Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keep Your Stinking Paws Off My Body and Out of My Pocket, You Damn Dirty Apes!

Know what I hate? I hate it when the left drags me and everything else down to the crudest level of raw power politics, so that I can't ignore them even if I want to. The point is, real Americans mostly just want to be left alone by the State, just as they would be pleased if criminals would refrain from breaking into their cars and houses.

But just as we must take precautions against criminals and sociopaths, our well intended liberal fascists force us to take steps against them. Who would want to spend a moment thinking about the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid unless they were in your face, trying to purloin your slack? What did I ever do to them? Nothing. Indeed, I pay their salary and for their travel, retirement, and healthcare (hair plugs and botox injections included). All I ask in return is that they leave me alone.

But no, they can't do that. They can't keep their hands off my body and out of my pocketbook. And not one of them can acknowledge that they are committing an act of naked aggression when they force us to do something we don't want to do. But that's plainly what it is, by definition. More than half the country recognizes this. Hence the rage. The rage is not taking place in a vacuum. The stock answer of the race-obsessed MSM is that the anger must be because Obama is half white, as if anyone but a liberal would care about such trivia. Nuance.

But -- to cite just one example -- $10 billion to pay for 16,500 new IRS agents is not exactly a peck on the cheek. Only a liberal fascist imagines otherwise. That's raw muscle, baby, Chicago style. Look at yesterday's bellicose reaction from our authoritarian troll. The moment I enabled anonymous comments, he chimed in with Hearing you people froth at the mouth has truly made this a special day for me. This does not put me in the mood to open my wallet to him.

This only proves the adage that people inevitably devalue what is given to them. Indeed, on the very day we are forced to pay for the healthcare of this disordered soul, he responds not with gratitude but by lashing out at his new benefactors.

But was it not ever thus? Since when was a ward of the state ever grateful for his handouts? Statism always breeds ingratitude and a narcissistic sense of entitlement. It literally changes the consciousness of a people. It makes them worse, in that it de-spiritualizes them and renders them material extensions of the state (instead of making the state embody the spiritual ideals of its citizens).

It is literally impossible to imagine the mindset of such flatlanders. Where does one begin? I have a relative -- well, more than one, actually -- who falls into this category, so discussing politics with him is little like talking to a Soviet citizen who was only exposed to Pravda, and took it as truth. There's literally no point of contact. It's fantasy in, fantasy out.

The false messianism of the left takes the Jewish idea of the messiah, and politicizes it. This creates a "radical eschatology," in which it is believed that our existential problems -- which are universal -- can be remedied by overturning the present order. A mature person realizes that things are not ideal and that they never can be.

But the immature person -- say, our President -- is absolutely clueless as to the historical miracle that has allowed our condition to be this freaking good. Instead, he proposes to blow up the whole system because it isn't ideal, with no understanding whatsoever of the myriad unintended consequences he will unleash, nor the baleful effect of human nature, which will always cause the childish dreams of the leftist to crash and burn.

But this is why the left is always so reactionary, since they inevitably convert perennial existential / ontological / spiritual problems into political ones. In turn, they will always be attracted to false messiahs and anti-Bobs, whereas the spiritually normal person will be immune to the attraction. There are no political solutions to spiritual problems, whereas there is almost always a spiritual solution to most politicized problems.

Thus, Obama's first principle is to create a false crisis, so that he can "solve" it. Now that he's solved the problem of healthcare, he will move on to the quintessential false crisis of global warming. Meanwhile, the real crisis is Obama himself.

All valid theology has to do with systematic distinctions between ego and Self on the one hand, and reality and illusion on the other. Ego is to illusion as Self is to reality. Human beings are uniquely and providentially situated in the cosmos so as to be naturally (horizontally) idolatrous but supernaturally (vertically) -- or "transnaturally" -- oriented to the Absolute. This is just another way of saying that human beings are mirrors of the Absolute, and potentially contain within themselves the entire scale of being, the whole existentialada.

For example, Schuon notes that the great Christian virtues, e.g., charity, humility, poverty, and holy childlikeness, have their final end in the transcendent Self. Each of these virtues represents a negation "of that ontological inflation which is the ego." Practice of them helps soften and dissolve this existential infarct that clogs up the arteries of being. Likewise, Christ represents "the Self holding out a hand to 'me'; man must lose his life, the life of the ego, in order to keep it, the life of the Self."

In genuine theology it is understood that "the world" -- and by extension, your very life -- is "on fire," so to speak. This is how many of Jesus' most extreme statements are to be taken -- as urgent calls to get a clue about the eternal order of existence, and to do something about it before it is too late -- for the night is coming in which no man can work.

I would say "obviously," but I guess it's not -- especially to a member of Reverend Wright's wee church of the Perpetual Victim -- that Jesus was not referring to the political order of the world. Rather, he was speaking to Man as such about Existence as such -- not to this or that man in this or that transient situation, but about the way things always are for man as he always is.

The very existence of the left proves that it is the easiest thing in the world -- for the way is broad -- to confuse the manacles we forge for ourselves with the ones we imagine are placed upon us by others, and then rail against the others as a substitute for the universal call to self-betterment and transcendence.

For as Schuon writes, "the man who does not know that existence is an immense brazier has no imperative reason for wanting to get out of it" -- which is why the beginning of wisdom is the awe of God, not the hatred of white people, or Rush Limbaugh, or Fox viewers, or stupid policemen, or health insurance companies, or tea partiers, the latter attitude only plunging those who embrace it deeper into the flames. To them we can only say,


Warren said...

>> existence is an immense brazier

I'd like it better if it were an immense brassiere....

Gagdad Bob said...

If Hindus are correct about the veil of Maya, it is.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Talk about "on fire"!

John said...

A might better image, for experienced hikers, might better show booted and well-laced feet. When the pain begins there is no way to remove both before the real hurt strikes.

John said...

oops!: ¨A better image...

Northern Bandit said...

So now that the State can compel us to buy health "insurance" against our will, what's next? I suppose the obvious one will be a personal carbon emission permit or license...

After a Skype chat last night with my neighbor in Massachusetts I'm reminded that there millions of people living today in America who are in no meaningful way "American citizens". My pal could pack up his world view and move to Montreal, Edinburgh or Berlin and be 100% at home. He's a smart guy who got rich via the American free market, but he has zero attachment to the Constitution in any way that matters.

This is due in no small part to the 50+ year onslaught of leftist ideas promulgated by the hijacked media and education establishments. Gramsci was a diabolical genius.

(We still win in the end, though. Done deal).

Northern Bandit said...

Up here at my place in Canada I took out my "summer car" which was sitting in the garage for the winter this morning. Now, I'm not the superstitious type, but I got a kick out of the fact that the odometer (in kilometers) caught my eye with 666 on the display (new car last oct) precisely at the instant Pelosi's voice came wheezing out of the speakers. The satellite radio had been left tuned to NPR... spooky!

Plus she really is possessed.

Grant Maher said...

Well, the government has moved further into the health care business.

But think. Already our government imposes income tax, which must be paid on penalty of fines or prison. Mandatory health insurance is another form of this same kind of mandatory taxation. It is an enlargment of existing powers, but it does not represent any new power of government.

Our government already has a lock on public road building and on security forces (private security forces are very small in the U.S.). So now they want a large piece of healthcare. This is an enlargment, but again not a new power of our government.

So the "Rubicon" of which you speak strikes me as somewhat inflated. The problem should be seen for what it is--an expansion of powers already invested in our government, but not any new paradigm of power.

The main fear seems to be the paying of other peoples' healthcare. One response, and you may have a "Eureka" moment when you hear how simple it is, is to not have any money to pay.

If you have no assets, then you have nothing to lose. We can collectively de-asset, which will be an effective protest to the system.

At low or no income, we will become eligible for free health care also.

Something to think about.

Cousin Dupree said...

Any relation to Bill? You're just as funny.

Gagdad Bob said...


Ricky Raccoon said...

"We can collectively de-asset.."

This is also being done for us.
What year is it where you live?

BTW, who, what, where is the buyer when we all decide to sell?

Van said...

Okay... sorry for this OT day late and dollar short prior to reading the post: "Crossing the Rubicon" should be "Crossing the Rube-'I-Can'"

Ok, now to reading.

Ricky Raccoon said...

"This is an enlargment, but again not a new power of our government."

So we should only worry if it's new, then. I see.
Well, I'm convinced.

Northern Bandit said...

America in 10 years: The Fix Is In

wv: trumical
leftist ideas aren't "true", they're trumical.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Good Gil Bailie RE Rubicon.
But I say, Rubicoon.

Gagdad Bob said...

Even Slow Joe knows this is a big fuckin' deal.

Van said...

Thank you grant for making my "Rube-'I-Can'" comment relevant.

Notice that the Income Tax required a constitutional amendment. See my post for other relevant fun facts about laws and amendments.

Van said...

Thanks for the rousing post and picture (but... it'd be nice to have a pic to go with Warren's first comment too... probably best to leave the that to Dupree though)

Sal said...

Wonderful, Bob.
I'm putting a "Repeal" sign in my yard until it happens. Or Novemeber. Whichever.

Ya'll- thank you for your posts over the last few days. They have been heartening in the best (realistic) way. You are all National Treasures.

I recommenc anything by Fr. Schall (in the sidebar). I like him b/c he's thoughty, but not above my pay grade.

Gagdad Bob said...

Yes, he's really able to put all sorts of Coonish things in a Catholic context.... or perhaps it's vice versa....

Gagdad Bob said...

Isn't it nice how congress exempts itself from its own aggressive mandates? Change!

Van said...

A sadly relevant and historically accurate post on Big Government,

"Has the Democratic Party ever enacted a law as atrocious as its government takeover of the American people’s healthcare? Has the Democratic Party ever enacted a law so unpopular? Yes and Yes.

In 1854, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency. Their top priority was to repeal the Missouri Compromise prohibition of slavery in the northern territories. The author of this infamous legislation, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, was Stephen Douglas, a Democrat Senator from Illinois and owner of a slave plantation in Mississippi.

Senator Douglas claimed the law would be a final solution to the slavery question, so that Congress could move on to other issues. In fact, the Kansas-Nebraska Act sparked a political firestorm. Opponents of slavery – and the police state and economic stagnation that went with it – understood that, if unchecked, the slave system would expand throughout the territories and then the entire nation...

That act, and Taney's Supreme Court decision on Dred Scott, did more to ensure the Civil War, than anything else.

Look for the coming Supreme Court judgments on the States challenging the Fed authority to impose healthcontrol on us.

Interesting times.

Timon said...

"to confuse the manacles we forge for ourselves with the ones we imagine are placed upon us by others,"

I think that the left is corrupt and some apparent sociopaths, such as Pelosi and the government of Massachusetts, but while the manacles we place on ourselves tend to be more common and extensive, we still place some on others, and those can be rather more immovable.

The chief example of the latter is twelve years of mandatory education. Another example is struggling against advertising and abundance to choose healthy foods. And then there is your example of the Pelosi, Obama, msm triumvirate.

I know the real trick is learning how to keep ourselves as free as possible, in mind and spirit, and financially, so as to endure and sometimes overcome the errors and cruelty of others, or nature even. I felt that this post failed to achieve that, and it was really bumming me out. Perhaps the Christophers were right and it isn't enough to curse the darkness, and let others know what we hate.

I'll go back into hiding now.

Retriever said...

Preach it! Great post, as always, and LOVED the title.

mushroom said...

Grant makes an interesting argument but misses one of the salient points. All last week, Obama was talking about all the fuss about "the process". They told us the process didn't matter, when in fact the process is critical.

People are frustrated, not so much because the bill passed, and not even because it passed in such a bogus matter as much as the fact that a majority of Americans made it clear we did not want this. We protested. We stormed townhall meetings. We clogged the phone lines, sent letters and emails, and even showed up in person.

We were ignored, bad-mouthed, ridiculed, called stupid and uninformed, falsely accused of racism, and, in a way, disenfranchised. It's not that we face more intrusive government, more confiscatory taxation, or even a loss of more freedom. It's that we were told we don't matter. The ruling class knows best.

The "ruling class" thinks we will be mollified when things don't get as bad as we thought. That's a misreading of the source of our anger. Most of us don't like to be talked down, especially by a bunch of idiots couldn't turn a profit on the ice concession in Hell.

Darn, that's almost as long as a Van comment.

Grant Maher said...

Taken to the extreme, State health-care involvement might include eugenic manipulation, mandatory sterilizations, euthanasia, mandatory vaccination, forced treatments, mental-health screening done for shady puposes, and neglect or institutionalizaton of targeted segments of the population.

Basically, anything you can do to cattle, you can do to people.

So, be on the lookout for any governmental health policies aimed at anything other than the money. If its not about the money, then policies should be scrutinized for potential abuses.

Susannah said...

"We still win in the end, though. Done deal."

Amen to that!

sehoy said...

I love Fr. Schall. He's my go-to guy on islamofascism too.

Tigtog said...

"The very existence of the left proves that it is the easiest thing in the world -- for the way is broad -- to confuse the manacles we forge for ourselves with the ones we imagine are placed upon us by others, and then rail against the others as a substitute for the universal call to self-betterment and transcendence."

Its always easier to call for free things rather than to exercise freedom wisely. Methinks that people are either morally lazy or have no self confidence to exercise freedom for their own self improvement.

I wonder, in all of the twenty years of attending the Prophet Jeremiah's church, did Obama ever hear the good reverend preach self restraint and self betterment? It would be interesting to read the compiled sermons of America's prophet. The insight offered us regarding our cypher of a President would be welcomed. Do you think Jeremiah would publish his sermons?

Aloysius said...

Doing my best to drive readers your way. It will be better with no anonymous comments.

Gagdad Bob said...

There comes One after me who is mightier than I... I indeed baptize you with hatred and conspiracy theories, but He will baptize you with massive debt, high taxes, class warfare, and an authoritarian state. --Jeremiah Wright, 1998

Joan of Argghh! said...

Pelosi's wearing the pants in this American family, now.

Health Care is the mother-substitute and Pelosi is the dominant partner.

"Heather Has Two Mommies" writ large.

Tigtog said...

To Gagdad re:

"He will baptize you with massive debt, high taxes, class warfare, and an authoritarian state. --Jeremiah Wright, 1998"

This is in good fun, but ask yourself, if you had the actual sermons, what would they tell you about the soul of your President? What would his supporters say in retort to the actual words? How would they square the circle? I think it would be a cathartic moment for America to read these sermons and realize the actual depravity of Jeremiah and his disciple. I would love to watch the coiffured smugness of a Bill Maher or the affected bohemian elitism of a Michael Moore defend the tracts. It is time that their Messiah's deeds, words and ideals be revealed for all to see.

As a historian I am interested in these texts. As a psychologist I would imagine you too would be interested in them. I think we both know what they hold; something grisly, dark and hateful. The fact that all who support him have run from them and hidden them is just more reason to bring them into the disinfecting light. Much about this man is mystery. There is no mystery regarding Jeremiah. His words are recorded somewhere. They should be published for all to see. I think this is the only way Obama can be honestly understood; all else is merely artifice and grand facade.

If compiled and published, would you read them?

Grant Maher said...

In our first commet, Warren wished existence was an immense brassiere; I concur and add there is little in the world that cannot be shrugged off during the contemplation of a shapely pair of breasts.


Susannah said...

Afraid I can't claim the moniker rubicon, as my awareness of the dividing lines of political philosophy and cultural morality is hardly belated. It's been there since at least my early teen years. Furthermore, the closest I've gotten to liturgical worship is as a visitor (appreciative, but an outsider).

I think I'm just plain-vanilla, down home, bred-in-the-bone "con." I seem to be genetically incapable of being anything else.

Van said...

Tigtog said "I think it would be a cathartic moment for America to read these sermons and realize the actual depravity of Jeremiah and his disciple. I would love to watch the coiffured smugness of a Bill Maher or the affected bohemian elitism of a Michael Moore defend the tracts. It is time that their Messiah's deeds, words and ideals be revealed for all to see."

Really? Bill Maher and Michael Moore, particularly Michael Moore, not only defend such tracts, they state them themselves. Routinely. Have you read through the documents of a College 'Woman's studies' dept lately? Or any other "'X' Studies" dept?

And Wrights sermons were still up on the church's site right after it began to hit the news, and I read several of them at the time. They were disgusting, Marxist, social justice, reparations, etc type crap, and no, no one had any interest in reading them whatsoever.

I was told by my otherwise sensible & sharp BIL & SIL, that 'Oh...that doesn't matter."

I'm sure the sermons can still be dug up in Google cache's or elsewhere, but honestly, have you read Obamao's books? Particularly the first (? I didn't buy the damn thing - sent it back to the library asap, but I think it was the first) where he says he sought out the Marxist Professors and students to hang around with? And so on?

How about what he said about the constitution itself? That should have been enough... I put up a post on it, as did many others, but we've had decades of 'education' training people to nod that racism is bad and of course race is the most important consideration in any consideration between black and white ('Ideas'? Wha..?) - as someone said the other day, the fix was in.

Now we're paying for it, and we're having to fight that much harder to put things right.

Oh well. Just the way it is. I'm driving to our capital tomorrow to help fill the Senate gallery and move our constitutional amendment forward to forbid the Fed mandating our states citizens to buy their approved insurance.

Whether they like it or not, the Constitution is going to become an issue again. Best thing we all can do is not only read it, but read why it was written, click through that site, like here with the Preamble, read through the links below, learn to understand the arguments for, and against, each clause - that is the only chance we've got.

Retriever said...

Glad of the link to your good post on the Constitution, Van. Very timely.

Susannah said...

"The false messianism of the left takes the Jewish idea of the messiah, and politicizes it. This creates a "radical eschatology," in which it is believed that our existential problems -- which are universal -- can be remedied by overturning the present order. A mature person realizes that things are not ideal and that they never can be."

At some point, in every discussion with a left-leaning individual, I find myself linking to the endless A-Z list of Federal Agencies and asking, "When is enough ever going to be enough? With all this oversight, all this expense, why have we not yet reached your ideal society in *any* of these areas?"

Not one has ever attempted to answer. The question is studiously ignored every time.

It's pretty clear to a sane individual that bureaucracy is not the path to utopia that these individuals seem to believe it is. Nobody with half a brain really believes that taking a problem and layering it with a costly bureaucracy with extra paperwork, at the expense of society's producers, while reducing competition and choice is going to *reduce* costs or *solve* anything. Legislation like this is just fruitless busywork; just something they do to say they did something, and pat themselves on the back for being so "compassionate."

Taxation at 100% will not achieve what they are looking for: a life free of disease and trouble; with no financial consequences, no matter how much you spend or borrow; no bad guys, ever, because one simply "understands" them into brotherhood or "educates" them into enlightenment; ability to fulfill your every pleasure with no relational consequences; and so on. Just as you said, "Fantasy in; fantasy out."

They won't ever admit it, but nothing will ever be enough. There is no such thing as achieving an ideal society, and they are engaged in a farce of pointless tangled-web-weaving. The more messes they make (see: social security, medicare, risky housing loans, etc.), the more control they will claim to need to address the resultant "crisis."

The next step is universal health care run entirely by the state. President Obama, Barney Frank, Krugman and many others have stated publicly that this is what they want, but they must get to it incrementally. This is just the foot in the door; Obama has said he hoped a successor one day would bring about universal health care. But will even that be enough?

No. Because we will not have achieved utopia "yet." Somebody somewhere will always be sick, impoverished, or a true or imaginary victim of something.

Finally, I have noted afresh that the much-vaunted compassion of the left is really thinly veiled hatred. This was brought home to me once again when I was told in no uncertain terms that "'We the people' are scr*wing the poor" and that doctors are, as a monolithic group, greedy and uncaring. Furthermore, who could ever have a problem with sticking it to those in the $200,000-and-up bracket? The more I interact with such souls, the more I come to believe you are correct, Bob: it's a pathology.

Gerard said...

Illustration of the month award.

Tigtog said...

To Van re:

"Really? Bill Maher and Michael Moore, particularly Michael Moore, not only defend such tracts, they state them themselves. Routinely. Have you read through the documents of a College 'Woman's studies' dept lately? Or any other "'X' Studies" dept?"

As you say there is plenty of "emotional self identity" studies in our colleges today which depend on hate to provide the turnstile of tuition. My interest in Jeremiah's sermons is they provide the only truthful mirror of Obama. Obama committed twenty years of his life to a self recognized mentorship with Jeremiah. The sermons of those twenty years are important because they provide the fountainhead of Obama's promised transformation. If we are to be transformed as a people, we certainly deserve the freedom to read the spiritual underpinnings for our transformation.

Jeremiah's prophesies need to be preserved in their original form, quoted and debated because they represent our future. Its that simple.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Jeremiah's prophesies need to be preserved in their original form, quoted and debated because they represent our future. Its that simple.

Exactly. Heels on throats. They mean it.

National Civilian Security Force.

wv: relog Word up.


Ricky Raccoon said...


RE the liturgy ref in Gil’s post, I wasn’t focusing on that part. It’s really not my area.
Anyway, without getting into that, I was pointing to this:

“A rubicon is someone who has little interest in politics and little appetite for the culture wars. He is, by distasteful necessity, a draftee in the struggle to preserve the foundations of civil order and to remain faithful to religious principle. Once in the lists, however, he does his best to hold his ground as faithfully as he can.

Moreover, the rubicon realizes, belatedly, that those who have opened this breach with the tradition he cherishes will not be satisfied with the concessions which seemed at first to be the goal of their assault. A rubicon is someone who wakes up one fine day only to realize that that state has decided that his children must be systematically disabused of the moral principles by which he lives and which he has taken pains to pass on to them. A rubicon is someone who realizes, again belatedly, that his culture is under a serious assault from enemies within and without, and that the historical success and momentary preeminence of the culture built on Judeo-Christian foundations does not in any way guarantee that it will emerge triumphant from the present challenge.”

RE belatedly, I don’t think it matters when it happens, but that it happens. Or it hasn’t happened. Anyway, not important. My point was that Gil, like Bob, like us, would much rather not be spending so much time keeping an eye on our government’s attack of the day. As a small business owner, maybe especially, how can you form a reliable business plan based on a chaotic system of non-laws? As I’ve said before, as bad as the economy and unemployment is, it is remarkable to me how bad it isn’t.

Ricky Raccoon said...

In any case, my comment there, Susannah, was not meant to attack you, but only to clarify my reason for linking to Gil’s post.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Completely unrelated to anything at all discussed recently, I’m going to revert back to my old name in the blue ink. Just plain ol Rick again. One syllable – which is most of the reason I like people using it. I don’t like to give people more work than is necessary. Still keeping my non-membership card to the brotherhood section of our sacred den. No worries. You’ll still have to put up with me.

Rick said...

Here goes...

sehoy said...

A raccoon by any other name is still a raccoon.

Rick said...

I couldn’t help noticing that, much of what I was told not to like about Wal-Mart, I’m supposed to ignore about this Universal Healthcare pile.

'cept they used their own money.

Rick said...

Thanks, Sehoy.

Susannah said...

Ricky, I didn't perceive it as an attack at all. Just thinkin' out loud. Really! And yes, I'd rather not have to worry about the goings-on in D.C. I second yours and Bob's sentiments on that fully! Don't know why those citizens who want to suckle at the teat feel they have to drag the rest of us kicking and screaming. I do know why their leaders want to (seconding TigTog, too).

Deborah said...

No---"process" is not important to Obama. Of course the entire Constitution is a document about the process by which we govern ourselves. Nota bene.

Fat Man said...

Heaven and Earth are indifferent, they treat the ten thousand things like straw dogs;
The sage is indifferent, he treats men like straw dogs.

Tao Te Ching 5

And the Sufis say that the path to paradise is the sharp edge of a scimitar. A single misstep cuts the pilgrim in half and consigns him to the flames of hell.

Moses said, "I pray thee, show me thy glory."
And He said, "I will make all my goodness pass before you, and will proclaim before you my name 'Ha'Shem'; and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.
But," He said, "you cannot see my face; for man shall not see me and live." Ex 33:18-20

Fat Man said...

"Whence then comes wisdom?
And where is the place of understanding?
It is hid from the eyes of all living,
and concealed from the birds of the air.
Abaddon and Death say,
`We have heard a rumor of it with our ears.'
"God understands the way to it,
and he knows its place.
For he looks to the ends of the earth,
and sees everything under the heavens.
When he gave to the wind its weight,
and meted out the waters by measure;
when he made a decree for the rain,
and a way for the lightning of the thunder;
then he saw it and declared it;
he established it, and searched it out.
And he said to man,
`Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom;
and to depart from evil, that is understanding.'"

Job 28:20-28