Friday, May 12, 2006

Parody of a Self-Parody

Neil Young has a thought-provoking new song that rivals Spinal Tap in its subtlety and profundity, entitled Let's Impeach the President. Petey has penned some new, unimpeachable lyrics for an old one, Ohio:

Tin beanie on Neil Young's noggin,
He’s finally off his nut.
Big bummer his mind is crumblin’,
Brain dead old stoned psycho.

Crosby warned Neil 'bout it,
Agents are tapping his phones,
Should have been stopped long ago.
But now that Bush found him, and
Put a chip in his brain,
How can he sleep when it glows?

Tin beanie on Neil Young's noggin,
He’s finally ‘round the bend.
Much dumber'n a bag of hammers,
Poor dude’s an ol' psycho,
Poor dude’s an ol' psycho,
Grandpa is plum loco,
Old geezer is stone wacko,
Grey doddering AARP nutso,
Old babbling freak schizo,
Self-meds don't work no mo',
Gives ammo to all drug foes,
Steals lyrics from dailykos...



Jenny said...

LOL!!! That's hilarious! Dang, you're talented.

Lisa said...

Too Funny! My husband listened to the new album and was disgusted by it. He said it really sucked and couldn't understand why Neil would put out such crap after the amazing Prarie Wind album he just released. I reassured him that it was just BDS setting in and his corporate greed to make more money. It's okay for Moonbats to exploit and make money from giant corporations, right?

will said...

Fergus the Cat has penned new song for the occasion:


Neil Young?
Ha! Bite your tongue
truth be told,
he's old,
been bought and sold,
not for gold,
but for a pile of PC dung.

Neil Young?
and the "Southern Man" stuff he's sung?
we thought he was USA,
as American as Frito-Lay,
Ha! Guess what? Ain't no way,
Neil's got his feet of clay,
He's been Canadian all along!



Dr. Sanity said...

Love it! Let's cut an album. We can call it "Roll Over, B.Franklin" or something.

Sal said...

Rockers should come with a "sell by" date. Say 40, or possibly 50, if you're a genius.

Past that and you're just embarrassing everyone. But no one will tell you so, b/c you're more insulated than the Pres ever thought about being.

will said...

Dr. Sanity

>>"Roll Over, B.Franklin"<<

Couldn't we make it "Roll Over A. Franken"?

jwm said...

Moonbat maaaann
you have
lost your heaaaaad
better reeeeead
what the
bloggers saaaaaid..

Dang it, plumb ran outa' rhymes.
That's why I'm not famous and rich.


goethe girl said...

This is not a response to your poem parody, but to the site generally (which I think I first came to a few days ago via American Digest). I loved the Daily Kos comment. What a riot!

I like your site, like the idea, like the photos (more of them, please! are these your kids?), but I think you could stand to edit yourself. Your postings are very long. I have a pretty good attention span, but, seriously, a little shorter.

You are seriously on to something important concerning the adolescence of liberals/Left. All the liberal programs we now suffer from were the result of people gathering in mobs, threatening university presidents, Congressmen, etc. Nobody wanted to be called a sexist or a warmonger, so men who had stood firm at Guadecanal waved a white flag.

Gagdad Bob said...

Of course, my posts might be shorter if I had more time to write them.

Kahntheroad said...

Hmmm, lets see, what songs can we include on our Neil Old album?

How about, such toneless favorites as:

Our Mosque

Almost Cut My Head (But I Converted. Whew!)

Find The Cost Of Appeasement (And Pay it Double!)

Helpless, Helpless, Helpless, Helpless

Hey Hey, My My (Back Into The Dark Ages)"

Cowgirl in the Burka

Sharia Mountain

Deja Vu

Fatwa on The Free World

Are You Ready for the Islamic Republic? (Because it's time to convert)"

Harvest Moonbat

and, last but not least, that moving anthem...raise those lighters - or M-16s - in the air for:

The Jihad And The Damage Done
(a duet with Cat Stevens)

gumshoe1 said...

"It's okay for Moonbats to exploit and make money from giant corporations, right?"

i think it's a mainly
Moonbat on Moonbat crime
we're lookin' at here.

ben usn (ret) said...

Bravo! Fortissimo!
A southern man don't need him 'round anyhow!

"Keeps me searching for a bat of gooold,
and I'm growing mold".

Sal said...

Been checking your blog, but you've been on the q.t.
Nice work - I see you've been hangin' around your master (oops - sorry! slave, I mean) picking up songster tips.
Or are you his Muse?

Fergus the Cat said...

Sal -

Thank you for checking the blog. Someday I may feel like adding to it. In the meantime, you can always listen to the music!

Well, I am Muse to . . I don't call him "slave", to be fair, and he's not my "owner". He's what we refer to as FME . . "Feline Maintenance Engineer".

But yes, I am Muse, also athletic director, Life Coach, and personal Shadow.

I'd like to continue with this but I see it's my time to sit on my haunches and stare at a wall for 20 minutes. Have a good one, Sal!


Harm said...

That is the saddest thing I ever read... boohoo, so his lyrics are too clever for you to understand and so he is still a Canadian... He's been living in the US for over 40 years, I wonder in any of you have seen that many years. You just go back to listening to some guy singing about P.I.M.Ps and stuff like that...

Oh and to show how stupid you look, let me point out your lack of knowledge on the subject:

Our Mosque (Our House is writtten by Graham Nash)

Almost Cut My Head (But I Converted. Whew!) (Almost cut my hair is written by David Crosby, Neil doesn't even sing in it...)

Find The Cost Of Appeasement (And Pay it Double!) (Nope not written by Neil either but by Stephen Stills)

Neil can sing, play and write circles around ANY artist today. He has not expired, neither has Bob Dylan btw. In 40 years time people won't have a CLUE who 50ct Eminem etc. were. The fact that people still know who Neil is and care enough about him to bash him says it all, really.

Harm said...

Oh BTW, Deja Vu isn't written by Neil either. And whats that Corporate greed thing you're talking about? Why does Neil stream his album online amd leak the advance onto the net if he wants to make money off of it? He wants people to hear what he has to say, rather than making money. Unlike the Red Hot Chili Peppers who were whining bout their album to have leaked onto the internet prior to its release, because 'they worked so long to get the right sound'. Boohoo, you just care bout your wallet, Kiedis!

Neil has founded Farm Aid to help out farmers in need. And he co-founded the Bridge School Benefit Concerts to help kids like his son Ben, who has cerebral palsy and is Non-oral, paraplegic and spastic to find a way to communicate with us, by means of voice computers etc.

You should listen to the Restless Consumer, you'll be surpised how much of yourself you might recognise in there!

Adrian said...

Well said Harm

Totally agree with you.
Neil Young has his own opinion and if you don't like it don't buy the CD guys.
I personally love it, tells a lot of truth.

Nagarjuna said...

Bob, what is "dumb," "psycho," "loco," "wacko," "nutso," or "schizo" about Neil Young's song? Do you mean to say that Bush hasn't lied, hasn't abused his presidential powers, hasn't squandered our money, hasn't hired criminals, hasn't "bent the facts to fit new stories of why we have to send our men to war," hasn't condoned if not encouraged the breaking of laws against spying on American citizens without probable cause, hasn't hijacked religion to get himself and his cronies elected, hasn't divided the nation and neglected people in desperate need while he gives obscene tax breaks to the obscenely wealthy?

Gagdad Bob said...


For a Buddhist, you sure are lost in maya.

Nagarjuna said...

I'm not Buddhist. In what "maya" am I lost?

Gagdad Bob said...

I could tell you, but you must first prove yourself worthy. Why do you want to know?

Athenawise said...

A little unfair "gotcha" to nagarjuna, Bob? Neil Young has proven his chops as a musician and a concerned individual many times over, brickbats and parodies notwithstanding.

Gagdad Bob said...

Your critique does not apply, since Neil Young's musical appeal has always escaped me.

Gagdad Bob said...

Besides, the question of whether Nagarjuna is a lost soul has nothing to do with Neil Young, so you've missed my point entirely.