Wednesday, March 24, 2010

See What Happens, Barry, When You F*ck a Stranger in the Ass?

Edited version for those who are sensitive to Walter's vivid language.

Can't find the real one. Here's an unbowdlerized reenaction:

Slow Joe got it right. It's a big fuckin' deal to do that to millions of strangers behind their backs. Who wouldn't want to take a nine iron to the presidential limo?

The problem with the word "antichrist" is that you can't use it without people getting the wrong idea -- you know, as if I mean it allegorically on the one hand, or literally on the other. But when I use the word, I am trying to be quite precise in describing a perennial phenomenon.

For if there is a metacosmic dimension we call "Christ," then surely there is a realm of the antichristic. I'm not really interested in mythological uses of the term, nor in naming "the" antichrist per se, only in charting the movements of its energy here in middle earth.

Now, I do believe in all sincerity that the left is antichristic. This is not just my opinion, but theirs, since they are obviously deeply opposed to the transcendent -- i.e., the "permanent real" -- in general. Conservatism is rooted in a transcendent reality which the left denies by definition. In my mind, it should be as uncontroversial as pointing out that there is a realm of science, and therefore, anti-science, the latter being parasitic on the former.

However, in the case of the antichristic, we are not just dealing with negation or opposition, but inversion -- inversion of the good, the true, the beautiful, and the One, among other transcendental and archetypal categories uniquely open to man (and without which man is not man).

At the very least, we can say that Obama is the messiah of false slack. I say this because, as a coonical pslackologist, I have spent a laughtime studying the source of human slack, and Obama -- and the left in general -- embodies the opposite principles. Obamacare was the greatest theft of the nation's slack since I don't know when; I suppose since the Oh, Great Society programs of 40 or 50 years ago, which we will never stop paying for.

As it pertains to Obama, the really frightening thing about him is his "superior ignorance," but especially his conspicuous ignorance of that which he blindly opposes. For example, his long-time membership in that racist, anti-American religious sect can only mean that he must take this diseased Marxist aberration for normative Christianity.

But I think the real source of Obama's ignorance is that he is our first postmodern president. True, Presidents Clinton and Bush were ivy league educated, but this was when it still meant something -- before the leftist takeover of higher education. This transformation began in the late '60s but was only complete by the 1980s. Also, the fact that Obama was likely a benefactor of the "diversity" fraud, means that he had even less cognitive equipment than the typical student to resist the neo-Marxist indoctrination he was about to receive.

In any event, by the time Obama attended college in the 1980s, it was possible -- even likely -- that one could pass through one's higher education without once encountering any serious conservative (i.e., liberal) oppostion -- like one of those subatomic particles that can pass through the earth without touching matter. Dennis Prager often mentions that when he speaks on college campuses, students routinely approach him and tell him that they have never heard conservative ideas in any of their classrooms, except perhaps in a caricatured, straw-man way.

Is it any wonder that this remains Obama's primary mode of argument when it comes to addressing conservative objections? You know, "some people say that we should hunt down children of the poor and bury them alive in shallow graves. But Democrats don't believe that. We have a better idea."

The weak-minded postmodern leftist lives in a kind of hermetically sealed ignorance that they call "education" or "sophistication." And this is why they feel no need to condescend to the level of those who disagree with them, since we are not just a priori wrong, but evil, misguided, and malevolent as well. These haters project their hatred into us, and then react to the hatred.

As recently as a few hundred years ago, mankind at large was mired in a slackless existence that hadn't changed all that much for the average geezer in thousands of years. It was war, famine, plague, tyranny, oppression, stupidity, poverty, illiteracy, backbreaking toil, early death, very bad smells, and repeat as unnecessary.

However, one place on earth took a great leap forward into the realm of slack, a realm that left wing medullards and proglodytes take for grunted today. The engine that drove this expansion of our slack was the free market, accompanied by its enablers such as private property, civil rights (founded upon the sanctity of the human person), and the rule of law.

Some say this slack doesn't really exist, that it's all a big con job by the powers that be, and that we are condemned to a world in which everything averages out to zero.

Thus, for example, the only way to have healthcare for all is to forcibly take it from those who have too much and give it to those who don't -- as if the problems of shortage and price aren't a result of government interference with the free market. Healthcare costs only began spinning out of control after the massive state interference. Based on my intimate knowledge of the California Workers Compensation system, this is inevitable, for it is basically a system of incentives for patients, lawyers, and physicians to abuse.

Linear-thinking Leftists never understand the non-linear system of incentives they are putting in place when they enact complex legislation, so they inevitably must introduce more legislation to deal with those baleful consequences. Never forget that the government programs of the 1960s were sold as a way to end poverty, not to make it a permanent feature to justify the need for more big government.

The penultimate lie of the left -- following on the heels of absolute relativity -- is that the state is the source of our slack, or that it can even create slack, which is an intrinsic metacosmic heresy. Look at Obama's oft-cited claim that he is going to create or save X number of jobs. But the government can only "create" jobs by taking money out of the job-creating private sector, so he is truly selling us false slack, an entirely meretricious something-for-nothing, or "turd made fresh."

The state can surely protect slack. In fact, that is the president's primary job. His oath is to preserve and protect the Constitution, which is the guarantor of our unencumbered pursuit of slack. But with FDR a line was crossed, and people began looking to the state as the source of slack, and we can all see what has resulted. And it's only going to get worse, because the state can only transfer slack that it has been appropriated from someone else. Thus the preposterous lies about the real aims of Obamacare.

When people depend upon the state for their slack, the pool of slack is gradually dissipated in one way or another. For the state only has three sources of slack: taxation, printing money (as if slack grows on trees!), or borrowing. Two of these come down to outright theft, while the third is simply deferred theft from future generations. My son will have less slack because of Obama's larcenous actions today.

The bottom lyin' is that Obama is trying to increase the slack of the takers by stealing it from the makers. This was obviously the point of the Obamacare bill, which is again greatest transfer of stolen slack in at least a couple of generations.

In the real slack-generating economy, nothing happens until someone sells something. But in the anti-slack world of the left, nothing happens until the government takes something from someone. You get stuck with the bill, while someone else gets the goods. But not for long, since the whole exercise must be repeated forever -- or at least until there is no one left to tax


Susannah said...

You know, "some people say that we should hunt down children of the poor and bury them alive in shallow graves. But Democrats don't believe that. We have a better idea."


will said...

Let's be of good cheer, hey? Even the ascent of life-slandering evil in the form of ObamaCare can work to the good.

You-know-Who said He'd bring not peace (not as the world reckons peace), but a sword. That is, a sword to cleave one side from the other, rendering the gulf between the two sides obvious and irrevocable. Polarization! It's not just for breakfast anymore. It's necessary, even.

I think the Sword cleaved but good the other night with the passage of ObamaCare. I don't think there's gonna be much more aisle-crossing, literally or figuratively. They are they, we are we, and never the twain, etc. Ask me, that's how it should be.

Just for the record: I got gang-swarmed by wild turkeys at the end of my driveway. This never happened to me where I used to live.

Jack said...

Will- I'd have to agree. To see the various reactions on both sides of the issue...there is less "overlap" then I have seen on an issue. More than any other contentious issue, this may very be the tipping point...and methinks it is likely to be a bumpy ride.

Leslie Godwin said...

Did any of those turkeys sidle up to you and offer you some protection for just a little extra turkey feed a week?

Don't do it! They'll keep raising their demands until they own your new place. Get a couple of big dogs and show those turkeys who's boss.

Keep us posted,

Ken & Carol said...

I had thought the reason for the delay in some aspects of ObamaCare was because the president wanted to be re-elected in 2012. But now I am wondering if this was all a gigantic joke on the Republicans as they are the ones who will be forced to clean up the mess by raising the necessary taxes! I see Wile E Coyote running off the cliff just before he looks down and plummets to earth.

Jack said...

To see such a huge change pass with ZERO republican votes and a number of democrats voting against it the left is needing an explanation for why someone would vote against something so *obviously* good.

I have seen this article floated by a few people on facebook:

Living in a lefty college town as I do...this article about sums about the leftist view on conservatives. I'm not sure the gap is going to get bridged anytime soon.

Susannah said...

That link is a perfect example of the "sealed ignorance" of which Bob speaks.

NoMo said...

Although its context concerns the “last days”, I can’t help returning to this prophetic passage:
“For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.” II Thess 2:11-12

Given the many very real signs, sometimes I do have to wonder if these may actually be last days. Hey, nothing wrong with looking forward to His appearing.

will said...

Leslie -

>>Don't do it! They'll keep raising their demands until they own your new place<<

I know, I know. I tried that with the geese and now they're into me for 25 large.

Those #%&@# turkeys, though! They think they're SO smart.

Susannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susannah said...

NoMo, I see in the comments of left-wing Americans a perfect assurance they would be justified in prosecuting anybody on the right. Assembling to protest the legislation is described as "treason" in the remarks following the article. With such people making up a significant minority of our population, and increasing federal control over education, I can easily imagine a not-too-distant future time when "disloyalty" to the state lands one in prison as a "dangerous element." It can happen here. But you're right, the thought produces a certain expectancy...

Nova said...

Jonah Goldberg gave us the hard proof that leftism comprises not just communism but also fascism. Last night at the University of Ottawa thousands of keffiyeh-wearing , obscenity-screaming leftist "students" physically threatened Ann Coulter as she was about to give a talk on campus. The event had to be cancelled to protect her.

The UK descends deeper into police-state mentality seemingly by the minute.

Leftism has its source in unalloyed cosmic evil. Some human beings (one thinks of Pol Pot or Maurice Strong) seem almost to embody this principle. Millions of others simply seem to lack something spiritually, which makes them susceptible to perceiving this "dark light" as regular light. When reading sites like one is often struck by the sheer banality and superficiality of the seemingly clever class of people who see something like Obamacare and immediately begin projecting their simple desires into it.

The certainly seems to be some level of malevolent cosmic anti-intelligence at work in the sheer brilliance of what the Left is pulling off before our eyes. They have successfully abandoned sudden revolution for a new brand of revolution which happens so steadily and over such a long period (probably 8-10 generations, all in) that nobody notices anything "violent" about it. Except a few raccoons huddled in the fading light.

wv: locke
Too late to hogtie the atheists now, John

Jack said...

Oh, Bob! are going to LOVE this! Nightline had a show on the "God vs Atheism" debate and guess who is the person "defending God". None other than the man himself Deepak Chopra!

Jack said...

oh boy! Sam Harris is there too!!

Nova said...

Another thing to watch for is movement to the left of national conservative parties. This is fully accomplished in the UK (the Conservative Party there were big global warming cheerleaders) and to a lesser extent in Canada, where the current prime minister is to the right of George W. Bush, but left of Palin.

Speaking of Bush, no "conservative" offered up more sustenance to Leviathan in some time. I admired Bush for many things, but let's not pretend he was anything other than a big-government-enabling right-leaning statist.

There are racist and fascist parties in Europe which are wrongly categorized as "conservative" (they are a species of leftist fascism). There are no Reagan/Thatcher parties left that I can see.

Can the US Republican Party produce another Reagan? More importantly, are there enough Reaganite members on board to take on the Left?

mushroom said...

we are not just dealing with negation or opposition, but inversion

The antichrist is a false anointed one -- a substitute, and he/she may not even know it.

It's like being on a road that seems to be going the right direction, but it gradually leads somewhere else entirely -- or to a bridge that is out.

Regarding Anne Coulter -- Nick Milne at the Daily Kraken gives a detailed, neutral, eyewitness account.

mushroom said...

Deepak is defending God?

Was Richard Simmons busy?

mushroom said...

Jack's Link

Jack said...

It seems to me that statism is a game democrats and republicans often play in order to increase their ability to force through what THEY want to see happen. But it is, as they say, a double-edged sword. If one increase state power to push through one's own agenda...then the same ability will be available when the opposing party gains ascendancy--as it inevitably will.

So no matter what side one is own, with statism, we ALL lose. It was the radical *mistrust* of governmental power that led our Founders to create the limited government they did. One that brilliantly used human avarice and self-promotion *against itself* i.e. separation of powers, to prevent any one ideology or faction from grabbing for too much control over the populace.

Realizing this has brought me around from being a armchair leftist e.g. "wouldn't it be nice" if everybody had health insurance (or whatever harebrained notion I had) to seeing that the costs (both financial/economic and political/social) were FAR too high for whatever minimal benefit one might obtain.

Susannah said...

I felt this way about Bush's "faith-based organizations" receiving federal funding. I just felt in my bones it was a bad idea and could potentially erode religious freedom.

Sal said...

Susannah- I love your new pic!

Will- sheep and goats in the here and now?

All last week, watching the machinations of Pelosi, et al., I kept thinking of the phrase my folks would use when we wouldn't be deterred from some really, really ill-advised action:
"Alright, hard head."

Tigtog said...

To Ken &Carol re:

"But now I am wondering if this was all a gigantic joke on the Republicans as they are the ones who will be forced to clean up the mess by raising the necessary taxes!"

Call their bluff and move to a flat tax rate on all citizens. This would include those receiving welfare benefits. Its time the professional slackers learn some life skills that us part-time slackers (we will have an additional 15K IRS Agents looking for something to do). The only way to stop envy, is to, well, stop practicing envy. Same goes for racism. I would thoroughly enjoy a "transformational" Republican Congress following the precepts of equality before the law for all citizens. I know this is crazy talk, but I would enjoy watching bammy vetoing an equal rights bill before the 2012 elections. Funny, how about an act to ban the identification of race in any Federal contract? I'm pretty sure bammy would veto that one too. I could go on, but you get my drift.

The funniest thing is the Dem strategy thinking that Bammy can triangulate a Republican Congress should they loose control in 2010. Imagine Bammy playing the moderate between the left and the right? It doesn't work. He has become the reactionary asshat left-wing archetype. He cannot now transform himself into sweetness and light.

JWM said...

Will: Good to hear from you. I was wondering where you had disappeared to.

I want to refer back to 9/11. There was something in that monstrous day that struck me more deeply then any other event I had witnessed prior to it. It took a long time to digest, but I came to the conclusion that on that day Satan over played his hand and was revealed to those who had eyes to see it. Why I was given those eyes is still something of a mystery. I was certainly no Christian Conservative. And at first I just assumed that everyone saw it. As time passes it seems that fewer and fewer people saw anything at all. I got The Voice, and The Voice called it the Dark Epiphany. A formal declaration of The War. When I saw the vocal emergence of the left that followed in the wake of the attack, The Voice spoke again, and called it The Alignment of Sides. What followed was The Inversion, which remains in process. The election of the Dark One to the U.S. presidency marks an inversion of everything that made this nation the pinnacle of Western Civilization. The Un-Makers have the power, and the will to use it. The inversion is now moving full steam ahead. Now it seems The Lie has been made flesh, and is determined to undo us.
The Fight comes next.


Gagdad Bob said...

The Dark Epiphany.

Very good. Could be the title of a post....

black hole said...

Bob, your blog title is vulgar. Let's keep it clean, please.

Open Trench said...

Hi guys. The odious legislation in queston doesn't strike me as very strong. It smells like business as usual dressed up in a new suit.

Could just be me...

will said...

Sal -

>>sheep and goats in the here and now?<<

Sure, why not? The Upper World is merging with the Downer World. (ordinarily, mixing uppers with downers is bad, however, in this case . . .)

But to explicate: As the Above becomes one with the Below, we'll see the Cosmic Drama played out before our eyes in a stark, near archetypal manner, I think. The goats will become ever more goat-ee and the sheep ever more fluffy.

(here's a shoutout to JWM!)

Nova said...

What can the left do to us, really? Destroy our economy, strip us of our freedoms, imprison us for thought crimes, even murder us if they follow their stanard script through the final act? Really?

That's all you got?

Eternity is a long spell, lefties. While you're salivating over the prospect of reeducation camps (all leftist fantasies converge in such camps, or in mass graves) you had better be damned sure that you're right in your belief that when you die the lights go out forever and nothing really matters.

Van Harvey said...

"The bottom lyin' is that Obama is trying to increase the slack of the takers by stealing it from the makers. This was obviously the point of the Obamacare bill, which is again greatest transfer of stolen slack in at least a couple of generations."

I sat aobut 12 hrs in the gallery of our MO Senate yesterday, listening to the slackeaters asserting their right to be supplied their favorite needs.

As wide as I thought my eyes were already open, they were stretched even further by not only the deliberate stupidity of the opposition (to a bill for a state constitutional amendment to oppose fed mandated purchase of healthcare), but what I can only term the prideful ignorance and zeal for what they know and delight in, to be obamaocare's unconstitutionality.

I'll post on it soon... I need another shower or two first.

Van Harvey said...

Hey Will, good to see you!

Van Harvey said...

JWM @ 05:56:00 PM,