Thursday, August 31, 2017

Omniscience and Omnignorance

We left off with the radical idea that "the truth or falsity of an opinion depends on whether a thing is or is not." Thus, "man's thought is not true on its own account but is called true in virtue of its conformity with things" (Cosmic Zingers of St. Thomas).

Collusion with Russia is not a thing and never has been (except by Democrats); nor are Trump's racism, anti-Semitism, and fascism things at all. It is impossible to be conformity with these, because they are not.

So, with what are these millions of liberal lunatics in conformity? The short answer is ideology, or the Narrative (the latter being Ideology for Morons); perhaps equally important, they are reliably in conformity with each other. You've heard Rush play the clips in which every liberal media outlet not only has the same angle on a story, but uses the identical words. Sheep with no shepherd; or thanks to PC, the sheep conveniently herd themselves.

Two days ago the narrative Word of the Day was empathy -- as in Trump's absence of it for the victims of Harvey. Obviously, this is not something anyone can actually perceive. Rather, it is seen only through the lens of ideology. Ideology is the grandest lie one can embrace, because not only is it a lie, but it makes all the other lies possible.

Recall that the thing is prior to our thinking, and that truth is conformity between the two. But for the left, ideology is not only prior to the thing, but the thing itself. Which is why it "sees" things that do not exist, e.g., racism, collusion with our enemies, absence of empathy, racist cops, etc.

Look at academia: the only place you're sure to find conservative principles is in the business department. This is because in business, if your ideas don't conform to reality, you are bankrupt.

Conversely, in the humanities, if your ideas are bankrupt, then you're in business!

In real business, the customer is always right. But since ideology is prior to reality, the liberal is always right (and just and empathic and charitable and socially conscious and woke & stuff).

It's all so basic, and yet, no one is taught these principles. And "taught" isn't even the right word. Rather, they are seen; once seen, they are obvious; and they are obvious because they are in meta-conformity with human nature -- and with the nature of things more generally.

Thus, knowing the principles is vertical recollection; it is also elementary self-awareness -- so, never wonder why the left is so lacking in this commodity as well. One cannot embrace leftism without first banishing self-awareness from the psyche. It is why they can promulgate such nonsense with no shame.

"Nobody perceives himself to know except from the fact that he knows some object, because knowledge of some object is prior to knowledge of oneself knowing" (Thomas).

Again, one is tempted to say Tell me something I don't know. And yet, in this degraded age there exist entire university departments dedicated to systematically not knowing (or knowing nonsense): women's studies, queer theory, critical race theory, Chicano studies, et al.

In each case, knowledge of the ideology is not only prior to knowledge of oneself (and of reality), but effectively prevents it. Truly it is omniscience in reverse, or omnigorance. It is G3AOA.

The following truth can also be perceived directly, but one may require perfect 20/∞ vision in order to see it: "The intellectual light dwelling in us is nothing else than a kind of participated image of the uncreated light in which eternal ideas are contained."

In other words, the Light with which we see the Light is the same Light with which we are able to see it.

Sounds paradoxical, but there is no other explanation. Certainly it explains how someone can plausibly claim to be the Light of the world. This Light shines even in the university, although the tenured do not see or comprehend it.

Another basic one: The truth is something good; otherwise it would not be worth desiring; and the good is true; otherwise it would not be intelligible.

In fact, truth is the good -- and beauty -- of the intellect, without which the intellect is worthless or even harmful. For an intellect not conformed to truth is a will conformed to power. This is the disloyal opposition of the left, being that they have no fealty to the reality prior to ideology.


The power of omnignorant ideology (courtesy Ace of Spades; click to enlarge):


Anonymous said...

I would tend to agree with all of your points in today's well-written post.

Here's a few facts about facts: they are a dime a dozen. Anyone can know them. If you have an agenda you are trying to accomplish, facts can facilitate that agenda, or get in the way.

Now, an good ideology is a rare and priceless commodity. You control it. An ideology can be bent to support an agenda. And, best of all, an ideology is not dependent on verifiable facts.

So the Leftist smears on Trump are hogwash, factually speaking, yet accomplish goals in support of an agenda. That is ideology at work.

That being said, the Left has been very stupid on a couple of points. Central leadership has been lacking. We are addressing that. But above all, we neglected to get acumen in business, also being corrected. And lastly, we must call off our nuisance claims against the President, as it has become evident he will suit our needs and we want a second term for him.

Gagdad Bob said...

You need to find a leader chronologically younger than 70 but developmentally older than a toddler. Not gonna be easy.

Van Harvey said...

"Conversely, in the humanities, if your ideas are bankrupt, then you're in business!"

And if your ideas are uncontaminated with any thought beyond the moment, those too will secure you a spot in the bankruptcy bidness.

julie said...

Is there such a person on the left these days who would be allowed to lead?

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie:

Currently there is a young Leftist who has shown exceptional zeal in our Antifa wing. She stated she would be willing to take on the heavy responsibilities of the Americom Committee chair. We think she needs a little more experience in the field, but overall, she is a bright prospect.

julie said...

The truth is something good; otherwise it would not be worth desiring

There is a common misperception that what is good is essentially boring. The trope of the angel sitting on a cloud with nothing to do comes to mind. It is common enough to make one wonder whether anyone has the faintest idea what goodness is. We know that it Is, but we cannot properly conceive of it, mired as we are in the dramas of the world.

neal said...

Heh. Angels on clouds. And in rabbit holes. Go ask Dorothy, and Alice.

Oh, and Anon. This is the kind of crap that leaves certain things only semi-retired. Better look around for holes, up and down.
A little respect for these people would not hurt.

julie said...

Elaborating a bit, some - maybe all - of the genuinely best things in life come with their own veil. They are either ineffable, and thus impossible to really share with anyone who didn't also experience it, or they appear to be utterly mundane and thus hold no interest to anyone seeking something interesting. A happy family, for instance: there isn't much to talk about, and nothing much happens besides life as usual - no drama, no skeletons preparing to leap out of any closets, just mostly cheerful children and stable, loving parents, comfortable within an unscandalous intimacy that seems boring on the surface. Or downright ugly, to one who lacks those elements.

To those who understand its value, of course it is to be desired. To those who don't, it is to be derided.

Gagdad Bob said...

Yesterday I was in a pharmacy that had a little freezer case out front with ice cream and popsicles. When I looked at it I flashed back to an an ineffable childhood feeling that is impossible to describe. Often it happens with a particular color. It used to happen more often with music, but now it's all so overly familiar that the power to impact consciousness in that way has faded. It often occurs to me that my son and I are "in" the same time, and yet, very different times, because he will remember it in a completely different way; or rather, with a very different "tone." What would time be, without the emotional coloration? Just mere duration, or one damn thing after another....

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie:

I greatly enjoyed your comments regarding the misconception people have, that what is good is also boring.

I have been meditating on this very thing for months now.

What I have established is: boredom is a force to be reckoned with. It is a "basic force" in that it has no antecedent. Nothing "causes" boredom. Rather, boredom is always present as a potential, but only emerges into our awareness when the mind is not occupied with something else. And it is a very, very potent motivator. Anyone who has had a long session with boredom, can attest to this.

"Idle hands are the Devil's playthings." Well, or just boredom's playthings.

When all things are at last good and right, a human being can only tolerate this goodness and rightness for so long before, inevitably, a craving for something to happen that is distinctly not so good and right enters the awareness. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

And so we imagine Angels in Heaven are in a similar pickle.

This is a default human parameter which we did request for ourselves. The startling conclusion is that our Creator does not intend us to rest on our laurels, but has made us experience a continual craving for novelty, and not always for novelty of the best sort.

So below, so above. I have concluded God also experiences boredom, and has made us in His image.

And for Bob, Sir, I have concluded that boredom is also the very root from which grows the hideous flower of Leftist ideology. Now you know where it all starts.