Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Conical Caper About Conservative Progressives and the Reactionary Left

Sorry about the abrupt segue, but I'm just dipping into the arkive, and this was the next post, now edited and fortified with extra gagdaddery.


One nation under God? I don't know if I like that, for it all depends on the meaning of "One." As Coleridge put it, "two very different meanings lurk in the word, one."

In his not-yet-published book, The Pledge of Allegiance & The Star Spangled Banner: A Patriot's Primer on the American Spirit, author John White expresses ideas that are eerily similar to mine. In fact, it's almost as if he read my book or something. While anything is possible, it seems unlikely, since he's my literary agent.

White writes that, like us, the Taliban and the Islamists firmly believe in One Nation Under God. After all they speak of the “nation of Islam,” and are calling for an Islamic theocracy. "What," he asks, "distinguishes the terrorists’ version of nationhood from ours?"

The differences, says White, begin and end with concepts found in the Declaration of Independence, our founding document. There it is affirmed "that God is the source of our liberty, our sovereignty, our rights, our justice and our human dignity," and that "the purpose of government -- which exists legitimately only when it has the consent of the governed -- is to guarantee those blessings are not violated because each individual citizen is sacred and sovereign." In short, "The individual is sovereign because of our spiritual nature; the state may never violate that."

So it doesn't matter whether or not you believe in God, because you benefit from his blessings just the same. All you bitter atheists out there will just have to get over it and resign yourself to living under a theocracy. Except that this "theo" is first situated in, and refracted through, the individual, not the government.

As White expresses it, "America is a theocracy because it is governed by God through the total population of our divinely guided citizenry who are the true heads of state and who are educated in the religio-moral ideals, principles and values of our society." Anyone who denies this truth cannot be a progressive, because "the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule [by] the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction cannot lay claim to progress. They are reactionary."


The difference between conservative progressives and reactionary leftists is that they worship different gods -- or more precisely, they have entirely incompatible understandings of the meaning of One. There is an antinomy between these two Ones: there is a left One and a right One -- or more precisely, a higher One and a lower one.

In Meditations on the Tarot -- which I assume all Raccoons have read and assimilated by now -- you will recall that the author uses a visual image to conceptualize the problem. Imagine two cones placed base to base, one pointing up, the other down. Thus, similar to Miss Anne Elk's important theory of the brontosaurus, this new object has one point at the top, a much thicker "equator" in the middle, and then another point at the bottom. The image is his, it belongs to him, and he owns it. I'm just borrowing it.

Now, get the image of a brontosaurus out of your mind, and imagine this object as a sort of crystal. At the top is the “white point” where pure light -- which is the synthesis of all colors -- enters. As the light moves down toward the equator it becomes more and more differentiated into the various colors of the spectrum, until they reach their maximum degree of separation and intensity at the equator. Moving further down, the colors begin to merge and blend until, at the bottom point, they once again lose all of their distinction. But here they become black, which represents the blending and confusion of all colors. As such, there is one sort of synthesis or Oneness above (the white point) but an entirely different kind of oneness below (the black point): O vs. ø

The white point is analogous to wisdom, for it represents the underlying unity of all the different types of knowledge available at the equator, where all of the individual colors represent various disciplines and sciences. It is where the light of divine love breaks into the maninfestation and where beauty is the splendor of the true. "All that is true, by whosoever spoken, is from the Holy Spirit" (St. Ambrose).

This image symbolically discloses the central purpose of both this blog and my book, both of which are mine and belong to me. Indeed, this is what I was hoping to coonvey in the book's full title: One Cosmos Under God: The Unification of Matter, Life, Mind and Spirit. That is, the synthesis of all our seemingly contradictory truths lies “above,” toward the white light of wisdom, not below, beyond the black point of matter.

If two seemingly contradictory things are true -- say, the Book of Genesis and the theory of evolution -- then their common source of truth must be found above, not below. There is surely a way to resolve the contradiction, but not by finding a compromise between the two at the "equator," much less by simply confusing and blending them together below.

For example, teaching intelligent design as an adjunct or alternative to natural selection is simply adding another color to the equator. Even worse, teaching it as the only truth would take both the Creator and science down to the black point, merging and blending science and theology in an unhealthy way. In fact, this is what is done in the Islamic world. Yes, they have intellectual and spiritual unity there, but it is the bad unity of the black point: One Nation Under God’s Boot Heel, so to speak. The identical thing happens in secular totalitarian states, where diversity is not permitted. What we want is to allow maximum diversity but to synthesize it at higher level, not eliminate it on a lower one: this is the meaning of One Cosmos Under God.

Ironically, the secular left in America regard their fellow religious citizens as an incipient Taliban that wishes to enforce a black-point unity, when the opposite is true.

That is, for the secular left, there is no white point above or black point below. Rather, there is only the equator, where we all live in our beautiful, diverse cultures and subcultures, none better than any other: multiculturalism, moral relativism, no objective or "privileged" truth. And yet, multiculturalism and diversity are enforced from on high, despite the fact that the left supposedly does not recognize the existence of morally superior cultural perspectives. What’s going on, Marvin? You know, we've got to find a way / To bring some lovin' here today.

In reality, the left is enforcing their absolute black point god, but simply denying it. They don't really care what culture you're from, so long as you are committed to diversity itself, and intolerant of any other view. This is nothing less than the unwholly god of the black point flexing its flabby tenured muscle while pretending to be just another beautiful color in the rainbow.

In reality, there is no absolute system at the equator that can synthesize knowledge and explain our existence. There is only diversity and contradiction there, which is as it should be. Otherwise there would be no creation, nothing separate from the Creator. However, it is only the white light above that illuminates and unites everything below. We must maintain an allegiance to the absolute white light that is reflected in all the relative truths at the equator, not to this or that relative or half-truth enforced absolutely by leftist medullards from below. For that is how the beautiful rainbow devolves into a reignbelow.

As the ancient authors put it, there is no knowledge which should not pass into love. There is no knowledge which should not go beyond the mind and reach to the very source of the mind -- the heart -- the "heart" understood in its Indian meaning (which was Pascal's too) as the center of being, the place where God abides. --Dom Henri LeSaux/Swami Abhishiktananda


julie said...

Somewhat apropos comes this dreadful pronunciation by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is apparently not merely fallen as all men are, but is actively diving toward that dark -O. Perhaps nobody has explained to him that the roots are aloft...

Anonymous said...

I love the image of the opposing cones that you use here. Very simple but very useful.

Mizz E said...

Julie, It's time to defrock the Arch Druid.

Robin Starfish said...

Later That Same Afterlife
having second thoughts
about this brave new world
the warrior blinks

coonified said...

Anyone seen Rambo yet? Seems that the central moral of the story, besides an accurate portrayal of deprived human irrationality, involves a liberal Christians resolve of his pacifistic attitude. Of course, since it involves Christian missionaries, the critics gave it a low rating. Go figure.

It's just a kick ass war movie too.

Mizz E said...

More peeps than the Arch Druid off point. ^ Man's idolization knows no bounds.

rabid racoon said...

Well, I was kind of just hoping that the liberal Christian would just get shot, but he lived. A disappointment for me.

Mizz E said...

Somebody just clicked into the GA blog looking for "tongan hygiene" - I can't make this stuff up - bet their departure was swift. Yikes.

Btw, GA suspended operation for 40 days, but there's a, according to my sifu Starfish, "fantabulistic retrospective" of 40 photos hanging, revolving 24/7.

Anonymous said...

i have a friend in Rambo who would love to hear that you like it.

maineman said...

A perfect example of the Left's Black theocracy right here

NYT and MSM present this as an assault on science and reason by religious zealots, when in fact the woman who was forced to resign had used her official position as a science director to advertise a talk by Barbara Forrest, author of "The Trojan Horse of Creationism" who vilifies the Judeo-Christian essence of Americanism as pernicious and destructive and is a champion of reductionism.

The Texas ed commission appears to have correctly attempted to counter the use of Darwinism to promote nihilism in their schools by adopting regulations that emphasize analytical thinking and neutrality in their science classrooms, a mandate repeatedly violated by the Science Director in her administrative capacity. Her dismissal was a defense of the rules that were established to promote and maintain intellectual freedom in the schools, and the NYT/MSM have it exactly backwards.

River Cocytus said...

maineman, if the people knew people were getting canned for being Darwinist zealots, people might get wind of other ideas! I mean, God forbid they examine the evidence of science and spirituality themselves!

NoMo said...

"If two seemingly contradictory things are true -- say, the Book of Genesis and the theory of evolution -- then their common source of truth must be found above, not below. There is surely a way to resolve the contradiction, but not by finding a compromise between the two at the "equator," much less by simply confusing and blending them together below."

"We must maintain an allegiance to the absolute white light that is reflected in all the relative truths at the equator..."

I love that. Truth is Truth is Truth - and one must remain open to discovering their higher coexistence. Prismatic! (if that's a word).

Canterbury tale
Living on the equator
Is a hellish place

maineman said...

Yes, the truth is prismatic unless seen through the prism of isms.

Van said...

Especially after having arived at the idea of the single cone on my own, I really doubly appreciate the idea of the double cone. It always amazes me how what seemed like a full and complete thought, on its own, can suddenly be seen to be not even half of the whole, once you extend the idea... further deeper.

One Cosmos posts the second time around... recycled? Nah... aged and fermented... intOxicating.

Apu said...

In Meditations on the Tarot -- which I assume all Raccoons have read and assimilated by now --
Yea, Bob, I knocked that one out just last weekend...

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Bob:

Great human being stuff as usual... I don't know how many times I have sent or linked to your fabulous post 'The Asymetrical Logic of the Left', and reread it.

Wonderful. And after reading it, how could any sane person stay a Left outpatient?

Easy! The're nuts!

Colonel Neville.