Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I Let a Song Go Out of My Head

When my son was two, or three, or four, we could always tell when he'd awakened, because he would immediately burst into song. Even before he could speak, he'd be scatting some improvised melody. Similarly, in his Boogie Chillen, John Lee Hooker relates how layin' down one night I heard mama n' papa talkin' / I heard papa tell mama, let that boy boogie-woogie / It's in him, and it got to come out.

Same. Woke up this morning with a head full of cosmic boogie. 

We're still preoccupied with upper case History. One thing is certain, however: man is to history as is...

As is history to man, I guess: no man, no history, and vice versa. For us, existence is a historical process; time isn't mere duration, but "developmental time," and this development is in the direction of "maturity" in various levels and dimensions, i.e., biological, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, aesthetic, political, spiritual, etc. 

While everything else is in process too, human beings are the only processes in creation aware of being in process: man is a conscious process. From where? And to what? Or around what? Is there an axis? A telos? A ground? 

We can debate this all day long, but beneath or behind such debate there lurk different modes or implicit conceptions of Be-ing. One can't really debate a materialist, for example, because the materialist violates his first principle by embracing the immaterial ideology of materialism.  

Either matter cannot think, or we need to rethink what matter is; if vulgar materialism were true, we could never know it (nor anything else). So we can toss out any materialistic conception of history. 

Which is why we can affirm on such an a priori  basis that leftists are idiots, in the literal (etymologically speaking) sense of existing in a dis-ordered private world cut off from public reality.  

As they say, reality is that which, when we stop believing in it, doesn't go away. And no matter how hard man tries, he can never make transcendence go away. But why does he wish to make it go away, when it's where all the real fun awaits? That's another story -- or the same old story, rather, AKA Genesis 3 All Over Again.

Not to belabor that point, but what is the essence of man's fallenness but rejection of the transcendent absolute, even while covertly appropriating and immanetizing it? From the mythic Tower of Babel to the magic babble of tenure, the deep structure never changes. For which reason Voegelin never tires of reminding us that the essence of modernity is gnosticism.  

Well well well, here's a little something I found while looking up that quote: https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=2979

The theology of history asks the question of intelligibility about the unity and significance of man's historical record. This theology extends back beyond man to the cosmological problem itself and to God in His activity concerning man. "The point at issue," Berdyaev suggests, "is this: must man be interpreted in terms of the cosmos or the cosmos in terms of man? Is human history a subordinate part of the cosmic process or is the cosmic process a subordinate part of human history?"

As is true of such questions, they aren't vicious dualisms but generative orthoparadoxes: man and cosmos mutually illuminate one another in the luminous space between. God reveals himself in no fewer than two books, one of which is the Book of Nature. There is also the book of revelation, but neither can be read without the miracle of intelligent subjectivity emanating from the great I AM. Ultimately the Light is always a trinitarian spiral between Persons.

Schall continues: 

movements from the early Protestant visionaries who sought to set up the Kingdom of God on earth to rationalism, liberalism, communism, and fascism are basically gnostic in the sense that they attempt to set up a final order, a salvation order on earth which is based on humanity as its source.

Our leftist Gnostics are indeed "protestants," but what they are protesting -- always and everywhere -- is the nature of things, most especially human nature. If you can maim that, then everything else falls into place. You're doing Satan's heavy lifting.

We are engaged in a gnostic war, or a war on gnosticism. Same as it ever was, only now backed by big tech, or the state-media-cultural-big tech complex. 

 "All of these gnostic movements," writes Schall, "see themselves as absolutes, all qualified and commissioned to impose their vision of life on other men." Obama and Sharpton and AOC and Pelosi all know better than we do how to run our lives, because they have access to the Gnostic secret while we don't. While it's true that they're contemptuous of us, that's not the point. Rather, they don't need us but we need them, so we need to be grateful for their selfless service on our behalf.

More generally, political Gnostics "seek to reconstruct society through specialized scientific gnosis according to their own theories of what society should be like... projecting a world-view upon reality based upon [their] own idea of what reality is like."

The central psychic movement of our cretinous overlords "is precisely the attempt to locate the cause of order in an intellectual vision of the world centered in man and the categories of his thought. Correlative to this, there is always the attempt to reshape the world according to this vision."

But the real vision is the vision of the founders, which acknowledges the transcendent Other in whom our rights and duties are grounded, and with whom we are in permanent dialectic. Yes we are "conservative," but what we specifically wish to conserve is this radical vision of which there could be no more radical, for it is the Last Word on the subject of Who Man Is and what sort of government is appropriate to his unique cosmic status. 

Conversely, so called radical progressives are true reactionaries and metacosmic heretics, for 

heresies are always conservative and reactionary in spirit, merely echoing the predominant trends of the intellectual thought of the times, while the Faith faced with the same problems proves to be existential and dynamic in its approach to reality.

In conclusion,  

the structure of the world is not man's to form. Gnosis is just the opposite for it implies that the world is wholly open to man's intellect.... The result of this theory, in every form, is the reconstruction of a mythological world based on a projection of man's own views. Man no longer, therefore, stands to the absolute as receiver but as maker, he becomes, as Genesis tells, like god.


Gagdad Bob said...

For example, Black math doesn't look like math at all: "The framework explicitly rejects 'ideas of natural gifts and talents,' and calls for ending advanced courses. It urges teachers to use math to develop students’ 'sociopolitical consciousness' and tackle social and environmental issues."

Satan's heavy lifting: no objectivity and no human nature, just feelings revolving around imaginary victimhood & oppression.

Gagdad Bob said...

Pure Gnosticism -- of which the left can't get enough, for it is the basis of both Truth and Morality in their political religion:

"The Beautiful Idea holds that all humans are born with identical gifts and should turn out to be clones of one another in a just society. Conversely, any situation in which disparity survives is in itself proof of injustice. This is the line promoted by CRT pundit Ibram X. Kendi, who blames all racial disparities on racist policies."

Van Harvey said...

"Our leftist Gnostics are indeed "protestants," but what they are protesting -- always and everywhere -- is the nature of things, most especially human nature. If you can maim that, then everything else falls into place. You're doing Satan's heavy lifting."

Taking the gold in the Olympic deadweight lift, while identifying as a god, it'sss... well, you know.

julie said...

The Beautiful Idea holds that...

Yeesh. It's not even true for ants and bees, much less human beings.

Anonymous said...

Well I gotta say, I haven’t seen Bob like this since we came by with a case of wine and a couple Puerto Rican girls who were just dyyying to meet him.

But that was all long ago, well before the magic of the algorithm. Well before we decided to serve God and Mammon and church and state all together now. Whenever we storm the capitol to get those deep state election stealers, we just know that we’re all on a mission from god without even thinking. With Qanon’s help of course.

Some say things worked better back when folks debated over the way they wanted to be governed, but not spiritualized. Backwards losers.

Not anymore. Today we just know we’re on a mission from god without ever even needing to think about it. Today we says move bitch, get out the way. Get out the way bitch, get out the way.

Anonymous said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the left or with Democrats. And everyone knows it. The humbuggery presented on this blog is for entertainment purposes only, for a specialized audience of really grumpy folks.

That being said, 'tis lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the left or with Democrats, don't even get me started because all the crap I spew on their blogs is as bad as what I spew here.

All in good fun, of course.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that over at the liberal Huffpo (known as “Huffpoo” to modern conservatives) that they’re blaming the decline of American life expectancy on the lack of public health care system.

Strange. I say it’s the lack of a public health care system in the face of all the fatness going on. Both docs and patients.

Remember back in school when there were no fat kids besides that one token fat kid everybody made fun of? Driven past a school lately? Attended a MAGA rally? Talked to foreign tourists amazed by all the fat Americans?

Fatness. America’s vulgar display of consumption. And when you get sick because of all your fatness, rest assured there’ll be a doc ready and able to take all your money first, treat symptoms later.

One may consider this a national emergency. But our overlords have got it all figured out. In the future, their fat soldiers will be manning the fighting robots from a console. Boot camp will be straight outta Wall-E. If a fighting American soldier has a heart attack, they'll dump him down a chute and drop a fresh fattie into his place.

So be a good American and consume. Consumption. It’s what’s for dinner. Just don't expect to live long or stay prosperous.

Cousin Dupree said...

Save the fatties: bring back bullying!

Anonymous said...

Indeed. At this rate we'll soon be bullying US Marines. Oohrah! (*beeeelch*)

Anonymous said...

Why must replicated cells from an abortion be necessary to some extent in all available covid vaccines with no provision for conscientious objectors who wouldn't wish to potentially have their lives extended at the expence of those who had theirs forcibly cut short. How That which enables our existance continues to support us in spite of our use of scientism as a blinkers to deny It's existence is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

The American fat thing is really interesting, and I agree it has become progressively more prevalent.

I notice some fat people love soda and drink a lot of it. I think there may be a connection to soda.

I hate soda but I'm fat so maybe I'm an outlier.

I am chunky. Fat. Flabby. It is on my list of health things to correct.

I'm on the "quiet desperation" plan. My main goal is to just get through each day. So fatness is a thing, it does need to be addressed, but just getting through each day is job #1. And sometimes food helps with that.

Some people masturbate. This can really reduce tension. I don't do it that much.

I used to use nicotine. Of all addictions this one almost broke me. It is the very devil.

I write blog comments as a way to relieve the tension of having many problems. I write comments here, and elsewhere.

Please describe your nuclear family and your relationships with parents and siblings please. I like to hear about that kind of stuff.

-Keeping My Hands Above the Buh-Buh-Buh-blankets. Oh my little clitty I will leave you be.

Gunnery Sgt. Hartman said...

You are a disgusting fat body, Private Pyle!

Anonymous said...

I just ate a pretty big meal. Probably I should have taken in about half of what I did. It was tasty though.

Let's talk about vices.

I have had a number of vices:

Drinking ethanol
Nicotine abuse
Disobeying authority

Usually one or two vices will be foregrounded, then when I get jaded of those I'll put them on the back burner and start in heavy with two different ones.

I will tell you this, of all of the vices I've encountered, nicotine was the harshest taskmaster. She is a b*tch I tell you.

I consider nicotine to embody the full fury of the revenge of the North American aborigines. They sure did stick it to the man with their nicotine discovery.

Now ethanol. Wine is arguably urbane and healthy. Beer? The Egyptians swore by it, and the Germans use it heavily.

Now hard lemonade and other sweet dranks popular these days? Criminy, buy a $20 bottle of ever-clear and a gallon of lemonade and save your money. You can mix up a sh*tload of sweet alcohol drinks for next to nothing.

Cannabis? The stuff that makes you lazy and stupid? Yeah I've used it. It has some health benefits.

Cocaine? Tried it, loved it, too expensive.

So dish about your vices. Get it off your chest.

-Naked Ambition

Anonymous said...

A word about relieving stress.

I once used an adult sized hoppity ball to relieve my stress. This piece of exercise equipment works best if you have a concrete floor and a Youtube music setup (with good bass) down in the basement.

Do not try this if you live in an upstairs apartment with a large black couple living below you. Another limitation to the adult sized hoppity ball is that it can be so much fun (especially during that dramatic portion of Ozzie Osbornes “Bark At The Moon” song), that you’ll smash your head right through the ceiling drywall, which will require a hospital visit and extensive repairs to the ceiling (and in my case, the plumbing as well).

Anonymous said...

Anon @7/22/2021 10:31:00 AM,

With vices like those, you must certainly also be independently wealthy. Most people I know who are into all that stuff have figured out how to use the system to maintain their addictions.

Back in the day, in my day at least, people like that usually lived in a basement apartment on skid road. With today's christian culture being what it is, it's a certain path towards social greatness, wealth and power. God knows I could certainly use more of those things. Tell me more.

Gagdad Bob said...

Today's Japanese translation of a CD by West Coast Jazz artist Bud Shank:

Would you better have more CD if the price doesn't change?? Well Futu thinks so. But there are a few reasons for that.

First of all, the existence of the “Bud Shank Quartet”, most of the most of the most of the most of the most of the most of the West jake I can't see it... hopefully the outer box and it's a mini size that is certainly less than 3 cm square, but especially my favorite sleeve is a wicked treat (?)

I'm honestly sad when you are receiving it — in turn this series, you can see such cases quite often. Well because there is not even that jake by mono, it may be somewhat better yet... that point here is properly (though small) all 4 pieces put a sleeve is giving me. There is also a back jake in the booklet, so you don't have to bother to look into the data.

More 4 pieces are a little lineup of the remaining LP... still “James Dean Story” as good, is it jazzsamba or sitar stuff? There are not a few uncomfortable feeling in the same package...

swimacen, I haven't touched any content... but always playing shank is smart, light and transparent is exactly the “sound of the west” itself!! This pair has a straight ahead jazz-album and an easy-listening style with strings for just two pieces - you can effortlessly adjust to both soft, such a Versatile Shan I have to take off my hat. Sound quality is also OK!

julie said...

Heh - you can just picture some guy standing up and doing this on a beat poetry open mike night:

"... most of the most of the most of the most of the most of the most of the West jake I can't see it..."

Gagdad Bob said...

At least it's more coherent than Dementia Joe.

Anonymous said...

I went to a lovely Catholic church, St Gregory the Great. The atmosphere felt very pure and simple inside this church. It was truly a sanctuary.

IDK. RCIA. It is a thing. Has anyone done it? What was it like?

julie said...

Depends on the teacher, and your reasons for doing it.

Anonymous said...

I would like my teacher to be well-informed, devout, punctual, and honest.

My reason for doing RCIA would be to join the Church. I like the sacraments. I love Jesus.

I attended a baptism recently and I felt envy as the infant girl Katie had water put on her head and was claimed by the Church (Katie was described by the Deacon as "the newest Christian I know.")

It was a beautiful moment. I felt something. I felt something I wanted to be part of. I wanted baptism.

Years ago, in a time of strife, I performed an auto-baptism in a small, swift creek in the Coastal ranges of California.

I called upon God to take me and immersed myself in the water. Following this I received assistance and succor from God. To be honest I have always received assistance and succor from God.

Baptism into the Church, the official entry into the community of believers, is another matter and not the same as the do-it-yourself variety.

IDK. I am not in the beginning stages of thinking about this. I have thought about it before. I may never do it.

Anonymous said...

Joining an established religion which is untainted by earthly scandal is a good thing. We need to focus on the religion first, America second. And stuff like pedophilia and money way down the list.

In other news, the Cleveland Indians are no more, having dropped that name because it was considered too racist. They’ll now be known as the Cleveland White Nationals. Sadly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gone the other way. Apparently cocky after their Super Bowl win, they'll now be known as the Tampa Bay Trannies.

Cousin Dupree said...

Cleveland Indians was insulting. They should change the name to the Cleveland Paleolithic Savages.

Anonymous said...

To honor the utter lack of interest in womens professional sports (outside of the totally unfair trannie involvements), the LA basketball team shall now be the Los Angeles Lesbians. Going one better, the Oklahoma City Thunder will not only be known as the Rainbows, but the city’s name has been changed as well, to Oklahomo City. Speaking of the obvious, Green Bay will now be the increasingly politically correct Fudgepackers.

Anonymous said...

The Tongva were worth a $50 bounty for each of their severed heads a Californian could furnish to the Federal bounty man.

Now the remaining Tongva want the $250,000 paid out in 1854 dollars for their severed heads, paid back to them in 2021 dollars with 8.0 % interest added. About $50,000,000 would do for an initial payment, with additional payments of $100 million dollars yearly for 10 years.

And we want our territory back. All of it. That would include the city of Las Angeles.

Do you have any problems with that, white man?

Do you think taking your damn boot off of our Tongva necks around not abusing our names is a joke, white man?

The Tongva are not happy with the treatment they have received. That is to put it mildly.

Mama Tongva said...

I used to drive past the San Gabriel Mission all the time. Did you know that the San Gabriel Mission was founded before your Great White Christian Nation was even born? Their targets were us Tongva.

Now, back then the Tongva were a destitute people, excepting a few bits of mediocre pottery. For Sunday mass they would occasionally bring severed heads to the mission for the collection plate. This made the collection plates unwieldy and to avoid having human heads rolling about under the pews, large bags were used instead of the plates. Since the bags became stained red, some say that the mythology of Santa Clós actually began here, instead of with that silly dutch man who clomped about in wooden shoes.

Since the Tongva also helped create Christmas, we also want a percentage of the profits from all non-Christian related Christmas trinkets and toys.

Anonymous said...

Good God, poster of 6:27 PM. Quite an imagination you have there, kudos. Have you considered writing fiction? Start with short stories, try a novella, then a movie script. You have the chops.

I looked into the Tongva thing. Yes, it was a thing but they were not the only native Americans persecuted in California. The 19th century attitude about aborigines was they either did useful work or they were expendable, as if they should not exist. Kind of like homeless people today.

The Coastanoans of California were not a very vibrant cultural bloc. They were the ghetto dwellers of the Pre-Columbian world. No pyramids and no warriors. They looked dirty and disheveled at times.

They used to fight among themselves, mostly over territory and women.

When the Mexicans came Tongva quickly were decimated by disease and being worked to death as slaves by the Padres.

Then the whites came and the judgement was handed down- the aborigines were equivalent to Mexicans. Get out of our way or else. Or pick crops. That was cool. Yeah, pick crops.

Today some of the Tongva landed up okay, they have Morongo and other casinos. And they really aren't angry, despite a former poster indicating that.

They are not asking for money or anything else. They do want to control casinos. That's about it.

Mama Tongva said...

Thanks anon. I once wrote a short story using what I'll call “insanity slapstick style”.

It featured a dim-witted con-artist who after abusing America’s so-called capitalist system in order to maintain the wealth he’d inherited, decided that getting himself elected president would be very the best con of all. He then went on to foment insurrections and grifts where he conned his faithful supporters out of tens of millions in donations with many of them going to jail. I’d written that he’d ran as a Democrat.

My conservative friends exclaimed “Boy Howdy! That’s the Left in a nutshell!” But my leftist friends said that conservative operatives had cleaned the left out of any authoritarian/demogogue worshippers back in the Reagan years, so my story made no sense to them. So I sat on that manuscript and it never sold.

Where I live the natives were approached by wealthy white businessmen bearing pictures of modern schools and brand new Ford Pickup trucks, and told that the natives could have that stuff if they’d just partnered with them in the casino business, on their land. The natives said yes and after several successful years of operation they approached the wealthy white businessmen for their cut. The wealthy white businessmen got the box with the pictures of modern schools and brand new Ford Pickup trucks and gave it to the natives, then told the shocked natives to go read the fine print in the contract.

My take is that American natives might need better lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anon, I agree about the lawyers. But even they can be con men too.

Greedy. Callous. Selfish. Cruel. Criminal. Murderous. Monstrous. These are the charges leveled against the Anglos of the 18th and 19 centuries by the browns and blacks of today.

The Anglos of today say, perhaps some bad things happened long ago, now please leave us alone, not our doing.

But no, you are not off the hook. The Anglos of yore should of thought about how they were bending over their great-great-great grandchildren. Because that's what they did. Because the sins of the father have to be paid for by the sons. Surprise.

Reparations are not going to be cheap.

Anonymous said...

OK let's pivot the subject away from all strife now and discuss something pleasant and uplifting.

Does anyone have a pleasant and uplifting comment? Think limpid mountain lakes, scent of pine, a crackling fire. Family gather round. Does anyone know Kumbaya? Let's sing Kumbaya.

Or Grandma's kitchen and secret recipes, scent of cinnamon and good things in the oven, the dog wagging his tail.

Stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

I think of grandma and her famous cinnamon rolls. I remember grandpa eating her famous cinnamon rolls with grandpa in her ornate country kitchen. I remember grandpa having a sudden heart attack and grandma cackling with glee as he died and then kicking grandpas beloved hound dog out the back door and telling Ole Blue to never come back because his grandpa was dead.

Then she stepped over grandpas corpse and asked me if I wanted more cinnamon rolls. While her voice was really creepy and her eyes glowed red, the sweet smell of cinnamon still hung in the air.

I don't like cinnamon. Can we talk about something else? I just repaired my septic system saving myself thousands of dollars. Can we talk about that instead?

Anonymous said...

Alright anon. You repaired the septic system and now you want to talk about it.

OK, tell me more about what the damage was, how you fixed it, and include a little bit of background on septic systems in general for those of us who have not had to deal with one.

Should be fascinating.

Sorry about grandfather's passing. Now you do know your comment was not pleasant and uplifting? You do know that, right? Jus' scheckin'.

You are an ornery one, aren't you? So non-compliant, so oppositional, so defiant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon. Grandpa was an asshole anyways.

The demonically possessed. Cant live with em, cant live without em.

I'd go into zen and the art of septic system maintenance, but all the finer details would only bore you.

Ah, but the general philosophy of trusting oneself to be able to fix anything, as opposed to trusting oneself to imagine that you can fix anything as long as you're part of an insane mob doing insane things, is what's important.

The greatest thing in life is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women. Now I look up at the tree which had caused all the drain field root penetrations and can hear the lamentations of the women. Had I tried to clear my drain field of roots with an insane feces-smearing mob inspired by our own President based on some lie, I suspect that quite a mess would have been made. And I'd still have toilet backups.

Anonymous said...

So it wasn't the lamentations of any women after all.

It was a robins nest several feet above my head, with 3 little chicks in it. One of God's little miracles. The adults are used to me now, coming and going with all their little feedings. So busy now. I wonder where they get all those little bugs and worms? I wonder if they think of me as some kind of god. I wonder if I should be thinking of Bob and Julie as some kind of God?

julie said...

God is God. I'm just an assoul.

Anonymous said...

Julie, don't sell yourself short.

I have read hundreds of your comments over the years and visited your blog.

My assessment: You are the real deal, a Christian who walks the walk.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I'm glad you brought up this line:

"The greatest thing in life is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women."

To make successful war has been our go-to paradigm of greatness from about the time the Sahara desert dried up and people first congregated along the Nile, Euphrates, and Tigris rivers and put their backs into agriculture.

That paradigm has been with us ever since. In grade school a species of this philosophy was implanted. We used to play dodgeball and the balls were hurled at maximum velocity with the intent to physically harm the opposing player, and the yard duties loved it. Fist-fights were endemic and drew crowds to watch.

We boys assembled in mobs and chased girls in the playground, and woe to she caught out without her posse. The mob would take down her clothes and give her a red-belly. Anyone remember those? Yes they hurt. The girl would lament all right.

Or we would just outright sexually assault her. We were too young to rape but a lot of other questionable acts were performed.

The authorities? Nowhere to be found. Boys will be boys.

Later, all grown up, we boys would stick it to the competition in business and organized team sports. We were men, and we were trained up to be vicious, heartless, and ruthless. Crush the enemy and drive them before us? Hear the lamentations of their women? Yep. Better yet, exploit and sex their women up. Then say "Sucks to be you." Sound familiar? Is that still your program?

All this by way of saying, do we now understand the reasons for CRT and other compensatory social mechanisms a little better?

All of it was driven by perceived or actual scarcity. Time to let it go.

What is the new paradigm?

Anonymous said...

The new paradigm is that Jordan Peterson is a grifter.

He promised me that had I been born in Nazi Germany, that I would've been a Nazi. Yet I noticed that no more than a third of Germans ever voted for Nazis, and no more than a tenth of that population were party members. And that when the allies paraded the townspeople past all the Nazi atrocities, most of them were horrified and proclaimed to be one of the other 2/3 or 90%.

Which brings us to the playground. I suspect that only 10% of the children were actually chasing the Jewish children around, and that no more than 1/3 were red-eyed dodge ball hurlers. And that Bob sat over here reading his books and Julie sat over there drawing her drawings.

Is it human nature to give the meanest and most powerful all the credit for the rest of our behaviors?

ted said...

Love the The High Llamas album! Was not familiar with it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Trump is beating the drums in Phoenix. That city, as we know, goes on to become the sumptuous capitol of New Westphalia, as the Reinstatement West came to be called.

Fort Lauderdale well be the capitol of New Bavaria in the south, and Fort Smith, New Nuremberg in the center.

These are interesting times. I encourage all citizens to keep notes and store them securely as historians will scour all Reinstatement-era structures and sites for these.

Be honest in them. Even though, if you put bias and spin on your writings, these are also a critical window into the civilian mind-set of this pivotal scene.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about Florida. That place seems up for grabs. While your best militant patriots, the doughy white good ole boy cosplay crowd, are dying in covid droves, Ron DeSantis is demanding they get vaccinated.

Will the doughy white good ole boy cosplay crowd mellow out? Or will DeSantis be targeted in yet another episode of storm the capitol? I anxiously await Trump to tell us what to do.

julie said...

Bob, if you haven't seen what JWM has been up to lately, he has finished his latest sculpture.

Definitely worth a look.

Gagdad Bob said...

Japanese take on Duke Ellington:

3 pieces at this price, and the title of THE REAL DUKE ELLINGTON, I bought it without hesitation!

However, the sound that came out of this CD is a terrible sound like the old radio is ringing (tears). I was hoping for the real power of the big band, was done.

But I bought it all so much, so I tried listening to just the song titled This, and I picked up about 20 songs and listened to it, but because of the bad sound, it was really “music” is not transmitted. Or rather, it's hard to listen, and it's just frustrating.

Since there is no commentary, check with the credits of Jaquet, just recording of the 1930s, truly, considering the deterioration of the recording technology of the time, the sound source, etc. Probably.

I imagined that there were tracks with intense sound, and maybe even secondary recordings that recorded what played the record board. (It is unknown because there is no explanation...)

Ellington also seems to have a better sound recording if it was a little later, but for a limited period of time, I have to feel that it is easy to make just by converting a bad sound source into a CD. To claim “THE REAL...”, including the late period, we expect the best of the quality.

In the past, there was a performance like this... it would be meaningful as a historical record, and it may be useful for those who want to study such a study. Immerse yourself in the music of Ellington and his big band and want to impress
music fans, not recommended for audiophiles.

Gagdad Bob said...


That is indeed a great High Llamas collection. One of the best bands of the last two or three decades. Which to me means "new music."

Gagdad Bob said...

They appreciate the High Llamas in Japan:

Even though it was a new fu, it took a long time to arrive from the time I ordered it. “What the hell was it?” I think, I have myself curiously convinced
that it was the new score of Hyrama's.

I'm not asking for anything up-to-date from their music, whether it's not right now or even in the predecessor of the new hyramas. So is this work in 2011, and the album is increasingly pushing into the ground of sabi-sabi in the tea ceremony.

What can be said in all three works here is the short recording time. This work is also compactly compiled for 36 minutes. That's the big difference between Hawaii and Cold and Bouncy. In that sense, the “Tarahomi Way” is a complete trilogy that they no longer realize the market at all.

While saying that it is a band that goes around with nature like the four seasons, on the other hand, the next thing is showing a major change, think of that as soon as you listen to the new score I have myself too. I think that's the Hyrama's.

julie said...

I'm starting to think if you read enough of those, the effect is almost as brain melting as some drugs.

Gagdad Bob said...

Looks like I'll have to rethink my disapproval of the January 6 kerfuffle. Anything that can make Adam Schiff cry must be righteous.

Gagdad Bob said...

This book on myths of human intelligence is quite good.

In fact, it prompted a new theory to pop into my head, called the Conspiracy of Stupidity. It goes like this: because we have such a plethora of college-educated mid-wits, they have successfully muscled out the actually intelligent via sheer numbers and intimidation, leading to the present situation of being stuck with exponentially more degreed people than intelligent people, who now constitute a tribe and an interest group that is not only served by the Democrat party but constitutes it. It's why we have CRT, or defund the police, or MSNBC.

Gagdad Bob said...

The government is a sponge for these types, since they have no real world skills. It's another reason why Dems always push for more government, for the simple reason that it's an employment agency for the educated stupid -- for example, our president, vice president, speaker of the house, Wise Latina on the Supreme Court, etc.

Anonymous said...

Most popular bachelors’ degrees (2017):

Business (381,000) (capitalists yay!)
Health professions and related programs (238,000) (capitalists yay!)
Social sciences and history (159,000) (communists boo!)
Psychology (117,000) (nutjobs boo!)
Biological and biomedical sciences (117,000) (capitalists yay!)
Engineering (116,000) (capitalists yay!)
Communication, journalism, and related programs (94,000) (boo unless Fox, Sinclair and Newsmax, therefore mixed)
Visual and performing arts (91,000) (communists boo!)

Gagdad Bob said...

The call is coming from inside the house: "In social policy, we're back to the good old days of 1960s-style 'root causes' liberalism, when in fact the root cause of a lot of our social ills is... liberalism."

Anonymous said...

Actually, liberalism is the acting-out overreaction we'd been hearing so much about.

When corporate oligarchs get to write agitprop, write policy, write off practically anything including sending American greatness overseas, you know it's gonna be a matter of time before that powerless kid wearing mamas clothes in the basement closet says to himself: "Heck, if they can get away with that, then I wanna get away with this!"

And then he/she steps outside for the first time in years thinking he/she looks fabulous.

Some say that liberalism started going wonky in the late 60's, but that's right about the time all the offshoring of American greatness started. Not to mention America losing control over their fossil-based economy. You knew it'd be a matter of time before wierdos decided that if they had to wait in those incredibly long gas lines just to get to the only crappy job available, why not do so looking fabulous? It's freedom baby!

I'm the guy who thinks that a healthy part of a nationalism diet is solving the damn problems already.