Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Waiting for the Miracle or Something

That's it: no more posts until further gnosis, or until there is a spontaneous eruption of aggravated logorrhea. I don't want to write just for the sake of writing. Rather, one must respect the rhythm of inspiration, which has its own annoying logic. It doesn't start and stop at our convenience.

There are never too many writers, only too many people who write.  

And we don't want to sink into the latter category. 

Human activity has its technical side and its miraculous side. In the former, a certain act produces a predictable result; in the latter, the effect is not commensurate with its cause. The technical procedure is effectively constant, whereas there are no rules for writing noble verse.

I won't say I'm waiting for a miracle, let alone noble verse. Rather, I'll settle for an interesting book. Part of the problem is a run of uninspiring books that just haven't been blogworthy. I have a couple of promising ones arriving later in the week, but we'll see. Meanwhile, enjoy the slack. 


julie said...

Happy slacking!

ted said...

Here's a book rec for you Bob...

Lost in the Chaos

A play on the Walker Percy book, but more updated for today's afflictions and some potential catholic cures. Well written in my view.

Gagdad Bob said...

Looks interesting. Thanks for the tip. At the moment I'm still thinking about yesterday's post on language, only in the context of certain ground-floor influences such as Polanyi and Stanley Jaki. The miracle of language presupposes everything else, although it is tied in with the equally miraculous categories of subjectivity, intelligibility, and meaning. We'll get to the bottom of this yet.

common sense bob said...

Here's a book for you, Bob

Unspoken Sermons, George MacDonald



Van Harvey said...

I was glad to see this didn't last. Again. 😎

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