Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Missing Strawberries, or Ten Vicious Attacks on Charles Johnson Before Breakfast

Sources inform me that I have been banned from commenting at LGF for making a vicious -- vicious, I tell you! -- comment about Charles the other day. BabbaZee linked to the post, the hyper-vigilant Charles noticed it, and he immediately capped his most amusing and self-aggrandizing commenter. So at least old yellowstain puts principle -- or paranoia -- above self-interest, as his blog continues to auto-Sullivanize into a monolithic frat of anti-intellectual gee-howdies who know as much about theology and metaphysics as I do about web design and bicycling.

Imagine if I banned all of the people who make vicious comments about me, such as, "Bob, I disagree with you." To be honest, I've never banned a single person, although I have asked a couple of them to go away, mainly because they are just too stupid and/or annoying to understand what is going on here. I've never banned anyone for criticizing me, because in nearly every instance, the criticism is self-refuting, especially as it moves up the hysteria scale or down the materialist scale. As I've mentioned before, I don't even like it when other Raccoons reflexively defend me from these folks, unless they do so in a way that is funnier than the criticism -- which is almost always intrinsically funny if looked at from a sufficient height. In fact, I would be honored if Charles would link to this post, so we can see on a first hand basis how funny his dopey commenters would be!

Being that cyberspace persecutors are everywhere sapping his precious bodily fluids, Charles is a busy man, and can't possibly have noticed my previous vicious comments about him -- about his increasingly anti-intellectual rabble of illibertarian commenters and about what LGF has turned into, with its irrational lurch into a scientistic wacko chamber of substitious idolaters. Therefore, I've extended the courtesy of assembling them all in one place, so he can ban me retroactive to June 14, 2008, when I began addressing the subject. This is only the first ten. I'll post some more on the weekend.

1) As Charles Darwin wrote, "While nature, making procreation free, yet submitting survival to a hard trial, chooses from an excess number of individuals the best as worthy of living, thus preserving them alone and in them conserving the species, man limits procreation, but is hysterically concerned that once a being is born it should be preserved at any price."

Nah, just pulling your leg. That was Adolf Hitler explaining his values -- which he derived from immanent nature, not the transcendent Absolute -- in Mein Kampf. As someone once said, fascism in all its forms is the violent resistance to transcendence. Therefore, Charles at LGF, or the goons at dailykos, or any other flatland guardians, are not Nazis, since they engage in non-violent resistance to transcendence, as do the ACLU, or People for the American Way, or any other anti-religious activist and/or bigot or plain old ignoramus.

2) You see, the blinkered Lizard thinks that life only points down and back to the dead matter out of which it was magically given birth. But for the Raccoon, life is a symbol (symbol meaning "thrown across") that again points "up" and "in." We do not see life as a circular series of lateral mutations, but an open spiral that ultimately rejoins whole and part, absolute and relative, time and eternity, center and periphery, man and God.

And human beings are the "axis" or "pivot" of the whole existentialida. Deep down we all recognize this, albeit often in a garbled and perverted manner, for example, the environmental hysterics or the pompous and deluded LGFers who know they are superior to biology, but have no idea how or why.

Life! If Darwinism is all there is, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. I have no respect for a reductionistic Lizard who is not a nihilist and a sociopath, for he is merely a weakling and coward who lacks basic intellectual honesty and the courage of his convictions. He has his feet planted in the soil of Judeo-Christian values, even while he has his head planted in his ass.

3) Again: to have the courage of one's convictions and to fully inhabit the Darwinist world of the scientistic imagination would be to live as an animal, not a human. Remember, to a Darwinist, a human being can be nothing other than an animal, pure and simple. Along the lines of our last couple of posts, there can be no radical discontinuity between human and animal -- or matter and Truth, behavior and Virtue, accident and Beauty, etc. It is a subhuman world unfit for Man. Which is again why none of them actually live there. They're all frauds, phonies, and crude loudmouths, including, sad to say, the Head Lizard.

4) Any Lizard who claims their life is meaningful in the context of reductionistic Darwinism is strictly fooling themselves. I won't argue with them, because there is no reason to take them seriously for even a single moment. If they don't understand this, they are either stupid or intellectually dishonest. The same applies without qualification to morality, beauty, and truth. Obviously, I will not waste my time "debating" someone who simultaneously believes in Darwinism and truth, as if the latter could ever be derived from former.

I notice that the unsophisticated commenters at LGF also have a caricatured view of the scientific endeavor, as if it is a strictly mechanical process that results from "facts + induction" -- as if it requires no imaginative leaps, or an overarching paradigm in order to even perceive a fact! I cannot see that any of them are the least bit acquainted with the philosophy of science, e.g., people like Whitehead and Polanyi.

One stupidly arrogant Lizard even said in response to one of my queries that he believed in "absolute facts" but not "absolute truth." How to even begin to respond to such sophistry? There is no fact that "speaks for itself," no experience that tells us what we are experiencing. To paraphrase Weaver, only by knowing little may we know much; logic depends on our "metaphysical dream," not vice versa. And it should go without saying that it is this Dream that unites men, not the logic. Nazis and Islamists are rational within the logic of their sick dreams.

5) Horizontal folks -- flatland materialists, secular pneumapaths, left-brainers, MENSA members, Lizards, et al -- love to sneer at religion and exalt the superiority of science or mere reason in understanding the world. But when they do this, they always deal with a caricature of religion based upon their own limited horizontal understanding. In this regard, they are very much like children or primitive people who cannot transcend their narrow cognitive horizons, and mock what they do not understand.

Science can never account for the scientist, that is, for the human subject capable of knowing real truth. Again, it simply assumes the existence of truth-bearing scientists, as if this is not deeply philosophically problematic. How can the watered-down evolution of reductionistic Darwinism ever account for that? It can only pretend to do so, again, by confusing the rays with the sun. But to understand Darwinism is to have transcended it.

6) The problem is, Darwinism should be taught as science, not metaphysics, but virtually all of the middlebrow Lizards absurdly elevate it to a quasi-religious metaphysic that is logically self-refuting at every turn. In turn -- and I have noticed this, for example, in many threads at LGF -- militant atheists do indeed confuse Darwinism with metaphysics, and blindly defend it with the same belligerence as any "fundamentalist." Light simply cannot break through their hardened defenses.

Religion easily accommodates science, while the reverse can never be true. Religion accommodates science for the same reason that our minds do. For our minds are designed to know truth, pure and simple, whether it is empirical truth, rational truth, artistic truth, moral truth, or metaphysical truth. Intelligence itself is prior to what it knows, and what it knows is truth (otherwise, “knowledge” is a meaningless, even absurd term). Therefore, intelligence is truth itself implanted within our being, or a prolongation of the Absolute within the relative.

7) Yesterday while commenting at LGF, I couldn't help noticing how the reductionistic Darwinists practice a sort of inverse mysticism, in that they elevate what can only be ceaseless change into eternal truth. With reductionistic Darwinism, all is change; everything is "on the way" to something else that is equally temporary. In such a paradigm, not only can truth not exist, but we couldn't know it anyway; the quantification of knowledge undermines its only meaningful measure, which is the intellect in light of the Absolute.

In a way, this is a caricature of Buddhist metaphysics, as it too advances what amounts to a paradox, i.e., "all is flux," so that it is folly to become attached to the passing stream of maya. However, the ignorant Lizards are missing a very important point, that being that it is possible to escape maya both from "above" and "below," and this makes all the difference, as the latter is actually a deeper plunge into its snares, a point that the -- let us say, less spiritually gifted -- LGF commenters never stop proving.

8) In other words, the Buddhist transcends the flux of maya in order to know the eternal, the transcendent Absolute, whereas the Darwinist Lizard goes the other route and identifies eternity with matter. Naturally this makes no sense in a cosmos that is itself contingent and evolving, but there you go. Metaphysically consistent they are not. There is a rebellious streak in them that is very similar to the left (who also escape reality from "below," except in their case, instead of becoming Darwinist "monotheists" they descend into the fragmented polytheism of multiculturalism, moral relativism, deconstruction, etc.).

In reality, they are two sides of the same worthless coin, just as, say, the Semitic and Eastern religions are two sides of an infinitely precious coin. I am disappointed that Charles can fall for this junk metaphysics -- just as he expressed disappointment in me -- but in my case I have an excuse, because I only want to be disappointed by the best. I do note that he clearly possesses a kind of peerless left brained, technological kind of lizardy wizardry, and that may be the issue, for every gift carries a potential curse. Every savant is an idiot in certain areas.

9) The scientific reductionist, like a machine, "has reversed the roles, turning its creators into its own creatures; it escapes the control of intelligence as such from the moment that it claims to define the nature of intelligence from the outside and below" (Schuon). People forget that the quantification of all knowledge "necessarily entails an inward impoverishment, unless accompanied by a spiritual science that re-establishes unity and maintains equilibrium."

This is one of the points I attempted to make at LGF, but to no avail. The bulk of commenters there seem to think that the "wall of separation" between church and state (itself a willful disunderstanding) must somehow extend to science and religion. Talk about a "wedge strategy"! But American schools are not failing because of "too much religion" (and by this I do not mean a religion, but simply a more sophisticated transcendental viewpoint that easily accommodates religion as such). To the contrary, our schools only began to fail after they were taken over by the radical secularists of the left. It could hardly be otherwise. What did you expect, wisdom?

10) Scientistic materialists -- including Lizards and other radical Darwinists -- are like defoliants, or people who would take an axe to this beautiful tree that has organically grown over the past 2000+ years. When you mess with the fundamental vision that holds a culture together "from the inside," you are messing with the equivalent of nuclear physics on the collective human plane: an Adam smasher, if you will. You just have no idea what you will unloose from the bowels of hell.

Human beings do not live in world of sense-data. But the postmodern vertical barbarians do. In their small Lizard minds, they are "liberated" from the "childish mythologies" of the past. In my opinion, Charles is quite naive about the inevitable implications of such an intrinsically anti-human ideology. The other day, one of the mutual readers of LGF and One Cosmos was also commenting on the increasing lurch into anti-intellectualism of the former, noting that his rabbi -- an eminent scholar -- had spent his entire life studying the Torah, and yet, had not even scratched its surface.

But it takes no learning -- let alone, wisdom -- for a jackbooted mob of metaphysical yahoos to, as the reader put it, "pontificate with grand self-assuredness that they know fully what is meant in all the intricacies and layers of Torah and the rest of us believers are a bunch of deluded dummies. There's nothing to be said to such people." Indeed, like gleeful, deicidal three year-olds, these Lizards can tear down in the space of five minutes what it took 3000 years of spiritual genius to build, from Moses to Sandy Koufax.


Banned B. Bannington said...

Bob, I disagree with you.

Gagdad Bob said...

You vicious bastard! You're banned! Now, back to the missing key! The pilfering of food is a very
serious occurrence on board a ship!

julie said...

Re secular leftists running the schools, of course you don't get wisdom, you get Whizzz-->dumb! (that's the sound of an accelerating Fall)

walt said...

Bob, I have a busy day ahead.

Any chance I could get a temporary ban -- say, just until late afternoon?

Actually, a list of available options would help us organize our days.

cousin Dupree said...

I don't like your viciously snippy and presumptuous tone! No, I will not ban you, just for asking!

(Bob has left me in charge of the bans.)

BabbaZee said...


He loves it ya know
YOu are a shrink you should be able to figure that crap out


The OYMERTA is far more effective



cousin Dupree said...

NOTHING is more effective than the B'ob!


ximeze said...

Do we get to keelhaul offenders?

cousin Dupree said...

Yes! You there, with your shirt-tail out! To the keel haul!

Skully said...

Dupree is good at haulin' kills.
I'm the expert in keelhaulin'.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Gosh, Bob. You got voted off of the lifeboat? I guess that leaves more for the rest over there. Let the dead bury the dead and all that.

Glad we're on a heir-craft carrier here. Plenty of room for all sorts of happy Raccoons and disagreeable Lizards alike. Why do they insist on staying in the dingy dinghy, cast about by every wind and wave?

Like the silly dwarfs in The Last Battle, they cannot fathom your actual good will toward them, so they huddle closer and convince themselves you're a devil.

James said...

It's a shame I stopping reading LGF after the whole disagreement between Charles and the folks at Gates of Vienna. Charles thought they were wrong and he was right, but it became more then that. They weren't just wrong they were evil. Suddenly allies in fight against the Islamists were thrown in the same category as the Islamists and dam anyone who thought differently.
It's as if the fight became personalized. It is so important to be right that it becomes a kind of tyranny. It seems to be quite common.
Personally, my coming to God has been one lesson in humility after another. But I don't feel beaten down by it all. It is actually refreshing to know that we are surrounded by bigger things then us. Truth is bigger then us, Beauty, and of course God. You don't have to be right all the time. In fact I'm surprised how often I'm wrong. But I know I'm in higher hands. Imagine how scary it is for a flat lander to be wrong when all they have is their ego and their body, because they don't believe in anything else. It leads to madness, and I find it all to common these days. We are not built to be without God.

BabbaZee said...

the best thing you can do to an attention whore

is starve them to death

I love you Bob

You are truly one of a kind
and I knew it from the first post I ever read of yours all those years ago

I find it very fitting we should have been banned TOGETHER

but there was no reason to ban me
I never had intention of writing word one there agaim

and I had told him that privately too

so it was overkill in my case


Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh yeah, and um.... ban me for calling you a devil. Even though I didn't.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Walt gets the ultimate punishment:
Dennab! The absolute reversal of banned!
That means he can't leave...until Cousin Dupree passes out, and that can take a looong time. :^)

Gandalin said...

You are in good company among many of those Charles has banned from LGF. He is a good guy, but he can be heavy-handed.

By the way, the "evolution" of LGF is a very interesting subject in and of itself.

If you look at the archives from before the September Eleventh atrocities, it was all music, bicycles, and such. The political and kulturkampf elements came in after that.

I think that LGF is generally sound on the Tour de France, acoustic guitar pickers, and the cultural conflict between the Dar Al Islam and the Dar Al Harb, but generally unsound on renascent European nationalisms, Christianity, and the Darwinian Theory of Evolution.

Unlike a leftst groupuscule, we should accept what is good and where we share common ground, and ignore the wrongheaded aspects.

Animal trainers teach that the best way to make a behavior disappear is to ignore it, anyway.

I will continue to visit LGF and ONE COSMOS daily.

cousin Dupree said...

Easy for you to say, James. It's a another matter altogether when disloyal readers fail you and abscond with the key to the mess hall!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"Glad we're on a heir-craft carrier here."

Good one, Joan! extra grog for you today!

I resigned my OMmission before Charles could ban me. You just can't carry out an OMmission in a raptorous frenzy of cold blooded lizards.

BabbaZee said...


So did I

Didnt matter

Like I say



Here's a word invented by a poster of mine

that I give you to use at will LOL

MASTERFLATION: (credit to Q Burn) ~ the masterful conflating of things or people that have only marginal connections, for purposes of manipulation and ego gratification

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Ben. I need the extra grog. What with being so sick lately and yesterday I just walked out on my social-service job... yeesh!

Skully said...

Someone stole the key to the galley?

Damn! We're supposed to have sliders for afternoon chow!
I get grumpy without my sliders!

River Cocytus said...

Key? Oh. I thought it was awfully small for an anchor.

But then again, that's what you get for actually putting a guy who names himself after a river that can be embarrassingly mispronounced (or is it?) in charge of 'getting aweigh'.

There were two keys, so I chained them together before throwing them overboard.

It made sense at the time.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Excellent, Babba!


Slider Nazi said...


Talk about dunkin' do nots!
No sliders for you!

Van said...

Ooh! Cuz! Could I have a Ban please? (um... I prefer stick to roll-on, so that I can raise my arms with confidence).

(I of course mean that in as viciously a manner as possible)

River Cocytus said...

Funny, I went to Dunkin Donuts just this morning. I knew something was wrong.

By the way I placed all of the food in the middle of the chain before throwing it overboard I'm thinking this might be important to mention okay thanks.

Sherab Zangpo said...

You write

"We do not see life as a circular series of lateral mutations, but an open spiral that ultimately rejoins whole and part, absolute and relative, time and eternity, center and periphery, man and God."

And this is just perfect.
Thank you.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'll send some prayers your way, if I can find out where Skully hid 'em.

And a better job...hmmm...have you coonsidered playin' yer guitar in a seafood restaurant? :^)

Skully said...

You know, those roll-on thingys are vicious! They grab your underarm hairs! No wonder wenches shave their pits.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ugh! Ben! Thanks for that earworm. NOT!

I think I'm considering psychcotherapy...

Van said...

Skully - no wonder the frenchies are so grumpy.

BabbaZee said...

AHH the Mighty Zangpo has arrived


if you have not read Sherab's stuff please make sure that you find some time between vicious attacks to do so

Sherab's Page:

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Well, you came to the right place, Joan, and best of all, it's free!
I always wanted to try psycho therapy.

I mean, as the therapist. :^)

Now I gotta take a break and finish makin my kimchi...
but fear not! I'll be back!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ooooh! Love the Raccoon picture update! Vicious!

Ray Ingles said...

I've replied to most of those 'points' here in the past, of course, but sadly I don't have time today to collect them here in a nice tidy pile.

Darwinists - quite terrible,
if there were any.

Van said...

'E want's vicious? We'll give 'em vicious!

| /)_|')
| ( *;*)

We'll sick The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog on them liezards, it has a vicious streak a mile wide! (it's actually a Raccoon dressed up in a bunny suit... a deicoy)

Johan said...

I guess that being banned from LGF now a days is a big merit. Kind of like not getting your response published in the NYT... also a merit!

walt said...

This is all very interesting, but I'm getting nuthin' done . . . .

Storagemanager said...

I was banned after I left the Twilight Zone.

Warren said...

Bob got banned because he failed to prove, with geometric logic, that the Absolute exists.

alan from da beach said...

after reading bob's posts I just wonder what took LGF so long!?!? ;-)

I've been debating committing ritual lizardcide over there but just can't care enough to expend the effort.

It is odd just how much I've pruned by list of must read blogs over the last year.

Does B'ob stand for bravo bob? Should

Van said...

ray said "...sadly I don't have time today to collect them here in a nice tidy pile..."

(and he says there's no God)

River Cocytus said...

I don't think I've been banned yet, mostly because I didn't 'press the issue' RE: 910 Group/GOV. Perhaps I'm saving my last comment for something that will really blow Chuckles' mind before he bans me. Dunno.

By the way, the food was too heavy to throw over the edge, so I floated it out the side. There were no good openings, so I went into the room with all of the black liquid and cut a hole in the side. It wouldn't sink so I set the raft I put it on... on fire!

*sniffs* who's cookin' stuff?

storagemanager said...

Charles said make your own blog and comment I

River Cocytus said...

storagemanager: I always appreciated your comments back when I used to read LGF. As we say in the Church, "Hell is a state of being." Twilight Zone indeed.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Storemanager!
Good to see you! I hope you brought some grog! We go through it pretty fast round here sometimes. :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Not the vorpal bunny! LOL!

(and he says there's no God)

Ha ha! Van, you are in good form today!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Proof of God in the comments! :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

No math facts today? What's up with that? :^)

ximeze said...

Van 10:32


Gagdad Bob said...

The Discovery Institute responds to Charles' slander.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"The blog site Little Green Footballs has slandered Discovery Institute, whether intentionally or not, by implying that we are in league with Islamic radicals in Turkey. They base this fantasy, apparently, on a CBC radio report of a year ago that was so poorly researched that it called Discovery Senior Fellow David Berlinski "Paul Berlinski" and referred to us as the "Christian Discovery organization." Then they interview a host of people of varying views in Turkey who are critical of Darwinism and imply that they are all connected. They seemingly imply Discovery's involvement in this situation based on the fact that Berlinski was invited to speak at a conference held by the municipal government of Istanbul last year. Big deal. (Berlinski, by the way, is a secular Jew, so work with that fact for a while, boys.)"

Good grief! I would be angry as hell if someone accused me of collaborating with terrorists.

Ironic... Charles is doing the same thing Dan Rather did, in essence. Slandering without any evidence whatsoever!
This is actually worse than slander, IMO.

dilys said...

Re: Joan's shaking off the dust -- excellent! It will unfold for the best. Pushing some boulders uphill is just not worth it.

As to nihilism, principled without principles, see Alan Barra on The Dark Knight in today's WSJ.

And, bobyu, is that you? Sure sounds like you!
How the heck...? etc.

Gagdad Bob said...

He'd no doubt call me a terrorist, since Schuon was a Sufi.

ximeze said...

"As I've mentioned before, I don't even like it when other Raccoons reflexively defend me from these folks..."

Here I sit, all slacked-up to reflexively defend Dear Leader & nary a lieztard in sight.

sigh...... how's a girl to get herself banned....

Gagdad Bob said...

As with the Islamists, the one thing Lizards can't stand is ridicule. My point is that they actually enjoy it when people get pissed, so why give them the pleasure?

BabbaZee said...


satan hates to be mocked

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Point well taken, Bob!
The Lizardoid is Rather ridiculous! LOL!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks Bob, Babba...BobBabba! :^)
Lizards feed on anger and Raccoons (and Ferals) (and Feral Raccoons) feed on Joy!

Gagdad Bob said...

How's this for cosmic symmetry: the only two places from which I have been banned are LGF and LGF Watch.

Robin Starfish said...

Note to Scatter:

those not banned today
may yet be banned bañana
monkey religion

Van said...

Ben said "...Lizards feed on anger and Raccoons (and Ferals) (and Feral Raccoons) feed on Joy!..."

Also..."Food: Raccoons feed mostly along streams and lakes, finding food under rocks and in the mud. Their diet includes crayfish, fish, lizards, frogs, small mammals, birds, eggs, various fruits, nuts and grains. Before eating, captive raccoons often appear to "wash" their food by dunking it in water, but the real reason for this behavior is not known."

Just sayin'... but at least we're clean about it.

bleeding brain said...


That has to be one of the most obscure references ever.

To understand it fully, one would have be familiar with Sullivan's writing seven years ago and then be familiar with his weird shift to the left that started with small hints of insanity followed by a rabid landslide into pure madness.

Auto-Sullivanization would therefore be the process of rendering a blog unreadable through the gradual ingestion of irrationality and leftist dogma.

This is particularly true of blogs that started off as clear and compelling takes on reality.

River Cocytus said...

'Procyon' in the name. 'nuff said!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Bwahaha! Brilliant!

shoprat said...

banned you for the same reason so many on the left ban him; you're a threat to his world view.

LGF as a site is such a hodge-podge of brilliance and stupidity that it boggles the mind. It's amazing that one who can demonstrate the Rathergate memos were fake can't take the time and open his eyes to see God.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Raccoons also like lasagna, enchiladas, mac n' cheese, and ...I could go on, but I gotta finish my lunch. Pork chops.

Oh yeah, Coons like pork chop bones also.
Ha ha!

ximeze said...

You mean it's not really about a Gilbert & Sullivan song & dance gig?

Gagdad Bob said...

Charles also fails to see that a nation of Darwinist flat-earthlings will not defend itself from the Islamists he warns us about. Rather, with no transcendent principles animating us, we will go the way of old Europe.

Van said...

(... and Scotch and Guiness... and are pro creatin'... not that there's any connection... (Ximeze, I just thought of a way we can get banned...))

Van said...


BabbaZee said...

a nation of Darwinist flat-earthlings will not defend itself from the Islamists he warns us about. Rather, with no transcendent principles animating us, we will go the way of old Europe.


how many times did I post

Destroy your Judeo-Christian foundations and replace them with secular humanist socialism and the vacuum that allows Islam and Fascism to arise and take power is created.

Totalitarianism necessarily MUST destroy the GOD of Abe and his reps mp matter what they call themselves

because if they do not

This is not my opinion
this is history

and the BIBLE
is History's DNA

as it is written
so we see it is being done

2 Timothy 3
and elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Don't really have a comment. Just searched "Raccoon whips dogs" and it sent me here???

Van said...

"Just searched "Raccoon whips dogs" and it sent me here???"

Yeah... pro-cyon and anti-cynic... so... your question is?

Gagdad Bob said...

For a Darwinist Lizard, anyone who puts his genes on the line to defend a transcendent principle must be an IDIOT.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

A guy walks into a bar, as he sits down on a stool he notices there's a lizard telling jokes on the stage.
The guy says to the bartender "whats with the lizard?"

"Oh he's the stand up chameleon."

erasmus said...

Shoprat says:

"you're a threat to his world view."

Well, I know that I'm always a threat to my world view, but that doesn't mean that I go around banning myself.

Althgouh if I did ban myself, I know that I would blame George Bush for it.

christopher said...

No way to get an edge in wordwise here today...

BabbaZee said...

anyone who puts his genes on the line to defend a transcendent principle must be an IDIOT.
~ GB


whare did ah put mah drool cup ?

Oh that it is
next to mah jig er perzin and mah snakes fer handlin'

anyone seen mah toof?

erasmus said...

Come to think of it, I wonder if Ray has figured out that he is a threat to his worlview.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Splort! Reminds me of that Neil Diamond song, Forever In Blue Genes.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Y'know, I never was able to hang by the tempicular thread of hope that I'd stumble upon the LGF site when he had open registration. Which thing keeps me from visiting a site often. That goes for Michelle Malkin as well.

Still, maybe I'll set the Lizard feed out and troll for a spot. With so many defections from the den, there should be an open registration soon.

Susannah said...

I figured you'd already washed the dust from your paws, given the lizard mentions I'd been reading lately.

Well, good company indeed, for "what fellowship has light with darkness"? So glad you had the foresight to "get your own blog" 'way back when. ;)

Van said...

Gagdad Bob said "For a Darwinist Lizard, anyone who puts his genes on the line to defend a transcendent principle must be an IDIOT."

Francis Bacon, with some error's, began with a reasonable reform, the proposition that we should render unto religion that which is religious, and unto science that which is scientific… but, due to some flawed assumptions, that has developed and been transformed into we should rend that which is religions from the heart of that which is man that he should know only that which is scientifismic.

The end result has been the denial not only of transcendent principles, but principles as such, and reality to boot.

Those who are unaware of the history from then to now, are easy prey to it. Those who swallow it, will be consumed by it.

Beware the dread bunny-costume wearing Raccoon of Caerbannog!
| /)_|')
| ( *;*)

BabbaZee said...

Psalm 1

1Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

2But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

3And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

4The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.

5Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

6For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

ximeze said...

Is it permitted that you reveal the plan to get us banned or will the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaarrrrggggghhh feast on your porkchops for such?

Van said...


Joan of Argghh! said...

. With reductionistic Darwinism, all is change; everything is "on the way" to something else that is equally temporary.

Why can't the scaly ones see that this is precisely the same mindset that believes the Constitution to be a "living document"? It's a pernicious conceit of feeble minds to willingly cast off what their very being is screaming at them to be Truth. How then, do Lizards view the Constitution and those activists judges who have bought into the same folly?

Irony deficiency. A widespread malady of the Left and Lizards.

NoMo said...

Definitely feelin' the Raccoon Love here today!

(Wasn't what you thought, was it?)


Cousin Dupree said...

Bob tells me that the tentative title for part 2 is,

"Charles Johnson, Friend of Israel, Enemy of Judaism."


cousin Dupree said...

(Unlike the left, who "love" Jews, but just hate Israel.)

Anonymous said...

Storage, in case you come back to check the comments here, I got a request of you....making it here, 'cause that is part & parcel of the intent of the request:

Puh-leeze advertise your blog more widely? I fear I am overwhelming your site with comments.....and I'd kinda like to hide in a corner.....

Here's a start, if Gagdad Bob doesn't mind too much.....?

--Ma Sands

NoMo said...

I firmly believe that a Christian, by nature, must inevitably and truly love God's original chosen people. How can one resist?

storagemanager said...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...
Hi Storemanager!
Good to see you! I hope you brought some grog! We go through it pretty fast round here sometimes. :^)
...come visit me at my blog sometime...winds of Babylon

Elephant said...

Johan said...
Kind of like not getting your response published in the NYT... also a merit!

That happened to me once.

Sal said...

New Kit Alert!
We are happy to announce the arrival of Morgan Jane, our newest grandchild, July 24, 7 lb. 14 oz.

Oh- and much as I respect Charles for a number of things, he has seriously lost it, in this case.

ximeze said...

Coongrats on the addition to the nursery, Sal!

All 20 claws came out alright & the mask is just where it's supposed to be?

Scully's bringin' the grog & It's A Kit cigars for the party down at the den.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sal,
Wonderful news about the grandbaby. Please give us an update when you can. Congratulations to all involved!
Mrs. G

NoMo said...

Coongrats Sal! All the best. I always ask other grandparents what their grandkids call them. We are Ama and Pa. There's nothing like hearing those little voices calling your "name". And you?

jwm said...

Good evening folks:
The whole business with LGF is sad, and disappointing. But in the Transdimentional Order of Raccoons, and the Feral Nation there is everyone and everything I come to the the innernet for. There is nothing to miss at LGF except old times. I'm tired of it.
But lgf has served its purpose in the great scheme of things. It was the great tent to all of us in the post 9/11 center right of cyberspace. We came, we gathered, we found what we were called to find. And now it's time to go. I feel like it is the Lizards who have been winnowed out, and the Coons and the Ferals remain.

After all- We are the ones we've been waiting for!

(Ducks, and runs before the pelting with cyber tomatoes ensues)
Love ya' all.


Susannah said...

Congratulations to Sal! Welcome to the world, Morgan Jane!

Susannah said...

Sorta semi-relevant at Breakpoint:

Anonymous said...



My daughter tells me her two year old little boy uses those same handles for all his Gramdmas & Grandpas! --I'd never heard of that before, but now you have utterly substantiated it.....thank you! :)

--Ma Sands

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Coongratulations Sal!
Give Morgan Jane a big ol' hug for us all! :^)

julie said...

Coongrats, Sal! Man, it looks like I missed one heckuva party today.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I missed half the party, Julie. I crashed n' burned around 1400 yesterday.
Makin' kimchi takes a lot outta you.
But I discovered a secret shortcut near the end.

Next time will be much easier and faster!

Walt probably already knows about the secret shortcut.
Took me long enough to figure it out. :^)

Anonymous said...

Bob wrote

"I have no respect for a reductionistic Lizard who is not a nihilist and a sociopath, for he is merely a weakling and coward who lacks basic intellectual honesty and the courage of his convictions."

Bob, your very willingness to disrespect is your biggest blind spot.

When you disrespect, you are as rebellious against the Master as Lucifer.

So called Lizards are misguided people. Their "convictions" are thin constructions of thought created out of fear, desire, and ignorance. The only proper stance towards the misguided is compassion.

Disrespect is a wrong movement and in itself betrays the prescence of fear.

Throw away fear, Bob. Nothing in this world need you fear, Bob, and also there is nothing here to desire.

Discard fear, and leave behind desire, and what is left?

It is not disrespect.

Magnus Itland said...

Speaking of disrespect, the cuddly little Nordic kingdom of Denmark will soon broadcast a new TV comedy series about a small cell of Islamic terrorists in Copenhagen.

n_cognito said...

Did anyone notice how he was drooling over the title of "the master debunker" when it is actually other people who come to that site with article snips, links, pics, and their own extensive knowledge of the subject, and do all of the heavy lifting. I cut school the year it was taught, but what do you call it when someone takes credit for other peoples work? Why people feed that mans ravenous ego is beyond my comprehension. Maybe it's repressed guilt that makes him lash out and pull the plug on folks if they don't stay on their knees in adoration and have a huge bump on their foreheads from pounding their heads into his prayer-less rug?

phil g said...

There was something about LGF that turned me off a long time ago. It seemed like it was not much more than a news snippet about some Islamic atrocity and than tons of snarling comments followed.

I've winnowed my reading list to OC, American Digest, Am Thinker, and a few other occasional site visits.

One of my first blog experiences was with Sullivan right after 9/11. Read him regularly until he started going insane around the gay marriage issue. I've noticed that he's managed to make himself mostly irrelevent...rarily mentioned by other leading blogs or invited to news shows anymore. Perhaps the aids drugs have taken his brain away.

I'm just happy to live in a quiet corner of the coon if Dupree would just turn down the music to 10.

Captain Fezzywig said...

Dearest Admiral,
I hope you enjoyed writing that, half as much as I enjoyed reading it. Especially, from the first shot, if you can call it that, since it was more like a double-barrel, double-shotted broadside 10 cannon salute.


Eternally grateful and in your service,

Ricky Raccoon said...

I loved this part:

“Before eating, captive raccoons often appear to "wash" their food by dunking it in water, but the real reason for this behavior is not known."

This is the proper reaction of a scientist. Of course, he can’t know. But the raccoon knows.
And "captive". Ha!

Van said...

Thanks for the link Susannah. From the article Susannah linked to:
"Before Kant, universals were sought to understand the particulars; after Kant, particulars were used to construct the universals. It was a program destined to fail, for two reasons.

Unhinged from universals, things like ethics, morality, and religious beliefs are determined by the winds of prevailing opinion. Also, because particulars are limited and finite, one can never be sure that some future observation won’t nullify the universal constructed."

That playing my tune!

Joan of Argghh! said...

What to do? I've been offered a commission on the LGF Lifeboat from a Lizard-emeritus.

Shall I go there in an effort to get banned? I could use the Raccoon Creds such a "pelt" would afford, since my blog is a definite drag on my street cred around here.

Shall I go there with intent to enlighten them, in my own gentle and non-provocative manner?

I shall go a'questing, like Don Quixote and my namesake, d'Arc, to convince the heathen with Might, seeing they will stubbornly cling to wrong-headed and destructive ideas about the Real World, they must be physically humbled that their souls may follow!

And now, I shall keep vigil and prepare myself for battle. I do hope to win for the Ferals such accolades as become a Raccoon.

Anon I shall tell you of my secret name and report from the front lines.

Van said...

Ricky said "This is the proper reaction of a scientist. Of course, he can’t know. But the raccoon knows.
And "captive". Ha!"

Yeah, captive my tail... using a cage is the often the only way a Raccoon can get the scientismist to pay attention to him as he tries to teach the importance of washing.


Sal said...

I am Mimi and paternal granny is Granna. Both the grandads were G-Daddy (I have no idea why), but our G-Daddy Gary died suddenly in early June. He had ALS and the kids had moved out here to help.

Yesterday was bittersweet- he would so have loved a new baby girl in the family.

Ray Ingles said...

Van, Susannah - Y'all will appreciate this, people here seem to like coincidences - my wife and I are watching the movie that article takes its title from, "No Country For Old Men". (Given all the stuff we have to do after the kids go to bed, it takes us two or three nights sometimes to get through a movie.)

A world where people do such things is not desirable for anyone, right? Especially if you know the rewards that can come from deep and personal connections with other people. (Besides, what would have happened if the main character had done the right thing from the start?) The fact that consequences exist in this world for such behavior is a pretty good indicator that such behavior isn't a good idea, tempting though it may sometimes be.

More, "everything we know about physics" doesn't change. NASA still uses Newton's laws of motion, with a couple of relativistic fudge factors, to pilot their spaceships about the solar system. New theories have to account for every bit of the data the old ones did - make the same predictions, or better - as well as explaining something new. Old "universals" don't go away, the "new universals" include them.

Erasmus - Nope. Just busy, is all.

Brazentide said...

Life! If Darwinism is all there is, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. I have no respect for a reductionistic Lizard who is not a nihilist and a sociopath, for he is merely a weakling and coward who lacks basic intellectual honesty and the courage of his convictions. He has his feet planted in the soil of Judeo-Christian values, even while he has his head planted in his ass.

A hook like that should lay an intelligent Darwinist [sic] out flat. A lizard, however, can be quite stubborn. They will stand with broken teeth and swollen eyes, adjust their mortarboard, and foolishly attribute their perseverance to a strong mind rather than a very thick skull.

In the same vein, I recently found myself playing warden to some lizard friends of mine (in spirit, not name) who are constantly guilty of camping on the piedmont while claiming there is no mountain.

Reductionists, like environmentalists, multiculturalists, and a host of other ~ists are hard at work building 'ramblers for humanity' in the wadi. Funny, you never see a postbox for the architects there.

Racoons are a bit different. They like the product so much, they bought the company~

Joan of Argghh! said...

They will stand with broken teeth and swollen eyes, adjust their mortarboard, and foolishly attribute their perseverance to a strong mind rather than a very thick skull.

Brilliant commentary!

(I've always maintained that The School of Hard Knocks is full of hard heads.)

ximeze said...

Anon 1:09

Gee thanks for the morality lesson on disrespect.

Ya might want to study up on a little something called Discernment.

Van said...

Ximeze said "Ya might want to study up on a little something called Discernment."

Nahhh... that'd lead him to realize that he's repecting what is disrespectful and disgraceful.

Much easier to just deeply slather his self regard over all that hints at the dread disease of discernment.


Claire said...

I had no idea you are such a pompous ass, Bob.

Skully said...

Nice try Claire, but Bob is happily married.

But while yer up, why doncha be a good wench and get me a beer?

Gagdad Bob said...

Shame on you, Claire! How could you not know? Now, get my friend Skully a beer, you pompous wench!

Van said...

claire... er, while you're at it And could you make mine in a frosted mug? Thanks sweetie.

ximeze said...

Hee Hee

adam said...

Boy am I glad there's a place where intelligent people can go where they won't be bullied by Charles overzealous site! I got banned as far as I can tell for correcting Charles and proving my point. When he feels strongly about something, he resorts to attacking the poster and letting his henchmen do the dirty work. His site is turning into a weird hybrid Fark type site.

Anonymous said...

Hey Irish R...I mean Claire,
I'll have beer, too. Be quick about it too, so you can hurry back to your all important hall monitor duties.

qqqq said...

LGF is not right wing.

Charles is afraid to admit he's still a leftist. 911 hit him somehow, but when push comes to shove he will drop Jews and Israel like Obama flushed Wright.

I like LGF but there is something beyond fucked up going on that sours me on that cult...and cult it is.

adam said...

"LGF as a site is such a hodge-podge of brilliance and stupidity that it boggles the mind. It's amazing that one who can demonstrate the Rathergate memos were fake can't take the time and open his eyes to see God."

VERY well put ShopRat. Bravo.

qqqq said...

'....For a Darwinist Lizard, anyone who puts his genes on the line to defend a transcendent principle must be an IDIOT.......

Hmmmm. I like my wife. She is almost 50. I like reptiles, walks on the beach and the environment. Am I amphibian?