Sunday, October 28, 2007

Around the Cosmos in 100 Words

I notice on Amazon that they have a function that gives you the most common 100 words in the book's text.

Being that I have far more important things to avoid, I tried a little experiment, that is, writing the whole book with just those 100 words. So this is the coondensed version, for Raccoons with insufficient timelessness to read the whole thing.


.... First, God really does exist, real spiritual fact.

Thus, universe, mind, space, time, physics, reason, form, everything possible.

Whole/part. Two exist!

Material world, rather, process system.

Means consciousness must order things. Seems matter may even actually experience itself: Nature-->Life-->Man.

Science. Knowledge. Religion. Meaning.

Years point toward another true thought between human brain, Self existence.

People different culture/state cannot see own problem parasites.

Should understand past history, know reality!

Great kind individual cosmic beings come, take upon body, able simply say truth according divine language.

Sense cosmos! Without words, something beyond book. Evolution end now. Nothing new....


Ricky Raccoon said...

I still heart it.

walt said...

Pure Gagdaddian dialect!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

The coondensed version...just add grog and it makes perfect sense!

dougman said...

I'm wondering what the 100 most common words in the comment section would reveal.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Dougman! Long time no see.
Good question.

dougman said...

Hey Ben,
I'm being kept extremely busy.
Good news though, we're still together as a family and moving into a three bedroom apartment.
I just popped in for a few drinks from the well before getting back to packing.
See ya!

NoMo said...

Oh, man. I'm not quite finished with the book(s l o w r e a d e r) - now you've given away the ending. Oh wait, it's the beginning...

Sigh - what a nice Sunday treat.

Smoov said...


I'm wondering what the 100 most common words in the comment section would reveal

To the uninitiated, it would appear that we are zooligists with special expertise in Procyon lotor, who dig cool music and rap about God...

Van said...

For those without time to read the full 100 word version, there's the Cliff's Notes:
All is one.
You can know it in your heart. You can discover it with your mind. With both Together, you can realize the One Truth is Good and Beautiful and a Joyce to bewholed.
As above, so below, and so it goes... and all that jazz.

Alan McCann said...

One Cosmos by Yoda!

I love it!!!!

Robin Starfish said...

put on holy slacks
calculate optimum stride
walk the big spiral