Thursday, March 22, 2018

Fission for Complements

Yesterday I was thinking about fusion and fission, or the forces that hold things together or blow them apart. When things blow apart -- i.e., fission -- it's just a release of the energy that had been holding them together. So it's the same energy, only extroverted instead of introverted.

Let's dispense with the stoner talk and get a more precise definition. Says here that "The energy released by fission is a million times greater than that released in chemical reactions," while fusion releases three to four times the energy released by fission. Here it says that "In both fusion and fission, nuclear processes alter atoms to generate energy. Despite having some things in common, the two can be considered polar opposites."

Okay, I don't have time to pursue the full analogy. Let's just stipulate that I flunked high school physics, and discretely move on. My point, physics or no physics, is that there is a glue that binds people, communities, nations, and even individual minds; and that it's the same glue at each level -- just as energy is energy is energy in physics.

Come to think of it, there are four forces in physics, aren't there? There are the weak, strong, gravitational, and electromagnetic forces, and last time I checked, renown awaits the nerd who successfully reduces these to one.

At any rate, how many elemental forces are there on the human plane? Well, there are many, but they evidently reduce to one; but this one manifests in at least four ways: love, truth, beauty, and unity. Or, maybe the unity is a function of the binding power of love and truth.

Although all the transcendentals are always involved, I would say that love is primarily what holds things together in the micro realm, whereas truth is what binds things on the macro scale. For example, the founders begin with the idea that we are all bound together by certain self-evident truths. They did not begin like, say, a hippie commune, with the idea that all we need is luv.

Conversely, a marriage is not founded on self-evident truths about your partner, but with love. Of course, the marriage will fail if it is based on a lie, but truth alone will be insufficient to hold things together -- even two mathematicians or accountants.

I was thinking about this in the context of the Austin bomber. I don't know anything about him, but I'll go out on a limb and guess that he had no passionate bonds of love with any other human beings. It made me wonder if the energy that would normally bind him to others underwent a kind of fission, such that it was released in a destructive way?

Before you laugh, consider that almost all violent crime is caused by unattached males. Furthermore, these males are unattached to any father figure, and vice versa. Thus, there seems to be a problem of "male energy," which, if not bound by fusion, is released in extremely destructive ways.

Lately Tucker Carlson has had a weekly feature on the crisis of men in America. Last night he pointed out that 75% of unmarried women voted for Obama in '08 and '12. This is simply the reverse side of the destructive fission of male energy, in that these women, instead of fusing with men, fuse with the state. And it seems that men who aren't frankly destructive often fuse with video games, or porn, or some other substitute.

Let's try to probe this a little more deeply. What is the most elemental bond we can imagine? I would say it is the bond between mother and infant. Absent that, there couldn't be any bonds later in life. Maternal love is truly the foundation; however, it gets complicated, because nothing as useless as mother love could exist in nature without father strength and protection. Thus, all of these things need to come together in order for the family to emerge.

For over 50 years now, the left has been messing with this natural fusion. As a result, a tremendous amount of energy is being released, energy that once held families, communities, and minds together. What happens to male and female energy when they aren't fused to one another? What happens to child energy when it isn't fused to a mother and father, who are in turn fused to one another?

The left likes to talk about "white privilege," but the real privilege (one of them), as Dennis Prager points out, is father privilege. Blacks who have a mother and father at home do as well as anyone else. But some 80% of black children are born out of wedlock, or in other words, out of fusion and in fission. They are explosions waiting to happen.

Another key is the binding power of truth, which converges with the binding power of religion. Here again the left is systematically on the case, for multiculturalism is a nothing less than a frontal assault on the cognitive glue that binds us together. Likewise moral relativism, deconstruction, feminism, the whole smorgasbag of toxic leftism. Yesterday I was reading about how scientific objectivity is just a mode of white privilege. Well, rid the world of objectivity, and just watch the explosion that ensues!

University campuses all over America are "exploding." Why? Because of fission. Because the forces that bind us -- say, freedom of speech -- are being eroded, and destructive energy being released.

Likewise, what is religion? The word comes from religare, which means to bind, in this case, to God. What happens when this energy is released? It's happening. You might even say that leftism happens, for it is a substitute religion, with all of the same passions, only scattered and oriented to the wrong object(s).

The title of this post doesn't exactly make sense, does it? Fission from complements might be more accurate, meaning that energy is released as a result of messing with the bonds between complementarities....


ted said...

Although all the transcendentals are always involved, I would say that love is primarily what holds things together in the micro realm, whereas truth is what binds things in the macro scale.

I recall Prager saying how compassion never works well on the macro-scale as a virtue. It can only work on the micro-scale. And I suppose this is where the left inverts things and wants the state to be the beacon of compassion, and the individual can continue being an arsehole.

Gagdad Bob said...

I remember too a lecture by Alan Watts in which he analogized the release of energy in samadhi to nuclear fission -- in other words, as one weakens the bond to one's ego, a kind of energy is released....

Gagdad Bob said...

I also want to get this beautiful looking book called Sound Explosion!, on the musical explosion caused the Wrecking Crew. If you haven't seen the documentary, you should...

ted said...

I did see the documentary of the Wrecking Crew. Brilliant musicians! Also watched a cool doc about XTC this weekend. Probably one of the more interesting post-Beatles bands.

Gagdad Bob said...

Love XTC. I'm going to watch that.

ted said...

Cool. One drawback is they're fairly proud of their atheist anthem, Dear God. C'est la vie. Good musicians does not equate good values. And I like the song anyways.

Gagdad Bob said...

Well, Andy Partridge suffers from severe stage fright and panic attacks, so there. I read somewhere that he once wet himself on stage from anxiety.

ted said...

Yes, that came out in the doc.. A lot be anxious about if it's all about you.

Gagdad Bob said...

I'm with Davila: whether or not the artist is a believer,

Every work of art speaks to us of God. No matter what it says.


All beauty is susceptible to a Christian interpretation.

Oh, and

The simplistic ideas in which the unbeliever ends up believing are his punishment.

ted said...

Once again, the pithiest of wisdom there is.

Anonymous said...

I sure dig your extended analogy, and I think it holds much truth. "Fusion" energy you didn't really explore, except as latent, but think about the energy released when a person fuses with God, or with a mate. That giddy zap of positive energy could be the fusion analog, and it does irradiate others in the vicinity.

I've recognized in previous comments that male offenders always lack erotic personal connections, and suggested a stop-gap fix of using state-sponsored sex workers to reach out to unattached males, to contain their fission energies safely. Yes, I know sex-worker sex is pretty shallow, but I do think it is prophylactic against violence. The idea was panned by Julie and Bob, rightly so, but this post seems to vindicate some of my reasoning behind that suggestion.

Anyway Bob, whatever ye be smoking, keep blazing. Great post, top of the line work.

Unknown said...

And sometime I wonder why some ideas do descent on some, but to move them to ponder the higher implications, god has put in his paradoxes such as fission and fusion which our host has addressed the negativity in the micro realm in a reaching fashion to the attentive who is aware of the destructive trends engulfing our world and not a section of it. This makes me think of the harmful and troublesome effects of these phenomena in the physical realm where those who have released them, do not know where to hide the harmful radiations and materials they are have released in the world only to find the developing countries land as burial grounds. It is a signifier that says a lot. Intellectuals should tackle what is safe and helpful to humanity in its short journey on this earth and in a planetary pattern away from the deadening boxes. Truth dose not distinguish between right or left, conservative or progressive communist or capitalist, it treats all on the same terms but not without warning them to expect the destructive repercussions of those who exceed the truth limits. There is one god the source of all these fragmented energies the unaware is talking about. We should not separate between the violation of nature domain and the violation of the human domain. It is one unity. As your Davila said, every work of art speaks to us of god, no matter what it says, If only we pay attention. At the end, I like to quote some verses that address the horrific consequences of the the fission phenomenon, it says, Oh I seek refuge from the lord of fission to protect us from the evil that is associated with that fission and from the sleep radiations that wake up, Please read it in the context of what we are talking about and do not recall the ugly picture of Isis or the historical grudges that obscure the vision.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abdulmonem:

Your comment brings in the physical presence of fission energy waste products, and/or the threat of fission/fusion weapons. Yes........what a drag these exist at all. I've always lived under the threat of being obliterated suddenly, as I reside near likely targets here in the USA. It does color your perception of the world as a fundamentally unstable/unsafe place. Who knows what damage this has done to the collective psyche.

What is the sources of your verse on fission? It is pretty cool, but the reference to the "sleep radiations that wake up" is a bit cryptic. Are we talking literal, or figurative fission problems?

In any regards, you can be assured Isis or historical grudges do not obscure a good verse from any source. Rumi is always welcome, for example. The rank and file Christian here does not have any historical grudges, really. They just follow the news and kind of live in the present.

I'm not a Christian, but I love Christ. Ain't that weird?