Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Abomination of an Obama Nation (3.07.09)

Will brought up a very important point in a comment yesterday. It was in response to my questions, "What great world-historical events are invisible to the jaded elites of the present? What great vertical energies are entering the world today, undetected by a spiritually oblivious mainstream media?" Will's reflections on this are worth reproducing in full:

"There is a danger here, I think, given that this might be the age when 'Spirit pours out on all flesh,' i.e., the vertical energies actually do become, in a way, more visible, more tangible, even to the oblivious MSM.

"The danger is this: the influx of vertical energies for the most part cannot find suitable spiritual anchoring, do not result in a growth of spiritual insight and wisdom, but rather the vertical energies might be suborned by the horizontal in an entirely unwholesome way.

"An example: hypothetically speaking, let's say... oh, let's say, some political candidate who's running for... oh, let's say, for president of the United States... Let's say this candidate uses the influx of vertical energy in such a way that it does not invest him (or her, let's be fair) with any particular wisdom -- in fact, this candidate mouths and apparently believes in the same old amorphous lefty platitudes. Only... this candidate seems invested with a peculiar type of charisma that has citizens from coast to coast virtually swooning in some orgasmystic ecstasy... no one's higher intellect is sharpened, only their *feelings* are set on fire by this candidate in some peculiar way...

"Well, as was said re: the days when the Spirit pours out on all flesh, one must be very careful not to fall for false messiahs and whatnot... meanwhile, there are those who indeed are spiritually anchoring the vertical energy influx and are doing so invisibly and with a certain amount of travail, as is necessary at this time."


First of all, let's get this out of the way at the outset. Are we calling Obama the antichrist?

Yes, or course.

No, wait -- let's not engage in ad obominem. Let's just say an embodiment of the antichristic principle. Let's discuss this in terms of abstract cosmic principles, without getting personal. No need to demonize someone just because he's an instrument of satan. He's just the vehicle, not the driver.

Now, what do we mean by "antichrist?" I would say that, as Christ is Word-made-flesh, the antichristic would analogously represent the "lower principle" made flesh -- the instantiation, as it were, of the Fall.

So first of all, to go along with my analysis, you must believe that man is in some sense a fallen being with a built-in -- or at least inevitable -- flaw. You don't have to be a fanatic about it. You only have to know that "something ain't right" with the earthlings, however you wish to conceptualize it. Being aware of this principle is our greatest inoculation against utopian leftist schemes to perfect mankind, which always result in unanticipated cosmic belowback.

Secondly, you would have to believe that it is possible for the forces responsible for the Fall to be personified -- or, let us say, both focused and dispersed like a beam of darkness through the concavity or convexations of man's heart. As Christ is a blinding light, antichrist would be darkness visible. Thus, to those who live in spiritual darkness, it would appear as a false light -- as, say, a single match is brighter than the sun in an enclosed room, cut off from the sun.

The Serpent, to paraphrase our Unknown Friend in Meditations on the Tarot, symbolizes advanced intelligence ("the most cunning of the beasts") turned wholly toward the horizontal. Thus, it is a perversion of man's intellect, as it represents a self-sufficient naturalism and total (small r) realism that betrays the vertical source of human intelligence. As such, we would expect one aspect of the antichrist to be high intelligence combined with extraordinary vapidity, at least to those with spiritual discernment.

But this cannot merely be the philosophical vapidity of the doctrinaire atheist or scientistic materialist, or it could never gain traction in the human heart, which always hungers for spirit, even if it is the false kind. Rather, it would have to come cloaked in some sort of seductive or hypnotic faux verticality. It would indeed have to be charismatic and charming, bearing in mind the root meaning of former, which is "divine gift," and of the latter, which is "incantation" or "magic spell."

A spiritually normal person would be alarmed and even creeped out if he possessed this kind of influence over others. At the very least, it would be an occasion for the deepest humility, combined with concern over the state of the souls of those under his influence. For one thing, the spiritually normal person knows that this charis is only on loan to him, and that he is not free to use it as he will. He is responsible for those who come under his spiritual influence, and this is a heavy responsibility. It is not to be taken lightly.

Rather, one is only free to use this power if it is aligned with its vertical source. There is something coming through the charismatic, not from him, and as soon as one realizes this, it is an occasion, yes, for gratitude, but also fear and trembling. It is analogous to the power to send men to die for their country, only on the vertical plane. It is the ability to inspire selfless martyrs, but for what purpose? Our satanic enemies are clearly selfless idealists under the influence of charismatic leaders. So what.

Our Unknown Friend asks the questions, "Can one produce artificially intellectual, moral or spiritual inspiration? Can the lungs produce the air which they need for respiration?" No: "the very process of breathing teaches the laws of obedience, poverty, and chastity, i.e. it is a lesson (by analogy) of grace. Conscious breathing in of the reality of grace is Christian Hatha-yoga. Christian Hatha-yoga is the vertical breathing of prayer and benediction -- or, in other words, one opens oneself to grace and receives it."

Unknown Friend goes on to say that the antichrist represents "the ideal of biological and historical evolution without grace." This is a key idea, for what is a progressive? A progressive is someone who believes fervently in progress while fanatically denying its possibility, since progress can only be measured in light of permanent truths and transcendent ideals.

The antichrist "is the ultimate product of this evolution without grace and is not an entity created by God," since divine creation is always a vertical act or descent. Yes, all things ultimately "come from God," in the same sense that all light comes from the sun, but think of all the infernal uses to which man may put the light!

Now, the phenobamenon -- being "derivative" and not from the source -- is ultimately a creator of those who created him. Unknown friend writes that, just as there are spiritual beings who reveal themselves "from above," there are what he calls egregores, which are "engendered artificially from below." Thus, "as powerful as they may be," they "have only an ephemeral existence," the duration of which "depends entirely on galvanising nourishment on the part of their creators."

As such, the really frightening thing about these kinds of amorphous demagogues is that they are given life and nourished by the rabble to whom they nourish and give life, in a spiritually barren cycle. The result is either spiritual asphyxiation or starvation, or probably both. And starved and suffocating men are capable of anything.

Ultimately, the antichrist is the shadow of the totality of mankind, as Jesus was the immanent shadow, so to speak, of the transcendent Divine Principle. The antichrist represents all that man is and can be in the absence of divine grace. It is he who transported Jesus to the highest earthly mountain "and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory" and said to him All these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me.

The secular extremist or fanatical progressive worships his own creation, and in so doing, gives birth to the antiword. Materially, it results in a leftist Tower of Babel (i.e, the all-powerful state), whereas spiritually it results in a gelatinous tower of leftist babble (i.e., the vacuous but seductive demagogue who will lead the people in the direction of their most base impulses and desires).

To be continued....


julie said...

Having just read your post, I went to Drudge to see how the sky is falling today. The Obama banner photo is really quite alarming.

Webutante said...

This is really good stuff, Bob. Keep it up and I'll be on anti-depressants soon....

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't shit yourself thinking about doomsday scenarios there.

River Cocytus said...

Same here. I've been wading through facebook and the weirdness is palpable. It's 'Obamania'. Has there been a candidate who had this kind of following... ever? I mean, suddenly the young folks are all whipped up.

I'm arguing/debating with a guy who has drunk the Kool-Aid. It's almost like Obama's positions are so vague and his suit so empty you can imagine anything you'd like to be there.

Mizz E said...

Most raccoons know of Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism, by now - thanks to Van. Well, JB has a blog at NRO and in his most recent post about Obama there's this telling quote from the instrument hissss.self:

"They want a sense of purpose, a narrative arc to their lives. They’re looking to relieve a chronic loneliness, a feeling supported by a recent study that shows Americans have fewer close friends and confidants than ever before. And so they need an assurance that somebody out there cares about them, is listening to them—that they are not just destined to travel down that long highway towards nothingness."

Anonymous said...

What'll be really awesome is when nothing really comes of it. Then maybe you'll quit. Because then we'll have evidence that you're a presumptuous and rather baseless thinker. I've never heard of somebody... oh wait, no I have. This happened in 92, and 2000. No big surprise. Another election, and somebody else making claims of the anti-christ. You're not even original on this. Wow you're really on the downslope when it comes to this.

Anonymous said...

"It's almost like [insert political figure's name here]'s positions are so vague and his suit so empty you can imagine anything you'd like to be there."

How long have you been watching politics? Do you remember the final debate between GW and Gore? Tell me that wasn't either candidate. I mean, Obama has his policies, they're vague yes, but when it comes down to it, all the candidates are either vague or they change positions.

Gagdad Bob said...


I never suggested that Obama is "the antichrist." Rather, I am specifically discussing a recurrent pattern based upon an underlying principle. In focusing on the candidate, you are missing my point entirely, which is about the source of the hysteria that is responsible for creating him. There was nothing like this hysteria in 1992 or in 2000. JFK hysteria was somewhat analogous, but that was mostly retroactive.

River Cocytus said...

Actually, this is always true to a certain extent, i.e, people imagine that their preferred candidate will do what they want. I'm not so much reacting to people's tendency to rationalize their decision for a candidate but rather to the fever-pitch that the Obama candidacy has reached. It is several degrees above the normal level of rationalizing, and I wonder why that is? I'm going to (sadly) vote for McCain, but unlike some I will not rationalize my vote for him in any other terms than what is true: I like the alternative less.

God willing this blows over. In fact, based on how history usually works this should blow over - until the next election.

maineman said...

Goldberg's got a point, but this to me looks like something more palpable. This is a segment of the population that has swallowed the bitter pill of white guilt. They have not processed the fact that we are the first culture in the history of the planet to rise, to verticalize, to a level of consciousness that viscerally repudiates racism. Had they done so, the Obamarama would just be another side show.

But they haven't, and they want absolution. Hence, the frenzied anticipation. Unconscious guilt like this must inevitably lead to self-destructiveness because it's predicated on self-hatred.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, I see reparations in our future.

Anonymous said...

I don't even need to defend Obama(which I'm not trying to). This is not the first time this has happened, this is not the first time kids have gotten "whipped-up," because they always do but we always forget because come time to vote, who doesn't show? The kids.

I'm telling you right now, this is a pretty bold claim. But thus far you've given me a candidate who is no different from some before him.

Anonymous said...


I never suggested that Obama is "the antichrist." Rather, I am specifically discussing a recurrent pattern based upon an underlying principle. In focusing on the candidate, you are missing my point entirely, which is about the source of the hysteria that is responsible for creating him. There was nothing like this hysteria in 1992 or in 2000. JFK hysteria was somewhat analogous, but that was mostly retroactive."

That last part is irrelevant and you know that. Point is, there's no need for that kind of crap. People get hyped over stupid shit. Next thing I'll be hearing is Furby is the "embodiment of the anti-christ principle." Well quite a lot is. I wonder what more specifically does so. It's not his charm. The source of his hysteria? Pikachu, then, is definitely the anti-christ. Or wheelies, and they don't even resemble a life form.

You base it off of the source of hysteria, sometimes you need to dig a little deeper.

River Cocytus said...

Sure, like Mussolini. *rim shot*

Again, what's wrong is my ability to communicate. If it were merely whipped up youths it might as well be Howard Dean or some such. But there are a whole host of factors that make me concerned.

And one is the reflexive defense/rationalization of him. It's like Ron Paul except the supporters aren't Neo-Nazis and dorks. If I said Ron Paul (now) is anti-christic (which he certainly is to an extent) you would hear hardly a peep in his defense. But Obama? Immediately the long knives are out: "Oh, and who wasn't 'x' before him? Give him a break!"

If we're so wrong, leave us to our wrongness. Why should you care?

maineman said...

Actually, heavy involvement of Yuts has sometimes been associated with very negative trends, and you should be less glib about what you know and don't know, Anon. It's obviously possible for entire populations to go down very dark roads without realizing what's happening to them.

Anonymous said...

No this is not about Obama. I have not voted democrat before, that may change someday. But I will become thoroughly disgusted when people talk like this. Defend Obama? You could say it about any candidate, I'd say it's crap. I'd need a lot more convincing than, "I don't see what the fuss is about, he seems like the anti-christ."
Well then, I would be accusing a lot of people who may already even be dead of being the anti-christ. Or as I mentioned earlier toys and cartoons. And believe me, parents also get hysterical just because their kids are. I mean, knowing what people go crazy for doesn't surprise me that anything can be popular. Convincing me that it fits the anti-christ? Disgusting. If I heard more solid arguments, yah ok. Sometimes it's honestly just we don't see it. If I heard a blind man say he didn't see why people got so excited about the sunset... well. Which I'm not saying that about Bob, but if don't know, I don't go off and say something off-the-wall like that.

Anonymous said...

A lot less glib? I would remind you that the I'm not making assumptions about what I do or don't know. I'm not following a crowd here. I did not make an accusation or proclaim the greatness of Obama.

I do know dark paths may be tread, I did not say it would not happen. But I would gladly state that my inability to see something does not guarantee nothing is there.

In this instance, saying you see the "embodiment of the anti-christ principle" in a person, off of one characteristic that many others have exhibited is unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

And I would defend any candidate in such a way. Hillary or McCain, Paul or Kucinich. Make the claim, but there had better be a lot to back it up. I don't see how anybody could like Hillary, but she still catches a lot support, too much it seems, but I don't believe her to be the ac.

Anonymous said...

dilys here.

Blackfive recently observed of Obama: "Huey Long without a plan."

No need to spend much time profiling the candidate, little to profile. The real interest lies in the readiness of the Obama-ized portion of the electorate to be consoled and to feel hopeful with no other content than their subconscious provides. And yes, K-16 inculcation of white guilt is a big part of it, not surprising that the covert purpose has been to make people so wretched & fruitlessly guilty about various PC issues that making them feel "better" is major leverage.

A subtle theme from Meditations that casts light on this is the "chastity" part, the proper Vertical suspicion against feel-good intoxication, that is, holding back from throwing oneself on the Dionysian bonfire just anywhere it presents itself. No other Gods... Especially when the golden mask already begins to rattle.

ximeze said...

Hey Kits, has everycoon seen Iowahawk's latest?

An Archbishop of Canterbury Tale
(With apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer)


Anonymous said...

Boy, you people have worked me into a frenzy with all this anti-christ stuff. On further reflection I do realize that I may have swallowed a bit of the Obama kool-aide. It's hard to keep an even keel when my meds are out of balance, sorry.

alan said...

Dilys: 100% agree.

Anything/anyone who fills the position of "anti-christ" for us has no power other than that which we give he/she/it.

Bob's probably taking this in a different and better direction but, IMHO, the anti-christ principle is within us .. when we invert the horizontal and the vertical.

Rather than basing their life on the foundation of O, they base it on a foundation of O-bama.

Dilys said it well.... pouring their deepest hidden wishes and neuroticisms into this nice looking, nice sounding vessel... and then giving up all of our power to think and make decisions for ourselves.

Napolean Dynamite said...

this is like the worst discussion EVER! Gawd!

hoarhey said...

"And starved and suffocating men are capable of anything."

Just watch and see what a starved and suffocating woman is capable of when the "Saviour's" primary lead becomes incontrovertible.

River Cocytus said...

anonymous, you seem very unschooled in the very subject in which you claim to speak boldly.

The reference is mostly (about the antichrist) here:

1 John 4:3
And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.


1 John 2:18
Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

etc. The Anti-christ is both a 'principle', a 'spirit', many, and one.

A great way to understand this is that there will be another antichrist until there isn't. The last one, I suppose is 'the antichrist' I.e, as Revelation foretells.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Napoleon. You're just jealous because I've been chatting online with Raccoon babes all day.

julie said...

Thanks, Ximeze - pure genius, there :D

Anonymous said...


I did appologize for my momentary brain farts didn't I? I agree that my expertise lies elsewhere.

River Cocytus said...

Oh, 'aight.

I started that one before I saw all of your responses.

Still, you've pretty shrill and you hide behind a mask.

So, apology accepted.

ximeze said...

Is the whole world drinking Kool-aid?
Ya can't make this stuff up:

Bureaucrats ban peanut butter over deadly smell

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission building in Sydney's CBD has outlawed all peanut products from the building for fear an employee could go into shock and die from the fumes.

Taking the nanny state mentality to the extreme, the commission has begun erecting signs in hallways, kitchens and conference rooms declaring them a “Peanut Free Zone"....

Staff said they were “bemused" by the new rule but were prepared to obey it to save a colleague's life.

Mizz E said...

Damian Thompson is Mi Valentín.

Napolean Dynamite said...

yeah right, i could chat with like a MIILLION of them if I wanted to!

I prefer foxcoons anyway. They're probably my favorite animal.

will said...

>>Now, the phenobamenon -- being "derivative" and not from the source -- is ultimately a creator of those who created him<<

I think this was true of Hitler - who certainly was an antichrist - in that he was in some sense a creation of the Volk of Germany, to be more specific, a materialization of the shadow side of the Volk. Hitler didn't exactly create the strident nationalism existing at the time - there were nationalistic groups all over Germany, vying with one another, often violently. Hitler's gift, if you will, was his ability to bring them together under one banner, one philosophy.

It was as if Germany's nationalistic, imperialistic impulse/drive called forth a leader to make things cohesive, give it a shape, a clear meaning. In some sense then, Hitler was a thought-form, a tulpa, in Tibetan Buddhist parlance.

Of course, it helps to understand the meaning of "the Volk", which wasn't simply "the people" - it was something of a transcendent populism rooted in Teutonic folklore and myth, a mystical one-ness. I would think the Volk as it was understood then did serve as a particularly powerful conjuring agent.

Once the German people had been battered into defeat and utter disillusionment re their gods and goals, Hitler seemed to collapse into himself. Films of him in the last days of the Reich show him completely bereft of any kind of animating spirit; he was nothing but a dried out husk.

jwm said...

This election could be a re-run of 1972(Nixon v. McGovern) or 1976 (Carter vs. Ford)
In '72 the country wasn't about to hand the Vietnam war over to a hippie president. But in 1976, disgust over Nixon gave us one anyway. On the encouraging side, despite eight years of the MSM trying desperately to lynch Bush over something, he has pretty successfully starved the scandal eaters into begging for scraps. (Scooter Libby? Does anyone remember him?) I hold out some hope that the American people will vote for the grownup in November. But then again, I put my money on Mitt.


Magnus Itland said...

And I think the whole sad Hitler debacle happened because Martin Luther had all but abolished the whole monastic tradition in Germany. As C.G. Jung observed, prior to nazism as we know it there was an upwelling of pagan symbolism and archetypes in the Germanic culture. I believe this reflects a lack of "tangible" Christian spirituality. Sure, there were fascists in Spain and Italy as well, but they lacked that particular edge, the utter barbarism of the old gods of the lands, the life eaters.

Not sure how America stands in that regard. "American Gods" does not bode too well if you ask me.

Gagdad Bob said...

Taranto's take on Obama's Creepy Supporters.

Van said...

I've got to differ abit from some of the observations; I don't think Obama is laying hold to much, if any, of the 'white guilt' crowd at all.

I think he's getting a little bit of a bounce from those who are RELEIVED to not have to pretend that they like, let alone vote for, Hillary.

Obama, has deliberately avoided the JesseAl SharpieTown race bating angle, and has allowed the 'people' to energetically surge into their legitimized looting litany without having to pay any homage to their past or parents uncivil wrongs crowd whatsoever.

Watch Obama, walk, talk, gesture - I'm cracking up; for all the hacks from Gary Hart through Lurch Kerry who've tried and tried and tried to imitate the style of JFK - his jacket button fiddlin, speech cadence, finger jabbing, humor, adorable young children, Obama HAS that style without any attempt to fake it.

Obama clearly has charisma; he can deliver a speech with the best of them. Obama believes, or at least accepts without question, all of the most socialistic positions of the modern left. Obama allows all the worst in people to be dressed up in a cool, popular, energetic toothy smiled vibe, they can finally smile to each other about robbing their fellow man to get and give as many goodies as their very little hearts desire, they can finally and openly dislike the disgusting Clinton's AND the rich people and Daddy figure Conservatives.

This is a guy who enables people to feel good about avoiding reality, hoping for the best, and putting their left hand into their neighbors pocket without the slightest whiff of insincerity from their talisMan alerting them to what to the immorality of it.
They are in leftie utopian heaven.

will said...

So the question I would have re the Obama phenom is: does the American Dream include a Volk-ish shadow side, one that could possibly manifest and animate an antichrist figure?

I don't think so - the American democratic ideal is spiritually transcendent, but it never really smacked of populism, despite occasional figures like Huey Long. Our democratic ideal rests on the individual and his or her personal transcendence.

However - what if Obamamania isn't an essentially American phenom? As the American Thinker article pointed out, Obama the candidate may soon be running as essentially the World Candidate for president. Such is his superstar status in the 3rd World. The National Review even referred to him as possibly being the first "post-American" president.

And let's face it - several American generations have come of age, generations who have been taught, inculcated with the tenets of multiculturalism, diversity, etc., and whose ideals might be categorized as being post-American, global.

If BHO is an ac figure, then it might be the "World Volk" that is serving as the conjuring, catalyzing agent.

jwm said...

Van said:
They are in leftie utopian heaven.

Well and good, Van, but these idiots want to drag you and me and the whole nation along for the ride.
If for no other reason I fear this clown for his glib postion on Iraq. I have no love for any islamic nation. Nonetheless, you don't go into a country, take out a brutal dictator, promise them that you'll be there to help them rebuild, and then renege on that promise. Not if you want to have any shred of credibility left on the planet. We owe the people of Iraq our support. To abandon them would be a disaster of terrifying proportions.


Mizz E said...

And here face down beneath the sun
Here upon Earth's noonward height
To feel the always coming on
The always rising of the night:

To feel creep up the curving East
The earthy chill of dusk and slow
upon those underlands the vast
And ever climbing shadow grow

And strange at Ecbatan the trees
Take leaf by leaf the evening strange
The flooding dark about their knees
The mountains over Persia change

And now at Kermanshah the gate
Dark empty and the withered grass
And through the twilight now the late
Few travellers in the Westward pass

And Baghdad darken and the bridge
Across the silent river gone
And through Arabia the edge
of evening widen and steal on

And deepen in Palmyra's street
The wheel-rut in the ruined stone
And Lebanon fade out and Crete
High through the clouds and overblown

And over Sicily the air
Still flashing with the landward gulls
And loom and slowly disappear
The sails above the shadowy hulls

And Spain go under and the shore
Of Africa the gilded sand
And evening vanish and no more
The low pale light across that land

Nor now the long light on the sea:

And here face downward in the sun
To feel how swift how secretly
The shadow of the night comes on...

You, Andrew Marvell -- Archibald MacLeish

Van said...

JWM, sorry, didn't mean to leave it on that peppy note, but I was informed that if I didn't come to the dinner table right away, I was going to have to sit in the corner and go without for the night. I love you guys... but....

So, let me pick back up by mixing up my metaphysiphores a bit.

Obama is literally the Ideal candidate of the Leftists, a candidate of ideas without content but understood to foretell actions. What the left does, what it idealizes, is a leveling, democratizing, egalitarianism - which is to say a flattening of all hierarchies - cultural, political and conceptual. I've tried to illustrate the way the left and right deal with concepts before by comparing their thought processes with the image of the common Childs stacking toys of numerous discs, ranging from tiny to large, each with a hole through the center, half being circular, half square, and numerous round & squared posts.

The extreme leftist will tend to want to arrange them flat, perhaps by color & central hole style - the extreme conservative will want to stack them, large on the bottom ranging up to the top, with the axle through the center.

The leftist sees the rights stacking as rigid and dogmatic, the conservative sees the lefts arranging as random and chaotic. Both styles are subject to problems, perhaps the conservative over stacks his discs, but he retains a central meaning, a closeness between discs, and pyramidal shapes formed from their stacks that the leftist will never see. The leftist is able to perhaps see more of the discs surfaces, more color, more shape, but he loses nearly all relational meaning between the discs - all are separate, unintegrated and interchangeable.

Another consequence of this is that the conservative is able to gather his own central focus, his own weighty substance of thought which draws his eye and reverence upwards, either together with others, or solitarily. When he grasps and follows the Truth, it leads him hierarchically upwards even if he is the only one who sees it - he can reveal his own mountains.

The leftist, on the other hand, can only perceive weightiness through dense quantities, vast packing’s of discs upon the surface, stretching over great distances. While each disc may be interchangeable, it gains significance only by proximity to the center. Whatever is placed at the center IS the center, but since nothing in the arrangement necessitates it position there, it depends upon force and attractiveness to maintain its position.

Let me mix these metaphysiphores a little further by drawing in Gagdads image of the cone and inverted cones from the other day. The good raccoon's ideas naturally emulate and lift him towards the peak of the cone above. The leftist vital man on the other hand, having avoided the lift and erecting influence of Truth, can only seek the surface, and with their expanding expanse of flattened thought reaching critical mass, the center will begin to press and sway the surface to dip into a concave shape, the flattening pressure will force that surface to drop out into the downward pointing cone, and those people and ideas will slide and swirl towards the center like water towards a drain, and that central point will be the AC that draws them on, whether it be Adolf, or Jim Jones, Obama or anyone else.

The leftist has no ideas. I've never so realized this as I have at the Amazon site in the Liberal Fascism threads, the closest I've come in all this time to an actual argument of ideas was with a Foucault admiring post modernist who argued that Reason has no real relation to anything in reality, but its fun to play with. All others don't even make a pretense to the form of an argument, they assert, insult, chortle the party line and insult you - but never, not once, has there been an argument, or a meeting of ideas with anything but evasions. I even tried a few times to lay out an argument from their point of view - bafflement. What is worse than finding that many if not most people disagree with you, is realizing that not a one of them has an idea behind them. They only hold emotional positions they've been told that they believe, and the person who most 'clearly' sounds that belief, will draw the rest to him like a magnet.

That is what Obama is doing. And if he can ring all of their hot buttons effectively, youth, charm, easy self affirmation, free goodies, safe targets to revile, throngs willing to deny their retreat from the requirements of reality together, and of course widespread unity in absolution of visceral pleasures... then he will achieve critical mass, and the bottom will drop, and the whirlpool will be immense vortex drawing all into it. Only those who gravitate upwards towards Truth will escape it by rising upwards.

But if it is achieved, there will be blood.

Van said...

aninnymouse, if you have been reading the posts here for some length of time, hyou should realize that what you are railing about, attributing to Gagdad, is a flatland horizontalized interpretation of what is meant by 'anti-christ' here.

If you want to get a flurry of activity regarding your comments, go to a fundie site where they'll fit right in, and you and they can hurl invective back and forth at each other to your hearts content.

But here? We're all kind of looking at you and wondering, 'where'd the fundamentalist come from?'

Van said...

Will said “It was as if Germany's nationalistic, imperialistic impulse/drive called forth a leader to make things cohesive, give it a shape, a clear meaning. In some sense then, Hitler was a thought-form, a tulpa, in Tibetan Buddhist parlance.”

What I’m noticing, is that fascism seems to be, extending my previous comment, that point where all the competing ism’s: Marxism, communism, socialism, are gathered together, packed together, and are unable to move, their ‘philosophical’ differences locking elbows together and in the midst of that building tension of ‘something’s got to happen!’, in comes someone who puts forth the gist of their urges, a socialistic looting togetherness, and a discarding of those cumbersome philosophies in favor of unrestricted pragmatic Action! Focused upon and implemented through the uniting vision of a charismatic vital man of Action!

The press at the center becomes the focal point, the center of gravity, and it begins to swirl into motion, but what they interpret as progress, is in fact the drain beginning to open up and swirl sucking them down.

Fascism is a phenobamenom of ideas discarded for hyper-pragmatic action united into a communal action movement behind a charismatic leader the people see as embodying their values and desires and convincingly assuring that they are right in their uniting within him.

America, in its founding principles, is absolutely opposed to that, but as noted already, those founding principles have for several generations been de-educated out of large quantities of our population. I don’t think there’s been enough bred to reach that critical mass… yet… but… momentum is an interesting and gathering force.

Education is the only way we’ll avoid and prevent it from happening here, and, putting my doom and gloom hat on, if we don’t re-popularize an unpopular form of Education, it most certainly can and will eventually ‘happen here’.

Note the 'code pink' Berkeley obstructive protestors. Action devoid of thought - a bad business brewing.

Anonymous said...

I continue to marvel at the depth, quality and the sheer volume of your literary output, Bob. Surely you must live in a world of 120 hour days! :-)

This swooning Obama-worship of what would seem an empty suit is bizarre and curious. Note how it follows the irrational demonization of the current POTUS now seen as a figure of such mythic evil that he, George Bush, is held to have deliberately murdered thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11 as a pretext for immoral imperialist war. This is a view which is resolutely held by graduates of our most prestigious universities! That such an event would have no historical precedent and that such a purported crime would exceed the ruthless cynical evil of the purported NAZI burning of the Reichstag can not be without meaning.

I had a thought last night after reflecting upon your essay, Bob. Given the powerful projection, scapegoating and displacement poured into the demonization of George W. Bush could it be that this Obamamessiah personna is a necessary counter to fabricated evil Bush-Hilter figure (and the powerful divisive hysteria and paranoia which has accompanied the demonization of George Bush) ... sort of virtual particle and virtual anti-particle emerging from a spiritual vacuum?

Thanks again for the insight Bob!

Mike O'Malley

Anonymous said...

dilys here.

hardly what'cha'd call a coy mistress...

Ricky Raccoon said...

Obama-mania may not be so much white guilt as much as it’s a chance for leftists (of any color) to place another bumper sticker on their collective sleeve. You know, how they like to constantly tell you how better they are than you? How else are you going to know unless they tell you all the time?This is their chance to prove it...for the umpteenth time…really put their money where their mouth is. Well…eventually our money. Why this time and this candidate? Because the empty platitudes free the same people from any guilt of agreeing with him if he says the wrong thing. Because of course he hasn’t said anything. Who isn’t a champion for peace? That’s not an accomplishment. Nor is it a failure to succeed in your proposal…because there is no proposal.

When people fall in love with the slogan “change” they are always thinking of their own good version of it. Example: a leftist who is delighted that Bush’s approval rating is at an all time low, especially among conservatives, I think proves we dislike different things about the President. If we don’t mention the parts each of us has in mind, then we still agree. Twice as many agree.

julie said...

Brilliant cartoon, Dilys. Ricky, I think you may be on to something there. Looking at the rapturous faces in that photo on Drudge yesterday, they didn't strike me as expressions of white guilt expunged. Rather, they looked like people who just saw the multiculti messiah walk into the room. I don't think I've ever looked at anyone that way (except in jest, because it's hilarious), and I hope I never do, because it will mean that my brain has truly fallen out.

NoMo said...

The silent (mostly) majority will not ultimately put Obama in the Whitehouse because they are grownups (mostly) - and he is clearly not (it has little or nothing to do with race, but many will say it does). They will also not put Hillary in because they don't want Bill as first gentleman (?) - or anywhere near the oval office again (it has little to do with gender).

McCain will be the next prez because he is what the SM view as the safest ("middle"). Conservatives are out of luck this time either way, but that probably bodes very well for 2012 (you can show your true colors in 4 years, but you can't screw things up too bad).

Gee, it almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about! But, then again, I voted for Bill Clinton twice (kicking self).

Gerard said...

You know, Bob, I just knew you'd like that Golden Bough excerpt.

There's more at Bartleby. You might check it out. Just your cup of meat.

Faultline USA said...

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Anonymous said...

With respect to America’s astonishing infatuation for Presidential candidate Barack Obama, I can only relate this to America’s Furby Fad of the late 90's.

Mr.Obama in my opinion has become America’s Afro Furby “2000”. The similarities are quite amazing. Didn’t millions of adoring fans flock to their side to hear them speak? I did. Didn’t millions of Americans spend millions of dollars to support the cause? I contributed. And most significantly weren’t the messages communicated so similar?
Hope Hope oooo ahhh ch ch change ahhhh oooo hope hope. oooooo ahhhh.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy, a fur-bee. I think the furbees at least were warm and fuzzy compared to cold and calculating.

It still amazes me how you stupid liberal morons allowed yourselves to be mezmorized into falling for this man of no substance. How could people be so blind and stupid??? Just wait until the veil is lifted and you realize the emperor has no clothes! America will never be the same. Are you ready to become the next USSR? That's what you wanted, isn't it? Obama is insane! Just like Hitler!! Will Whitey be the next Jew to be exterminated?

Outland Dave said...

His administration is on poor footing. The whole supporting of
death-loving homosexuality and
abortion puts him squarely in the
anti-life, physical gratification
The question is: do we need self-
restraint? Do we need to share a
moral code? The reason for sharing
a code is this: I don't what you
to have to be on guard about me
and my actons. I
don't want to have to be on my guard with regard to you and your actions; we should have a mutually-
peaceable kingdom, as we share the
same moral code.

Outland Dave