Wednesday, June 28, 2017

One Lie, Infinite Errors

Another brief blast, as I'm pressed for time...

As discussed in the previous post, if ultimate reality encompasses both immanence and transcendence, then man is perpetually tempted to exclude one in favor of the other. However, he doesn't really "exclude"; rather, covertly lends to one the properties of the other, even while denying those properties up front.

This is similar to how the scientific materialist tries to reduce subject to object, but in so doing inevitably contaminates the latter with properties of the former. But a subject attempting to cram himself back into objecthood is about the stupidest thing imaginable: it is literally like proclaiming "I am as dumb as a box of rocks."

No, you are dumber, because rocks cannot make false metaphysical pronouncements. "Systematic reductions to single terms," says the Aphorist, "fabricate likenesses of intelligibility that seduce the ignorant." But especially the tenured

Now, pantheism and idolatry are "sins against transcendence," so to speak. Both attempt to confine God to this plane; they mistakenly conclude that God is the world just because the world is (ultimately) God.

Which is why the Bible is so explicit on the subject. Right out of the gate it says that God creates the heavens and the earth, the celestial and terrestrial, transcendence and immanence. You might say that God transcends the dynamic complementarity of transcendence <--> immanence.

Why is this important? Because God is simply another word for Reality, and human happiness depends upon being in conformity with it.

Note that one popular alternative to being in conformity with reality is to rebel against it. But this rebellion is simply the tribute unreality pays to Reality, or Ø to O. Human ideologies are maps, except they are like those premodern maps that are more imagination than reality. Use them to navigate the sea and you will end up lost or shipwrecked.

The left is this rebellion writ large. It is always reactionary, in that the Lie us dependent upon the Truth to which it is a reaction.

Conversely, truth does not require the lie, just as light does not require the shadow (even if it makes shadows inevitable on this plane). One could cite thousands of examples, but consider CNN: their peddling of the Russia conspiracy is founded upon the realization that it is false.

Cue the Aphorist to bail me out:

The lie is the muse of revolutions: it inspires their programs, their proclamations, their panegyrics. But it forgets to gag the witnesses. The Resistance is on the verge of devouring itself, now that the Russia investigation is moving on to Obama, Lynch, and Clinton.

Revolutions have as their function the destruction of the illusions that cause them. Which is why Obama's function was the destruction of the infantile hopenchange that caused him.

This one is apropos: In society just as in the soul, when hierarchies abdicate the appetites rule. Usurpation, by one of the terms in the system, of the liberties of the others.

Thus, for example, when transcendence is reduced to immanence, then man is reduced to matter and the genocide is on. Which is why The leftist screams that freedom is dying when when his victims refuse to finance their own murders. White Christian males in particular must vote for their own extinction or be taken out by other means.

The egalitarian passion is a perversion of the critical sense: atrophy of the faculty of discrimination. For them, discrimination is the original sin, while for us it is the original act of consciousness, i.e., to discriminate between immanence and transcendence, appearance and reality, existence and essence. (Note that the creation begins with God's own discrimination between heaven and earth, transcendence and immanence; we would do well to imitate him.)

The most reliable conservative is the lapsed leftist, "the man who has known the reality of the problems and has discovered the falseness of the solutions."

Now, man is made to know Truth, but not without certain qualifications. One must be a servant of Truth, never presume to be its master. As Schuon puts it, "whoever should wish to use his intelligence without the risk of erring must possess the virtue of humility." Specifically, "he must be aware of his limitations" and "know that intelligence does not come from himself."

But in this context, humility is just another word for objectivity toward oneself. To be objective is to know we are creature and not creator.

Which goes to the title of the previous post, in that the flatland materialist living in a one-story cosmos pretends to objectivity even while committing the greatest error possible, which is to elevate one's own subjectivity to godhood. You can't get more wrong than that, although the ways of expressing this wrongness are without number.


Abdulmonem Othman said...

I always wonder why we are prone to describe the god despite our knowledge that he is beyond the human perceptual faculties and despite that we continue yearning. It is a hard task that is why god the creator,knowing that of the humans he described himself in the scriptures to easify the humans task in that regard.I like to present one of the many descriptions cited in the world of the Islam which goes as follow, He is the only real living one that stands over all his creations. The one that sleeps not and slumbers not. The possessor of heavens and earth and no one intercedes without his permission.He knows what is under their hands and what is behind and they encompass nothing of his knowledge without his will.His rein covers the heavens and earth and get tired not in their maintenance and he is the high,the great. There is no compulsion in his worship, the right path and the wrong path are clear and those who defy mammoth and trust in god have seized the strong pole that leaves them astray not. God is in full hearing and full knowledge of what is going on.God knowledge gets old not,but what gets rusty is human knowledge. Truth is not a matter of consensus nor god for that matter whose major name is the truth. Distinction is one of the cosmic principle that make us understand things. There is no equalitarian in the world. Those who want to equate between god and the human are treading the wrong path. Nothing remains clothed in garments of misinterpretation or falsification. There is no unconditional covenant, all god covenants are conditional on truth, once the truth is not observed the covenant will be nullified. The human predicament dose not know boundary, all people across our globe are in deep mess which carries in its fold signs of awakening. God never leaves his creation in darkness because he is the light that chases any darkness. It the call of Schoun and others to see the unified path to him before returning to him. Rebellion is programmed not to stop to keep things running until the unknown end.

julie said...

The leftist screams that freedom is dying when when his victims refuse to finance their own murders.

Along those lines, in England doctors are mandating that a disabled child must "die with dignity" - rather than allow the child's parents to use funds raised to fly him to the US to try a different kind of treatment. That wouldn't be fair; what if the child lives and requires more care? As the poster at Instapundit noted, this is what you get with "single payer" health insurance. I wonder how long it will be before Brits are required to bring their own bedding and medicine when they need to be hospitalized?

debass said...

WIth single payer you get the competence of the VA, the compassion of the IRS, and the efficiency of the DMV. Not only has no liberal idea ever succeeded, the gov. does nothing well. As some talk show host stated today, "How many people have gone from the US to Canada for medical treatment?"
Also, Trump is like the exorcist. He makes the evil that is inside these people come to the surface and expose itself. I'm waiting to see Nancy Pelosi's head spin completely around.

mushroom said...

... Human ideologies are maps, except they are like those premodern maps that are more imagination than reality. Use them to navigate the sea and you will end up lost or shipwrecked.

We want them to be true, for reasons that vary. It is idolatry, thinking that by worshiping and serving this image, we can give it life. See Jeremiah 10:1-5, they are not to be feared, despite the harm they do to their followers.