Monday, March 17, 2008

We Are the Ones For Whom They're Laying in Wait (4.04.09)

So, why has the MSM ignored Obama's two-decade plus involvement in what can only be called a racist and anti-American hate group operating under the guise of Christianity?

I can think of two main reasons: first, the usual soft bigotry of low expectations. Left wing racists don't expect blacks to live up to the same ethical standards as whites. Here I am reminded of a scene from Annie Hall, in which Alvy's father reflects the condescending liberal attitude:

ALVY'S FATHER: You fired the cleaning woman?

ALVY'S MOTHER: She was stealing.

ALVY'S FATHER: But she's colored.


ALVY'S FATHER: So the colored have enough trouble.

ALVY'S MOTHER: She was going through my pocketbook!

ALVY'S FATHER: They're persecuted enough!

ALVY'S MOTHER: Who's persecuting? She stole!

ALVY'S FATHER: All right -- so we can afford it.

ALVY'S MOTHER: How can we afford it? On your pay? What if she steals more?

ALVY'S FATHER: She's a colored woman, from Harlem! She has no money! She's got a right to steal from us! After all, who is she gonna steal from if not us?

Exactly. Who are Rev. Wright and his colored followers supposed to hate if not us?! We deserve it!

Thus, at dailykos, the whole matter was reframed as white racists persecuting a harmless old curmudgeon, perhaps played by Redd Foxx, for expressing perfectly reasonable opinions: "Please let an old black man have his anger in the privacy of his church.... Are our hearts so small and our need for reassurance so great that we cannot allow an old black man who dedicated his life to his community his anger? Are you honestly going to tell me that this is the first time white America has seen and heard from black folks?"

As if we care that he is angry as opposed to insane. It's good to be angry. It just depends upon what you're angry about. God hates evil. But if you're angry about the U.S. inventing AIDS to engage in black genocide, or about our government being behind the 9-11 attacks, then I don't care if you're boiling over with rage or eerily calm -- either way, you're insane.

The kosbag then falls back on the "everybody does it" excuse and throws down the anti-Semitic card: "Have we not heard what Rabbis routinely say about Palestinians across the US?"

It's a real mystery why Jews continue to vote Democrat, when the only widespread source of organized anti-Semitism is on the left, whereas the ranks of the right are filled with people such as myself who regard Israel as so self-evidently morally, politically, intellectually, and spiritually superior to its barbarous neighbors, that we would not abandon Israel under any circumstances.

Anyway, what is the second reason Obama's membership in a religious hate cult is so uncontroversial to the MSM? Because Rev. Wright is simply saying out loud what virtually all leftists think: that the United States is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic, and imperialistic, and a source of worldwide oppression, not liberty. Leftism is a hate cult, the only difference being that to learn its tenets it usually costs you much more than a few bucks thrown into the collection plate every Sunday.

Rather, in order to learn what Rev. Wright teaches, one normally has to spend a few hundred thousand dollars at an elite university. So in this regard, Obama is a true egalitarian, since his church is a bargain compared to the cost of a liberal university education.

Obama was, of course, the only son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya.


So where did he pick up this affinity for insanely hateful rhetoric? If he were a person of pallor who belonged to a church with equally morally repugnant beliefs -- say, that blacks were the cause of their own lynching -- his political career would be over faster than you can say David Duke.

At Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson wrote a wonderful piece in which he analyzes the content of Obama's stump speeches, which on the surface seem so vacuous. And yet, logic mandates that underneath the gauzy rhetoric, there must be a demonology at work, in which there is going to be hell to pay for those responsible for our wretched and hopeless situation. The only thing that separates him from the average pol is that he doesn't explicitly name the enemy, but leaves it to the imagination of his slack-jawed audience. But knowing what we know about the imaginations of people attracted to hate sites such as dailykos and huffintonpost, I don't like the idea of anything having to do with state power being filtered through that fetid swamp of diseased souls.

In a campaign known for its solipsism, the catch phrase "We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For" nevertheless impresses with its absurdity. Ferguson notes that the phrase cannot be translated into French, since it doesn't technically make any sense. And yet, it must mean something, or people wouldn't react so strongly to it.

The provenance of the line actually passes through feminist literary hack Alice Walker, who says she took it from -- hold on to your cap, you won't believe it -- a left-wing-radical-feminist-bisexual poetess! Walker suggests that we've been waiting for us because "we are able to see what is happening with a much greater awareness than our parents or grandparents, our ancestors, could see."

I suppose that's possible. For example, Einstein saw farther than Newton. But.... does Alice Walker see farther than Shakespeare, and does Bill Maher see farther than Monty Python? For that matter, do Obama and his bitter band of statists have greater vision than America's founding White European Males?

Hey, as Louis Armstrong said about jazz, "if you have to ask, you'll never know:"

"When Obama's supporters say 'We are the ones we've been waiting for,' what they mean is that in the long roll call of history, from Aristotle and Heraclitus down through Augustine and Maimonides and Immanuel Kant and the fellows who wrote the Federalist Papers, we're number one! We're the smartest yet! Everybody -- Mom, Dad, Gramps and Grandma, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, maybe even the Tribal Elders -- they've all been waiting for people as clued-in as us!"

Yes, but... how can people so cross-eyed and hypnotized.... I'll let Ferguson explain it. He's a much better writer than I am, especially today:

"No one who's wandered through an Obama rally and heard the war whoops and seen the cheerful, vacant gazes would come away thinking, These are the smartest people ever. I'm sorry, they just aren't. What is unmistakable is the creepy kind of solipsism and the air of self-congratulation that clings to his campaign. There is something happening, he says in stump speeches. And what's happening? Change is happening. How so? The reason our campaign has been different is about what you, the people who love this country, can do to change it. And the way to change it is to join the campaign, which, once you join it, will change America."

Etc. Ferguson calls it "optimistic despair. The overarching theme of Obama's speeches, and of his campaign, is that America is a fetid sewer whose most glorious days lie just ahead, thanks to the endless ranks of pathetic losers who make it a beacon of hope to all mankind."

And here's where the scary part comes in. Because someone is responsible for this horrible mess we're in. Obama doesn't name names, but he is riding on a wave of half-awake partisans who have no reticence whatsoever in naming them:

"Who are the agents of this despair? By whose hand has the country been brought so low?" These agents "vanish in the fog" of Obama's rhetoric: "Cause and effect are blurred. Bad things happen though nobody does them. Instead we face disembodied entities, ghostly apparitions."

The most likely reason for the evasiveness is that "if Obama named anybody, the cat would be out of the bag.... Put them all together and it's likely to come to a fairly high number of people: stockholders, employees and managers of globalized companies; insurance claim adjusters, guys on oil rigs, hog farmers, pro-lifers, moms in SUVs, taxpayers who decline to float bonds for local schools, voters who pulled the lever for President Bush and are still kindly disposed toward him." If Obama "dared to wrap bodies around those disembodied forces, if he began to trace effects back to the agents that cause them, then his campaign would suddenly appear to be what it is: a conventional alignment of political interests, trying to seize power from another conventional alignment of political interests.... His fans, it turns out, aren't the people they've been waiting for; they're just the same old people, like everybody else."

Yes, but I'm afraid that we are the ones for whom they're laying in wait.


Representative Press said...

Send this video to others: Shame On Joe Scarborough, MSM & Obama Part 1
The American people don"t deserve to be manipulated and lied to

julie said...

Wow, that was revolting, tom. Talk about leaving a nasty taste in the mouth. Dupree, where do you keep the paddles with extra holes?

Anonymous said...

Obama is the empty vessel, waiting to be (ful)filled.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing when racism is revealed, before one's own eyes, how people, due to their own guilt, will rationalize it away or feel as if it is deserved.
Unfortunately for the Left, I have never owned slaves not have I ever set about to discriminate against others due to physical characteristics beyond their control. Because of this non participation, I have earned the right not to cooperate in their guilt ridden need to perpetuate racism in this country.
Can we overcome race in America?
How do we do it?
By first recognizing it for what it is in ALL its forms and then by mocking it and setting it behind us by maginalizing those who would gain advantage by perpetuating it.
The New Racists need to be cast aside by this culture in order to move ahead and we can begin today by rejecting the current crop represented by Obama and his Reverend.
To believe that Obama had no knowledge of any of this is to be either totally naive, a guilt ridden rationalist, or a fool. You can't tell me that you've spent 20 years around a Pastor and a "Church Family" who dance in the aisles during racist/anti American screeds, like the Palestinians danced in the streets after 9/11, and not know their hearts as well as their politics. It's who they are.
Between he, his wife, his Pastor, his "Church Family" and his buddy Oprah, we've been given enough clues as to what is on the agenda. And this from a man and his associates who have been given every opportunity to succeed that this country has to offer and have taken full advantage of it, millionaires all. Where's the gratitude?

Joan of Argghh! said...

J. Wright is the least of our problems.

I'm sure it's been linked here before. Spengler's latest is good, too, speaking to Black Liberation Theology.

Jim said...

"Yes, but I'm afraid that we are the ones for whom they're laying in wait."

They would be well advised to be better armed that I am, I'm also a damn good shot.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to Spengler's latest.
The link at the bottom of the article to: Obama's women reveal his secret, is a particularly revealing piece. I hadn't read it.

Van Harvey said...

One of the problems is, or at least led into - I don't know who bothers to say it anymore, it's just ASSuMEd, "We moderns have rejected slavery".
In actual fact, no most of we moderns, have done no such thing. The Civil War era folks could be said to have, and a generation or two after them who were taught History, the discovery of individual rights, how slavery was a contradiction of that, and how it must be rejected in all of its forms in order to preserve Individual Rights; they could be said to have understood the situation and been in agreement with rejecting slavery, but that pretty much stopped by the 1940`s.
After all, you can't go into a long lesson on the essential truths of Individual rights, the absoalute necessity that they be observed in order to preserve freedom and liberty, and the need to defend the written constitution, while at the same time endorsing direct assaults upon the constitution thru the income tax, upon the property rights of each individual through social security and all the other shades of the welfare and nanny state, and of the equality before the law of all citizens while endorsing Affirmative action for one group or another at the expense of all others.
That just won't fly. You can't denounce slavery while endorsing it and surrepticiously enslaving the entire country.
Soooo... just let each favored group promote their favorite flavor of racism and slavery, denounce any identification of it by conservatives by calling them racists who want to bring back slavery (so rich in irony or), and let the good times roll!

Van Harvey said...

Hey! I can post through my PocketPC again! And it only took 3 months for them to fix! Thanks Google Godz!
(!@#$%$& morons)

Dougman said...

Don't sell slavery short, it has it's appeal.

Take God damned child molesters, murderers, CEOs that have wiped out peoples pensions, frauds, liars,cheats.
Enslave them for a time to, you know, teach them what it means to be Human again.

It's a damn site better than putting them up in a state run fucking hotel and it has to be better than executions.
If they really are innocent, than they can look forward to thier day of vengence.

Dougman said...

PS. My Golden Child has just informed me that today is judges day :^)

I'm gonna miss the saloon :(

Anonymous said...

So, once again we have proof that Coonvision can be trusted: gosh, there's something odd & disturbing about this Obama guy. How many days was this discussed here,
predating Wright & Resko?

Trust the Force, Kit!

If I were going to play melatonin-wars at all, I'd choose someone like LTC Allen B. West, U.S. Army (Ret.) in a heartbeat. A genuine American hero who's running for Congress in Florida. Yup, the guy who shot a pistol off next to the head of a dirtbag in Iraq to get said-bag to sing like a canary, thereby protecting the lives of soldiers under his command. I'll bet West did not do a per-race head-count of the 700 troops that were his responsibility before acting. No moral abiguity there.

I suppose it's too much to hope that he also fire a weapon next to the heads of choice members of Congress to wake them up & put the fear of God into them.


Good news is for the future of America: Iraq Vets for Congress has formed up. Too bad I can't vote for any of the 13 currently on offer. Frankly, don't know how many election cycles I can keep voting just to keep the more-whacked/evil person out of office. I'm dying to actually vote FOR somebody.

Other scuttlebutt on the good-news front: young vets are going into teaching as a way to counter the BS they were taught while passing thru NEA indoctrination themselves during their school years.

More power to ya - I can get behind that!

debass said...

Unfortunately for BO and his minions, reality is rearing it's ugly head.

debass said...

Tomorrow is the big day for us 2nd Amendment types.

Bob-Is Cousin Dupree any relation to Spitzer's Dupree? Kissin' cousins?

Anonymous said...

The American people don't deserve to be manipulated and lied to

We do if we ask for it, put up with it, and reward it--especially if we reward it with votes.

Anonymous said...

the BO t-Shirt

Van Harvey said...

Hmm... why does the BO T-shirt only come in white?


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Obama is speaking right now...damn! Passive/aggressive!
He keeps goin' back n' forth: "Rev. Blight is wrong and divisive but he preached peace!"

"There's a reason for his anger."

Yeah, he's a racist, vile leftist.

But if we don't put this behind us, Obama says, we can't Move On (dot org) and solve all the problems of this country and heal this massive racial divide (that's promulgated by his spiritual advisor).

Hell, this huckster is as slick as Stan hiself with his barely disguised demonology!

It's so frikkin' obvious!
Distorting the Declaration of Independence, slamming our Founding Fathers, and plating the "class" card, along with his passive/aggressive race card.

Finally admits that he heard his Pastor say "controversial" comments (re: hateful, vile and vicious racism and a paranoid delusion straight from hell).

Throw in a useless platitude here n' there.
Use his "code" words: more fair, more equal, less discrimination, enforcement of civil rights, equal justice, sharing prosperity, equal education, we gotta do all this from the bottom up...

Yeah. This snake oil salesman is slick. But I heard the agenda of pure evil coming outta his lyin' lips.
He did a superb job hiding that agenda, but it was all too obvious for anyone with ears to hear.

A communist manifesto wrapped in flowery, elegant language.
Equivocation and conflation...more socialism.
Let's go "beyond" race. We hafta move beyond racial wounds.
If you don't elect me there will be no change! Gasp!

Well, the Leftists eat this shit up, but the rest of America won't buy this crap if the Conservatives mount even a half-assed campaign.

And hopefully, John McCain will realize that he has to go after this charlatan.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Good! Juan Williams is still going after Obama for not taking responsibility for staying at that racist, black supremecist church.
Theres hope for Juan yet.

Anonymous said...

Ben, you tagged it!
Station I was listening to dropped the speech (cause it was going to go on & on) & took calls.

First: deluded woman with zero critical thinking skills, buying the empty words.

Second: Black-guy who says:
You've gotta be kidding me! Did ya hear BO thro his white grandmother under the bus? Yea, she was racist for being afraid of Black men, but Rev. Wrong neverever said a racist thing? I thought Billy-Jeff was the lowest of the low, but this shyster has even him beat in the snake-oil department! What a bunch of crap.


Anonymous said...

BHO is a demogogue. A very good one. Kinda like that Austrian painter a few years back.

The theology of that church is idolatrous in the extreme, and very much anti-Christ, at last in the sense of hating God and elevating themselves to the Godhead. Whether they deny that Jesus came in the flesh or not, I do not know.

But it is the antithesis of Christianity, even of monotheism.

As to the lying in wait; the rhetoric from high Democrat officials on down to the blogosphere over the last decade indicate that they desire a krystalnacht against Christians, and BHOs ability to entrance the madding crowd makes such a thing even more feasible.

She-who-must-not-be-named lacks the ability to hide her totalitarian methodologies. BHO has the ability to make fascist ideas sound good. Who is more dangerous?