Saturday, September 18, 2021

Peering Through the Logoscope

Sometimes I try to eliminate Bob and write beyond myself. This is one of those days, so I take no responsibility. 

As there are degrees of abstraction -- from natural science to mathematics to metaphysics -- there are... how to put it... shockingly diverse and different modalities of language, or of logospheric activity. 

For example, the same logos that allows us to understand the world allows us to understand ourselves, and these two -- object and subject -- could scarcely be more different. Introspection at one end, extrospection at the other, united by a Most Mysterious Third, and how did he get here?

Moreover, this logos also allows us to navigate the transnatural world, which is just plain bizarre, unless we acknowledge that the cosmos is indeed a logosphere.  

I often tell my son that Christianity is less something to look at than through -- as with a telescope, you can stare at it all day -- or analyze its parts down to the submolecular level -- but the point is to look through it to see what we can see.  

Sure enough, a whole hierarchy of organization comes into view, from the terrestrial to the celestial and beyond. Same thing when you look through a telescope.

The point of the logoscope is to look through it. Obviously it reveals a nonlocal order, but guess what? It also reveals an overwhelming amount of disorder, and this disorder can only be seen from the perspective of the Order. Absent the latter, the disorder can even be mistaken for Order.

And now you understand the left, which combines the worst of both worlds: for on the one hand it generates disorder on every level -- personal, familial, psychosexual, economic, educational, political, etc. -- from which it promises to rescue us through its imposition of a top-down order. Just grant them more power and they'll give you order, good and hard.

All of the left's tyrannical mechanisms, e.g., "political correctness," "cancellation," selective outrage, educational indoctrination, media manipulation, etc., serve the broader purpose of bullying free thinkers -- AKA thinkers -- into submission.  (Thinking minus Freedom = The Machine.)

Now, what is thinking itself but quintessentially logospheric activity on a personal basis? If it's not, then it's nothing. We can know this with absolute certitude, again, by looking though the logoscope and seeing the psychic disorder. Follow any of this disorder to its principle or its end, and it not only makes no sense, but manufactures nonsense. Or maybe you've never watched CNN.

The other day we mentioned that analysis and synthesis are like catabolism and anabolism, and constitute the metabolism of being. This spiritual activity is sponsored, so to speak, by the logos that not only infuses being, but is, in a manner of speaking, Being itself.  

How so?  Because we all bear the stamp of a spiraling trinitarian dance involving Beyond Being <-> Being <-> Knowing.  These three can be conceptualized in a number of ways, for example,  Father <-> Son <-> Holy Spirit, Subject <-> Object <-> Truth, Absolute <-> Infinite <-> Perfection, Unity <-> Multiplicity <-> Love, Absolute <-> Relative <-> Personal, etc.

Returning to the subject of logos, we can also say something like... God <-> Word <-> Womb <->. For God can speak his Word all day long -- or even all history long -- but it requires fertile ground in order to become in time and return to the One who spoke it. 

I'm looking at this new translation of John, which reads (emphases mine)

But for those who did receive him? He gave them, those who believe in his name, the power of becoming children of God -- who are begotten not from blood, nor yet from the will of flesh, nor even from the will of a husband, but from God.

Returning to our analogy: peer through the logoscope, see the logosphere. Or, don't, and see nothing -- nothing but disorder masquerading as order, or infrahuman pretending to be man.

Got a late start, and there are errands to run.


julie said...

Returning to our analogy: peer through the logoscope, see the logosphere. Or, don't, and see nothing -- nothing but disorder masquerading as order, or infrahuman pretending to be man.

Apropos, Our Moral and Intellectual Betters at this year's Met Gala.

Everyone focused on AOC's "Tax the Rich" dress; funny how even on our side, nobody wants to touch the objectively insane and psychotic aesthetic of the rest of the attendees. You don't have to agree with the V.C guy to realize that there is something profoundly wrong with these people.

Gagdad Bob said...

Eat mor chikin!

julie said...

Too funny - who knew the cows would be the leading fashion trend of 2021?

Anonymous said...

Great post. I looked for a logoscope on Amazon and they were not carrying that item. Where did you get yours?

Petey said...

You can't get one. You can only give them away.

EbonyRaptor said...

Well said Petey.

Anonymous said...

A lot of logoscopes went out during the late Roman and middle ages. Interestingly, those were pretty fascistic and feudalistic times. One may need to think on this a bit more.

But I did find my experience at Chik-fil-a interesting. They served me personally and called me by name. Then they sat next to me and tried to pry some personal information out of me. I shouted out that they should just trust me when I say that I can't eat red meat on the doctors orders! But they remained unmoved.

Anonymous said...

Older logoscopes were constructed stoutly with blued steel and walnut furniture, and these can be quite valuable. I have a 1935 Swiss example that is exquisite in every way, a true exemplar of fine craftsmanship. And this remains fully functional and indeed is as effective as the more modern examples.

Anonymous said...

Chik-fil-a's are not to be customed. The owners have been questioned on their morals. And the practice of interrogating the customers is not surprising, given this background.

The urban legend that Chik-fil-a's chicken is actually beef has been disproved; however the exact provenance of the chicken remains unclear. One possible suspect is the capybara, a large rodent. That is not to say that might not be a healthy choice.

EbonyRaptor said...

I was walking across a parking lot recently when I was accosted by a stranger who was ranting incoherently. I walked past and ignored him. That was easy.

Anonymous said...

Ebony Raptor brings up the topic of strangers encountered publicly. Some ask for money. How do you play the scenario? Do you not give at all? To you give to some if they look legit and not for others that appear to to have substance abuse issues?

Some folks ask for donations at street intersection. It is easy to roll down the window and give them a little something, as long as you have it ready. You can't go digging for your donation when the light may change at any second.

Some cars have little slide out compartments and the donations can be stashed in there ready to go.

It is said you never know if that person asking for help is Jesus in mufti checking on your attitude. Something to think about.

When the Church wants to feed the hungry, that's charity.

When the Government wants to feed the hungry, that's socialism. Every thought about how that works? Why is that?

OK peace out Sunday One Cosmonauts and may the peace of Elon and his unsung civilian astronauts be with ye.

Anonymous said...

I walked past an incoherently ranting stranger once and just as the Bible instructs, went to clothe and feed him.

He looked good in his new Marshawn Lynch jersey. Plus the folks at Chik-fil-a seemed to enjoy his company. I had to leave of course, but it looked like things were going well.

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, I’ve become aware that some of you have been wondering just what the hell I do in my spare time. Besides respond on blogs to black people. Well lucky for you, I have some time to tell ya'll.

I just hooked up my new doorbell. This isn’t one of those old school $1.39 cheapies. No siree. This is one of those top-a-the-fila high tech internet surveillance A.I. ones that’ll cost you over 800 bucks. I programmed the chime to be the opening riff to that classic Route 66 TV show. My second choice was the theme to Shaft, but I didn't want the salesmen to get the wrong idea. Yet on second thought, maybe I do. I could carelessly misplace one of my Marshawn Lynch jersies so they'd think twice. And the they thought this was a rich all white hood. My other choices were Elvis Costello Pump It Up, Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People, and Strawberry Alarm Clocks one hit wonder Incense and Peppermints.

Tomorrow I'm gonna build a deck.

Anonymous said...

When the Church wants to feed the hungry, that's charity. When the Government wants to feed the hungry, that's socialism. Ever thought about how that works? Why is that?

Sometimes, I've wondered the same thing. Best I've been able to come up with, is the separation of church and state thing. Yet... since the Republican party got taken over by the domininionists it's gotten a bit confusing. Sorry I took so long to respond. I've been playing the Route 66 theme song over and over again on Youtube:

Can't get enough of it. I had been pushing my new doorbell button over and over again but my wife came downstairs with a hammer and smashed up my fun. Time for a new doorbell I guess. So now I'm up in the office listening. Enjoy!

EbonyRaptor said...

I was floating through the cosmos recently when I was accosted by a racist stranger who was ranting incoherently. I floated past and ignored him. That was easy.

Anonymous said...

Some of the new doorbells will provide video feeds of who is outside. I've had women walk up and flash their boobies and then run off. Not sure why they do that.

EbonyRaptor, do you you drink beer? I love beer. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Jesus was by all reports charitable and not interested in lucre.

I wonder if we pulled Jesus's income tax records from when he turned 18 until he was 32, what would we see? His carpentry work must have generated some income.

Probably Jesus participated in what we would call capitalism. You buy your materials, and the sell goods and services for a profit.

So, what can we make of all this?

Should we give out money to pan-handlers?

Anonymous said...

Let's talk race. There cannot be too much discussion about race. We have a huge wound to heal. Ebony and Ivory need to play in harmony.

What do you think about the various races? Anybody want to weigh in?

EbonyRaptor said...

The idea of logoscope reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13:12 where Paul wrote "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."

Anonymous said...

There should be a relentless discussion on race with a focus on reparations for slavery. No one has even started to do the accounting for that. We will need an army of historians, geneticist, forensic economiss, and accountants to figure who is owed what by whom and how to transfer the payments accuratley. The project will require massive supercomputing power and may in the end be the largest single project ever attempting by humanity, second only to the effort needed to capture, enslave, transport, and exploit the slaves in the first place.

Probably the lucre needed to make the reparations can be harvested from asteroids, as even a single modest asteroid has mineral wealth in the trillions USD. So the process won't be as destabilizing as you would think.

We have allotted 300 years for the project, which will be more satisfying on moral grounds than financial ones. By the time the debt is fully paid, we will all be filthy rich and getting perilously richer by the minute. We will not be able to spend fast enough to keep up with our income.

Thank you in advance Elon.

Anonymous said...

The thought that nobody’s into the old Route 66 TV show anymore really kinda sucks. Back in those days, back when America Was Great, our drifter vagrants were super cool. Our heroes in the show drove a classic Corvette with skis hanging out the back. They were always hooking up with the hot chicks. And for the boys whose gate swung the other way but still had to be closeted lest they be incarcerated, our heroes touched each other a lot too.

In later years, American drifter vagrants turned increasingly hairy and drove beat up old VW buses that were always breaking down. Then they moved into tent cities in LA, near where Bob lives, inspiring him to rant endlessly about how the left ruins everything. And then the final morphing, into the creepy incoherent ranters which EbonyRaptor’s always going on about. Very uncool. I miss the old days.

But lately, there seems to be a new kind of drifter vagrant in town. I’m talking about the clean-cut fresh-faced young-love yuppie type. On Instagram they’re all kissy and wavey to the camera. But in private, they plot to kill each other. I never once imagined that our heroes Tod and Buz ever plotted to kill each other. Creepy times indeed.

EbonyRaptor said...

I read One COsmos for Bob's insight as he searches for the truth. He's eloquent, his exegesis is coherent and his humor is unique and witty. It's a shame the comment section has turned into an incoherent rant but it doesn't detract from the reason I come here.

Anonymous said...

You've already said that.

We do appreciate your respect for the scriptures though. In our unfolding ruthlessly humorless dystopian age, this seems a far better survival strategy than just going around making enemies all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well EbonyRaptor, it is true the comment section cannot detract from the post itself. I am one of the "incoherent" commenters, and I am indeed a distressed individual not unlike a vagrant you might encounter.

Jesus once said the Church should be like a hospital, where the spiritually diseased should coalesce, as that would be right and just. Folks who are doing fine and dandy also come to Church, and this is where the healing and teaching starts. Those who are well can learn much from those who are not.

In that regard I think this blog comment section has become a set of pews facing the altar where the blog author delivers the sermons at semi-regular intervals. The only difference is, the troubled have no where else to go, but the well (presumably you are one of these EbonyRaptor), can come and go as they please. We don't have that luxury.

So by all means look down on us, and then of course in your worship you can report to Jesus on your dunning of the sick and that should go over well, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

In theory. But we're currently immersed in a culture of mindless greed and acquisition which has been relentlessly cultivated by mammon corporatists who are expert at Bernays brainwashing, to the point where mentioning such like I just did, risks getting one labeled something negative. When was the last time you saw a commercial reminding you that their product was just a nice luxury which should never be confused with the more important spiritual needs?

Turn on Fox News for example. Almost half the content comes in the form of commercials selling us nonsense we don't need. Any other news source from any other type of media is the same. These news sources are very good at getting their supplicants addicted to outrage, for the covert actual purpose of getting their supplicants addicted to consuming things which won't make them happier.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for basic survival needs and enjoying the fruits of moderate plenty. I'm not poor. I was lucky to come from an age when personal economics was easy. But I'm noting the corrosive effects that constant acquisition has on society at all levels except at the top. I can see it in my younger extended family members, friends and acquaintances, who're abandoning spirituality and trying to fill the void with material consumables. They may go to church, but only if it materially profits them via networking or even "send in your seed money" con artistry. They'll abandon spouses the instant said spouse falls down. Even their children are seen as investments.

History is full of examples about how allowing this sort of unbalanced culture never ends well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon @9/21/2021 07:04:00 AM, I left off your statement which I was responding to:

Folks who are doing fine and dandy also come to Church, and this is where the healing and teaching starts. Those who are well can learn much from those who are not.

I noticed that Jesus didn't only preach to the rich.

EbonyRaptor said...

Playing the victim is so unsightly, especially after you attacked the author on numerous occasions and accused fellow commenters of being haughty for ignoring you. Your needs appear to be at odds with the purpose of this blog which at no point proclaims to be a halfway house for troubled souls. You can learn about truth here - try more "listening" and less ranting.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, EbonyRaptor. I am like the pot calling the kettle black.

In my defense: I only confront (it is NOT an attack) the author when I think he is in error. I play only as rough as he does, and never more so. The rebuttal is very proportional. I also lavish praise on him when and where deserved.

The blog did no proclaim itself to be anything, but I assert it is now a de-facto church. Pastor Bob holds forth and his congregation sits for the sermons. This is a blog about God and it is a Christian blog. The author is fully qualified to preach. The sermons range from the speculative to the fire-and-brimstone.

Now, a Christian always marks the troubled soul. Jesus directly instructed his disciples to be fishers of men and no Christian should overlook the opportunity to tell people about Jesus.

Because if this blog is not about Jesus, then this blog would be trivial, another piece of op-ed trash. I think we can all agree on that point.

-Black Hole

EbonyRaptor said...

You have issues that can't be fixed here. You should seek professional help.

Anonymous said...

Is Jesus considered a professional?

Van Harvey said...

Ebony Raptor said ".... I floated past and ignored him. That was easy."