Friday, May 08, 2009

Surfing Nonlocal Waves to the Shore of the Now, with a Deepak on My Knee

This post is brought to you by this new art exhibitionism, The Cycle of Life.

The bad news is that "the dead bodies are plasticised, a process invented by Von Hagens involving skinning bodies to display the naked muscles, nerves and tendons underneath, and preserving them with a synthetic resin." The good news is that "the exhibition offers a deep understanding of the human body, the biology of reproduction, and the nature of sexuality." And for those of you who can't afford a trip to Germany but still want to see a couple of cadavers in action, you can always watch Barbara Walters on the Larry King show.

Back to our regular program. The key point is that "just as humanity occurs only as man, so too man occurs only as humanity" (HvB). If that weren't the case, then Jesus wouldn't have been able to change human nature by becoming a man. Rather, he would have changed only that particular man. And the change obviously had to take place at the level of conception in order to be "essential" rather than something merely added in an exterior sense.

Man's existence is an appearance of his essence, even though essence can only manifest as existence. Here again, this is one of our Top Three objections to the left, who always believe, either explicitly or implicitly, that man has no essence. Indeed, this is what it means to be an existentialist, which is just another word for nihilist. The existentialist is a nihilist because he is condemned to freedom in a meaningless cosmos. Therefore, being itself is an infinite nothingness, since no choice can be any better than another choice. In a graceless cosmos, man can only make himself by an act of will, prick by prick.

Which then leads directly to various ideologies of power -- of narcissism and the glorification of the will. Obama is a perfect example of the phenomenon, or a least as perfect as America can produce at this time, given the constraints imposed by a population that is still roughly 50% sane. But we're getting close to the breaking point, what with his complete control of all branches of government, the media, academia, and other powers that might have restrained him.

So the person is the "field of expression" of human essence. In fact, it reminds me very much of quantum physics, in which the local particle is simply the expression of the nonlocal field. The field doesn't manifestly exist except in its complementary relationship with the particle.

For those of you who have auto-initiated yourself by purchasing my book -- and is anyone still interested in Bobographed copies? -- you will see that this is discussed on pp. 209-210, where it explains how O -- which is nonlocal -- requires a local frame of reference, oh, such as an upright bipedal Raccoon, in order to realize itself in the world.

Yes, the cosmos is filled with such "empty fields" of pure logos just waiting for a nervous system sophisticated enough to evoke them! In fact, I'm surfing on one of those nonlocal waves right now. Sounds a bit like this:

Surf's up / aboard a tidal wave / Come about hard and join / the young and often spring you gave / I heard the word / Wonderful thing / A children's song / A child is the father of the man / A children's song / Have you listened as they played / Their song is love / And the children know the way. --Beach Boys, Surf's Up

Excellent. While I was listening to that and waiting around for Nomo, he just left a relevant comment. It was in response to Maineman's point about the need for a "counter-terrorism strategy" against the "wildly destructive" left. Nomo writes that "the Light burns, but it has to come out from hiding," and then references the Nonlocal-Made-Local, who said that

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Do you see the point? Of Light? All we can do -- all we can ever do -- is participate in that very movement of O --> (¶), or of Father --> Son. This is something the left can never put an end to, although they will certainly do their best to try. But this is nothing that Jesus didn't explain in full to the apostles. It's not as if it isn't a built-in feature of the worldly powers and principalities.

For to shine like a light in the darkness is to place a giant target on your back. It makes you a beacon for others, but it also makes you an easily identifiable target. This is why the trolls roost here. No one will have failed to notice how "dark" they are, for their darkness always stands out in the light, does it not? It could hardly be more coonspicuous, for it is indeed "darkness visible."

Speaking of darkness visible, this ought to be good: the hideous Deepak on the meaning of prayer.

"In the Bush era, public or group prayer followed the pattern set down by Nixon in the Sixties: it was a validation of conservative values. God was for law and order and against hippies. God was against anyone who didn't believe in him, a ridiculous position when you think about it.... As long as prayer was simply a shout-out to evangelicals and supporters of the current war, I think it had little value as a national activity."

Shouldn't Deepak be out there on the street with all those other hippies, chanting Hey hey, BHO, how many youthful contingency operators did you kill in your phony war against man made disasters today!

So, what is the real purpose of prayer? O, endarken us, Your Grubbiness:

"It may be too hard for someone in the Judeo-Christian tradition to let go of a personal (and usually masculine) God in favor of something as impersonal as one's own awareness, but.... everything about prayer happens in consciousness and nowhere else. The message is sent and received in consciousness; the results are noticed in consciousness; one's expectations, beliefs, and intentions are rooted in consciousness.... prayer is one process: consciousness interacting with itself. Religions enforce a division between the one who prays and the one who answers, but why? Stripped of religious vocabulary, a prayer is nothing more than an intention. Either that intention comes true or it doesn't."

Oh my. Deepcrock has outdumbed himself. This comment is to theology what copulating cadavers are to sex. And it also goes to what I said about the leftist who denies essence and ends up with an ideology of pure power, of the will. For with Deepak's perverse religiosity, the will simply "prays" to the will for more power. A prayer is nothing more than "intention," i.e., will.

It is no coincidence -- none whatsoever -- that a dreadful, despicable person such as Chopra would be perhaps the most prominent assholy man of the left. For he is the local expression of their nonlocal field of schemes.

Bonus version -- Brian Wilson demo, without the group harmony tag at the end:


julie said...

Ugh. I saw the article about that exhibition the other day. So wrong. I wonder how many people, looking at the bodies on display, really get deep down that that's what they're seeing - an actual, once-living human? From the photos I've seen, everything looks, well, vaguely plastic, and it might be easy to distance oneself from the reality by dehumanizing the subjects, so to speak.

Anyway, back to reading...

julie said...

Re Deepcrack, I like this one:

"The human race has entangled itself fruitlessly in these mysteries for centuries"

Yes, because fruitless mysteries are what keep bringing people into the light.

And the idea of basically blowing off God in favor of one's own awareness is just really insane. Like turning down a soul mate who wants to know you in every sense because you'd rather play with yourself while looking in a mirror.

Cory said...

That Chopra is one of the grand gurus of the "enlightened" left is no surprise. He preachs the kind of idolatry that they can get behind whole-heartedly: The elevation, adoration and worship of the divine ME. After all - there is no one else. Not really.

Small wonder that leftists deem any who disagree with them as evil. What else could you think of someone who dares rebel against the omniscient ME?

julie said...

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Speaking of which...

ximeze said...

What is it with Germans, Germany & preserved human flesh 'Art' anyway.

< insert Godwin's Law anthropodermic fetishism diatribe here >

And Now... said...

How low can you go?

Anonymous said...

I could, if I wanted to, imagine that Julie's comment about having a "soul mate" and one who would rather look in the mirror and f* herself could be a passive agressive potshot at me. But, no matter. Not like it matters to me.

If I'm right tho Julie, check out my blog today and get as bitter as you possibly can.


julie said...

So the person is the "field of expression" of human essence

For those who essentially worship Obama, then, it can be accurately said that he is the field of expression of their essence. So for instance, frivolously mocking his choice of mustard becomes a personal attack on themselves, thus generating a shitstorm of outsized outrage. Importantly, too, is the fact that their outrage is due in large part to an utter lack of ability to laugh at themselves. And in another part, it must also be due to an underlying fear that such mockery could actually do harm to their chosen idol (which would only be the case if it were true...).

Anonymous said...

As a lump of darkness made visible I'm here to drop a few foul crumbs on the OC clubhouse floor.

Regarding BHO, all Bob's grumbling seems spurious. BHO's actually done nothing to indicate much of anything. He's a blank field where you write your fears. How has your life changed since BHO took office? It hasn't, and you know it. Everything grinds on per usual.

Narcissism? You'd have to interview BHO's spouse to even get close to confirming it. A stable marriage usually rules out any serious psychopathology; that's basic stuff you already know, Bob.

I'm a government employee; like others I serve the taxpayer. Public office does not always a narccisist make.

Moving on to Deepak. Bob has never understood Deepak, who in spiritual matters is sometimes correct although although often puts things in a nebbish way. For the comment on prayer he should have used the word "aspiration" instead of intention. That prayer is an aspiration sent to oneself is incontrovertible. The psychic being is within the self and that's what recieves and activates prayers. Only worthy prayers are activated; quality control is automatic. This is why spiritually unsound prayers recieve no response.

God is in contact with each psychic being and picks up his messages there. They have been pre-screened, cleaned up and are ready for Him.

Regarding Deepak's outburst on national prayers, there Deepak is wrong. Yes, Deepak has his own ego-driven bad spots,no worse or better than Bob's. Both are blinded by a belief the world is not as it should be. For Deepak, it's too mercenary, for Bob not spiritual enough.

Of course the world is as it should be. To pick a fight with reality is futile.

What then, you ask? Ask your CO for orders, is what. Often they are to do small things like go shopping for food or to visit your mother.

Sometimes its for larger things, like giving tough love to a teenager or putting out a fire.

Any huge or sweepong changes needed in the world will by handled by the CO which coordinates everyone's activities. You don't need to trouble yourself so much.

Petey said...

Thank you for shedding some darkness on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Smiles all 'around then:)

From the post-enlightend perspective a "soul mate" is not same as "Soul Mate" - as per my blog-musings.

"flitiest" Theofilia

Anonymous said...

Hey, my smiley post was for Julie.

There is a BIG difference in 'quality' when it comes to prayer. As far as I'm concerned prayer can be as simple as being grateful for the beauty of a flower - and truly feeeeeeeling the Love.

As always I can speak only from my own experience. I learned over the years that 'grateful essence' can be 'smelled' by the Creator.
And it's the simplest thing in the world, especially when the glad-heart is not even aware of its 'worshipness'. . . Only in retrospect one can see how all those moments add up.

Once upon glancing out the kitchen window I spied a single lil' white bloom growing in the hedges' shade. Of course, she who luvs flowers had to run out, and on her knees expressed gratitude for its beauty . . . Counting its precious flower petals, sticking my nose to get a whif of its fragrance.

Spring's first red poppy bloom? .... same thing. I don't actually think the poppy felt my kissess boohoo:( - still, it's the emotional response is what matters.

Taking a picture of flower/s and sending 'em into cyberspace dissipates the Mystery. At least it's how I see it.

Wo, I just recalled my this dawn's in-soul "frangrance" moment. First soaring then gently landed - face down - on the ground and basking- in-bliss, when some giggling kids begin touching me from behind. Still I lay montionless, worldless.... Until a child sniffed my back and uttered "Frangrance." It was only then that I turned on my side and lauhged:)


Bulletproof Monk said...

Extreme pilgrimInteresting documentary -- worth watching to the end IMHO.

ximeze said...

In honor of this day in history
Three Score and Four Years Ago

julie said...

BPM - thanks for that. Fr. Lazarus is truly a wonder (I wish there had been more of him, in fact), and it was really interesting to see how Fr. Peter changed over the course of his three weeks on the mountain.

Anonymous said...

In honor of this day in history I am reminded of my Mother's story . . . She, a Russion born teen, was a slave-worker for the German's during the war years. With cheeks flushed she spoke about seeing in the night sky's canopy the sign of the Cross. She was not alone. She and others' watched the German people go into a panic mode at this sign.


Bulletproof Monk said...

Glad you liked it Julie. I agree Fr. Lazarus is really walking the path. I especially liked how he pointed to Fr. Peter's face at the end -- how it had changed -- more reflective and serene. I also liked his statement, "One hour of prayer mindful of God is worth more than a lifetime of beneficient service." This statement makes no sense from a secular standpoint, but I think to understand it is to have come to understanding of the purpose of ascesis and the spiritual ascent.

Here's another, shorter, clip I like -- by Elder Arsenie. I'm not sure but I may have posted this before. If so, forgive me.

Anonymous said...

oops, I could have said above - "towards the end of the war..." - but didn't.


julie said...

That's another great one. I hadn't seen it before.

This is more in line with the theme of the day.

walt said...

An interesting Cos-bination Sandwich today, Bob -- copulating cadavers on top, a big dollop of Goo-ru Dee underneath, but some seriously meaty filling in between:

"...the person is the "field of expression" of human essence. In fact, it reminds me very much of quantum physics, in which the local particle is simply the expression of the nonlocal field. The field doesn't manifestly exist except in its complementary relationship with the particle.

"Yes, the cosmos is filled with such "empty fields" of pure logos just waiting for a nervous system sophisticated enough to evoke them!"
"Empty fields of pure logos" is a great phrase! Thanks!

QP said...

>>"And it also goes to what I said about the leftist who denies essence and ends up with an ideology of pure power, of the will."<<

Quote of the Day:

"When it comes to abortion, Barack Obama [really, really] does not like being compared to Stephen Douglas." Edward T. Oakes

Ricky Raccoon said...

Bob says:
“For to shine like a light in the darkness is to place a giant target on your back. It makes you a beacon for others, but it also makes you an easily identifiable target.”

HvB says:
“We could not, of course, ignore the “tragic dimension”…which we see mirrored in Christ’s destiny and which remains decisive also for the destiny of his Church. By tragic dimension, we mean the fact that ever-greater love calls forth ever-greater hatred – the last book of the Bible drives this home forcefully – so that Christ’s victory over the “world” by no means obviates the need for a judgment, whose outcome no human can “calculate”, even if he may place his hope in Jesus’ words: “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Jn 16:33).”
~ Theo-logic I Truth of the World

Ricky Raccoon said...

Fr. Lazarus reminds me of Unknown Friend from MOTT.
..and not a little bit of Schuon in that video interview Bob linked to a couple of times, also on prayer.

Anonymous said...

Are you ignoring me again :)?


Van said...

"Man's existence is an appearance of his essence, even though essence can only manifest as existence."

Surf's up! Hang Ten...

Van said...

aninnymouse said "As a lump"

It suits you.

Van said...

Last year the german plasti-porn came to St. Louis... someone I worked with said 'Wo, check this out!"

I couldn't mask my reaction. Repellent.

Van said...

"Deepcrock has outdumbed himself. This comment is to theology what copulating cadavers are to sex."

That left a mark.

Anonymous said...

10:40 Theofilia, why would Julie want to pay attention to Theofilia? hmmmmm;)? She don't write gramaticaly at all! Lookit at her punctuations and her phhhft ling-style:)

"equil" Theofilia

Anonymous said...

I was speaking of Julies phhhft ling-style:) not my own!!;)

w.v. prica
yes she is


Anonymous said...


Deepcock;)? copulating cadavers? Heh! now thats funny.


Anonymous said...

Theofilia is amusing herself by writing to Van?

Why should she? Van made it plain he doesn't read "foolish Theofoolya's" foolishness.


Anonymous said...

Theofilia 10:53

Is Julie a prickly prica?

Guess she could answer thatone for herself ... if the shoe fits.

I think Julie needs a good cry.


Anonymous said...

Cry....cry my dahling;)


Anonymous said...


You do despise me do you not?
Even though I said you funny eh?


Anonymous said...

Funny Van?
Not so much but hey theres' always hope eh?
Oh! I know we can make him laugh, no? hmmm let's see if I remember any left/right brain jokes. Yes! it's about math and Jesus!
Yes, this one may do the trick 'cos it's like so waaay funny an' everything:)

OK - once upon the boy was slacking n' fluncking math something fierce. Mother and father at their wits' end, "WHATEVER SHALL WE DO ABOUT THIS?!"
Brainstorming all night back and forth - suddenly - VOILA! The parents figured he needed more structure, more discipline and thought he should go to a diff school.

The boy got transfered to a Catholic school. . . And right off the bet his marks jumped like crazeeee! Parents almost in shock at this turn of event, hardly daring to ask why suddenly the high grades lest they jinks it or something.

Time goes by and the son is still booting right along with 'em high math marks...

Besides themselves with curious thinking mom an' dad couldn't bare any longer the suspence and stuff and asked the boy "Wazup up with those high math marks anyways!!?"

The subdude looking boy gave them a funny look and in a hushed voice explained "There's this guy hanging on the cross in the hallway."


Anonymous said...

getit? getit?
Fear + dread = sooo motivational!

"lest they hang me next!!!!!!!!!"

"joyabl" Theofilia