Thursday, August 10, 2017

Face the HalluciNation: Real News, Fake News, & Unreal News

The moment ideology comes before reality, one is living in an unreal world. But this statement constitutes a pleonasm -- word of the day, pleonasm -- being that ideology is by definition prior to reality.

Look at Google, where equivalence of the sexes absolutely trumps science. Truth and reality are no defenses. Guilt arises from failure to conform to the ideology, when the very purpose of the mind is to conform to reality.

Guilt is situated between the Is and the Ought. When we do something we oughtn't do, then the result -- for the properly ordered person -- is guilt. One thing we ought not do is live a lie. But at Google the lie is necessary -- at least if one wishes to continue working there.

What is reality, anyway? While one cannot answer the question without reference to the mind, it is critical that reality be situated anterior to the mind that cognizes it, or else we have descended into the subjectivity of modernism and post-modernism.

Rather, reality comes first, even though -- as alluded to in the previous post -- reality is the sum total of our means of accessing and comprehending it. Put conversely, if we have no access to it then it isn't real for us; and to exist is to participate in intelligibility.

Put it this way: reality is, in the words of Pieper, "the one great object of cognition." And we are its subject. Thus, there is a complementarity between reality and man, which is why science can exist at all.

This is another way of saying that "The worth of man lies in his consciousness of the Absolute" (Schuon), the Absolute constituting total reality, both vertical and horizontal, celestial and terrestrial, heavens above and earth below:

Our intelligence is made for the Absolute, or else it is nothing. The Absolute alone confers on our intelligence the power to accomplish to the full what it can accomplish and to be wholly what it is (Schuon).

Please take that literally: the intelligence is either (potentially) everything or it is nothing. This in turn goes to our worth and our dignity. In rendering intelligence worthless, Google robs its employees of dignity.

By the way, never wonder why the left is so lacking in dignity. It follows from the first error. "Safe spaces," trigger warnings, naked rallies, howling mobs, craven college administrators, hysterical students, BLM, transgender madness, fake news, the whole catastrophe. It's all related.

Is Trump as dignified as I would like him to be? No. But in these times, it is sufficient that he provokes the left to new depths of auto-debasement, thus revealing what they are.

To be precise, there is "what they are," and "what they really are," and Trump miraculously exposes the the latter. This is not the face the left wishes to present to the world, but they obviously cannot help themselves. They really are what they really are. Which is true of everyone, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

Once man loses God then dignity is out the door. One way of emphasizing man's dignity is to remind ourselves that we are made "in the image of God." Big responsibility! This image is inconsistent with a squishy and manbunned Pajama Boy in need of feminism over guilt for his White Privilege. Whattsa matta with you! Act like a man! Besides, women exist for men (and vice versa), not for feminism. It's why we have them.

There is religion and there is magic. If you are not properly religious, then it is likely you will default to implicit or explicit magic. Which is what? Recall above (and from the previous post) that religion involves openness to and conformity with Total Reality. Conversely, magic is the attempt "to make superhuman powers serve human ends" and thus "the antithesis of of a religious act" (Pieper).

Man's ability to know truth at all is a superhuman act, right? If you don't understand this, then think again. It is what we call a Necessary Metaphysical Truth. In this context, ideology is a magical formula -- for example, a formula for rendering men and women equivalent. Being that it has rejected truth at the foundation, it can only operate via power. You can't simultaneously appeal to truth and claim truth is just a narrative conceaing the will to power.

This is what we call the Triumph of the Will. But such a triumph can only be understood ironically. A man can have his privates amputated and pretend he's a woman, but has he really triumphed over reality?

More mundanely, you can increase the minimum wage but can you really make a man more valuable by paying him more than his labor is worth? Or, let's pretend Trump is more dangerous than Kim. Just as everyone in the 1930s knew Churchill was more dangerous than Hitler, and everyone in the 1980s knew Reagan was more dangerous than the USSR.

Reality exists. And we can participate in it, or choose not to. These are the extremes of freedom.

This whole line of thought was provoked by a typically crazy editorial in the NY Times called The Policies of White Resentment. It made me realize that we need a third category for news: there is real news and fake news, but the Times (and most of the left) has descended into frankly unreal news.

"Fake" implies some conscious control, but this has more in common with hallucination. Instead of the Triumph of the Will of ideology, this is more like the Triumph of Mind Parasites. It is a systematic falsification of reality.

Consider the first sentence: White resentment put Donald Trump in the White House. No evidence is needed, because this is a statement of a priori ideology, not an appeal to reality.

Trump "continues to transform that seething, irrational fear about an increasingly diverse America into policies that feed his supporters’ worst racial anxieties." That means you and me. Never mind that we have no "seething, irrational fears" about anything. True, we object to what is called "diversity," which is to say that we object to the left's lack thereof, and its totalitarian attempt to impose its monolithic uniformity upon the rest of us, a la Google.

"The guiding principle in Mr. Trump’s government is to turn the politics of white resentment into the policies of white rage..."

Right. That must be why the left is so enraged and resentful.

"That so many of these policies are based on perception and lies rather than reality is nothing new." That is rich. What a fine example of Power appealing to Truth. It's what Satan does.

"White resentment has long thrived on the fantasy of being under siege and having to fight back," as with "the mass lynchings and destruction of thriving, politically active black communities..." That part is true as far as at goes, but Democrats are no longer lynching anyone, at least physically. Rather, they have more subtle means of racial indoctrination and control.


julie said...

More mundanely, you can increase the minimum wage but can you really make a man more valuable by paying him more than his labor is worth?

If anything, you run the far greater risk of dragging him down lower than he could have gotten on his own power. For instance, lotto winners and pro athletes who otherwise have no concept of managing money, much less mind-boggling excess.

...Democrats are no longer lynching anyone, at least physically. Rather, they have more subtle means of racial indoctrination and control.

Well, there is Arkancide, but otherwise yes. Kind of like how you can only kill the sheep for its skin once, but you can keep shearing it for years; you can only kill someone once, but you can terrorize them into serving your will for a dreadfully long time, if you know what they fear. Though listening to leftists talk, it is clear that they wouldn't object to actual bloodshed, provided that someone else is doing the labor.

Anonymous said...

It is really sobering how in a flash of a moment, one turns against what he cherished all his life and hold close to heart. It is the dynamic of rebirth, repentance into new spiritual abode. History always gives warning that whoever justify violence in his relation with others ends in enthralling himself with violence. This true collectively and on personal level. Nothing in our universe without rules . The biggest blunder is dishonoring the divine image of the humans. No wonder Schuon said that the worth of the human is in knowing the absolute that is honoring the divine image in the human. it is the same idea reworded by Pieper when he said, reality is the great object of human cognition. This urge to know is indicative of that creativity that knows no rest. Yes guilt is the violation of the boundary between the is and the ought to, between being and becoming. Human is a project of becoming once he lapses in being he violates his mission.Yes, without conference with god humans can not accomplish their mission in knowing the absolute. Ideology once turned into mask of concealment of truth ,it puts itself in in the way of damaging defacement. They say spiritual deformity collapse into physical deformity when it reaches the point of no return. Life is a preparing journey, it is a testing school in the way of accomplishing one creativity prior to meeting the epitome of creativity. It is accumulation of faithful knowledge and not accumulation of wealth and power. The fatal mistake of our civilization. It is what we stand under determines our understanding.

EbonyRaptor said...

Bob, in your line of work I'm sure you have a better understanding of psychological projection than I do. To me it seems to be a subconscious defense mechanism against reality and a condition that is limited and unique in each individual case. Therefore I think we need a new term - something that means psychological projection, but on a mass scale, as in all the leftists incapable of not deflecting reality. Is there already such a term?

Gagdad Bob said...

Yes. In psychohistory it is called "group fantasy." There are other names that I can't think of at the moment.

Rick said...

Two Minutes Hate?

Gagdad Bob said...

More like two millennia. Or more.

Anonymous said...

Schuon thinks the worth of a human being resides in knowing the Absolute. The Left doesn't agree.

Reality? Truth? These are of little interest to the Left.

The worth of a human being is his influence and control of others, to the Left.

Power is of great interest to the Left.

You already knew these things; your post is a restatement of what you have already written in great abundance.

That's OK; we are always ready to confirm these facts and restate them as well. We are hiding nothing. We don't harbor any doubts about what we are all about.

Sincerely, The Left.

Van Harvey said...

""Fake" implies some conscious control, but this has more in common with hallucination. Instead of the Triumph of the Will of ideology, this is more like the Triumph of Mind Parasites. It is a systematic falsification of reality."

Le Boom.