Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Fresh New Sayings

Just some random thoughts that aspire to be aphorisms. If I had more time I could make them more concentrated and pointy.

Two things interest me: universality and certitude. Make that one thing.

There are limits to knowledge. Which is not to say there is no knowledge of the Limitless. 

If reality is what exists independently of the mind, then we are sealed in ignorance. Conversely, if reality can be known, it is because the immaterial knowing subject is no less real than what it knows.

Sight is to touch as reason is to faith. Do you hear me? 

Science is not equipped to answer the question of how science is possible. Limited to strictly scientific categories, neither science nor scientist are possible, and certainly not important. 

Cynicism its the tribute narcissism pays to credulity.  

Between intellect and reality is ether nothing or everything. 

The most certain truths completely escape language, for example, experience. Boredom is the incapacity to be shocked by its presence.

The intellect sheds light on reality, as reality transmits light to the intellect. Thankfully, God sheds darkness on the intellect, without which we could never know what can't be known. Faith allows us to see into this darkness, or at least bump into things.

Certitude and truth are two sides of the same reality. When certitude is joined with falsehood, it is polite to yell fire in the hole! 

Progressive wisdom begins with fear of the mob. 

Being becomes knowledge that knowledge may return to being. 

Believing the truth surpasses knowledge of its countless models. 

Doing good presupposes seeing things as there are. Seeing things as they aren't is Satan's portal.  

The left makes things so complicated. Why not just outlaw irony, perspective, and common sense?

As all reasonable people know, man is free because he is rational. If he isn't rational then he isn't free, and if he isn't free he isn't rational. Tell me again: how is it that man lacks free will?

Science is the discovery of necessity. It can't prove the existence of freedom because it presupposes it.

Sending every young adult to college will not raise IQ one iota, but that's not the point. Rather, it will contribute mightily to our collective stupidity.  

Anti-gun legislation is weaponized defenselessness.  

The most important things are not means to an end, but for their own sake. There's a name for useless people trying desperately to make themselves useful: Democrats


ted said...

As your blog posts get more pithy and poignant, I am expecting your last post to be a succinct "I AM Matters".

Gagdad Bob said...


Forgive my wordiness.

Gagdad Bob said...

Stupidity, underwritten by ignorance and fired by adamantine self-certainty. Fire in the hole!

julie said...

Doing good presupposes seeing things as there are. Seeing things as they aren't is Satan's portal.

The left makes things so complicated. Why not just outlaw irony, perspective, and common sense?

Certain people in my circle are planning a party. They are very, very, very, extremely anxious about possibly being exposed to anyone who might have the wuflu; to that end, they got the jab. Most of the people they know have also gotten it. However, in clown world apparently vaccination is a meaningless gesture which doesn't actually protect the recipient, and therefore it still isn't safe to actually leave the house and spend time with people who aren't remotely sick. Not even outside, safely distanced, with three masks and a gallon of sanitizer per person.

This past year has been horrible in a lot of ways, but one thing I'm grateful my family never gave in to is the stark-raving terror that somehow this death is worse than any of the other millions of ways a person can die, and therefore must be feared over everything else.

When they come to you selling terror, it is clear who they represent.

Be Not Afraid.

Anonymous said...

So I googled bible verses for “helping the sick” and I got a boatload, yet nothing resembling what I find here. So then I googled bible verses for “mind your own business” and I got fewer, but they’re still there. I would refer to science to discern the sweet spot which considers the two, but most scientists are as demonically possessed as is our Pope. Why does God allow this?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post, chock-ful of fresh aphorisms. One of them hit a trigger for me:

"Anti-gun legislation is weaponized defenselessness."

It has been said by some political thinkers that gun limitation legislation was aimed at making the population easy to control by taking away the population's small arms. This was a strategy being implemented by the "powers that be," often thought of as the Deep State or the hidden agenda of progressives, who wanted to stage a putsch or take-over and did not want any resistance from an armed populace.

The other side of the isle claims that unbalanced people are gaining possession of guns and then using them to shoot people en-masse, and wants gun control to keep guns to a minimum needed and only owned by mentally stable citizens, so as to curb these bloody events.

Both viewpoints have some merit. Historically, disarming a population might make them easier to round up and destroy (such as Jews in 20th century Germany). However, it was not clear if there were in fact any arms restrictions in Germany. It could be hunting was not popular and so few Jews bothered to buy any guns. Once they did get guns Jews began to pot the SS, as in the Warsaw uprising.

Other examples of civilian repression via gun control are vague. In the former Soviet Union, the good-old Moisin Nagant battle rifle, along with a box or two of the sturdy 7.62 x 54 rimmed cartidges, could be found in the closet of most homes. And yet there was undeniable oppression via the NKVD.

And, most citizens do not complain of lack of access to fixed-mount machine guns, Gatling-style auto-cannon, missiles, armored vehicles, artillery, mines, mortar tubes, etc. If there was to be any effective resistance to political oppression, you would need all of these things. And they are all restricted by the Government. So, a focus on small-arms does not make any sense here; that is not the deal breaker. Artillery, the God of War, decides battles.

In final analysis, in America there is little evidence of a sinister political agenda related to small arms gun control.

In contrast, the other concept has a profusion of examples. The mass shootings are evident and graphic.

I would say, gun control as it exists now is good, and can be made better by licensing firearms and ammunition similar to how we license automobiles and drivers. This makes the whole gun-ownership thing a more well-thought-out process and might weed out impulsive and disturbed individuals. It might help and probably would not hurt.

What say ye, panel? Holler out.

Anonymous said...

Julie, your comment has a strange attitude. Do you think COVID-19 control measures are some kind of terror campaign?

Some have down-played COVID-19, however COVID-19 is a horror beyond your worse nightmares. The 50,000 or so victims suffered greatly.

COVID-19 is like a knife-wielding psycho killer. You don't want him coming to your party.

I hope I've set you straight on this matter young lady, and I do expect you to be more respectful on this topic in the future.

-Who's Your Daddy

Anonymous said...

We need to talk about retirement. It is not a simple thing.