Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nocturnal Stinkubations of the Left (12.01.10)

If there were seven days of creation, there must have been seven nights that were equally important -- perhaps we might even speak of the "seven dreams" of God, during which time the previous day's accomplishments were worked over and the next day's activities incubated.

According to Tomberg, "Just as the full reality of human life consists of days and nights -- of the bright day-consciousness and the dark sway of the unconscious (or subconsciousness or superconsciousness) -- so the full reality of humanity's biography, the history of mankind, consists of a day aspect and a night aspect. The day aspect comprises the account of the actuality of that which has become, and the night aspect embraces the activity of becoming."

Another way of saying it is that there is horizontal history and vertical history, both individually and collectively. Each involves a different kind of causation. Horizontal causation may be linear or non-linear, but it operates from past to future. Let us call this the "causality of the day."

But vertical history does not operate on the basis of mechanical causation. Rather, it is guided organically and teleologically by a goal, or what is called finalism. For example, many patients -- especially the more sophisticated ones -- come into psychotherapy imagining that there is some event or experience in their past that is causing their present troubles. If they can just remember and identify what it was and bring it into the light, then the vexatious pattern that is imposing itself upon their psychic life will be drained of its potential to cause problems.

But it doesn't work that way. This is because the thing they're looking for is not in the past but the present. It is not "behind" but "below," influencing things from the bottom up. Furthermore, it does not work in a mechanical way, nor is it like a "pressure cooker" of instinctual energy that needs to be released. Rather, it has a goal and an agenda of which we are unaware. We want one thing but it obviously wants something else -- something very specific, usually a certain kind of relationship, even (or especially) if it brings pain or frustration. The conscious self registers the complaint, so to speak, unaware that the complaint, or symptom, represents the achievement of an unconscious goal. Cutting edge neuropsychoanalytic research suggests that it is not a figure of speech to say that the left brain doesn't know what the right brain is doing (or worse yet, knowing or being).

One of the reasons liberal solutions don't work is that they fail to take into consideration the nocturnal aspect of history. And one of the reasons they fail to do so is that leftism in general consists of a meme-pool of the over- and undereducated -- or maternalistic elites (the dreaded "vaginocracy dentata") and the losers for whom they know what's best. Furthermore, this pathological dance creates a "night time" influence of its own, in that the solutions and programs enacted by the elites inevitably make the problems worse, thus creating a greater need for maternalistic elites (an odd conglomeration of "men with breasts" and women without them, e.g., feminists).

Looked at collectively, this pattern is entirely self-defeating, just like a codependent patient who constantly complains about her husband, unaware that her codependency -- her narcissistic rescue fantasies -- fuel her husband's behavior. But there is a great side benefit to the codependency, as it allows the woman to 1) project a damaged part of herself into her husband, thereby distancing herself from her own psychic pain, 2) feel contempt for, and triumph over, the weak and devalued part, and 3) elevate herself and feel morally superior to others.

Thus, we should not be surprised if we see in leftists the same pattern of projection, condescension, and sanctimony. Can I get a witness? Thank you. Where would the left be without their projected racist fantasies of the po' hepless negro? It is quite striking how blacks can tolerate the utter contempt that liberal politicians and the MSM have for them. They are infantilized, held to lower standards, excused of behavior that would not be tolerated in others, and worse. Only on the left could a low life thug such as Al Sharpton run for president without provoking comment, much less deep soul-searching. It is not ironic. It is inevitable.

But it takes two to tango to a tangle of pathology, and it is always tempting to overpathologize the abuser and underpathologize the abused, when the dysfunctional system needs both parties in order to function as a national rescue party -- to party heartily (or in the end, heartlessly). Masochists are on the lookout for sadists, driven to find their missing half just as much as the sadist seeks the weak masochist.

Regarding the excessive projection of the left, one thing about projection is that, because it warps and distorts reality, certain aspects of reality will be grotesquely exaggerated, while others will be ignored. In other words, true or "forced" projection is not a subtle process. It is ultimately rooted in a prior crude psychological splitting that makes the projection possible. (In other words, a psychic content must be "split off" before it can be forcefully evacuated from one's head into another human "container.")

For example, we all know how loving and compassionate liberals are, especially toward the terrorists who wish to destroy our civilization. The terrorists are given a pass because liberals project "victimhood" into them -- e.g., they are victims of poverty, or of imperialism, or of Jews, or of Big Oil, or of George Bush. And this codependent "idiot compassion" simply creates more terrorists.

On the other hand, no such compassion is felt toward Scooter Libby or Dick Cheney. Just a couple of days ago there was another primitive hatefest at huffingandpissed when Vice President Cheney was taken to the hospital because of a blood clot. The primitive projection is quite palpable, which is nothing new if one has any acquaintance with the base base of the left.

What is so incomprehensible -- incomprehensible in the absence of psychoanalytic knowledge, anyway -- is the hatred directed toward a public servant such as Cheney but the absence of hatred toward the terrorists. When something this illogical is going on, you know that it is governed by night-time unconscious processes of which the person is unaware. How can it be that Cheney is the one deserving of denigration, death, suffering, and hellfire, while admitted terrorists at Gitmo are deserving of the full panoply of civil rights -- even the presumption of innocence despite having admitted their crimes?

The psychological splitting of the left is so conspicuous that one cannot fail to notice it. One often hears, for example, that we are involved in a "war for oil" motivated only by greed. But there are three things necessary for life: oxygen, food and water, and energy. The left has no difficulty whatsoever declaring war upon those who supposedly "threaten our air," as this is one of the bases of environmental radicalism.

In reality, the air has never been cleaner since we have been capable of measuring it, but this does not stop the radicals from characterizing President Bush as the moral equivalent of Hitler because of his failure to embrace the Kyoto protocols -- which if enacted would represent a direct war on food by radical groups. In exchange for a marginal and temporary decrease in the global temperature a few decades hence, the environmentalists would allow millions to die as a result of the catastrophic effect on the global economy, including food production.

One often hears leftists repeat the meme that President Bush has not "apologized" for this or that. But when have leftists ever apologized for the destruction wrought by their policies? One reason they fail to do so is that one must be able to see by night in order to become cognizant of the vast damage -- both to visible (not to mention vanished) bodies and invisible souls. As Thomas Sowell has noted, liberal policies are guided by feeling -- in particular, a self-deluding "compassion" -- not by thought. As such, they never take into account what he calls "phase II," or unintended consequences of their policies. This is because their idiot compassion blinds them to the system of destructive incentives a policy puts into place.

For example, any sensible person knows that rent control causes housing shortages, minimum wages cause unemployment, affirmative action diminishes excellence and damages blacks, socialized medicine leads to deadly delays and rationing, lack of competition among schools leads to deterioration in education, welfare makes husbands unnecessary and therefore civilization impossible, economic development is the cure, not cause, of pollution, a weak military provokes our enemies, etc.

As such, leftist policies inevitably backfire, but no one ever apologizes for them. How many families were destroyed and how many young black men killed or incarcerated as a result of of LBJ's oh, Great! Society programs blackfiring? Conservatives, because they generally have lives, don't have time to stage pseudo-events called "demomstrations" in which the unwashed carry around signs bearing the ungrammatical. If they did, they might chant slogans such as:

"Democrats -- a 40 year war on poverty and still no exit strategy!" "Bush spied, terrorists died!" "Help stamp out literacy -- support teachers' unions!" " From each according to his abilities, to each according to his accomplishments." "Keep your socialism out of my paycheck!" "I support journalism, but not its mission." "Give peace a chance. Kill our enemies." "Liberals: always there for you when they need something." "America is the best place in the world to be a woman or minority."

Fortunately, just when leftism was at the peak of its day-time influence in the 1970's and 1980's, a classical liberal counter-movement was incubating by night. It achieved a sort of ascendency in the 1980's, but once again we did not realize that counter-forces were gathering and reconstituting themselves by night, only to re-emerge in the third millennium. They had to change the name to "progressivism" to conceal the fact that it is the same old socialist whine in a new battle.

Yesterday Walt suggested an idea for a topic, that is, what I mean by the cooncept of "satanic," which is "a very saturated word that is both evocative and provocative... and it would be interesting to hear your expanded version."

Yes, I have no hesitation whatsoever in calling the left satanic (as a metaphysics, not necessarily the individuals under its influence). In fact, I am spiritually compelled to do so. But I suppose it would help to explain what I mean by "satanic," because I am quite sure I don't mean it in the way any leftist would hear it -- or be capable of hearing it. The question is, what collective forces does leftism embody? What role does evil play in the collective psychic economy? I hope to get to this question soon, if not sooner, assuming nothing else seizes me during the night.


River Cocytus said...

The Vertical is like a void; if you forcefully empty it, it will immediately be filled; and without any doubt by things NOT of your choosing.

Gandalin said...

Dear Bob,

According to the Psalmist (Ps.121) "the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps." Nor does He dream, I'd say.

And each day of the creation process is described for example, "There was evening and there was morning, a third day." The "days" of the creation process include the nights. And the evenings come first.

On the other hand, I agree with you 100% on how the left projects its own evils onto its enemies (a splitting process). Leftism doesn't come from the night, but from the "cracks" in the "vessels."

River Cocytus said...

Gandalin: I know Bob doesn't need us to defend his positions, but I would simply say that, the 'sleep' is not literal.

Gagdad Bob said...


I don't get your point -- dreaming is not sleeping. Quite the opposite. Creative thought is strictly impossible in the absence of its vast dream matrix. Otherwise we -- and God, of whom we are the image -- would be machines.

River Cocytus said...

Ah, dream matrix. A great throwing together of terms. It gives this computer scientist an unusual idea.

Gagdad Bob said...

Yes, as the psychoanalyst Winnicott recognized, the world is first dreamt in the transitional space between the internal and external -- between neurology and phyiscs -- before it congeals into something we call "reality." But thankfully, the living Dreamer will always subvert the reification, which is why there is always a vertical escape hatch from the tyranny of the horizontal machine-men.

NoMo said...

GB said, "Regarding the excessive projection of the left, one thing about projection is that, because it warps and distorts reality, certain aspects of reality will be grotesquely exaggerated, while others will be ignored."

Algore said, "The planet has a fever,"..."If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don't say, 'Well, I read a science fiction novel that told me it's not a problem.' If the crib's on fire, you don't speculate that the baby is flame retardant. You take action."

There you have it.

koffee kritic said...

Leftism arose as a response to the industrial revolution.

Capitalism requires mitigation, as proved in England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Nowhere in your writings do you concede the importance of mitigation.

Yes, I agree with you that over time the Left has become a warped, dangerous and overgrown structure that needs intervention.

But unresricted capitalism will never work; some diluted form of leftism will always be needed.

Your admission that we need energy as much as we need food, water, and air shows that you percieve that our wars in the oil-bearing regions of the world have somethig to do with their oil. It is a legitimate motive that we should stop underplaying.

Bush should tell the people that yes, we need and want Iraqi oil and that's why the war is so important, among other reasons.

The pressure is on to get an energy alternative, and not just because of the global warming hoax, but just because its no longer cost efficient. That war is expensive as hell. We're intelligent people,and we can get energy for ourselves here at home (and without drilling for more oil).

The Left is not entirely in the dark. There is a "daytime" element to it that needs to be preserved, and I think you instinctively know it.

NoMo said...

Speaking of "dream matrix". I know we're not here to share dreams, but this one was very bizarre even for me. Last night, I awoke at 3AM (I think). After some difficulty I went back to sleep and seemed to immediately begin dreaming that I was getting up in the morning. Everything was very real and normal, until I went downstairs and was shocked to find everything gone – even pictures from the walls. The entire 1st floor had been stripped clean. A little alarmed, I went outside to find everything piled on the front lawn. In fact, up and down the street every house had been emptied and stuff piled up outside. As I looked around, it dawned on me that I had dreamed something similar to this before – and that this was just a dream. Feeling relieved, I then consciously took control of the dream and began doing ridiculous physical things like shooting up into the air and flying around, etc. Soon, a large truck came slowly down the street obviously intending to load up everyone’s stuff. After a brief one-sided scuffle, they realized they were no match for my super powers and quickly took off (fortunately they weren't aware I was just dreaming). I continued to marvel at how real things seemed. After a couple more scenes, I decided to wake up. However, I actually awoke into a dream of being asleep and dreaming. This dream was more normal (dreamlike), and I was not aware that I was dreaming. As I ventured to go about my day in the dream my real alarm went off and I actually awoke. Or did I?

Gagdad Bob said...


We are not at war "for oil" per se, but ultimately to try to integrate the M.E. into the global economy, or what Thomas Barnett calls the world's dysfunctional gap into its functioning core. If we were only concerned about oil, we would have abandoned Israel and befriended Saddam, like the Europeans. It is much more accurate to say that the international left wages a deadly peace for oil.

Jamie Irons said...


This is a fantastic post.

As a psychiatrist, I hope I am suitably humble about my efforts to understand even myself (!), and I tend to be somewhat leery of applying psychological thinking to political questions. But done carefully, indeed brilliantly, as you have in your writing here and elsewhere, I think the exercise can be both fruitful and most illuminating.


Jamie Irons

Jamie Irons said...


It is much more accurate to say that the international left wages a deadly peace for oil.

Again, brilliant, and precisely correct.

Jamie Irons

River Cocytus said...

Physically, we require two things: Mass and Energy. Secondarily they must be in usable forms. For humans, our locomotion requires a continual supply of air (oxygen in a certain concentration.) Air acts as 'energy' to us. For mass we require food and water. But, koffee, Bob's description included 'air, food and water, AND energy.' I would say instead, Air, food and water for the individual, and resources for the differing levels of groups (family, church, community, market, state) which are also divided into mass and energy.

To deny that we need energy (in the form of 'energy resources') is to deny we need civilization.

I doubt you have ever read 'Wealth of Nations'-- for as 'pure' democracy is ultimately flattening and pointless, 'pure' capitalism is as well. What a true free market, or your dreaded 'capitalism' truly is, is a compromise between the chaotic creativity of the market principles and the orderly stasis of groups of differing levels and their requirements and regulations.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Amazing post Dr.
Right up my alley. Too many excellent parts to mention and hog up all the reply space here.

To Koffee Kritic,

In the opposite direction to Dr Bob’s work today, you are backward in almost every statement you make – except for the part about the Left being warped. I’ve addressed most of these in pervious posts and don’t have the energy today.

What is interesting though is how you give yourself away by neglect to mention the multi-leveled impact of 9/11. It became a whole new world after that day. Or did you forget?

Maybe I’m being too harsh. I see here that you say, “The Left is not entirely in the dark. There is a "daytime" element to it that needs to be preserved”.
And I’ll wager that the parts you like about the Left are actually not truly in the Left - as Dr Bob proves in today’s post.
Compassion, caring, love of the environment, concern – real caring – for the less fortunate…these things are already embraced by the Right and Conservatism.
Because these things make sense.

River Cocytus said...

A thought, perhaps offtopic, but -- my thought is that 'evolution' as a general principle works in outline as such:

System exists from prior iteration: or rather, bifurcation. it is seen that a new system arises-- that is, one that potentially contains data that was unavailable in the previous, at 'a certain distance from equilibrium'. Thus in order for this to occur, there must be a centrating principle at work, and a dispersive principle at work. When the proper 'balance' between the two is achieved, a new bifurcation happens (or is precipitated.) The result of it is unknown (from our standpoint) and potentially dangerous. Regardless it will bifurcate into two possibilities containing some mix of these properties: One destructive and one creative, one directional and one circular, one internalizing and one externalizing.

RE: the markets, the dispersive force is 'supply and demand' or whatever chaotic market principles there are, and regulation acts as a centrating force.

A balance of these forces precipitates new systems appearing; particularly technology. (Or philosophy!) The prime example I can think of in regards to the bifurcation is the two enlightenments.

But it is a rough-hewn argument at best.

Anonymous said...

Where would the left be without their projected racist fantasies of the po' hepless negro?

And a Magic Negro shall lead them.

Ricky Raccoon said...

“As Thomas Sowell has noted, liberal policies are guided by feeling -- in particular, a self-deluding "compassion" -- not by thought”

A little more on the difference between libs and conservatives.

A few years ago a youngster came to my door with a petition. Best I could gather, it was for the Clean Water Act and that was either coming up for renewal in Congress or tightening standards…I don’t recall.

He wanted me to sign it.

I refused.

He was outraged. How could anyone be against the Clean Water Act?!

I told him I wouldn’t sign it because I hadn’t read it.

I’m not going to vote for something because it sounds good.

Hmmm. Progressive - that sounds good. Democrat – that sounds like democracy – sign me up. People’s Republic of China – ‘People’s’ Republic – must be good.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Well, the Cosmos is at it again.
Seems the Scientismists don’t know everything after all.

Incredible images…don’t miss ‘em.

Dazzling new images reveal the 'impossible' on the Sun

Gandalin said...

Dear Bob,

"I don't get your point"

Nothing much, I just think that the night is as luminous as the day to the One who created both, and of course the concepts of "sleep" and "dream" don't really apply to Him. The "dark side" and the "shadow" etc. just seem like over-worked metaphors.

To me, the left is more of a Bizarro-world version of what it thinks it is.

Another Bob said...

You wrote
"the environmentalists would allow millions to die as a result of the catastrophic effect on the global economy, including food production."

Actually, I believe the death of
(nearly) all humans was one of the
stated goals of some of the leaders
of the environmental movement.

Give my regards to Petey.

-Another Bob

Ricky Raccoon said...

Dr Bob,

You think you don't have any readers?
Sheesh! I don't have a one.

But then again how could I?
I've barely told a soul...

This 'coon's been working in the shadows over at:

The site will be centered on the American Revolution - its metaphysical reflections of the Bible and the order of the Cosmos. I believe the Founders still offer us much needed perspective on the struggles of our time – and I intend to do what I can to lend a hand with its delivery.

The site will also touch on these reflections in art, music - heck the Cosmos - topics I know almost nothing about but would like to know at least twice as much.

The posts will be delivered in doses sized just for me - and potential 'coons (but don’t know it yet) who may juuuust be about ready for an introduction to the subject matter treated in this manner.

Sort of an intro to One Cosmos but with an added dash of American Revolution.

Dr. Bob - you gave birth to another happy, healthy young 'coon.
And you didn't even know you had it in you.

All fellow 'coons, March fourth!
...over to my den.
And let me know what you think of the 'so far'.

With a few intro posts there now, I think I've got the foundation established well enough that I'm pleased with it and that I think readers can tell where it’s headed.
It should be ready now too for constructive criticism.
Stop by and leave a note...even if only a Glasr salute ;-)!
I'd be honored.

Anonymous said...

don't I count?
; )

walt said...

Bob, you mentioned yesterday that a 'Coon should never be bitter, and I appreciate the good cheer, and Light-heartedness, that so often appears in your posts.

And yet...

Perhaps I am a bit "too informed" about socio-cultural events - for when I bump against what you called "this codependent idiot compassion," or view "the destruction wrought by (leftist) policies,", let's just say I don't react well. So posts like today's help get the issues very clear, and the "clarity" Lightens things up. Which is nice.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Please pardon my funny at your expense.
I appreciate all two of us.

But seriously, thanks for dropping by.
..and Van, Ben and Robinstafish.

Jacob C. said...

Conservatives, because they generally have lives, don't have time to stage pseudo-events called "demomstrations" in which the unwashed carry around signs bearing the ungrammatical.

Incidentally, this also explains why Wikipedia and other "open-source" knowledge bases display such a profound bias in manners spiritual and political - the conservatives have actual things to do with their lives, better things than sitting around making sure Wikipedia maintains its neutrality (whatever you think neutral may be).

ms. e said...

I visited your den before I read your inaugural announcement here. I found the link at Ben's.

You've answered the call from above and I gno all
manner of strength and support will flow your way.

Van said...

koffee kritic,
Judging by the rest of your comment, it seems entirely possible that you aren't aware of the first error you made (after all the letters do sound similar), so I'll just point out that Coffee and Critic are both spelled with a 'C'.

If you're going to try and make yourself look good by association with statements like "We're intelligent people", don't precede it with so much proof to the contrary.

line judge said...

Wow Van. You're (so) cynical, you must be smart.

Apply the "so" at the source of pain.

Van said...

line judge said... "Wow Van. You're (so) cynical, you must be smart."

Cynical? Hold on, let me re-read the words... hmmm... no, wait, let me check where the words came from... no... nope... cynics still make me roll my eyes & groan, even laugh a wee bit at them, but no interest in being or practicing...that....

You know, I don't think that word, it means what you think it means....

joan of argghh! said...


I'm just along for the ride these last few days, being fairly gobsmacked by the last 3 posts--- and by Dilys' excellent additions. Honestly, you provide excellent daily bread, but when Dilys shows up, we all know there's gonna be some jammin' extras to savor.

I must've bookmarked all of this series, waiting for a week or two when I can sit back and make them sink into my sub-coonscious.

But you will keep on writing and I'll keep falling woefully behind the rest of the den. Sigh.

Meanwhile, work is my present reality/dream/death. Except for my lunchtime repast with Bob and den-denizens of OC, I wouldn't have the heart to face it all every day.

dilys said...

[Shucks, Joan, aw, oh shoot, sheesh, and I figured I was pretty much the old-lady pariah muttering woe!, woe! in the smoky corner near the crossroads while the young bucks lark for a bit...Anyhoo]

Here is an interesting post at Chicagoboyz of sideways relevance to OC. A geographer's review of a book on conservative rituals, male initiation, and other good stuff a bit more concrete as a supplement to OC's fine high rhetoric of the spheres.

Does anyone else have the fantasy that if (s)he had the education bit to do over, it'd be geography? Because it has some tenuous but continuing connection with dirt and the earth and real trajectories of motion, it hasn't been hijacked by the postmoderns as anthropology has.

"Conservatives need conservative culture theory to better understand the social institutions and practices that are necessary to conserve conservative goods like community, authority, piety, solidarity, and manliness. Conservatism must become [among a few of its better apologists (d.)], in spite of its own best instincts, more theoretical, if only to understand how and why it must become more conservative."

line judge said...

OK Van. There's forests and there's trees, but... Self is the only judge that counts, after all. No harm, no foul.

Van said...

dilys said "I figured I was pretty much the old-lady pariah muttering woe!, woe! in the smoky corner near the crossroads while the young bucks lark for a bit..."

In case there's any confusion I echo Joan of Argghh!'s comments all the way!

Van said...

Line Judge said "No harm, no foul."

That makes the score 'Love', right?


Bob said...

Best truth: "They changed the name to progressivism to conceal the fact that it was really the same old whine of socialism in a new bottle!"

Van said...

Taking a random dive into the Knowa's Archive, found this: "But it takes two to tango to a tangle of pathology, and it is always tempting to overpathologize the abuser and underpathologize the abused, when the dysfunctional system needs both parties in order to function as a national rescue party -- to party heartily (or in the end, heartlessly). Masochists are on the lookout for sadists, driven to find their missing half just as much as the sadist seeks the weak masochist."

I was having a similar thought this week with our 'raucous caucus' here in St. Charles, mo. Most of the things Tea Partiers & Libertarians were upset at the Conservatives over, and what all three were upset with the Democrats & Govt over, were on display from each, to each other. Pre-Planned 'spontaneous' responses, pre-determined outrage, agreeing to be 'fair minded' by nominating folks from other candidates groups in order to manipulate the caucus - their fellow citizens - into voting 'the right way' and tanking the person 'the people' might actually have chosen to choose... where would a bruised and bloodied elephant be without a mean ol' media and Dem to beat them? Why, beating themselves, of course.

People who have a need to find people who are doing wrong to them, often just seem to have a need for wrong being done to them by the right people... when possible, or whoever is available in a pinch.

Politicians... amazing how political people think the term doesn't apply to themselves as well as the people they support/hate.