Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Memo From Dear Leader (Updated)

Yes, that was going to be the title of today's entertaining post, but I can't freaking believe that I lost it again. I don't even know how it happened this time, but Mrs. G., my tech support, is trying to recover it.

My computer died a few weeks back, so I got a new one for Christmas. I hadn't installed word processing yet, so I was just writing my posts on the email, and then copying them to the blog. Unlike the last time I lost a post, I saved about a hundred times as I was writing it. Bottom line question: is my saved email somewhere inside my computer? Or is it lost forever? Mrs. G is currently doing a file search. Any other ideas? By the way, it's a Mac.

In any event, if I can't recover it, I'll just have to post a golden oldie.


I give up. For now. I'm just too busy to try it figure it out now, but I may still be able to recover it later, as your Dear Leader actually built the world's first computer out of used bottle caps and baling wire, even while shooting 19 in a round of golf (Petey distracted me on the 15th hole!) so this should be a snap.


Dear Leader


Anonymous said...

If you wrote it in mac mail and saved, it should be in your "drafts" folder. If your mailboxes aren't visible, go to "view" at the top of the screen, then select "show mailboxes".

You might also be able to find it by entering the title in the query box in "finder" (or whatever the latest OSX version is - searchlight, maybe? I'm using OSX version 3.9, so the interface is slightly different.

I don't know if this was helpful; if you saved, it should be in the system somewhere. Good luck finding it!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if the lost post still exists - I am strongly wishing for its recovery - but it does inspire some some interesting meta/philosophical speculation. Where does the candle flame go when it is extinguished?, etc. Has the post returned to the Great Electronic Sea of Potentiality where it awaits another actualization? Or is lurking somewhere in the 'puter as an actualized archetype?

Meanwhile, we could have a devour-our-young BBQ.

Gecko said...

Gee, Will, I didn't realize your rather Native Hawaian proclivity for tasty haole treats.

Anonymous said...


Have you tried chanting Meckaleckahighmeckahinyho while eating poi?

Anonymous said...

Darn! I gotta run!
Well, actually I'm driving, because Oscar Von Spock has an appointment with the Weiner dog doctor.

Mahi-mahi y'all!

Anonymous said...

If you are using mail and don't find it in your other mailboxes, go to the users folder, then the folder with your name, then the the library folder, then the mail folder to mailbox. Use the dropdown icon and open. The mail messages are stored there.
With Eudora, the mail in in the documents folder.
You can use Textedit that comes with your Mac until you install your word processor. It's in the applications folder. Just cut and paste.

Anonymous said...

Geck O'Feeder -

Really, I'm of Celt/Irish extraction, as clearly you are yourself. We prefer those really elaborate human sacrifices, but we usually draw the line re eating them.

NoMo said...

uss ben - wow, I never would have pegged you as a fan of Pee Wee's Playhouse. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Heh! My secretary tells me I have a few more minutes.

I read that in an old Captain America comic book, long before Paul, I mean Pee-Wee swiped it.

My kids used to watch his show.
One is now a psychologist.

Anonymous said...

Is it a Big Mac?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Van Harvey said...

You know those cute & clever PC/MAC commercials? Not quite true to life, as it turns out. Kind of have a post- odernist spin to them... you know, scruffy & flawed = ideal; clean & orderly = repressed & bad?

I wouldn't want to offend you MAC folks out there, but (you might want to think about a PC).

I'm just sayin'

Lisa said...

Mac is definitely the way to go. I had nothing but trouble with PCs and now my Mac is problem free.

Van Harvey said...

I couldn't resist, just teasin'

NoMo said...

Whew, I was worried today's dukeout was going to be PC vs Mac.

Lisa said...

can't we just find a way to integrate maybe MC? ;0)

NoMo said...

re: update. Yeah, Bob, and I bet you also invented the internet.

Anonymous said...

The Mac vs. PC debate is irrelevant now since you can run Windows natively on the new Intel Macs. Mac users can now get all the Windows viruses too but I think it only infects their Windows OS.

Van Harvey said...

Ahh! We've run out of Jung Children to eat... not we're turning on our computers! Is this what Cosmosis has come to?! The Horror!

Anonymous said...

Dears, in lieu of Dr. Godwin's regrettably absent daily missive, why don't we be good boys and girls now and play the British game of Please Mr. Crocodile?

One person is 'Mr Crocodile' and the other people say "Please Mr Crocodile can we cross your Golden River".

'Mr Crocodile' replies with something like "Only if you are wearing something blue".

If you are wearing that colour you can move on one step. When you reach the other side, you are the next Mr Crocodile.

This was one of Colonel Beaglehole's favorite games at Waterfowl Manor in the mid-1980's, shortly after he had been removed from the House of Lords. He always demanded that I never speak of his great love for "Mr Crocodile", but it was so charming of him, I cannot help but reveal it.

River Cocytus said...

Phooey. Guess I'll just have to continue backing up our websites.

By the way, the prototype for the River Site is Here.

It's mostly just the template for the final site (the Winter style) but that is more or less what it will look like. Comments are welcomed.

As for recovering lost data, my method is usually to sulk for an hour and them redo the whole thing.

Not so helpful in this case, though.

Anonymous said...


As a mac user:

I work online. Even when I'm working up a snappy comeback to some bloggoon. In Google. In a program called "docs and spreadsheets". It's free, you already have it on your computer every time you get online.

Open www.google.com. Establish a gmail account for yourself (even if you never intend to use it) (but you will. It's a great & free email service with practically unlimited email storage and it can search your mail using the same search technology that it uses to search the web. Very handy when you want to find a phrase once used in a posting). Once you do that, you have access to "docs and spreadsheets". Use it just like a word processor. You can format, use html, and even publish directly to your blog, if I'm not mistaken.

The best part about it (besides that it's free) is that it autosaves every 7 seconds or so.
The other best part is that you can access your documents from any computer with a web connection. Just like your blog.

I will say this: beware the mac. It will force you to re-evaluate the rules as you thought you knew them. Not such a bad thing, actually. Even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

Anonymous said...


A gmail account, and thusly "docs and spreadsheets", has no political bias or religious affiliation. It works equally well on PC or Mac. And I believe you can configure it to go out and find any POP email account. Whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Dear Leader,

It's cool, so long as we can sit here quietly, in rapt expectation of the next communication from the bounteous expanse of your inimitable mind.

The afterglow of your near-atomic powers of communication is enough to enlighten us for at least another 24 hours, so don't bother yourself with the mundanities and lowliness of our needs. We are happy to just be here, non-integrated, mirror-free, and blissfully blind to our blindness.

Anonymous said...

Since we're on spiritual hiatus today, share with me in Bronco Nation joy, a mythical place that just happens to be real:
The Best Football Game Ever

And I second the use of Google docs and spreadsheets - an extremely useful tool.

Anonymous said...

Cosanostradamus ~

I'm one of the who-knows-how-many daily silent readers of One Cosmos. And I'm also an avid Sooner Fan.

Yes, I absolutely hate it that we lost last night, but I can't help but heap all kinds of praise and admiration for what the Broncos did. I won't belly-ache about how the Sooners didn't bring their A-game, I'll just concede that your Broncos whup'd our collective patooties and did so royally.

Damn good game . . . dammit!

Anonymous said...


Ixnay on the arbe-que-bay. Save it for the annual Raccoon Convention, because without something better to do we'll have to listen to Bob go on and on about Raccoon Point. And you just know he'll make us sing the theme song over and over while we motor up the river.

Meanwhile, the Lost Post brings up the Serendipity factor of Disappointment. Some Christians like to say, "Disappointments are His appointments." Perhaps this Lost Post is merely in a state of Cosmic Karma, seeking its true incarnation into abiding logos. It's not lost, it's just enjoying the scenery and not asking for directions. When it arrives at long last, just think of the richer and more interesting things it will relate.

Yes, let's just sit in the sun of this moment and expect that a Good Post has become a Great Post.

Om is where the heart is.

Anonymous said...

while you're waitin read the front page of the nyt where admin officials admit they were "totally overtaken by events" in 2006...i.e. they have no idea what to do. And W is in deep Captain Queeg mode.

happy new year

Anonymous said...

That's okay. The New York Times was overtaken by reality at about noon on January 20, 1981, and hasn't heard from it since.

Anonymous said...

Saw the gmail suggestion, good except "typing" can still be inadvertently deleted. Peering into the future I see you purchasing and installing NortonSystemsWorks. So long as you never run Gubmint Wipe over your free space anything and everything is still on that hard disk, can be found, resurrected.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Dupree: NYT is still in Denial & disavows all knowledge of that brush with Reality. And everything else sane.

They've since been placed on the PsychoNet watch list, under surveillance, and diagnosed with MEPD: A fatal media-virus whose Symptoms include: Chronic spiritual & mental deterioration w/advanced onset of Stage 4 disease later in life as it insidiously robs its victims of thinking capacity, reduces & reverses ones spiritual maturity back to infanthood. Diagnosed in subscriber-addicts as "MEPD: MEdia Psychosis Disorder" where patients typically deny Reality exists and insists that all is relative, nothing is Absolute.

[A certain Mr. Lucius Wormwood, MEdia Magnate of MMI - "Me Myself & I: Documentary of a MEdia Mongrel" fame & fortune; Head-Guru for The RCA: Religious Churches in America, otherwise known as "Six Flags over Jeezuz" - is NYTs Founder & Chief Operating Officer. Chief Financial Officer. Chief Executive Officer. Chief Propaganda Officer, et al.

MEPD IS fatalistic & deadly to certain segments of population who are already cognitively & develop-mentally impaired. Morbidity rate currently rising to Pandemic levels. Preys upon arrogant, immoral, egotistical, scholarly inept, non-reading, projectionists, relativistic, hard-helmet-headed spiritually retarded & blind segments of population w/Extreme Prejudice.

Infects targeted reader-victims silently, mostly in Mornings when people are more easily hypnotized by its seductive voice during the daily work commute to the Office when they are not yet fully awake. Stupor, mental dullness & slackjaw set in.

Typical incubation period is extensive & longer than for other viruses, gradually brainwashing & psychosizing Infectees gradually but steadily.

Balanced Realists are immune & less susceptible to its infectious charms, oddly enuf. It can be seen they still Wisely avoid it like The Plague.

Psychologically, MEPD readily destroys the mind & reasoning faculties, much like fungus on bread infects the minds of ones who eat it over time.

[Why do you think Little Caesars calls theirs - "Crazy Bread??"]

There is no known reversal for MEPD since its a voluntary psychosis & a slow form of Spiritual Suicide, highly virulent & contagious.

NYT IS entirely safe to continue to use as camping toilet paper, fireplace fuel, baby raccoon & catbox liners, etc. though. It failed to pass the Porcelain Throne Reading Test - it made Realists laff their a**es off so much they couldn't, ah, "pray & take care of business" in that Sacred Place.

- PrincessSpirit -

Anonymous said...

Blind folk don't read the NYT!
Get a grip!
And, it is not safe to use as toilet paper!
I went through a case of
Preparation H(TM)
after using the NYT
on a camping trip (it just so happens I was a victim of Montezuma's Revenge(TM) after eating Crazy Bread(TM) and drinking bad tequila.

BTW, I just called to say I love you Dame Edna!

Anonymous said...

Cher Bob,
If you have a mac you have word processing. It is right there in your applications folder. It is called text edit and it is swift and sure and has spellcheck and ever-ting.

Just open the applications folder and drag it to your dock. Then just open it up.

Hear me now or hear me later: "Those who do not save keystrokes are doomed to repeat them."

Google apps are fine but you will not always have internet connectivity.

Should you desire a word processor with more bells and whistles than Text edit -- one that can read and translate Word files (Important sooner or later) you could do a lot worse than Mariner Write


Very robust and pretty and easy to use. Free download for try before buy.

Should you wish to mainline writing and get rid of everything except the glowing words on the screen -- full zen word processing and a pleasure -- you need to look at Writeroom which has a full screen editing feature. It is at


The outliner/ notetake that is a MUST HAVE especially if you like to keep notes from web pages/blogs with the urls intact is:

Notetaker: it is found at


free download try before buy etc. Take my word on this one because I've tried them all and this is the one that works.


Anonymous said...


Mr. Vanderleun!

The man!

The best writer in the blogosphere!

Hi Mr. Vanderleun!

Anonymous said...

Gmail Search tools? Ack! Phhht!

Norton Systemworks? AAAAA!!!!

PC / Mac wars indeed.

Debian or Redhat please. No Bezerkley Standard, ATT, or Slowaris for me!

No Gnome Desktops either!

Mac runs both OS versions as it is running Windoze as an API by using Wine -since OS X is a Linux Kernel based system -is probably what it is doing.

Very useful, is Codeweavers Wine configuration script (if you must have both) under *nix systems.

Hint: build it in a static account -then all you have to do is copy over "windows" to some user, change the ownership on the file stack and hack a few files you could add to your adduser script.

Instant MS Office Desktop under X Windows.

But thats only if you like MS Nerd or NerdPerfect.

With so much better and cool open source stuff -why bother?

When I worked for a newspaper as their DBA, Kevin, the resident hackmaster and I conspired and I managed to port over every application we had to (then) Redhat 9. Imagine that? A whole organisation running on non Gatesware?

The old IBM mainframers in the shop would have none of that!

Knoppix is very cool too.

--Proud to be Gates Free


Anonymous said...

Oh, and POP stands for "Post Office Protocol" -usually with a version tacked onto it.

POP3 for example.

SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol -is what does the sending, POP does the receiving -well in most cases.

Have some fun:


All Raccoonzes should own at least one blue LED bathroom faucet light!


Anonymous said...

..and one of my all time favorite sites -if you are entrenched in the corporate world...



Anonymous said...

Dear Vanderleun,
As Bob's tech support person, I was grateful for your (and the other) suggestions. I checked into the program you mentioned and was planning on getting it for GB, but then saw that Pages has many levels of undo.

But my suggestion to GB, which he was a little too framisched to fully appreciate this afternoon, was to compose in email (saving frequently) and then email the post to himself and cc me. Once he receives the email, he can then safely copy and paste the post onto the blog since he can't delete it at that point; meanwhile, I can archive it.

I think he'll come to see the elegant simplicity of that suggestion as soon as I can get the point across.

Thanks so much!
Mrs. G

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the great suggestions and moral support on this trying day for GB's tech support department, AKA Mrs. G.

I just bought him FileSalvage or something like that, will get him Pages (word processor) in the near future, and came up with a very effective and simple way for him to never let this happen again (involving emailing the post to himself and me.) It's been a long day!

Thank you and Happy New Year!
Mrs. G

Anonymous said...

Bobcam's Razor: The simplest solution to any computer problem is most likely the best.

Playing off of Vanderleun's closing "word", someone could have a lot of fun with the 1st chapter of John, changing references to Bob and computers in there.

Anonymous said...

My dear Ben:

You must remind me to relate to you the story of when Gerard and I volunteered for the Lysergic trials at Stanford in '66.

As they say, you never really know a man until you have huddled with him behind a divan in the dark, waiting until the hungry pterodactyl saw fit to fly off the roof of the cabin we rented that summer. No matter the time or distance that has come between us, we have the custom of exchanging pleasantries every bicyle day, April 19.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben, please remind the Colonel to similarly tell you of the trans-Atlantic phone call he placed to me during that very same time when he was smoking his LDS. I was at a luncheon held by the Daughters of Blavatsky Association - I was acting secretary at the time, I believe - when I was paged by the manager of Tavern-on-the-Thames who, with grim-face, informed me that "that sotted Beaglehole is on the phone".

I did my duty and picked up the phone. Screaming and weeping so loudly that his voice seemed to be issuing from the walls, the Colonel begged me to protect him from "the Great Fox Spirit", which in the Colonel's febrile state of mind, was at the moment seeking to punish the Colonel for his participation in the fox hunts that were occasionally conducted on Manor grounds.

I mollified the Colonel by reminding him that his personal culpability was quite minimal as his horse always managed to catapult him into the brambles shortly after the chase had begun.

Does rather diminish the Hemmingway-esque romance of Beaglehole's remembrance, does it not?

Oh, and dear Mr. Wonder, thank you indeed for your "fan letter".
There is an American entertainer, le Africain, who shares your name, is there not?