Friday, November 19, 2021

My Head is a Landing Strip

Being that I am no longer subject to the constant deustraction of the Conspiracy, my head has become a full time landing strip for vertical murmurandoms. They're constantly buzzing my tower, but I'm just the air traffic controller. 

Here comes one now! 

Wait. I think this one must have been diverted from Deepak International. It's requesting to land in my head because his is completely full of it.

Let's see... Translating from the original sans-wit, it's telling me life consists only of moments, and that the human moment -- every oneavum for everyoneavus -- is the conscious bisection of time by eternity. 

Here comes another. It's been taxiing around up there for over 15 years, but no one will listen: 

Cap'n Huxley speaking: here & now, boys, here & now. Reverse worldward descent and cross the bridge of darkness to the father shore; on your left is the dazzling abode of immortality, on your right the shimmering gate of infinity. Return your soul to its upright position and exsanguish all (me)mories, we're in for a promised landing. Touching down in shantitown, reset your chronescapes and preprayer for arrisall. 

I don't know whether to be embarrassed or mortified. Better check for drugs. 

Now that this thought is siting on the tarmacbook, it occurs to me that most of the truly memorable moments we recall from life are recalled as moments for precisely this reason, i.e., because of the vertical crosscurrents that blew through them. It's what makes them memorable.

And it works both ways, for what is trauma but an irruption from below, perpetuating a hellish moment that retains echoes of hell long after the moment has ended? 

No one knows where thoughts come from, because such knowledge would constitute another thought and thus really bug the quester. 

But let's propose an answer anyway and suggest that to entertain true thoughts -- AKA Truth -- is to participate in God, which is to say, Ultimate Reality. 

According to Thomas, "The human soul possesses such an abundance of various powers because it dwells on the borders of spiritual and material being," and "our intellect in understanding is extended to infinity." Putting these together, we might say that Infinitude (the first side effect of the Absolute) passes the border between pure spirit and matter, and extends down into man. And here we are.

This is precisely why, as Thomas says, "the intellect is therefore naturally capable of knowing everything that exists" -- to which I would only add supernaturally naturally capable.

Indeed, to say nature is to say supra- or transnature, otherwise we could never say it. No joke! In other words, to recognize nature is to have transcended it -- analogous to the recognition that even the itsiest bitsy of living matter represents a shocking ontological break from the mayaterial world. From the perspective of vertically, not only does Life = Matter + X, but more importantly, Matter = Life - (minus) X.

So, what is X? Y, wouldn't U like to Z! 

I suppose I first encountered this way of looking at things in E.F. Schumacher's Guide for the Perplexed, which I must have read waaaaay back when this whole adventure started around the late discolithic era. 

Not only was I a puerplexed lad of 25, but I was a coors-carrying idiot, in the literal sense of being rude, simple, ignorant, unskilled, and unschooled. Indeed, I was literally an unskilled laborer, laboring in a supermarket until I was 33 years old. Or as they say today, a hero.

Of course, in the long run, my utter vacuity turned out to be an asset, in that I had little in the way of faulty programming to deprogram or indoctrination to undoctrinate. That actually came later, once I made contact with Planet Higher Education. There were... let's see... over seven years of overlap between the supermarket and graduate school, in that I paid for the latter via the former. 

Speaking of which, it turns out I worked long enough as a retail clerk to qualify for a pension, for which I just put in the paperwork. This will amount to an additional $700 a month. To celebrate this modest windfall, I used the first installment to upgrade my subwoofer in the slackatoreum, from an SVS-2000 to the SVS-3000. The former already changed my life, so I can't imagine what the latter will do. It arrives today. I'll keep you posted. 

I frankly don't understand how people can live without a subwoofer -- not any old thump-thump subwoofer, but a musical one which, among other things, renders the music present to the body. The music then reaches the soul via both the ears and the skin. 

Let's redirect Bob's wavering attention and dig out his old G. for the P'ed. Lots of notes in the margins & end pages, meaning it must have stimulated the noggin. Any notes worth mentioning, or are they all embarrassing juvenilia? 

Interesting: here are the traces of a sentiment that has haunted me up to the present, where I scribbled to myself:

Why start with physics? What is the essential difference between animate and inanimate?

What this signifies is the dawning awareness that physics isn't metaphysics, nor can metaphysics be derived from it. Rather, the other way around. Oh, it's round alright. But there's no logical reason to begin at the bottom of the circle, and every reason to begin at the top. 

And once we turn the cosmos back right-side-up and outside-in, we see that there is no rational reason whatsoever to believe that Life is reducible to physics. Nor is there any reason to elevate physics to our paradigmatic science -- as if anything that isn't physics isn't real, or that the most real reality is what is given to the senses. Nonsense! And not the perfect kind.

True, knowledge begins in the senses, but it doesn't end there unless you have a particularly nasty case of tenure. In fact, matter requires something immaterial -- in a Word, form -- to render it intelligibly real.

Let's end with some aphorisms from the Master, relating to our original theme of celestial thoughts and terrestrial airports:

God is the guest of silence.

In man’s extreme solitude he perceives anew the touch of immortal wings.

In certain moments of abundance, God overflows into the world like a spring gushing into the peace of midday.

The soul is fed from what is mysterious in things.

We only dig the channels for flash floods.

Mysticism is the empiricism of transcendent knowledge.

We are saved from daily tedium only by the impalpable, the invisible, and the ineffable.

At a given moment, the most important place on earth can be a palace, a pigsty, or a cell.

Man only has importance if God speaks to him, and as long as God speaks to him.

Things are not mute. They merely select their listeners. 

The steps of grace startle us like the footsteps of someone passing by in the fog.



julie said...

At a given moment, the most important place on earth can be a palace, a pigsty, or a cell.

Heaven help us, he's just described the bedroom of the average teenage boy.

julie said...

Ok, having spoiled the moment, there is something in all of those aphorisms that helps let the sonlight in. Good things to coontemplate on a day of good news.

Gagdad Bob said...

Speaking of the uniformly anti-Kyle media: why is it not possible to shame a leftist? And is shamelessness a cause or consequence? Good subject for future post.

julie said...

Excellent questions.

We were actually watching CNN for a bit after the verdict, just to see how the enemedia were reacting. It was very surprising, in a good way, to see not only several guests but even one of the main correspondents (Sara Sidner; I'd never heard of her, but serious respect at least on this case) ripping apart the lies and point-blank saying that if you didn't understand the verdict, you weren't in the courtroom paying attention. They were actively defending Kyle and telling the truth. Wonders never cease.

The main female talking head, though, some angry blonde whose name I didn't see, sat there and listened with the worst case of RBF I've seen in a while. She looked like an angry NPC meme. They also had the token on-the-verge-of-tears black woman correspondent who was devastated because Jakob Blake. Almost completely incoherent, but I'm sure she appealed to the feels & racism crowd.

Interesting times.

julie said...

Totally normal (if you're a raging leftist) reactions

julie said...

Re. subwoofers, you're probably right. I'm listening to the Van Morrison song Vanderleun has posted today, but as it's only on ordinary headphones something is sorely lacking. Sometimes they are adequate, but this isn't one of those times.

Gagdad Bob said...

In March of 2020, with the lockdown ahead and the prospect of more time at home, I decided to upgrade my subwoofer. The incumbent was okay, but after doing some research settled on an SVS SB-2000, and it made a dramatic improvement in the overall presence of the music. The previous subwoofer could go down low, but not in a musical way. Good for explosions and collisions, though.

In any event, I don't mind pouring money into my hobby if it makes an audible difference and makes me happier, so I upgraded to the SB-3000, and it is even better, so I'm pretty much in audio heaven. They had an offer on amazon I couldn't refuse -- $300 off -- so I snapped one up. Here she is.

For some reason, audio is very much a guy thing. The only woman I know who's passionate about audio equipment is my ophthalmologist. Interestingly, she plays for the other team.

julie said...

I have an aunt who is passionately into old cars - fixing & admiring - and fishing. Also plays for the other team.

I’ll never forget going on a horrible date once as a teenager, the guy had just put in a new speaker system with extra bass, which of course he turned up to 11. Pretty sure everyone within a mile radius could hear us passing by. He was so proud; I was both baffled and temporarily deaf.

That said, good audio is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of horrible dates with men with small penises, I just dealt with my first transexual in a long time today at my local Home Depot. A 50-something original male with large tits. I did briefly entertain the notion of pushing my finger into one tit while saying “Beep!”, but realized this person knew their stuff when it came to electrical supplies. Good help can be hard to come by in that place.

Plus I didn’t want to get kicked out again. That time nobody knew where the diamond hole saws were, just pointed “over there” until I finally walked up to a manager- looking guy and exasperated: “Do any of you fuckers know where the goddamn diamond hole saws are?” Bad move. Turned out to be The Manager and I got kicked out. But at least today, both Home Depot and trannies got points from me.

Small penises. Part of Gods plan.

julie said...


Anonymous said...

Great post, loved it! Now the discussion has swiveled to the topic of small penises. Now, when it comes to size, I will say, as a woman, my preference is to get my stretched by a penis. I want to feel completely filled up and have pressure put on the walls. I don't necessarily want that big penis ramming in and out forcefully though. Medium speed will get me delirious every time.

Now, when it it comes to the small penis, I will say, this is the penis I want for when I'm feeling dominant. I want to be the bitch. I'm not always in the mood, but when I am, a smaller unit can be ridiculed and even slapped around a little with my black riding crop. This gets me pretty hot.

I'm just an ordinary lady, I'm sure all ladies probably have some variation on this theme when it comes to penises.

I'm sure men have preferences in the size of the vagina. Most guys want tight vaginas; but hey the vagina has to let babies in to the world so that things going to be pretty large. And you had better just make peace with the labia.

The Dude said...

I was talking about my rug.