Monday, May 11, 2009

The Liberal Deconstruction of Female Beauty, or The Empress's New Butt

This is Dupree speaking. Bob had to leave early for work, so he's letting me sit in the big chair. He left it entirely up to me to choose a topic.

Hmm, serious post or frivolous post?

It's Monday. I'm still recovering from partying with Mama last night -- my usual gift, the suitcase of Bud. How about if I start out with some superficial frivolousness just to get warmed up, and then move on to the more serious frivolousness?

In the past, I believe that Bob has written a number of posts about how difficult it is to argue with a fantasy. If both parties aren't living in the same reality -- AKA reality -- then there is no basis for discussion. But one of the main features of leftist thought is this insane idea that different cultures just have different realities, and that we must respect them all as being of equal value. This is a surefire recipe for disaster.

For example, liberals always want us to talk to the terrorists -- I mean "man made disaster facilitators" -- but how does one begin to have a rational conversation with someone who lives in a malevolent fantasy? By virtue of talking to them, you're just reinforcing their belief that the fantasy is real. This is why no amount of "negotiation" with Palestinian or Iranian dictators will come to any good, unless it begins with the banal but fundamental truth that they are insane psychopaths. But that is the one thing that is off the table. It's like talking to Jeffrey Dahmer but dancing around the cannibalism part.

One more reason why I detest the left is that they are constantly trying to distort reality in the manner so accurately described by George Orwell. This may seem like a trivial example, but the in-your-face insistence that our first lady is some kind of smokin' hot babe is a case in point. All heterosexual men know that this is an outrageous lie. Who are they trying to kid, and why?

Look, we're talking about an average looking woman here. Sarah Palin is not going to lose any sleep over the comparison. But why is this lie being promulgated with such urgency and to such absurd lengths by the liberal media? There must be something more significant going on when someone is in such an insistent state of denial. It reminds me of the liberal love-fest over the Edwards' marriage a couple of years ago. How'd that work out?

Here is a typical tongue bath by closet lesbian columnist Sally Quinn. She says that the first lady's arms -- her arms, fer cryin' out loud -- "are representative of a new kind of woman: young, strong, vigorous, intelligent, accomplished, sexual, powerful, embracing and, most of all, loving."

Hmm. That's quite a devastating indictment. A young, intelligent, and sexy woman is a "new kind of woman"? This is insane. Not only is Quinn seeing something in Michelle that isn't there, but she's not seeing things that have always been there in abundance. Or perhaps she's never strolled through the UCLA campus on a warm September day. Oh, mama!

Now, I am quite confident that I speak for all heterosexual males when I say that we don't place a great premium on upper arms. It's not that they are unimportant. To the contrary. It's just that it is one of those areas for which one does not get "bonus points" for being normal -- like having five fingers, or one head. Rather, you only get points taken away for having a dimpled pair of wobbly bingo flaps like Helen Thomas trying to get the President's attention at a press conference.

Look, I don't make up the rules, but there is no such thing as an "upper arm man" or "bicep dawg" unless he is a pervert. I have to assume that Sally Quinn has some serious bat wings going on.

Next: "This is a woman who has the courage to say 'I am mom in chief' and make her children and her family -- unapologetically -- her No. 1 priority. She is able to do this because she is so intelligent and accomplished that she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. She is healthy enough to be able to say, this is who I am, these are my values and my priorities."

Okay. I'll bite. Mrs. G. gave up her career in a nanosecond to be a full time mom. I call this common sense, or the maternal instinct -- plus having a sugar gagdaddy.

However, this is a form of common sense with which the left has been at war for the past four decades. It's crazy. What was once the norm is systematically undermined by the left, and then, when a left wing woman returns to the norm, that makes her intelligent, accomplished, self-confident, and healthy. Spot the internal contradiction! I believe without a doubt that there is no more critical societal role than motherhood. But where has Sally been all these years?

The slobbering continues: "Nothing could be more empowering than to see a woman with all of the attributes of Michelle Obama embrace her children the way she does. She loves those girls, and she is giving them a role model for the kind of strong woman that she wants them to be. A woman should have the right to choose. In every respect. Having a great education, a job, a career is fulfilling. She has a Harvard Law degree and had a powerful job herself. She will take on projects in the White House that will ultimately prove to be transformational."

Wow, she loves her children! She's even going to be their role model! This is unheard of!

I have to take issue with the "accomplished" part. My understanding is that she was given a meaningless but extravagantly overpaid position at a Chicago hospital because of her husband's ability to funnel some serious pork their way. In fact, the job was so critical that she wasn't even replaced when she quit. How will they ever get by without a Diversity Whatever?

Now, this: "Michelle Obama happens to be physically beautiful. She is tall, regal, elegant and statuesque, and her power has been enhanced by that attractiveness."

Look, I'm not trying to be mean, but someone has to say something about this madness. Believe me, I'd say the same thing if conservatives were insisting that Mamie Eisenhower was Marilyn Monroe. But why are otherwise heterosexual men cowed by this surreal agenda? I mean, I wonder if Bob would even touch this topic, for fear of the backlash. But we're not going to fall for it. Here, Sally, I'll spell it out for you:

Average looking first lady:

Above average looking first lady:

Notice the difference? Sally does. She says that the first photo is of "a clearly sexual woman with sexy arms. A woman who is proud and unashamed of her sexuality in a city where that is not the usual image of a powerful woman."

Did you notice the arms in the second photo? I didn't either. But now that you mention it, I find them perfectly acceptable. I see two of them, with no bye-bye fat waving in the breeze.

I have a question for all of you folks out there, even liberals. We're all sexual. But are any of you especially "proud" of it? To the extent that someone is, it usually means that they are unconsciously ashamed of it. But why pride? That seems like such a childish emotion to attach to human sexuality. Paris Hilton is no doubt proud of her sexuality. Would that make her a good first lady?

I think the real issue is that politics is show-biz for the unattractive, so that anyone who isn't a total troll tends to stand out. But it's all phony, otherwise they'd say the same things about Sarah Palin that they say about Michelle Obama. Plus it would have the virtue of being true.

Well, that's about it. Bob will be back with his usual pompous fare tomorrow.


will said...

>> . . the in-your-face insistence that our first lady is some kind of smokin' hot babe is a case in point. All heterosexual men know that this is a blatant lie<<

I dunno. I've always thought Klingon women were pretty hot.

julie said...

Yeah - she can afford to be a empowering. She has "a chief of staff" and a personal assistant, and everyone needs that."

(And seriously, what is she wearing in that photo? Any other famous woman in that outfit would be getting a smackdown on Go Fug Yourself for having a belt practically across the boobs, among other things.)

Objectively speaking, she has moments where she's not unattractive, purely on the surface level; she doesn't always look like a klingon ;). But nothing to warrant the continual singing of praises. Maybe they have to tell themselves she's so beautiful and fantastic because it's the only way to tolerate her sharing a bed with the big O (instead of themselves).

walt said...

This site is starting to look like American Digest!

Northern Bandit said...


All those fond youthful moments locked in the bathroom clutching in one hand my well-worn collection of Mamie E. photos...

Ruined in one fell deflating swoop by that spoilsport Dupree.

Next you'll be telling me her fudge rots your teeth or something.

will said...

As for First Ladies who embody the very archetype of their nation, I think the example of Nina Khrushchev is hard to beat: There you had a sputnik in a babushka.

QP said...

Looks like it falls on me to be merciful.

After the 2nd reference to bat wing flaps, just gotta stop reading and say: "Cuz gets major negative credit for that unwise crack."

Scary wonderful reveal . . .
Even after 15 years of Pilates and yoga I, let's just say, only wear sleeves that fall below the elbow.

I give myself major credit though for hot, long legs [like your pic] that can dance down stairs backwards without collapsing. Lucky I'm not all black and blue or worse, which is more than Cuz will be able to say, if he keeps up with those particular disparaging remarks.

Just sayin'

Cousin Dupree said...

Please, I'm not criticizing. It's just that there are ideals. We all fall short of the ideal, but that doesn't mean we should ditch the ideal just because few people can achieve it. That's the way of the left.

And again, I wouldn't even bring it up if it weren't for this constant propagandizing from the left. It's no different than their insistence that George Bush was stupid. They think they can omnipotently alter reality with their words.

Ghost of Fergus said...

And what's with this panygeric lib-blather about Bo the Dog?

ximeze said...

My hands-down fave Soviet First Hottie was the one (Raisa Gorbi?) who called Jimmah Caaaahtah "The Peanut". IMHO it doesn't get hotter than that.

julie said...

And somehow, I doubt the breeder they got Bo from is going to be getting death threats from angry animal activists, unlike the poor woman who sold a dog to Biden.

Rick said...

Yeah..I’m pretty proud of my write-in vote for Halle Berry.
I wasn’t about to throw it away on some partially attractive mimbo with chicken arms.
For Veep I wrote-in The Terminator – the robot – not the human guy. Seen the arms on him? He could crrrrrrushooo! Cuz.

Rick said...

BTW, if you wanted the scariest eyebrows ever, you know, like really mean lookin ones, could you do any better than Michelle’s? Like the Grinch or something…
WTF? I can't look at 'em.

venus D said...


Allowing that just how hot any babe is can only be determined by a much closer encounter than you and Michelle have experienced, can you take a similar, ah, specul..speculu...speculative plunge into the press coverage of Sarah Palin's largest sex organ? (Not that it took much press to cover that, cause she let her organ do the talking...)

You bein' still buzzin' from the bud and all, I'm sure your powers of cognition are still same as they ever was. Have at it while Bob's AWOL. And Hey! Let me get my feet up.... There, now. Pass me that bud.

will said...

Is there even a Mrs. Putin? Or did she have an unfortunate mishap with a dose of polonium?

Rick said...

"Nothing could be more empowering than to see a woman with all of the attributes of Michelle Obama embrace her children the way she does. She loves those girls, and she is giving them a role model for the kind of strong woman that she wants them to be. A woman should have the right to choose. In every respect. Having a great education, a job, a career is fulfilling."

Cuz, check with Bob on those two lines. See if he caught ‘em. Those were a little out of place, don’t you think? I sense a little switch-a-roo attempt, if we’re also talking about Orwell today. Not to mention the utter strangeness to place them in a comment about how much she loves her kids.

Cousin Dupree said...

It reminds me of what Ann Coulter said when Joyless Behar asked her if she wanted to be waterboarded, since she supported the policy:

"No. Do you want to be aborted?"

QP said...

Yep, the eyebrows spook, but the mandibular prognathism terrifies.

Anonymous said...


I take your points, but there are positive things to say here. Here is a black family where both parents can speak English(roughly), adore their children, and have excelled in many areas of life. That cannot help but be an amazing example to that giant ball of shit that is black "culture" in America.
Also, to criticize political patronage is ridiculous. The Bush family, which you constantly defend, is from top to bottom, the result of political patronage. It is simply, the way the game is played.

julie said...

Ricky, I noticed that, too. Pretty creepy, actually, when talking about how great of a mother she is.

beaky said...

Put my pointed horny cap over a distal phalanx to my glossary just cause QP's phrase rang a bell

Mandibular Prognathism - Crooked beak. When the upper beak deviates from the center causing the lower beak to protrude.

Cousin Dupree said...

A. I don't defend President Bush, much less the Bush family. I would guess that I disagreed with Bush on at least half of the issues, including the growth of government, immigration, affirmative action, the expansion of Medicare, etc.

B. My point was not to make a statement about patronage, but to say that it doesn't mean that being the recipient of said patronage makes Michelle an "accomplished" person. As far as I know, she has no significant accomplishments to her name -- not to mention the fact that she undoubtedly got into her university on racial grounds.

C. Your point about blacks needing black role models is racist tripe. People need role models who are good, not role models who are of a certain race or half race. It has never occurred to me that I should feel bad because almost all of my musical role models are black.

julie said...

People need role models who are good, not role models who are of a certain race or half race.

Exactly; if I had to pick role models based upon my personal racial representation, I'd have only my younger brother to look to, as far as I know. By that rationale we'd also have to feel bad about having Prager as a role model, since he's Jewish and most of us aren't.

Rick said...

Ann Coulter has great arms.
You heard it here first!

Rick said...

Before "Pluck vs. Wax", so few had a choice.

Rick said...

“We have a right to debate and disagree with any eyebrows!”

will said...

>>Ann Coulter has great arms.
You heard it here first!<<

Whoa, this new arms race really has legs.

Anonymous said...

Well put, mr Dupree.

Now, may I present to you, the smokin' hot, Filippa, wife of Swedish primeminister Reinfeldt.

vw: ostron (yeah, that's the exact swedish word for oyester, no kidding!)

julie said...

This explains a lot...

Cousin Dupree said...

I like a woman with three arms. Like Mama.

Anonymous said...


A. Yeah, you do. It's funny you never mentioned any of your disagreements when he was in office. If the leftist media criticized Obama's stupidity, you would only applaud. Bush gets a pass from you, because they are leftists, and he, supposedly, and in spite of all your disagreements, is not.

B. 1. You have no idea how she got into the university. 2. I never once read you mention how the Bush children, not to mention Poppy, attained their "achievements" by virtue of patronage.
Again, a pass is given by virtue of their political party and contstant rattle about values.

C. I agree, it is racist, but that is, nonetheless, the situation where blacks in America find themselves. In order to bring about any change in an individual or a group, you must start where there are, not where you wish they were.

Anonymous said...

She will beat anybody in arm wrestling.


mushroom said...

Michele Obama looks enough like LaWanda Page that Redd Foxx would have the Big One if he were still around.

Fred S. said...

"Esther, you so ugly, I could push yo' face in some dough and make gorilla cookies."

Redd said...

Now you know you're being unfair by showing that frumpy gardening picture of Michelle. You should have shown one which accents that HOT Hillary Clintonesque ass. And I see you also forgot to mention her facial resemblance to a previous Hollywood starlet from back in the day, Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son.

will said...

>>Not only is Quinn seeing something in Michelle that isn't there, but she's not seeing things that have always been there in abundance<<

Yeah. Well, let us recall that for the 60's gen Boomers (or for all those who succumb to the Boomers' self-congratulatory pronouncements), everything they discover is, don't you know, being discovered for the VERY FIRST TIME, LIKE EVER!! First Ladies? The Boomers discovered them! Marriage and relationships? The Boomers discovered them! Child-rearing? Self-reflection? Meditation? Good dietary habits? Didn't exist until the Boomers discovered them!

If one is astro-inclined, one could ascribe this to the Boomers having the planet pluto (the "generational" signifyer, due to its slow passage around the sun) residing in the sign of leo (tendency toward childish grandiosity, pomposity)

Cousin Dupree said...

That's right -- Barry and Michelle are the first Mommy and Daddy who ever had sex EVER!

Anonymous said...


I'm a hot cling-on babe dontchaknow ;)


will said...

"Sexual intercourse began/In 1963/Between the end of the Chatterley ban/And the Beatle's first LP . . . " - Philip Larkin

will said...

Theo -

I was going to utter something vile about the cling-ons and the planet Uranus, but I stopped myself . . . anyway,that aside, yes, you are indeed a hot cling-on.

Sal said...

Damn, that 'new model woman' that I've been hearing about since 1968 sure took her time getting here.

pigzero said...


tw: Ace said...

Leaked: Another Picture of the Scare Force One Photo-Op

flapdoodle said...

it is difficult to argue with someone engaged in a fantasy. The only hope is to persuade them of a shared reality and then you can start to relate.

Depending on the depth of the delusion the chance of success is somewhere between fair to pretty close to zero.

Not great odds.

However. The alternative strategy of not engaging at all has even less.

Therefore you pick the best of two imperfect solutions and talk.

Anonymous said...

And furthermore, another lady-person said she reminded her of the likes of the glamorous "Greta Garbo."
So there, nothing to be proud of - my looks.

Whilst at it . . I don't have the Space channel now, but for a spell had it and watched the show whose captn' was Kathryn at the ship's helm --and loved it!
(I always identified with and loved strong 'archetypal' female role models.)

I recal one strange synchronicity moment when the character called (phoneticaly) "Kes" had to go byebye. In that particular episode she realized she was 'disintegrating' or something like that, and knew she had to leave the ship in order to save the 'em . . . Quite blury now the plot, but what struck me was my reaction to the moment just before her soild body disapeard. It was quite uncanny actually, because just a split second before she raised her arms uttering her 'pledge' to humanity, I raised my arms ... In EXACTLY the same manner she did the next moment.

Cling on? Psychic? Mind-melt?Whatever. Bring it on as long as they know RIGHT from WRONG!
It all made sense in a big way.


Rick said...

< insert cricket sound effect >

drunkenkitten said...

The whole theofilia schtick is getting beyond tiresome

Cousin Dupree said...


I agree that it's about time for you to "move on." Thank you in advance for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Me either.


wv icathy
That too.

Rick said...

< insert blowtorch igniter sound effect >

julie said...

In other news, one more reason to love the Pope.

Martin T. said...

Ok. I came with a porpoise in mind and fond your post premaid to my ends. So without even glancing at the prior posts I rant: (well first stealing a line from the original post)

then there is no basis for discussion. But one of the main features of leftist thought is this insane idea that different cultures just have different realities, and that we must respect them all as being of equal value. This is a surefire recipe for disaster. So you remember that Star Trek episode where there was a parallel universe with two Spocks, the good one and the bad one. I didn't buy it either, till now. I have proof there is in this very universe a Bob Gagdad and his evil twin. Click on the link if you dare

Van Harvey said...

Oh... nooo!Oh... that was splorforiffic!

Best advice, if told that you're being set up with a date who has 'great upper arm'.

Van Harvey said...

I see the aninnymesses are have a tough time of dealing with issues on their own level.


Come on dweeb's... the MSM has been doing their best to equate Michelle ma'bell with Jacki O'... ridiculously so on the euro apology tour... but as Cuz pointed out, it just don't fly (bingo wings or no).

They would have liked to do it with Hillary when Bill took her to Normandy... but even they knew that was beyond the pale, and settled for a staged beach stroll instead.

They just thought they could count on PC values of not daring to state the obvious and get away with it with Michelle... yeah... sorry... if 'great upper arms' is all you can come up with... sorry, nooo.

Anonymous said...

Dupree, maybe it is time for you to get on with the program as well eh? Would you dare ask Bob on how to go about it?

I understand why Michelle O. must be put on the pedestal. Renting here at lenght about the media hipe around her ain't gona change anyone's mind of those who want her to be all those things.

What to do? Oh I know! how'bout writing to her and suggest she gets plastic surgery?
I have enough on my plate and 'aint going to loose sleep as to why she looks the way she does, or write about it.
But that's just me. Does this make me a non-raccoon?


Joan of Argghh! said...

Gotta check out the oh-so-chic Michelle O in her frippery as
only Suzette can present it. Especially the second pic. Oh eck!

wv: chips: on shoulders

Cousin Dupree said...

That was outstanding -- I was starting to think I was the only catty one left!

julie said...

Oh, my...
Thanks, Joan! Did you read the body language link, too? Interesting.

Cory said...

Michelle Obama is a rather large woman heading into middle age and doing her best to hide both facts. I get the impression she would just as soon not to have to bother but being consort to The One brings with it certain obligations.

And Sally Quinn no doubt knows on a subconscious level that her proper role is to praise the consort to The One as to do otherwise is to invite wrath upon oneself (think "Hera"). We are talking big time atavism here.

Joan of Argghh! said...

That link nearly so interesting as the VJ link.As I told Suzette, if she's the other half of O's brain, that makes her a quarter, since he's only a half-wit.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, and VJ is the shorter woman in that pic of the two on Suzette's post.

julie said...

Joan, have I told you lately that you're awesome?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Why, yes, Julie, but not nearly often enough! :o)


Thankfully, Ximeze keeps court for me when I'm gone.

Anonymous said...

Frigin Tiresome Theofilia must post again with a claryfing note:

Theofilia 12:28 = was not me.

Theofilia 4:04 = not me.

Theofilia 3:25 = yes, I posted that, but it doesn't make any sense the first line where I mention "Greta Garbo", because the previous post was removed. Be that as it may, but I will repeat only that my Russian born Mother was very beautiful and didn't wear babushka.

And another claryfying note. No, I don't actually think Michelle Obama should get plastic surgery.

boooring Theofilia

ximeze said...

Teh Most High Mysteriss Arrgg deigns to name her former servant? Lady, I'm honored

Van, don't even mention Normandy: that supreme ass TOTUS decided at the last minute to go there for DDay this year - on his way back from Egypt doncha know - and thus has forced public tour companies to cancel their bookings for June 6th without warning.

grrrrrr #$%^@&*!!!!!

I am SOOOO gonna enjoy his impending meeting with Nemesis

tick tick tick...

Van Harvey said...

The Cripes Suzette link...Oomph… rrOowrer.

However… ‘hump, bump, plump, slump’…? ouch.

Ehhahh… I feel bad for her on that account, but maybe that's just me. I’ll cheerfully watch a good punch ‘em up, shoot ‘em up movie… but those awkward moment scenes… like when the nerd shows up thinking he’s got a date with the prom queen, and it turns out to be a prank and every one pops out to laugh at him… ohhh, painful squirm attack… can’t watch.

I am disgusted at the MSM’s attempt to make a moderately attractive person seem like a glamorous idol, and I’d have the same reaction to either wing of the press trying to hyper-beautify the image of a Mrs. Carter, or either Mrs. Bush, etc… and the real question, and obvious answer, is why was such prestimageitation not exercised upon their images? And doing so in order to push a fetishist (in several ways) agenda, despicable.

But… I’m thinking that public vivisection of a persons less impressive physical attributes isn’t quite called for… shred the press and the preposterous pretense, sure… but the fool on parade? Yeouch.

Then of course, glancing up at Julie’s earlier link, if Mo’b and her own personal staff & press office are in anyway actively behind such preposterous puffery, well then, in that case, ”hear catty, catty, catty” (covers ears, runs)….

mtraven said...

You people seem even more retarded than usual today, as if everyone decided simultaneously to take extra deep huffs of divine glue out of the cosmic paper bag.

will said...

What???? What bag of divine glue?? I didn't see any bag of divine glue!!! All right, who's holding out on me??? Buncha cheap hoarders . . . I thought we had some trust here . . . pass the glue, already!!!

julie said...

Wait... man... just one more hit...


Aw, crap - Clingons! Everywhere!!! Yottle save meeee!

*runs off to hide under the pillow, moaning about ruby slippers*

mtraven said...

And besides, Michelle is MY belle and smokin' hot if only for the power she wields. Lots of fantasy material there.

mtraven said...

I.E., I'd bury my face betwixt the cheeks.

ximeze said...

Divine ummm drruugggsss?

that means they're not adddicccttive


cause da big kahuna would never never ever give his dopey sheeple anything that would harm them, just happy happy meds

wv alert: state
dat big kahuna pushing dat shittosheeple be fauxkahuna BarryOstatist

Saved in da nicOtime

phil g said...

I've got a thing for black chicks and Ms. O doesn't do anything for me...nada.

With editorials like that in what is supposed to be a leading newspaper, it's clear why they're going bust. What a bunch of nonsense...I'm embarrassed for her and the editorial staff who allowed this pile of stink to be published in what should be a proud, intelligent and serious product.

phil g said...

Theofilia = your mind on drugs

And that's giving drugs a bad name

gypes = what I say when I happen to glance unprepared at Ms. O's eyebrows and protruding lower jaw.

phil g said...

In defense of the editorial, the deltoids and upper arms of the Ms. O are the only physical redeeming feature that she has. It is the only physical trait one could actually remark favorable on. It is damming with faint praise.

unnywedi = what may happen if Denise Rogers gets out her way

Van Harvey said...

mtcraven croaked “…even more retarded than usual today…”

Oh NOOO! mtcraven, that Pinochle of if intellectual of rigor, that paraMoore of honest intellectual depth and virtue is thinking poorly of us!

What ever are we to do?!

(Will! Stop being such a Bogart… pass it on already)

Van Harvey said...

'of if... of'


Northern Bandit said...

mtraven said...
I.E., I'd bury my face betwixt the cheeks.

Well I *guess* it's an improvement to have your head up someone else's ass for a change...

sehoy said...

NB: "Well I *guess* it's an improvement to have your head up someone else's ass for a change..."

* that's laugh out loud funny*

I didn't inherit the beautiful feminine gene that my mom has and I didn't get the feminine gene for knowing how to enhance the few feminine traits I possess, but...

I have discovered if I say "Kubota Tractor" enough, as in:

"I'm off to mow the pasture with the Kubota Tractor," it has a certain attractive appeal to some guys.


Like Van, I actually feel somewhat sorry for Michelle when it comes to the looks department. It looks to me like Nemesis is going to arrive in the short form, pulled together form of VJ.

sehoy said...

correction: "short, pulled together form of VJ."

Anonymous said...

Theofilia here

phil g said: "Theofilia = your mind on drugs.
And that's giving drugs a bad name."

Hey I dare you come hither over to my www., and then you will REALY REALY THINK I'M DRUGGDED RIGHT OUT:)

Come to think of it - something I could have mention the other day, but didn't think of it -- but, since you challange me -- I'm gona sukit-to-ya too.

And, if this post doesn't get removed I fully expect in response to what I'm about to say, a kick in the gut as big as the 'ol outdoors. . .not only from you either.

OK, few days earlier I posted a comment which had to do with God's ability to smell anyone's 'spiritual aroma'. . .

Yes, 'tis true . . . And God/ddess has astonishing ways to directly communicate this (to the one who has earned this blessing), "Your fragrance has been received Dear Heart."

How did it happened? in what manner I received such a Fragrant Communion telegraph?

Alone in bed ... In the deep of the night I awakened suddenly and was most astonished to be bathed in the most exquisit fragrance one could not even have imagined ever existed, or will exist on this plane of existence.

Just so you don't think I'm making this up, I will say further that I posted about this fragrant moment-blessing on a forum few years ago.

Ever had a vision where your bedroom is filled-to-brim, and, I mean wall-to-wall full of colorfull blooms?
It happens too:)

Some say one help the world by praying. That 1 hour of prayer is worth more than a lifetime of service. Yet without further explanation as to what it ACTUALLY MEAN SUCH A PRAYER, and from what place in your heart REAL prayer must emit from, the glorious egoself will bask in its inflationary imaginings, it's actually there already.


Anonymous said...

Solution, Check out the Queen of Jordan. Now that's a First Lady- In every aspect too.

Issue settled.

Skully said...

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffin' divine glue.

Kang said...

qaStaHvIS wa' ram loS SaD Hugh SIjlaH qetbogh loD!

Klingon proverb

The Western Chauvinist said...

Just have to chime in here. Um - did anyone google images of Valerie Jarrett? No - BHO is not going to risk the wrath of MO to diddle with that! And I speak as one who could body double for the perimenopausal (if not post) VJ, what with her crepe neck skin and chunky calves. If BHO loves her - it is definitely for her mind.

I don't think BHO is Bill Clinton, who, poor glutton that he is, seemed unable to make a choice when he approached the all-you-can-eat most-powerful-man-in-the-world buffet. He simply took it all. I may be wrong, but I suspect BHO will be more selective when enjoying his presidential perks. We shall see, but I predict a date with Desiree.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having the guts to tell the truth. This is one not-hot babe. Anyone who says otherwise is obsessing about her toned armed because they have none. So what about the arms?? Since when were they relevant??? Thank heaven we didn't go through this when the left was salivating over Bill Clinton. No one ever said Hilary was hot twelve years ago (except a few congressmen) and she was way hotter than Michele will ever be. Which ain't sayin much.

Anonymous said...
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