addiction, I'm afraid the leprechauns have a bit of humpy hound in them. They'll hump damn near everything in sight and this goes double whenever mom plays Humpty Dance by DO from their Sex Packets album, one of her new faves. Stuff gets broken that way including treasured heirlooms as large as grandmas dining room hutch. Give me the days of Queen, hell, even Judas Priest, before anybody ever knew that both were actually queens and priests. If it was still those days, it's likely the lepries would've just been doing the far safer (and whiter) air guitar. When I do air guitar these days the young adults just point at me and chuckle. I knew things were turning bad when I was at a wedding reception and after the DJ played the typical Dancing Queen and Hellion/Electric Eye, he put on some rapey rap crap and instead of booing, all the younger adults started bouncing up and down to the beat in their chairs in unison like a buncha crazed dance zombies. Come to think of it, Michael Jacksons Pretty Young Thing should’ve been a dire warning for the rest of us. But how many of us actually ever pay attention to dire warnings anymore.

I went off. I got sidetracked. What were you talking about again?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, we were talking about humpy hounds. Now, everyone has experienced having a leg humped by a hound. These incidents are amusing and a tad awkward. Usually the dog owner will have to scold the animal and put them in the back yard or something.

Sometimes while doing yoga or playing on the floor a hound will approach and mount a person from behind in a more business-like manner and then you feel like you had better get the animal off of you quick or you will become an accomplice.

Now you mention Dancing Queen by ABBA. This pop song is one of the greatest of all time. It is a good wedding song. Heck, it is just a good song anytime. There is no shame of a person of any age belting this classic or doing air guitar to it.

Michal Jackson's Pretty Young Thing was also a pop hit, however, people are divided in their enjoyment of MJ's music. For air guitar, the song Beat It pairs well with that activity.

Take the Bee Gees. You either love them or you hate them (I love them).

Anonymous said...

Hello One Cosmos family:

Happy Independence Day!

We have questioned and debated the fate and course of our nation profusely these past 15 years on this blog's comment section.

This must be because we love our country. If we did not care, then we would not blog.

For this one day, let us put aside our differences and be unified in our love and admiration for the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave.

-Interlocutor X

Anonymous said...

As a kid driving to Wally World during summer vacations we’d stay at dads friend’s and cousins houses. One of these friends had a dachshund named “Peanut” who fancied my leg. At first it was amusing. But when it turned into an obsession it became scary. That night I had to sleep on the basement floor. I remember being awakened by the sound of speedy little claws scratching around on the kitchen floor above. Sounds of moving furniture and humans stomping around. Sounds of a struggle of some kind. And then the owner yelling: “NO PEANUT, NO!” as little Peanut tore down the stairs and literally flew right onto my leg. Apparently, the little creep had been scheming all night. I was glad to get back on the road.

I noticed that falsetto rock singing was a passing fad. Sadly it’s replacement, the angry black nigga voice, seems to have had far more staying power. I blame the Thug Life video series.

I also noticed that the falsetto conservative fad passed. And equally sadly, it’s replacement, the angry white redneck voice, seems to have had far more staying power. I’d blame Fox News, but I’m starting to think that it’s also causally linked to the angry black nigga voice fad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous:

I hear what you saying about black and white music genres that feature angry voices. Rap is notoriously a foul cesspool assaulting the ears; one can pick out references to "bitches" and "nines" (a reference to the 9mm Parabellum pistol cartridge) from the repetitive and often vile backing tracks. Now, I suppose if you felt a lot of anger inside you might find such music in tune with your experience. However amplifying and reinforcing anger leads to bad outcomes and is not a healthy coping mechanism.

White anger music features genres like deathcore metal and white supremacy rock. These bands (if they even deserve the term) churn out a standardized aural chaos (could it be called music? Nah) which features hellish sounding backing guitars and shrieking synthesizers paired with turgid, growled vocals, muddy and ugly arrangements, and garbled shouted refrains that sound like the very voices of hell-demons. One can only say WTF. Maybe cool to a 14-year-old? I mean kids like icky stuff, right?

There is a milder southern country rock genre which advised they don't "want old Neal Young coming 'round."

These are the neo-confederates. Yes, they do want slavery back. They are in the market to purchase some slaves and get them pickininnys coming along...

"Southern mennnnnn...did da ditta da, did da dey..... How long, how long?"

And as for the black anger music, holy sh*t. Young blacks marinate themselves in this toxic crap. You can hear it pumping at extreme volume from their death-mobiles with tinted windows. It is a wonder they aren't killing and raping daily everyone in their path.

Now the Mexicans. Have you ever heard an angry Mexican song? No you have not.

You have to love the Mexicans sometimes. Now they descended from the Aztecs, among the worst villains ever brought forth upon this earth, however they have moved on and emphasize happiness.

Except for the cartels. Probably the cartel folk listen to black rap. They have been contaminated.

What is your favorite kind of music? Album rock of the early 1970's?



While my own website is down for maintenance reasons, I have made the decision to use this place for all of my declarations and slogans, which we shall use to build up our glorious nation at breakneck speed. And also to post videos and pictures from my heroic travel victories.

Maintain the revolutionary ideological offensive, comrades.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Why haven’t these Mexicans, so continuously under the thumb of American power policies, traded in their festive accordions and trumpets for musical instruments far more angry? Surely they could’ve at least plugged these accordions and trumpets into a wall of amplifiers by now.

And we haven’t even gotten to the various Cryptkeeper-looking mascots yet, like Iron Maidens “Eddie” or Megadeth’s “Vic Rattlehead”. Yet Mexicans are notorious for their Day of the Dead skull fetish. Something is definitely going on here. And it may not be a good thing.


I have determined that there are far too many names used by our people to describe our great nation. These names includes Koryŏ, Chosŏn, Hanguk, Bak Hon, Nam Hon, and Oppan Gangnam Style.

I have decided to end this confusion by renaming our glorious nation. It shall now be known as:

도타드 킬러

We shall also be known colloquially as “The Nation Formerly Known as Korea”.

Anonymous said...

I liked the old album rock. Fusion jazz was good. I didn’t mind the new wave, or even R&B, or hell, even disco, as long as some kind of talent, creativity, and skill were involved.

But if I hear of yet another mad nigger popping a cop, yet another cowboy losing his dog, yet another Vegas style stage ho dancing with her sycophant entourage, yet another DJ twisting dials and pushing buttons to create that hackneyed digital finger snapping sound or equally overused digital hand clapping sound desperately trying to sound all happy and festive, just because they don’t have the talent to anything besides grifting loser herd trend zombies, then I’ll certainly be bitching quite pitifully about it here.

It reminds me of the vocal fry craze started by the Kardashians and now common with the young women. Back in the day, I didn’t mind a little bit of strategic vocal fry used to insinuate a sexual overtone. I didn’t even mind that Captain Jean Luc Picard spoke in fry, because I knew it was caused by a combination of wise old age and something the Kardashians did to him once. But whenever I hear a young woman ending every single goddamn sentence in fry, all I want to do is mock her by only ever speaking to her in fry while I speak to everyone else normally. Maybe this is what all our modern musicial idiots need - a good sound mocking.

Anonymous said...

I give my best wishes to the people of 도타드 킬러. May you live long and prosper. May the rice crop come in heavy.

Now let's talk about that condo collapse in Florida. What do you think happened with that? Pretty scary stuff.

Let's talk more about Mexicans. Did you know the people of Mexico have ancestry from Europe, Siberia, Korean, North America, the middle east, and Africa?

They are predominantly made up of Asiatics who came across the Bering land bridge from Kamchatka, Korea, and Mongolia.

But then came the French, and then the Spaniards, and considerable hybridization occurred.

Spaniards in turn carry Moorish genetics from Morocco, and the Moroccans may have genetics from Libya and Chad.

In the meantime Polynesians are thought to have made it across the Pacific to Mexico as well.

The upshot of it is, the process of populating the globe kind of culminated in Mexico. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Viola.

Spin down to brown.

Now the music of Mexico was derived from French folk music and also German. That happy sound is the Mexican take on European music.

Anonymous said...

Well to be fair, the DJ known as Mayan Warrior is sometimes seen roaming the playa at Burning Man in some kind of rolling stage contraption. This is what’s considered “a band” these days. That’s what pop music has come down to - a DJ or two rolling around the desert atop a huge motorized computerized synth thingy on wheels. It’s called an art car or something. It drives the around the desert looking for groups of drug-addled mostly-Californians who look lost and in apparent need of some entertainment. And so it stops and then the music starts, after a few undocumenteds spill out the back of course. They also do laser light shows.

Anonymous said...

Vocal fry is cool; sounds below the human register can be produced.

The Mayan Warrior and rolling DJ cars sound very practical. I like trance as much as anyone else. Anyone been to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas?

When I go I wear an outfit that showcases my pert butt cheeks and luscious boobs. More skin and less outfit is the name of the game.

No drugs are allowed at the EDC. We have a natural high.

After the show we go to the strip and let the tourists ogle us. The guys all want to follow us and their ladies are like "we're not coming here ever again."

Good times.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone:

How shall we spend the rest of our lives? In quiet desperation? Or in the peace and tranquility?

What is the latest from the panel? How is everyone doing? Has everyone been vaccinated?

THE SUPREME LEADER, 도타드 킬러 said...

The following shall be our glorious nations slogans for today:

Let us spend the rest of our lives carrying through the great Generalissimos' instructions!

Thoroughly get rid of abuse of quiet desperation!

Let us turn the whole country into a socialist fairyland by modelling it on Pyongyang, capital of peace and tranquility!

Should vocal fry dare to invade our country, annihilate them to the last man so that none of them will survive to sign the instrument of surrender!

More stylish art cars and quality music for our dear children!

Anonymous said...

Dear Supreme Leader 도타드 킬러

I am deeply disturbed by the Florida Condominium collapse.
How can you assure me measures are being taken to prevent further occurrences?

Supreme Leader. I was wondering if you were available for dinner. Just the two of us. Sometimes soon. I have a place in mind.

Supreme Leader, do you think it is a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency?

Let me know, Kitty XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

Good Morning One Cosmos Family:

Today is 07/06/2021. How shall you spend your allotment of 24 golden hours?

Here are the hot-button issues du jour you need to be thinking about:

-Anything to do with Brittney Spears
-Vocal fry. Practice makes perfect?
-Prevention of quiet desperation; best life hacks for getting this done.
-Sex on Uranus? What are those UAE cosmonauts up to now?

OK kiddies have fun and make a full report on what you accomplished today! Looking forward to reading it!

-Moonbat Mdele Mdele, your blog Moderator du Jour.

Anonymous said...

I am the panel. I assume that the others are either enjoying stays in reeducation camps or remaining quiet as they should. False propaganda Films such as this one has poisoned the minds of many:

I toured NYC by walking? False!

The security is an entourage of just one? False!

Mixing with the common infidel? False!

This is more my style:

Colorful festive marching, rocket art cars, proper synth music, an entourage of dozens of the finest generals. I am proud to approve that message.

THE SUPREME LEADER, 도타드 킬러 said...

The poster of my last message has been taken to a reeducation camp. I am no anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

Hello 도타드 킬러,

I'm interested in booking a reeducation camp experience for a family of four. What price ranges and amenities are available? What would be the nearby features and attractions?

Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Blog Readers:

Big news: several days ago the conservative forces operating this blog pulled out and abandoned the site without notifying the local community.

Neocons, after occupying this blog for more than 15 years, left behind around 2,750 posts and and an estimated 10,000 comments, as well as a number of vehicles, some without keys.

We have stepped in to provide basic security and moderation services at the site.

This blog is now declared non-partisan. We do not have an estimate as to when the next post will be published, however commenters are still welcome.

Thank you, the Moderators

THE SUPREME LEADER, 도타드 킬러 said...

We thank you for your interest in my great nation. We always have reeducation slots open.

Besides being bloodthirsty murderers hellbent on carrying out the genocide of the North Korean people, American's are known for making people pay dearly for reeducation. Even I myself tried it once. Even I myself paid several thousand dollars for an EST weekend. At the end of a very long two days, all I got out of it was one lousy tee shirt.

In my great land such things are free. All free but for a few conditions:

1. You must defect to our wonderful fairyland nation.
2. You must perform the standard comrade duties.
3. You must then get uppity. Or failing that, piss off the wrong state official.
4. We do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I attended a reeducation camp and can vouchsafe that the torture sessions were vivid and intense; their henchmen did not hesitate to get their outfits bloody. They were inventive and found new uses for many everyday utensils.

The Dietary services were horrid; one could hardly choke down the miserable trash that was served. Survival was always in question.

I give this particular camp a 10/10 rating. One of the best I've tried.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous 10:10 AM.

Were you successfully indoctrinated while at the reeducation camp? Are you a Communist now? Just curious.

Because I've been to a half-dozen or so camps in various parts of the world and all have failed to indoctrinate me. Granted, some gave me amnesia but that's not the same thing.

I don't want to waste any more money unless I know I'm going to be actually reeducated.

Anonymous said...

I once got talked into a reeducation weekend. They told us that all of our wildest dreams would come true. But it wound up seeming kinda gimmicky.

They advertised that we’d be letting go of childhood trauma. We wound up having to walk around the grounds carrying a teddy bear which represented our childhood selves, with no talking allowed. An Amazon driver broke the mood by showing up with some expensive looking packages. He saw us walking around with teddy bears and not talking, gave us a WTF?! look, then got the hell out of there.

They advertised a sweat lodge. It wound up being some jerry-rigged fencing with a tarp on top.

You get the idea.

To this day I’m not sure what to think of that experience. But I did jerry-rig a sweat lodge for teddy and me.