Monday, December 25, 2006

A Christmas Message from Dupree

Cousin Bob is taking the day off, but has authorized me to lay down the pliers, set aside the blow torch, and shout out "Merry Christmas" to both troll and non-troll alike -- for today, as much as I hate to admit it, we are all "brothers under the pelt."

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for taking me in after Katrina and providing me with those three precious things that make anyone's life meaningful: something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to mock. It would have been nice for all concerned if there had been a fourth thing -- I am referring, of course, to the murphy bed in the garage -- but we'll let that go.

As you know, Bob is generally creeped out by praise (he undoubtedly likes to believe this makes him "transcendent" when it really just makes him neurotic, IMO). However, it means a great deal to him that those for whom the blog is intended enjoy it, and I can see that he is always deeply touched to hear from readers who testify to the, er... what the hell, it's Christmas -- the wondrous benefits of joining El Maestro in his daily verticalisthenics and mental gymgnostics. In fact, he says it keeps him going, as he feels a certain responsibility to not let them down. He has no interest in being well known, but he would definitely like to reach that tiny but underserved audience of Cosmic Raccoons scattered around the globe ever since our great diaspora after the Atlantis fiasco. Kind of puts Katrina in perspective, don't it?

Anyway, I don't know what the next year will bring me -- the vagaries of interstate extradition laws being what they are -- but I hope yours is filled with light, love, and especially slack. Because let's face it, without slack, you can't have much of a spiritual life, and one thing all of our adversaries share -- both domestic and foreign -- is a desire to diminish or destroy our sacred slack.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone. You are a blessing to GB but also to me. It means so much that others appreciate him and what he is trying to do.

I look forward to hearing from everyone in the coming year. May it be a blessed and healthy one for all,

With love,
Mrs. G

SC&A said...

The three of us thank you for the secret message that has caused us to reflect and will inspire each of us in the coming year.

1. "...something to do," (Alfred)
2. "...something to look forward to." (Carl)
3. "...someone to mock." (Siggy)

We are humbled and grateful.Thanks to you, we have found meaning.

A word of advice, GB, Dupree's mother has a record of suing.

His Indian cousin, Gupree, has a record of dinnertime telephone solicitation and his sister, Boopree, works for Citibank customer service.

Finally, I was in receipt of a gift that allows me to reach transcendental heights, one that allows to more fully appreciate your wisdom.

That's right, I got a tickle me Elmo.

I am founding Bubba's Ashram of Bliss, and will open a hot dog stand, so that I might address both the horizontal and verticals aspects of my reality.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and spiritually prosperous New Year.

Amadeo said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

As for me, I got the best gift ever, courtesy of only daughter, the book, One Cosmos Under God. Now safely “encased” in one of those hardy plastic covers reserved for those expensive schedulers available in store.

Now, if I could only finish reading and ingesting all the blog entries I have to catch up with. But I’m getting close. Have already printed out the entire 1st quarter of 2006.

A million thanks for your wisdom-filled thoughts and for the readers for their typically equally challenging thoughts.

ximeze said...

Kudo go to you, Mrs G, for keeping Our Fearless Leader grounded enough to have at least one foot in this dimension & you no doubt make an excellent chromosome buffer (they just WILL teach their sons all those nasty guy things.)

Sometimes I worry that he will start bubbling up, begin one of those volcanic chain reaction thingies & effervesce himself right out into some another plane, out of our reach.

As I'm sure you know, a gaze of raccoons can get into plenty of trouble without proper supervision and a sturdy playpen.

Besides, knowing that your therapist is nuttier than you are has a salubrious effect.

Hopefully Gagboy is now well enough to have had a raucous good time under the tree. Did Savannah get reindeer antlers, perhaps in a lovely Holstein ensamble?

Be sure to post pics for our enjoyment. Love those.

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas to everyone! I also wanted to thank whoever sent the raccoon to my front window 2 nights ago to say hello. This may not be a big deal for all you country cousins but us city folk don't see many raccoons in this barrio. I also heard footsteps last night on my roof. Not sure if it was Santa or the Raccoon? Although, Santa should know better because I have a fake fireplace! I feel blessed to be included in such a cool community site such as this and consider each of you a friend, thanks again. Let the mocking begin....

Van Harvey said...

A strange and unique new thing, these virtual communities; but the affection felt is not virtual at all.

Merry Christmas, and a Slacky New Year!!!

Gecko said...
The above is a bobblehead MUST:Ayman Zawaheri ( Aqueda 's second in command) after hanging at OC(anonomously, of course)
Merry Christmas, and thankyou Petey, SC&A,Cousin Dupree,Will, Will, Will, Ben,Ximeze, Lisa,Van for, umm,
everything. Oh, and especially Mrs G and Gagboy. It all just feels (opps, sorry) so . . . right. Oh dear, they're getting the hook. There so many more to thank but there is always St Agnes Day for that

Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year back at ya.
I know it's been hard but I see it as a blessing that Katrina flushed you out of that swamp down in Missippi and that Bob took you in.
Hopefully he's rubbin' off on you some; you was too heavy into the vooodooo. And them nasty pet snakes is back free in the bayou.
Gotta say though I will miss the fresh caught crawfish you served up. Now them was gooood

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a post-turkey slack-attack coming on.

God bless you, Mrs. G. I don't know what the vertical version of the "behind every great man there is a great woman" saying is, Perhaps it is "Inspiring every great man..."?...but whatever it is, it applies to you.

Welcome Amadeo!

Nova said...

Merry Christmas to all!

(How long does it take to become a Racoon? Can I bribe Dupree or something?)

River Cocytus said...

Merry Christmas y'all! How suitable that the holidays Channukah (festival of lights) and Christmas with its many-lumenned displays -- would be for the Father of Lights himself (as James would have said had he seen them!)

The output of the trees was luxorious! (And the accommodations at one of our elder's houses was luxurious. -- Especially the crab dip!)


There is no Raccoon
But the one within yourself
First steal some shinies

(But don't get your hand stuck in a trap!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the humorous yet spiritually stimulating post, Cuz!
Humor...healthy humor is a critical component of my spiritual and material journey.

Merry Christmas and a Transcendent New Year to all of my Cosmic Raccoon Sisters and Brothers and to all the Lurkers, Visitors, the Cosmic Raccoon Auxillary Squad, and all of you Trolls, who are attracted to Bob's writing for an unknown reason they are trying to find (I hope you find it).

Thank you Mrs. G!
I hope and pray overabundant Joy, Happiness, Health, Prosperity, and Peace upon your family!

That goes for all of my fellow Quester's for Truth!
I feel a certain kinship, a spiritual bond to you guys and gals.

I have grown, and gained much wisdom
from you all, and I thank you for freely giving that precious knowledge and great idea's to contemplate!

You all have keen minds, and shining spirits and it is an honor for me to know you in a horizontally limited but Vertically Eternal Way.

I look forward to seeing you all at Slackamania!


Anonymous said...

One last Christmas poem, actually more of a Good Friday poem, but it all inter-relates, I'm sure we agree, for '06, there will be no more (I am merciful) - Merry Christmas to all!


For many years now
The sun has been darkening
To an angry red eye.
Once the sun was yellow,

Lord of the sandy dune,
Wise King over the sea.
Now the sun is vulcan –
The King has gone insane –

Long ago, the sun darkened
Over vulpine Rome and
True light entered the
Caves of the world and all things

Green and growing, entered every
Vessel's marrow, so that each and
All could be lamps lit
From within –

Lord sun darkens again
As the world weeps like those once orphaned
At the foot of the Cross,
Yet - even the angry sun blushes

As True Light slowly enters the world
Like a shy prince investigating the
Corridors of his palace before his Coronation Day -

Van Harvey said...

Will, you got the touch.

Anonymous said...

thank you, Van - many have pointed out that I am indeed touched.

Anonymous said...

VAN: Theres a Princess missive on your blog! :D

WILL: Whatta wonderful way you have with words!

You definitely touch people w/them. You Right-brained guys are such a wonder!! Thanks for satisfying your fans (like me!) :D

~ PsychoPrincess ~

Anonymous said...


That is a cool, and hot, poem!
It lit me up!

Anonymous said...

Skully's catch 'O the day is frying at my new bog.

Huh? Blog? Skully doesn't do blogs, he does bogs.

I don't care! I'm a pirate!

This is a breech of contract!

Oh. Umm...anyway, click Ben's name and check out the fresh pickin's.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I discovered this!

From what psych ward are you allowed to blog, and how long has it been since you started hiding your meds under your tongue and spitting them out after your attendant leaves?

Bob, arrogant? Only in the way of a mental patient.

Gagdad Bob said...

I can't believe you discovered me either! But welcome to my ward.