Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Let the Dead Bury the Tenured

"All beings naturally strive towards God -- not explicitly but implicitly" (Thomas). Since atheists are beings too, this goes for them as much as anyone else. But how can someone who rejects God be simultaneously striving for God? Let's think.

Well, most atheists of my acquaintance reject God on the basis of their intellect. But what is the intellect, and why can it be trusted, especially regarding a subject so vastly transcending its scope, its reason for being (which is biological reproduction)? Well, you have to put your faith in something. An atheist presumably puts faith in himself and leaves it at that.

But if you don't stop arbitrarily with your own mind -- if you refrain from the cosmic onanism for a moment -- then you are soon enough led into one of the classical proofs of God, to something certain, unmoved, eternal, etc. In short, your own thinking must have the backing of an eternal sponsor, or it is nothing.

We know and judge all things in the light of the first truth, for the light of our intellect, which is either natural or a gift of grace, is nothing other than an imprint of the first truth. This interior light of the mind is the principal cause of knowledge.

This was obviously the approach of our founders. They did not say, "in our opinion, people should be free to pursue their own interests & stuff." In this regard they foresaw the future fascist snowflakes who would say, "in our opinion, you are not free, especially Ben Shapiro. He triggers us, therefore he is violent, so we have the right to violently shut him down."

You see from where leftist principles always come and to where they inevitably lead: quite literally, they come from nothing and lead nowhere. These people are anarchists. Nihilists, Donny. Cosmocrats of the Dark Aion. Who cannot see it? And why not?

I'm old enough to remember when conservatives were free to speak in our Temples of Truth without $600,000 in police protection. Churchill once cracked that "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." In our current civil war, truth needs a bodyguard, period. An army of them if it ventures near a liberal campus.

It's not only that truth requires police protection. The reason it needs the protection is that it is under violent attack. Now, there is nothing more sick than attacking truth. Rejecting it is one thing. That's amenable to correction. But preemptively assaulting it is another matter entirely. For it is the negation of the very purpose of the intellect, which is to know truth in an objective and disinterested way.

Therefore, it is an attempt to violently sunder man from his very ground -- from his reason for being. It is the end of humanness, the end of all meaning except that which is violently superimposed by the requirements of leftist ideology.

The science is never settled. But nor is the religion, and for the same reason: "The reason we are called wayfarers is because we are striving toward God, who is our end and beatitude."

Likewise, science strives toward a truth it can never attain, on pain of Gödel coming to your house and slapping you around. And truth is the beatitude of the intellect.

For "The love of God has the power of uniting things." Indeed, God is the principle of unity, without whom there would be none. Here again, science is the reduction of multiplicity to unity. Therefore, it is always implicitly seeking God, at least when rightly practiced.

Conversely, "Love of self... divides up human affections and diversifies them." Those with ears, let them hear! Those with graduate degrees, remove those ideological truth-cancelling headphones!

There are only two vertical directions, up and down, toward God and unity or toward a futile cosmic dispersion and fragmentary selfhood shouting nonsense into the void, AKA the liberal media.

Truly, "The last end is the first principle of being." AlphOmega. We are wayfarers on an inspiraling journey, not from nowhere to nothing, but from ground to nonlocal destiny. And "when the first cause in which all else can be known is reached, the quest of the spirit comes to an end."

Note that the first cause of the left is matter, or nothing, or ideology, which amount to the same thing. It is why their journey is over before it begins -- a zombie-like quest for the impossible. Let the dead bury the tenured.

Does this mean everyone is the same? The precise opposite! For it is the very basis of our individuality:

"God is one in reality but is multiple according to our minds; we know him in as many ways as created things represent him." But if we do not know God, then it is as if everyone knows nothing, which truly renders them as unique and valuable as an ant.


Rick said...

"there is nothing more sick than attacking truth"

For some reason, this recalls what some Smartfeller said, to the effect: suicide kills more than one man, it kills all men

julie said...

Yes, just so. If truth could be destroyed, all that would remain is nothing. Much like arguing that shadows are problematic, therefore to eliminate shadow we should turn out the light.

Anonymous said...

I am a tenured professor and I take offense at your post's title. I have two documents, one signed by the Chancellor and another by the State Governor, certifying I have life-time tenure in the university Gender Studies Department.

Mind you, I have no intention of being buried by the dead or the living. I've made arrangements to be cremated and scattered. Either a zombie or regular person may take care of this task, when the time comes.

I have also in my possession a document, signed by God Himself, under penalty of perjury,that He does not exist. I was at the meeting and personally witnessed Him sign it. So where does that leave your claims regarding atheists? A bit up in the air?

In my youth I attacked truth, however I received severe burns to the bottom of my feet as a result and never tried it again. The trainer had assured me I could walk across the coals unscathed. I knew it wasn't true but made the ill-fated attempt anyway.

Anyway, I believe I was offended by your post, although I'm not sure any more. I shall make for a Starbucks to clear the cobwebs.

Regards, Professor Tanya Apple-Bottom.

Gagdad Bob said...

Dear Professor Apple-Bottom:

You are quite correct that if God doesn't exist, then only he knows it. And if God does exist, then only atheists cannot know it.

Rick said...

Comment of the day by Ace, re Woman Freaks Out Over Hobby Lobby's Display of Raw Cotton:

"Our "elites" have taught people that it's good and profitable to be a lunatic."

julie said...

In our current civil war, truth needs a bodyguard, period. An army of them if it ventures near a liberal campus.

Speaking of truth, it is amazing to hear an American president boldly proclaim it to the other powers of the world. Particularly this gem:

"The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. (Applause.) From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure. Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems."

Anonymous said...

Atheism, like opium is an acquired refined taste , not for the rank and file and never for the great unwashed who interpret it as ''no boundaries ''...fear of the Lord/Law is the beginning of all wisdom ..take away religion from rednecks and you may be left with those deranged hillbillies from the movie ''Deliverance'' ...but who would care to meet them on a walk in the woods ?
Cormack MaCcarthy ,in his masterful ''Blood Meridian'', Golding's '' Lord of the Flies'' and Conrad's timeless ''Heart of Darkness '' warn us of the nature of mankind ..HOMO HOMINE LUPUS !

julie said...

Mock the rednecks all you want. Having experienced first hand the beauty of parts of the South this past couple of weeks, I would that other parts of the nation were so unrefined.

As to the nature of Mankind, it has long been observed just what manner of creature he is. McCarthy, Golding and Conrad may have illustrated the point, but the truth has been known since the Fall for anyone with eyes to see. The battle between good and evil is fought within every human soul. The wonder of it isn't why evil so often wins, but rather that good ever triumphs.

And yet, it does.

Dougman said...

What is your definition of, and experience with, the rednecks?
Does the tolerant, refined crowd not have the wherewithal to understand the mindset?

Ann K. said...

Julie, I always appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

My understanding of rednecks is they tend to have good intoxicants--strong, bracing liquor, chunky resinous buds (Bubba Kush), hand-rolled cigarettes with aromatic Turkish tobacco, huge cigars, and home-brewed watermelon wine...the Redneck folk have a lot of joie-de-vivre and live life to the fullest. However they do come up short in the coffee department, often serving Folgers instant crystals to unsuspecting visitors. Beware.

Dougman said...

Instant coffee!

The horror...