Friday, November 20, 2020

Everybody's Got One

Suppose someone approaches you and sincerely asks what they might read in order to better understand the conservative perspective. Easy. You respond without hesitation: the New York Times! Could anything else better illustrate the ignorance, craziness, and girlish hysteria of the left? 

Problem is, this person already reads it every day and swears by its honesty, neutrality, and objectivity, so it's obviously not working as we would have anticipated. The question is, how can an intelligent person read the Times and not know he's being lied to, indoctrinated, and manipulated by mentally ill 27 year old grievance studies majors who know nothing? 

Indoctrination is easy. The hard part is keeping people from discovering they're being indoctrinated. You all remember the Matrix: keeping millions mindlessly dreaming their lives away in their pods -- or glued to their screens -- is easy. The hard part is tracking down and neutralizing a single dissenter who doesn't go along with the programming: Neo.  

Neo. Which, of course, is an anagram of One (and also implies novelty, and therefore individuality). 

Hmm. If we are on the right track, then it would appear that controlling millions is easier than controlling a single person -- especially in a free society such as ours, in which people accept the yoke voluntarily. And indeed, there are many wise old sayings, gags and aphorisms that go precisely to this truth; moreover, the left itself is a war on genuine individuality, so there's that.  

Put it this way: oneness is the point -- of both departure and arrival -- of both illiberal leftism and conservative liberalism.  The argument -- if they would permit us to be heard -- is over the nature of this one.  

For us it is in the Creator -- the very principle of oneness, and without which oneness is inconceivable -- followed by family and individual. 

We place family prior to individual for trinitarian reasons, i.e., the irreducibly intersubjective love without which mere human beings cannot actualize our intersubjective personhood; it's really more of a complementarity of three terms: lover, beloved, and love.

The left is an ontological cancer on these truths. For it too posits the one, but locates it in a rootless and atomistic human animal, which is in turn subordinated to the tribe and the state.  

The atomistic human animal and omnipotent state necessarily go together, for in a community -- or herd, rather -- of radically selfish ones, there is no way to control them except by means of the heavy hand of state coercion. There are no immanent self-evident truths below to constrain these beasts, nor any God above. Indoctrination is one way to control them, but some people are too stupid even for college. 

Thus -- as we all witnessed on our TV screens earlier this year -- the left is in essence a riotous throng of post-literate animals running wild, wanting what they want, when they want it, which is to say, in the ahistorical NOW. Not only do they want it, they are entitled to it, because of justice or something, i.e., perhaps reparations for low IQ and absent fathers.

Will the left permit this behavior when it threatens the Harris-Biden state instead of just human beings and their property?  I doubt it, but we shall see.  They either won't authorize it to begin with, or will check it before it damages the "brand."  

Nevertheless, the future isn't written, and there is the ongoing struggle in the Democrat party between the lying manipulators and the true believers. Even Petey cannot say at this juncture how this will play out, but I would put my money on the young and energetic true believers.  

The old-school manipulators and frauds -- the Pelosis, Obamas, and Clintons -- believe they're just holding the wolf by the ears, and maybe the wolf, like a spoiled child, will exhaust itself from the prolonged tantrum.  

In reality, I think the wolf already has them by the ovaries, and they're trying to figure out how to appease the beast.  Perhaps the otherwise pointless lockdown is buying them time.

Anyway, back to the Great Divide touched on above, between the two types of One.  Let's try on a few aphorisms for size:

To be a conservative is to understand that man is a problem without a human solution.

Precisely. Let's be blunt, the better to clarify our differences.  For we will never, under any circumstances, agree with the left.  The best we can do is to politely explain why we can never agree.  One reason why we can never agree is that we know there is no human -- much less political! -- solution to the problem of man.  

In fact, -- and the founders spoke of this ad nauseam -- our political operating system won't even function with a deeply non-, much less anti-Christian citizenry. Or maybe you haven't noticed. Or you've noticed, and you think the solution is the problem. You are a Times reader.  You are sick. By which we mean,
The conservative is a simple pathologist. He defines sickness and health. But God is the only therapist.

I don't presume for one second that I can help anyone -- beginning with myself -- in the absence of divine intervention. I couldn't even type this sentence without it; for God exists for me in the same act in which I exist.  Here's another good one:  

I distrust any idea that does not seem obsolete or grotesque to my contemporaries.

Especially the New York Times, or Big Tech, or your average woke college student. If people who disagree with me don't frankly find me monstrous -- or sick, twisted, fascist, and paranoid -- then I'm doing something wrong.  Fortunately, they do, albeit not nearly enough of them.

Back for a moment to our antithetical understandings of the one and how this plays out culturally, personally, and politically. Come to think  of it, as politics is downstream from culture, I would suggest in turn that culture must be downstream from one's one (for example the oneness engendered by human sacrifice is quite different from the nonlocal oneness of God's church). 

I'm going to try to order the following aphorisms stepwise, from self-evident conclusion to conclusion, and see where it leaves us:

1. Modern history is the dialogue between two men: one who believes in God and another who believes he is a god.

2. To call the problems that depend on the very nature of man “social” is only useful in order to pretend that we can solve them.

3. In order to enslave the people the politician needs to convince them that all their problems are “social.”

4. As the State grows, the individual shrinks.

5. Man matures when he stops believing that politics solves his problems.

6. For God there are only individuals.

7. The only possible progress is the internal progress of each individual. A process that concludes with the end of each life.

8. Social salvation is near when each one admits that he can only save himself.  Society is saved when its presumed saviors despair.

It was nice to see our saviors so filled with despair these last four years, but remember what I said above about the wolf, the ears, and the ovaries. That can't continue.

Meanwhile, the wife had a temperature last night, so, out of an abundance of paranoia, I slept on the couch. Or "slept," rather.  This gasbag is out of gas. 


Gagdad Bob said...

Exactly: The New York Times is just a humorless Babylon Bee.

Gagdad Bob said...

Speaking of indoctrination, the other day our favorite troll was assuring us that untold numbers of conservatives were dying of COVID while gasping with their last breath that they thought it was a fraud.

That's how it works, all day, every day, from preschool through grad school and beyond.

julie said...

Just like how someone has a wedding which is later described as a "superspreader event," only for it to come out eventually that none of the people who supposedly got infected at the event were actually at the event.

julie said...

The question is, how can an intelligent person read the Times and not know he's being lied to, indoctrinated, and manipulated by mentally ill 27 year old grievance studies majors who know nothing?

Just like much of TV these days. Someone had the station on some popular evening TV show about doctors this week. The entire 10 minutes I heard was a litany of woke shiboleths: all the young doctors were from favored demographics, someone actually indignantly wailed, "Did you just mansplain to me?!" Everyone self centered, brittle, flat affect. Not even remotely entertaining, not a chance for any chemistry between characters who are all set on carving out their turf. It's bizarre.

julie said...

I would suggest in turn that culture must be downstream from one's one (for example the oneness engendered by human sacrifice is quite different from the nonlocal oneness of God's church).

In other news of the horrific, satanists this year have actually petitioned to have abortion protected because they consider it a sacred rite.

2020 has truly been apocalyptic; they aren't even trying to hide anymore, they just assume that there will be no consequences from the normal for the continuing destruction of everything we hold dear. So far, they have been right, but I wonder for how much longer.

julie said...

Just got to the bottom; I hope the Mrs. is feeling better very soon.

Anonymous said...

Aphorism #7 is a corker:

7. The only possible progress is the internal progress of each individual. A process that concludes with the end of each life.

This precisely explains why sh*t happens in God's cosmos. Life is NOT meant to be a cake walk.
Take combat; only in that crucible can certain truths be learned. Those who have not been in combat, they do not know and cannot know certain things.

In many cultures selected leaders had to be blooded warriors, combat survivors. But I digress. Anyway, good aphorism, it is one to keep in mind at all times.

Now, your blogosphere has a bitter, paranoid feel to it. When I read your post I get the feeling half the world is insane and malign.

But that sensation doesn't last. When I go outside I feel love crashing in on me from all sides, and people act good and kind wherever I meet them.

I don't live in your world Gagdad, but it is entertaining to visit. You like it in your world; I'm not suggesting you change anything. You need enemies in order to feel alive; I get that. That need is widespread.

And that's why I troll. People need trolls and I enjoy it anyway, so what the heck.

--Magma chamber under high pressure.


Gagdad Bob said...

I never said half the world is insane and malign. No less than 75% is.

And of that 75% I actually apportion equally between ignorance, stupidity, mental illness, and demon possession.

Anonymous said...

-Well then I am certainly not one of your 75%.

-I attribute this to fresh air, good cooking and clean living.

-I like to go fishing. Do you like to go fishing Gagdad?

Gagdad Bob said...

Uncle Marquis used to take me and Dupree creek fishing pretty often, but I think it was mostly just to get away from Aunt Blanche when she was in one of her moods. For Uncle Marquis it was more about the beer, so when I grew up I cut out the middle man and went straight for the beer.

ted said...

Love the troll, hate the trolling. But always love the beer drinker!

Anonymous said...

What is this animalistic thing in humans that we must inflict pain and suffering on fish, fur and feather. It's the easiest aspect of the beast to transcend yet we fail to do so.

Anonymous said...

Had a weird day. Went to the hospital to get a scheduled scan. I asked to see it. Turns out there's entire human skeleton inside of me. I'm telling you, I never saw that before; I don't know how that got in there.

The medics were darting shifty looks at each other. I knew they called the cops. I watch TV, I know what happens. The questions would start. So, who's skeleton is that? Can you explain how that got inside you? They'd pin something on me. That's how the system works.

So I bolted. I was running down a long hallway when a demon got in front of me to stop me. It was one of the short scaly ones with the big teeth. I got around it. If that particular demon every comes at me again I'll probably recognize him because I'm pretty sure I burned a crucifix mark on his face.

So I get out to the street and two more demons start following me. One was the hairless variety; those are always trouble. The other one was tall and hairy.

I gave them the slip and now I'm holed up at home. I figured I'd send a message to this blog so if anyone wonders what happened to me there would be some kind of evidence.

This was quite a day. I hope I have a tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gagdad I'm sure glad Uncle Marquis took you fishing. That sounds grand.
Anonymous 5:07 thinks hunting and fishing is barbaric I would tend to agree. A spirit person does indeed move past that urge and does not kill.

However, for young people they should get the chance to experience the act of taking a life with the intent to derive sustenance. God will allow it, it does not need to be confessed as a sin.

Now, as soon as you know better, well then, that's another thing. You should refrain. I'm sure Gagdad is to that stage, I was just testing.

Now as for the beer-I'm sure you know about the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act. Why do you suppose those laws were passed.

Then some gangsters supposedly got Prohibition repealed. I don't buy that for a minute. It is still on. It is a thing.

Pal Chaperone

Gagdad Bob said...

I don't like FDR either, but I wouldn't call him a gangster.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning. Now what? Everybody has one. I have one. I just don't know what to do with it.

Gagdad Bob said...

It's a reference to the chant at the end of I am the Walrus: everybody's got one, everybody's got one, everybody's got one. I used to think it was everybody smoke pot, everybody smoke pot, everybody smoke pot, but Lennon had moved on to acid by then, on his way to the even more toxic Yoko.