Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Chaosmos

A haikoon:

not six feet from me
the berserkus is in town
who could blog today?


Mizz E said...

Good gawd. Is that 3 two year olds I see?
Well, their morale looks extremely high, greatly intimidating their wranglers of course.

Gagdad Bob said...

To be exact, Future Leader is 2 yrs 7 mos, while the cousin on whom he is about to pounce will be 7 in December, assuming he survives the attack.

NoMo said...

That kind of chaosmos beats bloggin' every time. ENJOY!

Smoov said...

Children frolicing - one of the true joys in life - simultaneously cuts through all of our convoluted coonosophizing, yet there is Lila! So direct.

Kids live in a dream, but one which is so much more real than the flat degraded smudge the materialists refer to as their "Theory of Everything".

Pictures like that one have the *blink* effect of instantly raising one's spirits. Lot's going on, deep down.

ximeze said...

Hee Hee Looks like fun!

Interesting follow-up today on AT to the "The Godless Delusion" (Bruce Walker) article of last week: "The Nazis and Christianity"

Lots of gems that mirror OC themes & the stuff we try to get across to our, umm, secular vistors.

"Weimar Germany largely had abandoned Christianity and increasingly was embracing hedonism, Marxism and paganism. There, decline of Christianity in Germany led directly to the rise of Nazism."


"Dorothy Thompson wrote on October 17, 1938 that National Socialism, like Communism, was a secular religion and that until that was understood, then nothing about Nazism and Communism made sense."

Mr Walker lists his sources: items written contemporaneous with the rise of the movement, by people who were THERE, not reconstitutions or deconstructions made decades after the events.

Oh goodie, primary sources to pad the reading list. Gotta say I love Inter-Library-Loans. Now there's a great use of tax-payer $$$.

Anonymous said...

The little girl watching the boys is our next door neighbor, Maia. She's had a very civilizing influence on our wild beast of a boy and is 2 yrs 9 mos.

The guys had such a great time together. But how do you parents of more than one survive more than a day of this level of chaos and activity?! I'm truly in awe and glad others can do it.

Mrs. G

Webutante said...

With two under two and only fourteen months apart, I often look back and wonder how in the world did we do it? But somehow we do do (no pun intended) it, one hour of sleep at a time. It's a cliche, but enjoy it cause they do grow up so fast and then they're pouncing on each other on Wall Street and other such venues.

Robin Starfish said...

our favorite band
free riffing children
play anything goes

julie said...

Everybody needs
happy pandemonium
every now and then

walt said...

Ximeze -

Thanks for the heads-up re the article on Nazis/Christians at AT. Good follow-on to his previous one the other day.

In the last paragraph, he wrote:
"Now, the atheist response to this is that the Nazis believed in some sort of non-Christian metaphysical system..."

Recently, Bob wrote a post based on a brief interview with Louis Pauwels. In the late '60's, Pauwels and a French physicist named Jaques Bergier authored a book titled Morning of the Magicians, which is still in print. The authors devoted several chapters to just exactly what Hitler's "metaphysics" consisted of -- in case anyone is interested.

joseph said...

There is another fine contemporary book on the Nazis, etc. called "Germany in Peril". It comes to many of the same conclusions. It's actually available for free download, I believe.

River Cocytus said...

Well, some atheists feel need to lump all 'theists' together, so while it isn't right it is understandable that the same happens the other way around.

The problem is that often Atheism is 'A theism waiting to happen'.

That's what it is short for.

Well, I made that up, but I think it is true. What of it, then?

Ricky Raccoon said...

Point seven plus two
Infinity and beyond
Stand by for lift off

Five four three two one
Full power Mr Sulu
Steady as she goes

Open pod bay doors
Mrs G to ground control
She can’t take much more

Joan of Argghh! said...


Life is good.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Let's get ready to ruuummmble! :^)

Mrs. G said:
"But how do you parents of more than one survive more than a day of this level of chaos and activity?!"

That's a good question, Mrs. G..
Those years are a blur to me now, for the most part.
Hmmm...actually, they were a blur to me then, also.
Let's just say it gets easier...and harder. :^)

Never look too far ahead or you'll be overwhelmed. Stick with the daily
Have fun, make judicial use of the "calming effect" weapon, and
for God's sake, keep them away from too much sugar if you wish to remain sane. Ha ha!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks for the link, Ximeze!
I'm gonna check it out.

Anonymous said...

God's footsteps can be traced
Seen in the smile of an Angels face
Felt in the need of thier warm imbrace
The essence of a fragrance you can taste
Leading to the horizon of time and space
Those footsteps will never be erased,

debass said...

Bob had a book in the sidebar called "Modern Facism" by Vieth, I think. It is an excellent source to understand the similarities between the left now and in the 1930s.
Essentially, if WWII hadn't ended, the Christians were next to be exterminated.

Coonified said...

A reminiscence
passionate myopia
fresh earth raised again

Behold--the light flashes
hypnotized: it's calling me
myopia dies

awareness rising
shifting sands beat at the heart
the surgeon enters

word takes over
soon to be remembering
home is heaven found...uh...again?

Wished I could do something more than write dumb hiakus every now and then, but most of the time I really have nothing to add to whats already been said. Your overflowing Bob, and one of the sanest people I know. Thks.

stevesh said...

UnSurprised By Joy!

Susannah said...

Ah, now that's a scene I can relate to.

Two under two, though--I've never done that. My hat's off to Webutante.

It's always amazed me how you could strip a room almost bare, stick the kids in it, and somehow they would find amusements in it. Child's play--it's a constant in the universe.

Van said...