Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winks, Links, Finks, and Shrinks

First, a bit of denkeeping. I hope no one ever feels obligated to defend me from the angry/loony trolls. I generally leave their comments up for the amusement they provide, since the tension between what a person knows and what he thinks he knows is one of the classic sources of comedy. I generally only delete comments that are so completely stupid that they aren't even funny, along with those that are so crude or vicious that they cast an unfair reflection on leftists and new-agers everywhere.

Some understandably weary readers have requested that I immediately delete the comments of those who obviously don't get what is going on here, because they merely drag down the dialogue in entirely predictable ways. But that usually just inflames them further. There is something about troll-nature that just can't handle being spurned. It actually encourages them, in the manner of the mental patient who is addicted to the "bad object."

I certainly hope I am never a "public figure." If I am, it won't be my fault. I have a feeling that if it ever happens, it won't be because of the small number of people who enjoy what I have to say but because of those who detest it, but, for whatever reason, cannot stay away. In fact, that might be an interesting topic for a post. Looking back at my own life -- I'm thinking this through for the first time -- there are certain people to whom I was mysteriously drawn that I couldn't stand at the time, and yet, couldn't keep away from -- people who actually got me very irritated and annoyed -- but whom I now revere. Didn't C.S. Lewis call it the "hound of heaven?" I am guessing that most Raccoons know that hound and originally recoiled from it, in keeping with our terrestrial "lower raccoon" nature; and yet, we remained engaged with it.

Bion talks about subjects and the links between them. To a certain extent, if you truly understand this concept, it is all you will ever need to know of psychoanalysis and of mind parasites. Our minds are linked to other minds by L, H, or K: love, hate, or knowledge (a desire to know). Take the common example of the child who is abused or mistreated by his parents. In order to maintain the L link -- his lifeline to the world -- he will have to split off the frustrating, disappointing, and depressing aspects of the relationship, and dispatch them to what is called the unconscious.

It is incorrect to say that we merely repress experiences, or emotions, or thoughts. Rather, what we specifically repress is the relationship -- which consists of a subject, an object, and the link between them. Importantly, because of the nature of unconscious logic, the person can identify with either pole of the relationship -- i.e., he can become the child toward the parent, or he can turn things around and become the punishing parent in relation to his own externalized child-self.

Thus, for example, the abused child is naturally enraged at his parent. This emotion is too dangerous and upsetting to contemplate, so an unconscious "object relationship" is formed between an angry subject and a hated object. However, the relationship is hardly forgotten. Rather, it is relived again and again through substitute objects later in life. This explains the mystery -- which isn't really a mystery -- of why people are hypnotically drawn to people who frustrate or abuse them. They think they are seeking an L-link, when it is really the mind parasite looking to live out the unconscious H-link. However, an H-link can at times conceal a hidden K-link or even an L-link. (Ask Mrs. G. to tell the story of how we met, and about her initial impressions of me. Let us just say that a passionate H-Link was aroused, to such an extent that it induced abominal distress. In short, she wanted to vomit. That was almost 23 years ago, since which time the nausea has gradually passed.)

I am reminded of Dennis Prager, who mentioned one day that he occasionally googles his name to read the sort of passionately hateful and distorted things people say about him. One day his young son was with him and read some of the comments. Naturally, he was astounded and a bit disturbed. "Dad, they're talking about you? That's not you." There was an object lesson involved, however, as Prager wanted his son to know that people say all sorts of crazy things, but that it didn't bother him. It was if they were talking about someone else. Except not "as if." The person has a passionate link to Prager, no doubt. Except they think it is is a K-link, when it is actually an H-link. Or, you might say that it is a "hateful K" link. The person forges a link between themselves and Prager with hateful knowledge about him, but it's all fantasy.

Only I and those who know me (and many readers know me remarkably well without ever having met) can understand the extent to which some of the over-the-top comments about me are detached from reality -- an H-link masquerading as a K-link for whatever unconscious reason: cult leader surrounded by needy and anus-hooked jackals, misogynist, Most Obnoxious Man in America, self-serving, polemical, intolerant, partisan hack, crusher of dissent, seeker of blind adulation, egomaniac, authoritarian, self-styled "minor deity," fascist, and not really spiritual because I don't "turn the other cheek" (which has to be oddest one, since I rarely bother to respond to these wild mischaracterizations, and if I do, it's just to make fun of them. Sorry, but for a Raccoon, light-hearted ridicule is the other cheek).

The passion behind these characterizations is quite extraordinary. Obviously I touch a nerve. Of course, if I respond at all, I am then hypersensitive. You have to laugh. What am I supposed to do, get angry? At what? Someone's fantasies about me?

This "cult" business always cracks me up. Anyway, one other note of housekeeping before we proceed to the exciting conclusion of our approach to scripture. You will notice in the side bar that I put in a link to the other One Cosmos on Wordpress in case Blogger acts up and won't allow me to publish, or in case the world ends. In the case of the latter, I'm sure I don't have to remind all Raccoons to calmly assemble there with Petey and to await further instructions; and do remember to bring two pairs of clean tennis shoes and a roll of quarters.

Now, as Jimmy Carter might say, back to our regularly scheduled pogrom.

There are only four sources of knowledge, 1) empirical (through the senses), 2) rational, 3) pure intellection, and 4) revelation. For a metaphysical naif such as Sam Harris, whom we briefly discussed yesterday, there is only empiricism and reason, which is the beginning and end of his startling contribution to philosophy. As if we haven't known for the past couple hundred years that the absurd philosophy of materialism exists. For how absurd is it to employ a faux version of intellection to prove that intellection does not exist?

In other words, we have access to no empirical data that tells us that only empirical data exist. There is no knowledge at the level of the senses. Likewise, no rational operation can provide its own content. Rather, a person decides the purposes for which he will use his powers of reason. Evidently, it does not go without saying that this personal decision cannot be reduced to reason. Not only that, but so much is now known about "emotional intelligence," that this alone should suffice to put the kibosh on any form of unalloyed rationalism. Knowing is a deeply personal experience, both in telling us what is important to know and in assimilating the depth of the truth of what is known. It is possible to be deeply stupid, but in order for that to happen, you generally have to be quite intelligent.

I've been saving this link for the past month. I knew it would come in handy some day:

"Maybe no one else does this, but when I'm reading a book and I come across a paragraph I particularly like, I'll pause, take a breath, and then read it again out loud, just to savor the sound and revel in its resonance.... I'd be hard-pressed to name a favorite paragraph [of the book King Dork], but I read this one twice:

"'I'm not any religion myself, but for the record, I'm pretty sure I believe in God. It's just a feeling I have. I can't prove it, but since when are you supposed to prove a feeling? God is the only situation where they expect you to do that.... Even if I didn't believe in God, though, I'd probably say I did just out of spite. To irritate people like my mom who think believing in God is tacky and beneath them. They're wrong about everything else; chances are they're wrong about that, too. Plus, God embarrasses people. Which I totally enjoy.'

"Not even Gagdad Bob could say it better, or more efficiently."

Yes, that's probably true, isn't it? I do tend to go on. But this is where rationalism obviously falls short, for -- to paraphrase someone -- you can't talk a person out of what they were never talked into. Nevertheless, this is what these clueless MENSA types such as Sam Harris or Daniel Dennett are endeavoring to do with their new anti-religion campaign (which is nothing more than very old whine of reductionism in a new battle).

Hmm, we haven't talked about me for a few paragraphs, have we? Let's get back to me. You trolls are naturally free to reject me and my ideas and to try to reason me out of them, but you are pissing up a rope. For this is the bottom line: either my spiritual writing is a product of intellection, spontaneously produced on the spot each morning just because I enjoy doing it; or it is a product of delusion. But either way, it is not susceptible to rational refutation. Either you get it or you don't. (I shouldn't even put it that way, because it implies that I'm infallible or something; let us just say that you either enjoy it or you don't -- the ultimate purpose is not to promulgate a dogma but to provide material for the reader's own intellection.) Those who do get it are, like me, either deluded or just enjoy the intellection. It's just a feeling we have. But feeling, like everything else, runs along a vertical continuum. There are feelings and there are feelings, but they are hardly the same thing (another good topic for a future post).

Now, this is not always true of my political writing. Obviously there are some areas "at the margins" that are subject to a purely rational approach; for example, raising the minimum wage either causes inflation and unemployment or it doesn't. That's an empirical question. Likewise, either the models used to predict catastrophic weather changes are accurate or ridiculously flawed.

But even with politics, I would say that the majority of my stances are a result of intellection, not reason. For example, my understanding of the spiritual primacy of liberty leads me to reject the left, which always erodes liberty. My opposition to "affirmative action," or government enforced discrimination, is rooted in principle. This is not something I can be "talked out of." Likewise, my belief in low taxes and a small federal government is a reflection of my principled belief that this arrangement produces better human beings and is vital to our collective spiritual evolution; or my belief that competition will produce a better educational system, or that capital punishment for murderers is a deeply moral act of cosmic and divine justice.

(Perhaps I should add, when it is carried out by civilized people, not barbarians -- which gets into a whole different set of issues. For example, I am open to the idea that Muslims should not carry out the death penalty until they can comprehend the sacredness of life -- in short, unless or until they develop Judeo-Christian values, for the identical act of punishment can be a result of justice, or mercy [for the victim but also the perpetrator if he is able to understand that wishing to be put to death is the only way he can even begin to show atonement for his crime], or sadism, or scapegoating; once again, it is the "link" that is most important, and nowhere in the Islamic world is there the regard for life that those of us who are beneficiaries of the Judeo-Christian tradition take for granted.)

Well, I've really gotten off track today. Time to just hit the publish button and continue the discussion tomorrow. Not much traffic on Sunday anyway.


dilys said...

I had a similar response to Sr. Dilys when we met. Interesting, thought I, but Jeepers, no, not at all what I had in mind. As it turns out, nothing else would do :-)

Of course we your readers would be eager to learn from Dear Mrs. G. about her recollections of the Gagdad Creation Myth, but perhaps a decent veil is best drawn over her good-natured and intelligent accommodations under the rubric "Earthtobob."

Incidentally, I become more&more convinced in life that H = L, but only always, often in a horrible, mal-informed, narcissistic kind of way. I read a lot of the worst trolls as sending out the metamessage "I am in a barren and painful emotional and mental loop, and by aggression or faux-reasonableness I want your attention. I wish I could step into your vision, and be settled in myself and my path. Waaaaaah. Play with me!" Doesn't mean there's a bridge that doesn't make matters worse, though...

I read this blog as overhearing someone -- in soliliquy with himself, addressing absent friends, or occasionally in adoration of O. It clearly is not a public utility for hostile materialist or horizontal ideological obsessions. Those latter are perhaps best treated as one does the occasional ranter and solicitor in the NYC subway. Guard the eyes, converse amongst likeminded fellow-travelers, as (s)he passes through the vehicle. Say a kind silent prayer, perhaps. No good comes from mixing it up.

dilys said...

Den-keeping "P.S."

Does everyone know? that (in Firefox, at least) clicking the time statement at the end of each post (e.g. "1/21/2007 08:50:00 AM") will send the reader to neatly-formatted comments, in which form it is easy to skim or skip the long-winded or disagreeable. Much harder to do if you click "comments;" in that format distressing ramblings are difficult to avoid.

walt said...

What's the old saying? I believe it is, "Some peoples' words stick to you like burs." So of course, the passionate acrimony and name-calling is hard to ignore, whether you take it seriously or not.

Since I sometimes tend to complicate things, I tried this morning to think in "simple fashion" about this daily offering from Bob.

This is what feels right to me:
1) It's Bob's blog, of his ideas and interests.
2) I come here each day entirely freely, without any obligation or compulsion.
3) Maybe I "like"; maybe I "dislike". Two questions arise: WHO CARES? and SO WHAT? I don't ask these flippantly, but wonder 'who' is it that cares, and what possible difference could that make one way or the other? You know: other than to myself?
4) Sometimes I participate/stay; other times, I don't participate, and leave. My choice, each time.

This strikes me as simple enough. Personally, I am here to learn; I doubt "my opinions" of Bob or of posters add much to anyone's day. In addition to the jokes, interesting links, and obviously heartfelt opinions that many of you offer, there's a serious cache of information buried here; takes a "bit of doing" to assimilate it.

GLASR said...

Isn't that a greasy rope? I do believe you left out some descriptors, keep a list. Time compression or I'd look for it. <(o)> ;~)

Grendel's right arm said...

An enemy is a precious thing, I say. Life without them would be tasteless.

Everyone needs something to push against. If everyone were are raccoons, we would need to become ring-tailed cats.

Viva la Diferance.

Trolls are God's minions, as are we all. They play a different role in the grand play, but they have a place.

I honor the troll. Sometimes I am one.

cousin dupree said...

Grendel, you are full of it. A troll is merely an inconsequential reflection of hostile spiritual forces that every serious spiritual aspirant is well familiar with and struggles with on a daily basis. We do not need petty trolls to remind us that the Adversary exists both within and without.

Bob's guru said...

Cousin Dupree, you are the most egregious troll, or inquisi-troll, on this board. Wake up and smell the java.

Bob said: "I hope no one ever feels obligated to defend me from the angry/loony trolls. I generally leave their comments up for the amusement they provide, since the tension between what a person knows and what he thinks he knows is one of the classic sources of comedy."

Obviously the irony is lost on you.

p.s. I recommend this little article for some self-reflection:

Anonymous said...

Bob's guru:

If only you knew how foolish you are.

We coons have been getting a good laugh at comments like yours.

Gagdad Bob said...

Ethnocentric? Dupree?

Ethylcentric is more like it, if you know what I mean. I don't know if he'll be more ethylcentric if the Saints win or lose.

Gagdad Bob said...

By the way, I'm pulling for Chicago, so it's creating a little tension around here. I just can't bear the thought of the dopey media and their "New Orleans rising from the fiery ashes of the watery flood George Bush inflicted on them!"

ximeze said...

Bob said:
"Importantly, because of the nature of unconscious logic, the person can identify with either pole of the relationship -- i.e., he can become the child toward the parent, or he can turn things around and become the punishing parent in relation to his own externalized child-self."

I'd be interested in more about this. Are there prior posts that I've missed, discussing "punishing parent/own child-self?"

Anybody, please point me to info.

Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson. Predates Lewis by a few decades. Personal history interesting.

G.K. Chesterton wrote:

That is the primary point of the work of Francis Thompson; even before its many-coloured pageant of images and words. The awakening of the Domini canes, the Dogs of God, meant that the hunt was up once more; the hunt for the souls of men; and that religion of that realistic sort was anything but dead . . . . In any case, it was an event of history, as much as an event of literature, when personal religion returned suddenly with something of the power of Dante or the Dies Irae, after a century in which such religion had seemed to grow more weak and provincial, and more and more impersonal religions appeared to possess the future. And those who best understand the world know that the world is changed; and that the hunt will continue until the world turns to bay.

GeorgeD said...

"the spiritual primacy of liberty"

Cogent and pithy statements like this is what brings me here several times a day. I don't care if one is Catholic, Protestant (LDS like me) or whatever but if one believes in liberty and its bedrock necessity then we can talk and live and work together. The arguments about all the rest may be of more or less importance but we cannot even begin a dialog until we agree on liberty.

Thaank you Bob

Amadeo said...

"Didn't C.S. Lewis call it the "hound of heaven?" "

Am not sure how Lewis got the term, but as I recall in high school, we were obliged to memorize the literary work of Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven, which is a direct reference to God who does the hounding. It is a very moving piece.

cosanostradamus said...

Whew! The Saints missed the field goal. My beloved Bears must win or I may lose my spiritual center for awhile...

Gagdad Bob said...

I must say, that Reggie Bush is amazing to watch. The way he slashes and cuts and eludes capture -- it really reminds me of O.J.

River Cocytus said...

Bob, mostly I reply in defense of the Truth... although, the Truth does not necessarily need defending... but I digress; I've always assumed that if you wanted to defend a point you would. As for myself, if I reply in an offensive manner, it is because "resist the devil and he shall flee from you."

dilys; I think you are right, but the L link you're thinking of with the H=L is a different 'love'. In this sense, the H=L type of link is a False link I think; which I would say is a link based on lies, and the K or L that is not H is a True link, which is a link based on truth. There is a kind of 'love' which is not loving the actual person but a projected or manufactured subject based on that person. In that way, H=L for such links.

Oh, by the way, we're often told -- even by some Christian folk, that our founders were 'pagans' or 'just deists' or didn't Christianize our Constitution enough...

Well, let me find this, because everyone knows that old gentle Ben was the least religious of the group... and here is what he had to say.


Note that Ben uses the same term for God as James, "The Father of Lights". Whether these men were what we would call religious, I.E. holy roller types is immaterial; they were clearly schooled in the scriptures and it rang through their works.

cosanostradamus said...

Gotta love the snow in Chicago. I was at the infamous "snowball" game in '91 in which we fans were warned at half time that continued pelting of New Orleans with snowballs could result in a fine. Uh, so?

4th quarter, Bears own this game.

River's Piano said...

Ok, it's musical myth time! This is my favorite.

So, in the beginning there was the hum.

Then, the perfect three-to-two relationship emerged;

Glimpsing its beauty, man multiplied its effect.

The number of songs was six; But before that there were three:

First man turned to pull the inward out: And three songs were there.

One for chant with its drone and slow progression;

Two for dance with its steady infectious rhythm;

Three for poetry with its imitation of all within sense and vision.

Then, with words, the man took what was outside and with three songs put it in:

Four for blues with its sour notes and ironic laments;

Five for folk with its season-cycle-progressions and ballads;

Six for soul with love, and feeling and passions.

So the songs were six; and man reached up to hear the harps of Gold.

And in return, God spoke back and said,

Walk this way, and sing my psalm, lute-player.

And the lute-player played a slow progression;

And an infectious rhythm;

And a painting of the seas and lands;

And a song of lament;

And a story of living;

And a song of love.

And so the songs were six and one; they were seven.

And the seventh was Gospel; it was the song coming down.

And some who heard it heard one of the six; (for it contained them)

But others who listened heard that there were six and one;

There were now seven, and music had been made complete.

Seven modes, seven notes; seven songs.

And the hum continued, and wondered what all of the commotion was about.

River Cocytus said...

Note; that is my piano, and not the guy who posts with the nome de plume of 'River'.

Gagdad Bob said...

Will, you're psychic:

3 + 9 + 1 + 4 = 17

NoMo said...

1) Very nice session, er post, today Doc, er Bob. Thanks. Getting up off the couch now...

2) Da Bears.

3) Saw Apocalypto today. The same deluded evil still abounds in the world with a little different face. Fortunately, so does the same love, caring, courage, and humanity. Very intense, well done I thought, more graphic than I'd heard. Mayans -- lovely people.

Van said...

Why do I like Trolls?

Well, they're like bubble gum. You chew 'em up, blow a bubble or two for fun, your jaws get some exercise and then after your ears pop and the flavors gone, you spit 'em out.

Course, sometimes they do get stuck to the carpet, but DuPree's eythl-centric solvent usually takes care of that.

Simplicity itself.

(BTW - note to Joan of Arrgghh! - I finally revised the post. Slackdaisical indeed)

ms. E said...

Your den-keeping tip works in Safari! I was immediately jettisoned out of a postmodern aesthetic field into one Albrecht Durer might have conceived.
Thank you!

Are you familiar with Eric Berne's "game theory"
of ego states? It may not be in fashion nowdays, but it is a similarly very useful tool for understanding of human transactions.

One value of trolls is they provide the opportunity to keep your con vis-a-vis coon spotting skills sharp.

Viva the intellection.

Van said...

"Perhaps I should add, when it is carried out by civilized people, not barbarians -- which gets into a whole different set of issues."

How ethno-centric of you, sheesh, the nerve of implying that civilized people are somehow 'better' than barbarian people. As if Judicial systems, appeals processes, and being put to sleep before being put to death is somehow better than fatwas and butcher knives.


Jacob C. said...

The passage from "King Dork" reminds me of this exchange from the film White Oleander.

ASTRID: There's nothing wrong with being a Christian.
INGRIED: Are you out of your mind? How did this happen? I raised you, not a pack of Bible-thumping trailer trash. I raised you to think for yourself.
ASTRID: No you didn't. You raised me to think like you.

Jeff said...

Wow! How I came across this blog I cannot remember, probably via The Assitant Village Idiot. I read it because it stimulates thoughts that i would never have had on my own and the words just "ring true" for me. Until I read this article, I never considered reading the comment section. I find it hard to believe I live on the same planet as most of the people that hang out here, I don't know if I am in awe, but I feel like what a cow must feel like in the presence of humans. I hope they are benevolent. Moo.

Snotty Nosed Kid said...

If you could penetrate and see through the things that you put in front of yourself, through the filters of your own prejudices and unconscious tendencies,you would see directly what is present, which pervades all space and every atom.

All of space contains all of the Truth. Every fraction of matter and every part of light, if penetrated, reveals the Absolute which is eternally Present, Omnipresent and All-Pervading. It need not be sought elsewhere. It need not be sought in a particular place inside ourseleves or in the world. Neither has it anything to do with any "historical" "revelation" or "evidence".

We must let our attention be in God. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the phenomenon that seems to be arising in the moment, nothing is to be seen but this one Divine Reality. And it is not just to be believed to be there. It can be most perfectly and directly Realized as the obvious.

In Truth there is only absolute free energy and no forms. There is only infinite Being, no mind, no self,no fixed attention.

Wherever there is free attention there is free energy. Then the world is seen to be free energy, not energy in bondage. The world is seen through. Its absolute aliveness or blissfulness is Realized.

River Cocytus said...

jeff, I think its 'mu...'!

or, Just reverse the starting order, and you get 'Om'.

or is that, '0MG'?

That piano of mine needs to watch his keys. Play prelude and fugue in F-minor (Book II) on an instrument, and suddenly it thinks it belongs in the philharmonic...


SNK ... wait... you must be the roving spirit of the long dead SNK. Metal Slug 6 and Samurai Showdown 5 didn't go over so well, eh?

The trouble is, quite clearly, that in being the truth, it is quite coherent and understandable.

Hell kid, even my piano knows that, and his head is full of strings.

hoarhey said...

Bob said:
"For example, my understanding of the spiritual primacy of liberty leads me to reject the left, which always erodes liberty."

Speaking of eroding liberty, do you realize how close you came to having to register this blog with the Federal Elections Commission?
As part of the Democrats ethics "reform" bill in the Senate(read: eroding free speech)the Dems put a clause in it which would have required anyone with an audience of over 500 people, who discusses any type of politics to register with the FEC and to submit quarterly reports. Yes, we're talking churches, radio programs, blogs etc. And guess what? 43, count em' FORTY THREE Democrats voted in favor of the bill witch contained that clause. There are only 51 Democrats in the Senate and one of those is in the hospital in a comma. (the rest seem to be in the same state, just not in the hospital). Luckily ALL Republicans and a handful of Democrats voted against it and it went down to defeat.
So everytime you see Nancy Pelosi on the tube or hear her on the radio think "Progressive" Congressional Caucus, Demoratic Socialists of America, etc. and KNOW that their power is all about your loss of liberty.
And yes the Repubs suck too but at least there is a chance of shaming them into following the Constitution, the Dems just want to wipe their asses with it and flush.

Van said...

Welcome, but beware of DuPree, I've got a sneaking suspicion that after an ethyl-centric evening he enjoys doing a little cow tipping.


Van said...

snotty nosed kid,

"There is only infinite Being, no mind, no self,no fixed attention"

then what is it that is going to
"... penetrate and see through the things that you put in front of yourself, through the filters of your own prejudices and unconscious tendencies"


Cousin Dupree said...

Snotty nosed kid:

You are a bullshit artist minus the art.

Your words do, however, adequately mirror the Buddhist concept of shunyada, being that they are so utterly empty. You have achieved nirvana "from below," as it were.

NoMo said...

Snotty Nosed Kid - Hasn't anyone ever told you the tiny purple pills are bad...they're bad!

River Cocytus said...

Snotty: regardless of what some people tell you, the number of tabs of acid you can take does NOT depend on your body mass.

Also, write down the level of the Whopper Layer that you parked your dragon on.

Helps when you're going from Peppermint Patty land to Frappe Snowland.

I would say I speak from experience, but I'm legally disavowing that possibility.

the inimitable dave said...

I should begin my comment with a respectful bow to those who have gone before, as this is my first time leaving a comment here. Not that I am against it or overly lazy, of course. I attribute it to Irish heritage, and the fact that my temper is allergic to the so-called "trolls". Narrow minds make me claustrophobic.

At any rate...

Allow me to vocally consider Fearless Leader's reasons for his post. Not fame, not propaganda, but as Bob states, "...the ultimate purpose is not to promulgate a dogma but to provide material for the reader's own intellection."

This is excellent.

Sounds like exercise to me. I do push-ups and sit-ups to maintain some manner of physical fitness in my otherwise computerized lifestyle. I find that individually, the exercises have no point. A sit-up brings no special accomplishment (though it probably will in 10 years). A push-up does not take me breathless into self-actualization. Yet somehow, the act repeated for its own sake benefits my existence as a person.

I find that fraternization with Raccoons proffers a similar regime for my mind, and this is why I am here. Let the games begin!

Jeff said...

Has anyone taken on the handle Rocky?

River Cocytus said...


Or are we talkin' the guy who found Gideon's Bible?

We remember you, dear Rocky.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Welcome, Dave!

Just, ah... ignore Dupree and do everything Petey tells you.

NoMo said...

Jeff - "Rocky" might be a bit much...I would stick with Jeff for now.

Inimitable Dave - Welcome to the future...we're glad you made it! The Future Fair, a fair for all and no fair to anybody. Yes, its free!
Join the expectant crowd gathering now. Just listen to "We're All Bozos on This Bus" by The Firesign Theater, and you're in! Please keep your hands to yourself...thank you.

Jeff said...

The masked man who found Gideons Bible. After asking the first question about handles, I realized that my hotmail account name is daneilboone. Is it possible that this is some sort of omen?

PrincessSpirit said...

SwamiSnot has apparently achieved supreme Voidance replacing his brain w/infected spirit (ectoplasm) due to lack of intimate relationship w/God. God feeds us Wisdom & Empowerment & Truth. Void feeds Void & produces nothing but Void - which leads to one being "deVoid of Truth!"

Student Raccoons: On our latest rounds here at One Cosmos Hospital, you see an advanced case of spiritual "Dain Bramage" which occurs when one imbibes sweet-tasting poison-laced Kool-Aid, as in "All is Relative. Equivalency Rules. There's No Absolute Truth." Utter senselessness, Zombie brain-coma & Void-addiction results in Spiritual Death. You won't encounter viruses or parasites in Eternity as they never make hospitable community & Eternity is free of them. However, here on Earth, Truth is your Antiseptic & AntiViral Zapper, is your Protective Spiritual Shield. Apply Often. Daily.

You'd think after failing to replicate Big Daddy thousands of times the Enemy would either get it right or give it up. His followers robotically perform same senseless repetitions ad nauseam. As long as idiots are gullible enuf to be conned to imbibe noxious spiritual turpentine, parasites won't quit; they live on autopilot as in, "Lights are on but nobody's home."

SwamiSnot's comments ARE slightly useful for Truth-Target Practice for New Coons to cut their teeth on, like when kids busy themselves w/Hidden Pictures or a Hidden Word Search activity in the Waiting Room at the Dentist's office. But even the youngest coon here'snot stoopid enuf to fall for the germy-drivel SwamiSnot sneezes to infect others. Absolute Truth innoculates one against viral attacks of all kinds very effectively.

SwamiSnot's Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind.

As Professor Bob teaches us: Shun Yadda's Kool-aid - but Drink YourDaily BlogMilk. It does a CoonSpirit good!

- PrincessSpirit -

Mrs. Butterworth's said...

Ya'll coons better hope them trolls don't leave ya'll alone. Thinka whadda sad buncha sages you'd be then talkin' up to each other how great ya'll are.

Yeh, like that'd be fun.

NoMo said...

Jeff - Omen, bah! True raccoons don't spook easy -- even if you are wearin' my cousin on your head.

will said...

Bearz. Bearz.

Nice hotdogging move there, Reggie Bush.

What's a guy named "Reggie" doing playing football anyway? That's a classic baseball name. How many baseball players are named "Bubba"?

On the north side, we conducted a ritual, involving chants, 4-directional gesticulations, and beer, so as to guarantee a snowfall in the 4th quarter. Results speak for themselves.

Former Bearz QB Jim McMahon now looks incredibly like Jack Nicholson.

In a week or so, I will have my SuperBowl predictions. Too early to pick winner/score, but I will say that somehow a rabbit will be involved.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Colts and rabbits and Bears, oh my!

JP said...

Wow! In one post I got enough thoughtseeds on psychological matters and comprehensive epistemology for the whole day. And that's a lot, trying to read my way through "Liberals & Communitarians"... Thanks, mr. Bob! :)