Friday, October 05, 2007

Another Inspiraling Circle 'Round the Radiant Center

Well, let's see. I've been blah-blah-blogging now for exactly two years today. Originally it was with the purpose of pimplicizing my book, since I couldn't think of bitter way to sell my soul. It must have worked, because I'm happy to report that the book has been a commercial failure instead of an outright catastrophe.

Still, it's pretty obvious that Petey will never become a household gnome, except O-->(k)sionally for us Brothers & Sisters Under the Pelt. But that's fine. The Secret Protects Itself, even if my book is such a secret that few will always judge it undercover. Nevertheless, if you want to get the blog a birthday present and yourself an indulgence, you might consider finally ordering the damn book to see if we can get it back into the top 100,000 on amazon. Who knows, you might even get the new corrected (with the invaluable assistance of Ricky Raccoon) edition. (An even better idea, and it's free -- just post a positive review on amazon... don't do it for me, of course, but to assist in our internet reacharound for the lost tribe of Raccoons.)

It's not easy being a windepundent theoconservative gliberal fascistic mystic, except maybe for me. I have a pretty good nous, but the only other one I can sniff of offhound is Roy Masters. I immediately alienate half my potential audience because of my bobnoxious politics, even though there's not really any pollutics littering the book. And ninety percent of the other majority of the potential audience will be put off by the mysticism and supraformal neo-traditionalist approach, leaving only the small remnant of Cosmic Raccoons -- who often don't even know they're Raccoons until they accidentally stumble upon the blog. They know they are something -- something different -- but they just don't know what.

Nor do I. Which is why I suppose I keep blogging, now that the failure of the book is assured. In short, the blog too has now taken on a death of its own, as I use it to discover what I don't think about this and especially that. Interestingly, I don't generally use it to coonvey what I know -- or think I know -- since that would rapidly become boring, just the sleepy trancemission of information from one mind to another. More empty shunyada yada yada. I don't know all that much anywuwei. Rather, I generally use the blog to extend into the unKnown -- to go deep see fleshing in the weird word of O and cast a neural net into the dark waters. You know, provoid a little finite form to the formless infinite void.

As I jewst menschened, if I were a garden-variety new-age mean-green spiraling integralist, soiling books would be as easy as selling magic to a moonbat. I mean, if Deepak Chopra can do it, who couldn't? How many ways can you rewrite the The Sellobscene Profitsy, anyway? That whowel movement prides itself on being the cutting edge of cosmic evolution, but I find it all so aphallingly intellectually flaccid and soph-impotent. What it really does is make advaitanced spirituality loser-fiendly to those on the bleating edge of cosmic narcissism. It gives circumnavelgazing a fad name.

I don't know much, but that I do know. I know it, for example, because none of the psychologists they habitually name-check are on my list of deep thinkers. And if they do cite a more profound thinker, they usually twist the teaching into a form suitable to their narrow grandiosity. None of them are familiar with Bion, Matte Blanco, or modern psychoanalysis in general. The only exception I know of is A. A. Almaas, who has an excellent grasp of the scope of modern psychoanalysis, but whose application of it is rather shallow and new-agey.

While I do believe it is necessary to reframe perennial religious truths in a way that modern people can grasp, I part ways with the integralists in imagining that we are somehow higher or more evolved than our illustrious predecessors. Name any contemporary integralist, and they simply cannot match the depth of spirituality found in representatives of authentic traditions, whether it is a Shankara, an Eckhart or a Maimonides. Each of these men looked directly at truth from a different angle, but I find that the new-agers merely look at the illustrious lookers from a single angle, so to speak. But there is already enough profundity in any given tradition to last a lifetime, in such a way that each seeker will find his reward in accordance with the intensity and sincerity of his aspiration, in concert with the grace which flows through that channel.

I was just reading yesterday about Shankara, the most important philosopher-mystic-theologian-sage in the history of India. What Radhakrishnan wrote of him could apply equally to what is needed today:

"A creative thinker of the first rank, Shankara entered into the philosophic inheritance of his age, and reinterpreted it with special reference to its needs.... The different theistic sects were practicing rites in support of which they could cite some text or other. It was a critical period in the history of the Hindu nation, when there was a general sense of weariness with the wrangling sects. The age needed a religious genius who was unwilling to break with the past and yet open to the good influences of the new creeds, one who could stretch the old moulds without breaking them and synthesize the warring sects on a broad basis of truth, which would have room for all men of all grades of intelligence and culture. Shankara 'set to music' the tune which had been haunting millions of ears, and announced [his philosophy] as offering a common basis for religious unity" (Radhakrishnan, emphasis mine).

If the integralists and "evolutionary" thinkers are too far left, then -- at least for me -- Schuon and the traditionalist school are a bit too far right. Although the traditionalists are far more profound than the integralists, I just don't see how the movement can ever appeal to people on a widespread basis. Therefore, the neo-traditionalist mission of the Transdimensional Order of the Friendly Sons & Daughters of the Cosmic Raccoon. I guess I tried to explain this gnocturnal O-mission in my first post:

Q: We don't need another blog. Why are you inflicting your beastly opinions on us?

A: To those of you who are new to this site, join the club, as I am still in the process of trying to understand the author's intention. For surely, there are already far too many books and blogs, with no way any human being could ever assimilate the information contained therein. Actually, the problem we face is how to relate all of this fragmented and sometimes contradictory knowledge into a coherent picture of our world -- to move from mere knowledge, to understanding, to wisdom.

I am a clinical psychologist with a background in psychoanalysis, and, like Shrinkwrapped, Dr. Sanity, and other Uncle Fromms, will attempt to "put the world on the couch," so to speak. If you can detach yourself somewhat and try to "hover" above it, the news of the day may be regarded as the free associations of a very troubled patient called Homo sapiens. This collective patient, now about 40,000 years old (before that we were genetically Homo sapiens but not particularly human), has many sub-personalities of varying levels of emotional maturity, and one of his problems is that these different aspects of his personality are constantly at war with one another, which tends to drag down the more mature parts.

You could almost go so far as to say that this collective patient suffers from the kind of severe splitting and "acting out" characteristic of Multiple Personality Disorder. One of my axioms is that geographical space reflects developmental time, so that different nations and countries embody different levels of psychological maturity. In this regard, the Islamic world bottoms out the scale at the moment, but there are obviously low levels of development living parasitically within the context of higher levels. We call this the psycho-spiritual "left."

More broadly, what I hope to emphasize is an appreciation of the "vertical" dimension of human history, culture and politics. For example, historians typically view history in a horizontal manner, leading from past, to present, to future. Likewise, we divide our political mindscape in a horizontal fashion, from left to right. However, as in a great novel or film, the "horizontal" plot is merely a device to express the artist's greater intention (the theme), which can only be found in a vertical realm, by standing "above" the plot.

Every patient who comes into therapy is the star of an emotion picture that isn't going quite right. They will spend the first few sessions telling you the plot, but soon the analyst will be aware of a vertical dimension where the true but unKnown "author" of the plot lies. And lies. And lies. This is called the unconscious. However, this is just one realm of the vertical. Spirituality is also located on the vertical plane, both very low (as in jihad or human sacrifice) and high (such as genuine mysticism).

Q: Why "One Cosmos?"

A: The title of the blog is taken from my book, One Cosmos Under God: The Unification of Matter, Life, Mind and Spirit. You might say that the book tries to follow the vertical thread that runs through the entire cosmos, ultimately uniting us with our source. That thread runs through physics, biology, psychology, religion, history, anthropology, art, and much more, and yet, it is somehow all One.

Perhaps the central theme of both book and blog is that the frontiers of knowledge and understanding lay not in the further extension of various fields and subspecialties, but in the borderland between them. Around 40,000 years ago, our patient, Homo sapiens, began splintering into its diverse parts, but underneath all of the bewildering diversity is a vertical unity that this blog will attempt to illuminate in various ways. For the key to growth is understanding ourselves, both individually and collectively. Without it, we remain a child forever.

Q: Who are you, anyway?

A: Clinical psychologist Robert Godwin is an extreme seeker and off-road spiritual aspirant who has spent no less than one lifetime in search of the damn key to the world enigma. A high school graduate at just seventeen and a-half, Dr. Godwin attended business school until the vagaries of academic probation and expulsion led him to pursue other missed opportunities. Capitalizing on a natural ability to simultaneously enjoy movies and lower his expectations, Godwin eventually earned a film degree in just four terms (Ford/Carter and parts of Nixon/Reagan). Initially denied admission to graduate school because of "inadequate" academic preparation (their words), Holy Happenstance intervened in the nick of time, and Dr. Godwin went on to obtain two advanced degrees in psychology without allowing it to interfere with his education or with ongoing spiritual research conducted in his suburban liberatoreum. Lengthy periods there of higher bewilderment and intense non-doing resulted in important advances in egobliteration and karmannihilation. At the same time, Dr. Godwin spent many years searching and researching for his book, only to conclude that it did not exist, and that if he wanted to read it, he would have to write it. Having now read it a number of times, he is happy to share that burden with a wider audience of fertile eggheads interested in peering behind the annoying veil that separates them from ultimate reality.

Q: Why the spiritual mumbo-jumbo?

I don't think it's healthy to orient your life around politics 24/7, as does the secular left, for which politics is their substitute religion. Politics must aim at something that isn't politics, otherwise, what's the point? Politics just becomes a cognitive system to articulate your existential unhappiness. Again, this is what leftists do -- everything for them is politicized.

One of the general purposes of this blog is to try to look at politics in a new way -- to place the day-to-day struggle of politics in a much wider historical, evolutionary, and even cosmic context. History is trying to get somewhere, and it is our job to help it get there. However, that "somewhere" does not lay within the horizontal field of politics, but beyond it. Thus, politics must not only be grounded in something that isn't politics, but aim at something that isn't politics either.

This is not an abstract, impractical or esoteric notion. The ultimate purpose of politics should be to preserve the radical spiritual revolution of the American founders, so that humans may evolve inwardly and upwardly -- not toward a manifest destiny but an unmanifest deustiny.

For example, when we say that politics must be grounded in something that isn't politics, we are simply reflecting the philosophy at the heart of the American revolution, that the sacred rights of mankind, as expressed by Alexander Hamilton, are written in human nature "by the hand of Divinity itself, and can never be erased by mortal power." In short, human beings possess a "spiritual blueprint" that is antecedent to politics, and which it is the task of politics to protect, preserve and nurture.

But not for its own sake. The founders, who were steeped in Judeo-Christian metaphysics, did not believe in mere license, which comes down to meaningless freedom on the horizontal plane. Rather, they believed that horizontal history had a beginning and was guided by a purpose, and that only through the unfolding of human liberty could that "vertical" purpose be achieved. Our founders were progressive to the core, but unlike our contemporary reactionary and anti-evolutionary leftists, they measured progress in relation to permanent standards that lay outside time -- metaphorically speaking, an eschatological "Kingdom of God," or "city on a hill," drawing us toward it. Without this nonlocal telos, the cosmos can really have no frontiers, only edges. Perhaps this is why the left confuses truth with "edginess."

Liberty -- understood in its spiritual sense -- was the key idea of the founders. This cannot be overemphasized. According to Michael Novak (from whose book some of the above quotes were also taken), liberty was understood as the "axis of the universe," and history as "the drama of human liberty." Thomas Jefferson wrote that "the God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time." It was for this reason that Jefferson chose for the design of the seal of the United States Moses leading the children of Israel out of the death-cult of Egypt, out of the horizontal wasteland of spiritual bondage, into the open circle of a higher life. America was quite consciously conceived as an opportunity to "re-launch" mankind after such an initial 100,000 years or so of disappointment, underachievement, and spiritual stagnation.

Although it may sound slightly heretical, without human liberty, the Creator is helpless to act in the horizontal. This does not diminish the Creator but exalts him, for a moment's reflection reveals that an intimation of our spiritual freedom absolutely belies any mere material explanation found within the horizontal confines of history. For ours is an inwardly mobile cosmos, and as the philosopher of science Stanley Jaki writes, our free will brings us "face to face with that realm of metaphysical reality which hangs in midair unless suspended [vertically] from that Ultimate Reality, best called God, the Creator."

Tip O’Neill is evidently responsible for the cliché that “All politics is local.” The greater truth is that all politics is nonlocal, meaning that outward political organization rests on a more fundamental, “inner” ground that interacts with a hierarchy of perennial and timeless values. Arguments about the surface structure of mundane political organization really have to do with whose nonlocal values will prevail, and the local system that will be established in order to achieve those nonlocal values.


Van said...

"Interestingly, I don't generally use it to coonvey what I know -- or think I know -- since that would rapidly become boring, just the sleepy trancemission of information from one mind to another. More empty shunyada yada yada. I don't know all that much anywuwei. Rather, I generally use the blog to extend into the unKnown -- to go deep see fleshing in the weird word of O and cast a neural net into the dark waters. You know, provoid a little finite form to the formless infinite void."

I love being able to catch a glimpse of Words roaming about in the wild.

Happy Blogday!!!

Lisa said...

Cool, the terrible twos! Happy Blogday!!! May you go higher in the spiral each year....

Adopting a dog today from the South Central pound. I've named him Willis. Hope to send pics soon. Still miss Pinky terribly but know in my heart she is happy with another family. Missing my life without a dog and Willis actually picked me at the pound. How could I say no? He has a bum leg right now but hopefully won't need surgery, it just looks cut and bruised but he won't walk on it too much, additional prayers from coons will definitely help! ;)

Hoping the funk will lift...

So, Will, don't get creeped out. I named him after the character from Different Strokes as I name all my pets after tv characters but I'm also glad he is partly your namesake too! ;) Did you make the move yet?

Gecko said...

Happy Coonday Coonfidels and ever so much gratitude to Gagdad for the laughs, growth, and inspiration you give daily.

walt said...

Happy (as Petey said to me) Cooniversary! Having personally toyed with posting something on a regular basis, I know that 2 years (!) is not Trivial Pursuit!

How "neat" that you can look backwards to the beginning and see that your intentions held true, and that what you perceived then is still relevant and spot on today. That is no small accomplishment by itself!

And my goodness: the laughs! Your first post set out your intentions for the blog, but who would have guessed the sheer good cheer that you'd weave into all those to follow? You were recently chided for "...the thoughts of a being wrapped in frustration and anger at ... it doesn't matter at "what", only that it is unresolved..." But I am here to testify: "I don't think so!" Rather, I detect a certain "lightness of being."

In every rock concert, there's some guy in the crowd, yelling at the performer, "Get on with it!" Well?

Thanks, Bob!

Ricky Raccoon said...

Happy B-day Dr. Bob!
I’ve been here reading and enjoying in between sneezes and coughs. Had a cold recently and a swamped horizontal. Sort of a general cold, swampy feeling. Maybe you’ve got something on the shelf or some samples…
Anyway, I haven’t chimed in here and there like the good ol’ days to come. But, present and accounted for. Just haven’t made it down for breakfast or the guest book.

River Cocytus said...

'ndeed, raccoons. Happy second cycle around the sOn for this blog. Thanks Bob, for inspiring some minds to think more deeply about all things.

WV sez: aktmlpwb!

By the way, you are probably the first thinker I've ran into, whom understands the connect between America - the nation and its goals - and the goals of genuine spirituality. Most either think that spirituality is a nice tonic but we should really work on prosperity and such, or that since spirituality is the goal, we must forsake all things 'of the world' and find that America is essentially evil, parasitic, or at least a clueless fluke, and so forth. Neither are qualified to reasonably opine on what America really is or where it should go.

Mizz E said...

[E]ach seeker will find his reward in accordance with the intensity and sincerity of his aspiration, in concert with the grace which flows through that channel.

Bob, everyday for the past 14 months I have not missed reading the bobservations. They have opened my eyes wider than I could have imagined. If someone had told me 6 months ago, "you will be confirmed in the Catholic faith and in September you will move to Temple and live in a house with aluminum siding,'" I would have said "you're out of your friggin' mind". But here I am, in Coontentville. It's been a loooonnnnnngg and winding road up out of the swamp and onto the hill of my dreams. Thanks for offering the leg up.

Today's post gets printed out and included in a copy of the updated book and sent to friends for no occasion at all, except I love em.

Happy BlogBirth-Day!

Bob F. said...

Disregard this message

julie said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Bob! I'm late to the party today, so everyone's pretty much said what I would have (and, as usual, they say it better anyway). All I can add is that, between you and the lost tribe of Raccoons, my life has been made immeasurably more vertical.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

bob, happy b'day. i'm new to your blog via my brother and have been soaking it up like a sponge ever since. i didn't know i was a racoon, but i knew something was up. seeing those dark circles under my eyes from late night wrestling matches each morning should have been a clue.

i am going to get your book. sorry to hear its a commercial bomb, but if Paris Hilton is the measure of commercial success, then thank your lucky stars. the diamonds are always found underground, anyway.

--A.T. in L.A.

ximeze said...

Coongrats for Blogday! the small remnant of Cosmic Raccoons salute thee

24 months.... hey, does that mean you can now officially blame bobnoxious political bobservations(not!) on your inner Clever Cave-kid?

Look out Mrs G..... TWO of them, together, of the testostertype...... oh dear.....

Coongrats too to Lisa & Willis!
Of course he picked you, Lisa. You guys can heal each-other. Looking forward to lots of pics & stories.

Speaking of 'obviously low levels of development living parasitically within the context of higher levels', (what could describe better our Looniversitys?)

frontline insurgent Warrior working to counter Whackademic brainwashing by the psycho-spiritual "left":

David Horowitz will be on "In Depth" for 3 hrs this Sunday: 12-3 ET on CSPAN2. has the replay schedule

ximeze said...

AT in LA: welcome!

Ya might get a coonskin cap to go with that book... yer gonna need something to hold on to... I find that tail mighty handy.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...


WAIT...okay, I finally got the caps lock unlocked. Looks like some jerky was stuck in there (or somethin'. Kinda hard to tell).

Coongratulations to Lisa and Willis for finding each other!

I will join the blog party festivities as soon as I find somethin' Patti accidently threw away in the garbage.
That's right...I'm gettin' trashed.

But I'll be back, to join in the festivus for the restivus, as soon as I find the missing object, and clean up (I promise to use soap this time).

River Cocytus said...

Bob, this is an interesting article regarding Christopher Hitchens. Found: The 'perfect' nonreligious family. Problem: Their son went to war to fight for liberty and died. The double problem: Chris Hitchens was the man who inspired him to do so.

Every decision we have has ramifications. His choice to support war for liberty is something he'll have to deal with.

The anti-war types will never have to deal with this - the ultimate cowards.

Susannah said...


I'm so glad you are still at it. :)

Gagdad Bob said...

Any mischevious Raccoons know how to edit Wikipedia? As a cosmic hoot, I'd like to list my name there under "Notable Alumni" from my high school. You know, "Robert Godwin, Author, One Cosmos Under God; Founder, Transdimensional Order of the Friendly Sons & Daughers of the Cosmic Raccoon."

Who knows, maybe Heather Graham will start returning my calls.

walt said...

At the top of your linked page, there is a link in the right hand corner asking "Do you want to contribute to Wiki?" Click that, and it'll tell you how to set up an account (similar to Blogger) and then you can do your nefarious deed!

debass said...

Happy B-day.

tsebring said...

Bob...happy cooniversary!! This blog is the only place where I can get a true, big-picture cycle-analysis of the human race, and read the collected whizzdom of the rest of the Cooniversal brotherhood (Coon and the Gang?). I'm seriously wanting to give the writings of Shuon, Eckhart, Bion, Aribindo, etc. a try. Better than reading Slime, Newsweak, and US Noose and World Retorts, or watching CNN (Cadaverous Noisome Network). And you have definitely inherited the King of Pun mantle from Joyce. Keep blogging, and don't let the trolls bite (remember they turn to stone in the sunlight).

River Cocytus said...

Sciam has a very telling article. Here is the point of ridiculousness (it gets better after this):

Persinger thus argues that religious experience and belief in God are merely the results of electrical anomalies in the human brain. He opines that the religious bents of even the most exalted figures—for instance, Saint Paul, Moses, Muhammad and Buddha—stem from such neural quirks. The popular notion that such experiences are good, argues Persinger in his book Neuropsychological Bases of God Beliefs (Praeger Publishers, 1987), is an outgrowth of psychological conditioning in which religious rituals are paired with enjoyable experiences. Praying before a meal, for example, links prayer with the pleasures of eating. God, he claims, is nothing more mystical than that.

This is not unlike, for instance, claiming that the 'table' part of the brain was located; when people claim to be touching tables certain parts of the brain are active... but no two people have the exact same brain activity when touching these so-called tables...

If tables were invisible, that's the horsecrap we'd be getting. Proof of the invisible God, indeed.

Some might say that epileptics responding to religious stuff more readily is proof of demonic activity. Can't say I know either way. It is possible. Still, despite the load of bull in there it's still worth reading.

call me Fishmeal said...

Honestly Bob, and no offense, but you think too much. Try writing a post containing nothing but your emotions, uninflected by your mind except the thoughts needed to organize the expression into writing.

There be monsters there but please just try it and post the result. It should be interesting.

lil kimmee said...

Some popular books were not successful in the lifetime of the author. Walt Whitman's volume of poetry "Leaves of Grass" is an example. So is Melville's "Moby Dick."

Give it 100 yar and then call it a wash. Too soon to say that now.

Gagdad Bob said...


My emotions are none of my business.

Gagdad Bob said...

Oh what the heck, here goes.

I just had some ice cream, so I'm not hungry.

Now I'm sleepy.....

That's about it.

Men are very uncomplicated.

Good night!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Why is it that stuff mistakedly thrown away (by wives)(not that I'm pointing any fingers here) happens to reside in the last trash bag searched?

I even tried to counter this phenomenon by searching the last bag first.

Or, I should say the bag I searched first would've been the bag I searched last had I not tried my preemptive (last) bag search, which would've worked, too, had I been able to shield my thoughts from myself in time (and space).

I dunno. Probably a formula or somethin' for it, I reckon.
River and Van probably know what it is, but can't possibly explain it to me (in understandable terms).

Dilys would make me link to get an answer, and Petey won't spill the beans, unless you call talkin' like a Sphinx (on metaphysical steroids) an answer.

All I want to know, in case this happens again (waittaminnit! I'm married! Of course it'll happen again!), is: how do I beat the "system?"

I now return you to the regularly sceduled Blogiversity party.

Bob? This isn't a BYOG (bring your own grog) party, is it?
Cut me some slack, I was attacked by a herd of deer (one does constitute a herd, right?). :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Wait Bob! Don't go to sleep yet!
Bob! Booob!

Damn! Okay, who spiked Bob's ice cream? And who else has some grog I can borrow?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Geez! Thanks a lot, fish chum!
Who let her in here anyway?

jwm said...

Holy Cow, two years of One Cosmos. I would be two years older now if I had found OC or not. But the web goes back farther.
I remember when Rush was first getting popular. I was teaching high school, and everyone was moaning about this right wing buffoon on the radio. So I turned on his show. Wait a minute. This guy is no buffoon he made sense. From Rush to Mr. KFI to Hugh Hewitt, to Larry Elder, and finally to Dennis Prager. After 9/11 I turned to Prager as the only person in the world I trusted to make sense of what had happened, and was now happening. From Prager to Charles Johnson to Gagdad Bob. To the Raccoons. All knots in the web of coincidence, and all ultimately to bring me to the path of Faith, and put me at the doorstep of a greater wisdom.
...wasn't there a line somewhere about working in mysterious ways or something?
Thank you, Bob, for the effort you've put forth here. It has made a huge difference in my life. Especially this last year.


hoarhey said...

Happy Birthday Bob, and thanks.

will said...

Congratulations on the grim milestone of two years. Of course it's not grim at all, I just like getting all fashionably severe.

Here's hoping the posts keep coming until the end of time, which might be soon enough.

And speaking of that - One Cosmos, book and blog, exist now as archetype, in my humble estimation. Non-locally speaking, they radiate positive influence, far and wide.

Lisa, I'm creeped out that you did NOT name your new dog after me. And the move is sort of like Creation itself, never-ending, always giving birth. Thanks for asking.

Webutante said...

Great post, Bob, and happy, prosperous cooniversay!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Will said:
"Here's hoping the posts keep coming until the end of time, which might be soon enough."

Now that's definitely fashionably severe. :^)

Anonymous said...

Two years of tormenting leftists, islamists and calvinists. Three categories that can't stand liberty.


Smoov said...


Lisa said...

Thanks for all the well wishes, Ximeze, Ben, Will. I picked him up yesterday fresh from a neuter with his satellite crown on. He is just starting to perk up today. He has a cut on his leg and limps around on the other 3. What can I say, I have a weakness for misfits?!

Ok, you got me, Will...Willis is named after you! Now that our love is having to endure an even farther distance, I could not go on alone or is it allone? I also want to say, "Whatchoo barkin bout, Willis?" but so far he has been silent...More proof of God's wacky sense of humor...