Monday, October 04, 2010

Brief Innermission

An open thread while I wondergo another short hiatus until further gnosis, since I don't feel like just rewordgitating the olden pneumagain precogitated bloggerel from the remurmurtory.


Van said...

Felt the same way all weekend.

black hole said...

I'd like to hear more about the raccoons.

What you do for work, what's on your mind these days, some stories from your life. Who you admire. What your challenges are.

Anyone travel to an exotic place?

How did you meet your mate?

What are your unique spiritual practices?

And a question for all:

What is the role of raccoons as a collectice in the world manifestation?

Particularly like to hear from Van, Julie, Northern Bandit, and Mushroom. Also, Jack, chime in because your musical focus is interesting.

JP, what's up homey?

Ben USN, hold forth. Tell us about your naval experience.

And all of the others that I missed.

Not you, Bob. You sit this one out.

Thank You, Black Hole.

Rick said...

If a thread develops, I'd like to snoop, I mean, get in early...

JP said...

Well, I'm not hating life at the moment.

It's really hard to hate life for more than a few days at a time, so I should be good for a week or so, at least.

You know, in order to effectively troll, you need to wait for an actual substantive post and then post gibberish in response.

black hole said...

Rick? Who exactly are you, Rick?

And you, JP the lawyer from Hurricane Alley. What do you know of trolling?

I wrote the freaking troll manual. I'll be giving the pointers around here.


Van said...

bh said "I'd like to hear more about the raccoons.
What you d..."

Let me see... how can I put this in the kindest terms possible... Ah! I've got it:

Piss off! Go grunt somewhere else, will ya?

(here he expresses the hostility inherent in the system...)

JP said...

He's not even trolling properly.

He may be some sort of autistic troll.

ge said...

Bob-- when it's a-flowin' let it
when it aint dont push it

Rick said...

If the phone doesn't ring,
you'll know it's me.

Rick said...

Northern Bandit,

I wrote you a joke the other day. Almost forgot.

Here's how you use it. You're at a meeting up North and they piss you off. You've got your American hat on. You say.

"Bloody Canadians. You give them 36 inches and they take a meter."


f/zero said...

I'd like to hear more about the raccoons.

For starters, there's this old story about pearls...

Rick said...

This just in...

Letters of Note for Python fans.

julie said...


Well, I'm not hating life at the moment.


Good to hear; I hope the trend continues for a good long time.


How's the Guenonian reading? Any raccoomendations?

Gagdad Bob said...

Too soon to tell.

Northern Bandit said...

Speaking of black hole, didn't it reveal some sort of personal religious vision here last week.

I only remember two key words: "infinite" and "debauchery".

wv: miststil
Yer aim is off

Northern Bandit said...


Good one.

That reminds me, I'll be heading back to the land of socialist crackpots next week. Yup, back to Boston.

Rick said...

It's laugh or cry, I say.

Mizz E said...

I like to think black holes are perhaps a space in which negative energy is held dormant, until enough light is sucked in that allows a transformation to take place.

black hole said...

Mizz E, your profile is unavailable.

What do you do? Do you have pets?

julie said...

I like that idea, Mizze.

Of course, the transformation could take millions of years, and in the meantime the light that gets sucked in can't radiate out, except occasionally as gas flares...

JP said...

Sadly, black holes explode when they get small enough.

Ours is slowly being asphyxiated.

I presume that this is non-erotic experience for it.

julie said...

JP, I just did the Sideshow Bob shudder.

In other news, this is interesting. Not so much the outward premise of the book he's discussing but the truism, seemingly forgotten in this day and age where informality reigns supreme, that names have power.

Once upon a time, when most people went by their last names even among dear friends, to by called by one's first (notably Christian name) denoted a level of intimacy reserved for only the closest of relationships, usually immediate family. In a way, it was a means of touching without touching.

Van said...

re Julie's link: "The book seems frivolous, even gimmicky, and besides, it was not written by accredited professionals.

As it happens, the best treatment program for addiction was not created by accredited professionals but by a couple of drunks whose sole criterion for success was whether or not it helped keep them off of alcohol.

I do not mean to disparage professionals, but we err if we ignore the opinions of lay people who are trying to find something that works.

Seems worth the price of admission on that alone, will have to read closer later.

mushroom said...

I have one point of disagreement: honey is not a condiment.

Other than that, it kind of makes sense. Being married, I have very limited experience with women. Don't most women close the bathroom door? My wife won't even let me use her bathroom except to shower.

Northern Bandit said...


Couldn't agree more re the name thing. It bugs me to no end the way adults these days instruct even very young children to call them "Bill" or "Sue" or "Barack".

wv: croakad
craigslist obit?

Northern Bandit said...


Don't you love the almost daily little subtle new things? Yesterday I noticed that Katie can almost pull herself up into a sitting position -- that little feat-let seemed to just materialize all at once. I never knew infants were so strong for their size.

Too bad we can't remember infancy. Jolly jumper looks like it's as much fun as anything I've ever done.

julie said...

Re. First names, it's tough to get away from, though, as that's the culture now. We have good friends who tell their kids to call us Miss/Mr or Aunt or Uncle, but still followed by the first name. I'll probably have L do the same. Anymore, most people are uncomfortable if their last name is used.

Re. development, it's amazing how fast it goes. L has his first two teeth now, and he's working hard on trying to crawl. He just had his four month checkup this morning, but it seems like it's been longer than that. We don't have a Jolly Jumper yet, but we need to get one soon, if only to keep him busy and out of trouble while I'm trying to paint :)

mushroom said...

I'll tell BH something about me. The other day I was at Target, and they had the Sony Pocket Edition e-book reader as a closeout for $105. See, I'd backed out on the iPhone -- having realized that I have WiFi in the house and am very rarely out of range. I asked the salesperson if I could load text files off my computer and read them on the Sony. She told me I couldn't -- that I had to download through the "Sony site". That sounded bogus, especially as it said right on the box that it could read text and Word docs -- heck, half the time even Word can't read Word. Thus, despite my wife looking at me like I was just her illegal alien landscraper, I popped the Ben and Abe plus tax.

I am happy with my purchase. Pure text files, while perfectly readable, can look a little funky, but rtf's, docs, pdfs, and especially the epubs that you can download from gutenberg or many books look and function just fine. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a light.

mushroom said...

Yep, the grandson can now roll over -- we're still working on play dead. He can also stand while holding to furniture -- which means he can clear the coffee table and eat appealing philodendron leaves.

Van said...

I must confess... I'm an 'eBook reader' trol.

I regularly taunt the helpful folks presenting their eBook readers in stores.

"Can I highlight, bookmark, make notations and sync them with my PC?"
"Can I make my own ebooks or import others from txt, doc, htm, pdf, etc?"
"Does the print look like a book, or gray scale?"
"Does it have color?"
"Does it have color IN the books?"
"Can it display color images IN the books?"
"Why would I want color images IN the book? So I could read a book on Leonardo DaVinci, and SEE what the text was describing, Like THIS (whips out PocketPC phone & opens that book) that's why." (kindly allows interested customers to view & ooh & ah my 'ebook' reader)
"Can it open up links on the web? Why? So I could open up linked material like THIS!"(kindly allows interested customers to view & ooh & ah my 'ebook' reader)
"Why is this new, when I've had it on my phone, like THIS, for several years?"

Sad, petty, but oh so satisfying... especially when the presenter's look like they're Mac users.

Van said...

NB & Julie,


Fun memories there. Yep on the Jolly Jumper too... I think it came along after the boys, but our girl just giggled & spazed out in it.

black hole said...

Thank you for sharing about your e-book experience, Mushroom.

I recently bought an electronic device, but it was for other purposes.

It all boils down to gratification, in one way or another...

Mizz E said...

First Principles has moved in the direction of a primer for the principles of American society and American conservatism — an excellent resource for the young, particularly undergraduates, who wish to gain a firmer sense of the American traditions of government.  The newly designed site is here.

mushroom said...

Van, next time I'm up that way, I'll have to buy you lunch and turn you loose in a Barnes&Noble or some place. It sounds almost as entertaining as a hockey game.

mushroom said...

That's funny, bh, I figured you to opt for devices with a lower carbon footprint -- something hand-powered or maybe an inflatable. Just goes to show how easy it is to misjudge.

Thanks for the link, Mizz E.

Van said...

Thanks for the link MizzE!