Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Beyond the Devil and the Deep Blue States

Our Unknown Friend writes that it is the marriage of imagination + will that engenders demons. However, it is actually the union of an intoxicated will and imagination that does so. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the will so long as it is subordinated to intelligence and virtue, and there is nothing wrong with the imagination so long as it is not unmoored from the images of archetypal truth.

But intoxicated will and imagination always go too far; they release inhibitions and partake of other forces -- usually infrahuman in their origin -- that have nothing to do with the matter at hand.

Again, this is something the left does by definition; since they deny the vertical, it returns in a disguised and perverse form, which provides them with a preternatural energy that conservatives can rarely match. The moment a conservative becomes "ecstatic" about politics, he's no longer a conservative. Intoxication certainly has its place. Just not in politics, where sobriety should rule the tarry night.

Obviously, because of their psychically unbound energy, young people are more prone to the varieties of psychic intoxication (unless they have an unusually developed center), so it is no surprise that Obama took two thirds of the youth vote in 2008 (the vote was 50-50 for actual adults). To paraphrase someone, these children wish to give us the full benefit of their inexperience.

My first presidential vote went to Jimmy Carter, who, for those of you below a certain age, was the Obama of his time. He too promised dramatic change, which came in spades -- soaring inflation, increased unemployment, emboldened enemies, loss of respect in the world, diminished confidence at home. And yet, it didn't matter. I still voted for him again in 1980.

UF points out that even Marx and Engels could have avoided intoxication -- and prevented the birth of a hideous genocidal demon -- if they had actually just considered the plight of the poor in a detached and disinterested way. But instead, they went far, far, over the line, into cloud cuckoo land, insisting that God did not exist, that history obeyed scientific laws, that "all ideology is only a superstructure on the basis of material interests," etc.

It is the same with the Darwinists. If they would just maintain a little sobriety, instead of drunkenly careening into areas in which they have nothing to contribute, all would be well. But like a loudmouthed know-it-all at an academic crocktail party, they just can't stop themselves. They'll tell you everything about love, beauty, truth, God.... It's all wrong, of course, but that's the thing about being drunk -- it feels good.

Of the founding fatherless children of the left, UF writes that "there is no doubt that with them it was a matter of an excess -- a going beyond the limits of competence and sober and honest knowledge -- which they did not in any way doubt, having been carried away by the intoxicating impulse of radicalism."

You must understand that the radical wants to be intoxicated -- with outrage, with self-righteous anger, with smugness, with superiority, with iconoclasm, with fear (e.g., of "domestic spying," or the "theofascistic takeover of the nation"), with the omnipotent demands of "social justice."

And like any other drug, radicalism is addictive because of the feelings it engenders. This, I think, explains why so many of my generation refuse to grow up -- because they are literally addicted to the feelings produced by radicalism, which mimic transcendence, only from below.

For example, they do not want racism to be over. For a white liberal, it gives such an intoxicating feeling of being on the side of righteousness, that it's impossible for them to let it go. For you Raccoons of color out there, you probably realize that every white liberal condescendingly imagines that he is noble Atticus Finch, and that you are poor helpless Tom Robinson.

By the way, a boneheaded -- and intoxicated -- commenter compared opposition to the redefinition of marriage to racism. But opposition to "gay marriage" isn't learned. Rather, it is innate, i.e., in conformity to the cosmic law. Anyone with a rightly ordered soul is naturally opposed to it. Rather, they have to unlearn what is natural and normal in order to be passionately pro-homosexual marriage.

I well remember being innocently "homophobic" as a boy, but I was never racist. In reality, I had no idea what a homosexual was. Rather, it was just the innate knowledge that boys should act like boys -- that there was an ideal to which we should aspire. Boys who didn't were suspect. It was a kind of mutual self-policing, like fighting in the NHL.

In fact, it's more than a little perverse to even call it "homophobia." Rather, it was really just about learning The Art of Manliness, which all boys need to do -- especially today, when manliness is opposed on all sides by passive-aggressive liberal wimps for whom whining isn't everything, it's the only thing. Marriage is one of the principle ways that boys become men. Therefore, it is no surprise that liberals want to undermine the institution.

In contrast, racism must be learned. Yes, I know it is ubiquitous in history, but it is nevertheless learned. It is mostly about cultural and ethnic differences, and race is simply a handy marker for this.

The left also doesn't want poverty to end, because this too would eliminate the cause of their righteous indignation. Otherwise they would define poverty in absolute instead of relative terms. So long as they define it in relative terms, a certain fixed percentage of the population will always be "poor," no matter how fat, affluent, and diabetic.

The left is animated by the intoxicated desire to "change everything utterly at a single stroke. And it is this fever to *change* everything utterly at a single stroke which gave birth to the demon of class hatred, atheism, disdain for the past, and material interest being placed above all else, which is now making the rounds in the world" (UF).

You see how it works? The ideology legitimizes the intoxicated expression of envy, anger, murder, whatever. It is what allowed Bill Ayers, for example, to want to attempt mass murder of his fellow citizens in good conscience. When you're full of that much righteous rage, what else can you do? He still has no regrets, because he is still drunk. But like all drunks, he stays drunk in order to avoid the pain of regret -- regret for a wasted life spent wasted on a spiritually barren ideology.

Again, this is the counter-inspiration of the Devil, and it is a caricature of genuine spiritual grace and the transformations it facilitates. For as the latter descends from the Divine down into the cosmic lowerarchy (↓), the malediction of Satanic Grace rises up from the inconscient and infrahuman, and works to transform the recipient into its deathly image.

I now pronounce you Manacled for Life, 'til death do you impart.


julie said...

like all drunks, he stays drunk in order to avoid the pain of regret -- regret for a wasted life spent wasted on a spiritually barren ideology.

I wonder, then, if they sober up do they get any better? Or is it like an alcoholic who starts young; the damage having been done, even once the drinking stops the behavior doesn't really improve?

Anna said...

"They'll tell you everything about love, beauty, truth, God.... It's all wrong, of course, but that's the thing about being drunk -- it feels good."

An extremely accurate analogy. That's why they retaliate personally. It makes them literally *feel* bad when you say something sober. It's how you become the bad guy to them. You take away all their good, or numb and drunken, feelings rather. It's not good feelings, it's the absence of bad feelings. A pain numbed for a while and jolly nonsensical comaraderie, external feelings since it is made of affirmation amongst others not coming from within, from the true center. So when talking to them about anything true, it's really a landmine, like talking to someone who isn't all there. You have to be careful and consider the audience. Like a doctor to an addict, you're talking to their disease.

julie said...

Good point, Anna. I was having a discussion with my dad on Monday re. legalizing marijuana. He was shocked to hear that I'm against it; all his arguments were about making people feel better. I had to keep explaining that my objection had nothing to do with whether pot smokers were good people, and everything to do with the fact that wherever it is legalized, it causes more problems in the community while resolving virtually none.

I don't think I became the bad guy, but I also doubt I changed his mind; legalization would validate his own past usage (even though it was a couple decades ago). To him, and I suspect to a lot of people, that's more important than whether any good actually comes of it.

mushroom said...

...they deny the vertical, it returns in a disguised and perverse form, which provides them with a preternatural energy that conservatives can rarely match.

That is would be a really good way to define "antichrist".

The anointing is an imparting of authority (exousia) and energy (dunamis).

The opposite of the Anointed One (Χριστός Khristós) is the falsely anointed one who would have exactly that kind of "preternatural energy".

OK, I'll finish reading now.

mushroom said...

My first presidential vote was cast for Richard Nixon.

Don't feel too bad.

My psychic energy was apparently chained to a dungeon wall.

mushroom said...

I know. I'm getting as bad as Van commenting ex vivo.

The "Art of Manliness" is a great site. The comments from mainly European readers on the firearms-related posts are sometimes amusing.

John said...

re climate debate; a comment:

¨At the same time, there has been ..., a decline in the reach and power of organised Christianity,... materialism is excellent at some levels, but it doesn’t answer existential questions, and it doesn’t finally satisfy. Into the vacuum has come a kind of restlessness about ‘what it’s all for’, and a worry that we, the humans, might be responsible for the adverse consequences of materialism that we see around us.¨

IMO A restlessness among the omphaloskeptic non-workers.

Rick said...

Awe man, I'm finally sober enough to comment.
Anyway, you're right about homophobic being a perversion of language. I mean, phobic must be a little overboard. I've got real phobias. Ladders. Caves. Knives. I'm more machophobic than homophobic. Macho is also not manly.

Gagdad Bob said...

It's really just heterophilia.

Anonymous said...

Great post Bob......there's a great song in South Pacific....about racism called You Have to be Carefully Taught.........("you have to be taught to hate and has to be drummed in your dear little ear..")

Gagdad Bob said...

Interesting conversation with FL that Mrs. G. just reported. He loves to talk about this stuff. We don't prompt him or fill his head with religious ideas:

I am an angel sent by God to see what it's like down here. God is my real father and if i get a mommy or daddy down here, God is still my real father.

I have wings but you can only see them in heaven.

Since I believe in God, he's a nice father. He watches a little TV with you and plays some games with you because he's my father.

Do you want to see my face? (Took off hat and smiled sweetly.) It's the same face as God. If you are in heaven, you stay alive. But if you are in hell, you are dead forever.

Hugged me and said, when you die, I want you to be my mother. I don't have a mother in heaven. My mother was a crazy woman and she died and went to hell.

julie said...

Whoa - that last one is a doozy. Actually, the whole thing is - what an amazing conversation! Especially the part about his face. Most people go their entire lives without ever having even an inkling.

L spends a lot of his time looking up, smiling and laughing as if there's someone there. I can't wait til he starts talking; I'd love to know what he sees.

Gagdad Bob said...

Language is such a cosmic miracle. Pay very close attention when his little being gains access to it!

SippicanCottage said...

I see you used my high school yearbook photo for your illustration.

Rick said...

Whoa indeed.

ge said...

wow, great words from the child!

Van said...

"He still has no regrets, because he is still drunk. But like all drunks, he stays drunk in order to avoid the pain of regret -- regret for a wasted life spent wasted on a spiritually barren ideology."

And what do drunks dislike most, immediately attempt to remedy, etc? Someone who's not drinking, not drunk or not keeping up.

Van said...

Mushroom said "I know. I'm getting as bad as Van commenting ex vivo."


Rick said "Awe man, I'm finally sober enough to comment."

Same here... just.