Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mind of Goo, Mind of Ice, Mind of Light

First, a little Cosmic housekeeping.

For some reason, I am embarrassed by the appearance of the, ahem, bold new look of the blog, even though I have nothing to do with it. Blogspot started acting crazy last Saturday, and the situation has only deteriorated since then. Surely it cannot be a coincidence that we have simultaneously endured this infestation of atheistic knaves and sophists and learned that a beloved founding One Cosmonaut, JWM, has apparently survived an, er, cardiac event of some kind, the details of which we are eager to know, so that we may call upon our various nonlocal operators for the appropriate transpersonal intervention. Until then, vague prayers are sent in your general vicinity.

I am ready to abandon blogspot for a new home just as soon as possible, and I am open to any and all suggestions, since my practical knowledge of computers approaches the atheist’s knowledge of Spirit. I am just like Google, or like Democrats, in that if I try to fix the problem, it will only get worse.

And if blogging is light in the next four days--which it may or may not be, depending on the Gagdad constitution--it is because of this horror: I so detest my mandatory continuing education that I wait until the last minute to complete it before my license to heal souls expires, which would then cause all of my readers to revert to their heathen ways. In short, I have to attend all-day seminars today, Saturday, and Sunday, which, if you hated school as much as I did, causes a wave of flashbacks, existential nausea, and memories of the endless wait for PE.

I don’t know whether it is creepier to be in a room full of psychologists or at an atheist convention. Probably the latter, because their minds are so coarse and their souls (which, after all, do not exist) so vacant. Psychologists’ minds tend to be more “gooey” (which, let it be said, is what makes ShrinkWrapped, Dr. Sanity, and other members of my Shrink Tank so unique), whereas the atheist mind is more prickly, defensive, and ultimately void of spiritual content. In the long run, both would drive me crazy, but in small doses I suppose I can better tolerate being enveloped in goo than being deprived of spiritual light and oxygen. Curious that atheists enjoy visiting Petey and Cousin Dupree and His Assholier-Than-Thou here in cosmic cloud-cuckoo land. Are they masochatheists?

Anyway, it is a test. I’ll just do what I did in high school, which is to say, sit in the back, bring a good book, and try to befriend the one or two like-minded souls who might be attending. Didn’t you do that in school? Scan the room, looking into their eyes, trying to identify a living being?

I don’t know how much more time to spend on this atheist business. As you know, like the Bush administration, I don’t plan things in advance, but just react to the chaos I have created on the ground. As I emphasized at the outset, it is a pure waste of time to debate an atheist, for the same reason that it is a waste of time to debate any person of faith--which is not to put down people of faith. It all depends upon what you have faith in. As I have had occasion to mention before, there is infinitely more wisdom in the simple soul who believes that the universe was created in six days than the bovine atheist who worships at the altar of pure chance, that almighty god of the saps.

Hmm, interesting. A reader just commented “I probably had something to do with the recent visits of Ka and the Bacon Eating Atheist Jew. I encouraged them to come over and take a gander at Christian writing that also accepts evolutionary theory. Even though I consider myself to be an Atheist I was impressed by the eloquence I found here and the fun with words. Atheist writing can be a little prosaic at times and I feel it often throws the baby out with bath water, mocking any appreciation for the mystical or the divine even when it is purely metaphorical.”

Atheist writing can be a little prosaic at times . Now that’s putting it mildly, isn’t it? As our barbarian visitors have demonstrated, atheistic writing is necessarily coarse and ultimately infrahuman, for the simple reason that it is a perfectly imperfect adequation to the coarse and infrahuman--to the lowest level of existence only. Here again, I say this not as an insult but as a simple description, because for an atheist, the most perfect description of reality would presumably be mathematical--which is to say, a language drained of all the explicitly spiritual categories and accompanying modes to which the human intellect has unique access, such as transcendental beauty, mystical union, and a sense of the sacred. (I am leaving aside the truism that all great mathematicians actually realize the transcendental beauty of the equations it is their privilege to know.)

"The soul is all that it knows," said Aristotle. What the atheist does not know--cannot know, by their own admission--is that language must be deployed in a very special way if it is going to be adequate to the realm of spirit. This “ inner science” is something of which I am never unaware, and I take great pains--or pleasures, actually--in trying to make my language comport with the spiritual realities we discuss here. Whether I accomplish this is of course for others to decide--or deicide, as the case may be--but I am absolutely aware of the struggle to do so. It is as real as the struggle of an artist to capture the essence of the spirit of the subject they are painting, or the struggle of a John Coltrane to breathe the love supreme through metal and reed. That he attempted to do so makes him human. That he succeeded makes him a mirrorcle of something beyond human. But again and always, only if you have ears to hear.

Now, I am a mighty, mighty man--my eighteen month-old can tell you that--but am I mighty enough to restore hearing to those with perfectly intact ears but who hear not? Ahh, no. I am not that mighty. With a lot of nonlocal assistance I may be able to croak a tune, but I cannot teach the tone deaf how to hear music, any more than I could teach my dog to appreciate poetry. While I could direct you to those who taught me to appreciate music, you must first be genuinely curious about this thing called music, and as I already said, the atheist is not so inclined, for as always, “the answer is the disease that kills curiosity.” The empirical brain-mind the atheist uses to understand reality is not the same as the heart-mind with which the soul intuits the Real. Such a misguided approach is condemned to metaphysical sterility.

Bacon Eating Atheist Jew has demanded that I prove the existence of God to him. This is something I, of all people, cannot do, if only because the injunction against casting pearls before swine loving swine is absolute. To be honest, he shouldn’t even be here, because such a proudly barbarous mind only sullies the truth that is trying to manifest. There are certain basic qualifications such a one lacks, and although he would no doubt regard it as a condescending insult, no one else has apparently been good enough to inform him that there is no reliable spiritual knowledge without the cultivation of certain virtues--deep humility, absolute sincerity, and a spirit of devotion being the bare minimum.

One does not eagerly grasp at spiritual knowledge, certainly not with the cold, dead hand of an atheist. That is an absurdity. If you wish to escape from your prison--which you manyfistly have no desire to do--you must first appreciate the thick layer of ice that has formed between you and your source. Or so we have heard from the wise.

I agree. What I just said is perfect nonsense. Now move along. Nothing to see hear. Or touch.

But I know. You cannot stay away, for darkness is envious of the light. How frustrating that the light shines in the dark, but the dorks don’t comprehend it, any more than pi can ever comprehend the circle, so simple and yet so perfect. For when time tries to comprehend eternity, it succeeds only in generating the bad infinite. In the end, it is infinite stupidity. Nevertheless, it is infinite, so that must be some small consolution.

Well, that’s it. Off to the land of infinite goo.


ppab said...

Well, if the problem is as deep as you suggest, then this might not help, but this may just be an idiosyncracy of your blogger template.

You may be able to resolve the issue by transfering stuff to a new one.

Let me see what I can suggest cutting and pasting in my end. you've done a great deal of customizing, which means theres more cutting and pasting than normal but otherwise I think it could help resolve the failing columns.

ppab said...

On the other hand, it wouldn't be unreasonable to have some faith in Google to restore blogger to some working order. These bumps in the road are pretty inevitable, no?

Afterwards, Google's logo will feature a rainbow, signifying a pact between search engine and end user stating there will never be an upgrade again...

Anonymous said...

Or you could try this:

-Go to Blogger Settings.
-Select the Formatting subtab.
-Towards the bottom of the page, switch "Enable float alignment" to no.
-Click the giant orange Save Settings button at the very bottom of the page.
-Republish everything.

I'll bet you a dollar that fixes your layout problem.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

You said regarding proof of God "Of course there is evidence. It's just that he is either unfamiliar with the evidence or has chosen to reject or ignore it, which he is naturally free to do." And in another post "The existence of God may be easily proved, but only to a generous intellect that is inclined to accept the evidence."


By all means, please explain to me your reasons behind the fact that you KNOW God exists. And if possible, could you define what God is. Give a few characteristics.

I'm not expecting you to answer my question, in fact, I doubt you will sincerely attempt to answer it. You have a tendency to shoot the messenger with lots of rhetoric, so that is what I expect.

crncob said...

i need an answer to who pulled the trigger that caused the BIG BANG, or an athiest answer for what triggered same.

tsebring said...

when I read the word "upgrade" in the context of any computer software or hardware, it elicits the same reaction as the phrases "tax increase", "education reform", "reduced sentence", or "diplomatic solution"; i.e., it promises peace and harmony but tends to deliver chaos. I too greatly dislike the new layout, but that's web hosters for you. Pretty much like Democrat politicians or educational "experts"; always wanting to tamper with and change things, usually not for the better. In the meantime, perhaps you can get some rest and do some recreational reading. Your efforts are always appreciated.

ppab said...


You ask someone to do the precarious if not impossible when you ask them to communicate knowledge that is better differentiated by faith than reason.

If you do not value this notion of faith, then I can't see how anything you allegedly seek (and declare you've a preposition to disregard) - that is "reasons" & "facts" - will be at all sensical.

Faith is a null value to you. Its not to others. Arguments that operate with faith are necessarily mysterious - "alien" even as the good Dr. has described in previous posts.

So I guess I'm not sure what your point is or what you seek, other than theatre that is.

Lisa said...

I would also like to know the exact number of numbers or measurements of space between 0 and 1...

BEAJ- don't be a hater just cuz God doesn't make God's presence known to you. That's your problem not ours or Bob's. Your rhetoric is not really adding anything to our discussion other than proving how shallow and horizontally oriented Athiests are. For that, thanks, but we will not be able to provide an answer that will be satisfactory to you.

Van said...

" must first appreciate the thick layer of ice that has formed between you and your source"

A commenter noted recently (sorry, too difficult to find previous posts at the moment to get their name) that Faith was originally a verb, not a noun.

I'm speculating that the "God Sense" is similar. Pardon me for allowing my day job lingo to kick in here, but it seems to me that you have to actively create and instantiate the concept within you as a super class, and that if nursed well through contemplation, not just recitation, it will expand within you, create relational integrations (if you actively connect them through contemplation) to all other conceptual areas of your life, and soon subsumes all other concepts under it.

If you haven't spent a great deal of time in such spiritual activity, or have actively established anti concepts (mind parasites?), you'll need to do quite a bit of thinking and cleaning in order to get any spiritual sense established. The more the anti-concepts have been established and (dis?)integrated into your mental framework, the more the work you'll need to do.

"for darkness is envious of the light. How frustrating that the light shines in the dark, but the dorks don’t comprehend it..."

By the way, I'm guessing that Cousin Dupree may be in class also, so Bacon Messenger: BANG! Now go away.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

crnbob, the answers will come in time.
Theories are out there, and the scientific ones don't have anything to do with God.

PPab, either he can back up his claims or he can't. He uses words like "evidence" and "easily proved,"
I'm asking him to show me the money.
Also, his definition of what God is, since God is easily provable, God must have characteristics.

Lisa, look up rhetoric. It is One Cosmos using rhetoric. Not me.

Van, ignore me. I'm obviously out of your league.

Van said...

By the way, Blogspot started acting crazy last Saturday and last night for all of its sites, not just here, although One Cosmos is the only one (poor lamb) I've found so far that has suffered lasting injury.

CatoRenasci said...

I don't know about continuing professional education requirements in psychology, but I have to deal with them in the law. Most of us put them off because we're busy, and the programs we attend almost always cost far too much. But, carefully chosen, they can be immensely interesting and helpful. I just finished a two day program in my own specialty that gave me an opportunity to see former colleagues and catch up on recent developments and finish 3/4 of my CLE obligations for the current 2 year registration period. Not bad.

Oh, yeah, find a replacement for blogspot.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Please don't feed the trolls. They're cute and entertaining, but keeping them on a strict diet of non-attention really is the best thing you can do for them. They grow fat on attention and their metabolism can't process the irony content... and we all know what happens when the body can't digest the extra irony supplements.

The only thing worse than trolls is cranky, constipated trolls.

will said...

Well, I must confess that a few weeks ago I found myself in a dark internet wood, wandering blindly into one of those defiantly atheist sites, read the lead post, and, upon finding it so incredibly ignorant and hostile - "threat of all those jackbooted christers", etc., etc. - I posted a comment which included a mild oath directed at the athei-blogger. After a few more exchanges in which the blogger venomously expressed the same iron-dull sentiments as have the visiting atheists here in OC, I favored the Athei-blogger with a not-so-mild oath.

Do I feel bad about this? Yes, but not for the way it may have made the Athei-blogger feel, but for the way it made *me* feel. I had jumped into the sewer to take a few swings, should have just passed on by. The Bacon Eaters are obviously not going to get it. Whereas a solid explanation of the Deist perspective serves well here in OC for those whose higher intelligence faculties have been awakened, it's really useless to try that in an atheist site. Anyway, it's good to remember, I think, that the athei-secularist crowd will eventually be hoist on their own petard. Of course, if they really start to encroach, then righteous self-defense is in order.

This really has been an off-center week - disturbing dreams, fatigue, etc.

Van said...

"Van, ignore me. I'm obviously out of your league."
Out of my Sport, more like.

So... do you intend to hang around, sort of like a virtual ghost, haunting the site? Irony anyone?

Will, should we act like regulars at an old B&B? Sooth the newcomers over bumps in the middle of the night "oh, its just the house ghost, annoying but harmless really, just ignore it. Lovely plummage though"

Van said...

Didn't see you there Joan of Argghh!, I'm betting you concur with the ghost policy.

Van said...

And Lisa...

jwm said...


"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

(harrowing narrative later as soon as I get some energy back)


will said...

(OK, in righeous self-defence)

hey Bacon -

You keep missing the point. The existence of God., etc., CANNOT be proved by the system in which you demand it be proven in. Why do you keep insisting that it be? If scientific/math logic is the alpha and omega of your perspective of life, fine - that perspective certainly has its uses. (I happen to love it, it keeps me warm, sheltered, and able to watch baseball games hundreds of miles distant)

But as far as in-depth insight into meta-matters, it fails. That's the whole point! Bob and others have emphasized that there exists faculties of higher intelligence that allow us to perceive, that is, *experience* a higher meta-reality not accessible by logic alone.

Now, if you don't wish to believe that such a trans-intelligence exists, fine. Any truly questioning individual would think, well, maybe there is such a thing even though I have not experienced it myself - maybe I'll look into the possibility. But only a dullard would keep demanding that it be proven according to standards he has been repeatedly told are USELESS.

will said...

Van, they'll disappear after the Halloween season is over, after the gates close.

Meanwhile, burn a blue candle near the doorway.

Eeevil Right Wing Nut said...


I want to see proof that supports your allegation that God doesn’t exist.

You just like the rest of us are a guest here and it is rude, disrespectful and lazy to come here and demand that the host condense what he believes in small take home portions for your personal consumption when you have not first done so yourself.

Bob, unlike you, has over a year’s worth of blog entries which answer your questions about his reasons for believing in God therefore the burden of proof now lies with you.


Anonymous said...

Atheists - You have free will so that you can choose to believe -- either that god is not you, or that god is you. God is there or you would not be.

Tiring of this age-old "debate"...


looptloop said...

To strain the use of analogy, how would one prove the delicate taste experience of a fine Trappist Ale (e.g., Orval)? It is not subject to words or rational argument. These tools are utterly inadequate. One could never reduce such an experience to that level and convey it to another. Scientific rational has its place, but not here, and certainly not with knowing the source of creation and all that is. Though with one taste, it is subjectively proven, and known. Belief, thought, argument (insert favorite mentation here) fall by the wayside.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Eevil, I came here because the host attacked Atheists with profound ignorant rhetoric. He continues to spew rhetoric. His posts can be shortened to three or four lines, and he still has said nothing of substance and very little or anything that is fact based. I didn't claim that God doesn't exist. I claim there is no need to believe in a God and no evidence he ever existed. If you know God exists, prove it to me.

Will, let the host answer the question. He made the assertion that God is easily provable. I'm asking him how and why.

Remember folks, I used to assume there was a God. I used to talk to God. I then figured out it was ridiculous. Science continues to fill in all the gaps.

Oh, as far as intellectualism goes. I have an IQ of 130, so don't even go there. I can see a few on here who I won't name, are pushing 100 if lucky.

And yes, I acknowledge that there are some great scientists who believe in God like Ken Miller. But my bet is he would understand that the group of regulars here are a bunch of rhetorical assmonkeys for the most parts, and are dishnonestly ignoring the validity of my points.

jwm said...

No mas.



Van said...

Hey Bacon boy, I'm laughing at your superior 130!

Thanks, I havn't had a belly laugh like that in a LONG time.


BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Loop, well I think the host should say that God is easily subjectively proven.

And I'll ask all you pseudo intellectuals here, and I won't get a reply.

Give me characteristics of God and some things that you believe he has done.

Forget about putting in words proof of God's existence. Either you peeps can't, or you don't want to embarrass yourselves.

I know Van won't give me anything but rhetoric. Van don't answer, just have another banana.

Van said...

20 or 30 years ago, Richard Mitchell wrote an essay (and book) after being invited to a Mensa group, I think it was called "The Gift of Fire" - I'm on my PocketPC so I don't have all the links at hand, I've got a link to it on my site, all his writings are available online for download at no charge - I strongly recommend them.

The setting is he's waiting to come on and speak to the Muncha group, and in strolls Prometheus who's come back to see what we humans have done with his gift of Fire.

The speaker begins telling him about all our spiffy mental gymnastics, starts reading a "If Train A left the Station at 30mph and Train B..." IQ word problem to begins to sadly shake his head, turns and leaves. And that's the taking off point for Mitchell to discuss what it is we mean by Intelligence. An excellent though provoking read.

Oh boy, and here we have a real life Mensa monkey! Priceless!

Van said...

I'm still laughing. What a great lunch.

Bacon boy, come on over to my place, I'm sure you'll find much to amuse yourself with, and bring your dog Toto too.

We'll have a chat.

I gotta get back to work now, thanks for the fun!

Jenny said...

I'm just going to say one more thing to Atheist Eating Bacon Jew, and then I'm done.

In the movie "City Slickers" - One of the weekend cowboys asked the old cow hand if he knew the meaning of life and the old cow hand said yes. So the weekend cowboy asked him what it was, and the old cowboy said, that's something you're going to have to figure out on your own.

At the time I had no idea what the old cow hand mean't - just one of those vague existential comments that sounds profound that no one really understands but is afraid to admit it - but now I do understand. You have to go looking for it and find the knowledge for yourself. No one can take their own personal knowledge and experience and plant it into your brain, no more than you can tell your children something is bad for them and have them comply because you said so. They have to learn the consequences to actions for themselves before they comprehend that father was telling them the truth. You're asking the impossible from Bob in asking him to prove there's a God. You're going to have to go looking for yourself, because unless you find Him yourself (or allow Him to find you) you won't KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Choobus said...

I would also like to know the exact number of numbers or measurements of space between 0 and 1...

that's easy: Go look up the planck length and you will have your answer. Unfortunately you won't find it in the bible because that is largely fiction.

Choobus said...

So Jenny, you are the old cow right? Are you saying that the meaning of life cannot be told to us by stinking old cows? That they really specialise in BULLSHIT? You might be onto something there.

Choobus said...

"The existence of God., etc., CANNOT be proved"

you got that right fool.

Jenny said...

Well Choobus, at least you've got your little numbers to keep you warm and fuzzy.

Choobus said...

yes jenny, and I dare say that it is the application of modern tehcnology that keeps you warm and fuzzy when its cold and cool when its warm. Moreover, it is also technology that provides the batteries for the vibrator you undoubtedly like to ram up your arse while praising Jeebus.

The sad thing about you theists is that you are really victims of child abuse. You besically have the jerusalem syndrome, which is like the stockholm syndrome but you now identify with the adults who brain washed you as kids. It's time to break this terrible cycle of idiocy.

Jenny said...

Whatever, Choobus. It's your soul - free will and all that. I just don't understand why you're here. Don't you consider reading all this pap a waste of your time?

Van said...

choobus, you are a truly disgusting creature.

Bubba Judenlieber said...

Mr. Bacon Eating Atheist Jew ~

God revealed to me that you would visit Bob’s site - and here you are! If that is not enough proof of His existence, He also told me you would not leave, even after reading this comment.

Choobus said...

VAN, is that what you call turning the other cheek?

Bad Christian. Bad!

And jenny, don't worry about my soul. The hypocrisy of your religon will ensure that our fates will be similar, whetrher it be eternal punishment of simply the cessation of life.

Jenny said...

Frankly, Choobus, you sound a bit insane. Either you don't read what anyway else posts to you, or you can't comprehend and answer it directly. Your not making any sense.

Anonymous said...

Friends of Bob -

Don't google choobus or you'll really get disgusted. We must be on to something here for his ilk to come a visitin'. His mommy must be so proud of him.

Happy Halloween chooby.


Anonymous said...

BEAJ, perhaps you yourself could move the debate further along; after all, you are enlightened, no?

Please define which God you'd like proved. I see that you've personally disproved one already. For want of ability to define, say, Gagdad's God, kindly define the one you disproved.

In a sense, prove your own negative. Or, more accurately, advise how *your* failure now restructures all of *my* perception. Or reality, for that matter. You may have your work cut out for you.

The point is precisely as will says. jenny has done you an additional favor. The onus is not on they or I to "prove" that nihilism is simply illogical, it's on you to "prove" that you really do know precisely what standing on the mountaintop *doesn't* feel like ... when you've never done so.

I think our host may be hinting as much. The question is, do you know what it is *he's* convinced of when the nature of it is not something *you'll* understand until you actually do?

If "God" walked out of a fogbank tomorrow, BEAJ, it'd surely not be God.

Anonymous said...

Now, if you don't wish to believe that such a trans-intelligence exists, fine. Any truly questioning individual would think, well, maybe there is such a thing even though I have not experienced it myself - maybe I'll look into the possibility -will

Will, what makes you assume that atheists have never experienced this trans-intelligence you speak of? I've prayed to god, seen space ships, shared dreams with others, had deep reality-altering experiences, etc. But for some of us, there comes a time in our lives when we're through fooling ourselves; when we embrace truth and honesty instead of happy delusions.

Jenny said...

Anonymous said

"seen space ships, shared dreams with others, had deep reality-altering experiences, etc."

We're not talking about psychodelic drug trips. Obviously you haven't experienced what we're discussing here.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Anon, I simply want one person here to give God some characteristics.

I have seen no one come to the plate. And this is very predictable of theist sites I've visited.

Quit spinning and deflecting. Simply define some characteristics of God and some actions that he has partaken in.

If I said there was an invisible man under my bed, would it be up to me or up to you to prove or disprove it?

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Jenny, put into words the best you can to describe what you have experienced.

will said...

Bacon -

I assure you that Bob will reply same as I did re: proof of God, higher intelligence faculties, etc. In fact, all I did was sum up what he already stated. To wit:

Demonstrable proof of God is apprehensible only by higher intelligence centers, not by mere logic alone. If one's higher intelligence faculties are activated, then proof of God is abundant. My simple advice would be, forget about proof of God, at least keep an open mind about whether such higher intelligence faculties exist. If you refuse to even as much speculate whether or not such higher faculties exist in human being, then, fine, nothing more to be said, go in peace. But wouldn't your own trust in logic compel you to at least keep an open mind? To investigate?

Your former "belief" in God is a case in point. "Belief" is one thing, experiencing higher intelligence, actually perceiving through higher centers is a different thing all together.

And it's not a matter of IQ. Insofar as IQ goes, mine is ten points higher than yours, but IQ gets me just so far. In fact, my IQ is WAY higher than Francis Crick's, but Crick applied "leap of logic", ie., his higher intelligence, to apprehend the DNA code. (which I haven't done lately)

Again, we're talking a different form of intelligence, a different modality. It's like Buddha once said, if you've got an arrow stuck in you, don't bother asking the Deep Questions, just get the arrow out, mend, then we'll chat - meaning, check out and see if there's such a thing as a higher modality of consciousness and intelligence, and if you find this to be the case, see what it tells you.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Will, what is your foundation for believing in God. Why do you believe in God? What is God's characteristics?

Anonymous said...

Jenny, the point is that almost every single atheist in America was raised with religion. We've believed it. We've seen the world through religious eyes. We've had the perspective that believers still have. It's you who have never experienced our perspective. It's you who need to contemplate why the world makes so much sense without god.

will said...

Choobus, you're filth.

No one here gives a flaming eff about you, sick monkey.

A tip: should you and whatever army of maggots you muster up ever really try to cross the line and do violence, we'll turn you into a little greasy spot.

Choobus said...

Will, you gibbering imbecile, wipe the foam from your mouth and use whatever is in your skull in place of a brain. I am a pacifist and have never espoused violence of any kind. Only someone of limited intellect would interpret my rejection of your obviously fake religion as some sort of violent "crusade". I am against violence, and since a lot of violence is the direct result of religon I don't see these views as being in any way contradictory. You, on the other hand,claim to have a hard on for Jesus, and yet here you are threatening me instead of loving me like you love yourself (although frankly I have no wished to be tugged off by you, so we can let that slide).

Thanks for highlighting the hypocrisy in your religion assgoblin!

will said...

Bacon, please!

I already explained that! Read my comment again.

What good would it do if I explained "characteristics" of God if your higher perceptive faculities are not activated to a degree by which you understood what I was saying? In any event, those who do have a bit of "gnosis", tend to speak with each other in a shorthand which is simply not comprehended by those without such gnosis.If you want to take offence at being thought of as an "unactivated higher intelligence" individual, go ahead - but I say again, this has nothing to do with IQ.

Forget about God and his characteristics, why doncha? Just investigate the concept of higher intelligence and consciousness.

will said...

Choobus - where did I say I was a Christian?

Go back to masturbating to GQ mag, monkey.

Choobus said...


does a paraplegic need to show you a note from his doctor? The christlove is positively dripping from you

will said...

Ooooh, sarcasm from the monkey Choobus. What a witless retort.

I wouldn't claim to be a Christian by your reckoning, and I'm certainly no pacifist.

You, the self-proclaimed "pacifist", come slithering in here with your obscene insults and attacks - not only are you filth, you are hypocritical filth.

Joan of Argghh! said...

A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool. -Prov.17:10

Van said...

If there is a God, he's got to be absolutely rolling at the thought of ME urging restraint, but this... 'c' thing is not fit to receive words from you.

annonymouse said "...It's you who have never experienced our perspective..." Wrong. Been a certified non believer all my life until a short while ago.

By the way Bacon boy and you other Trollocs, you won't find that I've claimed to be a Christian either. Wrong again. Still laughing at all of your higher intelligences.

I claim no religion and no creed. I say only that after looking at religious writings from a wider conceptual level, I've found a sensation within my mind when I explore them, that I wasn't aware of before.

It interests me and intrigues me, and I believe others who frequent this site experience something similar by other descriptions. If you don't feel it, it's a mystery why, even pathetic, that you hang around and bother those who do.

Van said...

And I'm sure that as Joan reads my urging of restraint, she'll say "ya think?!"

Anonymous said...

BEAJ said, "...what is your foundation for believing in God. Why do you believe in God? What is God's characteristics?"

I'm certain I don't have the IQ of some others here, but, thankfully, that doesn't matter. As to characteristics -- the god in whom I believe is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipowerful (nothing less would suffice). As to why I believe in god -- simply because I want to. As to the foundation of my belief -- I have to think that if such a god as mine had something to communicate to his creation, he would protect that message (yes, the bible) so that anyone with ears to hear, could hear. I wanted, then I came to believe, then I changed in a most fundamental way, now I continue to know god better and better as time passes.

For what its worth.


jwm said...

Van- Are you A Wheel of Time fan?
Tarmon Gaidon is near!

Give up on the BEAJ. He's far too clever for the likes of us. Bob will nuke the other vermin soon enough.


Van said...

Here's the Richard Mitchell links I mentioned earlier, guess they didn't make the move from MSN to Blogger (and why again did I make that move?). They're back up on my site now too.

Newsletters and Books by Richard Mitchell - The Underground Grammarian
"The Gift of Fire" by Richard Mitchell

Joan of Argghh! said...

Will: put down the clue bat and walk away!

And yeah, I'm totally LOL at the perceived need to post one's IQ. I'd like to take his word for it, but that would require a belief in something that has yet to prove itself to me.

dicentra63 said...

Of the atheists among us who demand proof of the existence of God, I must ask a few preliminary questions:

1) What would you accept as proof?

2) If you got that proof, would you believe it?

3) If you believed it, what then? Would your life change?

4) If your life changed, would you welcome those changes?

5) If the answer to #4 is "no," then why are you demanding proof of God's existence? It sounds like you're more interested in scoring rhetorical points than in finding out the Truth.

You cannot find God until you first are willing to accept the implications of having that knowledge. One of the characteristics of God is that he is an ethical God who has ethical expectations of his kids. Do you want to be forced to live up to those expectations because you've been given irrefutable proof of God's existence?

Don't you see that if you are currently unwilling to abide by God's law, that you are better off not knowing God? It's called plausible deniability. Use it.

That's why we're not totally willing to share our insights with you: you're not interested in treating them with the care they deserve. I wouldn't tell you about my personal experiences any more than I'd walk around naked in public, and for many of the same reasons.

Van said...

Joan! OH!

bubba said...



See my previous comment.

If you really want to know:

god is not this, not that.
god does not 'exist.'
god does not not 'exist.'
god does not both 'exist' and not 'exist.'
nor does god neither 'exist' nor not 'exist.'

I sincerely hope that little bit of rhetoric clears it up for you.

will said...

Van, 99% of the time, I'd agree with you re: not dealing with vermin like Choobus.

Thing is, however, vermin like him ooze in here, expecting to have a field day insulting people with no fear of getting slapped back accordingly by the "love sheep".

Sometimes a good backlash rocks the vermin back on their heels, makes them reassess.Today just seemed a day for that.

Van said...

Yes indeedy I do enjoy the Wheel of Time "Trilogy" by Robert Jordan. It is, however, the last time I will ever start an uncompleted 'trilogy'(which is now up to 12 of (hopefully) 13 books).

Van said...

Reluctantly and obviously I agree with you (sorry Joan[oh, and I saw you checking in on me checking in on me!])

Choobus said...

"Thing is, however, vermin like him ooze in here, expecting to have a field day insulting people with no fear of getting slapped back accordingly by the "love sheep"."

I'm still waiting for this slap cumchugger. OR maybe you already did it and I simply failed to notice.

Talk about pissing in the wind. You jesus freaks are as pathetic as you are deluded.

HV said...

Regarding proofs: Folks could check out Kurt Goedel's modal logic proof. Kurt, who was Einstein's buddy, was a pretty smart guy, what with his incompleteness theorems, which people say was the biggest discovery in logic since Aristotle, and also his unique solution to Einstein's general relativity, which was the first one that showed that closed timelike loops are consistent with the laws of nature. But be warned, all you high IQ types, modal logic is hard.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I shall have to disagree with those who wish to feed negative energy by giving it any credence whatsoever.

See a troll? Point him out and move on.

I am unswayed by protestations of sincerity from a troll, since my spirit knows the difference well before my intellect kicks in and I go with that.

I feel not one whit of pause or guilt at the idea that I might be missing a chance to champion truth and vanquish stupidity. Truth can muddle thru all on its own, I'm pretty sure, and stupidity doesn't really want any help, either.

But hey, if we're just having target practice every now and then... pull!


gumshoe1 said...

attacking Choo
doesn't help him,
and it wastes your time.

he's clearly got some
personal objections to/
issues wrapped up in religion,
and the content of his website suggests he may actually have been (sexually?)abused by clergy in some way.

it would certainly explain
a lot of his behavior here.

Quig said...

Let us ask he athiest to define the "essence of humaness".

TalkinKamel said...

If atheists are so sure of their atheism, one wonders why they feel the need to show up here and scream their hatred of us allegedly hate-filled, intolerant believers? Why can't they just, sit back and enjoy their superiority, sure in the knowledge that they are right, and we are wrong? They seem to have as much need to proselytize as any group of evangelicals, going to door to door and passing out pamphlets.

At least the evangelicals are friendly, and go away when you ask them too. The atheists who've posted here---man, you can just feel the humanistic respect for mankind and progressive tolerance dripping off them! (Heh, heh, heh.)

I'm sorry for anyone who'se been abused by a priest or minister, or who'se had a bad experience with religious people---but the place to work this out is in therapy, not hatred for religion, or those who believe.

Unfortunately, the atheists who've posted here are much proving my theory that "progessive", "tolerant" unbelieving materialists are more intolerant than the most hard-headed born-again Christian. As further evidence, look at how Christians have been treated in Marxist, Socialist societies.

TalkinKamel said...

Also take a look at how Marxist/officially atheist societies have treated Jews.

will said...

Joan, I could be wrong in this specific situation, but I firmly believe it's not always a case of "feeding negative energy" - cops take down criminals when a certan line is crossed, we go to war with Nazis, etc.

Obviously, Bob would have excised the vermim's post had he been here. But he wasn't, and the vermin went way over the line with his ignorant, insulting stupidity, in my estimation. You may have noticed that I ignore most trolls.

Old Gary said...

I had the same trouble with my blog. I figured out that it was caused by using the Large selection when uploading a picture.

You might also change the format to another similar format and see if fixes itself.

Van said...

Joseph, you out there? Card's have it tied up, we need to get some mojo going!

Van said...

Joan, I'd agree with you (not necessarily able to keep the testosterone under control, but still agree with you) when dealing with the civil & semi-civilized troll, but I think Will made the right call. That was beyond the pale.
Joseph, 4-3!

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Van, you are nothing but a rhetorical assmonkey troll.

As for one of the people here interested in honest debate:

1) What would you accept as proof?
If an amputee could grow back a limb by prayer. That is one way. There are others. Thing is, there is nothing that can't be explained by having to add God in the equation.

2) If you got that proof, would you believe it?
If someone grew back a limb, and I was certain no tricks were involved, it would be a good start. I'm a realist.

3) If you believed it, what then? Would your life change?
Most likely

4) If your life changed, would you welcome those changes?
Do you think I like knowing I'm mortal? I have accepted it. Because that is reality.

5) If the answer to #4 is "no," then why are you demanding proof of God's existence? It sounds like you're more interested in scoring rhetorical points than in finding out the Truth.
I know the truth. There is no reason to believe God exists. He is man made, and those who believe are simply fooling themselves.

Remember, I used to believe. But I woke up.

See how easy it is to answer questions honestly.

Some of you morons here should try it.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

NoMo, how old is the earth and what do you think about evolution?

I appreciate your honesty, but there is no proof that Jesus ever walked the earth. There is lots of indications he didn't.

BTW, I just found this stuff out over the last two years, and if you are interested in why, you'll have to visit my blog. My reasons are plentiful.

Van said...

Joseph Card's 5-4!!!

Joan of Argghh! said...

I have no problem with Will calling filth by name; I was having fun with Will on that point, and don't fault him a bit. His clue bat is mighty!

I have no problem with a good fight, if I feel threatened. I guess even this vile troll didn't threaten me or Truth in the slightest. And BEAJ, well he just seemed vaguely noteworthy in the way a squashed bug on my windshield might: a few bits of color accented by gossamer wings of fantasy thinking.


Choobus said...


it is sad that you think my hatred for child molestors implies I was myself molested. As though you cannot concieve of someone being disgusted by such a horrendous act unless they themselves were a victim of it.

This is probably why the church can so easily weather the child molestation scandals that have become so prevalent of late. It is also telling of your bogus love for others. I suggest you read my blog ona regular basis, so you can see what a cunt you really are.

Van said...

Bacon boy,
Well you got that ass monkey line down pat, that 130 sure is impressive.

If you were strolling through a cocktail party, and overheard a conversation of people discussing a book they'd read & enjoyed, would you but in and blurt out "Arnold? I think that's crap! Prove to me he makes sense! I'm way smarter than most of you, 130 ya know!"

And if you did (which I can picture you doing), as those people stared at you, somewhat taken aback and a couple said "Hey buddy, we're having a conversation here, do you mind?". Would you really stay there? Would you really keep on "I'll bet your all Christians! Don't you know you're all idiots? I'm way smarter than all of you, prove to me you're wrong!"

Would you really do that? I may be way to generous here, but I don't think you would. Why do it here? Just what is it you're trying to prove?

Is there something about a blog that you think cancels out the need for civil behavior? Does your whopping 130 I.Q. Atheist know-how not know how to behave? There have been many Atheist's who've stopped in, questioned Gagdad's premises, disagreed, gone back and forth a bit and moved on, without having to resort to such boorish behavior, Karl Vincent comes to mind as a recent example.

Similar questions, but asked with class and Intelligence. Didn't find what he was looking for and (as far as we know) moved on.

Forget the God question, how about focusing on something that is a matter of objective reality, here and now. What is the purpose of intelligence, particularly one as dizzyingly comprehensive as yours. Is it simply a matter of knowing facts and figures and sophistical proofs? Isn't there something that intelligence accomplishes, other than devising slicker ways of catching & cooking food and dining indoors in ever finer style?

Some might suggest that civil behavior ranks near the top of the list. Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Aeschylus & Sophocles for instance (pre-Christians ya know), thought that the character you develop and display were of critical importance. Do you seriously think that you are showing any of that here?

Socrates, no shrinking violet when it came to challenging peoples beliefs (it’s rumored that he might have come close to that impressive 130 score, just rumored though, no proof – darn the luck), nevertheless didn’t make a habit of rudely insulting people and demanding answers of them whether or not they wished to talk with him – oh he could be persistent, but he didn’t behave like a barbarian.

So tell us, does your “Answer me! Answer me! Answer me! I know you’re wrong! Admit it! I’m Smart!” behavior even remotely come close to civil behavior, in you considered opinion, and if not, doesn’t that mean that with all of your impressive “ass monkey” retorts and 130 I.Q. points, you aren’t intelligent enough to know how to employ your intelligence?

No need to answer, just a rhetorical ass monkey question, anyone reading it in possession of any I.Q. score at all knows the answer.

Van said...

Joan, if I wasn't in love already....

Anonymous said...

BEAJ asked, "NoMo, how old is the earth and what do you think about evolution?"

I certainly don't have it all figured out, but I commented here recently:

"There is no "time". What we call time is nothing more than the way we measure change. Before material reality, there was no change to measure and no need for time. Our unchanging Creator thought material reality into being, but it "always" "existed" in the Creator's "mind". Our view of material history, "evolution", is our best time-bound explanation for how things appear to have progressed since the "beginning". However, there may be a simple alternative explanation. Is it really necessary that there was any material reality before humans were thought into being?

Could a full-grown tree be created out of nothing? If my Creator is real, the answer is "of course". How old would the newly created tree APPEAR, and how old would it actually BE a few moments after it appeared in the material realm? To those of us in that realm, busily measuring change by time, the tree would obviously be however many years old the rings would show us. To a being looking in from outside the material realm of constant change (let's say an angel -- spirit, non-material created being), the tree would obviously be only a few moments old. To the Creator the tree would have always been there."

So, the entire universe could be as old as the bible appears to describe it -- maybe 6,000 years or so. Pretty amazing, huh?


jwm said...

If someone grew back a limb, and I was certain no tricks were involved, it would be a good start. I'm a realist.

I've heard some stupid comments on this blog. That one wins the prize.

I hope you live long enough, and grow wise enough to understand what a silly-ass statement that was. I will pray that you do.


BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Jwm, if you think that response was stupid, it is you with the problems, not me. How many people here believe that God answers at least some prayers and is capable of curing illness sometimes. I would gather lots.

Van, you are an assmonkey revisionist.
I came here with civil responses. I lowered myself to your inane bs with you and those like you. I admit it.

OK No Mo, you believe in the trickster God. He put all sorts of evidence that evolution is fact, and that the universe is ancient and that time exists. And no evidence that God(s) himself or herself exists. Well, I can't argue with the trickster concept.

Van said...

Well Gagdad, we had an interesting day here, you?

I'm going to be now with dreams of World Series Pennant’s dancing in my head.


LookingGlass said...

do you know the 2nd law? order decays to disorder. Those of us who believe simply look up and see order increasing until we come to the center. Use that high IQ a bit and you might see it too.

Van said...

Bed, not be, going to bed dreams of World Series Pennant’s dancing in my head.

Oh, and laughter too. Bacon boy, you are funny. Frighteningly intelligent, true(really got me with that 'assmonkey revisionist' line, ouch, and it amounted to such an intelligent response/argument. Brevity, thy name is Bacon boy), but funny.

Sweet dreams.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

I'm going to bed too. There is an invisible man under my bed. My father told me he existed once when I was 5. I know he exists because I asked him on 8 separate occasions not to kill either me or my wife in our sleep. And he listened to me. I know he exists because I've had the same bed over the last 7 years and I've gained 15 pounds in that period, yet the bed doesn't sag at all, it is still the same. He must be holding the bed and mattress up when I sleep on it. It is evident to me.
He has been alive forever, because he is invisible and he couldn't have been created.

Of course, everyone here who believes in God must also believe that there is an invisible man living under my bed.

There is no reason not to believe that an invisible man lives under my bed.

Quig said...

Last night I saw upon the stair
A little man who was not there!
He was not there again today!
I really wish he'd go away!

cosanostradamus said...

beaj - You know, I took that same internet IQ test and was shocked at how smart I am too. Sometimes it really pays to answer spam; I previously had no idea I was a damn genius.

You have a nice looking dog. I'll bet he/she loves you unconditionally. Especially when he gets a bit of undeserved bacon without even begging for it. But when you're off to the market buying more tasty bacon, and you drop dead of a heart attack right there at the checkstand from all the accumulated cholesterol, what would he do? Forget you in 7 minutes or pine away from grief (although a bad dog would just wonder where the hell the bacon machine went)? Assuming your dog understands simple love and devotion, and treats you like a god, is it beyond your capacity to postulate that love may be a spiritual dimension unexplainable by your current world view? If you're looking for "proof" of God, maybe pay more attention to Fido. One bark, God exists; two barks, more bacon.

btw, I wondered when the "Jesus never walked the earth" remark would crop up, just like it does every 25 years or so only to fade back into disrepute as always. That gig has been done like a thousand times and somehow the believers are still around. The fact that you won't accept his own eyewitnesses who wrote the 4 gospels or anything else 'biblical' as having any historical integrity is indefensible in light of modern scholarship. I suspect you already know that but it hurts too much to cram it into your head already filled with "facts".

Sweet dreams.

Krystalline Apostate said...

I've got your
omen right here.
Physician, heal thyself.

Lisa said...

I miss Nags!!!! ;0)

Simon said...

Time is an illusion.

Which means we're dead already.

Which means - this is the afterlife.

Van said...

Bacon boy,
that's pretty much the criteria for belief I would expect from someone who would list under their profile for Favorite Books: 'What's a book'. And yet somehow you lost your belief - go figure. Truly a dizzying intellect indeed.

Lisa I was thinking (not wishing for) the same thing earlier!

ben usn (ret) said...

Obviously, the atheists Bob speaks of in his excellent post, as demon-strated by the foolbus following atheists here, are very insecure in their sub-human faith.
Unable to rationalize their "certainty" that God doesn't exist, they become obsessed with denigrating those of us who can see and hear what they cannot.
None of them even know what a True Christian or believer of God is, despite their claims of being one in the past.
They are not true atheists, because true atheists simply aren't concerned about God or those who believe in God.
True atheists are secure in their faith in nothing, and have no compelling need to evangelize and spew vile insults.
The foolbus followers are God-haters, where a true atheist cannot hate something he believes doesn't exist.
The God-hating foolbus flock cannot make God listen to their filth, so they go after the Cosmonauts, who they secretly envy.
They are jealous fools, and since they cannot have what we have, the seek to destroy it.
Their High Fool, Choobus, the leftist Godhater who claims to be a pacifist is a prime example of a seared soul.
Truth, Wisdom, Intelligence, Joy, Peace, Love and all the Absolutes of God are beyond his grasp, and all he has left is his unfettered rage.
GAZE upon the seared conscience.

Response 39 said...

I use for my posts at A large part of the reason for this decision is that I can use a javascript button on my personal tool bar in Firefox to copy text and post that and my comments into the blog. Very easy for me.

On the issue of proof of God - I refer the reader to where one can read about Flatland. The "author" is under some significant risk for attempting to explain a 3-dimensional world to flatlanders. The proof seems to require that he step out of his measurable world - much like what faith requires of us.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Cosan, I don't trust internet IQ tests. I saw the King of the Hill episode where Peggy and Luanne tested as geniuses.

As far as accepting as Jesus goes, there were 42 historians who lived between 1-35 AD, and not one word was written about your mythological Messiah. Paul made the whole thing up. He was the James Frey of 50 AD. Took a bunch of existing myths and stories and put them together and they caught on because the Jews of the time were being heavily persecuted by the Romans, and their vengeful God was letting them down, hell was on earth....the turn the other cheek nicer deity who offeredm an everlasting eutopia was an easy sell.
I suggest you read this.

People who believe in Jesus have been suckered. Do you believe Joe Smiths story or L. Ron Hubbard's story too? You've been had. You are living a lie.

As far as being secure in my Atheism, I completely secure so ben usn, you are full of it.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Great comment on my blog about you peeps:

Mike said:

I'm with BEAJ's take on Gagdad Bob, or whatever the hell his name is: fine vocabulary, a deep well of erudition, and a decent understanding of Logic 101.

Yet his premise comes the most faith-based faith I've seen in a long time. His syllogism can basically be reduced to the following:

* Bob spelled backwards is Bob
* Therefore every word means what it reads when you reverse the letters.
* Dog spelled backwards is God.
* Therefore, a dog is God.
* I have a dog.
* I have God.
* If you don't agree, it's because you don't have the non-intellectual capacities of love, humility, undying respect for my opinions, flashbacks from the blotter acid I dropped in 1978, a great imagination, and a father who beat the shit of me that time I said I thought God was a lie.

The only worse is the crew of unthinking sycophants that whoop and holler in support of his logical illogic.


27 October, 2006 07:07

Anonymous said...

I can relate to your wanting proof.
I can't offer absolute proof of "God".
But i can relay to you what made me believe whole-heartedly in an intelligent being that crosses over dimensions.
Unfortunatly i'm on my way to another assignment right now, but if you could open your comments section to accept anonymous posts, i could try to drop by your blog next week.
Blogger won't let me access my identity.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Dougman, it is easy and free to register with blogspot, and you don't need to create a blog, though it appears you do. But I will open up the comments to allow Anon's for you. I closed them because many Anon's don't sign their name at the end so it sometimes creates a problem when it comes to which Anon is being replied to.

Dan Spomer said...

PS: I have a high IQ, too. It has served me well in making me acutely aware of how little I really know.

Humility, loyalty and good humor are the true signs of intelligence.

Simon said...

Yet, Christains know they have the book which tells them everything. How do they have the arrogance?

Joseph said...

David Eckstein and the Tiger pitchers are my new heroes. I couldn't take the discussion here any more--Much Ado about Notheism.

May tonight be the night.

Van said...

Bacon boy said... "...I completely secure so ben usn, you are full of it."

Uhmmm... mister logic man sir, isn't that a bit of a non-sequitor?

I'm sure this is completely pointless to bother with, and it may not jibe with others beliefs on the matter here, but it seems to a problem with you and some others that have crawled in here with you. From our kill ‘em all already after-lifing friend Simon's site, he provides us with a summary of the Bible (probably suitable for someone of your impressive 'What's a Book?' cogitabilities Bacon boy), here goes:

"This is the plot of the Bible:
God wants a universe. He magics one into existence.
God wants someone to talk to. He magics humans into existence.
God develops the annoying habbit of saying everything 3 times (OCD?).
God doesn't like his humans so he kills them (except a couple who didn't annoy him as much as the others)
The few humans left get busy re-populating the planet.
God gets angry at the new humans for being too smart. So, he deliberately makes them speak different languages so they can't work together. (Thanks, God.) "
and it goes on with similar depth and understanding.

If, as you say, you would be open to giving the whole idea a full hearing before pronouncing it all silly trash, you may want to consider that there's more to the Bible's of the world than the narratives put down on the paper. You do have to actually use your mind - not just out of context logic chopping, but your full reasoning mind. To get anything out of it you've got to contemplate it, find the poetry in it, the themes, the imagery; if you don't, then even something like Orwell's 'Animal Farm' will seem like just some outlandish animal story, "Yeah! Like Pigs could Talk or sell a Horse! Sheesh! I'm WAY to smart to buy into that hogwash(get it? Hogs? Pigs? I'm so clever)."

Van said...

Joseph, I'm with you all the way on that one!

tsebring said...


karen said...

I just came by to gawk at the "intellectual" believers. Your vocabulary is stronger than the run of the mill Christian, but you use the same escape routes and are just as rude and hypocritical. Fascinating.

Pity that you're so self-impressed. it doesn't carry over.

cousin dupree said...

Here's an idea. Why not say something impressive to distract us from ourselves, instead of sounding like a frivolous schoolgirl?

Anonymous said...

Those who hate are themselves hated, and you arte all gay, that's why you hate gaysex

LookingGlass said...

I take it back. The second law doesn't really prove much since we could be in a local closed system. The obvious design in humanity is enough to prove that God exists, and you atheists can just deal with it

karen said...

Since you are impressed by such utterances as "God exists," there is little need to try to impress you further. Just look at the shiny, bright objects and be mesmerized.

If only you all could remain contained in your area of confinement here, viewed safely at a distance by the more rational infrahumans.

Krystalline Apostate said...

The second law doesn't really prove much since we could be in a local closed system.
This planet is anything but an isolated system. Our atmosphere is impacted by meteorites. Some meteorites have ET bacteria in them. Even the atmosphere itself is impacted by the moon, the sun.
"It is already well-established that when cosmic rays, which are high-speed atomic particles originating in exploded stars far away in the Milky Way, penetrate Earth’s atmosphere they produce substantial amounts of ions and release free electrons. Now, results from the Danish experiment show that the released electrons significantly promote the formation of building blocks for cloud condensation nuclei on which water vapour condenses to make clouds. "
The obvious design in humanity is enough to prove that God exists, and you atheists can just deal with it
I find that vastly speciocentric, as the human body is very poorly designed. From the eye to the reproductive system being directly tied into the waste disposal system.

Choobus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Choobus said...

Will, you shitsucking arsehole, do you think that you are not a monkey? Are you a creationist?