Friday, August 25, 2017

Resolved: The Left is Satanic

As mentioned in a comment yesterday, this, from the Washington Post, is beautiful in its upside-downedness: "The Satan of Modern Satanism is a metaphorical icon for Enlightenment values."

In other words, what we call satanic is what they call enlightened. "We" -- not you, Jethro, the enlightened -- "embrace a large diversity of individuals from a wide spectrum of political and cultural backgrounds --"

Okay, stop right there. I think I'm gonna hurl. Do you really believe this? Or does what you call satanism have the effect of completely foreclosing self-awareness? You just said that people with whom you disagree are crass and superstitious tribal theocrats. I don't feel very embraced.

"... but we’re all unified by our respect for individual rights and pluralism. It is axiomatic within [progressive] Satanism that individuals must be judged for their own actions and for their own merits."

If that's the case, then ur doin it rong.

This reminds me of how modern tyrannies always describe themselves as "democratic" or as "republics": during the Cold War there was the (East) German Democratic Republic and the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam. Now there is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The Islamic Republic of Iran. The People's Republic of China. Each as frighteningly diverse as our contemporary left.

It is axiomatic "that individuals must be judged for their own actions and for their own merits." That's a coincidence. That's axiomatic for us too. Someone must be interfering with the implementation of this broadminded and magnanimous principle. I wonder who it could be?

"Slavery in the United States was traditionally -- and rather credibly, from a theological perspective -- justified on scriptural grounds."

Er, no. It was never credibly justified on scriptural grounds, but rather, rationalized on that basis in order to attempt an end run around a Declaration of Independence animated by the Christian principle that all men are created equal.

Prior to this, no one had to justify slavery on any basis. Rather, it was self-evident that the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. In a word, a world ruled by power (or the metacosmic left, if you prefer). But once God incarnates as man, man is seen in a new light, even if it takes centuries to be seen by people living in Rio Linda.

Note also that southern slavery was not a creature of theology, but of the state. Democrats were and always have been statists. Jim Crow was enforced by law. But in the US, the purpose of positive law is to protect natural rights. We have a natural right to be free. Therefore, Democrats were lawless then, just as they are lawless today. Have you ever heard of a Republican riot? Of course not. That's what Democrats do.

The above might sound irrelevant to our discussion of the cosmic axioms of Thomas, but the opposite is true. As mentioned a few posts back, truth is truth. Thus you have three options: conform yourself to it; rebel against it; or invert it.

The left chooses option three, as per the editorial above. This is why they "ironically" accept the mantle of satanism, as Satan was not only the first rebel against a "tyrannical" God, but he attempts to build a "counter-kingdom," so to speak, based upon an inversion of truth.

For example, in reality, the left utterly rejects the principle of merit. But like a North Korea that pretends to be democratic, the left pretends to want universal standards for all.

If that were the case, then Elizabeth Warren wouldn't pretend to be an Indian and Hillary Clinton wouldn't pretend to be a woman. We wouldn't have to suffer with "wise Latinas" on the Supreme Court, or punish Asian guys named Robert Lee. Certainly we wouldn't frame a cartoonish indictment against an entire race by branding it "privileged." The Obama White House would honor the bust of Winston Churchill instead of dishonoring itself with pestilent creatures such as Al Sharpton.

The key point to remember is that satanism -- the real kind -- always involves inversion: of truth, of virtue, of beauty. It is why ESPN can honor the "courage" of Bruce Jenner for taking his sexual identity confusion to the extreme, or why NFL players can denigrate the only country in the world where they would be so richly rewarded, and which has the most affluent black population of any nation. Inversion.

I wonder if Thomas says anything directly about it? Let's see here...

Nah, let's just continue page by page. In so doing, a deeper truth will emerge; or better, a vision of a properly ordered and bright-side up cosmos.

Now, at the top of this cosmos is God; or rather, God is the name we give for this top. This top is necessary and therefore eternal. It not only Is, but cannot not be. Conversely, We Are (thanks to I AM), but might not have been. Therefore, we are dependent (at least vertically) upon necessary being.

How do finite beings orient themselves to a necessary being that is infinite and eternal? Long story short, via the mode of faith. Faith is what makes the leap from finitude to infinitude. Furthermore -- and this is important -- faith is already a tacit foreknowledge of its object. Faith not only exists because its object does, but is a kind of prolongation of the object -- or of its energies (i.e., grace).

So, as Thomas says, the "ordering of the intellect to infinity would be vain and senseless if there were no infinite object of knowledge." But the infinite is the necessary ground of the finite, just as eternity is the ground of time.

Thus, "although the human reason is unable perfectly to comprehend what lies beyond its limits, nevertheless it acquires much perfection for itself if it, at least in some way, perceives by faith."

Put conversely, if you are devoid of faith, then you will be vulnerable to a kind of systematic stupidity, because you will fill this space with your own finite knowledge and mistake it for (or elevate it to) God. From a purely metaphysical standpoint, God is no-thing. Jumping ahead a bit, Thomas says that "This is the final human knowledge of God: to know that we do not know God."

But there is intermediate (cataphatic) knowledge short of the final (apophatic) un-knowing, for "God is one in reality but multiple according to our minds; we know him in as many ways as created things represent him." And God is represented quintessentially in the human person -- which explains the enigma of how each human being can be unique.

In other words -- and this is a self-evident truth -- man is one because God is. This is not in reference to the oneness of human nature, but rather, the opposite: the unrepeatable oneness of each individual. We are not ants, despite the left's project to deny our uniqueness and lump us into categories such as race, gender, class, etc. To the extent that you force the latter upon individuals, then you are indeed doing Satan's heavy lifting.

So we rate the Washington Post's editorial Meta-Ironically True.


JWM said...

Speaking of the Devil.
Ann Barnhardt has been taken off line.


Anonymous said...

The Satanic Left's horrid effect on our country will become evident shortly after the sun comes up tomorrow. Millions will have breakfast and travel to jobs. They will have lunch. They will travel home, and many will watch T.V. The evening news begins with its lead story: a mountain lion was rescued from a tree in a suburban backyard. A hurricane is pending landfall somewhere.

A blogger arose that morning, on a mission: our society groans under the Satanic Leftist boot, and I will spread the word.

I'm being facetious, of course. Keep on raking that muck, you are the best in the business.

julie said...

Put conversely, if you are devoid of faith, then you will be vulnerable to a kind of systematic stupidity, because you will fill this space with your own finite knowledge and mistake it for (or elevate it to) God.

In yesterday's study, one of the questions (based on the persecution Paul so often faced) discussed was, "Why do some people react with anger when presented with different religious ideas?"

Simply put, questioning someone's religion, particularly if it is false, is in essence questioning the person himself: for what is a false faith, but an elevation of one's own self to godhood? Thus disagreeing with, say, anthropogenic global whatever is taken as a personal affront and not merely a differing interpretation of the data. And speech becomes violence, which justifies violence as speech.

I may disagree with an atheist on whether God exists, but I can't imagine being angry that he has a different belief. Or as here, when someone presents Satanism as some sort of ideal and Christianity as the actual evil, I am not angry that he believes something I find deeply repugnant. His argument is, ultimately, not against me even if he were speaking to me personally. Rather, it is with God.

Abdulmonem Othman said...

Faith is our door to know him as the source of knowledge who puts, a soul in the human that is consciousness to know him to know the self and to know how to navigate in the self , in god and in this cosmos. Responsibility is individual that is why the axiomatic cited, postulate that individuals must be judged for their own actions and for their own merits. Here comes the problem when individual hides behind the veil of the left or any other labels. Who is the left. A motley of haphazard assortment that incorporates the bad and the good. This is what makes it easy for the inverted to continue,benefiting from the veil that hides and makes impossible to identify the the individual actions and merits. God is not after groups he is after the individual. The inverted are always work in the dark that is why they hate the light of god.They want everything to be done in secret in order not to be identified and held responsible. It is time to solve this riddle that led our civilizations from crisis to crisis. Only with truth humanity can find rest and peace, that is god, otherwise commotion will continue and correction becomes impossible. Truthful people always work in the light. The problem of our world is a problem of lies just look at the middle east scene to have a better understanding of the work of our world that demands always an integral look distanced from the separation mode that is killing the world. It is not a problem of color, wealth, religions or any other labels but a problem of abiding by the truth. Let us keep in mind that god is present and is working with us. let the inverted be aware also of the suddenness of god corrective action.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, the Left's speed and brazenness makes clear that Ephesians is right: we really are at war against powers, and principalities, and wickedness not of this world. In the end, all that matters is how we answer the question, "Who do you say that I am?"

Thank you for your posts! They help a great deal!

And, Julie, I too have wondered about the visceral reaction some of my acquaintances have regarding not religion, but Christ, and am reminded that we should be as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents.

Anonymous said...


Satan was taken into custody by Sheriff's deputies in Natchatoches, LA, earlier this week. to await trial on charges of impersonating a dentist and fraud. At least twelve patients complained they were overcharged for services, and/or their insurance carrier was not properly billed.

Satan was found out after one alert patient made a complaint to the state health department stating Satan's tail, horns, and cloven hoofs were filthy and he overall smelled bad, creating a concern about infection control. Satan could not produce a valid Dentistry license to health department investigators, who then notified police.

Satan's jail cell was modified to provide the continuous high temperatures he requested (nearly 240 degrees), at the taxpayer's expense. Some are calling on Satan to reimburse the county for these expenses, and others want the cell to be the same temperature as those of other inmates, and protest Satan does not deserve any special treatment.

The ACLU declined to represent Satan, stating the charges appear to be warranted, and the justification for the hot cell questionable at best.

Conservatives in LA want Satan to be incarcerated elsewhere, believing he may bring bad luck.

In any case, Satan will be out of circulation for awhile which may prevent further mischief on his part.

Gagdad Bob said...

Don't worry be grateful. I didn't put him up to it. I just think he wants to horn in on my turf and take over the local chapter!

julie said...

Very cool!

I like the dogs at the beginning. Missing mine; we lost her to the other side yesterday. Sad, but also so tremendously grateful that she was ours.

Gagdad Bob said...

Sorry to hear that. Our dane just had a cancerous tumor removed a couple weeks ago, but it was localized, so it could have been worse.

On the positive side, he's our fifth dane, and danes are somewhat *replaceable*, being that they have remarkably similar and quite specific personality traits. Each one is like a reincarnation of the last, with some deviations from the norm.

mushroom said...

If that were the case, then Elizabeth Warren wouldn't pretend to be an Indian and Hillary Clinton wouldn't pretend to be a woman

Most of the time I assume that people who want power are simply disingenuous and deceptive by nature. I suppose, though, to want to deceive others, one has to be deceived first.

I am sorry to hear about your dog, Julie. It's tough when they have to go.

julie said...

Thanks, Mushroom, and Bob - I hope your Dane recovers without any trouble.

Re. Danes, Vizslas are a bit like that, too. Very uniform in looks, and generally great with kids. Personalities in our two were amazingly distinct, but when eventually we do get another dog it will probably be a Vizsla, if we can find one. They are fun.

Anonymous said...

Any cat people here? Cats are very affectionate.