Monday, December 18, 2006

Political Correctness: Hammer of the Godless... and Mindless

One huge advantage our cultural and intellectual betters have over us is the ability to control or stifle debate merely by registering disdain and contempt for the targeted person or policy. This serves as a sort of shorthand that functions to replace thought, so that the actual idea need never be addressed.

Furthermore, through the magic of political correctness, an abject idiot can elevate himself above you, both intellectually and morally, and imagine that he is a superior person while exercising no effort at all. It’s almost like a secular mirror image of the fundamentalist who thinks he’s better than you merely because he accepts this or that literal dogma.

A fine case in point is the “controversy” over Dr. Dobson’s recent editorial in Time Magazine, in which he expressed the opinion that children do best if they are raised by a mother and father. What is so amazing about political correctness is that it can take something so self-evidently true as this, and make it seem as if Dobson is the extremist -- as if Dobson isn’t merely relating something that all people with common sense understand.

Now, Dobson is not my style, neither theologically nor in terms of presentation. However, I wouldn’t want to take on his or Dr. Laura’s job of being a hated figure merely for dispensing common sense to the masses. In the article, Dobson says that he has been asked to comment on the pregnancy of Mary Cheney, the Vice President’s lesbian daughter. He says that his concern “has nothing to do with politics. It is about what kind of family environment is best for the health and development of children, and, by extension, the nation at large.” Exactly. Are we not even allowed to ask this question?

Of course not! We are to ridicule and sneer at people who ask such questions. They are a priori haters and bigots whose opinions are outside the realm of decency. Because of this intellectual bullying, most people stop right there and won’t try to cross the heavily fortified boundary drawn by the left to prevent thought from encroaching. The penalty is just too harsh.

This is why we need people like Dobson, who are “inner directed” and are not intimidated by the pseudo-intellectual bullies of political correctness. Again, Dobson doesn’t say a thing in the article that isn’t a reflection of mere common sense -- things you cannot not know unless you are highly educated. He writes,

“With all due respect to Cheney and her partner... the majority of more than 30 years of social-science evidence indicates that children do best on every measure of well-being when raised by their married mother and father. That is not to say Cheney and Poe will not love their child. But love alone is not enough to guarantee healthy growth and development. The two most loving women in the world cannot provide a daddy for a little boy -- any more than the two most loving men can be complete role models for a little girl.”

Exactly. It is not a knock on my wife to say that she could never give my son what I am giving him. Nor is it androphobic for me to point out the truism that she provides him with things that are utterly beyond my capabilities. This is controversial? That a woman can make a boy, but not a man? That a boy, in order to become a man, requires “male mothering” -- that is, mentoring from a virtuous and noble man whom he can emulate?

The most controversial part of Dobson’s piece is where he ironically uses the research of a couple of politically correct academics to support his views -- which only proves that these people are not really academics, much less serious intellectuals, but merely politically correct. Dobson writes,

“The fact remains that gender matters -- perhaps nowhere more than in regard to child rearing. The unique value of fathers has been explained by Dr. Kyle Pruett of Yale Medical School.... Pruett says dads are critically important simply because ‘fathers do not mother.’ Psychology Today explained in 1996 that ‘fatherhood turns out to be a complex and unique phenomenon with huge consequences for the emotional and intellectual growth of children.’ A father, as a male parent, makes unique contributions to the task of parenting that a mother cannot emulate, and vice versa.”

And feminist psychologist Carol Gilligan’s research has found that “mothers tend to stress sympathy, grace and care to their children, while fathers accent justice, fairness and duty. Moms give a child a sense of hopefulness; dads provide a sense of right and wrong and its consequences. Other researchers have determined that boys are not born with an understanding of ‘maleness.’ They have to learn it, ideally from their fathers.”

Who needs “research” to know these banalities? They are self-evidently true -- that is, unless they are said by a conservative! Hilariously, Drs. Gilligan and Pruett have both fired off angry letters to Dr. Dobson, demanding that he never again use their research. Instinctively playing the victim card (one immediately wonders if he had a manly father), Pruett says he was “startled and disappointed to see my work referenced in the current Time Magazine piece in which you opined that social science, such as mine, supports your convictions opposing lesbian and gay parenthood. I write now to insist that you not quote from my research in your media campaigns, personal or corporate, without previously securing my permission.”

Nothing like an open mind! Again, this proves that these people are not serious thinkers, merely politically correct activists who will subordinate truth to their agenda, just like the people at Harvard who got Larry Summers fired for suggesting that men and women just might -- might! -- have some intrinsic genetic differences. Can you imagine if the reverse ever happened, say, some religious nut who wrote angry letters to leftists, telling them that they were not permitted to use his research in the context of saying the world was more than 6,000 years old?

These so called academics are fools. Pruett fulminates that “ it is love that binds relationships, not sex." In other words, irrespective of what common sense, research, our conscience, or thousands of years of wisdom tell us, all you need is love. I’d love to have a little chat with him if he ever has a son, in order to see if reality has any impact at all on his thinking.

The histrionic Gilligan was mortified -- mortified! -- to learn that she had been quoted in Dobson’s article. How will she ever be able to show her face again in the faculty lounge? “I am writing to ask that you cease and desist from quoting my research in the future.” After the legalistic language, she even disingenuously alludes to scripture, saying that Dobson’s reference to her work “is not in the best interest of scientific inquiry, nor does bearing false witness serve your purpose of furthering morality and strengthening the family.”

Ha! Here again, you see the naked power that underlies political correctness. There is no appeal to truth, much less debate. Just hysteria, victimization, and petulant demands.

You can see the identical mechanism at work in this denunciation of my post from last Saturday, “The Unthinkable Goodness of America,” at dailykos. Like the hysterical Gilligan and pouting Pruett, it is just mindless condemnation for believing something so offensive -- that America is a fundamentally good and decent nation. The author makes reference to my observation that,

“One of the biggest problems we face in the war on Islamo-fascism is that even the worst of us has such rudimentary decency that we cannot imagine how evil our enemies are, while our enemies -- and most of our friends -- literally cannot imagine how good the United States is.”

Pretty obvious, right? The dailykos writer sarcaustically responds that “Even David Brooks at his most outré might hesitate before offering up that pearl. This whole piece is such a gem of ruthlessly gentle eliminationism, that it deserves study. It is not often one has the chance to examine an alternate world-view of such intensity.”

Excellent. I don’t know what “eliminationism” means, but I glad to know that my piece deserves serious study. Let’s hear it!

But it was not to be. Like Gilligan and Pruett, just vacuous and content-free denunciation from the pulpit of political correctness. It turns out that no analysis is required, for my piece is a priori wrong, even delusional:

“This one is so perfect, I don't think I could stand to dilute the experience of reading it. A little alternate reality goes a long way. I'd like to believe this is a parody, but there's a little too much sincerity in the piece. Read it for yourself, and marvel at the spectacle of a human mind attempting to wrestle the world into conformity with this stark vision.”

Yes, by all means do marvel at the spectacle of a human mind attempting to wrestle the world into conformity with its dark vision. Marvel at the spectacle of how the Left replaces thought with disdain in order to allow the mediocre mind to effortlessly imagine that it is morally and intellectually superior.

I hereby demand that dailykos continue quoting from my blog and misusing my ideas in the future! I need the material.


It's not a knock on Mrs. G., but who else but a father will teach him the proper way to play heir guitar?:


NoMo said...

re: PC

I work for a company that has employees in Russia. One of their employee newletters (in English) was recently passed around and I was struck by the complete absence of PC. Needless to say, it was REFRESHING and took me back to an earlier time when we here were also able to speak without the filter.

uss ben said...

I wonder why PC leftists (is there any that are non-PC?) bother to do any studies or research that includes a grain of truth, and then deny their very own research.

Usually they avoid truth for this very reason.

They usually make a priori conclusion that is PC, and then manipulate the study to fit their PC "conclusion".

That's how the global warming impending doom climate change killer weather made by murderous capitalists
"studies" are conducted, and then exaggerated and placed in th headlines as FACT.

Corrections in small print somewhere inside the newspaper or magazine, if at all.

That's how PC leftists are supposed to do studies.

They should have anticipated the possibility that someone might, just might, cite their research.

If the PC leftists get their way, then citing any research, wihout the authors permission, will be illegal. copyrighted truth next?

Truth is already considered a hate crime by PCer's.

Frankly, I'm shocked they didn't use that angle.

Of course the childish temper tantrums and name calling seems to be working.

uss ben said...

Just in time for Shrillary's next book:

It Takes A Village...
Greenwich Village.

NoMo said...

From some quick research, "eliminationism" is a cutting-edge leftist concept used to "describe a kind of politics and culture that shuns dialogue and the democratic exchange of ideas for the pursuit of outright elimination of the opposing side, either through complete suppression, exile and ejection, or extermination." That, according to David Niewert (of "Spyhopping the Right" fame). Apparently, we are deep into it here at OC and really should shut up immediately.

dicentra63 said...

The Left hates it when people say that children do better in a home with a married father and mother because it puts the welfare of the child ahead of the preferences of the adults.

Let's face it: being married to a member of the opposite sex is extremely difficult. Men and women are inherently incompatible, and it takes an enormous amount of self-discipline, vulnerability, willingness to change, and humility to learn to live with someone so different from you and to make it work over the long haul. Most especially, it requires both parties to be mature. Adolescents need not apply.

If you look at all of the "alternate lifestyles," each is a watering-down of the very difficult task of long-term heterosexual monogamy. First you take away the fidelity thing, then you take out the long-terminess and committment, then you eliminate the idea of being married at all, or you marry someone of your own sex, or you get rid of fathers, or you replace having a large family with having a small family plus a career. Whatever floats your boat.

But every time we adults make the task of child-rearing easier on us, we take away something from the kids. Worse, if all of the kids are missing the same thing, they might not recognize that there's something missing at all, and that void is passed on to the next generation without comment.

And that, I believe, is what worries most of us traditionalists, that what is lost won't be consciously missed, but the damage will be done just the same. We'll end up with a dysfunctional society that can't tell that it's a mess.

In some ways, we're already there.

cousin dupree said...


I see. As I suspected, eliminationism does involve getting more fiber, except in your arguments, not your diet.

But didn't the writer just engage in eliminotionism against Bob's notions?

NoMo said...

As Firesign Theater put it, "Everything you know is wrong."

I'm afraid to say any more...they might be listening.

will said...

>>The two most loving women in the world cannot provide a daddy for a little boy -- any more than the two most loving men can be complete role models for a little girl<<

I think there's always a hint, a sympathetic vibration, of the alchemical marriage in the traditional man/woman marriage. In other words, there is a resonance of the fundamental fusing of opposites, the dynamic which is at the very heart of Creation, and, I think it could be said, at the very heart of our relation to our Creator. Maybe most people would not, could not articulate it this way, but they certainly can and do intuit the truth of it.

Removing this dynamic from all consideration is to squelch, among other things, the concept of intuition - which is the death of the Spirit, spiritual suicide, spiritual murder, a murder of the innocents. It's pure evil.

"Eliminationaism"? The tendency to refer everything to the art of diarrhetics?

hoarhey said...


I've been reading Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen Hicks from your selected reading list. What is most striking to me about postmodernist philosophy is the absolute hate filled ugliness of it. Its utter lack of forgiveness and its perceived attempt at revenge regardless of the consequences to society.

Back when I was making even stupider decisions than currently, I had a live-in stint with a woman and her young son. Even in my clouded youth I knew that she wasn't sufficient in creating a well rounded, emotionally mature man of that boy without the help of a grounded male in his life. I told her as much and was met with much malevolence as a result. I intuitively knew at the time that I was about as much of a child as he was and wasn't up to the task. Even so I could see that he still looked up to me. Being incapable of being that model is one of the things that bothers me to this day about our time together. Of course that would have taken selfless commitment and more integrity than I possessed at the time.
I don't believe he ever really had that stable male during his formative years, most of the relatives/consorts being only slightly more mature than he.
I've lost contact with her and her son through the years but have mutual friends through which I get small glimpses into what they are up to.
One thing I did hear awhile back was that he had taken up bodybuilding (an attempt at capturing maleness?). Of course this is just speculation on my part, having no direct contact but if I were a betting man.......

River Cocytus said...

With all due respect, that man is playing an electric Bass.

(Four pegs means Bass!)

There is 'eliminationist' which just means 'he didn't pay attention to my nonsense' and there is eliminationist which actually means throwing away other points of view without any real consideration.

The problem is, that from their point of view, 'elimination' and elimination appear the same; if there is no absolute truth then anyone who does not pay attention to your views (no matter how redundant or unintelligible) is an eliminaitonist. When merely, they may just be an 'eliminationist'.

If someone tells me the sky is yellow while I'm looking at it and it is blue, I can 'eliminate' their point of view by saying, "No, the sky is quite blue right now."

Being eliminationist would be, me not looking at the sky, someone coming in and saying, "Wow. Did you see? The sky is yellow today."

But if in their world, the sky is whatever color one thinks it is no matter if one is actually looking at it, colorblind, blind, dyslexic, speaking a different language or whatever.

It is the tyranny of equality that eliminates all differences by making them meaningless.

Sure, they celebrate diversity, but only as deeply as it makes them feel warm and fuzzy.

Beneath that, the rapes and murders and beatings and thefts make one feel uncomfortable.

The only way to make such incomparable objects as mankind is comparable is to eliminate everything that makes each of them exceptional. If you can't do that, you can just self-induce cognitive dissonance until you really BELIEVE that the sky is yellow even though you see blue, just because the idiot next to you likes to mess with your head.

Naive, or cynical; both are a state of idiocy.

But without a vertical, there is nothing to undo your disenchantment.

So you might as well avoid its inevitability through a layer of thick, fulsome lies.

Its better than thinking, isn't it, Kossacks?

Jimmy J. said...

Having been raised in a fatheless home from the age of nine, I can give personal witness to the psychic damage it can do. Mom did her best, but she couldn't be Dad. Coaches, older male students, male teachers, and some male bosses helped to fill the void, but only partially. Took 30 years and a lot of counseling before I even recognized the hole in my sole.

Dicentra 63: Agree completely with your comments about the dificulty of male - female relationships and making them last. It may be easy for some, but for most it requires effort, and the willingness/maturity to to put the relationship ahead of personal desires/needs. As you say, when it's not done right it all takes away from what the children need. The one great value of Stone Age tribalism was that they knew their children had to be carefully nurtured and taught or the tribe would cease to exist. We need to recapture that knowledge.

Gagdad Bob said...


"That man" is playing a bass GUITAR. My Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar, to be exact....

Gagdad Bob said...

Jimmy J & Hoarhey--

Good points -- let no one think I don't have compassion for boys who grow up fatherless. Indeed, that's the whole point. We have to recognize the reality of the problem, so we can both prevent it and try to do something about it. The left's agenda is child cruelty masquerading as compassion.

Joan of Argghh! said...

"And that, I believe, is what worries most of us traditionalists, that what is lost won't be consciously missed, but the damage will be done just the same. We'll end up with a dysfunctional society that can't tell that it's a mess."

Diocentra, this adds wonderfully to Bob's post. The void you describe is an apt picture of the problem we face today.

When I was younger, my elders would say, "you kids have no idea of hardship," and they were right. Today, we elders are saying, "you kids have no idea what you're missing." It's a far sadder comment because you can't describe the intangibles in any way that young skulls will understand. Either they're too immature to grasp it, or they're too insulated by PC Police to ever take a chance on thinking it through.

Oh for the days when all we had over the young 'uns was walking 5 miles uphill both ways through the snow to get an education.

River Cocytus said...

Bob: He is? I certainly hope he had permission to do so. ;)

The whole male/female dynamic goes deeper than, as one of my leftist friends would say 'a religious thing'.

It is somewhat fundamental to the creation. Not that it makes it any easier to do, but then again, what is easy in the creation? Cutting butter? Cutting melted butter?

cosanostradamus said...

Thank God for Dobson, a rare light in the dark forest. Not so long ago a wizened elder like him would have been afforded simple respect even from those who often disagree with him. But the practice of civility is forever lost, or almost, for the denizens of our New Dark Ages.

But there are a few left-leaners who seem to possess a remnant of this ability, for instance Camille Paglia, who can examine and cogently respond to an opposing point of view without bile. As a result, it's often a pleasure to read her, disagree with her virtually 100%, and yet respect her intellect and POV. I don't imagine she fires off nasty letters to anyone demanding they not reference her research. So there remains a little hope, although I suspect she may be a closet classical liberal. :-) I do find it odd, however, that the left holds her in high regard, but few if any learn from her how to behave. She is treated more as icon than teacher. It must drive her nuts.

well, the moral of the story,
the moral of this song,
is simply that one should never be
where one does not belong
so when you see your neighbor carryin' somethin'
help him with his load
and don't go mistaking paradise
for that home across the road
-bob (the other)

NoMo said...

"Ahmadinejad Opponents Leading Elections"
Dec 18 12:46 PM US/Eastern

Yikes, better get Jimmy Carter over there pronto!

Now back to your regularly scheduled "programming".

Anonymous said...

Today's Washington Post has an article titled
"My Father Was an Anonymous Sperm Donor."
You can read it here

And for a while, I was pretty angry about it.
I was angry at the idea that where donor conception is concerned, everyone focuses on the "parents" -- the adults who can make choices about their own lives. The recipient gets sympathy for wanting to have a child. The donor gets a guarantee of anonymity and absolution from any responsibility for the offspring of his "donation." As long as these adults are happy, then donor conception is a success, right?

-The other Bob

Blogger of the House said...

There is some truth to the charge of eliminationsism being leveled at GDB.

I've railed at this blogwriter and cohorts over the matter of continually throwing the baby out with the bathwater--

A blanket rejection of all that is left is a wrong movement.

There are nuggets of truth embedded in leftism that, if not identified, rescued and redeemed, will chronically weaken the conservative cause. They are our kryptonite.

#1: The environment is everything, just as health is everything for a man. Better to be ruled by a despot in a green land than live under the best government in a toxic waste dump.

The lefties have seized the high ground here. Let's get it back by killing our addiction to petroleum and converting Islamism to pauperism. A concerted conservative movement towards alternate energy is essential.

The lefties have the right idea about nationalized medicine. Our present system is a nightmare of waste and redundancy. Conservatives should be flexible enought to realize that not all things are best served by privatization.

People: let's get our sh** together. Eliminationism is an activity best left to the PC wackos. Don't lets us do it too.

Dammit Bob I wish you would get a solid and detailed policy platform and perform some much needed leadership here.

uss ben said...

Blogger of the house-

Solid and detailed platform?

Bwahahaha! That's rich!

Hey, if you want to go diving in the sewer looking for nuggets, have fun.

I personally prefer going towards the source of Truth, which is what Bob writes about.

Why pan for nuggets when I've found the biggest vein?

Why settle for some stale crumbs when you can have the entire rack of BBQ ribs (I want my babyback, babyback, babyback!)?

robinstarfish said...

jesse is a boy
jesse is a harvard grad
jesse is a girl

juliec said...

Other Bob, thanks for that link. What a powerful story. Coming from a family filled with single mothers (though I was fortunate to have married parents), I can see first hand the damage caused by the absence of a father in a child's life. Watching various cousins, nieces and nephews grow up in single-parent homes is often an exercise in frustration and worry for them, as they head toward adulthood lacking the tools they would have hopefully gotten from involved fathers. The fallout has not been pretty.

Anonymous said...

Caving in to the Left on healthcare doesn't equal being flexible. It equals going limp.

Not the same thing.

hoarhey said...

>>"#1: The environment is everything, just as health is everything for a man. Better to be ruled by a despot in a green land than live under the best government in a toxic waste dump."<<

Let me guess, Cuba and uhhhh China?

hoarhey said...

Troll Who Names Itself After The Subject Of Its Response,

Open your mind and try and throw out some of your knee jerk, leftist induced streotypes. Kay?

Oh, and stop pretending you want to do anything but crush conservativism (Classical Liberalism) under your revolutionists jackboot.

cosanostradamus said...

[The lefties have the right idea about nationalized medicine. Our present system is a nightmare of waste and redundancy.]

To be replaced by a nightmare system of government waste, bureaucratic redundancy, burdensome taxes, and third-rate doctors. Yeah, that's definitely one way to fix it.

blogger of the house said...

A conservative must ask: why is PC so huge and pervasive? Things don't just come randomly out of nowhere, after all.

There must be some payoff that works, otherwise people wouldn't do it. The first law of psychology is that any behavior will always have a reason behind it.

Why political correctness? What does PC do? What is it for? What does it actually accomplish for anyone? And if it does something, that thing should be understood.

Sun Tzu, in "The Art of War" states that the first step in defeating an enemy is to know him thoroughly.

Bob knows the enemy well, and has advanced us to the point where we see that his psychological state is bent, and how he has become bent that way.

We need to go one step further and ask ourselves WHY this bent persists and is not extinguished,as all ineffective behaviors eventually are.

Something about the left gets them a reward: is it money? Power? What is this elusive thing?

Know this and the best point of attack will become evident.

hoarhey said...

The "Bent One's" bent one was his downfall as well as his reward.

Anonymous said...


In anger there is ... dopamine!

If you haven't noticed, they're all angry.

I think that explains the left.
In other words, their own emotions drug them, which provokes further emotions which drug them further.

It's a self-fueling cycle.

-The Other Bob (not *that* one)

Sal said...

"We know nothing of Jesus’ grandparents. What must they have felt? Did they respond like so many parents of unmarried teenagers today, with an outburst of moral fury and then a period of sullen silence until at last the bright-eyed newborn arrives to melt the ice and arrange a fragile family truce? Or did they, like many inner-city grandparents today, graciously offer to take the child under their own roof?"

Tiny little rant here: I've been seething over the wrong-headedness of this quote every since I read it.

Now, nobody wants pregnant teens jumping in the river or putting their head in the gas oven, but in an orgy of over-compensation we seem to have lost sight of again, why unwed pregnancy, especially children having children, is such a social pathology.

The author doesn't make the connection between why graciously welcoming all those oow babies might be one of the reasons they're living in the inner-city in the first place.

Being privy to client's more personal information makes me feel a little like the public defender lawyer in "The Big Chill". Her idealism crashed when she realized that everyone she was defending was actually a criminal.

I'm not too idealistic, but page after page of single moms with 2,3 or 4 kids with different last names that they started having at 16 or 17 do make me a little tired.

And it's not that I don't love babies. I love them so much that I want them to have the optimal start in life.

Blogger of the house said...

Anonymous writes on why Leftist political corrrectness persists and grows as a social phenomenon:

"If you haven't noticed, they're all angry.

I think that explains the left.
In other words, their own emotions drug them, which provokes further emotions which drug them further."

If anger produces a desirable dompamine rush, then one would expect to see anger used in a general, rather than a specific manner, not just by the left (who are not the only ones prone to addictive behaviours), but by all people.

The explanation is a partial rather than a complete one. No, I think we must dig deeper.

juliec said...

The reason PC is so pervasive is quite simple - it gives those who practice it a misplaced sense of moral superiority. They actually feel better putting "nice", socially acceptable names on things because then they can pretend they've removed any negative emotional value attached to those things/ people. For example, calling a black person "African-American". It sounds so scientific, clinical and correct, like using medical terms instead of slang terms for genitalia. By using these "correct" terms, they can pretend that they are somehow elevating the people/ things to whom they refer, to something more, well, "correct". Like calling a janitor a "waste management engineer". To some degree, it makes sense - I personally am not fond of racial epithets, which generally have the opposite effect. Yet both are dehumanising. Poltical correctness falsely elevates, just as racial epithets falsely lower; both fail to take into consideration actual human-ness. The problem with PC is that it does not allow flaws in the groups it names; if you can't say something nice, you can't speak at all, regardless of the truth of your statement, and be PC.

Anonymous said...


You wrote:
"If anger produces a desirable dompamine rush, then one would expect to see anger used in a general, rather than a specific manner, not just by the left (who are not the only ones prone to addictive behaviours), but by all people."

*I* see anger used on the extreme right, as well as the Left. Also,
by people in business settings
(witness ISO 9000 indoctrination).

For many, getting angry is pretty
much an end in itself: it's a
mechanism for demonstrating their
feelings of superiority.

-The Other Bob

Anonymous said...

PC represents an effective psy-ops arm of the Leftist cadre.

With this they achieve unity within their ranks and are able to identify imposters fairly easily.

PC works also as a proganda arm to intimidate and silence opposition.

Finally PC serves as an informal carrier of policy that keeps all members of the Left up to date on the approved ideology.

The right would do well to observe how skillfully the opponent uses this psychological means of command and control; some equivalent to counter it should be considered for the conservative cause as well.

ximeze said...

di63 said:

"Worse, if all of the kids are missing the same thing, they might not recognize that there's something missing at all, and that void is passed on to the next generation without comment."

"that what is lost won't be consciously missed, but the damage will be done just the same. We'll end up with a dysfunctional society that can't tell that it's a mess."

JofA said:

"It's a far sadder comment because you can't describe the intangibles in any way that young skulls will understand."

Something very like this struck me this morning while reading the discussions about America/Goodness tacked on to several threads by a number of Anons - by today's post, likely koskids.

It was as tho they were pressed out from exactly the same mold, clearly betraying their maturity level & "education" by their frame of reference, seeming unaware that they were doing so.

They appeared to lack the most rudimentary logic & critical thinking skills, relying on some very tired arguments & "facts" instead. They seem unable to take any new input, see if they needed to reframe anything, to consider the whole in a new light. Pretty basic stuff.

I was alot younger once & said some really stupid things, but, if memory serves, I knew it was BS right then, or shortly thereafter. I'm pretty sure I could think my way out of a paper bag even then, & intellectual honesty was always looking over my shoulder & giving some very sharp pokes to the ribs.

What a difference a few decades make. I'm sure others here have lived thru the growth of PC, to what it is now. Likely those Anons don't know the world without it: what I see/know right now, is as it has always been. They literally can't see the frame, even when it's so obvious, instead going merrily along, thinking they're All That!

Can't help but wonder whether it isn't a capacity quotient of some sort. They must spend all of their time with like unminded ones, otherwise they'd have to have some inkling of what's just not there.

It's a tho they approach the cognitive world as just another computer game, a prefab world that looks cool, in which they can move around & advance to different levels, completely unaware that the whole thing was made up out of whole-cloth, & limits, by it's design, what can actually be done within it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob, the Daily Kos is taking votes on "Unbelievable Goodness," and an overwhelming majority (15 out of 29) thinks your post is "the most sensible thing I've seen in a long time." (I know it's honest, because my vote was counted -- no hanging chad!)


PsychoPrincess said...

PC Propaganda (re: LIES) is the Hammer of the PsychoBrats & PsychoTyrants in every culture that pollutes its own self/country.

Nothing more horrifying than immature humans seizing weapons (& WMD) to force others to submit to their psychorules or die. Thats PsychoTerrorism. First order of business of any PsychoTerrorist Fascist is to ELIMINATE the intellectuals & artists among them who are threats to their Regime/Agenda.

One could say: The Left is Stalin-mentality personified in a group instead of localized in one human. Ahhh, the infection has metastasized & spread as evil always does.

Reverse Psychology is the clever Hammer in their hands used to subjugate their "enemies" to fall-in-line or commit suicide in despair & hopelessness as Stalins wife succumbed to doing. But We will not be silenced, Hammer & ReversePsych be damned.

They just cant understand Why We wont submit to them like proper bootlickers.

Duh, Cuz We have something that trumps their Hammer-head weaponry anyday. (They really are like Trolls/Orcs, yes?)

Rebellious PsychoBrats (Adolescents) vs. Adults comes to mind. Am not saying Adults never have immaturity; am saying Adults are better equipped & able to take responsibility & accountability for self due to their cognitive abilities which are advanced over Adolescents (usually), as Adolescents are not equipped cognitively & havent finished stages of growth & acquisition of cognitive spiritual developmental stages yet.

Such Truths as this in Devpmntl & Cognitive Psych are already under attack by Lefties can you believe THAT? Ack. The goal of this particular Adolescent-as-Adult "propagenda" is Legalized Pedophilia & its happening in the UK (YUK as I call it) as we speak.

Evil has agendas it never tires of pursuing. Its goal is to infect, pollute, dumbdown, pervert, and render helpless/powerless all who oppose it. Why?

Becuz Evil Fears what it cant Control or easily subjugate, and that is Higher Truth / God & His Followers. The War in Heaven has come to Earth.

In every War, both sides believe themselves to be "right." Both die for their beliefs/cause. Revolutionary War - US against British Imperialism; UK/USA vs. Hitler et al PsychoTyrants of the world & Fascist-followers; Luther (the Bull) & Protestantism vs. Erasmus (the Donkey) & Catholicism; Religion vs Secularism; Classical Liberalism / UnFunkamentalist Conservativism vs Post Modernism et al; Reps vs Dems; Saddam vs Bush; Cops vs Crooks; Jesus vs Pharisees. Whether they/we like it or not, Evil is Always Defined in context of Truth -> NOT the other way round, for it IS Higher Truth that reigns supreme over Evil - which the Left seems to forget due to their drug-induced roots. (Now, thats not very PC is it??)

Evil HATES its subjugation to Truth/God, and therefore those who serve God. Truth stands against Evil just by being Truth. It is not corrupted by Evil for It Is Not Evil Hence, PsychoSpiritual Warfare ensues.

PsychoBrats once again jealous of the Adults & calling Adults "Black!" All done to cover their duplicitous Rebellion / religion / pc-propaganda, etc. from being exposed. Hide Hide Hide. WHY all the hiding IF self is god and all-powerful? (snort.) All due to their Psychopathy of Narcissism.

Good little rodents paving the way for the AntiChrist to rule you all, eh? He already does so from afar!

Thru it all, the Left continues to refuse to honestly self-examine, which is the mark not only of the mentally ill, but of Psychospiritual Evil according to Lasch, Peck, Bork, et al.

Every Lie contains nuggets of Truth embedded in the breading it steals from Higher Truth. We should consider nuggets - Why? USSBEN had it right - we're plugged into the motherload, no gleanin o the nuggets o the toddlertyrants is needed. First, grow up & stop being Psychobrats...First, clean the Cup of self/spirit if you dont want to foolishly be a poser-Pharisee telling God what Truth is.

Read Proverbs and apply to self. Thats a good place to begin when you realize it does apply to Lefties too.

Dont need to listen to Crooks little epiphanies in order to be able to Judge rightly or see them well. It is THEY who need to serve Higher Truth and get outta their Psychospiritual playpens & pigpens.

They ignore the fact they are even sick & that their condition can easily be proven so. Its called Denial and its evil. Duh.

Lets have at it, Lefties - lets see you sacrifice your precious denial and actually submit your wills / egos / agenda / false religion to God and kiss your self goodbye. Do this, and we might listen to you. Do it not, and you have our reply.

If Paul learned to kiss his own Arse & trust God who made him into the great man he became, you can do it to, yes? Put up or shut up, then. Its all Babel until you put self on Gods altar. Put down the Hammer and getta clue and pick up the Key.

Its Delusional, Psychopathic & Evil for Adolescents to refuse to get humble & admit the Truth they are Adolescents, not Adults. They fear Truth will kill em, but I guarantee it wont. It heals one of their evil & sickness.

Highest Truth stands alone untwisted by usurpers. In retaliation & Egoism they create myriad -ISMS and -OLOGIES & false religions to deny their failures, cover em up & disguise em & pacify themselves as chronic Victims. I'm amazed at the sheer numbers of -ISMS & -OLOGIES they've popped out like cockroaches thruout History in their delusions to be like God.

Their fury to counterfeit the God & Truths they cannot kill drives them just as Extremists are driven the same way w/lack of regard for Wisdoms boundaries.

You'd THINK they'd learn by now you cant kill God. Even the best Atheists can doubt their "truth." We are different from a Leftie becuz we actively reach beyond self, growing to progress to defend That which already Exists - God/Higher Truth, as He already IS. We dont need to go make our own gods & pseudoreligions to defend and shove self-as-god down anyones throats. We love God more than self. You guys serve self more than God.

Whos Right and whos Wrong? The evidence of Psychopathy or Sanity speaks plainly enough.

Fine. Bring it on. We'll fight your god with our God; your Propagendas with our political agendas; your pseudo-theologies with True Theology, your Rebellion with our Submission; your Lies w/Gods Truths; your Delusions with our Reality; your Psychopathy with our Sanity. Becuz we are Adults & you are still Adolescents in Denial until you decide to do it Gods Way.

The True God has already won. Thats why Hes God & we're never gonna be. We be ok w/that, it doesnt twist our shorts. Know the god you claim to serve - then get to know the True God - Hes neither a Tyrant nor a Hippie!

Knowing which end really is UP is the only Sanity either side can hope to attain / find / touch in this War. And once you find it the Enemy cannot convince you to let go of it. When people wont submit to a Tyrant, the Fury of the Tyrant begins & ever targets to crap on dissenters like Dobson, Like G-Bob.

Not very PC behavior of you is it, you Hypocrits? You still take no real responsibility for your crap.

So it comes down to Truth vs Evil. Gospel vs. PseudoGospel. Sanity vs. Psychopathy. Realism vs. Delusion. PC vs. us stubborn "a priori haters" of evil. Any evil can be whitewashed well enuf & dressed up to masquerade as "truth." But it still stinks.

POINT: We refuse to be reduced to batteries to be used as your power supply to fuel your comfy delusional Matrix-world. Wake up & flush!!

I learned in college psych class "studies" are practically useless to build arguments upon as there is no up/down, only shiftysand. Whatever company has the bux buys the results of a "study." Its all for sale. HEH just like the outcomes in elections & politics.

So, pardon me, but "screw" the so-called Studies. I hardly ever quote from them anymore. Thats why most of us w/Sense give a one-finger "salute" to the great mother-whore the APA. While a few studies may be objective & respectable, most Studies people use to "support" their "arguments" are just the latest prostituted-propageandas. IMHO, APAs gag-rag (journal) is only good to wipe with.

The Standard of Truth to measure by needs to be something that withstands corruption & usurpation of PsychoTyrants. Studies arent a solid answer. Thats why we reach for the bedrock of Biblical Higher Truth, even while Leftie Christians try to steal it as well. Makes no sense to steal what you could serve & then it would be fully yours, no sneak-thieving needed.

Heres the Rub - Lefties will never posess the Key we speak of here - the Key of Submission of self to God - it is abhorrent to them. Dying to self is not in their lingo. Hence, transformation of self is not possible for them except into twisted offshoots. Their choices & allegiances exposes them automatically if you look & see well. Sociopaths & psychopaths also refuse to repent. Hence the societies they produce can only be sick, twisted and psychopathic as well. Its their spiritual legacy their "crap" leaves "behind."

The Right (usually) ascribes to a higher standard of Objective Moral Truth, not just to its own convenient opinion-as-god. WE are the ones who speak of Submission of Will in order to transcend & tranform self-unto-God. The Left avoids this One Topic like the Plague then goes & creates -ISMS ad nauseum where honest submission is not only deconstructed but eradicated. Eliminationism indeed. Dont kid yourselves - the Left says we eliminate - good! Its They who dont eliminate self & instead seek to annhiliate us via the Hammer of PC and other bs.

So who is hating whom? Whose legacy stands Witness to Destruction & Psychopathy unto self vs. Sanity & Liberty of self unto God?

Get it Right, bozo-Lefties: Liberty is NOT equal to your bs def of Freedom / Egalitarianism. Liberty is boundaried and sumfink yooz foolz dont wanna understand. Its good to have a mother and father - cuz I havent seen Adam & Steve give birth to a baby. God didnt make us that way did He? Adam & Steve isnt marriage & isnt a family & isnt healthy. Duh - Thats right, common sense never makes sense to Foolz. A Fool prefers its vomit.

God's Wise limits keep us from becoming Foolz. And from imbibing vomit of Foolz.

That is why we are The Right, and you are Left Behind. Your PC = Insanity.

As we transcend & realize the Higher Spiritual Ground, we Stand all the more firmly in the Place Lefties dont have the Keys or dont make the choice to Enter.

Culture of Insanity & Narcissism vs. Culture of Sanity & Spiritual Transcendence. * People of the Lie People of the Truth. *

Am glad to belong to this group of "a priori haters" (Leftie projections here, again) rather than the group of the "a priori Psychoimbeciles".

Leftie Christians, wake up & read your Bible instead of worshipping your sickoself - then do what it says & put it on Gods Altar. Theres still time for you to change direction to leave the broad road you're on. I dare you to try Submission of self and do what we do & know to be True. If you refuse to deal, then go back to playin with your nuggets & narcissism.

You might have the Hammer; But We have the Key. Who really has the control then?


integralist said...

Wow, I'm a bit surprised. After reading Mr. Godwin's book about a year ago and seeing his name related with the budding "integral movement," I was rather surprised to find his blog such a haven of vitriol and non-integralism (I only just discovered it after reading his enjoyable interview in What Is Enlightenment?).

Of course you might think right off the bat, "A leftist! Tar and feather him!" But let me be clear that my values are more, ah, integral than that (at least I hope so!); I aspire towards a synthesis of liberalism and conservatism, the best of both--not an outright castigation of one extreme in favor of the other.

I mean come on guys, it isn't so black and white is it? And Mr. Godwin, I've only browsed your website for about an hour, but please point me to a post that embodies an integral embrace of the important aspects of Left and Right? From what I've seen it is almost a spitting image of the same sort of vitriol that you and others here seem to revile in the Dark and Evil Leftist Empire.

Or am I in the wrong place? Is Robert Godwin's variation of integralism an unabashed rebirth into conservatism and disavowal of liberalism?

NoMo said...

integralist - you wouldn't know an integral if it stepped up and integraled you in the face.

psychoprincess - you definitely rock, yet again.

Van said...

USS Ben said... "I wonder why PC leftists... bother to do any studies or research that includes a grain of truth, and then deny their very own research. They usually make a priori conclusion that is PC, and then manipulate the study to fit their PC "conclusion"."

I think that when truth is not your aim, only a 'proper' conclusion, then the appearance of propriety is tantamount, all the proper steps need to be seen to be taken.

And of course any reference to said work in any way other than was intended... well it has got to be a rather jarring experience... "Hey! That grain of truth was meant to make MY conclusion look good, not the damn Truth! Ya' Hooligan!"

Van said...

NoMo said... "From some quick research, "eliminationism" is a cutting-edge leftist concept used to "describe a kind of politics and culture that shuns dialogue and the democratic exchange of ideas for the pursuit of outright elimination of the opposing side..."

Hmm... I kinda thought they were hinting (harkening?) back to the poopy diaper references again.

Van said...

DuPree! You beat me to the fiber! (said the after midnight crawling tortoise to the ocean side Heir)

ximeze said...

Integra said:

"I aspire towards a synthesis of liberalism and conservatism, the best of both--not an outright castigation of one extreme in favor of the other."

Good Lord, a bloody kumbaya fence-sitter.

Come on, do your homework regarding the diamertically opposed foundations, philosophy, content & objectives of the two sides. Get some history under your belt, do some critical thinking & see what side you come down on.

Wishy-washy is no solution.

Stick around here, read the back-posts, follow the links, see what you come up with.

With a little edyoumacation, you'll likely grow some spine.

Van said...

Dicentra63 said..."Worse, if all of the kids are missing the same thing, they might not recognize that there's something missing at all, and that void is passed on to the next generation without comment.

And that, I believe, is what worries most of us traditionalists, that what is lost won't be consciously missed, but the damage will be done just the same. We'll end up with a dysfunctional society that can't tell that it's a mess... In some ways, we're already there."

And there you have the worst of it, that in order to destroy a child, children, several generations of children, and finally a country - especially one founded on Ideals, you don't need super-duper weapons, you don't need to DO anything... just selectively and progressively NOT do a very few key things, and the Nation will fade away.

And as Will noted "Removing this dynamic from all consideration is to squelch, among other things, the concept of intuition - which is the death of the Spirit, spiritual suicide, spiritual murder, a murder of the innocents. It's pure evil." By making it unfashionable to engage in the Work of the soul, you will never develop or reveal your soul to yourself let alone to another. We all know the story of the kind person helping the moth from its cocoon in order to save it the struggle - the withered and weakened creature shrivels and dies soon after.

With kindness like that...

hoarhey said...


"Or am I in the wrong place? Is Robert Godwin's integralism an unabashed rebirth into conservatism [common sensical Classical (American Founders) Liberalism] and a disavowal of liberalism (leftist, utopian theology)?"

Yes and yes.

Van said...

Hoarhey said..."What is most striking to me about postmodernist philosophy is the absolute hate filled ugliness of it. "

Oh yes. If you trace beauty back into its intellectual roots Philosophically and aesthetically, you will find harmony, grace, manners, respect for others, respect for truth, and a curiosity about what is True and Good; what Matthew Arnold called 'Sweetness and Light'.

If you take even a casual look at Postmodernist philosophy and those that try to emulate its fashions, you will find that ugliness is thought more worthy than beauty - more 'authentic'. Misery and contradiction more intellectually respectible and 'Deep' than a person who has acheived that most difficult goal of Happiness, and a harmonious soul - just think about that?! A person who tosses all the puzzle pieces onto the table and jams a few sections together, leaving the overall picture in disarray - is thought more accomplished that the person who patiently pieces the puzzle together.

Is the fashionable personality of the day someone who with true style, or stylized dishevealment, someone with wit, or snide putdowns, someone of character and respect, or someone who parties hearty and sleeps around the most?

These are all setups for the deeper assault on Truth and Inegration - Integrity, judgement, Right and Wrong, and most hated of all - Morality, because it integrates all the others - it is the source of strength of all that is in opposition to the variants of postmodernism, and it is unassailable - except from within; like Dracula, Honesty and Integrity can't be hurt by evil - evil has no power but what the good relinquishes - only if it is invited in, only if it is allowed to do its disintegrating work, does folly and evil stand a chance.

Van said...

Blogger of the house,

As with most Truths, the answer is simple(the application may be complicated, but the answer is simple).

Leftist thought, is nothing more that wanting to get away with saying something is so, when it isn't.

Being able to do so gives you easy status, 'respect' and power. It also gives you a devil of a time covering your tracks, setting up decoys & red herrings, and building an ever increasing labrinth of fast talking, convoluted, obfuscating 'philosophy' - it also puts you in direct opposition to and in continual mortal terror of simple, clarifying Truth.

Van said...

integralist said... "... let me be clear ... I aspire towards a synthesis of liberalism and conservatism"

Two possibilities, if you mean a synthesis of liberalism and conservatism, why not try for a synthesis of cyanide and cinnamon? Just as practical.

On the other hand, if you mean a synthesis of Liberalism and Conservatism, it's been done already, called Classical Liberalism. Try John Locke, Edmund Burke & the Founders if you are indeed looking for an Integrated, Liberalizing and enobling view of and for Man (and not cluttered up with silly color coding [sorry, couldn't resist my tar & feathering tendencies]). Best not to venture much farther forward (in time) than the founders, or further east than Scotland though, otherwise things begin to get mucked up with Rousseau, Hume (yeah scottish, pity that), Kant, Hegel & the flood of filth that followed after them.

Van said...

Well now that I'm gauranteed to get less than 3 hours sleep, I'm taking my cross-eyed, typoed & sleepy self to bed.

Night all - Bob, Ben, Joan, Ximeze, P-squared, Hoarhey, Will, Dicentra63, NoMo, RC & Juliec. My, wasn't that a Walton's moment. Did I mention I had 2.5 hrs sleep last night?

P-Squared, I may need to borrow some caffeine in the morning.

Alan said...

Blogger of the house;

The *only* known path towards achieving the energy independence you promote is nuclear - so I guess I can assume you support more nuclear power plants in the US?

The way you talk about the health system, I can tell you have not lived under a socialist system. Check out the stories of bacterial infections in unsanitary hospitals in Britain and rationing of health care in Canada. Yes, the health care system is messed up here...but it is better than pretty well anywhere else.

By the way, the ultimate solution to everything is for us to live in jail cells and give up control of our lives to the chosen who will feed us. This way, there is no chance of environmental problems, health problems, wars, crime, etc. THAT is the logical conclusion of lefty thinking.

Integralist: Do you seek to live an integral life according to the laws of gravity and anti-gravity here on earth as well? Some things *are* incorrect but your definition of integral living eliminates that understanding.

hoarhey said...

Goodnight John-boy.

disgruntled said...

There is no right or wrong; there is just winning and losing. The Lefties are winning. There's you're problem, now freaking solve it instead of being right all the time.

integralist said...

Wow. I'm wondering if the irony is lost here: the accusastions of Leftists being angry and mean, and then the vitriol I receive from a relatively mild post.

Van said...

integralist said... "...accusastions of Leftists being angry and mean, and then the vitriol I receive from a relatively mild post."

Note, that was not vitriol, that was merely mild exasperation at the oft repeated foolish comments you were the latest to put forth. Again.

(See the comment from "Disgruntled" for an even more repeated example of mental nullity. Maybe Thracymacus could pretend to it being a novel action oriented thing to say 2,500 years ago, now it's just plain embarrassingly stupid.)

For an example of vitriol, see the folks at dailyhuffingkos.

MikeZ said...

Of the photos - before and after?

I'm only 17 or so posts behind, so I'll jump in with a short observation, loosely connected to the PC angle:

Someone I know studies postmodernism, mainly so that he can properly respond to PMs who annoy him:

"I can respond that "the name-calling is merely a part of your metanarrative and an attempt by you to project power on me. However, I don't share your metanarrative, and my deconstruction of your position leaves neither of us with power over the other."

To borrow a phrase from Frank Herbert's Dune: PC is the mind-killer.

MikeZ said...

"We know nothing of Jesus’ grandparents. What must they have felt? "

That's a ridiculous question. How can we even begin to understand a culture 2000 years ago and half a world away?

Just asking that question is an attempt to put it in modern dress - and so, meaningless.

PsychoPrincess - I think we can sum up the whole PC movement as one of mind control. If I control how you speak, I control how you think.

And there's a big difference between liberty and license. The problem is, the Left wants license and calls it liberty, and in the guise of PC, tries to take away our liberty and call it multiculturalism.

PsychoPrincess said...

MikeZ, well said, Bro!!

PC is Multiculturalism indoctrination indeed - the "right" to not have any individual rights and turn the planet into a big cesspool.

Burgermeister, Meisterburger -- NO TOYS IN SOMBERTOWN!! WAaaaaahhh!!

No Sphericles in Flatland!! Only Pancakes are Welcome!! Hence their Hammer of PC.

Scary thought tho - if PC is (more) Brainwashing and Programming, then we are actually living in a big ole Concentration Camp run by Multicultural NeoNazis?

Inverted Cross-->Inverted World-->Inverted People-->Psychopathy, not Sanity. Satans World Order Sux and only descends into more madness.

VAN I'll hook you up to my IV Caffeine drip as you sleep so you'll be good to go in the mornin. Otherwise you'll have to stop in a food store & get one of those "Barrel O Java" behemoth mugs!

I used to work nightshift for an Evil Paper Magnate (talk about GAG-Rag!!) and I learned to sleep with one eye open and in shifts between college & work in 3-4 hrs increments. Now its a habit. The more I grow, the less I sleep. Am too excited, dont wanna miss anything life has to offer to learn thats edifying & Cosmic!!

You all are certainly worth staying up to read!

Goodnight JohnBoy Van (even if its late!) :D

- PsychoPrincess -

PsychoPrincess said...

DISGRUNTLED said..."Theres no right and no wrong..."


Spoken as the True Relativist you obviously are! Prezactly the PsychoPOOPology we are talking about!!!!!!!!

I'd love to solve The Problem, but we arent allowed to Flush Lefties all down the toilets; arent allowed to Shoot em on Sight/Sound, or Nuke em all. So, Got any other worthwhile suggestions?

"Reasoning with Psychos" OBVIOUSLY does NOT work! Even they claim to "respect" but do not emulate their own leaders who are occassionally able to decently dialogue & have a convo without splenic ruptures.

Psychos Shoot Their Own Brothers while telling them how they love & admire them. Brainwashing is violent & the act of PsychoTerrorists - not of peaceful people.

So WE are going to negotiate w/PsychoTerrorists for...WHAT REASONs?

(Or, if you're a Stalinitzky, you cleverly get them to Shoot themselves and save you the dirty work. But see thats emulating the Psychopath you admire.)

It is THE SICKOS who need to TAKE REAL RESPONSIBILITY to solve THEIR problems, becuz it belongs to them, originates with them. Just like Abusers need to get into therapy instead of blaming the other.

We might even have been like Lefties once in the mists of age 2, but WE"VE made our choice to be UNLIKE them. They should accept us and stop trying to Hammer us down into pancakes.

WE are here to enforce the Boundaries THEY keep denying us the right to have, just like Longshanks denying the Scots their Liberty to have their own country.

Just like Brits tried to stop US from having our own America until we beat their sorry behinds outta Dodge back to their Island.

IS there any other Cure for hammerheaded Jackassery other than God, Truth, transcendence, violence + War + nukes??

If so, DISGRUNTLED, then YOU let Lefties know. Take some active response-ability instead of whinin.

VAN: E BURKE is excellent, have read & quoted him for years!! Glad to see him refd here - Lefties oughta READ sumfink REAL and DECENT instead Chomsky-smack!!

"The only thing needed for EVIL to Florish is for enough people to do...Nothing." -EB.

We Do What We Do & Be Who We Are (Testify & Stand against the tide) becuz we ARE NOT apathetic slackers nor sarcastic whiners. We've made the choice to NOT be passive-aggressive.

The rest is up to Them.


River Cocytus said...

"If anger produces a desirable dompamine rush, then one would expect to see anger used in a general, rather than a specific manner, not just by the left (who are not the only ones prone to addictive behaviours), but by all people."

Simple answer: It is unsustainable, and has side effects that create a bad after-effect.

Just like any abused drug.

Van said...

PsychoPrincess said... "VAN: E BURKE is excellent, have read & quoted him for years!! Glad to see him refd here - Lefties oughta READ sumfink REAL and DECENT instead Chomsky-smack!!"

Yeppers on that. His Reflections on the French Revolution are classic (he, Cicero & Montaigne are big favorites here), but he also wrote some fascinating essays on, what today would be termed psychology & social science (For that matter Adam Smith was known more for his social science observations that what became capitalist economics). If you didn't know, has a large collection of Burke online at , particularly of note, Inquiry into Ideas on the Sublime and Beautiful.

Thanks for the cafeine!
(Time for bed again)

Van said...

a large collection of Burke online

PsychoPrincess said...

VAN: Thank Heaps! Got the download! :D