Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Are You (Still) Here?

For those of you who are out of the loop, I've decided to (try to) stop producing new material in favor of attempting to consolidate what I have. And what I have is 1,321 posts that have about as much order as a box of stationery that fell off the back of a truck on the freeway. I don't know where else to begin but the beginning by inspecting them one by one, in the hope that some sort of spontaneous order will emerge.

Naturally I got hung up examining my very first post from October of 2005 ("Why Are You Here?"), which consists of an interview with myself. I also didn't know what I was doing back then:

Q: We don't need another blog. Why are you inflicting your beastly opinions on us?

A: To those of you who are new to this site, join the club, as I am still in the process of trying to understand the author's intention. For surely there are already far too many books and blogs, with no way any human being could ever assimilate the information contained therein. Actually, the problem we face is how to relate all of this fragmented and sometimes contradictory knowledge into a coherent picture of our world -- to move from mere knowledge, to understanding, to truth and to wisdom.

1,320 posts later, there's no longer any need to try to understand the author's intention. It's too late for that, and he doesn't know anyway. Now the question is, What was that all about, then?

Where have I heard that before?... Oh yes. It's the first sentence of my book.

Anyway, back to the first post:

I am a clinical psychologist with a background in psychoanalysis, and, like Shrinkwrapped, Dr. Sanity, and other non-leftist Uncle Fromms, attempt to "put the world on the couch," so to speak. If you can detach yourself somewhat and try to "hover" above it, the news of the day may be regarded as the free associations of a very troubled patient called Homo sapiens. This patient, now about 40,000 years old (before that we were genetically Homo sapiens but not particularly human), has many sub-personalities of varying levels of emotional maturity, and one of his problems is that these different aspects of his personality are constantly at war with one another, which tends to drag down the more mature parts.

You could almost go so far as to say that this collective patient suffers from the kind of severe splitting and "acting out" characteristic of Multiple Personality Disorder. One of my axioms is that geographical space reflects developmental time, so that different nations and cultures embody different levels of psychological maturity. In this regard, the Islamic world bottoms out the scale at the moment.

More broadly, what I hope to facilitate is an appreciation of the "vertical" dimension of human history, culture and politics. For example, historians typically view history in a horizontal manner, leading from past, to present, to future. Likewise, we divide our political mindscape in a horizontal fashion, from left to right. However, as in a great novel or film, the "horizontal" plot is merely a device to express the artist's greater intention (the theme), which can only be found in a vertical realm, by standing "above" the plot.

Every patient who comes into therapy is the star of a motion picture that isn't going quite right. They will spend the first few sessions telling you the plot, but soon enough the analyst intuits the vertical theme where the true but unKnown 'author' of the plot lies (and lies... and lies). This is called the unconscious. However, this is just one realm of the vertical. Spirituality is also located on the vertical plane, both very low (as in jihad or human sacrifice) and high (such as genuine mysticism).

Q: Why "One Cosmos?"

A: The title of the blog is taken from my book of experimental nonfiction, One Cosmos Under God: The Unification of Matter, Life, Mind and Spirit. You might say that the book tries to follow the vertical thread that runs through the entire cosmos, ultimately uniting us with our source. That thread necessarily runs through physics, biology, psychology, religion, history, anthropology, art, and much more, and yet, it is somehow all One.

Perhaps the central theme of both book and blog is that the frontiers of knowledge and understanding lie not in the further extension of various fields and subspecialties, but in the borderland between them. Around 40,000 years ago, our patient, Homo sapiens, began splintering into its diverse parts, but underneath all of the bewildering diversity is a vertical unity that this blog will attempt to illuminate in various ways. For the key to growth is understanding ourselves, both individually and collectively. Without it, we remain a child forever.

Q: It seems like you find a way to flog your book in every post.

That's not a question. However, you have a point. Mainly it's because I purchased 100 copies of my book from my publisher, and I would like to get rid of them. After that I'll tone it down.

Having said that, it would be a shame if the book disappeared into obscurity without first reaching its intended audience. There is a certain type of person out there -- somewhat difficult to describe, but you know who you are -- for whom my book will be just the thing.

Q: Who are you, anyway?

A: This is the description I wanted to put on the book, but the publisher wouldn't allow it:

"Clinical psychologist Robert Godwin is an extreme seeker and off-road spiritual aspirant who has spent no less than one lifetime in search of the damn key to the world enigma. A high school graduate at just seventeen and a-half, Dr. Godwin attended business school until the vagaries of academic probation and expulsion led him to pursue other missed opportunities. Capitalizing on a natural ability to simultaneously enjoy movies and lower his expectations, Godwin eventually earned a film degree in just four terms (Ford/Carter and parts of Nixon/Reagan). Initially denied admission to graduate school because of "inadequate" academic preparation, Holy Happenstance intervened in the nick of time, and Dr. Godwin went on to obtain two advanced degrees in psychology without allowing it to interfere with his education or with ongoing spiritual research conducted in his suburban liberatoreum. Lengthy periods there of higher bewilderment and intense non-doing resulted in important advances in egobliteration and karmannihilation. At the same time, Dr. Godwin spent many years searching and researching for his book, only to conclude that it did not exist, and that if he wanted to read it, he would have to write it. Having now read it a number of times, he is happy to share that burden with a wider audience of fertile eggheads interested in peering behind the annoying veil that separates them from ultimate reality."

Q: Who's Petey?

A: Petey is my discarnate collaborator, or "household gnome," as he calls himself. He is somewhat obnoxious and unreliable, but he often provides me with ideas to write about. He'll generally just throw something out -- a cryptic or often craptic word or phrase -- and leave to me to belaborate the point.

Q: Why the spiritual mumbo-jumbo?

I don't think it's healthy to orient your life around politics 24/7, as does the secular left, for whom politics is their substitute religion. Politics must aim at something that isn't politics, otherwise, what's the point? Politics just becomes a cognitive system to articulate your existential unhappiness. Again, this is what leftists do -- everything for them is politicized.

One of the general purposes of this blog will be to try to look at politics in a new way -- to place the day-to-day struggle of politics in a much wider historical, evolutionary, and even cosmic context. History is trying to get somewhere, and it is our job to help it get there. However, that "somewhere" does not lie within the horizontal field of politics, but beyond it. Thus, politics must not only be grounded in something that isn't politics, but aim at something that isn't politics either.

This is not an abstract, impractical or esoteric notion. Wait. Yes it is. Nevertheless, the ultimate purpose of politics should be to preserve the radical spiritual revolution of the American founders, so that humans may evolve inwardly and upwardly -- not toward a manifest destiny but an unmanifest deustiny.

For example, when we say that politics must be grounded in something that isn't politics, we are simply reflecting the philosophy at the heart of the American rEvolution, that the sacred rights of mankind, as expressed by Alexander Hamilton, are written in human nature "by the hand of Divinity itself, and can never be erased by mortal power." In short, human beings possess a "spiritual blueprint" that is antecedent to politics, and which it is the task of politics to protect, preserve and nurture.

But not for its own sake. The founders, who were steeped in Judeo-Christian metaphysics, did not believe in mere license, which comes down to meaningless freedom on the horizontal plane. Rather, they believed that horizontal history had a beginning and was guided by a purpose, and that only through the unfolding of human liberty could that "vertical" purpose be achieved. Our founders were progressive to the core, but unlike our contemporary reactionary and anti-evolutionary leftists, they measured progress in relation to permanent standards that lay outside time -- metaphorically speaking, an eschatological "Kingdom of God," or "city on a hill," drawing us toward it. Without this nonlocal telos, the cosmos can really have no frontiers, only edges. Perhaps this is why the left confuses truth with "edginess."

Liberty -- understood in its spiritual sense -- was the key idea of the founders. This cannot be overemphasized. According to Michael Novak, liberty was understood as the "axis of the universe," and history as "the drama of human liberty." America was quite consciously conceived as an opportunity to "re-launch" mankind after such an initial 100,000 years or so of disappointment, underachievement, economic stagnation, poor hygiene, and lousy food.

Human liberty is a horizontal prolongation of the Creator's own infinite freedom, and allows him to act through us. This does not diminish the Creator but exalts him, for a moment's reflection reveals that an intimation of our spiritual freedom absolutely belies any mere material explanation found within the horizontal confines of history. For ours is an inwardly mobile cosmos, and as the philosopher of science Stanley Jaki writes, our free will brings us "face to face with that realm of metaphysical reality which hangs in midair unless suspended [vertically] from that Ultimate Reality, best called God, the Creator."

Tip O’Neill is evidently responsible for the cliché that “All politics is local.” The greater truth is that all politics is nonlocal, meaning that outward political organization rests on a more fundamental, “inner” ground that interacts with a hierarchy of perennial and timeless values. Arguments about the surface structure of mundane political organization really have to do with whose nonlocal values will prevail, and the local system that will be established in order to achieve those nonlocal values.

Q: Who is Gagdad Bob?

"Gagdad Bob" is the name I use[d] over at LGF [before being disappeared for crimes against Queeg]. I became fan of LGF very early on, well before it lurched into anti-intellectual scientism and irreligious barbarism, and initially posted under the name "Bob G" in the primeval days before Queeg even required registration. At first Bob G. tried offering intelligent comments, sometimes even expressing anger at the latest MSM-Lefist-Islamic outrage, but after awhile he began trying to lighten things by offering humorous little one-liners, many of which are actually thought up by Petey on the spot. Thus, if they fall flat, I am not to blame.

Gagdad Bob tries to challenge himself to see humor in the most dire or disgusting news of the day. He has adopted the philosophy that we should spend less time being frightened of Islamists and more time mocking and ridiculing them -- "joking them out of their holes," so to speak.

Some samples from 2005:

"When I heard that Muslims were burning cars in France, I was initially sympathetic, since burning a car is sometimes the only way to make sure it won't be driven by a female. Plus, I think something good could eventually come of all this, if we could just find a way to cross-pollenate the French and Muslims, and create a hybrid race of Muslims that surrender.

How about Ward Churchill? The fact that this America-hating academic fraud was drawing a six-figure salary at taxpayer's expense brought to mind the words of another Churchill: "Never have so many owed so much to a faux Sioux." By the way, Churchill never said he was an indian -- what he said was that he had "a patchy work experience." Either way, I knew the left would turn him into their latest cause s'lob.

The Europeans seem almost helpless to stop the spread of nuclear weapons into the Muslim world. On the positive side, they did agree that nuclear suitcase bombs must be small enough to fit into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

Did you hear about the uproar over the Pakistani woman refusing to wear a two-piece bathing suit in the Miss World contest? Well, they agreed on a compromise. She's actually going to wear a two-piece after all: a burka with a snorkel.

That was some election in Iran, a show of real democracy. Iranian elections? That's what you call a farce only a mullah could love. Speaking of farces, they even had elections in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the winners were serenaded with a chorus of Wahhabi Days are Here Again. And did you hear the new president of Iran was one of the American hostage takers? That's no surprise. Obviously they wanted to elect a man who was there at the time of their founding fatwas.

And the Iranians are still pushing ahead with their Manhattan Project. Of course, they say they're only developing nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes. Personally I'd feel better about it if Muslims had figured out peaceful applications for rocks and belts. For them, it's a wardrobe malfunction when some boob doesn't explode out of his vest.

And the ACLU is always protecting Muslims, trying to ensure that they are never, ever offended or inconvenienced in any way, even if doing so would stop terror attacks on our soil. I can see their point. It's racist to discriminate against Muslims just because their skin is thinner than ours.

And the Palestinians are still causing problems, as usual. Did you know that none of the maps in the Palestinian territories show Israel? That's what they mean when they refer to the Arab "roadmap to peace." Did you know that part of their strategy involves having so many children that they can eventually overwhelm Israel with their population? However, demographers are worried that if the Palestinian baby boom continues, there won't be any babies left to boom. They say the martyrs are just like every other kid, obsessed with sex. But their parents tell them "Be patient. There'll be plenty of time for girls when you're all blown up."

Hey, at least you don't hear about the Palestinians flushing Bibles down the toilet. That will have to wait until they develop indoor plumbing.

The latest is that Abbas wants to enlist the terror groups for security operations. That makes sense, since the Palestinian police can't be expected to prevent law and order all on their own. And making them police does solve the terrorist problem. Next week Abbas plan to conquer disease by renaming hospitals "health clubs."

And why do they hate us so much? True, if it weren't for US interference, the Arab world wouldn't be is stuck in the fourteenth century. Instead, they'd be mired in the twelfth. And they're always boasting about how great Islamic culture is -- you know, that they had mathematical geniuses who discovered zero over a thousand years ago. That's fine, but the problem is, they've been discovering it ever since.


julie said...

Why are we still here? Easy - we can't leave until we figure out the answer.

I wonder if sorting out your posts would actually be easier if they were spilled out of the back of a truck - at least they'd be in tangible form, that you could pick up and move around and organize (or dump in a big pile on the floor, with the important bits marked by post-it notes).

Gagdad Bob said...

Yes, I wish I could just print them all out. That would be much easier....

walt said...

I tried printing them, for quite a while. Each post (minus comments) averages 5 pages. Let's see: 1321 X 5 = around 6600 pieces of paper, I think.

That's doable.

But I tell you: printer ink is not cheap!

julie said...

Of course, you could reduce the amount of paper needed by reducing the font size from 12 to 10 or 8 (depending on how much your eyes can take) and adjusting the margins from 1 inch to 1/2 or 1/4. Again, depending on how much your eyes can take.

And save ink by printing in draft mode or something similar.

But still, you'd be looking at somewhere around 3k to 5k pages.

So yeah, not really feasible, now that I put it that way...

julie said...

lol - wv says "format"

That's the word I was just thinking of; I just don't know that it would make enough of a difference :D

Van said...

Just goes to show that "In the beginning..." is still a useful way to tell us where we are and where we're going.

Van said...

"Did you hear about the..."

Oh my... LOL doesn't nearly cover it! Petey rubbing shoulders with Henny Youngman out there?

However, not sure that that many yucks in a row is work safe... you know how hard it is to laugh outloud without making a sound?

Anonymous said...

Better be careful with your next book, Bob. Unlike OC, the next one's gonna make you famous.

Northern Bandit said...

Printing massive quantities of text is FAR cheaper with a laser printer, and decent monochrome-only ones can be had for under a hundred bucks.

Or buy a used office-grade high-speed HP or similar printer designed for large print jobs.

Printers that require ink will be more than 10 times as expensive, not to mention much slower.

Northern Bandit said...

Aside from printing, it would be worthwhile to haul the entire arkive out of blogger and create the mother of all PDF files...

Northern Bandit said...


I think you could be right. There is something in the air...

People who even two years ago would dismiss my coonesque remarks as irrational are now pausing to reflect instead.

Materialism has dropped its right and is staggering a bit... a few jabs and a sharp left hook and it will be on the canvas.

will said...

>>Materialism has dropped its right and is staggering a bit... a few jabs and a sharp left hook and it will be on the canvas<<

Not to be a downer, but I don't think materialism & co. has even unsheathed the blade as yet. In any event, I don't think it will end up on the canvas, but it will be separated in some manner from Transcendence and co. That's a post-apocalyptic story yet to be told.

Northern Bandit said...

Well that was cool -- I was able to download all 1300+ posts sorted by date into separate xml files. Each file has a companion file containing the comments. Blogger API makes this pretty simple.

Next step is to pull these into a database. From there they can be sliced and diced, printed, etc as one big arkive.

Northern Bandit said...


I'm more concerned with helping others who are receptive to transcending the default materialism which permeates the chattering classes, but who have not been exposed to the ideas here. For many of those receptive people, materialism can be dealt a knockout blow (as it has been for me), though I certainly agree that on the cosmic scale the story is far different.

One mind at a time...

Van said...

NB, I did the same and into a db, but sounds like did it the hardway... did you build your own, or is there a blogger gizmo for it?

Northern Bandit said...


here you go

Van said...

Oh I see it... reinventing the wheel is more fun, but using what's already been built sure saves time.

Go figure.

Northern Bandit said...


Here's the home page for that program.

Northern Bandit said...

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good
of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live
under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may
at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good
will torment us without end for they do so with the approval
of their own conscience." CS Lewis

Anonymous said...

As Adam should have said to Eve ~ SPIT IT OUT !

julie said...


For some reason, I'm suddenly reminded of being around 3 years old and swallowing a quarter (and probably choking). My dad grabbed me by the ankles, swung me upside down and whacked me on the back until I spat it out. I distinctly remember being firmly on the ground, then suddenly and inexplicably upside down...

jwm said...

Thanks for all the beastly opinions. Best damn beastly opinions on the internet, if you ask me.


Beastly Beast said...

You would say that.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"For surely there are already far too many books and blogs, with no way any human being could ever assimilate the information contained therein."

Indeed, there is. Many damn good ones too. However, you're blog is so unique, Bob, that you're in a class all your own.

Now, I don't say that lightly either. It would be easy as hell for Bob to make the big bucks by bein a better quality Deepak or some other new age guru.

But Bob has integrity, nobility, honesty, abnd honor, which seperates him vertically from the hucksters and modern snake oil con men.

For that I thank you, Bob! And the humor? Outta sight, man! :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I would also like to point out that Bob stands among very few in the graveyard, pointin' out some terrific plots.

Plots that run the gamut, from noir to comedy, horror to heroism, suspense to mellow drama, action n' adventure galore! and thrilla's that'll make yer ayes pop out!
Not to mention the best O-mance, love stories, mythteries,
O-quementaries, and down Om family viewing you'll find anywhere! :^)

I'm talkin' Art with a capital O, my friends. You'll find Beauty, a fantastic sOundtrack, themes aligned wit Truth, and that Gagdad Bob Goodness we all have grown to love!

Incidently, I'm not makin' a cent to say this, nor would I if I didn't gno fer sure.
"How do you gno?" Someone may ask.

If you hafta ask, you ain't ready fer the answer. Telkl you what, just read for awhile and contemplate what yer readin'. Do all the research you want, but in the end let yer heart chew on it awhile.

Trust, but verify. Give Bob a chance. And watch Destiny plant one on ya (Don't bother tryin' to duck or dodge, 'cause Destiny will connect).

If you still ain't gettin' it, and if you ain't found nothin' helpful about One Cosmos, than fergeddaboutit, it ain't yer bag of tea. Oh wait! Cults don't work that way. Where's the catch? Hey, if you hafta ask...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"Gagdad Bob tries to challenge himself to see humor in the most dire or disgusting news of the day. He has adopted the philosophy that we should spend less time being frightened of Islamists and more time mocking and ridiculing them -- "joking them out of their holes," so to speak."

Aye! More than once I saw some moron down-ding (show disappoval of) Bob's excellent humor, 'cause they couldn't see the humor if they crashed headlong into it.

Usually they were very very serious folks who were so anal they bought preparation H by the case and considered laughing, or ridicule of evil to be some kind of deadly sin or something.

I'm talkin' spiritual prigs who were/are so smug n' self-righteous they wouldn't laugh at God's jokes. And they proved it.
Hey, just read a few of Queegs comments sometime and you'll get the picture, and he ain't the only one numb to the funny.
Those are some searyus schmucks I tell you what.

Humor does challenge us to transcend. Go ahead, laugh at evil! Laugh at death! Laugh at the Islamofascists. They really hate it! :^)

Northern Bandit said...

Huey Long -- the last surviving member of the Ink Spots, among other high points in an 80 year career in jazz and blues -- has passed away at 105.

Susannah said...

OT: a colleague of hubby's wrote this article--definitely worth a read...

Jake Was Here said...

"Tollers, there is just too little of what we really like in stories. I am afraid we shall have to write some ourselves." -- C.S. Lewis to J.R.R. Tolkien

//vinatesc -- sounds fascinating, but what is it?

Lynn said...

Anonymous said: "As Adam should have said to Eve ~ SPIT IT OUT !"

There is only one reason he didn't say it.

He was afraid he would have to sleep on the couch.

Anonymous said...

"Laugh at the Islamofascists. They really hate it!"

Yep, psycho-holographically speaking, the morphic fields absorb all and any vibrations of hate into its fold the hate-feed -- the already low ebbing mode of consciousness.
Hate 'feeds' madness and it is what keeps captive both, the one who hates and the one who intends hate-harm even when one is not aware of how how damaging it is.

Some of us know that "what goes around comes around."

So go ahead and hate me now, but be mindful of the fact that the LORD is aware of your every thought even when not expressed. . . It's freaky but that's the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Praying for the 'enemy' -- isn't what religious people are to do?

Lords Prayer anyone?


Brazentide said...

Hilarius posts Bob! It's good to have a laugh nowandagain at even the dire stuff. I try to remember that news media only ever gives us the proctologist's view of anthropology. There's certainly no shortage of crap coming down the pipe for them to whine about and even the stuff they laud is complete sh*t.

Will - "Not to be a downer, but I don't think materialism & co. has even unsheathed the blade as yet. In any event, I don't think it will end up on the canvas, but it will be separated in some manner from Transcendence and co. That's a post-apocalyptic story yet to be told."

Interesting thought...

God willing, I'll fly away oh glory. But those that have wanted the mysterictomy should have read the fine print. A world with the trancendace repo'd willed be a scary place indeed.