Friday, February 17, 2017

Combatting Demons and Journalists

While watching President Trump joyfully stick it to the media yesterday, it occurred to me that he is literally fighting with demons -- or at least jousting with nonlocal powers and principalities represented by the media. Recall what was said a couple of posts back about Satan; it works just as well if you replace "Satan" with "liberal media":

"Satan The liberal media is real. That's the first thing. The second thing should be obvious: Satan the liberal media is horrible. But the third thing may not be obvious: Satan the liberal media is also ridiculous. But it is the only ridiculous thing that must be taken seriously."

Well, not the only thing. But certainly in the top two or three, along with the state indoctrination establishment and popular culture. One scholar attempted to quantify the electoral boost given Democrats by the mass media, and I believe it was on the order of at least fifteen percentage points. So, with a fair and impartial media Trump wins roughly 65% to 35%; as does Romney and even the double-dealing McCain.

Who can watch the liberal media and not see that they are ridiculous? Remarkably, the vast majority of Americans see these clowns for what they are, being that trust in them is at historic lows. Which is why it is even more ridiculous for, say, Chuck Todd to suggest that "Press bashing may feel good to folks but when it's done by people in power, it's corrosive. Take off your partisan hats for a second."

The absence of self-awareness is just astonishing, such that it transcends anything mere psychology can explain. The reality is that "Conservative bashing may feel good to your fellow activists but when it's done by powerful media corporations, it's corrosive. Take your partisan head out of your ass for a second."

But this is precisely what the liberal media cannot do. When absence of self-awareness is this deep, this pervasive, and this universal, it makes me suspect something else is going on. How can they all be so blind?

Denial is like a psychic force field around that which is denied. Attempts to look at it are "repelled," so to speak. If you prematurely encourage the patient to look at it, they often "fragment" and spew a lot of disconnected nonsense. It's as if the closer one gets to the denied material, the more it gives off an energy that disrupts psychic continuity and dis-organizes the narrative.

I'm not sure I'm explaining it that well, but imagine flying over enemy territory and being strafed by anti-aircraft fire. It's like that.

I'm trying to find a better explanation. Siegel writes that "integration is the fundamental mechanism of health and well-being," involving "the linkage of differentiated parts of a system" such that "subsets interact with one another."

That being the case, "When we examine various mental disorders, what is revealed is that virtually all of them can be described as clusters of chaotic and/or rigid symptoms that we would say are examples of impaired integration."

Now, someone who is a liberal activist but doesn't know it is rather severely dis-integrated. I'm trying to put myself in their shoes, but it is impossible, for it would be equivalent to me absolutely denying that I am a conservative who writes from that perspective. How crazy, or lacking in insight, or demon-possessed would I have to be to believe that?

Tomberg suggests that there is another kind of integration that occurs in demon formation, that is, an unholy alliance of will and imagination:

"A desire that is perverse or contrary to nature, followed by the corresponding imagination, together constitute the act of generation of a demon." Again, this is the demon that goes on to enslave the parents (Mr. Will and Ms. Imagination) who conceived it.

Tomberg goes on to say that Marxism is the the most consequential modern demon, but he was writing in the early 1960s. Today we would say it is the degenerate neo-Marxism of political correctness, multiculturalism, identity politics, et al.

In any event, "We the people of the twentieth century know that the 'great pests' of our time" are the manmade ideological demons "which have cost humanity more life and suffering than the great epidemics of the Middle Ages."

You could say that the demon is born of a kind of drunken sex between will and imagination: "[I]t is always excess owing to intoxication of the will and imagination which engenders demons."

For the left, it is "a matter of excess -- a going beyond the limits of competence and sober and honest knowledge," by "a fever of the will and imagination to change everything utterly at a single stroke," in turn giving rise "to the demon of class hatred, atheism, disdain for the past, and material interest being placed above all else..."

Certainly there is nothing wrong with wishing to help the poor! But you cannot do so by vilifying the one system that has lifted more people out of poverty than all others combined. That's just stupid demonic.

So, "once artificial demons are generated, how does one combat them, and how does one protect and rid oneself of them?"

Pretty much by what Trump did yesterday, that is, naming and ridiculing them: "Light drives out darkness. This simple truth is the practical key to the problem of how to combat demons. A demon perceived, i.e. on whom the light of consciousness is thrown, is already a demon rendered impotent." And "a demon rendered impotent is a deflated balloon."

Which reminds me of the old joke about the man who, after being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, decided to wear a tuxedo. Why? Because "if I'm gonna be impo'tant, I wants to look impo'tant." Few developments would be healthier for our nation than for the ridiculously self-important media to be rendered impotent.

The journalist arrogates to himself the importance of what he reports on. --NGD


julie said...

Few developments would be healthier for our nation than for the ridiculously self-important media to be rendered impotent.


maineman said...

There is an interesting little treatise called "Liberalism: Sin, Iniquity, Abomination" by one Fr. Horacio Bojorge, S.J. that addresses many of these points. It can be downloaded for several bucks as an e-book and does a nice job of outlining the nature and origin of the liberal abomination.

The bottom line seems to be that liberalism is not just demonic but The Beast itself.

I agree that laughing at the left is looking like it might do the trick in our case. There's a sense that we're watching the final scene of the Wizard of Oz, when you can finally see behind the curtain and see a putz talking into a sound system and spinning gizmos.

Still, we are going to need to straighten up here. Just laughing runs the risk of lapsing into another narcissistic defense. Our problems go deeper, and The Beast has done some real hollowing out of our moral fiber.

Those of us who are willing to pick up our crosses will have to start making the case for a return to virtue at some point, and that may not be as much fun as yesterday's press conference was.

It's hard to know what to do other than going back to speaking up and ruining dinner parties again, which is kind of fun if you have ODD like me. Then, there's standing in the cold for an hour or more outside of a baby-rendering plant with 40 Days for Life, which I strongly recommend. I also like using the Rosary as a weapon. But none of that is really getting down in the trenches, even to tend the wounded.

debass said...

The triumph of the will. That sounds vaguely familiar, he said facetiously.
Maineman-I've tried talking to them also. They don't want to know the truth. They flatly refuse. It's is the oddest thing I have ever experienced. My cat accepts reality better than these leftists, so that's why, anymore, I just talk to him.

julie said...

Truth is hard; quite often it comes across as cruelty (or at least can be spun that way). Americans don't want to be cruel, and thus the lie seems much more palatable.

Maineman, some days it is impossible to laugh. Yesterday I came across one of the worst, most horrific things I've ever heard; related to a certain pizza situation, it was audio of a demonic-sounding man in a frenzy, tormenting a screaming child. I don't know if it was real; it certainly sounded so, but you can't trust just anything you find on the internet.

Whether this particular recording was real, though, the truth is this is something that happens. There really are people who get some kind of excitement out of mentally and physically torturing people, the more innocent and helpless the better. Not just Over There, in some warped Muslim country or Commie hellhole where torturing people for entertainment seems to be a way of life, but here, in the "land of the free" and the "home of the brave" - and for the victims, no hope of rescue, or mercy, or even the cold comfort of justice on this side of the veil. In our towns, maybe as close as our neighbors. While that dry fact is not new to me, it is so foreign to my experience and comprehension that it never had as powerful a visceral effect as did that audio.

Laughing at them is good and effective, but some days all you can do is cry out to heaven for justice.

ted said...

Milo + Bill Maher?

julie said...

Apropos, This is interesting reading:

"There is something deep here, some psychological damage present in the West, such that we, as an entire civilization, have lost the ability to take pleasure in anything, and have merely exchanged pleasure for pain in everything we do. Pleasure has lost its novelty.


These RadFems don’t want less Patriarchy, they want more Patriarchy. They don’t want less Nazis, they want more Nazis. A civilization full of weak-minded fools has broken them, somehow. Deprived of any form of constructive masculinity, people have gone out to seek it among the barbarians. Better a Mohammed than a boy-man who thinks his gender is an Oscar Meyer wiener. You could sell them to a Saudi prince as a sex slave, and they’d experience true joy."

Anonymous said...

My son Thomas brought his new girl friend Monique home for dinner to meet our family. She began speaking feminist nonsense. I could see she was a liberal. As a good mother, I informed Monique she was possessed by the Devil and not welcome in our home. My husband and my two daughters agreed and said so too. Monique left very quickly, thank God.

Thomas has been very quiet and does not seem to be his usual self since then. It's been about a week. I'm worried he may have been listening to Monique and thinking wrong ideas. I'm worried he will try to see her again. What should I do to help him accept the truth?

--Idaho Mom.

Gagdad Bob said...

It sounds like Thomas has become a Pajama Boy. Has he asked his doctor about low T?

julie said...

I have a son, and even though he's young I think about these issues a lot. As things stand today, it's quite likely that most girls he meets as an adult will be the same way. My suggestions, for what they are worth:

1. Pray about it, both alone and with your husband. Let God guide you through it.

2. As much as possible, let your husband do the talking. If your son has strong feelings for this girl, he may see your and your daughters' objections as motherly smothering and female cattiness, instead of a loving concern for his happiness and future well-being.

3. If possible, direct his attention to website such as RSMcCain. He has done extensive research on feminism over the years, and might serve as a valuable tool in opening your son's eyes to the problems of feminist women. You might also consider directing him to the manosphere - true, a lot of them are crass creeps and jerks, but some, such as Dalrock and Vox Day at Alpha Game, are solidly Christian and pro-marriage. More to the point, though they often paint with an excessively broad and even cruel-seeming brush (at least, to female eyes), they do encourage men to be men - and not manlets who will put up with atrocious behavior from atrocious women.

doug saxum said...

Idaho Mom

If your son is still wanting to see Monique, than help Monique to see the truth.
Drive out the feminist.
Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Doug:

As it so happened Monique's mother called out of the blue. She wanted to know why her daughter was not eating and missed some school. We had a great talk and she will speak to Monique about mending her ways. My husband and I talked it over and are willing to give Monique another chance. We haven't told Thomas yet.

Thank you so much for your advice and concern! Bless you.

--Idaho Mom

doug saxum said...


And thank you.

God Bless!

julie said...

Idaho Mom, that's great! Seems like a really good sign that her parents are involved enough to want to know what was happening, and also open to hearing your concerns.

I hope that whatever happens next, this experience helps both Thomas and Monique to mature in fruitful ways.

Gagdad Bob said...

I'm rereading one of Schuon's more powerfully concentrated books (hardly a wasted word), The Play of Masks. In it he makes cryptic reference to a phenomenon that goes to our current political climate:

"In reality, man has the right to be legitimately traumatized only by monstrosities; he who is traumatized by less is himself a monster."

This implies that people who are traumatized by Trump are themselves monsters. Thus far I can't recall a single case that disproves this rule.

doug saxum said...

This implies that people who are traumatized by Trump are themselves monsters.

I think I'm married to a monster.

Although she'd say her loathing of the pResident is rooted in "realism" and fear that he is a dictator in the making.

Pray for her.

Gagdad Bob said...

Schuon's formulation explains why SJW wimps are tyrants, victims are bullies, and the self-pitying are pitiless.

ted said...

I am surrounded by monsters. I'm no fan of Trump (his style more than substance), but he hasn't traumatized my sensibilities at all. I find it all to be quite humorous, actually.

julie said...

Sorry to hear that, Doug. We will be praying.

Ted, I find he's growing on me. Especially in those press conferences.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's mass on the gospel in Leveticus 19-20 was instructive.

Certainly we can reprove citizens for their wrong doings, but we cannot allow ourselves to hate, to hold a grudge, or to turn our backs on our enemies.

Perforce, we must love them. Thus, those that reprove Trump must still love him; those that reprove the liberal must also love them.

It Trump goes to law with you regarding your tunic, give him also your cloak.
If a liberal presses you into service for one kilometer, give her two kilometers.

The word of the Lord.