Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Naked Truth (For Spiritually Mature Audiences Only)

Just warming up here. I was just watching this clip of Laura Ingraham, when I realized why I don't like to argue with leftists. The problem is, it's like a monster movie, or a nightmare, in which you keep pumping bullets into the demon, but it has no effect. And where's the satisfaction in that?

The leftist doesn't have the common decency to die when killed. In giving it some thought, this may be because they are already dead on some level, if not intellectually, then spiritually. But if truth is Life -- which it is -- it makes sense that they would not know what it means to "die to truth," for to paraphrase Schuon, to assimilate a truth is for the ego to die a little. The ego detests objectivity, and always takes refuge in a false subjectivity that can distort any truth and turn good to evil and evil to good.

We had this problem with our most recent troll, who would no doubt use the above paragraphs to prove that I am a "conservative fascist" (an oxymoron) engaging in "eliminationist" rhetoric. Yes, I do love the clean kill. But in my case, I am specifically trying to kill the demon, not the person, by shooting my eros straight through the willing heart. If the heart is not willing, then I suppose it feels like a rape. At best, it is tossing the family jewels before swine.

Not only that, but this is a kind of "little death" out of which life blossoms, and without which, life -- the life divine -- is actually impossible. I am quite sure that when Christ said that he did not bring peace, but a revolver -- or was it a sword? -- this is what he was talking about. As the above clip demonstrates, you cannot make peace with these entities. And only a culture that is already quite sick -- and perhaps on life support -- elevates them to positions of power, status, and influence.

Enough of that. We have a limited amount of timelessness, and we have bigger fish to free. For those of you keeping score at home, we now move to a section of the Theo-Logic called "Subject and Object" (pp.61-78). Obviously, a deep analysis of the nature of subject and object must be at the heart of any ontology and epistemology, for any comprehensive account of existence must concede that it is most assuredly a beast with two backs, interior and exterior.

Furthermore, absolutely everything depends upon getting this relationship right. One false move, and you will spend the rest of your life in an infertile universe founded upon a lie. Indeed, you may well perform a celestial abortion on yourself. So let us proceed cautiously, for you know what they say, little lambs: lie with beasts, and wake up fleeced.

I briefly undressed this subject in the beginning of the Coonifesto -- for where else can one do so but in the beginning? If you wait until the middle or end, then it is already too late, for the distinction between subject and object is the prerequisite not only of any kind of knowledge, but rather, as we said yesterday, of there being a cosmos at all. Viva la difference!

Nevertheless, most all secular misosophies -- including, quintessentially, scientistic materialism -- begin in the middle, with no foreplay at all, oblivious to the metaphysical absurdity of such an approach.

In contrast, the Bible addresses this issue in its very first sentence. In the beginning -- or at the origin, the center -- is the perpetual separation of heaven and earth, the celestial and the worldly, the sacred and the profane, the upper waters and lower waters, the Subject and the object, the Slack and the conspiracy. If it were not for this original fissure in the heart of being, then we couldn't fish at all. As Big Joe Turner lamented, the crawdad hole would be entirely dry.

Like Schuon and Big Joe, Balthasar notes the obvious sexual element in all of this: "Such an enquiry resembles an investigation of the masculine and feminine that attends mainly to the functions and inclinations that predispose them to their union." Or, as expressed in the equally sex-obsessed Coonifesto, the molten infinite pours forth a blazen torrent of incandescent finitude, as light plunges an undying fire into its own shadow (oops! a dirty world and... Well, you know the restavus in the testavus.

Balthasar continues: "The subject is ready to receive the object in itself, but what will issue from this reception cannot be calculated in advance." Not to keep referencing my own sexual fantasies, but this is precisely what I was referring to on p. 16, where it is written, A little metaphysical diddling between a cabbala opposites, and Mamamaya! baby makes Trinity.

You see, the baby produced by the union of subject and object is a third thing that is entirely new and novel. Mrs. G. and I had no idea that Future Leader would be so different from us, but there you go. As Balthasar writes, "In the same way, the object is ready to reveal itself in the space that the subject has placed at its disposal, but it is impossible to guess or gauge from the object alone how it will unfold in this space" (emphasis mine). For no longer does it belong solely to the world of the object or subject. Rather, "intellectual knowledge is an unexpected [and blessed!] event that surprises both [subject and object] and cannot be deduced from them in any way."

Or again: "the subject does not know what the adventure of knowledge will bring it," nor does the object know any more "what to expect in the space opened within the subject than a guest knows how he will be received and hosted in another's home." Look how shabbily the object is treated by the left -- like a common whore!

You see, "both subject and object will be fulfilled by coming together," pardon the French, "but the fulfillment will be a wonder and a gift for both," at least if yr doin it rite. "Their encounter will reveal them to each other, even as the revelation of the other will contain, for each, the revelation of itself, which can come about only in the other."

So the subject, the space, the ♀, must be willing to surrender to the ♂, but this self-giving is in truth a self-finding for both, 'til death do them part. For the sacred space that is nurtured by ♀ and ♂ "can no more unfold by itself than a seed can develop without sunlight." There is a friction that occurs when subject and object interact and when two tingles intermingle: "Without the resistance of the object," the subject "could never transform its possible light into actuality, just as sunlight only becomes brightness when it enters the medium of air."

Thus, "only in going out of itself, in creatively serving the world, does the subject become aware of its purpose, and, therefore, its essence." In short, twoness becomes oneness in threeness. In contrast, materialism is a form of spiritual birth-control that is 100% effective.


julie said...

Two tingles (Fire and water, in this case) intermingle in the damp subdomen (wv's coontribution) near Tonga. Clearly, both an unexpected and surprising event!

Gagdad Bob said...

I thought I felt something downstairs.

robinstarfish said...

You see, "both subject and object will be fulfilled by coming together," pardon the French, "but the fulfillment will be a wonder and a gift for both," at least if yr doin it rite.

As exemplified by yesterday's vidclip of Schuon. I had always imagined him to be somewhat cold and austere, but his mellifluous voice was a kind of shock. The love he had as subject for his Object intermingled with every syllable. Just hearing that voice makes him easier to comprehend.

Not that I understand him, mind you...just that the voice penetrates a little deeper.

Wow, Tonga rocks today! Whassup with that?

Van Harvey said...

Julie, we Tongan's no call that a 'volcanic eruption', that just Tongan hot tub.

Anonymous said...

"lie with beasts, and wake up fleeced."

Heh, not so much this fully-wooly-ccoonkin':)

"Spirit is at work in the world and not "an ornament of piety."

"Spirit is "the mobile, pure, people loving Spirit who pervades every wretched corner, wailing at the waist, releasing power that enables fresh starts. Her energy quickens the earth to life, her beauty shines in the stars, her strenght breaks forth in every fragment of shalom and renewal that transpires in areas of violence and meaningless. (Johnson, She Who Is p23)"

Few days after 9/11 my soul was awakened by a huntingly beautiful, wordless (female voice) melody . . .so vivid, just above me. After a moment becoming aware of my sobbing several feet away ....the Voice still (aaaa) singing.

Spirit is not only everywhere present but everywhere against the human negation of God. The world does not know or receive the Spirit (Jn 14:17). There are powers of resitance with whom the Spirit is locked in mortal combat."

Just a snipit or two from Flame Of Love A Theology Of The Holy Spirit, penned by Clark H. Pinnock.
What atraced me to this book when I plucked it from the library shelf was at the top of the cover a picture - art of white dove in-flight inside bright burning flames.

And, speaking of "beasts". Not in vain Jesus' suffering!

Once found myself face to face with an archetyplal representation of the 'Darkone', in the likenes of (from Star Wars) Darth Vader's boss - whatever his name was....
She, who is fearless raised her right hand sending bolts of lightning!
Yep, fighting lightning fire with Lightning Fire, lest the Darkone thinks God's light is meek!


Aloysius said...

Coons arise:

julie said...

I saw that last night. I couldn't help laughing a little, but the fact that The Coon was Cartman kind of spoiled it. It would have been kind of hilarious if his trike had a fake license plate with "Dupree" on it, though.

Van Harvey said...


Your masked avenger could probably use some of these magnets and bumper stickers: Obama lied, the Economy died.

Van Harvey said...

"Nevertheless, most all secular misosophies -- including, quintessentially, scientistic materialism -- begin in the middle, with no foreplay at all, oblivious to the metaphysical absurdity of such an approach."

And it is rooted in the uprooted nature of proregressive thought. Remember one of the early Wundter's of leftist educationalism,"Progressive theorists James McKeen Cattell"(Hillsdale Imprimis). He proposed that children didn't need to bother learning phonics, vowels, and such, why, his studies conclusively proved that actual readers just see... and then say... the words! Get it? Stimulus/Response (Say, maybe there's a proregressivist economic policy in there as well...)! Readers don't sound them out, so there's no need drill & kill the little monsters to get them to read! So all you need to do to make kids read is show them those few words they're ever likely to need in life (after all, how many words would the unwashed likely need to fill out forms and operate industrial machines anyway! Dur!), and they'll be just as literate as we need the lower classes to be - and no more!

And find me the public science class that doesn't start with "Here are Newton's three laws..." (please), no need to understand any of those pesky ideas and discoveries that led to Newton's discoveries (except of course that Galileo was persecuted by the church, but just stick that as a caption next to the leaning tower of Pisa picture, that'll do), no context needed, just start off with what they need to remember. For a while. Careful of that context and understanding stuff, that might lead them out of their proper place, which as Woodrow Wilson said "We want one class of persons to have a liberal education and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.".

From Descartes & Hume on, there are no real laws or principles, just what we think we see and want to be... just start with what happens, be pragmatic, no need to know or question why, just do and die...(well... tie-dye anyway).

julie said...

Hooray - new books! before I start with HvB, I thought I'd go with something simpler. Who knew Bruce Lee was a raccoon?

To obtain enlightenment in martial art means the extinction of everything which obscures the "true knowledge," the "real life." At the same time, it implies boundless expansion and, indeed, emphasis should fall not on the cultivation of the particular department which merges into the totality, but rather on the totality that enters and unites that particular department.

Gagdad Bob said...

Mrs. G. is a big Bruce Lee fan. She studied martial arts for a number of years.

Van Harvey said...

Julie said "Who knew Bruce Lee was a raccoon?"

...hmm... ah! Here it is (blows dust off)... oh yeahhh... Julie, try page 16 "Knowledge is fixed in time, whereas, knowing is continual. Knowledge comes from a source, from an accumulation, from a conclusion, while knowing is a movement."


or 202 "By an error repeated throughout the ages, truth, becoming a law or a faith, places obstacles in the way of knowledge. Method, which is in its very substance ignorance, encloses truth within a vicious circle. We should break such a circle, not by seeking knowledge, but by discovering the cause of ignorance."

Reluctantly have to admit it's a bit of a mixed bag, cubic zirconia's in with the diamonds, but Bruce gives you one heck of a workout, not only fun and functional, but with such a training bag (double up with "Book of Five Rings!), one can develop awesome chin-fu-do skills!

Best martial arts movie idea ever? Bruce Lee meets the Tongans!

Gagdad Bob said...

Here is how I stay in fighting shape, i.e, "Tonga-tough."

Anonymous said...

"Obama lied, the economy died". Sounds like "Obama derangement syndrome." I love how Republicans blame Democrats for everything that goes wrong. When 9/11 happened on Bush's watch (and he and Cheney and Rumsfeld went AWOL for a couple of hours--read the commission report and check the timeline, you will be astonished), wasn't it Clinton's fault? When Bush begged the American people to start the great bail out process and make Paulson a tyrant, wasn't that Obama's fault?

wv:unpoxica=taking the small pox off lame arguments

Van Harvey said...

He was something else... can't tell you how many times I've watched his movies... couple of his books (written from his notes, anyway), one of Inosanto's training vids... (I was a total geek! (was?)).

I bet Bruce would have had a huge belly laugh over today's 'rock hard abs!'

Van Harvey said...

aninnymouse said "Sounds like "Obama derangement syndrome.""

I see that famous leftist humor is still going strong.

(that's not polite)

Anonymous said...

"Objectivity towards oneself, means to die a little".
What you never seem to see is that Bush WAS a leftist. That's the solution to your continuing political riddle.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, Bob, did I wander into an oasis? Your comments run full with sparkly brilliance and wit!

Anonymous said...

Hi One Cosmos bloggers. The Biannual One Cosmos campout gathering is due this year and I was wondering where and when it should be this time.

Ideas inclued: Angeles National Forest, Los Padres National Forest, Shasta Lake, or Sequoia National Park.

2007's campout was in Yosemite on September 7th and it didn't turn out well. In Yosemite it is difficult to get camping reservations, so we really need a different venue.

Van Harvey said...

aninnymouse said "What you never seem to see is that Bush WAS a leftist. That's the solution to your continuing political riddle. "

Heh. Since moments ago I discovered I'm now employed again (woo-hoo!), I'll be nice. First off, we have not had what I'd consider to be a conservative (classical liberal) President, with the exception of Calvin Coolidge, in well over 100 years... and sorry, but that includes Reagan too. Calling Bush, or the other Republicans Leftist is a bit ignorant of the facts, but they have all been to one degree or another progressives (the republican party having been an uneasy coalition of Classical Liberals, Social Conservatives, and fiscally conservative (cough) Progressives, since the time of Wilson).

But we have had several Presidents, including Reagan, and both Bush's, who at least have had the proper spirit, even though many of their ideas, especially economic, were 'misplaced'. That spirit, their imperfect but sincere reverence for America and those who love and defend it, that I do very much appreciate and respect.

However, in a recent post, I noted":
The issue for me, is are the policies of this person who is running for, or has been elected to the office of the President of the United States, going to be good for, or bad for, the nation, primarily measured by whether or not his ideas and policies gibe with, or oppose, the United States Constitution (Btw, I didn't vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 primaries (though I did in the election, due to the Gore being the alternative), because I thought his 'compassionate conservatism' would not gibe with the constitution, and I was proven correct)."

And when Bush and Henry Paulson "...asking Congress to move swiftly on a proposal to buy up bad mortgage debt from Wall Street firms. The cost of the program could run into the hundreds of billions of dollars" on the Constitutions Birthday!, In A Birthday or a Funeral, for the United States Constitution?, I commented "The economic mess we have the pleasure of experiencing right now, is due to the ignorance and 'me too!' hands out of all of We The People for the last century, and there's nowhere left to hide.
Reality can't be faked, and it can only be held off at the expense of the impact becoming more massive. The headlines aren't out of ink yet. Trust me.
BTW, it's not a 'bail out', its robbery, pure and simple."

If you search my site you will find a concern with the principles of the Founder's Constitution, not party politics.

And sooo I'll ask, as I've wondered out loud in many locations, why is it that when Bush, who was called a fascist every other time he saluted the flag, why when he actually did finally do something that was fascistic (Gov't 'partnering'(Paulson:"Wells Fargo, you WILL sell us your shares") ), why did the left not make a peep?


Here's a clue for you Liberal Fascism

Anonymous said...

"little death"

In French le petit mort is slang for orgasm.

julie said...

Bob - that Bruce Lee article was what made me want to buy the book. And I think it's awesome that Mrs. G was a martial artist. Every once in a while, I think it would be good to learn, but there are almost too many places and styles to choose from. Besides, I'm focusing on developing my chin fu do and lo gong. That's probably more than enough :)

Anonymous said...

But if truth is Life -- which it is -- it makes sense that they would not know what it means to "die to truth," for to paraphrase Schuon, to assimilate a truth is for the ego to die a little. The ego detests objectivity, and always takes refuge in a false subjectivity that can distort any truth and turn good to evil and evil to good.

Exactamundo! Unlike when President Bush, riding Air Force One where: "the Eagle has landed", we have the Obamamaniac now, where: "the Ego and his teleindoctriprompters has landed."

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Coongratulations Van! Hurray! I had a feelin' it wouldn't be long before some smart boss realized your value! :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I liked this from your excellent link, Bob:

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” - Bruce Lee

Aye, very Raccoonish.
Now to go do my one arm pull-ups. :^)

Hey, it can happen. I used to do them, so I know it's possible.
Oh wait, no pull-up bar...damn!
Guess I'll hafta settle for 12 ounce curls until I get one.

Beth said...

Julie said,
"Every once in a while, I think it would be good to learn, but there are almost too many places and styles to choose from."

That's exactly what kept me from getting into any martial arts though I've always had an interest. In the past year my somelier also happened to be a 2nd degree black belt in Choi Kwang Do and was opening a Do Jang. That was my opening to join and I've been loving it. Check out Choi Kwang Do, it is totally focused on fighting/self defense, does not delve into Eastern mysticism and is not a competitive sparring sport. Lots of stretching and the progression of techniques will be strength and flexibility and give you some tools to be lethal if needed.

Das said...

That first paragraph made me laugh. So true...