Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Doing Nothing vs. Doing Nothing

Back in my days as a "productive" citizen, I never took a long vacation -- maybe two weeks at the most -- the reason being that I always suspected that if I unplugged from the Matrix for too long, I'd float away and be unable to readapt to its unnatural demands.  

For related reasons, I never worked on a full-time basis, because my career meant nothing to me while my freedom meant everything. As we've discussed in the past, timelessness takes a great deal of time. You can't just flip on the slack switch Friday afternoon and flip it off Sunday night. 

Rather, you have to arrange your life in such a manner that you're always available for celestial duty when called upon. Of course there are inevitable terrestrial responsibilities, but I've always tried to reduce these to the bare minimum, the better to be available for vertical murmurandoms and other urgent nonsense. 

Come to think of it, back in the early '80s, when I heard about the "voluntary simplicity" movement, it made immediate and total sense to me. I came to regard simplifying my life as equivalent to earning more money. Which it is, except it also results in more time, which is everything. At least for my type. If I didn't have an abundance of unstructured time, I'd literally feel sophicated, gnoseated, and exiled from my omland.  

For me, retirement means complete freedom from the Conspiracy. The last time this occurred was upon graduating high school. I distinctly remember the euphoria of plunging into an endless summer of pure present tense, with no past and certainly no future, the latter being the furthest thing from my mind. Still is. 

This utopian dream or Adventure in Laziness lasted until the fall, when, upon the *advice* of my father, I arose from my ass and obtained a part-time job in a liquor store. There I toiled for up to 12 hours a week, and if I recall correctly, my paycheck amounted to $16.50 a week (minimum wage was $1.65/hr). 

Of course, that was more than sufficient for my simple needs, because it cost exactly $5.00 to fill up my Ford Pinto (gas was around 50 cents a gallon) and exactly $5.25 for a case of Coors. So my paycheck covered one tank + two cases, with enough left over for several Big Macs, which were 45 cents back then.

This is not to say I was an early adopter of voluntary simplicity, being that I was just an involuntary simpleton.  

Then came college, or rather, junior college. Back in high school, people would denigrate it as "high school with ash trays." This was a flippant exaggeration, since it had none of the rigor of high school, although it was more expensive. Back then it literally cost $6.50 a semester -- which my parents generously covered, being that I was again tapped out after gas, beer, and incidentals.

I also tried to arrange my classes so that they required my presence for 90 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays rather then 60 minutes in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, thus preserving the all-important four day weekend. I've always considered it sacrilegious to roll on Shabbos, which for me lasted from sundown Thursday until around noon on Tuesday. 

Why am I indulging in all this nostalgia?  Because when I retired last month, I assumed I could limit it to the periphery. However, it seems it has spread from the extremities to the core, such that I don't feel like doing anything, mainly because I'm already nondoing it. I'm no longer leading a double life; rather, my I has become single, which is to say, singly enslackened.

No, it's not that I'm doing nothing. Rather, I'm very much doing nothing. Big difference. But this nothing applies to blogging. I have nothing to add to what I've already said over the past 15+ years. I will, however, have nothing to add. I just don't feel like adding it at the moment, or at least it's presently taking all day to get nothing accomplished. I'm sure this will change as I get acclimated to my new surroundings. 


ted said...

You may have nothing to add, but your antagonists seem to have a lot to say. Come on Bob, gotta take one for team troll who can't retire - just exhaust us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ted.

There are at least two trolls who need a lot of attention around here, me being one of them. Now if you ignore my comments, my behavior of coming here will be extinguished eventually.

But if you respond to any of the comments in even the slightest way, then its another month of the troll.

The problem is, the trolls will start responding to each others' comments, which is better than nothing but even this can't last before the trolls go elsewhere.

If the panel wants to keep the trolls (and I don't think they do), then they must feed them periodically.

Although it should be said, a blog that is devoid of trolls sends a signal that it is not a very good blog or at least is not very relevant. Think "Aunt Sharon shares her recipes." That is not going to get trolls.

Only genuine conflict attracts the troll, and Bob's long history of left bashing posts has attracted some very stalwart specimens. Keep? Discard? It is entirely up to you.

-The "Tolle Troll."

julie said...

If I didn't have an abundance of unstructured time, I'd literally feel sophicated, gnoseated, and exiled from my omland.

I know that feeling. Things have been busy around here lately - all good reasons, but holy smokes does it eat up the timelessness.

Anonymous said...

Think "Aunt Sharon shares her recipes." That is not going to get trolls.

Speak for yourself. I troll food blogs all the time and get plenty of attention. I even met my wife that way.

So why can’t Bob be a philosopher about nothing? For example, I too can remember when Big Macs were actually big, before the political correctness of Supersize Me shrunk them down to the puny “more healthy” sizes. And now they cost over five bucks.

Reminds me of Michael Eisner’s pricing philosophy. If you shrink the Disneyland ride time yet increase the ticket prices way beyond any inflation, the idiots will still come.

How about that recent study which declared that billionaires pay far less in taxes (as a percent of wealth earned) then regular joes do, clearly demonstrating their success with the astroturfed propagandizing which plays conservatives for suckers by brainwashing them into believing they’re actually paying way more? Shrinking Big Macs, Mickey the gyp, and billionaires playing us for fools. Howz that for nothing? We must discuss.

Anonymous said...

Doing nothing can be over-done.

And there are good reasons for that.

1. We have tasks to perform during out life. Think of it as a check-list or a meta-bucket list. This is the work of the soul. The soul will orchestrate all the events needed to fulfill the mandated task list.

2. The existence of boredom bespeaks of an implicit contract you make before coming to Earth: you will do things or else you will experience an unpleasant state of mind. Boredom is kind of coercive. There is nothing that can rankle quite like it, and we don't understand why.

3. On the other hand, doing "nothing" can be a descriptor for contemplation, which is indeed "something." Some people need massive contemplation time and this is used for exploring sidereal (internal) conscious states. Otherwise known as day-dreaming.

There my two cents on doing nothing.

julie said...

At Ace's, in case anyone missed it, this was too entertaining not to share.

What a weird test, though. In my experience, while a broad sense of intelligence is usually apparent fairly quickly, the specifics are more difficult to pin down without exposure to the person. Also, some people are brilliant in some areas while being near moronic in others, so unless you're watching them perform something that seems near-magical, you might be fooled.

For instance, I had a roommate in college who was supposedly close to genius. She was also a vegan; I suspect the real reason nobody could understand her very well was that there was an awful lot of word salad going on...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "I troll food blogs all the time and get plenty of attention. I even met my wife that way."

Can you please share more about your romance with your wife, the courtship, and relationship ups and downs? I love that kind of stuff.

I'm thinking of commenting at a good-ol-boys BBQ-lovers blog; this is bound to be a hive of conservative gentlemen. I will wade in with spatula and tongs flailing and they will come to realize a gay leftist woman has landed in the midst of their BBQ blog. I'm a vegan genius able to speak with or without word salad.

Raise high the rainbow flag. March on.

Gagdad Bob said...

Dunning Kruger is one of the keys to understanding everything -- especially with so many retards attending college and therefore overestimating their intelligence.

Anonymous said...

ESTJ is your classic DK type. Pompous macho morons with no imagination whatsoever who’ll try to dominate you into coming up with clever ideas which they’ll wind up taking full credit for, with no self-awareness whatsoever. That they can learn rote facts quickly and speak with such confidence is what fools most people. The rest are just too intimidated or street smart to confront them directly. Sadly, many of them get wise to our current crony system and think that the normal way of doing business, and then can rationalize almost anything. Most bosses are ESTJ, explaining a significant part of our fucked up world. They evolved to fight cave bears and wooly rhinos, clearly obsolete skills in our tech age, but all that chuzpah remains.

anon @6/10/2021 03:59:00 PM,
My wife is an ESFJ, supportive and helpful in an insistent and demanding sort of way. Compelled to comfort-feed me even after the doctor's told me to lose weight, she apparently thought I needed to be rescued. Plus perhaps that I was controllable. She’s not much of a cook but can be kinda sexy if I seem to need it. The downside is that she'll make stuff disappear, like all of my reliable tighty-whitey underwear. I tried to carefully explain to her that nobody makes underwear to last these days, the new stuff all being loosey-goosey Michael Jordan crap, but the slight incidence of stains (which nobody else ever sees) sealed the deal in her mind. My dark socks have also disappeared. Strangely, she’s also a hoarder. When random stuff she’s brought home piles up in corners (she likes corners) I’ve learned that fighting over it resolves nothing. The trick is to just make it disappear. There’s no fighting afterwards. She either forgets, or the logic behind those kinds of rules makes complete sense to her. There’s a point to all this bitching.

Speaking of ESTJs and ESFJs (who make up a large part of the general population), when I was growing up as a Trekkie kid I assumed that the human race was coming to the wisdom that giving creative-intelligent humanistic-minded cautiously-rational problem-solvers the reins was going to be humanity’s only hope. But I didn’t know yet that well over half of humanity are blithering idiots, given to follow each other around in circles and eventually off cliffs. To them, leaders full of christlike integrity look no different than obvious psychopaths, if that psychopath is clever enough. I wish I had an answer for this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous.

I enjoyed hearing about your marriage, which sounds very supportive and nice with a few obligatory annoyances.

Anonymous said...

The reinstatement grows nigh. Do you have your instructions? Give me a shout if not.

Van Harvey said...


Anonymous said...

With no legal mechanism to stop any election steals, revolution is the only way. But the powers that be wont have it. The whole idea of needing freedom guns to fight a state gone rogue is ever-increasing nonsense.

Virtually all of the capitol rioters incriminated themselves with their phones, let alone all the big government surveillance apparatus which has been implemented over the years to the cheering of the blithering idiot masses thinking they're playing for team whatever. All of it corporate sponsored of course. Today one must consume well, do as Dear Leader De Jour says, keep your mouth shut and never rat on your friends. Tomorrow it'll be even more so.

Anonymous said...

California Instructions:

When the code word "T-Storm" is sent via headline in the National Enquirer-

Able-bodied conservative males ages 18-65 years from coastal Southern California will assemble at the I-10 crossing of the Colorado River near Blythe, California, and from there will be directed to pre-selected positions along the southern border of the US.

Those from the inland empire will assemble at the I-40 crossing of the Colorado River at Needles, California to await further disposition.

Thank you for your service (in advance).

Anonymous said...

Some political historians claim that the model for the fascist dictatorships (leftist, fascism is always leftist) enjoyed by many Latin American nations was that of Spain’s Francisco Franco. As we all remember, he ruled as dictator for over 40 years after securing the support of his nations church, corporate, and military leadership. FDR and Eisenhower had said that fascisms primary requirement was for corporate power to gain control of government. But who cares what they thought? I sure don't.

Personally, I’d play it safe and do it Julius Caesar’s way, to include religious and military leadership and even that of the plebes.

As we all remember, Caesar had slaughtered the Gaullist pagans (the Muslims of their day) to gain top position in the Roman pietas. His Gaullist loot was enjoyed by the corporate power lords of the day. He then rewarded full term military service with 40 acres and a mule (as simple folk, these Roman legionaries never asked for much). He then secured the loyalty of the plebes by beginning Rome’s infamous leftist policy of bread and circuses.

True, Caesar was brutalized by Brutus (the origin of that term). But his legacy of Imperial “republic” "SPQR" instead of the original ‘Roman SPQR Republic’ which most Romans thought they still had, lasted long, all the way until Rome finally fell in 476. That’s half a millennium for you ignorant fools out there. Far longer than Franco, and maybe even Pinochet.

As I’ve carefully explained, the way to leftism is through rightism. No matter what Dinesh DeSuzie says. While Trump has neutral support amongst the corporatists for that tax cut he did (sadly, negated by dissing lucrative China and NAFTA trade deals), and total support amongst the Prosperity Gospel faithful, he has a ways to go to get the support of the US military.

We The People need to get this show on the road. We need ideas, people.

Anonymous said...

I see articles asserting Trump made huge rookie financial errors regarding his Scottish enterprises, and that world US approval ratings are up under Biden.

These hit-pieces indicate the MSM is nervous. When a troop of monkeys senses a leopard in the vicinity, the screeching starts.

Anonymous wrote: "We The People need to get this show on the road. We need ideas, people."

Who are We the People? Are you referring to one faction or the other? How polarized are we exactly?

Or is such polarization a myth put forward by the MSM? Have we been duped?

Out on the freeway today traffic is getting heavy. It looks like a busy city, with people out an around. I don't see any polarization.

But talk to people, and they will speak of it. But so far it is not manifesting as widespread conflict.

I also see blood drives, food banks, charities, etc. There is some evidence the population is more integrated and unified than we suspect, and the factional nattering is a mega-gossip stress outlet without much real-world impact.

Has it always been like that? Probably. When in New York, do as the Romans did.

Anonymous said...

Or is such polarization a myth put forward by the MSM? Have we been duped?

Indeed. Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? Or in this case, the greedy manipulator or the sucker who follows him just because he’s conquered the leadership position and suckers rationalize by conferring godlike greatness onto the conqueror? Fox News is owned by the same guy who owns Australian Sky News. Ever seen their headlines? Strangely pro-corporate anti-leftist. Not to be outdone, MSNBC corporate executives founded MSNBC as their own pathway towards a Milton Friedmanesque utopia, where at the end of the day, da money is all dat matters.

I noticed that Allende committed suicide after the corporate-sponsored Pinochet troops were at his gates. Pinochet then ruthlessly persecuted Chilean leftists, though not as much as Franco persecuted Spanish lefists. Today Pinochet is gone and Chile elected two more socialist presidents in the ensuing years. Spain is said to be a center-left nation. So much for the value of forced polarization-persecution. There must be some deeper truth to all that.

But more concerning for me and as applies to this place… have you ever researched the religious participation in either Chile or Spain? Today half their populations don’t give a crap about religion.

Strangely, the Russian religious were persecuted by leftist-athiests for over seventy years and todays Russians are far more religious than either the Spanish or Chileans. There must be some deeper truth to all that as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you bring up good points.

The connection between religion and politics, which at least the blog author thinks is absolutely the main determining factor, may not amount to all that much, or the connection is more nuanced and complex than previously thought.

Shades of gray, mixes and combinations, muddles, unclarity, turbidity. These are bugaboos the mind does not enjoy wading into, yet these jumbled conditions seem typical and common in the cosmos.

Altogether fascinating....

Anonymous said...

Shades of gray, mixes and combinations, muddles, unclarity, turbidity

I prefer to think that every variable which is 5-sensable can be categorized and measured.

I’ve read that the human eye can see over 6,000,000 different colors. With such variability, mixing one’s own paint color match with pigments can be a hellacious time-consuming trial-and-error bugger. Believe me, I’ve tried.

But computers can do it easily. I used to get perfect matches all the time at the paint store. But recently, not so much. The nice man at the paint counter explained to me why their computer paint color matching has gone backwards in seeming ability over the years (assuming I’ve brought in a perfect sample chip). He said that some beancounter bozo decided that the computer shall work for the paint manufacturer, instead of the consumer who’s just trying to do small area touchups. Thus now intentionally limited, the computer can only do a closest match to an already existing paint color found in the manufacturers catalogue. In other words, they want you to buy a whole quart or gallon forcing you to roll out an entire wall or section for just one small repair, so it’ll look right.

This is how I see human political reality. We are finite beings in every 5-sensible way (but obviously, when it comes to the spiritual part, fuggetaboutit). We can solve problems with over 6,000,000 possibilities, albiet with computer help methinks. But there’s always some beancounter bozo intentionally muddying up all the better attempts. I think we must find these beancounter bozos and kill them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:06, excellent comment.

From the comment: "But there’s always some beancounter bozo intentionally muddying up all the better attempts."

Bean-counting. I know what you mean. The bottom line. The profit margin. Making money. It has a distorting influence when taken too far.

When bean-counting is applied to healthcare things get weird. In the old day, your rich, sure you will have good health care, but it will cost. Your poor? Sucks to be you.

There wasn't so much compassion in the old days (although religious charities tended to step into the breach).

I've said this about capitalist systems: There's no one to catch you if you should fall. Failure is not really an option.

Homeless people are abhorred. They have failed capitalism. They aren't making money. So of course they get nothing. They should not even exist, and everyone would be better off if they were gone. That is the subscript.

Sucks don't it? You and I both know the long arm of dire circumstance could theoretically make us homeless; somehow we go by year after year and at last we think we are going to be OK.

Then some darn medical thing comes up, and your ass is on the plank again. j

I'm telling you- turbidity. This life is very provisional. That's the way it has to be I guess.

And good stuff happens too - windfalls, big sales, profits, raises in salary, etc. So what are we to make of this?

Anonymous said...

Capitalism, Communism, and Scarcity:

Both capitalism and communism arise as methods to deal with scarcity.

Nature, red of tooth and claw, is powered by scarcity (defined as limited available resources). Physical evolution was driven by it. Survival of the fittest = overcoming scarcity the best by adaptations which either exploit resources or fend off competitors.

Bacteria, insects (especially ants), marine arthropods such as krill, and human beings are exemplars of members of the Kingdom Animalia who have come out on top in the scarcity reduction game.

Plants have done well too and pretty much carpet large swathes of the globe.

However: human beings are now in a special category of the first of the Animalia to definitively defeat scarcity. This has actually already occurred but we haven't grasped that yet. But it will sink in eventually. And then all h*ll will break loose.

Humans went through and outgrew hunting/gathering, feudalism and slavery-based strategies for exploiting resources. The industrial revolution quickened the pace. Capitalism and communism were tried out as ways to exploit resources and make and distribute goods; capitalism came out on top.

Then the information age put the final nail in the coffin of scarcity. We now have enough goods and services for all and will soon have far more than enough for all.

Just wait until the lunar, martian, ganymede, europa, asteroid belt, and dozens of other offshoot settlements, mostly automated, start pumping out virtually unlimited amounts of energy, goods, and services, supporting themselves with massive surplus to boot. Under capitalism they are going to need to find buyers to make a profit. However, the market will be saturated, then glutted, and then buried.

Soon will come exhortations to consume more and more, and then double that, and never mind worrying about paying for it. Take it on credit. No? Alright then, take it for free. Take more. Use more. Please.

And for God's sake will some of you please stop working? How about please most of you stop working?

Manna will fall from the heavens in flood of Brobingian proportions. And people will be freaking out. This is not scarcity. There are no scruffy homeless anymore.

Merit will have to be earned some other way. Performing labor for others will be a privilege now, not a scourge.

Communism will be deader than a doornail, and capitalism moribund. Something new will come.

This whole scenario could come t pass in less than 2,000 years, a blink of an eye in deep time.

Anonymous said...

And good stuff happens too - windfalls, big sales, profits, raises in salary, etc. So what are we to make of this?

Real estate is going through the roof where I live, and I own three properties. So what do I care? Yes, selfishness shall be our savior. I have what I want and tomorrows onrushing dystopia isn’t my concern. We should retaliate against a “War on Christmas” by declaring war on the poor. That'll teach em.

As for my nephew and his 4 kids whose wife just left him because he’ll only ever be a lowly prison guard, for her rich boyfriend who takes her places… I’ll tell him and the kids to celebrate their individuality. And yeah, both were religious and descended from families of Christian ministers. Suck on that if all else fails.

Anonymous said...

Both capitalism and communism arise as methods to deal with scarcity.

Not so sure. I think Capitalism is what humans in groups larger than clan tribes do. In those small groups people just usually work together, like those Commanche Indians of old.
Once poor subsistence farmers, Commanches discovered horses and decided to grow into a ruthless horse empire just like the Mongols did. Think capitalism with no restrictions. Sadly, they were discovered by Texan soldiers who also had horses and they got ruined. Last I heard they were living on reservations as poor subsistence farmers. Capitalism can be a rough game sometimes.

Marxism is (IMHO) a poorly conceived attempt to return humans to the small clan tribes from which we successfully evolved, often using reservations they call gulags. Sadly, Communism never solved the riddle of power, often with disastrous results.

Personally, I like capitalism as much as I like pro football. It’s a reasonably fair (but rough) game as long as the refs aren’t on the take so much that the conservative fans have to shout ever louder “Well at least it’s not the Mesoamerican ball game!”

Karl Marx (hiss… boo…) who I respect about as much as I do Milton Friedman (boo… hiss…), did however, just like lil’ Milty, occasionally get things right from time to time. For example, both described “rent seeking” as a capitalist aberration/pathology to avoid lest the mob winds up wrecking the capitol. It’s that condition where money extraction becomes more important than maintaining any competitive fair exchange of value. Marx said it’s an inevitable capitalistic end game, while lil Milty vaguely implied that rules were needed to keep things from getting that rotten, but he never much specified details.

So we once had a reasonable situation where old school conservatives limited the refs power because all those rules slowed down the game. But then a buncha new school conservatives came along to proclaim that all refs are socialists who hate football and always throw games for the Democrats and that Donald Trump shall save us.

I blame faith-based reasoning. I’m not against it, believing that in moderation faith-based reasoning is a good thing. But in excess one might come to abandon science and reason for primitive mental defenses because they believe that God gives them superpowers. And also that anybody “other” is demonically possessed.

Consider the time my suburban high school football team was playing that rough looking team from the hood. Coach had to use faith to keep our confidence up. I knew this wouldn’t be sufficient, so I tried reason and faith together. I took up a collection from my fellow players and we bribed the ref. This was well before stuff like crack dealers, gangsta rap, bitches-n-hos… so I knew the boyz from that hood couldn’t match whatever bribe money we white boys had. So we won the game!

Sorry, I got distracted. What was I was even talking about?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, are you serious? High school football refs taking bribes? A ref caught doing that = career over. How hard up do you have to be to take a hundred or even a few hundred from some kids?

The extreme hunger for money at any cost brings social engineering, scam artists, con artists, bait-and-switch retail operations, spam emails and phone calls in the trillions.

What are these people thinking? Get the money, never mind an equitable trade for goods and services? They might not be bad people, they might be desperate people. When you need oxycontin (don't even get me started), then you got to feed that habit. Or your children.

This is pure social rot, and a distinctly capitalist malady at that. We have to put up with it to enjoy our capitalist system, and so buyer beware.

Now here we go, a basic universal income (BUI). How much of reduction in cold sales calls? How many fewer cons? Think about it. If AJ with the pants-down-low and his bloods get enough for beer, pot, a pizza and a TV from Uncle Sam, then hey, maybe they leave you be.

It could be a good deal. The BUI might even generate a net profit, dare I say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "Sorry, I got distracted. What was I was even talking about?"

Condoms, anonymous. You were talking about condoms. I just got new hearing aides.

Topic for discussion: The nastiest sex you ever had. Begin now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bob. I wish you happiness in your retirement. I retired in January and 4 months in I'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

The extreme hunger for money at any cost brings social engineering, scam artists, con artists, bait-and-switch retail operations, spam emails and phone calls in the trillions.

Actually, I never paid any refs. I was alluding to people I've known who behave as if doing that sort of thing would be perfectly normal, costing them no social points amongst their Christian tribe de jour, if they could get away with it. Like like our reps in DC where bribery is legal. There are still people out there who respect integrity, quality, a hard days work well done... but everywhere I look I see a society where integrity has become a fools game.

That Obama and Trump lie so much is perfectly normal because they're on "our team". Contrast with what a previous generation let Nixon get away with.

When is Bill Gates gonna actually "give away most of his wealth"? AFter all these philanthropy years he's still worth well into nine figures. Check out his new yacht.

Had a reliable and reasonable mechanic or doctor lately?

Remember when Steve Bannon skimmed his We Build the Wall donations for his own personal bank account? Last I heard he has a successful podcast where people treat him like his shit don't stink.

In my city sewage system overflows are a common problem whenever it rains. So the geniuses at the county government decided to go after the septic owners who make up less than 5% of the population, I guess, since taxing or regulating any big players is verboten.

Remember Sydney Powell? After her legal defense proclaimed she was spouting opinion, she re-spouted that she'd only ever been telling the truth. In previous times she'd be hauled away in the little white van.

The flood of bullshit from every level is getting ridiculous. I think this is because humanity has been turned into mindless consumer livestock by our mindless corporate powers that be. They've been given the tools of Bernays without caring about any of the social responsibilities.

Maybe I should put my Ayn Rand hat on and take full PT Barnum advantage. I certainly have the tools. But it disturbs me when I hear about my in-law being financially screwed over by his former best friend, who he helped into a lucrative career, just because the appearance of financial success is seen as a blessing from Jesus in their church. My offer of a simple common sense solution to their issue went completely ignored. It looks like in-law would rather sue instead.

I could go on for days. And sometimes I still do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 9:10.

You wrote "I could go on for days. And sometimes I still do."

I hear you, comrade. I just watched back to back episodes of American Greed on TV. Stacy Keach does a wonderful job of narrating this show.

One example trotted out was a hedge fund manager who swindled investors for 21 million in the Sacramento, CA area.

Among the victims were an elderly couple who had been married for 60 years and took out a mortgage loan on their family home and farm (which had been paid off decades ago). This property had been in the family for 60 years. They put in a half-million.

The fraudulent hedge fund manager was busted and sentenced to 19 years in the pen. The money was already spent and unrecoverable. The couple, in their 80's, were devastated. They died from the stress a few months apart. The wife went first.

Capitalism. It is still better than the alternatives, but holy sh*t isn't there something, somewhere out there, that will stem this rising tide of flim-flam and bullsh*t?

These days you can hardly turn around without someone trying to shove it into your b*tthole. Is this the world we want to leave for our kids?

This is not a partisan problem. This is not blue versus red. This is not religion versus atheism. What the f*ck is this?

And I ask myself, as I am a public servant, am I giving the taxpayer their money's worth? I don't want to be part of the problem. That would be bad. I try to give the taxpayer their money's worth. I don't want to scam anyone.

The troll wrote about an end to scarcity and want, but I don't think I'll live to see it.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that maintaining capitalism would be a conservative thing. Keep it honest and competitive and maybe the meek will actually inherit the wealth, if they work hard enough.

But as it is, not only do socialists have to do the hard work of selling and maintaining socialism, but now they've gotta step outside their paygrade and try to maintain capitalism as well. Not to mention a functional democracy. Talk about making the other poor dumb bastard take personal responsibility.

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