Friday, May 13, 2016

A Quick Cure for News

Still a bit under the weather. Being that a head cold causes me to lose 20 IQ points, I don't want to risk posting, what with so many lives at stake.

However, it doesn't mean I can't exploit someone else's intelligence, in this case, Nicolás Gómez Dávila's.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if we could replace our worthless news media with a guy who simply reads a few astringent aphorisms into the camera?

Todays top stories, via Don Colacho's Aphorisms:

With a picture of campus crybullies in the background:

Liberty is the right to be different; equality is a ban on being different.

Over a stat showing broad support for Bernie Sanders among young adults:

Civilization is what old men manage to salvage from the onslaught of young idealists.

The gender perversion and bathroom confusion of the left?

Conservatism should not be a party but the normal attitude of every decent man.

Bernie Sanders' free stuff?

Compassion is the best excuse for envy.

Farcebook's anti-conservative news aggregation?

The journalist collects the previous day's garbage in order to feed it to us for breakfast.

Hillary's six figure speaking fees (not to mention the somehow wealthy community organizer occupying the White House)?

The only man who should speak of wealth or power is one who did not extend his hand when they were within his reach.


The man who says he is respectful of all ideas is admitting that he is ready to give in.


The cost of progress is calculated in fools.

Social justice?

"Social justice" is the term used to claim anything to which we do not have a right


Eddie said...

Dávila's entry in Wikipedia notes that he did not achieve broad recognition until very late in his life. Perchance the same will obtain for this weird little blog. Gagdad quips emblazoned on casual wear for the newly hip young conservative theists of the late 21st century? Stranger things...

ted said...

...Otherwise known as Crunchy Cons with a twist of Raccoon.

julie said...

Davila deserves a standing O.

mushroom said...

It seems to champion normality is to be labeled a "hater" these days. That little cloud of dust you see on the horizon is the gods of the copybook headings coming to call.

Gagdad Bob said...

This whole state-mandated gender confusion is satanic to the core.

What can't continue won't continue.

julie said...

Yes. I'm almost glad this is happening now, before we put our kids in school; we had been determined to enroll them, even knowing there would be battles over false information, but this is too much. We may be homeschooling after all.

julie said...

The real horror of all this is the hatred that it fosters.

Where once there was room between individuals for figuring these matters out, allowing for compassion, good judgement and discretion depending on circumstances (on all sides, not just on the side of the normal) - now there is no room for any of those things. There is simply the iron-clad mandate that forbids the use of intelligence or wisdom in any given circumstance. It leaves no room for tolerance, nor for sensibility, nor for protecting the vulnerable. It allows for no individual consideration in determining the seriously deviant from the harmless; in fact, it provides a broad umbrella for the deviant to do as they please under the guise of harmlessness, while anybody who objects must be punished.

Further, like everything this administration jams its fumbling, unwelcome fingers into, where once there was a broad and genuine tolerance for those who truly do suffer, there is instead a newly festering enmity. Obama's legacy can now add "all the love and tolerance" to "all the racial healing" under its list of accomplishments.

Gagdad Bob said...

Very well said. The left replaces a naturally evolved organism with a ruthless machine that runs on power, resentment and coercion.

Gagdad Bob said...

Perhaps the most evident sign of civilizational devolution is the inability or unwillingness to acknowledge reality, to come to terms with things as they are, and to oppose the suppression of objectivity and its substitution by fantasy, illusion and wish-fulfillment.... when thought and action come to be governed by the anarchic principle that what is, is not and what is not, is, a process of social, political and epistemological disintegration invariably sets in. This is the condition in which the West finds itself today....

"At every turn, the real is conceptually abolished by a cult-like mindset that vitiates the social and cultural life of a people by performing... an act of sacrifice on the altar of superstition and willed ignorance.... in order to propitiate its gods and ensure the preservation of a global hallucination, a pervasive climate of doxa."

julie said...


On the National Geographic Channel right now, There is a show called "Map of Hell" which is described thus:

"Host Danny Trejo sets out to discover the origin of the idea of hell"

My husband just sent this series of texts to his sisters:

"This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I picture Trejo in a smoking jacket saying "So, like last week I was drinking a 40 with my homies, eh, and as we usually do we started talking about Dante's Inferno and stuff. My vato Jose starting talking all this smack about the Zoroastrians and how they created the dualistic good-evil dynamic. But my homie Carlos was like "fuck that shit hesse! Everyone knows it was the Vedas that first spoke of good and evil Holmes. Zoroastrians! Shit dude, next you'll want to talk about the Gnostics and gay shit like that." So then I was like "chill the fuck out Holmes or I'll pop a cap in your ass! Can't we have one fucking discussion about Renaissance literature without you assholes getting all violent and shit?"

Followed by: "And of course I just turned to the show and hear Trejo talking about the Inferno."

Good times.

It's the culture said...

How does Don Colacho in any of his writings, discuss sociopathy, and their outsized destructive influence on any society? IMHO, if sociopaths (psychopaths, as currently defined) did not exist, any debates about “freedom and liberty” would be meaningless. Living free would be universally intuitive thinking for anybody. The existence of sociopathy muddies the waters for us all. Anybody know what his ideas were about this pathology?

julie said...

Nice theory, wrong species. While sociopaths certainly have the potential to wreak havoc, they are only one of the legion of personalities that make it impossible for Man to return to the Garden. In fact, thus far only Jesus, Mary, and a handful of the saintliest of saints would be capable of intuitively "living free."

It's the culture said...

My bad. In my attempt to post a speedy comment yet save bandwidth I’ve wasted it. I spoke too theoretically. It’s pretty obvious that people fall on a spectrum of potential for sin ranging from the selfless empath to the ruthlessly selfish. And that if one could magically remove the latter extreme, we’d/God'd still need earthy and heavenly laws to maintain control. There’d be a lot less sinning, but it’d still be there.

But my original question remains. I’m not trying to be controversial. I have witnessed single clever sociopaths poisoning, infecting, entire cultures. Are there any Davila aphorisms one can learn from, which addresses this?