Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Subhuman Agenda of the Psychospiritual Left (2.26.10)

Hand-selected from February '07, here is your previously read meat Saturday laughedover. Remember, if you don't read your meat, you can't have any pudding. Looks like it's long enough to last the whole weekend.


Another universal trinity as it pertains to man's vertical development is that of purification --> realization --> union (even though it is not exactly a linear process, since each is in the others; in other words, purification is a kind of realization and union, etc.).

Perhaps these three phases can also tell us something about our collective history, which -- let's face it -- is either a process that is leading somewhere, or just horizontal chaos onto which we superimpose fanciful patterns. Obviously I believe the former is true; and in fact, one of man's prerogatives -- one of the things that defines him as man -- is the ability to think historically. In other words, prior to this or that particular history is the intuition of absolute history itself. We could not understand any history if we weren't embedded in this total cosmic-historical drama.

Speaking of which, Dupree alerted me to the most appallingly fatuous piece of scientistic gobshite on dailykos the other day. If anyone wants to know why I so despise the secular left -- why it is the mortal enemy of the Coon way of life -- perusing this infrahuman dispatch from the bowels of metaphysical ignorance would serve as well as any, for it reveals the ultimate premise and goal of the left in all its hideously naked barbarity, which is to turn man into a beast. Entitled Science Friday: You Are Not That Special, it reads,

"a pair of recent articles point up the folly of making tool use the test of humanity. It appears that chimpanzees had their own 'stone age.' Around the same time the pyramids were being constructed in Egypt, Chimps in West Africa were using stone tools to get at hard-shelled nuts. It's not only chimpanzees of the past who use tools. It's long been known that some bands of modern chimps use sticks to tease insects from their hives."

There, you see? This ignoramus looks at the vast panorama of creation and concludes that one of the seven wonders of the world is indistinguishible from a hungry monkey cracking open a nut. By this adamantine logic, Kos himself is nothing more than a grubby chimp poking his joystick into a cyberhole to satisfy his animal impulses. Which, of course, is entirely true, but that's beside the point.

The self-confessed beast in question then asks,

"how can you draw the line between us and them? Emotions? Language? The answer is that you can't. There are no lines. Deeply unsatisfying as it is to the desire to group items into black and white (a tendency also not limited to humans), all the answers of science are grey."

Oh, really? What could be more black and white than suggesting that there is absolutely no distinction between animals and human beings? For example, even my dog knows better than this. Frankly she is in awe of Dear Leader and his magical powers -- indeed, even of Future Leader and the mysterious Trail of Food he leaves in his wake.

The stick-wielding kosmonkey then presumes to inform humans -- but how would he know? -- that "Your species is not that special. Reading the text of paleontology and history, there is no bold message of certainty. Winding back the clock reveals no inexorable march in our direction, or even the triumph of 'better' over 'worse'.... [H]uman history has been defined as much by fortuitous placement of natural resources as it has been by human action. You're the tail end of the tail end of a process that much more closely resembles random chance than progress toward an objective."

Furtherless, "Your world is not that special. Your planet is not located at the center of the universe. Neither is your star, or your galaxy. Perhaps most disturbing at all, as telescopes have revealed to us the enormity of space, both astronomy and geology have revealed the breathless expanse (sic) of time. We are not just insignificantly small items living in a vast ocean of space; we're living in a moment so brief that it's barely a single tick of a clock that's already run through millennia without us, and will not pause when we are gone."

I don't mean to dwell on this moronic diatribe, but it is important. Don't worry, we're almost done. He concludes on a bizarre note, by assuring us that

"No, you are not that special. And yet, you are a wonder, absolutely unique and irreplaceable. Your species is a wonder, gifted with physical and mental resources that provide boundless opportunity. Your planet is a wonder, swarming with life in infinite variety and complexity. Your universe is a wonder, based on laws so precisely balanced that the slightest variation in any of them might have caused everything -- space, time, and everything that moves through both -- to never have appeared."

Let's de-deconstruct this vacuous elegy to nothingness for just a moment, since it does such a good job of articulating the satanic agenda of the left, and presents such a perfect mirror image of reality, so that everything is precisely backwards and upside down.

According to Valentin Tomberg, all evolutionary progress in the vertical is accompanied by a sort of shadow version in the lower vertical. (Catholics know full well, for example, that the shadow of evil unavoidably entered the church with its inception.)

Will has referred to this as the "ape of God" -- not "ape" in the animal sense, but in terms of aping, or imitating. It would be perfectly accurate to say -- and all true theologians know this -- that leftism itself is the ape of the primordial doctrine. It is not analogous to, say, paganism, which, as Will has pointed out, had its role in the arc of salvation. After all, religion had to start somewhere, as does any developmental process. It only becomes pathological if the developmental process becomes arrested, if there is a regression to the earlier mode, or if there is a "fixation" or a "complex" -- a closed and bounded area that does not enter the stream of development, but becomes "stuck" in exactly the manner of a mind parasite.

In other words, a human being can be quite developed in certain areas but completely fixated in others. One thinks of Alan Watts who, on the one hand, could speak so eloquently and charismatically about matters of spirit, but on the other, was a pathetic alcoholic with a masochistic spanking fixation. (This is a topic for a different post, but it is possible to provoke an influx of spiritual energy before one is prepared -- i.e., to have realization prior to purification -- which can severely unbalance the personality, because it's as if everything gets infused with the force, mind parasites included. Hence all of the warnings against jumping onto the path unprepared or without guidance.)

You will note, for example, how deeply flawed were certain heroes of the Old Testament -- David comes to mind, or even a secular hero such as Alexander the Great. These men had a critical civilizing mission to accomplish, and behavior that was perfectly acceptable in Phase I of the Arc of Salvation would be entirely unacceptable in Phases II or III. We are called to a much higher moral standard, but let us never forget that the gulf between animal-man and Phase I man was probably even greater than the distance between Phases II and III. In his context, David is as great a man as any who has ever lived. Who knows, perhaps even Mohammed can be better understood in this context, since his task involved the evolution of the nomadic animal-men of the Arab world into Phase I. Islam began moving into Phase II some 700 years ago, but then pulled back for a variety of reasons. Now they wish to re-impose Phase I on the rest of the world, completely halting its evolutionary progress.

Back to leftism. It is not not just a fixation, a regression, or an arrested mode of development. Rather, it is in every respect a parallel, or "shadow" of principial truth. Let us review the main conclusions of the kosmonkey referenced above:

1) Man is an animal, fundamentally no different than any other.

2) Values are an illusion; nothing is actually any better than anything else (e.g., the Giza Pyramid is a stick in an ant hole and Shakespeare is Maureen Dowd).

3) Emotion and language -- or heart and head, meaning and truth -- cannot actually exist in any human sense. My dog knowing where to poop or when it's time for a walk is no different than the theory of relativity.

4) Nothing can be known with certainty, which is simply another way of saying that nothing may be known except falsehood -- which is no knowledge at all.

5) Ironic though it may be for a "progressive" to say, there is actually no direction in history, no objective standard of measurement, no better or worse. Our unique Western values have nothing whatsoever to do with our extraordinary "success." As that other fourteen-karat boob, Jared Diamond, has argued, it's just a matter of geography, disease, and fortuitous placement of natural resources.

6) There is no intrinsic meaning in the cosmos, much less in your life -- which is simply a tale told by a tenured idiot, full of sound and fury but signifying a lifetime gig at taxpayer's expense.

7) The secular leftist takes an appallingly violent wrecking ball to the entire realm of the vertical, in that not only are you not special, but you are insignificantly small. Furthermore, the world is not special -- which of course makes us wonder -- but not really -- why all these leftists cheer the fanatical message of Al Gore, which is obviously premised on the doctrinal truth that the earth is of infinite importance; here again, a fine example of the "ape of God."

8) Neither human beings nor the planet are at the center of the universe, since there is by definition no center once the vertical has been demolished by tenured monkeys with sticks. Again, the correct doctrine is that of course human beings are at the very center of the cosmic drama if viewed vertically. The center of a three-dimensional cone is a line that descends from the point to the base, not anything located along the base. Reduced from three to two dimensions, we are left with only a circle at the base. This is the self-imposed "circle of hell" inhabited by the the secular left, which they -- no different than the Islamists -- would like to impose upon the rest of us.

No, we're not done, because once the leftist has annihilated the vertical -- which is definitional for them -- he performs a bait and switch, inserting the horizontal values of the left into the hole he has created with his monkey stick. This is where the "ape of God" comes into play. Some are more slick and subtle than others -- i.e., Obama or the Clintons -- but the kosmonkey is not subtle, to say the least. In one sentence he declares,

1) No, you are not that special.

And then, in the very next sentence, 2) Yes, you are a wonder, absolutely unique and irreplaceable!

As you folks with a rudimentary grasp of logic will have noticed, there is no way to derive (2) from (1), the eternal yes of life, love, hope, meaning, truth and beauty from the NO! of abject nihilism.

But here your troubles have only just begun, because -- to paraphase someone -- hell is the place where logic is rendered null and void, as in a Kafka novel. I will just end with something I wrote a while back, and let you draw your own conclusions:

"The philosopher Michael Polanyi pointed out that what distinguishes leftist thought in all its forms is the dangerous combination of a ruthless contempt for traditional moral values with an unbounded moral passion for utopian perfection.

"The first step in this process is a complete skepticism that rejects traditional ideals of moral authority and transcendent moral obligation. This materialistic skepticism is then combined with a boundless, utopian moral fervor to transform mankind.

"However, being that the moral impulse remains in place, there is no longer any boundary or channel for it. One sees this, for example, in college students (and those permanent college students known as professors) who, in attempting to individuate from parental authority and define their own identities, turn their intense skepticism against existing society, denouncing it as morally shoddy, artificial, hypocritical, and a mere mask for oppression and exploitation. In other words, as the philosopher Voegelin explained it, the vertical is 'immamentized' into the present, expressing the same religious faith but in wholly horizontal and materialistic terms.

"What results is a moral hatred of existing society and the resultant alienation of the postmodern leftist intellectual. Having condemned the distinction between good and evil as dishonest, such an individual can at least find pride in the unblinking 'honesty' of their condemnation. Since ordinary decent behavior can never be safe against suspicion of sheer conformity or downright hypocrisy, only an amoral meaningless act can assure complete authenticity. This is why, to a leftist, the worst thing you can call someone is a hypocrite, whereas authentic depravity is celebrated in art, music, film, and literature. It is why, for example, leftist leaders all over the world were eager to embrace a nihilistic mass murderer such as Yasser Arafat."

Let us stipulate that we are engaged in a cosmic struggle between human beings and monkeys with sticks, newspapers, academy awards, IRS thugs, Supreme Court seats, UN resolutions, suicide bombs, and tenure. Choose sides wisely. It's up to you, but my advice is to choose the side for which the possiblity of wisdom exists, and to steer clear of the side that thrashes wisdom to dust with its primitive tools.


walt said...

"The center of a three-dimensional cone is a line that descends from the point to the base, not anything located along the base. Reduced from three to two dimensions, we are left with only a circle at the base. This is the self-imposed "circle of hell" inhabited by the the secular left, which they ... would like to impose upon the rest of us."

I hear lots of talk amongst folks that feel a "tightening effect" from the Circle of Hell these days -- and the news reports seem to indicate that it is rapidly occurring. Using your quote, then, as a "useful tool," this monkey suggests re-locating the centerline and climbing up -- out-of and away-from the Circle.

"Go Vertical, young man!"

wv agrees: levitam

jwm said...

This post ties in with the observation I made over at Walt's today. (odd how that stuff seems to happen) But it surely seems that the monkeys have the microphone these days. And the cameras. And the networks. And the movies. And the arts. The deconstruction of Western Civilization is on. Gimme Shelter!


Gagdad Bob said...

And you can't even call them monkeys, or they accuse you of racism, of all things!

Gagdad Bob said...

(This post also explains why Kos and Queeg are ultimately fighting for the same side, tactical differences notwithstanding.)

Anonymous said...

I humbly ask for a definition of 'monkey'. what pry tell are yuns refering to.
ok, tightening up my sh*t as suggested yesterday.
and believe me I enjoy reading Bob's insightful incites.
Purification of what? how can any entitized being be purified, if at first the way/life isnt brought into justification - the zig and zag of it straightly set forth.
and once purification sets within the justification in process, they lapping, also comes sanctification of mind.
or that mind under-standing 'sacredness' in the hindsight of having lost sacred to see it. such that what is yet sacred, and what becomes sacred is held as they too fond themselves held in it.
now, with that said as tight as i can formulate it...
there is quite a difference between mankind and human.
yet, this has nada to do with superficial differences as per what is commonly accepted by thos of mankind.
one may go vertical all the day long, yet without the horizontal 'understanding' member it is quite a wasted trip.
for, alas, having topped it, there is no place of 'rest'. no peace with the pieces.
the summa is greater than the parts resting. yet, the sum equals the parts having not understood.
and, i wish to add, there is no shelter for prejudice and bigotry misunderstanding.
the center line moved? how?
if you can't focus the parallax it is only your own inability. right and left brought integrally to center is a leap of faith that requires no shelter to hide it's owned isidious nature preformed. awareness of what it is - Humanly so. unawares and needing a hole to hide in - mankind et all.
It is one thing to see what one is, as it is most evident from reading "One Cosmos".
yet, in following the after birth, i see again that it is quite another thing be what is seen.
those who know, know who knows. and those who are what they know, know those who are what they know.
i find the latter wanting and see no 'levity' in it's puerile monkey wrenchs thrown in the walking of the talking.
not a judgement, but a discerning 'fool's eye'.
let go your eggo Brother.
the warp speed ran off and left the woof.
warp and woof needs be together to BE. otherwise it is yet the doer doing.
from being do.
after all the self-thrown stones upon your self...where are your accusers?
screw my wit and levity for they are souless in their ignoble accusations.
as Ghandi stated, "western civilization would be a great idea"...added to that insight i say incitefully, civilization is not a society run amok in its malformed supremist collective ego.
I here contend that Bob's "of all things" are but the candor of his own heart empathetically watching over those yet to contritely reign in who and what they are.
the heart is a deceitful place to tred within. honesty is contending with the gnawing animal called 'self'. me-me
ok, i tire of hearing my ag-no'rant' thoughts.

Peace Y'all

Alan Baldwin M.S. said...

A bit off subject, but in line with a Saturday music riff...Van's latest delivers. Here is my review. Enjoy

Gagdad Bob said...

I'm still giving it a chance, but thus far I have been underwhelmed by the new Astral Weeks. It cannot hold a candle to the original, bearing in mind that the original must be heard on vinyl, since the CD has never been remastered and sounds awful.

But I am particularly bothered by some of Van's phrasing, which is more like bellowing, and just not appropriate to these more intimate songs.

But that's just my initial impression. Perhaps it will change.

Robin Starfish said...

A hapless Time reporter interviews Van:

"It's not what it seems."

I haven't heard the new Astral Weeks yet, sorry to say. Soon. Pinching pennies. Hard.

Gagdad Bob said...

I'd wait for the DVD, as it may actually be a more interesting experience.... Plus, I'm guessing it will have the whole show, not just the Astral Weeks part....

Aquila said...


When reading this oldie-but-goodie post, I was struck by how much the Kossack's narrative paralleled that of Zeitgeist, a hilariously bad Tinfoil Cinema Classic that's hugely popular among certain endarkened segments of the population.

Briefly stated, Zeitgeist is a three-part pseudo-documentary that 1) attacks Christianity as a false faith, adapted from pagan sources and used as a mode of mass social control; 2) attacks the orthodox view of 9/11, seeing it as a false-flag operation used as a mode of social control; and 3) attacks the Federal Reserve, seeing it as an political-economic structure used as a mode of social control. As you might imagine, all of these segments make their respective cases with poor scholarship, kangaroo logic, selective editing, reification, and all the other forms of sloppy cinematography, narrative, and thinking made popular by celluloid demagogues like Michael Moore.

Yet it concludes with this tacked-on happy-ending straight out of the worst New Age utopianism, where it insists humanity can overthrow these evil, imprisoning structures, and live in a Perfect World of Enlightenment. After all, we are special.

In other words: everything you know is wrong, and your society's spiritual, political, and economic foundations are all based on deception and mass manipulation. But if you accept this Knowledge, you will become the God and Masters that your oppressors have been playing at.

The oldest trick in the Book: "For ye shall be as gods..."

Clint Eastwood said...

Go ahead…call them monkeys.

Ricky Raccoon said...

I’ll tell you the difference. A man knows what a tool is. In fact, the first naming of the first tool went off and contained all technology even not yet made. He invented the category. Although it may look like a chimp is using a tool, he will never know what a category is, never mind what this category is. We should thank our lucky telescopes..

Gagdad Bob said...


I started watching that darkumentary, but couldn't get too far in. Breathtaking stupidity.

Gagdad Bob said...

I remember now -- a new age moonbat at work found out I wrote about theology, and recommended it to me!

jwm said...

There's a reminder for you any time you think that a fat line, and a couple whacks of chron will reveal the secrets of the universe in a glorious flight of thought.

wv: traneout
...and gone


DCox said...


Even the details speak volumes!

Here's what I wonder, do Christians get pulled into this nihilistic progressivism garbage? Like, him...

Susannah said...

DCox is me...just borrowing his computer. :)

ximeze said...

Oooooo lookit potential Raccoon toy.

"While several amateur animations are available on YouTube, these were made in flight simulators or Google Earth. You won't find a better, more realistic, more compelling, or more accurate depiction of this extraordinary event anywhere else on the net.

The event has been accurately reconstructed by Scene Systems Inc., 3D Legal Animators based in California, USA. Scene Systems turns complex scene data and expert testimony into powerful 3D animation that helps legal professionals prove their case in court.

The animation was produced at very short notice, immediately after the real-life event. This included data sourcing, analysis, modelling, animation, rendering and post-production. This was made possible due to our unique forensic animation engine capable of extremely efficient, high-quality animation production."

Scene Systems

mushroom said...

...Hence all of the warnings against jumping onto the path unprepared or without guidance.)

Just before I opened this post I had read a statement by Watchman Nee: Before the cross can do a deeper work there must be adequate preparation. Struggle and failure supply just that.

His point is that you have to be convinced, pretty much, that there is no other way. You have to hit bottom, as the 12-step folks say. Accepting "enlightenment" without being prepared creates spiritual zombies, vampires, and other monsters.

mushroom said...

2) Values are an illusion; nothing is actually any better than anything else (e.g., the Giza Pyramid is a stick in an ant hole and Shakespeare is Maureen Dowd)

That should read --

Maureen Dowd is no better than a monkey with a stick in an ant hole.

Cassandra said...

Interesting that you should write about "Zeitgeist" after a post in which Bob mentions Eric Voegelin.
Sounds like an initiate's introduction to Gnostic heresy.

NoMo said...

Creed and Chance
by Steve Turner (English Poet)

We believe in Marxfreudanddarwin
We believe everything is OK
as long as you don't hurt anyone
to the best of your definition of hurt, and to the best of your knowledge.

We believe in sex before, during, and after marriage.
We believe in the therapy of sin.
We believe that adultery is fun.
We believe that sodomy's OK.
We believe that taboos are taboo.

We believe that everything's getting better despite evidence to the contrary. The evidence must be investigated and you can prove anything with evidence.

We believe there's something in horoscopes UFO's and bent spoons.
Jesus was a good man just like Buddha, Mohammed, and ourselves.
He was a good moral teacher though we think His good morals were bad.

We believe that all religions are basically the same-at least the one that we read was. They all believe in love and goodness.
They only differ on matters of creation, sin, heaven, hell, God, and salvation.

We believe that after death comes the Nothing because when you ask the dead what happens they say nothing. If death is not the end, if the dead have lied, then its
compulsory heaven for all excepting perhaps Hitler, Stalin, and Genghis Kahn.

We believe in Masters and Johnson
What's selected is average.
What's average is normal.
What's normal is good.

We believe in total disarmament.
We believe there are direct links between warfare and bloodshed.
Americans should beat their guns into tractors. And the Russians would be sure to follow.

We believe that man is essentially good. It's only his behavior that lets him down. This is the fault of society. Society is the fault of conditions. Conditions are the fault of society.

We believe that each man must find the truth that is right for him.
Reality will adapt accordingly.
The universe will readjust.
History will alter.

We believe that there is no absolute truth excepting the truth
that there is no absolute truth.

We believe in the rejection of creeds, and the flowering of individual thought.

If chance be the Father of all flesh, disaster is his rainbow in the sky and when you hear

State of Emergency!

Sniper Kills Ten!

Troops on Rampage!

Whites go Looting!

Bomb Blasts School!

It is but the sound of man
worshipping his maker.

Queen1 said...

The blog "The Prosblogion" had a synopsis of a debate between a Christian philosopher of religion/science and an atheist. The atheist used much more scientific sounding language than Kos, but said pretty much the same thing. Randomness, randomness; all is randomness.

The secular mind is incapable of accepting a Power that transcends our scientific comprehension. The secularists are defeated by contingency, where we believers see the hand of God in all things.

I posted on my own blog on just this topic, using my three cats as examples of differing perspectives--the atheist, the Christian and the primitive believer.

Thanks for this site; I enjoy it.


Magnus Itland said...

"(This is a topic for a different post, but it is possible to provoke an influx of spiritual energy before one is prepared -- i.e., to have realization prior to purification -- which can severely unbalance the personality, because it's as if everything gets infused with the force, mind parasites included. Hence all of the warnings against jumping onto the path unprepared or without guidance.)"

I now remember my mystic teachers saying something similar when I was young, which I understood then mostly in a theoretical science-fiction like way. They said that it was dangerous for the human spirit to Awaken in the dark, separate from God. In retrospect I guess they saw the human spirit as a kind of Sleeping Beauty, awaiting the kiss of the Heavenly Prince.

Now that I have access to all these New Age communities online, I can see what they mean. Various techniques from the esoteric sects of the world's religions are being assembled, streamlined and packaged to give the natural man the same extraordinary capabilities as saints and mystics of the millennia.

ge said...

Down those old ancient streets
Down those old ancient roads
Baby there together we must go
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done

Till you're satisfied with your life
Till you're satisfied with your life
Till you're satisfied with your life
And it's running right, and it's running right

Till you deal with the poison inside
Sometimes you've got to sit down and cry
When you deal with the poison inside
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done

Till you feel the tingle up your spine
Till you're satisfied in you're mind
Till you feel a tingle up your spine
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done

Till you live in the glory of the One
Till you live in the land of the sun
Till you feel like your life has just begun
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done

Till we dwell in the house of the Lord
Till you don't have to worry no more
Till you open a brand new world
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done

Till it makes you feel alright
Till you're satisfied with your life
Till you know you live in the Light
Till we get the healing done
Oh till we get the healing done

Till you look at the mountains every day
Till you wash all your troubles away
And you live right here in the day
Till we get the healing done
Oh till we get the healing done

Oh till it's Truth and it's beauty and it's grace
Till you've finally found your true place
Till you know your original face
Till we get the healing done
Oh child, till we get the healing done

Oh when everything's going right
Till you're satisfied with your life
Till you're living in the Light
Till we get the healing done
Oh till we get the healing done

Oh when you feel it, when you feel it in your soul
Baby, and you really know
That you reap just what you sow
When we get the healing done
Oh till we get the healing done
Till you know that it's working every time
Till you work it out in your mind
And you know it straight down the line
Till you get the healing done
Oh make no worry till we get the healing done

Oh we gonna go back, back to our favourite place
Oh look at it again
See it all through different eyes
When we get the healing done
Oh when we get the healing done

Oh we're living for the grace of the Lord
Baby feel so good about it all
Oh give thanks every day
Till we get the healing done
Oh till we get the healing done
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Oh baby, baby till we get the healing done
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Baby you got to stay
Till we get the healing done

If it takes to the break of day
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done
You got to stay all night long
Till we get the healing done

-Van the Man, 'Too Long In Exile'... Eastern-Christian & Hubbardian imagery coalesced as only he can!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else catch Rush's speech at CPAC? Awesome.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Of course, and of course.
Transcript here.

Petey said...

There is a split in the conservative movement between our side and the Queeglings, Frumps, Scarburros and others who relate more to the sensibilities of the adversary than to the children of light. The fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance. As we approach the singularity, the hostile forces are reaching a kind of fever pitch. After all, we thought we had killed the communist beast exactly two decades ago, but it just went underground and reappeared in the form of the new messiah of the cultural left. If we abandon principle for expediency, we will have given over the game, and mankind will never transcend itself, thus sealing its fate.

Thomas Paine said...

Petey? …is that you?

jwm said...

The Quickening hastens.
The Alignment of Sides proceeds.
Three corners at war.
The Beast.
The Whore.
The Remnant.
You gotta serve somebody.
Cast your lot.

This thing is creepin' me out!


Anonymous said...

"After all, we thought we had killed the communist beast exactly two decades ago, but it just went underground and reappeared..."

You can say that again, Bob, er, I mean Petey.

And this Russian dude, Yuri Bezmenov, warned us even then...

maineman said...

Whoa, anon. That seems to explain a lot. The hope seems to be that, to some extent, the reeducation did occur during the conservative era beginning with Reagan.

Meaning, the demoralization only took partially. Which means we may not be as vulnerable as was intended. The other question is, who is driving the bus now that the USSR is defunct. Other than Satan, that is.

Did anyone else view this? I'd be interested in knowing whether they found it equally compelling. I'm always wary these days of getting pulled into a competing delusion.

ximeze said...

I'm familiar with the Yuri stuff & actually own a VHS copy of the full 90 min interview (only 16mins in that link you posted)

If you search the web, you'll find lots of competing spin on whether Yuri was really an ex-agent or just a plant, and whether the interviewer is just a nut-job or not.

Dip a toe in the history of Soviet espionage, the Kremlin's implementation of their long range plans on how to make a Commie World, the use of plants, sleepers, useful idiots & fellow travelers & the 20th century takes on a whole new color.

Read-up on 'education reformer' Lefty John Dewey to get brainful of where we started to get off-track education-wise. Dewey was a big fan of 'social experimentation' & knew schools were the place to start. Then you just wait several generations & bingo!

"The other question is, who is driving the bus now that the USSR is defunct."
Can you say Bill Ayers? He's in charge of the structure that 'teaches the teachers' of our young in this country.
Everybody knows how much Billie loves the country.

It's seems difficult for Americans, who love everything fast, right away & above-board, to get their minds around the use of long-range plans put in place that are nefarious & set-up to continue on their own, gathering momemtum going forward. We're not good at 50 year plans & seem to forget that culturally, outfits like China & Russian, which go back thousands of years, are good at them.