Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New School History: Imagine a Yout' Smashing a Human Head -- Forever

We left off yesterday in the moment of abandonment -- or eternity of surrender -- between crucifixion and resurrection.

Davie writes that even -- especially? -- an eye witness at the foot of the Cross would have "no answer to Pilate's question, 'What is truth?,'" nor would he have any idea that the question -- which implies a world-weary and cynical subjectivism -- was about to be answered in the most definitive way imaginable -- or broadest way immarginable (Joyce).

Only several days later does the disciple learn that the story hasn't ended (recall what was said yesterday, to the effect that we can never actually know what history is until we have seen its end):

"His senses tell him one thing: this is so. His preconceptions tell him another: this cannot be so. He has seen the humanity of Jesus as the vehicle of his divinity, and now he encounters his divinity as the vehicle of his humanity" (emphasis mine).

In other words, the vehicle of the divinity -- the body, the flesh -- "died." But the vehicle of the humanity -- its form or essence or something -- is here, reorganizing matter -- or something -- in its pattern. What is going on?

Remember, at this point there are no gospels to consult, no Bible to explain the matter. Rather, as alluded to in a comment yesterday, "the believer does not look to the Gospels to explain the Resurrection: it is, rather, the other way about. It is the Resurrection that explains the existence of the Gospels: it is the Resurrection that has become the central explanatory event..."

Again, we cannot know what history is until it has reached its end. Thus, in the absence of a vertical ingression -- something from outside or beyond history -- there is literally no possibility of understanding what it is (or was).

For Voegelin, all of the genocidal mischief of the 20th century was rooted precisely in this pneumopathic error: presuming to know the meaning of history, and then proceeding to make it happen.

Communists, progressives, and Nazis all know the purpose of history. Thus, if you have other ideas, you're just in the way of the future. Trayvon Martin's friend, the ridiculous Rachel Jeantel, couldn't have expressed it better: "The jury, they old. That's old school people. We in a new school, our generation."

This new school not only doesn't teach cursive, but ignores facts, logic, and evidence, none of which matter, since the progressive -- like the Islamist -- already has all the answers and knows the direction and destination of history.

George Zimmerman -- who voted for Obama -- nevertheless finds himself in the ruthless path of progressive history, which, ironically -- if you've ever tried to reason with a liberal -- is exactly like smashing one's head against concrete. The concrete wins every time, unless you have a deeper source of truth or are carrying.

(Recall Orwell's remark that if you want to understand fascism, just imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- forever.)

Voegelin spent his life trying to understand the deep historical structure of such depraved thinking. Yes, we joke abut the media-tenured idiocracy complex (MTIC), but that is only to keep from crying. Here is how he described it in a letter:

"The liberal pastor who denies original sin, the... intellectual who asserts that man is good, the philosopher who argues for utilitarian ethics, the legal positivist who denies natural law, the psychologist who construes the phenomena of life as manifestations of the instinctual life -- they all do not commit crimes like an SS-murderer in the concentration camp -- but they are his intellectual fathers, a very immediate historical cause."

The MTIC may be childish, but they are far from harmless. Rather they are the collective expression of a "destroyed person" which attempts "to establish public, binding validity, which can only be done at the expense of the existing public order." This is where the permanent revolution comes into play, or in other words, the boot to the face forever.

I just flipped to another page, in which Voegelin points out that, in one sense, both Socrates and Jesus are judged guilty by the mob. But that is only in history. Outside history, the mob is forever being judged by Socrates or Jesus.

Likewise, the liberal mob has decided that George Zimmerman is guilty, just as they have decided the Constitution has no standing and God is dead (because they both old school and just impede new school History).

It isn't difficult to look at Obama and see a hand reaching into to your wallet -- forever. But Obamacare reaches directly into your body, just as the educational establishment reaches into the soul, the redefinition of marriage reaches all the way down to the foundation of civilization, and the ceaseless attack on religion reaches up and out to our source. That pretty much covers all the bases doesn't it? Inside and outside, up and down.

Nevertheless, Obama and his mob of wilding scribes and tenured mouthpieces are forever judged guilty by a higher standard.

Perfect (via American Digest):


mushroom said...

Rachel Jeantel could be the next Maya Angelou.

No, the MTIC is not harmless. I think I had hope that America might right herself so long as we could acknowledge some shared reality. Zimmerman's ordeal makes me think that is not the case -- despite a jury doing the right thing. You know that famous line in Liberty Valance: "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."

That's how the left has won.

mushroom said...

The Man Who Shot Arizona Skittles.

Kurt said...

It struck me awhile back that progressivism is the the perfect vehicle for the destruction of human beings. I can hold a wide variety of beliefs that have no basis in reality, and when those beliefs inevitably cause destruction in my life it is someone else's fault. I am a victim of the white-racist-homophobic hegemony. Or even a victim of a 'white racist god'. It would be funny if it weren't so sad, destructive and downright evil. Wide is the gate and broad is the road...

JP said...

There needs to be a better phrase than "original sin" to describe this particular "original sin" aspect of the human condition.

It really never helped me to understand what was going on and seemed to cause more confusion than anything else.

I'm not sure how to better phrase it, though. Maybe a symbol would be better. I don't know.

I suspect that less people would deny it if it was explained in language that better resonated with people.

And not a word like "entropy".

julie said...

Outside history, the mob is forever being judged by Socrates or Jesus.

Yes, that's the secret of the mob. The Truth is antithetical to everything that they are or want to be; far easier to try and murder Truth than to bear the existential anguish of knowing the self for what it is in the sight of that Truth. Easier to murder the other than to change that very same wretched self. And of course, its ever so much easier to believe the lie when "everyone else is doing it too;" or if not to believe, than to justify. A murder, after all, is only supposed to happen once, not for all eternity, and once the mob has had its way, what individual can be to blame? And so it goes...

Gagdad Bob said...


I've always been partial to the phrase our primordial calamity. Sufficiently vague without minimizing the seriousness of the situation.

ge said...

review of
Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False

Open Trench said...

There's no doubt but that Zimmerman will be judged by God.

By taking up the gun and going outside, he colluded with whatever forces wanted to make this occur.

The nature of these forces needs to be understood. Was he the plaything of unsavory forces, or was this sanctioned by the Master?

We won't be able to know, but Zimmerman will, either before or after he leaves here.

Would you want to be spiritually accountable for a homicide? I say, no thanks. If a person kills without the proper authorization there will be consequences.

Van Harvey said...

ot said "I say, no thanks. If a person kills without the proper authorization there will be consequences."

Well, while waiting for a Db to copy over, why not use the latrine... so your saying it is ok to kill with the proper authorization?