Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Unnatural is the New Natural

I'd like to write about something else, but it's difficult to think pleasant thoughts when the left is provoking so many unpleasant ones.

In fact, the left isn't satisfied with compelling disordered thought, but must also punish ordered thought -- such as the spontaneous reaction of that Miami Dolphins player to the KISS. That poor heterophile is in a World of Pain for his mundane normalcy, and re-education camp is only the beginning. He could cheat his way through college, beat his wife, have eight children out of wedlock, or try to injure other players, but be uncomfortable with two men kissing in public? The Ludovico medical facility for you!

"Choice! The boy has not a real choice, has he? Self-interest, the fear of physical pain drove him to that grotesque act of self-abasement. The insincerity was clear to be seen. He ceases to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of moral choice."

They want us to believe that Michael Sam is Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Cesar Chavez rolled into one big victim. No doubt we'll soon be treated to heartrending scenes of him being led into the locker room by NFL officials (calling all photoshoppers):

This represents the complete inversion of reality by the left, since racism is wholly unnatural, while heterosexuality -- AKA sexuality -- is the most natural possible thing in all of nature.

Of course, science cannot pronounce on "norms" per se, but all of biology is oriented around the Prime Directive to reproduce. It is as close as science comes to admitting that the world is incoherent in the absence of teleology.

Thus, sex does not explain reproduction; rather, reproduction -- the end -- explains sex. Take away reproduction, and sex obviously makes no sense. It would be like ears in the absence of sound or eyes in the absence of light.

The difference between racism and so-called homophobia is that the former must be learned. Children are not born racist. Rather, they have to be taught to be racist, either by parents or by the culture.

My son, for example, has friends of all races, and if it weren't for the grown-ups talking about it, he would scarcely notice. He just doesn't care. He judges others purely by the content of their play, not the color of their toys.

Which, for the left, won't do. Rather, he will have to be indoctrinated to believe that he is secretly racist, that he is the beneficiary of "white privilege," and that everyone who doesn't look like him is his victim. As Obama would say, his greed rules a world in need.

Conversely, so-called "homophobia" is not learned, but rather, spontaneous. No normal parent wants their child to be exposed to the image of two men kissing on the lips, but if mine were, he would regard it as weird or creepy or maybe a puzzling attempt at humor, with no one ever having to tell him so. In any case, I wouldn't confuse him by trying to convince him that his natural reaction is immoral and that he must learn to deny his own feelings. Rather, I would downplay it and say something like, "yeah, it's weird, but some people are like that."

Please note that there is nothing whatsoever here that smacks of violence or aggression (let alone justifies it). Indeed, violence toward homosexuals, like racism, must also be learned. On those few occasions (that I know of) that gay men have come onto me, I was either a little discoonbobulated or maybe even flattered, but nowhere in me was there an impulse to physically lash out.

I have no idea where such an impulse would come from, but I suppose it might well be rooted in something that could legitimately be called homophobia, i.e., insecurity with one's own sexual identity, or unconscious homosexual urges that must be projected and violently punished.

Thinking back on my own boyhood, everyone was "homophobic" in the nonviolent sense. In fact, it never really occurred to me that something called a homosexual actually existed, only that masculine virtues were honored and enforced by the group. If someone were called a fag or a homo, it had nothing whatsoever to do with actual homosexuals, but rather, just enforcing the Code.

Now those words are forbidden, but you can't eliminate the underlying reality, so you see the same thing at play when someone is called a wimp or a wuss. The purpose is not to insult homosexuals, but rather, to encourage the guy to Man the hell Up.

Since I help coach little league baseball, I frequently must deal with failure to Man Up, but not only are there no permissible words to describe it, there is also pressure to deny that it is even occurring. So there are courageous players and wimpy players, but no vocabulary with which to talk about it.

Seriously, you can't even joke that there is No Crying in Baseball. My son knows that, but at least half the players don't, which is not just unseemly but frankly self-indulgent and narcissistic. I mean, if sport can't at least teach you to cope with adversity and failure like a man, what good is it?

On a couple of occasions I have mumbled that someone was throwing like a girl, but that was a pretty rash and reckless thing to do. It was as if they had never heard the expression before, or I had said something like FEEL FREE TO GROW SOME TESTICLES, BITCH!

Most of the kids -- even those with fathers -- have already been so indoctrinated with political correctness that you can't even point out that some guy on the other team is a bad player. And not in an insulting or mocking way, just as a neutral fact. If there are good players, then it stands to reason that there are bad ones. It doesn't mean they're bad people or that this permits you to ridicule them.

For example, it is an ancient adage in baseball that you don't throw a change-up to a bad hitter. A bad hitter won't be able to catch up with your fastball, so if you throw him an off speed pitch, you're doing him a favor.

Well, one of our kids was experimenting with a change-up. I told him, "just make sure you don't throw it to a bad hitter," and he was momentary nonplussed. He understood the principle, but reframed it as not throwing a change to a player who is "er, not a, er, really great hitter," or something like that. Political correctness forbids one to call things what they are, to feel one's feelings, and to see what is before one's eyes.


Magister said...

Yes, it's all about training you not to trust yourself.

Question yourself. Suspect yourself. Hold yourself at bay. Act only when you're told when, and why, and how. This is the the totalitarian's dream: to have his coercion completely internalized.

This is what drives homosexual activism. Homosexuals don't care about x or y policy. Policy is just a means of attacking underlying impulses. They don't even want you to "tolerate" them, which implies tacit disapproval. They want you (actually, your kids) to consider them normal.

This is why they are apoplectic and enraged when someone sees that kiss and goes "ew." That's the deepest impulse they want to stamp out, and by any means necessary.

A friend of my young son's came over for dinner the other day. We were talking about favorite food. He said fried chicken. I said we like Chik Fil A for that. He said "oh, we don't go there, they hate gay people."

The indoctrination starts early.

Gagdad Bob said...

Can't recommend this book enough.

On a related note, yesterday my son was asking me if global warming was real, i.e., something to worry about. I assured him it wasn't, and he said "I didn't think so." And when I explained the underlying reasons -- e.g., failure of the models to even retrodict, let alone predict -- he actually grasped them. That's my boy. An evil Koch Brother in the making!

Gagdad Bob said...

He also said that his teacher and and all his classmates believe it, so imagine the pressure to conform. Sad. And this is in a Catholic school!

julie said...

Yikes. It's too bad a school supposedly centered around faith in what is True is so full of people who believe what is false, but the dominating culture seems to permeate everything.

To the post,

Take away reproduction, and sex obviously makes no sense.

I'm reminded of some scientific studies I've seen about parasitic infections in some species of insects, which render the insects sterile while causing them to still have sex. The parasite is served, but the host not so much.

Gagdad Bob said...

Now that liberals are in charge, they can skip the education part and proceed straight to reeducation, just as they bypass history in favor of revising it.

Gagdad Bob said...

What an insult to kangaroos. As Sowell says, there's already a "free speech zone." It's called the United States.

julie said...

Finally to the rest of the post, cripes. I don't even like it when my girl cries like a girl. How is it possible to teach kids to excel or even just to improve, if we take away the language for describing how they are failing?

julie said...

Re. colleges, I like Iowahawk's take: "If I understand college administrators correctly, colleges are hotbeds of racism and rape that everyone should be able to attend."

Van Harvey said...

"...I mean, if sport can't at least teach you to cope with adversity and failure like a man, what good is it?..."

Sort of the same question as with sex & reproduction.

Van Harvey said...

Magister said "...to have his coercion completely internalized..."

Yep. Add in 1984, the goal is to have you not just accept that 2+2=5, but believe it. Today, if you see the KISS, make no mistake, the goal is not just to have you accept it, but to enjoy it, them their work will be done.

And it has very little to do with sex.

Van Harvey said...

(friggin' phones)

Magister said...

There's not a single issue of the local campus newspaper that does not include some stony-faced article on some alleged sexual assault somewhere. I don't doubt that some of this goes on, but every week? The other college campus in our town reports on sexual assaults with nowhere near this level of frequency.

Makes me wonder if it's tied to Title IX funding.

Gagdad Bob said...

Modern liberalism "isn’t about inclusiveness or preventing people from being offended. Modern liberalism has established a pecking order in which the rights and feelings of some groups trump the rights and feelings of others."

Just bullying by another name. Indeed, the only purpose of the liberal campaign against bullying is to preserve and advance liberal bullying.

julie said...

Along those lines, did you hear about the Satanists who were trying to hold a Black Mass at Harvard? The school finally stepped up and decided that it wouldn't be allowed on campus, but only after a lot of pushback. Their official statement before backing down stated that, "Nevertheless, consistent with the University’s commitment to free expression, including expression that may deeply offend us, the decision to proceed is and will remain theirs. " Which might almost be reasonable, except for their history with conservative speakers. Also, it's hard to imagine they'd have been so complacent about a scheduled KKK event, for instance.

At the end of that article, a spokesperson for the Harvard Extension Club (& Satan's proselytizers, apparently), stated that, "many satanists are animal rights activists, vegetarians, and artists with a strong sense of community." Come to think of it, I'm sure many of Germany's Nazis could have described themselves in much the same way...

Gagdad Bob said...

Hitler, Stalin and Mao were all pretty awesome community organizers. Hard to say who was most effective.

Magister said...

The devil did a pretty good job of community (dis)organizing in Eden, too.

I know next to nothing about the Harvard Extension Club and the rules that govern it. I see from Pres. Faust's statement that the club agreed not to use any eucharistic host and to meet with Catholics to talk. What's the problem, then? The Lutherans don't transsubstantiate bread and wine; isn't their liturgy, from the RCC point of view, also a parody? Ditto the Anglican liturgy, since their priests aren't apostolic. Did the Catholics get as angry about Muslim prayer services, which are as heretical as they are stultifying?

As an adult Catholic, I have a hard time reconciling my faith and my (for lack of a better word) libertarianism. If people are bent on becoming hellish, then there's only so much one can do. Even the apostles were exhorted to shake the dust from their sandals and leave.

The Catholic diocese there could've said, for example, "sure, knock yourselves out. When you're ready for the real thing, come to us."

Magister said...

Postscript: in the grand scheme of things, the devil loses.

Gagdad Bob said...

A book I recently picked up described the author as a "Christian libertarian." Useful term.

mushroom said...

I mean, if sport can't at least teach you to cope with adversity and failure like a man, what good is it?

Sports and the military were the last bastions of manliness left for the weenies to defile -- so they thought. We've gone underground.

I had a good buddy in high school who was hormonally messed up. He was built like a bowling pin, had a voice like a castrato, and carried his books like a girl. If a guy like that is queer (I never asked) or turns queer, I can kind of understand that.

It doesn't explain a guy like Sam. I guarantee you he was molested, whether he'll admit or not. Let's bring out the whole truth of faggotry while we are at it. Let's see how much people applaud when they find out how these sick boys really behave.

mushroom said...

"Christian libertarian" -- exactly. I'm glad that is becoming a thing -- as Lileks would say. I've been calling myself that for a while. It replaces the clumsier and less catchy "normal human with some common sense".

Magister said...

By Thomas Woods?

Magister said...

Speaking of sick boys, mush, have you been reading about the ongoing abuse of boys in Hollywood?



mushroom said...

That is disgusting. I suppose we always have to be a little skeptical of those who bring the charges since money and notoriety are involved, but I think you can take a look at most "leading men" these days and see why they are so gay-happy.

John Wayne they ain't.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

You hit it outta the park, Bob.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

The hysterical, deranged and insane screeching by the left has hit a higher than usual feverish pitch lately.

I sure do hope more of the lofo crowd notices come November.

Progs are all for the free speech "zones" as long as the only speech allowed is what their preening, smug, dark overlords dicktate.


Rick said...

John Wayne