Thursday, September 17, 2020

Mankind's Theomorphism Confirmed

Later in the day, after having written the previous post, I was reading a supposedly unrelated book called Introduction to the Science of Mental Health. I can't say I recommend it, unless you enjoy reading highly technical and jargon filled 800 page introductions to your own damn specialty. Yes, after 30 years of practice in the field, I'm finally being introduced to it.

Recall where we left off with our speculations: it is as if

God had broken the coin of his Infinity in two, holding on to the positive side Himself and giving us the negative side, then launching us into the world of finites with the mission to search until we have matched our half-coin with his (Clarke, emphasis mine).

This reminds me of the Eastern Orthodox view (or at least that's where I ran into it), of the ontological distinction between the image and likeness in man. The image is our divine potential, while the likeness is our ongoing actualization of this potential.

It is as if this polarization results in a kind of energy; or you could say that the energy fuels the polarization. Either way, there is vertical aspiration at one (our) end, grace (which you might call God's ex-piration) at the other. This up&down movement is actually a continuous spiral.

Now let's see what Fr. Ripperger has to say in his introduction to our subject. He writes that "the human intellect is a mirror image of the ontological order," and a mirror is -- this is me speaking -- totally passive, receptive, and "empty." At least if it's a clean and functioning mirror. And not hidden away somewhere in total darkness, with no light to reflect.

Can a human mirror reflect darkness? Have you been to college? Do you ever watch the news?

Look: this is a very complicated subject with a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous, and a whole lotta strands to keep in my head, but the pedantic padre affirms that the intellect

initially starts out as a tabula rasa, i.e., it lacks all conceptual knowledge. While initially it may lack any conceptual knowledge, nevertheless it is a certain infinite power in the sense that it is in potency with respect to all forms (emphasis mine).

A footnote to this passage specifies that "By 'infinite' is not implied that it is actually infinite like the intellect of God, but that there is no limit to what it can know regarding that which is in its natural capacity to know."

The point is, God's actual infinitude is mirrored in our potential infinitude -- a potential that can never be fully actualized. Is that clear? Yes, it's a strange place to live, but here we are.

Now I want to flip back to Clarke, who writes that every finite is

by its very nature a pointer toward the Infinite. It is an image, a road marker, that necessarily carries the dynamism of the mind beyond itself in a search for intelligibility that can end only with an actual Infinite, from which all finite degrees of participation ultimately proceed.

There it is again: the open spiral of infinitude-to-finite and back to infinitude. In which, as human beings, we may knowingly participate.

We have reached, therefore, the unique, ultimate, infinite Source of all being, the ultimate mystery of Plenitude that is also the magnet and final goal of the entire dynamism of the human spirit, both intellect and will.

The final goal. Does this mean we're done? Yes and no. Yes, because the post is finished. No, because we're always just getting started. For

our dynamism for the infinite turns out to be a remarkably eloquent reverse image and pointer toward God as He is in Himself, beyond all possible finites (Clarke).

And our dynamism for the infinite is itself infinite: ʘ --> O and back again:

this movement of the mind from from the many to the One reflects what seems to be the most basic structure of the human mind's constant quest for intelligibility in all fields. To understand is to unify: it means first to discern the parts of anything clearly, but finally to unify them into a meaningful whole in itself and then with all else that we know. He who does not understand something as one, St. Thomas says, understands nothing.

Onething or nothing, One Cosmos or no cosmos, O or Ø.


Buck said...

Hello. My name is Buck. I ‘m having a bit of a quandary, possibly going beyond the scope of our “Science of Mental Health” workbook. (But I’m not done yet as there are many exercises requiring the drawing of pictures)

I believe in freedom, and I also believe in Rule of Law. This may be a grey area between.
It seems that anti-masking it is becoming all the rage. Some say that mandated masks equals slavery, while others say that masks actually protect the other taxpaying citizens rights. It’s unlike motorcycle helmet laws which really only protect you and the insurance company lawyers, but more like driving the speed limit which protects others as well as you and the insurance company lawyers.

Here is my quandary. My quandary regards shopping while naked. I’m beginning to find the concept intriguing, since I’m feeling a slave to my clothing. I think it’s more like the relatively victimless motorcycle helmet law, where nobody else gets hurt. And the insurance company lawyers may actually get a kick out it. Not the helmets, but wearing nothing but. Any thoughts?

Van Harvey said...

"... He who does not understand something as one, St. Thomas says, understands nothing.
Onething or nothing, One Cosmos or no cosmos, O or Ø."


Anonymous said...

"One Cosmos or no cosmos."

This rolls off the tongue easily enough, but the ramifications need some unpacking.

What one thing is the Cosmos? Is it God?

Immediately all objectionable things snap into focus. Slime mold. One Cosmos is God. God= Slime Mold? Well, yes. And so much more.

So there he is, Mr. Antifa himself. He's wearing his dark clothes and he's going on about cancel culture. Urinals have to go. Either that or make them available to women too. You feel revulsed. You would rather have a root canal than have this creature over for dinner.

Mr. Antifa. One Cosmos is God. God= Mr. Antifa? Well, yes. And so much more.

People talk up unity, but can they handle it?

Can you handle unity? Do you love mosquitos? Are you at peace with the COVID-19 virus? How about that b*tch who f*cks everyone except you? Are you feeling OK with that?

Unity is a hard teacher. But it is real, it is true. Dig in and eat a big mouthful of unity. Let's hope you can keep it down.

Nicolás said...

The universe is important if it is appearance, and insignificant if it is reality.

julie said...

(Just seconding Van's yep.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Buck.

So you wanna shop naked, and can't really see the harm in it.

I presume you are a male. Your balls and penis would be exposed and visible during your shopping trip. For some reason, people don't want to see balls and penis. This is a known thing all the way back to Mesopotamia. Cover thy dick.

Females, same thing. Most guys would have no problem with naked women shoppers. However, other females get very flustered if a woman has her nipples, buttocks, and vulva exposed and visible. They just can't handle it. They will rush up to any exposed female and try to drape her with any material at hand. And of course girls are trained from a young age to sit with their legs together if they are wearing a skirt.

Female attire is funny. Skirts, low cut blouses, yoga pants, etc, reveal the basic woman shape but not the nipples, pussy lips, and butt crack. We are meant to get the general idea of her lusciousness but we can't have the glorious details on display.

So to answer your question you can't shop naked because this would offend people. But you knew that already, you were just being coy. Mr. Buck, Mr Buck Rogers of the 21 century.

Here's a riddle: Q: Where do you go when you are feeling sleazy? A: Get yourself down to the ________________.

We are all in this together, every swinging dick and and bouncing tit. Let's be kind to one another, shall we?

-Yours truly, Super Honey Sugar Tits

Nicolás said...

The sewers of history sometimes overflow, as in our time.

Oracle of Vidanatru said...

One mans sewer is another mans freedom.

(* not a libertarian)

Nicolás said...

Modernity won for man the right to vomit in public.

Cousin Dupree said...

One man's vomit is another man's delicacy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:

"Here's a riddle: Q: Where do you go when you are feeling sleazy? A: Get yourself down to the ________________."

The answer to the riddle is "Sea-Breezy." An infamous watering hole on the esplanade at Rio Del Mar Beach, CA, the Sea Breezy is a known biker hangout and the premier place to go to satisfy sleazy impulses. You name it, they can make it happen for you at the Sea-Breezy. You want a delicacy? No problem. You want vomit? Uuurrrp, there you go.

Patrons of the Sea Breezy entering on a Friday and may not emerge until the following week. You stay until you get what's coming to you..... Young men of the area visit the Sea Breezy as a right of passage on their 21st birthdays. Go in a boy, come out a man.

When I was a girl I would try to peek into the Sea Breezy's dark, porthole shaped windows while my mother would hiss at me to stay back. I could see vague shapes moving around within, accompanied by men shouting and women shrieking, and the clanking of glasses. Sometimes I would see ill defined jets of flame roar up and then die back.

Anyhoo, anonymous "Sugar T*ts," we know where you have been. You've blown your cover. You are a California person.

Now what the devil does all this have to do with mankind's theomorphism? Well, maybe mankind is thrill-seeking. Does this mean God is a thrill-seeker?

Nicolás said...

The freedom to which modern man aspires is not that of the free man, but that of the slave on a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Tits, I'm considering going to a Trump rally, wearing my mask on my bouncy parts.

Nicolás said...

Modern society works feverishly to put vulgarity within everyone’s reach.

Oracle of Vidanatru said...

Since vulgarity is where the money is, does it matter that it's made in China?

(* But I'm open to slaves getting their bread and circuses, because maybe it'll keep them from wearing BLM gear and burning police cars. Or running around naked.)

Nicolás said...

For now, all we should do is to stop erasing the graffiti that our predecessors left on the walls of this dungeon.

Doug Saxum said...

For the Anonymous searching for G-D.
You can gauge your place with G-D by your relationship with the truth.
Is truth your first principle?
Is your alpha principal something else?


Petey said...

Without God, even truth is but an idol. And justice is a monster.

Anonymous said...

Nancy is on at the philosophy open mic. She clears her throat.

"Frog parking only. All others will be toad...

If your car is running I'm voting for it...

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?...

This is my step ladder. I never met my real ladder....

A man in the audience stood up. "Oh for God's sake, really? Next! Next!"

A woman called out "You go girl you funny as f*ck. Keep going!"

Nancy looks around nervously.

"I checked into the Hokey Pokey clinic and I turned myself around...

From stage left a crooked pole emerges and pulls Nancy off.

People were there to hear more about mankind's theomorphism, not to be subjected to bad puns.

Since people make puns, does it follow God is a comedian?

Nicolás said...

I believe more in God’s smile than in His wrath.

Doug Saxum said...

Petey, I believe G-D, Truth and the Holy Spirit are as one. Inseparable.
But, I may be in error 🤔


Nicolás said...

All truths converge upon one truth, but the routes have been barricaded.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone. Had your coffee yet? Brace yourselves- today will be a bumpy ride.

Nicolás said...
"The freedom to which modern man aspires is not that of the free man, but that of the slave on a holiday."

There is something here which should be further unpacked. What DO we aspire for? Do we even know anymore?

=Knockout Kitten

Nicolás said...

Any goal different from God dishonors us.

Anonymous said...

As of today we here at this blog have determined the following tenets:

The Cosmos is One.
The Cosmos is God.
All is God.
God is all.

We have established that God is all things, good and bad.
We have verified that any quality possessed by humanity, this is a quality possessed by God.

All that is noble and good is God.
All that is repulsive and degraded is God.

We have reason to believe that in politics all is God.
Joseph Biden is therefor a holy man, as is Donald Trump.

We are left with the curious thing known as "judgement." Can we stand in judgement of anything or anyone, given the unity of the Cosmos? Do our judgments "count" for anything then?

Some of the wise from antiquity did say "Silence the judgment of the mind."

But then if we do that, how are we to make choices and to regulate our moral climate?

If you have some light to shed on this topic, now would be the time. Before the bombshell revelation is placed before us.

Jesus did say, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Nicolás said...

Nobody will ever induce me to absolve human nature, because I know myself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we're living in the metaphysical poopy parts of God? I'm thinking the lower intestines.

Can you imagine living as a microbe in some creatures lower intestines? You know there are classier places and things to be. Sometimes you see blood cells passing through. You know they get to rush around and do important things while seeing interesting places. They even get to visit the brain! But even those lucky blood cells, there's those times when they gotta go through shitsville, sorta like that bad section on New York's C train. The doors open and the smell of vomit and urine fills the air. I wonder what they're thinking?

One thanks God for not being there, while the other prays to God to get them the hell outta there. We need more poor people around here telling us their inspirational God stories. Plus maybe which crappy POTUS candidate they'd vote for.

Anonymous said...

Nobody will ever induce me to absolve human nature, because I know myself.

Speak for yourself Nicolás. I'm not a bad guy. My worst deed involves setting mouse traps and then hucking the dead mice into the neighbors yard. My motivations are to prevent a mouse infestation and dispose of them in the most convenient way possible. I don't think the neighbor notices.

But there's an asphalt baron who wants to build a plant within smelling distance of me. The dead mice are going to be placed into a box and then mailed to that guy, from now on.

I think other sinners are much, much worse and maybe somebody outta do something about them.

Nicolás said...

We can never count on a man who does not look upon himself with the gaze of an entomologist.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, mice carry diseases. If you "huck" them into the neighbors yard then you are attacking your neighbor with a biological weapon.

Then you plan to terrorize the asphalt baron. It is only a short hop from there to genocide.

So as a sinner, you are a whale. Much worse than the common run. If I was the local constable I'd have you under surveillance.

Now I've looked upon myself with the gaze of an entomologist I see a beautiful scarab beetle. Turning my entomologist gaze upon others I see dung beetles and murder hornets.

Then I saw a Praying Mantis and realized the Brahman was in the bug.

Nicolás said...

Civilizations are the summer buzzing of insects between two winters.

Anonymous said...

These are only leftist mice.

Maybe I should be plausibating my power better. First, I'm like Jesus banishing the evil little coinsmen from my temple. Second, I'm like Patriots banishing King George's thieves. And third, these are Jewish mice because I can see the little shtreimels and payots.

On second thought, persecuting Jews isn't in vogue these days. So these are Antifa mice. Witness the little black masks, the dreads, and tasteless body mods. And look where they all go to the bathroom! These mice are relentless.

Somebody suggested that I send them to re-education camps so they'll take up a trade and leave my rice, beans and potatoes alone. But that sounds kinda Chinese.

Confucius said...

Confucius say best raid prans of mice and men often go sideways.

Anonymous said...

"Confucius also say: He who goes to sleep with itchy butt wakes up with stinky fingers."

Now the band Chumbawumba said they get knocked down, but they get up again, nothing's going to keep them down, so take a whisky drink, take a cider drink, take a lager drink, talk about the good times, talk about the better times.
Then the girl sings the refrain: "Pissing the night away...."

Reflect on these things. These things hold the key to understanding.

Knockout Ginger, cuter than Mary Ann.

Anonymous said...

So after much listening to Chumbawamba and some pray-meditation, I've set up a little chapel in the garage. It has one big seat for myself, and many tiny seats for the mice. Wine and cheese shall be part of our service. I'll let you know how it goes.

But we haven't resolved what to do about the much, much worse sinners.

Daisy said...

Why on earth do you think it's your job to do anything about them? Don't just do something, sit there.

Anonymous said...

When mice die in the walls it stinks. Plus hantavirus.

Maybe we could discuss the strange need to call underrated white NFL quarterbacks something-magic. Compared to one of the halfricans like Mahomes, Fitzmagic is really no comparison.

Daisy said...

Somebody is still watching the NFL?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the NHL, the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning are mostly non-Americans, so no taking a knee during any anthems this year. They do have one halfrican player apiece. But the one on the Lightnings team looks like he can actually grow a fro. We may have to nappy nip that one in the bud.

Cousin Dupree said...

Before Canadians get on their high horse, they owe the world an apology for Justin Bieber.

Anonymous said...

Well, I theorize that Justin Bieber falls into Caitlyn Jenner territory.

Freak shows like theirs were empowered by our kindergarten culture. As in, everything I ever needed to learn about people I learned back in kindergarten. If our elite powers that be can get away with whatever major outrageous shit they want to with no consequences, then why can't lesser folks get away with lesser shit with no consequences as well? ...especially if they think they're committing "victimless" faux pas.

I don't blame the Canadians. They may have flapping heads and say things like "aboot" and "ay?" a lot. But American girls are doing that annoying vocal fry thing just like the bimbo Kardashians. Sinners push the sinning envelope wherever sinners think they can.